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The Best Pet Temperature Monitors for RV

Written by Stephen Ryan / Fact checked by William Turner

Are you having issues finding the best pet temperature monitor for RV usage? You’ve come to the right place as I’ll guide you through the entire process. This guidance will include covering several relevant topics related to these devices.

Some of these topics include determining buying factors, types, benefits, caring for them, and other crucial discussions. I’ll even offer 10 product reviews covering my favorite temperature monitors available today.

best pet temperature monitor for rv

These discussions will ensure picking out a perfect device will become an easy task. You’ll just need to follow what’s laid out within this article, and the best option should become clear. It shouldn’t be any more difficult than choosing a new pair of shoes.

Let’s not waste any more time and dive into the topic at hand. I promise these following discussions will relieve any concerns or issues, which might have brought you here. This process should become a breeze from this point forward.

Top 1

Waggle Dog Safety Sensor


Dimensions 6.34 x 4.76 x 1.54 inches
Connectivity Technology Wireless
Mounting Type Wall Mount

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Top 2

SensorPush HT1


Dimensions 1.57 x 1.57 x 0.65 inches
Connectivity Technology Wireless
Mounting Type _

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Top 3

Nimble Temperature Sensor


Dimensions 6.34 x 4.76 x 1.54 inches
Connectivity Technology Wireless
Mounting Type Wall Mount

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Table of Contents

12 Best RV Pet Temperature Monitor Reviews

This section will contain ten reviews of the best RV pet temperature monitors available. Each of them should provide a sense of what a customer should look for in these devices. You’ll end up being able to separate a lousy option from a stellar one relatively quickly.

1. Waggle Lite RV Dog Safety Sensor

The Waggle Lite is a decent temp monitor for RV, giving people peace of mind leaving their pets in their motorhomes. It is a pocket-sized gadget that monitors environmental parameters that can spell the difference between a happy pet and a stressed one.

I am surprised by this pet monitor because it can sense minute changes in ambient temperature, heat index, humidity, power loss, and more. Most products I have seen only track a room’s humidity and temperature levels, making this product an exceptional buy for pet owners who want a more comprehensive pet environment monitoring system.

People love this device because it does not require WiFi to send its status updates every 15 minutes. It leverages Verizon’s extensive 4G LTE network spanning 70% of the US. In comparison, AT&T only covers about 68%, so users of this pet monitor have exceptional signal strength wherever they are.

Although this cellular RV temperature monitor updates room status every 15 minutes, it alerts pet owners any time it senses a parameter nearing its predetermined limits. People receive SMS and email notification, allowing them to check the issue.

I appreciate this product’s rechargeable battery because it lasts longer than other units. This pet monitor has a battery runtime of four to six days, with an alert to notify users if it is nearing its fully discharged state.

Operating this pet monitor is a cinch. The smartphone app’s user interface has a simple layout and intuitive controls.

Unfortunately, users of this pet monitor have to contend with just three months of free trial. Users will eventually have to pay for a subscription, just like with a MarCELL pet monitor.

  • Monitors RV cabin temperature, humidity, and other parameters
  • Round-the-clock SMS and email notification
  • Works with Verizon 4G, which has wide coverage
  • Rechargeable battery with 4-6 days runtime
  • Effortless operation, updates status every 15 minutes
  • User-friendly ap
  • Needs a subscription to use
Still, this RV pet monitor makes a good case for RV and pet owners who want a cellular-connected temperature and humidity monitoring system.

2. SensorPush HT1 Smart Sensor

I like the Waggle Lite because it lets me monitor my pet wherever I am. However, I cannot say I like getting tied to a subscription plan. For people like me, a better solution is the SensorPush HT1. It is not a cellular pet temperature monitor but a Bluetooth-connected device.

One thing I love about this pet monitor is its temperature accuracy. It provides a credible temperature reading (up to 0.5 degrees Fahrenheit fidelity). I do not need to rush to my motorhome when the RV temperature sensor alarm blasts a loud noise, only to find out that the ambient temperature is lower than what the device shows.

This device tracks humidity, temperature, vapor pressure deficit, and dewpoint, making it more beneficial for some RV owners than the Waggle. We can always rely on this pet monitor’s sensitive and accurate readings to keep us informed.

