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The Best Anti Rattle Hitch Devices (Tighteners)

Written by Stephen Ryan / Fact checked by William Turner

Are you having issues with a trailer rattling when it’s being towed? Buying the best anti-rattle hitch device, also known as a hitch tightener, could be the answer to all your problems. This product would remove this annoying issue and make your trips much quieter.

The only issue is finding the perfect device has become increasingly more tricky. This issue comes from the sheer number of options on today’s market. As a result, it becomes hard to find the right choice for your particular situation.

best anti rattle hitch device

But we intend on solving this issue by guiding you through the entire process. This article will act as a map that will direct you through the overcrowded market. It’ll provide everything needed to make a sound choice regarding which device suits your needs the best.

In doing so, we’ll cover every relevant topic from types to top brands. This info will be crucial in determining which anti-rattle device fits your situation. We’ll even provide ten product reviews of options that we feel would be acceptable choices.

And all you have to do is keep reading. If you do, we’ll make sure this process ends up being a happy one. In fact, you’ll soon be enjoying those rattle-free trips without any sense of worry.

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Bingfu BFN00544 


Material Steel
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Table of Contents

12 Most Trusted Anti Rattle Hitch Device Reviews 2023

This section will hold those 12 product reviews that we talked about previously. These reviews will be vital resources to ensure you know what’s expected from a top tier hitch tightener. It’ll also help you understand the more complex topics we dive into in the later sections.

1. LIBBERRWAY 304 Stainless Steel Hitch Tightener

Our first product is the LIBBERRWAY 304 Stainless Steel Hitch Tightener, which has one of the easiest installs you’ll come across. This aspect was something customers often highlighted as a plus in their customer reviews.

I also found that this hitch tightener was quite versatile as it’s ideal for any 1.25-inch or 2-inch hitch. This feature means it should be compatible with many hitches for SUVs, RVs, trailers, and trucks.

In fact, this product’s known to reduce hitch noise for hitch racks, bike racks, trailer ball mounts, hitch receivers, and cargo carriers. It’s quite clear that this device is ready to ensure your trips become a lot quieter in a variety of situations.

You should also love this device’s durability, which comes from its heavy-duty design. This design consists of a stainless steel U-bolt and thick powder coated plate, which are both rust-resistant.

As a result, you can expect this device to remain a useful piece of equipment for many years. It helps that this product comes with a lifetime warranty as well. This feature will ensure you have a little coverage as a way to protect against something happening with the device.

If these top tier features weren’t enough to convince you, I’m sure this device’s price will. It’s well inside what I’d consider a fair range to pay for a hitch tightener. And given the excellent benefits this device offers, I think it’s right to say this product is a bargain.

But not everyone had a good experience when buying this product. You see, there were a couple of buyers who wrote about shipping issues in their reviews. It seems their devices didn’t arrive with all the pieces that were promised to them in the description.

However, it seemed like these issues were isolated cases as they were outnumbered by positive feedback.
  • Easy install
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Durable construction
  • Affordable
  • Works on any hitch measuring either 1.25 or 2 inches
  • Some customers reported shipping and packaging issues

2. CURT 22321 Anti Rattle Hitch Pin

CURT’s 22321 Anti Rattle Hitch Pin has a set of features that’ll ensure your hitch rattling becomes a thing in your past. For instance, this device’s design is constructed of solid steel, which will help hold the ball mount securely in place.

This action will reduce vibrations and end up stopping any hitch movement. As a result, your trips will become a lot more peaceful and safer. It’s also worth noting that this solid steel design promotes a high level of durability.

In other words, it provides it with a strength that’ll help deal with the hitch’s loads. I also love the zinc plating part of this device’s design. This aspect will ensure the product will have a high resistance to issues such as outdoor elements, water, dirt, and other corrosive problems.

I’d suspect this anti-rattle hitch pin should last a long time given these impressive design qualities. We should also mention that this product offers a bit of versatility as it can work with any 2-inch by 2-inch hitch receiver.

Plus, it’s compatible with any hitch accessory with a 2-inch hollow shank. I’m sure you won’t have issues finding many ways to use this fantastic device with this type of versatility. The install process isn’t too shabby either as most buyers find it to be one of the best they’ve encountered.

This process seems easy enough that even someone lacking mechanical skills such as me shouldn’t have any issues getting the job done. The price being much lower than most other options on our list is another aspect, which makes this an attractive choice.

But there was one concerning aspect about this model that wasn’t ideal. It seems some buyers had issues with this product working well with heavier applications such as towing a travel trailer.
  • Made from solid steel
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Easy install process
  • Works on most 2-inch by 2-inch receivers
  • Compatible with any hitch accessory with a 2-inch hollow shank
  • Low priced
  • Issues with heavier applications

3. Trimax THC200 Universal Anti-Rattle Clamp

The Trimax THC200 Hitch Anti Rattle Clamp is a decent gadget that will make RV owners stop looking for other anti-rattle devices for their travel trailers. It has an impressive design and outstanding craftsmanship that shame other higher-priced anti-rattle clamps, giving it an exceptional value that is hard to miss.

