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The Best Induction Cooktops for RV Kitchen

Written by Stephen Ryan / Fact checked by William Turner

Living in an RV can be a dream come true for a lot of people. It’s a way for them to go around and explore the country without having to go back to their actual home after each trip, which can be costly.

To make your RV homey and more convenient to live in, it should have all the necessities that you need. One of these necessities is an RV induction cooktop, which will not only help you cook meals anytime you please but will save you more money when traveling.

best induction cooktops for rv

But choosing the best induction cooktop for RV can be challenging since there are a lot of options. You have to consider a lot of things, such as the power consumption of the cooktop, the number of burners, and its features.

So I’ve gathered the top-rated induction cooktops for RV to help you decide as to which cooktop fits your needs and your RV itself.

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Wattage 1800 watts
Heating Element 1
Controls Type Touch

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Wattage 1800 watts
Heating Element 1
Controls Type Push Button

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Bingfu BFN00544 


Wattage 1800 Watt x 2
Heating Element 2
Controls Type Touch

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Table of Contents

10 Best RV Induction Cooktop Reviews 2023

1. Duxtop Portable Induction Cooktop

If you prefer a single cooktop, Duxtop portable induction cooktop is the one for you. It uses 120v of electricity which is common in most homes and RVs. This cooktop temperature ranges from 140 degrees Fahrenheit to 460 degrees Fahrenheit, so whether you are frying or steaming your food, this Duxtop will surely be able to handle it.

Also, with the temperature options that this cooktop has, it will only require less time to cook and prepare meals. It has 10 available power levels which range from 200 to 1800 Watts, which will allow you to heat your food at the lowest level to avoid accidentally burning it.

This Duxtop model is perfect for almost everything, from slow cook, boiling, deep-fry, and stir-fry. Also, you can heat up your food for later if you want to with this portable induction cooktop from Duxtop.

One of the best things about Duxtop is that it has auto-pan detection. This means that once it detects that there is no pan on top, it will automatically turn off after a minute. This induction cooktop also features a warning system and as well as a diagnostic message system that is both approved by ETL.

Another good thing about the Duxtop induction cooktop is that you can use your cookware at home. It is compatible with cast iron, stainless steel with magnetic bottoms, and cast aluminum iron and steel. With its portability, you’ll be able to cook wherever you please, whether it’s inside your RV or even outdoors; the Duxtop will give you that convenience.

What might bother some users about this Duxtop induction cooktop is the noise that its fan makes right after they finish cooking. Plus, the cooktop only uses magnetic pans, which gives you limited options when it comes to what cookware to use.

  • Has 10 available power levels
  • An easy-to-use digital panel
  • Can heat liquid and food fast
  • Adjustable temperature with a wide range of options
  • Automatic turn off to save energy
  • Compatible with various cookware
  • An ETL approved product
  • Works with magnetic pans only
  • The fan can be a little noisy after use
Overall, Duxtop is a great choice if you are looking for an induction cooktop that can work both outdoors and indoors. It also has a diagnostic message in case the induction encounters issues.

2. Rosewill 1800W Electric Induction Cooktop

The Rosewill RHAI-21001 is an excellent camper induction cooktop for RV families who want to have a reliable system for cooking foods quickly. This portable kitchen appliance has an impressive feature set, empowering RV owners to concoct fabulous dishes for their loved ones in a flash.

I am impressed with this single-burner induction cooktop’s design. Chefs and ordinary cooks can crank the temperature setting to 464 degrees Fahrenheit or turn it down to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. It is perfect for cooking many dishes with varying temperature requirements.

The temperature settings also translate to better control of energy consumption. The highest cooking temperature draws 1,800 watts, while the lowest setting only uses 200 watts. I am glad there are ten power/temperature levels to choose from, making my campground culinary adventures more on-target.

Cooking is also hassle-free because of the intuitive eight cooking modes. There is no need to set the individual temperature and power parameters, since this cooktop has pre-programmed settings.

RV families can steam, deep fry, simmer, fry, and boil their foods at a button’s touch. They can sterilize milk, boost magnetic induction, and keep their foods warm without guessing the correct temperature.

I love the timer feature, which users can set from one minute to three hours, automatically cutting off the power after the predetermined period. The cooktop also has overheat protection and safeguards against low and high voltage.