As a Bluetooth-connected device, I am impressed. Most Bluetooth products we have can only link at less than 100 feet. This product maintains a strong and reliable connection at 325 feet. RV owners can have a great time at the campgrounds, and their pets will be safe and sound in the RV.

My favorite is the exportable data. I can upload it to Google Sheets or MS Excel and analyze the room parameters to help me plan for a more comfortable environment for our pet.

On the downside, some customers have received the sensor with near-dead batteries.

  • Accurate readings (up to 0.5 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • Measures four environmental parameters (humidity, vapor pressure deficit, etc)
  • 325-foot Bluetooth range
  • Exportable data to Google Sheets or Excel for better information management
  • May come with near-dead batteries
This pet monitor is perfect for anyone who does not appreciate getting tied to a subscription plan. It works as intended and does it exceptionally well.

3. Nimble Temperature Sensor

Nimble’s RV/Dog Safety Temperature & Humidity Sensor happens to be one of the most reliable available. It earns this distinction by being adaptable to various conditions, making the product a hit among rig owners.

This Nimble RV pet temperature monitor has a built-in 4G cellular network that allows users to keep track of temperature and humidity within their rigs in real-time. As a result, you’ll never find yourself unaware of what conditions your pet’s facing.

It also means you won’t have to rely on campground WiFi for its usage. It makes the device a much more dependable option than most other models. After all, we all know how shaky guest WiFi can be on campgrounds.

You should love this product’s versatility concerning its device compatibility, as well. Android and Apple devices have no issues working with this option from Nimble. It won’t have any trouble pairing with their smartphones or tablets.

The product’s built-in rechargeable battery was another intriguing attribute. I was pleased to see this inclusion because it’ll ensure the device remains usable even during power outages. It’s just an additional way this monitor can bring a pet owner some peace of mind.

As for its notification process, this cellular pet monitor will send out alerts via text and email whenever the temperature rises or drops below predetermined limits. It will have no trouble keeping a pet owner well informed of the conditions on their rig.

However, this model does cost a bit more than I’d like with the initial asking price and required subscription fees. It ends being one of the more costly options available for rig owners. You’ll have to weigh whether its reliability and convenience is worth the increased price.

  • Built-in 4G cellular network
  • Real-time updates of humidity and temperature
  • Android and Apple compatibility
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Sends SMS and email alerts
  • A bit more costly than other options
Overall, this monitor is more than capable of keeping a pet safe onboard a rig. You couldn’t ask for much more from a pet temperature monitoring device than this product offers. I doubt anyone would find themselves feeling that it wasn’t worth its asking price.

4. Govee Temperature Monitor

If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option, Gove’s WiFi RV Temperature Humidity Monitor could be more your speed. This product represents an affordable choice with a rather compelling set of practical features.

One of these features would be this RV monitoring system’s impressive high-precision sensors. Their inclusion allows the device to monitor temperature and humidity accurately. In fact, many buyers made sure to note how impressive the wireless thermometer hygrometer was within their reviews.

I also found its ability to upload data every ten minutes helpful, as well. This feature makes keeping up and tracing a history of your rig’s conditions simple. It’ll have no problem ensuring you more than apprised of what your pet faces when you’re at the grocery store.

The product’s onboard storage capabilities were quite impressive, too. It’ll allow users to access and view any data collected in the last twenty days. However, this range extends to the previous two years when using its in-app storage.

Its WiFi pairing process isn’t much of a hassle, either, separating it from many other models. The entire process only takes a few moments to ensure ultimate convenience. It makes for one of the easiest to use WiFi models on our list.

This product’s reading of temperature and humidity are displayed in two ways: its integrated LCD display and notifications sent to your devices. It’s another aspect that ensures this monitor ends up being a convenient purchase for a rig owner.

But some customers did have a few complaints about the owner’s manual. It seems the included directions were a bit hard to follow. It’s not what a customer can usually expect from a company with an excellent reputation like Govee.

  • Budget-friendly price tag
  • High precision sensors for accurate readings
  • Impressive data storage capabilities
  • An easy WiFi pairing process
  • Two ways to display readings (LCD display and notifications to your devices)
  • The manual should have been easier to follow.
Buyers shouldn’t worry much about the product’s frustrating manual. The WiFi pairing and using processes are relatively self-explanatory. If I had no issues figuring them out, I have full confidence in anyone reading this article to get the job done.