I like this anti-rattle clamp’s universal design, which can accommodate various trailer hitches. It can fit solid-core and hollow two-inch hitch ball mounts, covering almost every trailer I know. RV owners will not have issues mounting the drawbar and receiver over their hitch couplers as long as they have the correct dimensions.

Although I am unsure of its precise materials, this device feels hefty and solid on the hand. I am confident RV owners will feel more secure, knowing this steel anti-rattle clamp is nearly indestructible.

Some noted that this gadget’s durability outlasted their previous anti-rattle clamps. I learned of some vehicle owners who have been using this device for several years without fail.

Mounting this anti-rattle clamp over the hitch is a breeze. It is like installing a padlock and securing it with the receiver bar.

However, it would have been better if the product came with locking washers.

I also found a user who fabricated his anti-rattle clamp wedge to use with this product. It takes some effort, but the results are astonishing. Prospective buyers can also create their respective wedges, although I find it unnecessary in my setup.

While this anti-rattle clamp is far from perfect, its strength lies in its solid construction. It should last many years, saving RV owners tens of dollars they can earmark for their outdoor adventures. They can also say goodbye to the annoying rattling noise.
  • Universal hitch clamp design for versatility
  • Solid construction for exceptional durability
  • Ideal for two-inch trailer hitches (solid and hollow ball mounts)
  • Hassle-free installation
  • Great value for mone
  • No wedge included
  • No locking washers

4. Motormic Trailer Hitch Lock Pin Set

Some people might consider the Trimax THC200 inappropriate for their trailer hitches because it can only accommodate two-inch units.

A better solution is the Motormic Anti Rattle Hitch Pin Lock Set. This product stabilizes tow systems of different trailers from Class I to V, giving vehicle owners optimum versatility.

What amazed me about this anti-rattle pin lock is its exceptional value. I get two heavy-duty pin locks with a locking safety clip for securing the rig. If that is not a great deal, I do not know what is.

One pin lock has a half-inch diameter, while the other features a 5/8-inch width, making this option compatible with 1.25, 2.0, and 2.5-inch tow receivers. This product’s versatility is incredible. I will no longer worry about securing my trailer on my Ford F250, knowing the annoying rattling noise is a thing of the past.

Dampening the obnoxious rattling sound is a cinch with these lock pins’ ingenious design. Five thick and compressive O-rings line each pin, absorbing squeaky noises and undesirable sounds. The O-rings also guarantee a perfect fit in the trailer hitch system, giving trailer owners more reasons to rejoice.

Securing this anti-rattle hitch pin lock is a breeze because of its push-to-lock technology. There are no washers to fumble with and no nuts to fasten. RV owners only need to press the button, and this gadget locks into place.

I am also impressed with this device’s forged steel construction and powder coating.

Sadly, the caps on the locking pin are cheap plastic.

Still, I prefer this anti-rattle system to my old one. Its versatility and value are too great to pass on.
  • Two pin locks with a safety clip in one package
  • For 1.25, 2.0, and 2.5 inch tow receivers
  • Forged steel construction and powder coating for durability and strength
  • Ingenious push-to-lock technology
  • Five O-rings per pin lock for perfect fit and less noise
  • Fits Class I to V hitch receivers
  • Locking pin cap looks cheap

5. HiTow Trailer Hitch Tightener

If you’re looking for an option that’s mountable from the bottom, the HiTow Trailer Hitch Tightener offers this useful benefit. This aspect will come in handy when the hitch’s ground clearance is too low to install regularly.

It’s also worth mentioning that this model’s another option, which features an easy install process. HiTow was even kind enough to outline the entire process right in the product description. As a result, you should have a much better handle on whether this product is the right choice.

This product’s design is something I found to be an appealing trait, as well. You see, this device consists of a heavy-duty U-bolt and thick powder coated plate. These two aspects together will ensure the product can handle dealing with any loads or weather conditions.

Its ability to stop rattling isn’t something that has ever come into question either. It becomes quite apparent when you take a look at the customer reviews. In fact, it was shocking when I came across a customer who didn’t have positive things to say about its anti-rattle abilities.

We should also mention that this option happens to compatible with all 1.25-inch and 2-inch hitches. As a result, you shouldn’t have issues using this product with a variety of RV, van, SUV, truck, and trailer hitches.

But none of these aspects happen to the best part about this device. This title goes to the price tag as it’s more than fair. Honestly, I was rather shocked when I came across it. You don’t get these top tier features at this price often.

This lower price does come with one issue, though, as some customers reported the device having durability issues. It seems this product would end up having a lifespan a little shorter than expected from the people buying them.
  • Works with all 1.25-inch and 2-inch hitches
  • Stands up to harsh weather
  • Can be mounted from the bottom
  • Easy install process
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Fair price
  • Durability issues

6. StowAway Hitch Tightener

The StowAway Hitch Tightener has become a favorite on today’s market due to it’s sturdy and strong design. This aspect offers a higher degree of durability thanks to its stainless steel U-bolt and thick powder coated plate.