People can use 4.7-inch induction-compatible cookware on this cooktop or a maximum of 10.2 inches. I like its control panel lock, preventing my kids and anyone else from tinkering with the predetermined settings.

It is difficult to fault this induction cooktop. However, I wish the power plug had a third prong for better electrical safety.

  • Ten power levels (1800W maximum) with corresponding temperature changes
  • Fully automated three-hour timer for safety and hassle-free operation
  • Eight cooking modes for culinary versatility
  • Large magnetic induction diameter for ten-inch pans and pots
  • Ingenious control panel lock
  • Reliable safety features (overheat, low voltage, and high voltage protection
  • Only 2 prongs
Still, this induction cooktop makes sense for RV families. It cooks fast, efficiently, and conveniently.

3. NutriChef Two Burner Induction Cooktop

If you want to cook two different meals or ingredients at the same time, NutriChef’s double induction cooktop is the one for you and your RV. It has two different circular heating zones with an LCD display and a temperature setting that you can adjust depending on your preferences. Cooking in your RV will be easy as all you have to do is to switch from one mode to another in just a single press.

The NutriChef’s two-burner induction cooktop is made out of ceramic and promises to make preparing food hassle-free and convenient. It has a plug-in design, which makes it safe for your RV’s countertop or even on a simple table.

This double induction cooktop has different cooking functions, including the water, steam, and fry mode so you can easily cook. It also has an automatic warmer, which will keep your food warm for later dinner.

One of the best things about NutriChef’s double induction cooktop is its lock function. Whether you are going to live in an RV with your children or not, this feature will ensure everyone’s safety. This will help lock all the buttons on the cooktop to protect everyone from scalding. Accidentally pressing the buttons or operating the cooktop will be a thing in the past with this lock function.

Another good thing about this double cooktop is also energy efficient. It is already heavy-duty at 120v and cooks food using the electromagnets to ensure that there will be no heat lost in between the pots and pans, and the cooking surface.

The only downside about the NutriChef induction cooktop is that it only works with magnetic pans.

  • Touch button controls with LCD display
  • Stain-resistant surface
  • Features the plug-in design for safe placement
  • Versatile and convenient uses
  • Automatic warmer function
  • Child safety lock to protect everyone
  • An energy-efficient cooktop
  • Works with magnetic pans only
Overall, if you are looking for an induction stove for your RV that can heat up your food for later, the NutriChef’s is a great choice for you.

4. Cuisinart ICT-60 Double Induction

If you are looking for a double induction cooktop that can add beauty to your RV’s kitchen, the Cuisinart ICT-60 will be perfect. It is aesthetically modern, which makes it look elegant and classy. It also offers different features that will help you cook whatever meal you prefer.

The compact and portable design of the Cuisinart ICT-60 makes it ideal for both outdoor and indoor cooking.

Furthermore, the control panel is not complicated at all, wherein it already has pre-set settings. It has a maximum wattage of 1800 watts, wherein the right burner ranges from 200 to 600 watts and the left is from 200 to 1200 watts. Both burners can be used at the same time, so if you want to cook different meals at the same time, you can easily do so with this double induction cooktop.

One of the best things about Cuisinart ICT-60 is that it has a maximum countdown timer of 150 minutes. You can set it up for slow-cooking, but it will automatically turn off at 180 minutes if you accidentally forgot to use the timer. It will alert you by beeping four times before shutting off.

Another good thing about Cuisinart ICT-60 is that it produces less heat, which will make your RV’s kitchen cooler even while you’re cooking. It is flame-free and exhaust-free, so there’s nothing to worry about.

I am thrilled to know that its double induction ventilation system is one of the best in the market today. Lastly, it uses less than 70% energy than other cooktops, even if it’s using both burners.

However, the Cuisinart ICT-60 doesn’t have a lock setting, which makes it not ideal when you have kids living with you.

  • Different size burners
  • Cools down quickly
  • Comes with a user-friendly control panel
  • Auto-shutoff once the cookware is removed
  • Uses less than 70% energy than other cooktops
  • A compact and portable design
  • No lock settings
Overall, Cuisinart ICT-60 is a great choice for an RV induction cooktop especially that it only uses less than 70% energy. It also has a great ventilation system, which is a plus!