5. Marcell Temperature Monitor

The Marcell Cellular Verizon Temperature Monitor has become a favorite among rig owners because of its many high-quality features. Its rapid data logging is a prime example of what makes this RV pet safety Verizon monitor such an excellent choice.

You can expect this aspect to offer real-time information about your rig’s temperature and humidity whenever it’s needed. Thus, keeping your pet comfortable becomes a relatively easy and straightforward task.

I was also impressed by this product’s versatility. This model has proven to be effective within homes, RVs, boats, sheds, and greenhouses due to its built-in 4G cellular network. It’ll make sure unreliable campground WiFi doesn’t impede the ability to keep your pets safe.

If the temperature or humidity does reach dangerous levels, users will receive instant alert notifications. You can set these notifications to be sent in various forms, such as texts, calls, or emails. It makes for a much convenient using experience for whoever buys this device.

This Marcell temperature monitor allows users to monitor their readings from anywhere, as well. It comes with an intuitive app, which ensures you can view them right on your phone. It doesn’t hurt that this app has nothing but positive reviews about its user-friendliness.

You can even read these readings during a power outage as this model comes with an internal battery. Its lithium-ion battery can last up to 48 hours without needing a recharge. Therefore, it should have no problems riding out the length of most power-related issues.

But this model has a pricey subscription fee compared to other cellular RV or car temperature monitor products. Potential buyers will need to consider whether paying those fees every month is worth this product’s excellent performance.

  • Real-time updates with its rapid data logging
  • Versatile due to its built-in 4G cellular network
  • Instant alert notifications (emails, texts, or calls)
  • User-friendly app
  • Built-in internal battery with a 48-hour lifespan
  • Pricey subscription fees compared to others.
Honestly, I’d be more than willing to pay this product’s subscription fees every month. You’ll have a hard time finding any other WiFi or cellular-based models capable of matching its quality. It offers everything a rig owner could want in one of these devices.

6. Ideal Sciences Sensor Alarm

Ideal Sciences’ Temp Stick WiFi RV Temperature Sensor Alarm is an entirely wireless option with an excellent reputation for quality performance. It has earned this distinction because of its superior convenience and design aspects.

For instance, its data logging with unlimited history will make a rig owner’s life much more comfortable. It’ll ensure you can look over any previous conditions in the rig without any issues. As a result, you shouldn’t have any trouble keeping track of what’s happening inside the RV.

I was also impressed with this product’s exceptional Wi-Fi pairing. It made setting up the device an easy and straightforward task. It was something that many buyers made an effort to note in this RV pet temperature monitor reviews.

Buyers won’t have to worry about additional monthly cell subscription fees, either. This product’s WiFi-based design makes sure you only need a functional wireless connection for usage. It’s one of the main reasons bargain buyers tend to end up buying this particular model.

The customer service provided by Ideal Sciences was another appealing aspect. Multiple buyers were overly complimentary of it, reporting they were helpful and knowledgeable about any questions they were asked.

It’s essential to note that this product has a proven versatility, as well. It has received praise for its effectiveness in various situations, ranging from monitoring campers to wine cellars. Honestly, it’ll be useful anywhere where humidity and temperature need monitoring.

But a few customers did note a few delays in data transfers from time to time. It seems the app has a habit of having some bugs concerning this aspect. However, I must state that these issues only popped up in a couple of reviews.

  • Data logging with unlimited history
  • Exceptional Wi-Fi pairing
  • No monthly subscription fees
  • Excellent customer service
  • Can work in various situations (wine cellars, cars, RVs, etc.)
  • The app can experience data transfer delays.
The data transfer delays shouldn’t scare away any customers as these apps tend to get upgraded quite frequently. Any bugs or issues should be worked out quickly. After all, there were no reports of this company being anything less than stellar.

7. Proteus Temperature Sensor

If you’re looking for an option with an easy setup, Proteus’s AMBIO WiFi RV Temperature Humidity Sensor could be the perfect option. It makes the process a hassle-free one thanks to it plugging right into a wall outlet.