With these two design features, this device can easily handle a wide variety of loads and weather issues. It ends up being a product that you can expect results from for years to come with this durable frame.

However, its durable design isn’t the only impressive thing about this device. I also find its flexibility to be an appealing trait. You see, it can stop movement in bike racks, cargo carriers, and trailer ball mounts of various brands.

Plus, it can work with most 1.25-inch and 2-inch hitches like most other models on this list. This aspect means it’s ideal for most hitches you’d find on an SUV, RV, trailer, or sedan. The versatility could lend itself usefully when you want to use the product in a couple of ways.

We should also mention that installing this product doesn’t take much effort. This aspect was something many customers found it necessary to highlight in their reviews. The install directions being available right in the product description was a nice touch as well.

You shouldn’t overlook the fact that this product was made in the US either. A product made inside the USA goes through a lot more testing than in other countries. Due to this, the device’s quality will usually end up being higher than something made outside the states.

It also doesn’t hurt that this device comes with a lifetime warranty that’ll offer you protection against an accident. But we wouldn’t be doing our job without mentioning the issue some customers had with the product rusting after a few years of heavy use.
  • Made in the USA
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Durable design
  • Easy install process
  • Can be mounted from the bottom
  • Works with most 1.25-inch and 2-inch hitches
  • Some customers reported rusting issues

7. Hitch Clamp Heavy Duty Hitch Tightener

Our next product’s the Hitch Clamp Heavy Duty Hitch Tightener, which comes from one of my favorite brands. This product does a great job of showing what makes the company a bit different from its rivals.

For instance, I love this product’s ability to handle heavy loads without issue. This aspect tends to be a problem for even some of the best hitch tighteners on today’s market. But you can rest easy knowing this product will stay intact regardless of what you’re towing.

This ability comes from the product’s design, which consists of high strength steel. It’s this design that’ll ensure this hitch tightener is helping you have smoother trips for a long time. It also helps that it’s built to work with any 2-inch receiver.

Due to this, this device can work with almost all cargo carriers, bike racks, TOW balls, and other hitch accessories. This feature means it can pair with almost any RV, SUV, or truck hitches as well. We should also mention that this device has no problem doing its job in any of these situations.

Honestly, it’s one of the more well-rounded hitch tighteners you’ll come across. This top tier performance only becomes more valuable when you consider it has an easy install process as well. Hitch Clamp being a US-based company doesn’t hurt matters either.

This aspect means you can have a sense of comfort about it being safe to use. And if you do run into any problem, their customer service has always been thought of as top-notch. But there’s one slight issue I do have with this product.

You see, it happens to be one of the more costly on our entire list. This high price isn’t something I’m going to entertain unless the device far outpaces its competition. In this case, the product does fit this description, which means I’ll need to do some serious thinking before making a final decision.
  • Built using high strength steel
  • Works with all 2-inch receivers
  • Made in the USA
  • Easy to use and install
  • Great customer service
  • Expensive

8. Mission Automotive Hitch Tightener

The Mission Automotive Hitch Tightener might be our most versatile option on this entire list. It easily installs with any hitch in class 1-4 that measures either 1.25-inch or 2-inch. As you might expect, this amount of range covers a lot of situations.

These situations include use on a trailer, bike rack, cargo carrier, ATV, and many other types of hitches. In fact, this model can work with a wide assortment of hitches, ball mounts, and racks from different brands without issue.

We should mention this product happens to be compatible with a variety of tow or carry vehicles as well: SUV, sedan, RV, van, sedan, minivan, jeep, etc. But its flexibility isn’t the only thing worth mentioning about this product.

It also has a top tier design that’ll ensure it works well in these situations. You see, this device is made from galvanized steel that’s powder-coated. This material will make sure the product will never fall victim to rust.

As a result, anyone who buys this product won’t find themselves on Amazon in a few months trying to find a replacement. This model will instead be a long term investment that’ll help you through numerous towing trips.

We should also note that this option has proven to be effective in reducing receiver hitch rattle based on its customer reviews. But a few customers did report having some shipping issues with this product.

In other words, there were a couple of buyers who received their package with pieces missing or in less than ideal condition. These situations aren’t what you’d expect from a top tier company like Mission Automotive.

However, these issues weren’t something the majority of the buyers experienced. It was still mentioned enough, though where I felt it was needed inclusion in our review.
  • Resistant to rust
  • Made from galvanized steel
  • Works with all 1.25-inch and 2-inch hitches
  • Easy install process
  • Affordable price
  • Made in the USA
  • Shipping issues

9. GenY Anti-rattle No-wobble Hitch Slop Reducer

GenY’s Anti-rattle No-wobble Hitch Slop Reducer features a durable aluminum design, which has proven to reduce rattling in an effective manner. It makes sure the product can withstand and fulfill the user’s needs.

In fact, people were actually shocked by how tight this device got when providing their feedback. It wasn’t uncommon to see buyers express a lot of praise for this device’s movement reduction ability. It even received high marks from users who used it going over bumpy roads.