5. Furrion RV Electric Induction Cooktop

Another two-burner electric induction cooktop on our list is the Furrion induction cooktop. It looks aesthetically beautiful, especially that it has a black ceramic surface that will surely fit your RV’s interiors. It consists of sensor touch controls, which will make operating the cooktop easier.

There are two burners, a small and a big one, which will allow you to cook two different meals at the same time. You can also use the burners to heat your food for later.

Furrion induction cooktop has multiple different temperature control settings, while the temperature ranges from 150 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. You can control the temperature using the sensor controls and check the numbers on the LED display.

Also, we can also use the timer feature, so we don’t have to check it every now and then. The maximum set-up can be 180 minutes.

One of the things that I love about the Furrion RV electric induction cooktop is its childproof function. Once the induction cooktop is locked, my kids won’t be able to accidentally turn on the cooktop and cause accidents.

The only downside of the Furrion induction cooktop is that it has no known ventilation. I usually open one of the windows of my RV when cooking to at least help with the ventilation. The fan can also produce noise when cooking, which can be annoying at times.

  • Smart dual burners
  • Can set the timer for up to 180 minutes
  • Childproof lock for safety purposes
  • Sensor touch controls available
  • Aesthetically beautiful with black ceramic surface
  • No known ventilation
  • Produces a little noise when in use
Overall Furrion cooktop has everything that you need in an RV induction cooktop. It’s perfect for people who have kids because of the child lock. The double burner will surely make you prepare meals faster since you can cook two meals at the same time.

6. Bonsenkitchen Portable Induction Cooktop

The next modern and elegant cooktop for your RV is the Bunsen Kitchen portable touch induction cooktop. It can be a decor to your kitchen.

Also, with a full glass top, the unit is water-resistant and can easily be cleaned. This cooktop only weighs 2.2kgs which allows you to conveniently move it from your RV to the campground.

The sensor touch screen will let you choose from the 9 different levels of power. This induction cooktop has a built-in timer, which automatically shuts off once it detects no cookware on the induction plate. You can set the time with just one press of a button; also, the timer ranges from 0 to 180 minutes.

I love how the timer has minute increments for accuracy since I don’t usually find this in other induction cooktops. Other things that I love about this cooktop is that it has to overheat protection and a good cooling system for added convenience.

With 1800 watts and 83% energy efficiency, this induction cooktop stove is more powerful than a traditional gas stove. The reason behind this is because the heat will stay around your cookware. This doesn’t only make it energy efficient but safer than electric burners.

The downside about this induction cooktop is the loud beep that it produces when changing the temperature.

  • A modern and elegant model
  • A sensor touch screen with 9 level of powers
  • A full-glass surface for resisting water and cleaning easily
  • Minute increments on timer for accuracy
  • Powerful cook yet 83% energy efficiency
  • Automatic shut-off if there is no cookware
  • Produces loud beeps when changing temperature
Overall, the Bonsen Kitchen induction cooktop is perfect for single meal cooking. It has an efficient cooling system, which will make sure that your RV won’t end up warm and humid inside.

7. Empava IDC12B2 Induction Cooktop

When it comes to choosing an induction cooktop for your RV, you need to make sure that it has an ETL Canada & USA approved. Such certifications mean that the cooktop is safe for you and your RV.

One of the cooktops that are ETL certified is the Empava IDC12B2 model. It has a surface that’s made out of tempered glass, making it easier to clean. It can also withstand heat so you don’t have to worry about the surface chipping or cracking.

This induction cooktop has a hot surface indicator feature which you can see at one glance. It also has a pan size sensor heat, so once you put the cookware away, the cooktop will automatically turn off. This makes the induction cooktop very energy efficient. It also has a child lock feature for added safety.

Regarding its settings, it has a total of 9 temperature levels, which range from 120 to 460 degrees Fahrenheit. There are 8 power settings that you can choose from 300W for the left burner to 1300W for the right burner. In just one touch of a button, you can change the mode and temperature depending on what you’re cooking.

Another good thing that I love about this induction cooktop is that it has a timer mode, which ranges from 1 to 179 minutes. I can exactly control the time to avoid ruining the meal.