The manual’s included directions about Wi-Fi, and other setup details were often praised in this product’s reviews, as well. It’s made even easier by the AMBIO not needing any hubs or gateways when connecting to Wi-Fi networks.

Honestly, you won’t find many models capable of competing with this option when it comes to having an easy installation. It also helps that this product has a low-profile design, as this aspect makes the model an excellent fit for smaller rigs.

Buyers will benefit from not having to rely on apps with this device, as well. You can instead access the data and manage its functions via web browsers. This aspect ensures users won’t fall victim to any bugs or failures common in smartphone applications.

This model also uses a combination of audible and email/text alerts. It’s an ultra-effective method to ensure users are made aware of any weird developments inside their rig. The audible alerts are programmable and adjustable, too, which helps avoid any prolonged beeping noise.

You won’t have to pay an outrageous amount of money for this product, either. It’s one of the most affordable options on our list. Bargain buyers should be jumping at the chance to pick up this fantastic product.

I was a bit disappointed to see this model only came with a 1-year warranty, though. I’m always going to want a little longer policy with a device such as this one. After all, buyers want these models to last more than a few years.

  • Simple installation process
  • Low-profile design
  • Data accessed via web browsers
  • Convenient combination of audible and email/text notifications
  • Affordable price tag
  • It only has a 1-year warranty.
This monitor’s short 1-year warranty is more of a bummer rather than a deal-breaker. If this model fits your needs in every other area, I don’t see any reason why it shouldn’t be on your shortlist. It’s a genuinely useful and quality temperature monitor.

8. PP-Code Temperature Sensor

The PP-Code WiFi RV Temperature and Humidity Sensor earned a place on this list with its simple and practical design. It’ll make sure to monitor campers without any complicated bells and whistles some other models offer.

But its uncomplicated design doesn’t mean it lacks some excellent features. For instance, I found myself loving this product’s ability to work with both Android and iOS devices. It’s able to offer this ability with a smartphone app located in their respective app stores.

I was also impressed with its party-detect feature, which can offer an estimate of how people are within your rig. This aspect will help ensure you can know whether a dangerous incident occurred, such as an intruder.

The product’s versatility was another appealing aspect, as it can work in various situations. Buyers have found its RV pet temperature alerts useful in campers, homes, shops, storage, and other similar conditions.

It can adapt to these various circumstances because of its relatively low-profile design. You shouldn’t have any issues finding a place for it even in the smallest rigs. It’s no wonder why campervan and Class B RV owners often consider this monitor a godsend.

This device’s temperature monitoring capabilities aren’t anything to overlook, either. It can log temperatures readings between -40 F to 170 F. It’ll then send an email or SMS alert whenever it detects dangerous conditions.

However, I was somehow shocked to see that users who want SMS alerts will need to pay a monthly fee. It’s an additional cost most other Wi-Fi temperatures don’t require. Buyers should take some time to consider whether it’s something they want to pay for before purchasing the device.

  • Android and iOS compatible
  • Includes a party-detect feature
  • Useful in various situations (campers, homes, shops, storage, etc.)
  • Low-profile design
  • Detects and logs temperature readings between -40 F and 170 F
  • Requires a monthly fee for SMS alerts
It’s important to note that this monthly fee isn’t overly expensive. As a result, it becomes more of a nuisance rather than anything worth fretting over. It’s low initial price tag also helps keep this issue from becoming a real detriment.

9. Emerson Radio Temperature Sensor

If you’re looking for an RV pet camera with temperature monitoring capabilities, Emerson’s WiFi Pet Camera With Temperature Sensor is an ideal fit. This device represents a unique option on our list because it offers visual monitoring rather than only email or text notifications.

It’s an aspect made possible by this product being a camera with night vision and two-way audio. As a result, it’ll provide a clear picture of what’s happening inside your RV. It even has a built-in microphone and speaker, which allows a user to talk with their pet when using the app.

You’ll also enjoy the camera’s excellent 1080P resolution that’ll provide a detailed and obstruction-free picture. It should ensure users have no issues seeing what’s occurring inside their rig while doing errands around town.

This product’s temperature monitoring capabilities are quite impressive, as well. It offers this benefit thanks to its temperature sensor, which records real-time room conditions. You can then view these findings through an app on your chosen device.