It also helps that it can offer these results to any 2-inch hitch, ball mount, cargo carrier, or bike rack. These results become even more impressive when you consider the amount of effort needed to install it.

Honestly, it’s such a simple task that even I should be able to get it done on the first attempt. But if you do run into problems, this product comes from a brand that provides outstanding customer service.

I mean, it’s rare to see this aspect be praised as much as it was within these customer reviews. It was a bit eye-opening considering people love to bash this aspect when writing these reviews. It happens to be another area where this brand separates itself from its rivals.

But there were two issues I did end up having with this device. The first problem was some customers reported rust appearing after a year or two of use. Not an ideal situation, but one you can get over or prepare for rather easily.

This option also comes with a high price tag, though, which makes the rust issue a bit more troubling. At this price tag, I’m going to want a device that last four or five years and I don’t think it’ll cut it based on the customer reviews.

  • Simple install process
  • Fits any 2-inch hitch, ball mount, bike rack, or cargo carrier
  • Durable aluminum design
  • Proven effective at reducing rattling
  • Great customer service
  • Expensive
  • Rust issues

10. CZC AUTO Hitch Tightener

If you’re looking to buy more than one hitch tightener, the CZC AUTO Hitch Tightener might be an option worth considering. You see, this model comes with the option of purchasing a two-pack, which has the same price as most of our other single devices.

This aspect should grab the focus of any bargain buyers reading our article. You should also love how it’s compatible with most hitch classes (1-4). As you know, this aspect means it should be suitable for most sedans, RVs, campers, trailers, and trucks.

As for its performance, this product features a heavy-duty construction ready to ensure it can withstand heavier loads and harsh weather. This design also means it should have no issues reducing the movement or rattle within whatever’s attached to your hitch.

This top tier performance even includes using it on hitch trays, bike racks, trailer ball mounts, and cargo carriers of various brands. You can feel comfortable about its design avoiding rust as well given its rust-resistant qualities. It also has an easy install process like most other models on our list.

Given these features, it’s quite clear that this CZC AUTO product shouldn’t have any issues providing top tier results in the right situation. You then throw in the fact that you’re getting this device at bargain bin prices and it’s hard to see how buying this device would be a bad idea.

But a few people who felt the same way ran into some issues when buying this product. It seems this product was another one where a couple of buyers encounter shipping issues. The device would sometimes arrive missing a few pieces that were promised in its product description.

The good news is that these people often were very happy with how the customer service dealt with the shipping problems. But it’s still not an ideal situation to be dealing with as a customer.
  • Low price
  • Compatible with most hitch classes 1-4
  • Easy to install
  • Rust-resistant
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Two buying options
  • Shipping issues

11. Hitch Clamp Cross Clamp

The Hitch Clamp Cross Clamp picks up where our previous product from this brand left off by further showing why this company is a force on today’s market. For instance, this option comes decked out with a heavy-duty construction ready to remove the sway or rattle between your receiver and hitch.

It’s capable of removing this rattle thanks to it being made from high strength steel, which offers top tier results. This high strength steel will also ensure the product remains in your life for a very long time.

Honestly, this product shouldn’t have any issues sticking around for a good four or five years without any problem. I also love its ability to work with all 2-inch hitches, which shows its flexibility and usability with a large number of applications.

It doesn’t hurt that Hitch Clamp happens to be a US-based company either. This aspect will ensure to remove any fears about receiving a device that hasn’t gone through rigorous testing. I can instead use this product knowing full well it will function safely.

You should also love that this product comes with all the pieces needed for the install process. This removes the potential hassle of having to find and buy separate parts. It might seem like common sense for these brands to provide all the needed tools, but some don’t.

But thankfully, this issue doesn’t appear to be a problem with this anti-rattle hitch clamp device. The install itself has also been a source of praise among customer reviews as I’ve never seen a person who had anything bad to say about it.

Overall, this Hitch Clamp product seems like the perfect device, right? Well, it also happens to be the most costly option on our entire list. But given its fantastic features, there’s no way I couldn’t at least consider spending a little extra and getting this product.
  • Made in the USA
  • Easy to install
  • Works with all 2-inch hitches
  • Durable construction
  • All parts included
  • Expensive

12. MaxxHaul 70283 Anti-Wobble Hitch Stabilizer

Our last product is the MaxxHaul 70283 Anti-Wobble Hitch Stabilizer, which happens to be the least costly item on this list. But don’t think this low price means it doesn’t perform at a high level.

In fact, this model will remove or eliminate rattle when paired with any hitch mount accessories equipped with a Class 3 or 4 receivers. This range includes applications such as bike racks, cargo carriers, motorcycle transporters, and similar accessories.

It’s able to provide this reduction of movement with its sturdy steel construction. This steel design will also offer a level of durability that you wouldn’t expect from such a low-priced item.

Aside from these features, there isn’t much about this product that we haven’t touched on in the earlier reviews. It has the easy install process, a reputation for providing great customer service, and a proven ability to reduce rattling by a large margin.