  • An ETL Canada & USA approved product
  • LED digital touching control panel
  • Two burners for your multiple cooking needs
  • Has 9 heating levels
  • Features child safety lock
  • One-touch button
  • Has a timer mode
  • Features hot surface indicator
  • Produces fan noise when in use
For me, the only downside of this induction cooktop is the noise that the fans make while I’m using it. It’s noticeable especially if there is no other ambient noise around.

8. True Induction Mini Duo Portable Counter

I always prefer a dual burner induction cooktop, so the True Induction mini duo portable cooktop is an incredible choice for me. It’s perfect for the small space in my RV, yet has all functions that I need in an induction cooktop.

Just like any other induction cooktop, this one also requires magnetic cookware. As long as your pan sticks to the induction plate, you don’t have to worry about anything.

The cooktop features EZ touch controls which will make it easier for you to change the temperature or the timer when needed. In detail, it has +/-, Menu On, Timer, Lock, and Power display on the surface.

This cooktop uses 1800 watts, wherein the energy in this cooktop is split between the plate; one plate can be zero while the other is at 100. It runs with the standard 100V outlet, which is common in most RVs. One of the best things about this cooktop is the heat that it produces to cook my food faster than usual without using too much power.

Child safety controls are also present in this induction cooktop. Whether you have cooking experience in using one or not, it’s definitely safe to operate this cooktop.

The only downside of this induction cooktop is the odd sound that it produces when heating. It can be a little bothersome to some people, but I think that’s pretty common with induction cooktops.

  • Two burners for simultaneous cooking
  • Can be installed or can be a portable cooktop
  • Child safety controls
  • EZ touch panel for easy operation
  • Can heat food faster using less energy
  • Produces odd sounds when heating up
Overall, the True Induction cooktop is perfect for both RVs and for outdoor use due to its portability. It’s small enough to fit in my RV but powerful enough to cook my meals.

9. Duxtop Portable Induction Cooktop

Here’s another induction cooktop from Duxtop, which also uses 110/120V electrical outlets and is a standard to American homes. It is also ETL certified which proves that it is a safe cooktop. I love how it is compacted portable since I sometimes love cooking outside of my RV.

The device features a sensor touch panel and an LCD screen display. You can easily turn it on and off, and change the temperature with ease. The control panel features a visual angle for easy reading, even from a distance. You can also set the timer, which gives high precision so you don’t have to wait for your food to be done.

This induction cooktop also features a fast boil button, so you don’t have to wait for your food or for the water to boil. It has 10 cooking modes so whether you are going to fry or stir something, this induction cooktop can do all that. Also, this cooktop has 83% energy efficiency than electric or traditional stoves.

If you have kids around, worry not because this cooktop has several safety features, including safety cut-out, overheat protection, automatic shut off, and as well as a child lock. With all the safety features that this cooktop has, I can have the peace of mind that I need while living in my RV.

The downside of the Duxtop induction cooktop is the small plate that it has. It can only work with a 10” frying pan and 8” pot, so cooking in a larger pan won’t work. Also, the fan can be a little noisy while cooking.

  • A sensor touch panel and an LCD screen display for breezy operation
  • Features a lot of safety protection
  • Cooktop is ETL certified
  • Features child lock, overheat protection, auto shut off, and safety cut out
  • Has 83% energy efficiency than traditional and electric stoves
  • Produces fan noise when cooking
  • Small plate for more than 10” pans
Overall, Duxtop induction cooktop has a good safety feature that will give me the peace of mind that I need in my RV kitchen. I also love how fast it can boil my food and water in just one push of a button.

10. iSiler 1800W Portable Induction Cooktop

Last on our list is the iSiLER 1800W portable single induction cooktop. It is compatible with all magnetic cookware that measures 10cm to a maximum of 22cm. I find this perfect for me since I don’t really cook for a lot of people.

It features 19 power levels where you can choose from 100w to 1800w for your cooking needs. Whether you are going to grill, slow cook, steam, sear, sauté, boil, deep fry, or simmer, this cooktop can help you with those. It also has 17 adjustable temperatures that range from 60 to 238 degrees Celsius for multiple cooking needs.

I love how I can set the timer for up to 180 minutes or 3 hours when I am slow cooking a meal. I also don’t have to worry about heat building up inside my RV because it has a fast heat dissipation with its six-blade whirlwind fan.