Buyers won’t have difficulty setting this pet camera up inside their rigs, either. It’s known for having a simple installation, which will be demonstrated on the accompanying app. This aspect was praised regularly within reviews of the product.

The device offers motion detection notifications, as well. It’ll alert a user to any strange events occurring inside their rig. It’s another way this camera can make sure your pet and belongings stay completely safe.

But there were a few complaints about the product’s shipping. In these instances, the camera arrived with some essential parts missing or later than anticipated. However, most of these problems were dealt with by customer service promptly.

  • Pet camera with temperature monitoring capabilities
  • Night vision and two-way audio
  • Built-in microphone and speaker
  • 1080P video resolution
  • Motion detection notifications
  • There might be shipping issues.
Shipping issues are always a potential issue when shopping online. But they shouldn’t be something that makes buyers disregard a convenient product unless it’s a trend. These instances seem like isolated cases, which means you can pick this camera without worrying.

10. RV Whisper Temperature System

Buyers looking for the most advanced model available should consider RV Whisper’s Temperature and Shore Power Alerting System. It’s a 4-sensor monitoring station explicitly designed for usage inside rigs.

This 4-station monitoring system will keep rig owners apprised of their pet’s safety, shore power status, battery status, and RV temperature without any issue. It’ll ensure your pet and rig remains protected against several dangerous situations.

In fact, this system can even monitor your rig’s fridge and freezer temperatures when traveling from place to place. It’ll act like an RV thermometer for these devices and ensure your food or drinks don’t end up going bad.

You’ll also have added protection against your rig’s wet bay from getting too cold. This pet temperature monitoring system will send you alerts to notify when areas become susceptible to freeze damage. It’s just another way that this model will end up making your RV adventures more comfortable.

I was thrilled to see this system logs sensor data every five minutes, as well. It’ll make sure you never end up in a situation where you’re unaware of what’s occurring. Plus, there are no limits on how much you can check this data over the internet.

Users can create custom alerts based on their preferences, too, which is another nice touch. These notifications can end up being sent to multiple cell phones whenever they’re triggered. I don’t see a situation where this type of feature wouldn’t be helpful.

But there’s one rather large downside to this model. It happens to be the most expensive option on our entire list, which isn’t too shocking considering its extensive feature list.

  • 4-station system built specifically for RV usage
  • Monitors fridge and freeze temperatures
  • Protects your rig against free damage
  • Logs sensor data every 5 minutes
  • Custom alerts based on your preferences
  • The most expensive option on our list
If money isn’t an issue, I don’t see how anyone could choose any other model than this monitor. It offers several features our other models don’t without sacrificing overall performance. What more could an RVer want in one of these devices?

11. Inkbird Temperature Monitor

Inkbird’s Smart Sensor Wireless Temperature Monitor is an excellent option for Android or iOS users with its exceptional construction and performance ability. Its temperature and humidity monitoring capabilities are almost second to none within this marketplace.

For instance, this device has a monitoring range of 100 feet to ensure sufficient coverage for even the most giant rigs. It won’t even have trouble keeping track of conditions in those monstrous Class A motorhomes.

I was also impressed with this device’s temperature range. It can log any condition from -104F to 140 F without any difficulty. Therefore, it should have no issues functioning in whatever situation presents itself.

The product’s data storage was another appealing trait, as it can hold readings up to 20 days. It’ll help users keep an accurate history of the temperature and humidity readings inside their rigs. If there’s something wrong, this data could prove very useful in determining the issue.

Buyers should love that this model can support multiple devices, as well. It’s an excellent feature because you can send alerts to more than one smartphone. After all, your primary one could be dead when one of these dangerous situations occurs.

However, none of these mentioned features happen to be my favorite offered by this device. I would instead give this title to its low-price tag. Bargain hunters should be chomping at the bit to purchase this effective but affordable temperature monitor.

Its lack of warranty was a bit concerning, though. I’m always going to prefer products like a pet temperature monitor to come with one. It’s the only way to ensure buyers don’t get stuck with a malfunctioning device.