In other words, there’s nothing too special about this product. But it gets the job done in situations where it’s intended to work, which is unique in itself. I also feel like it’s worth mentioning again that this device happens to be the cheapest on our entire list.

But there are some issues with it being the cheapest option on our list. This aspect means it does have some flaws, which are worth mentioning. The first being its durability is a step lower than the rest of our models.

It also worth noting people were a little annoyed that the product doesn’t come with install directions, which can hassle for first time hitch tightener users. But finding these directions online shouldn’t be too tricky.

  • Sturdy steel construction
  • Low price
  • Fits any hitch mount accessory with a class 3 or 4 receiver
  • Simple install
  • Great customer service
  • Durability issues
  • Doesn’t come with directions

What to Look for When Buying an Anti Rattle Hitch Device


Choosing the best anti-rattle hitch device will come down to many factors. This section will discuss each of those key details to ensure you get the best option. In fact, the info from this section should be the basis that guides you toward making the right decision.

Stable Design

One of the first things to worry about with these products is their stability. You’re going to want a tightener that does its job. This aspect means you’ll want something, which prevents any wobbly or trailer hitch rattle.

After all, this outcome is the whole purpose of these devices in the first place. But the problem is this market happens to be full of options that don’t do their jobs. As a result, you’ll want to avoid these products by doing careful research into the product’s design stability.

This action will require reading each product’s customer reviews. These reports will be crucial in making sure you avoid wasting money on a lousy product. In other words, people tend to get a little angry when the product they buy doesn’t meet their needs.

Reading their mishap can go a long in ensuring you don’t become the person writing the negative review on Amazon. You’ll instead want to be writing a glowing review about how much more stable your trailer is with your new device.

Simple Construction

The anti-rattle device’s design has to be simple as well. This isn’t a product that has to feature a variety of complex features or add-ons. You’ll instead want a tough, sturdy, and simple option ready to keep your trailer from rattling.

If you find a model that fits this description, it should have no issues fulfilling your needs. In fact, you’d probably find yourself thinking it was a bargain. We should also mention people often find the U-block option to be the simplest and easiest on today’s market.

Easy to Use and Install

This product’s design isn’t the only thing that should be easy and simple. Your chosen device should also have a smooth and effortless using process. It should be something anyone can operate without much help or issue.

As a result, you’ll want a tightener with the ability to slide into place and topped off with a plate easily. This process will make both the install and using methods much easier. It’ll also ensure you don’t find yourself taking 20 minutes to get this product in place.

This factor is another one, which you can examine by reading the customer reviews. Trust me; if there’s an issue in this area, these reviews will have detailed accounts about it. I mean, there’s nothing that gets a person more angry than buying a product with a tricky using process. Reading these reviews will help ensure this nightmare never happens.


The best anti-rattle device will be able to work with a variety of vehicles as well. You should make sure your chosen product can function with campers, vans, RVs, minivans, trucks, and travel trailers.

It also essential you ensure it can work together with ball town hitches, hidden hitches, front hitches, hitch adapters, and hitch extenders from several brands and companies. If you ensure these two aspects, it’ll make sure you end up getting the most bang for your buck.

Fair Price

Your chosen device doesn’t need to be the most costly one on the market either. It should instead be a product with a fair price tag and meets all your needs. As a result, setting up a budget is an essential part of this process.

This budget should account for everything you want one of these devices to feature. You’ll have to adjust it based on the material qualities and the product’s overall performance. For instance, if you want a product made from heavy-duty material, it’s going to cost more.

Once you do figure out a workable budget, this process will become much easier and straightforward. It’ll offer this benefit by lessening the number of options to choose from as a customer.

This smaller number of options will make it more clear which choices fit your needs. In other words, it’ll make what felt like an overwhelming amount of anti-rattle devices reduce to a more manageable number.


A person looking for a top tier hitch tightener will want an almost universal item. What do I mean by universal? Well, your chosen product should be able to pair with many kinds of classes and models.

You should also look out for options that come with standard measurement. This aspect ensures you don’t have to worry about types. It’ll instead match the hitch perfectly regardless of the job.

Of course, these options will end up costing more, but the benefit it offers is well worth it. It also makes sure searching for the right product much easier by removing your need to find a perfectly fitted model.

Other Important Factors to Consider


These six factors talked about above aren’t the only things that’ll affect your decision. You’ll also want a handle on a large amount of background info about these devices. This section will discuss all of it to ensure you have everything needed for making the right choice.

What is an anti rattle hitch device?

People who have trailer rattle issues should look into getting what we call an anti-rattle hitch device. These products will ensure this nuisance stops causing trouble when you’re out on the road. Honestly, it’s an essential piece to the using a trailer experience.

It’s imperative to note these products go by other names as well like hitch tightener, hitch stabilizer, and hitch immobilizer. We should also mention that these products are designed for many purposes: trailer ball mounts, hitch racks, cargo carriers, bike racks, etc.