If you have kids in your RV, this induction cooktop is perfect as it has a child safety lock. Another safety feature that it has is the overheating protection wherein it will automatically turn off once it detects no pan on the plate. Also, if the cooking temperature reaches more than the one that you set, it will automatically stop.

For me, the only downside of this induction cooktop from iSiLER is that I can’t use my glass and ceramic cookware. Good thing I have a few magnetic cookware with me.

  • Ensures fast heat dissipation
  • Prevents overheating issue
  • Ideal for families with kids due to its safety lock
  • Timer for up to 180 minutes
  • 18 power levels available
  • 17 adjustable temperatures for multiple cooking needs
  • Does not work with glass, copper, ceramic, and aluminum ware
Overall, if you don’t mind purchasing new cookware, this induction cooktop will be perfect for your RV. It’s portable and very compact so it won’t take up too much space in your RV’s kitchen.

Max Burton Induction Cooktop 6450 (Outdated)

Another top-rated RV induction cooktop is from Max Burton. This model is very easy to clean, handy, adaptable, and flexible wherein you can use it both outdoors and indoors. This will help you have the option to cook outside of your RV whenever you please.

Max Burton’s induction cooktop has a control panel, which is specifically structured to make sure that you won’t accidentally change the setting while you’re cooking. This will also help you avoid spilling out food or liquid.

One of the things that I love about Max Burton induction cooktop is its touch shimmer and one-touch boil function. I can cook stocks or sauces depending on my meal for the day, in just one touch. The temperature can go as high as 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Another good thing about this induction cooktop from Max Burton is that it has a safety feature, which can prevent short circuits, increased voltage levels, and overheat. Lastly, the Max Burton cooktop will let you warm your meal for later.

The only downside of the Max Burton induction cooktop is that it only requires induction ready cookware, including magnetic cookware, cast iron enameled iron and steel. Other than that, the other types of cookware will not work.

  • Safety features to avoid accidents
  • Flexible use for both indoor and outdoor cooking
  • Great structure to avoid spills and accidental tapping of the controls
  • Can be used as a food warmer
  • One-touch operation
  • Only works with induction ready cookware
Overall, the Max Burton induction cooktop works well for RVs and as well as for outdoor use. It has a single burner which is ideal for people who don’t really cook multiple meals.

What to Look for When Buying an Induction Cooktop


When buying for an induction cooktop, it is important to consider your cooking needs. You can choose from an RV induction cooktop with an oven or an electric stove for a travel trailer. Below are some of the factors that may help you find that induction cooktop for your RV.

Induction Cooktop Size

Since you’re looking for an induction cooktop for your RV, one that has one or two induction zones will do. When choosing the size of your cooktop, take into consideration the area where you are planning to install it. This will help you decide on what size to get for your kitchen.

It would also be best to consider whether you’re planning to cook two meals at a time or not. Remember that the size of the cooktop will depend on the number of cooking zones that you’ll choose.

Cooking Zones

Typically, an induction cooktop has cooking zones that measure 21cm. But, since you’re going to use one for your RV, your cooktop may be smaller than usual, thus a smaller cooking zone. Choose a cooktop with cooking zones that will match your cooking needs.

For instance, if you are going to cook for your family, you may need a bigger pan and a bigger induction plate. If you live alone in your RV, the small ones are ideal. For instance, 75 cm units can accommodate small cookware to cook meals for yourself or two people.

Temperature and Power

You also need to check for the temperature or power settings, especially for the intervals. A user-friendly cooktop will let you slightly decrease or increase the temperature when needed.

Also, you should make sure that the cooktop has a default low heat setting. Typically, induction cooktops for RVs have 1800w with 10 different temperature or power levels where they divide the power between two induction plates.

Induction Cooktop Design

Now, when it comes to the design of the induction cooktop, it will always depend on your personal style. But, you should pay attention to the frame because usually, framed designs are prone to grime and dirt build-up. The advantage of using one with frames is that it can help with containing the spills.

There is also an induction cooktop that has edgeless designs, while they will look good in your kitchen, they are prone to breaks and cracks. On the other hand, they are simpler to clean.

Control Panel

Currently, there are three kinds of control panels when it comes to the induction cooktop. These are the touch sensor controls, press button control, and the rotating knob control.