  • Compatible with both Android and iOS devices
  • Excellent temperature and monitoring ranges
  • 20-day data storage
  • Can support multiple devices
  • The least expensive choice on our list
  • Doesn’t come with a warranty
The lack of warranty can be disappointing, but it remains a suitable option for rig owners with its affordability and performance. It’s also worth mentioning that its customer reviews are full of people who are more than happy with its durability.

12. Marcell PRO Monitoring System

Our final product happens to be the impressive Marcell’s PRO Cellular RV Monitoring System. Its position on this list shouldn’t affect your perception of its quality as this product has no trouble competing or outpaces our other options.

An excellent example would be its space-saving construction. This aspect makes it a comfortable fit within even the smallest rigs or other cramped locations. In fact, several customers were shocked by its design’s adaptability.

The system’s performance quality isn’t’ anything to overlook, either. It can record and monitor your rig’s power, temperature, and humidity without using an on-site internet connection. It’s capable of providing this benefit because it has a built-in 4G AT&T cellular network.

You can also rest easy knowing it has a backup battery to ensure functionality during power outages. As a result, it won’t have any issues sending push notifications to your phone or email when any power-related problem occurs.

This device’s installation and setup processes are relatively easy, as well. I didn’t even have trouble with them, which is a miracle given my lack of electronics skills. It didn’t hurt that the included manual was easy to follow.

I found the product’s durable construction to be another attractive quality. It’ll ensure this monitor is more than capable of providing excellent performance for many years. You should expect this device to be in your life for a long time.

Some customers did complain about the online website being a little slow on certain occasions, though. It could make getting your data rather inconvenient from time to time. But it’s worth noting that these issues were relatively infrequent.

  • Space-saving design
  • Built-in 4G AT&T cellular network
  • Equipped with a backup battery
  • Easy to use and setup
  • Durable construction
  • The website can be slow at times.
In the end, these issues surrounding this monitor’s online website should be taken with a grain of salt. It could have been several things causing these slow server issues. Plus, it was only mentioned in a few reviews, which means it’s not a regular occurrence. It shouldn’t be something that stops a buyer from purchasing this excellent device.

What to Look for When Buying an RV Pet Temperature Monitor


Certain factors will play a massive role in what’s the best pet temperature monitor for RV fits your needs. I’ll discuss several of them below to offer a better understanding of what’s important during this process. It should ensure you’re capable of making a smart final decision.


RVing involves getting exposed to a wide range of weather conditions and vibrations. It’s essential to ensure your temperature monitor can handle these situations. In other words, your chosen one needs to offer a certain level of durability.

Buyers will not want to purchase a model that breaks down after a few months. You’ll then be left without a way to monitor your pet’s life when away from your rig. It’s not an ideal situation for any pet owner.

As a result, I’d recommend looking for models made with high-quality designs. You can determine this aspect by looking into their construction materials. Other people’s reviews of each product will have in this regard, as well.


RVs offer rig owners a limited amount of space for them to maneuver. This issue makes size an important consideration with anything type of item being put on board. Therefore, buyers should spend some time thinking about what spot you intend to play your monitor and its accessories.

This process will offer the added benefit of limiting your available choices, as well. You’ll only be picking from models capable of fitting into your rig. I’d also recommend that you not choose a model before making sure your rig can accommodate its size.

Otherwise, you’ll end up having to leave behind other useful items. It’s not a situation that rig owners want to find themselves experiencing during an RVing adventure.


Rig owners often overlook the installation process when choosing these devices. It mainly comes from them thinking a professional will be needed for the task. But some of these devices don’t require them and have an easy installation process.

I’d recommend looking into each model’s installation and seeing whether it’s something you’re comfortable doing. You can determine this aspect by reading each product’s description or manual before making a final decision.

Other customers’ reviews can help determine this factor, as well. These discussions should provide some insight into how other people felt about the setup process. After all, there’s nothing that gets a buyer angrier than an overly complicated device.

Battery Lifespan

In most cases, these devices will mainly draw power from USB ports and wall outlets. But it’s important to note that they also come with built-in batteries. Their inclusion happens to be a precaution for dealing with potential power outages.

I’d suggest staying advised of each built-in battery’s lifespan when choosing your perfect model. You’ll also need to understand their longevity will be affected by numerous factors, such as temperature and humidity.