Their main purpose in these situations is to ensure each stays in place and doesn’t rattle. Most of them come in a U-bolt design featuring a thick plate, which will secure the hitch and trailer in place.

In most cases, this U-bolt will consist of stainless steel that can withstand heavy-duty usage without issue. The plate’s often made from a thick plate, which has a powder-coated finish. These two aspects working together will ensure the device holds up against heavier loads or lousy weather.

As a result, you can expect these products to accomplish their task and ensure your trailer doesn’t move or rattle during travel.

How does it work?

As mentioned above, a hitch tightener’s basic purpose is to eliminate or reduce the movement of your hitch accessory such as a cargo carrier. This action will limit the annoying rattle that might occur when carrying cargo or towing.

It’s an essential piece of keeping traveling as distraction-free as possible. It also ensures your trips remain enjoyable rather than leaving you with a splitting headache. You might be surprised by how annoying a little rattling can end up being on the road.

As for how the product works, it’s not a hard process to understand. You see, the using process consists of sliding the U-bolt on the stinger. The plate will then need pushing to the bolt.

From there, it’s a simple matter of tightening it to ensure the device will remain secure and steady.

In most cases, the tightener will come with all the necessary tools for the tightening. This aspect is something that you’ll want to look into during your search. It’s never a good idea to get a device that doesn’t come with all the necessary parts for install or use.

We should also mention that these tighteners are actually quite flexible. For instance, you can mount or secure the device from its bottom area when the ground clearance happens to be a little low.

What are the different types of anti rattle hitch devices?

People searching for an anti-rattle hitch device will come across three different types when doing their research. These types are threaded pins, sleeves, and wedges. Each kind works a bit differently and offers unique benefits.

We’ll dive into each type to ensure you end up picking the right one for your situation. This info will be crucial in deciding which anti-rattle device will fulfill your needs the best.

Threaded Pins

A hitch tightener will a threaded pin design has become a favorite among RV owners due to their easy using process and compactness. It also helps that these products are often used instead of your rack’s pin, which adds convenience.

We should mention that these products tend to be one of the few options, which offer protection against theft. You see, these devices sometimes come with their own set of keys and locks. It’s a rather useful and easy solution for stopping an annoying rattle habit.

As for how it works, some of your hitch accessories will come with a welded nut inside their shank. If what you’re using doesn’t, you’ll have to move the threaded block inside the shank. You’ll then want to slide the shank inside your hitch and insert the threaded pin.

This pin will work with a threaded block located inside the ball mount’s hollow shank, which lines right up with your hitch’s pinhole. As the pin tightens, the block will pull the shank to the hitch receiver’s side until it ends up tight against the inner wall.

As a result, this action will restrict the hitch’s movement, which will eliminate any rattling during your trip. We should also mention that these products are often meant for use with hitch-mounted accessories, rather than being a trailer hitch anti-rattle device.

Of course, this issue doesn’t mean some can’t work in this situation. But you’ll have to check the instructions and product description for its intended use to make sure.


Anti-rattle devices with a sleeve or U-shaped design are known for their quick install processes. In fact, trailer owners have often reported these products being mounted on their hitches in only a few minutes.

These models can also work alongside a threaded pin option for people who have heavier loads and need a little extra help. It’s this bit of versatility that has made the sleeve design a favorite among people in the RVing community.

As for their using process, you slide the hitch accessory’s shank through the anti-rattle device’s sleeve. You then slide it onto the trailer hitch’s receiver. From there, it’s a simple matter of tightening the screw against the hitch receiver by turning the knob.

The shank or hitch accessory is then tightly held within the hitch receiver by the device’s sleeve. Sounds easy enough, right? Once it’s setup, the rattling during your trip will no longer be an issue, and you can travel in peace.


These types get their name from the wedge between the shank and hitch receiver. But what really sets these models apart from the others is their price. You see, the wedge design tends to be the best option for bargain buyers as their prices are often lower than competitive devices.

Aside from their lower cost, anti-rattle devices with wedge design don’t have a complex using process either. It starts by inserting the shank into the receiver and then sliding the hitch pin into place as a way to hold everything in place.

You’ll then want to loop the wedge over the hitch’s pin. From there, place an L-shaped bracket into a space between the receiver and hitch accessory’s shank. You’ll need to tighten the nut next until the wedge fits tightly.

This action will allow the wedge to reduce ball-mount or shank movement by lessening the receiver’s opening. As a result, rattling won’t be much of an issue, and your trips will feature a lot less noise.

Why do you need a hitch tightener?

Reading the info above has shown you a bit about how these products can benefit your life. But I’ve always found that having all the benefits noted in one section makes it much easier to get what these products offer.

And this section will hold the info needed to know why buying an anti-rattle device is such a good idea? It’ll help you decide whether getting one seems in your best interest.

Stops Rattling

The most apparent benefit these products offer is the ability to reduce noise or movement during trips. As you know, a person who’s towing a trailer or other accessory racks has to drive carefully.