Touch controls panels are more expensive than others. They display different temperatures and power settings depending on the model that you will choose. Choose an induction cooking top that has control panels that are not close to the element.

Portable Induction Cooking Tops

Since you’re going to be using the induction cooker top in your RV, you can opt for portable induction cooktops. Of course, a portable one may need an electric socket, so carrying an extension with you will help. You can bring it out of your RV and cook nearby while the plug is in the electric socket.

Other Important Factors to Consider


What Is An Induction Cooktop for RV

An induction cooktop for RV is also known as an induction cooktop for van life or a domestic RV induction cooktop. They are somewhat similar to the electric stove for a camper or electric stove for a travel trailer.

These induction cooktops don’t produce an actual flame to be able to cook your meals. The heat focuses on the pan that you’re using, which makes the cooktop very energy efficient and safer. Usually, modern cooktops feature good ventilation to keep your RV cool even while you’re cooking.

How Does An Induction Cooktop Work

The induction cooktop works through the electrical induction instead of an electric heating element or from a flame. Everything is controlled by the coil, as the current will run through it and produce a magnetic field going to the induction plate.

The heat is focused on the pan, which makes cooktops more efficient than other electric or gas stoves in the market today. Usually, aluminum or copper pans won’t be able to work on an induction cooktop not unless they have magnetic layers at the bottom.

What Are The Different Types of RV Induction Cooktop

Due to the popularity of induction cooktops, there are now numerous different types of them in the market. Whether you are a first-time buyer or you’re just replacing your RV’s induction cooktop, knowing the different types to choose from is ideal. Below are the different induction cooktops to choose from.

  • Single Element Induction Cooktop

As the name says, a single element induction cooktop only has one cooking zone. Typically, this type of cooktop has 1800w maximum and can operate at 120 volts. One of the best things about a single cooktop is that they are portable and are perfect not only for your RV but for the outdoors as well.

The only disadvantage that a single element cooktop has is that you won’t be able to simultaneously cook if needed.

  • Built-In Induction Cooktop Units

Built-in induction cooktops come in different sizes and cooking zones, so you have the option to choose which one you need for your RV. This type of cooktop is customized for the countertop and is more pleasing to your eyes. This type of cooktop is quite costly since there are necessary customizations and installation.

If the budget is not going to be a problem, then, by all means, a built-in induction cooktop unit will work just fine. Since they are customized, you can choose the number of cooking zones that you need for your kitchen.

  • Multi-Element Induction Cooktop

When it comes to a multi-element induction cooktop, it features multiple elements for you to be able to simultaneously cook different meals. Unlike the single cooktop, this one is not that portable and is quite expensive as well.

The power rating for this induction cooktop is higher, wherein it can go as high as 3600w and is usually operated at 220 volts. If you are living with your family or you just love cooking more than one dish, choosing the multi-element induction cooktop is ideal.

  • Freestanding Countertop Induction Unit

The freestanding countertop is also known as the RV induction cooktop with an oven. It is usually placed between two countertops in your RV, though some people have been using this type of unit outdoors. When choosing a freestanding induction you can opt for one that has multiple ovens or a single one, depending on your needs.

One of the things that people love about this induction unit is that it can be placed without making any big changes in the layout of their kitchen. As mentioned above, this can also be used outdoors which is perfect for backyard barbecues and such.

You can choose the power range that you need in a countertop induction as it comes in different power ranges.

Why Do You Need An Induction Cooktop For RV

Besides the fact that you live in an RV, choosing an induction cooktop is safer and more efficient when living in an RV. If that’s not enough, I’ve listed down the benefits of using an induction cooktop for your RV.

  • Safer than Other Cooktop

Compared to the traditional electric or gas cooktop, the induction cooktop is safer as no flames are coming out of the cooking zones. Induction cooktops are safer, as they have numerous safety features for your RV and your kids. You don’t have to worry about any untoward accidents involving your cooktop.

  • Fits Perfectly

Most cookware will fit the available sizing of cooking zones that induction cooktops have. It will always fit perfectly so there will be no energy wasted while you’re cooking your meal.

  • Easy To Clean

Unlike traditional cooktops, induction cooktops have a glass surface which makes it smooth to clean. You don’t have to worry about any boil overs, splatters, and spills because they won’t burn and create hard residue. You can always clean it easily once you’re done cooking.