As a result, look for options made with protections and resistance against these issues. It’ll make sure these built-in batteries will function effectively when a power outage does occur.


Pet temperature monitors shouldn’t be a device that costs rig owners a large amount of money. But their prices do vary quite a bit from product to product. This variation makes constructing a budget an essential part of this buying process.

You should build this budget based on your desired features. For instance, buyers who want a cellular network model will need to account for subscription fees in their budgets. It’s the only way these resources can stay realistic.

Buyers can then utilize this resource as a way to lessen the number of choices. You’ll end up only picking from models capable of fitting your exact needs. It takes a lot of the stress and frustration from this entire process.

App Quality

App quality will play a significant role in a buyer’s satisfaction with an RV pet temperature monitor. In most cases, these apps will offer the same basic features. But what makes them different is how easy to use they’re.

Low-quality apps often end up frustrating a user and make them regret their purchase. This experience isn’t what we are in looking for in our perfect model. Therefore, take a quick look over the app’s reviews before making a final decision.

These discussions will offer unique insight into its quality. If there’s an issue with lag or delays, these reviews should alert potential buyers about them. It’s also essential to ensure the app’s compatible with your phone.

Most RV temperature monitors will support Android and iPhone devices, but some are exclusive to one of them. This issue is another one where app reviews will be helpful and detailed any potential concerns.

Notification Options

It’s essential to make sure your pet temperature monitor’s app allows for notifications and alarms. Honestly, it’s not enough to view these temperature readings whenever needed. Your chosen model should offer regular updates about the conditions inside your rig.

In other words, the monitor’s app should let users set warnings for when it gets too cold or hot for your favorite pet. This app should also let you create custom notifications that go off whenever the device has connectivity issues or running low on battery life.

Other Important Factors to Consider


Our buying guide does excellent covering what features are essential within an RV pet safety temperature monitor. But rig owners will still need some more background knowledge about these devices before selecting a perfect one.

This section will provide by going over several crucial topics. As a result, I’m confident everyone reading this article will become an RV temperature monitor expert!

What is a pet temperature monitor for RV?

Pet temperature monitors are a piece of technology that can improve your pet’s life by a significant amount. How does it offer this benefit to rig owners? It allows them to monitor the temperature, humidity, and power outages when away from your rig.

In other words, it ensures a rig owner can adjust to an unexpected situation happening within their rig. This function is a crucial piece of making sure nothing happens to your favorite dog or cat when you’re out doing chores.

These qualities alone make it a no-brainer purchase for rig owners with animals. Honestly, it becomes rather dangerous to travel without them when owning a pet. It’s just a safe and straightforward way to ensure your pet remains safe at all times.

How does it work?

The working process of these products isn’t challenging to understand. Pet temperature monitors for RVs are small devices that rig owners can hang in their campers, trailers, or motorhomes. You can then expect them to record and monitor temperature changes inside the rig.

Most of these devices will also come with a mobile app, allowing owners to track how the conditions within their RVs. It’ll send notifications through this app when the temperature becomes too hot or cold.

Therefore, rig owners with an internet-ready temperature monitor can check on their pets whenever they’re outside their RVs. It ensures you can always make sure they’re comfortable and safe from any dangerous situation.

What are the different types of RV pet temperature monitors?

As you might imagine, temperature monitors come in a couple of different types. But the primary two worth concerning yourself with are those operating using a cellular network or Wi-Fi. I’ll discuss both types below to ensure you know what one best fits your needs.

  • WiFi RV Pet Temperature Monitors

WiFi RV Pet temperature monitors will work by connecting to the internet through WiFi. It will then send you alerts and relay information about your rig’s temperature conditions. Due to this, these devices will require a reliable internet connection to work effectively.

Most guest networks at campgrounds tend to be unreliable and require every few hours manually, which is a huge hassle. I’d recommend anyone who buys one of these types to purchase a mobile hotspot to deal with this issue.

I should also note that these devices’ operation costs tend to be cheaper than cellular network options. This benefit comes from not having to pay subscription fees for cellular data. Of course, a mobile hotspot will obtain extra charges, but it’ll end up being less than the other options.

Buyers will benefit from their laptops and smartphones’ capabilities of connecting to the mobile hotspot. You can then use its internet connection for business or entertainment purposes. It makes for a rather convenient item to have onboard your rig.