If you don’t, this reckless driving can result in trailer sway that’s dangerous to everyone around you. But these tighteners make this problem a non-issue by subduing the trailer’s movement. Due to this, it ensures you can enjoy worry-free trips.

These tighteners are capable of providing this benefit by securing the hitch in its place. This action will reduce the amount of movement by a large amount. In other words, trailer sway isn’t something that should be an issue in your life anymore.

Therefore, a hitch tightener doesn’t just improve your life by stopping trailer rattle, but it also makes the roads a safer place. Given these benefits, it’s quite clear that these devices will be a handy addition to your life on the road.

Simple and Easy Install

The best hitch tighteners will also feature a simple and easy install process. This benefit is crucial as there’s nothing worse than buying a product you can’t figure out how to use. But this problem isn’t an issue for many of the top tier hitch tighteners on today’s market.

In fact, many of them feature an install process that only takes a few seconds. All you have to do is read the customer reviews and ensure you buy a device with an easy install process. You could also pick one from our product review section as all of these options feature a simple install.

We should also mention products with an easy install process will remove a hassle. As a result, these devices make sure you can have a relaxing trip rather than having built-up stress from dealing with a tricky task.

Compatible with a Variety of Different Brands and Products

Most hitch tighteners will be made with the standard measurement and sizing. This aspect means that these products can work well with many ball mounts and receivers. It’s a feature you’ll want in any option you’re thinking about getting.

In fact, it’s another aspect that’ll help ensure you don’t have any issues during the install. But I do suggest still reading the product description and directions before buying. This action will ensure you don’t end up getting a device, which doesn’t work with your need.


Hitch tighteners tend to offer a high level of durability. This benefit comes from their designs consisting of sturdy and stable materials like stainless steel. As a result, these products should end up lasting a long time and helping you travel without rattle for years to come.

It’s also worth noting that some of these devices come with a unique coating. This coating will stop rust or handle harsh weather with ease. I’d suggest looking into buying one of these options to ensure you get the best bang for your buck possible.

But these devices won’t last forever without you providing the right amount of care and support. Due to this, you must look into what each device needs in these two areas. It’s the best way to ensure you end up happy with your device.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Like any FAQ section, this part will answer any questions a person might still have left about these products. It’ll serve to cover any essential info our earlier sections glossed over or didn’t mention.

What are good hitch tightener brands?

A good starting place to find top tier hitch tightener brands would be looking back at our product review section. Each company talked about there would be deemed a trusted creator of these devices.

But even among these brands, there are two that separate themselves a bit: Hitch Clamp and StowAway. Both of them have shown an ability to create hitch tighteners, which always meet their buyers’ needs.

And I thought diving into how these two brands have gained such a great reputation within the RV community could provide some useful info. In fact, it’ll give you a better idea of what a top tier hitch tightener brand should look like and offer their buyers.

Hitch Clamp

This USA based company has prided themselves on building tough, stable hitch tighteners that’ll ensure your trailers don’t rattle. They can offer this top tier quality due to their products being made out of high strength steel and zinc plated.

This combination makes sure their products can stay functioning for years. It also doesn’t hurt that Hitch Clamp has become known for their outstanding customer service. You can’ ask for much else from a company than providing these two qualities.


StowAway has been providing great hitch tighteners for over 15 years. Their longevity comes from the focus this puts on making durable and useful products that make their buyers happy with every buy.

This company is another one where there’s extra focus put on the state of their customer service. In fact, it happens to be one of the factors that are always seeing praise in their product’s reviews.

All in all, any of the brands named in our product review section will do right by you. But these two deserved a special mention due to them going above and beyond what’s expected.

Are hitch tighteners safe?

Hitch tighteners with high-quality materials are safe, especially those featuring cast iron or stainless steel. These substances are sturdier and more durable than other materials, making RV owners feel more confident when they hit the road.

Stainless steel has the added advantage of corrosion or rust resistance. It is suitable for RVing in different weather conditions.

On the other hand, a DIY anti rattle hitch might be unsafe if the materials are substandard. There is also no guaranteeing the quality of craftsmanship that can lead to easier breakage or damage.

Why does my trailer hitch make so much noise?

Trailer hitches have metal components. Although the hitch ball might fit snugly into the coupler when new, it can wear over time. This phenomenon creates a gap between the trailer hitch ball and the trailer coupler, producing unwanted noise when driving the vehicle.

A hitch anti rattle wedge or a similar device should solve the squeaky or rattling noise. These gadgets prevent the movement of trailer hitch components, minimizing, if not eliminating, the annoying sound.

How do I stop my hitch from rattling?

RV owners can stop their trailer hitches from rattling by observing any of the following solutions.

  • Use a cushion hitch to reduce metallic rattling noise. This anti rattle hitch reducer uses a buffer system that dampens metal-on-metal vibrations, jarring, and jerking.
  • Install a hitch clamp that looks like the curved bar of a steel padlock. This device (also known as a hitch tightener) pushes the hitch tube and drawbar together, eliminating the space between them and preventing the components from hitting each other during vehicle motion.
  • Adjust the trailer hitch ball and socket and apply grease to minimize, if not eliminate, ball and socket movement. It would be best for the ball hitch to have zero play to prevent rattling.
  • Set the correct trailer tongue weight before installing an anti rattle locking hitch pin. Rattling can occur if the trailer tongue weight is less than ten percent of the trailer’s gross weight.