  • Great Results

Since induction cooktops have temperature settings, you can easily choose the right temperature for the specific meal to avoid it from getting burnt. In case you don’t know, a consistent heat can deliver amazingly tasty results.

  • Meal Prep Is Faster

With induction cooktops, water can boil 50% faster compared to traditional cooktops. This will make the meal prepping easier than before.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Does Induction Cooktops Save Energy?

You may need to plug in your induction cooktop to the power outlet, but believe it or not, you can still save energy using this. The reason behind this is because the heat will just flow up to the induction plate to the cookware. 90% energy that’s being used will be converted to heat thus making it very energy efficient.

With gas cooktops, there is 60% energy lost which makes it 40% energy efficient.

Do Induction Cooktops Use Electricity?

Yes, they are using electricity but not directly, since they are using electromagnetism for your food to cook. Once you turn on your induction cooktop, the current will flow through its coil and produce a magnetic field that’s not visible to the eyes.

How To Use An Induction Cooktop?

It is easy to use an induction cooktop. Turn on the power, and place your cookware on the induction plate. Select the temperature from the sensor and the time if needed. You can adjust the time or temperature whenever you please. Once you’re done, you can hold the power sensor to turn off the cooktop.

If you are using a double burner induction cooktop, make sure to operate the sensors that are meant for the induction plate that you are using.

Are These Induction Cooktops Hot To Touch?

Since the cooktop is using electromagnetism, the cooktop is safe to touch. If there is no cookware in the cooking zone, you don’t have to worry about anything because no heat will be produced.

How To Clean and Care An Induction Cooktop?

You are advised to use a wet paper tissue or pad together with a specialized cream or mild soap, and rub the surface of the cooktop. If there are stains on the surface, you can use a toothbrush to rub them off.

There are specialized creams for stubborn stains, but you can also use vinegar to deal with it. All you have to do is dab a clean cloth in white vinegar and start rubbing the area. Once done, you can wipe the surface clean with a wet towel and a dry cloth.

Always make sure to follow the domestic induction cooktop manual on how to care for your cooktop. Never soak this in water no matter how stubborn the residues are to avoid permanent damage.

How many amps does an induction cooktop use?

The amperage requirements of induction cooktops vary across brands, heating efficiency, number of induction tops or “burners,” and maximum wattage ratings.

A single-burner, portable induction cooktop needs about 10 to 15 amps. For example, a 120-volt, 1800-watt induction top will require 15 amps. On the other hand, a low wattage induction cooktop (i.e., 800 watts) will only need seven amps.

Moreover, an induction cooktop with more “tops” or burners will require an electrical circuit with a higher amperage rating.

It is worth noting that most induction cooktops require special wiring to accommodate their amperage or voltage requirements. A dedicated circuit is also necessary if the induction’s electrical demands are greater than the existing electrical system.

What size inverter do I need to run an induction cooktop?

The size inverter RV owners need to run an induction stove for RV depends on the kitchen appliance’s electrical requirements. As a rule, RV owners must get a power inverter with a higher wattage rating than the induction stove’s wattage requirements.

For example, a 3,000-watt pure sine power inverter is ideal for a 2,000-watt induction cooktop. On the other hand, a low-power, single-burner 1,300-watt induction stove should operate optimally with a 1,500-watt power inverter.

Do induction cooktops break and scratch easily?

Yes, induction cooktops can scratch and break easily. Compared to conventional gas stoves and electric ranges, induction cooktops do not have steel grates above the induction plate. Instead, these kitchen appliances have a smooth glass surface that allows for direct contact with an induction cooktop-compatible cookware.

Unfortunately, glass is not as tough as steel, making induction cooktops more susceptible to scratching. RV owners can minimize induction cooktop abrasions by using cookware with a smooth and clean bottom. It will be wise to use only cookware with a “softer” and “lighter” material than the cooktop’s glass-ceramic surface.

People must also lift the cookware from the cooktop instead of sliding it on the surface. Abrasive cleaning materials and sharp kitchen tools and utensils are also a no-no on induction cooktops.

What kind of cookware is suitable for an induction cooktop?

The most suitable cookware for an induction cooktop is any pot or pan with ferromagnetic bottom material. RV owners must recognize that induction cooktops cook food by magnetic induction to create an electric current in the cookware. It is only possible if the cookware’s ferromagnetic bottom directly touches the cooktop.

Glass, all-copper, and aluminum cookware are not suitable for an induction cooktop unless these products have a bottom layer with magnetic properties. Cast iron and enameled cast iron are ideal. Stainless steel also works. However, people must choose stainless steel cookware with a low nickel content to ensure efficient magnetic induction.

The good news is that some manufacturers now offer induction cooktop pan adapters. People can stick these attachments on any pot and pan’s bottom.

If one is unsure whether the cookware is induction compatible or not, one can perform the magnet test. An induction cooktop compatible cookware’s underside creates a powerful attraction on a magnet – the magnet sticks to it.

Is there an induction cooktop that runs on 12 volts?

Unfortunately, a 12V RV induction cooktop is not available. RV owners must recognize the high wattage requirements of these kitchen appliances, needing 1,200 to 2,000 watts of power. It strains the RV’s electrical system, requiring a dedicated circuit of at least 100 amps (1200 watts ÷ 12 volts = 100 amps).

How efficient are induction cooktops?

According to the US Department of Energy, induction cooktops are five to ten percent more efficient than other cooktops that use electricity. Moreover, an induction cooktop is three times more efficient than gas stoves.

Research shows that induction cooktops are 84% energy efficient, while gas cooktops are only 40% efficient. On the other hand, a standard electric cooktop for RV (both coil and smooth top) is only efficient up to 74%, ten percentage points lower than an induction cooktop.

Most people fear that an induction cooktop’s high wattage requirements translate to greater electric consumption. While this might be true, people must understand that induction cooktops use electricity more efficiently than other cooktops. Only ten to fifteen percent go to waste.

An induction cooktop requires electricity to generate an electromagnetic field. Magnetic induction directly heats pans and pots, allowing people to cook faster and reduce electric consumption. Induction cooktops also feature intelligent technologies that automatically disconnect the power supply if they detect empty cookware or no cookware.

Are There Adverse Effects Of Eating Food That Are Cooked In Induction Cooktops?

The cooktop may create electromagnetic waves, but it won’t cause any hardship to your health. The emitted radiation is very low and the possibility of it to release CO2 or CO is zero. Fortunately, you can cook and eat your food safely and without worries.

Can I Install The Induction Cooktop Over The Oven?

You can install, but you need to be careful as there is a risk of damaging or overheating the cooktop’s electronics. You should check if this sort of configuration is approved by checking the specification of the cooktop. If it allows you to install it on top of the oven, then there’s nothing to worry about.

Does Induction Cooktop Make Noise?

Induction cooktops are producing small noises because of the cooling fans installed inside. But some noise comes out due to the materials used. Some of the common noises that you can hear besides the fan, are chirping, whistling, or silent humming.

Can Induction Cooktop Work With Cast Iron?

If you check above, cast irons work with induction cooktop but you need to be extra careful because it can scratch the surface of the cooktop. To avoid scratches, it would be best to use enameled cast iron.

How Can I Install An Induction Cooktop?

Installing your induction cooktop is an easy task since all you have to do is place it on your counter and connect the wiring. It is always better to learn how to install it yourself as this will save you a lot of money. Usually, RV induction cooktops come with a manual where you can check how you can easily install it.

But the most straightforward way to do it is to place it on your countertop and plug it in. As long as it fits in your kitchen, there wouldn’t be an issue at all.

Can pans move on an induction cooktop?

While the pans can move, it won’t easily move since it is using real pressure once the pan is on the cooktop. Of course, you can always hold the pan if you don’t want it sliding off your induction top.

There are potholders that you can use so you don’t get burned accidentally. Keep that near your cooktop in case you’ll be needing it.


With the information provided above, it will now be easier for you to choose an ideal induction cooktop for your van life. You have the best cooktops in the market listed above. And all you have to do is choose one that matches your needs and the size of your RV’s kitchen.

Make sure to consider the factors mentioned for you to find the best induction cooktop for RV. Furthermore, if you are looking for RV kitchen appliances, you can refer to our recommended choices, such as the top-rated coffee makers and the most popular RV dishwashers.

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