Will a hitch stabilizer affect the amount of weight I can tow?

No, a hitch stabilizer does not affect the amount of weight RV owners can tow. This device only stiffens the hitch assembly to eliminate swaying and other unnecessary trailer movements during operation.

How to make an anti-rattle hitch tightener?

Making a homemade anti rattle hitch tightener is not as complicated as some think. Here are the steps.

  1. Measure the hitch coupler’s width to determine the correct angle bar length for the DIY hitch tightener.
  2. Measure an angle bar, adding an allowance of at least an inch on both sides. For example, if one needs a 3 inch anti rattle hitch, the angle bar can be five inches long.
  3. Cut two angle bars of equal lengths.
  4. Position the angle bar over the hitch coupler and position an extra-long bolt on either side of the coupler. Mark the area where the bolts will pass through.
  5. Drill the holes in the angle bars, ensuring perfect alignment.
  6. Insert bolts into one stabilizer drawbar and position the metal over the hitch coupler.
  7. Position the second metal stabilizer strip or receiver under the hitch coupler and pass the bolts’ tips through the holes.
  8. Thread a nut through the bolts and tighten with a wrench.

What are hitch tighteners made of?

Hitch tighteners tend to be made from tough and sturdy materials such as stainless steel. This type of material will ensure these devices can handle dealing with larger loads. It also gives them a durability that makes these devices able to deal with the pressure between the hitch and drawbar.

Given these materials, it’s quite clear that you shouldn’t have to worry about replacing one for a long time. After all, these devices are meant to be a long term buy rather than something, which needs routine replacement.

Why does your hitch make so much noise?

There could be many different sources behind the noise coming from your hitch. You see, a hitch-mounted design is essentially metal on metal. This aspect means that unless the hitch fits perfectly, it will end up rattling and making noise.

As for where the noise comes from, it could be from vertical movement caused by rough terrain or bumpy roads. It could also be from lateral movements, which happens when the drawbar is smaller than the hitch’s size.

But regardless, it’s imperative to find a solution that can handle this annoying issue. If you don’t, this problem being left unchecked can lead to premature wear and tear of the hitch. I’m guessing that’s something you don’t want to deal with given the prices of hitches.

How much does a hitch tightener cost?

The price of a hitch tightener will vary from product to product. But in most cases, a person can look forward to spending between 8 and 30 dollars. The amount you’re willing to pay will depend on what factors are affecting your situation.

For instance, a person looking for top tier durability should look to spend closer towards the $30 mark rather than the $8. I’d suggest trying to find one within the middle of this range that fulfills all your needs. If you do, it’s more than likely you’ll end up feeling happy with your decision.

Where to buy?

If you’re looking for a hitch tightener, the place to start your search would be Amazon. This website has the largest selection and low prices that you’ll encounter during your research. It shouldn’t be much of a surprise given this site is the primary consumer market right now.

We should mention their extensive customer review database will come in handy as well. It’s another aspect that gives them a leg up on their rivals. After all, these reviews will be valuable resources as we’ve shown time and time again throughout our article.

Of course, these aspects shouldn’t stop you from looking at other sites and stores. An excellent secondary option would be searching through Camping World’s decent selection. This site will also have competitive prices, which sometimes even fall below Amazon’s during a sale.

It becomes quite evident that comparing prices between Amazon and Camping World would be a wise move given this info. This action will ensure you never end up paying more than needed on your chosen device.

If you don’t like shopping online, there are a few decent options available as well. Your local Wal-Mart, Lowe’s, Home Depot, and RV supply stores should have solid selections. But the prices at these stores will end up being much higher than you’d find online.

These stores do offer one benefit that online sites don’t, though: face to face customer support. This advantage can be worth the extra dollars when the employee knows a lot about the products they’re selling. It could be the difference between buying a top tier model and wasting your money on an ineffective dud.

Given all these options, you shouldn’t have much issue finding a place selling these devices that fit your needs. All you have to do now is choose the one that suits your shopping preferences. In my case, this choice will always be Amazon as I’m always looking for a bargain.


Our article should’ve given you enough info to make a level headed decision about what’s the best anti-rattle hitch device. The only thing left to do is apply everything you’ve learned into your search, which should make the right choice rather clear.

You’ll then get to enjoy all the benefits the best hitch tighteners can offer. In fact, the annoying rattling will become a non-issue, and you can enjoy a peaceful towing trip. And the durability of these products will ensure you can enjoy that peacefulness for years to come.

So please, use the info we provided and make this process a smooth, stress-free experience. I promise it won’t be something that you end up regretting. But if you do run into any more trouble, let us know in our comment section.

We’ll try to answer your concerns as quickly as possible and help in whatever way we can. After all, isn’t that the whole point of this article?

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