  • Cellular RV Pet Temperature Monitors

Rig owners can expect cellular RV pet temperature monitors to work a bit differently from our previous type. These devices will have their built-in cellular network connection that’s more reliable than WiFi when you’re traveling.

But these devices will be more costly to run because of their subscription fees, which are required for maintaining mobile service. You’ll have to decide whether its more impressive reliability is worth the increased price.

How do I protect my pets in my RV?

RV owners who bring their pets to their RVing adventures can observe several tips to protect their beloved furry friends.

  1. Place pets in sturdy carriers and secure the mobile pet homes in the car to prevent them from rolling, slipping, or falling.
  2. Trim the pet’s nails to prevent injury due to snagging on the carpet and similar items.
  3. Choose a collar that does not have components that can get entangled or snag onto something.
  4. Use an RV temp monitor for pets to keep abreast of the RV’s indoor temperature and prevent pet overheating. Never leave the pet in the vehicle with the engine running and the air conditioning off.
  5. Consider using a pet ID and locator or GPS tags and attaching them to the pet’s collar. These products can help recover the pet if it’s lost at the campgrounds.
  6. Give pets calming supplements to minimize stress when traveling.
  7. Install an RV pet monitor with camera with live-streaming and two-way audio and video capabilities to see the pet’s condition in the motorhome and interact with it.

How can I monitor my dog in my RV?

An RV pet monitor with video and audio capabilities is perfect for RV owners who want two-way communication with their furry friends. These products allow the pet and its owner to see and “talk” with each other.

Choose a pet monitor with live-streaming capabilities to visually interact and monitor the pets in real-time. RV owners can pick a product that connects to WiFi, cellular network, Bluetooth, or a combination thereof for maximum functionality.

RV owners must realize that some locations might not have adequate cellular network coverage or WiFi signals. In some cases, satellites might be out of position and do not produce stable transmission.

Does Waggle require WiFi?

No, the Waggle pet monitor does not require WiFi to work. This brand only needs Verizon 4G coverage to provide pet owners with real-time temperature, heat index, and humidity monitoring. Waggle is a cellular RV temperature monitor that empowers families to keep track of their pets’ environment.

Why should I monitor my dog in my RV?

Pet owners must monitor their dogs in their RVs to prevent heatstroke, hypothermia, and other temperature and humidity-related pet problems.

Although the outdoor temperature can be warm, the motorhome’s interior can have an even higher temperature. Similarly, when it is lightly snowing outside, the motorhome cabin can already be freezing.

Installing a pet monitor, such as the Nimble pet monitor, can help pet owners feel more confident about their dog’s safety in the RV. These devices track indoor temperature, heat index, and humidity levels and alert the owner when environmental parameters exceed their preset conditions.

Why do you need a pet temperature monitor for RV? (Benefits)

Rig owners will benefit from numerous advantages from having a pet temperature monitor onboard their rig. I’ll discuss a few below to convey why getting one for your RV might be an excellent idea.

  • Ensures Your Pet’s Safety

Their most apparent benefit is the ability to keep your pets safe. After all, a pet’s safety should always be your number one priority when on the road. You’d be surprised by how things can go wrong inside a rig concerning temperature when the owner’s away from it.

A pet temperature monitor offers an effective way to keep track of these potential issues. For instance, a drastic temperature shit could result from an AC or heater failing. These devices would send a notification and allow a rig owner to deal with the issue.

  • Provides an Alert for Any Temperature Changes

Users can expect these devices to alert them of any degree changes inside their campers, regardless of location. It doesn’t matter whether it’s using a cellular network or WiFi; users will have no issues monitoring these conditions on their smartphones or tablets.

  • Keeps Your RV Protected

If your rig does reach extremely low or high temperatures, components will start to fail. An excellent example would be water freezing, which could cause pipes to burst. But these devices ensure this doesn’t happen by making sure you always know your camper’s interior temperature.

Overall, it ends up being an effective way to avoid spending money on expensive repairs. It’s a benefit that anyone reading this article can appreciate.

  • Multi-Purpose

Pet temperature monitors don’t only serve a purpose inside RVs or campers. You can also use them in your home, office, or other vehicles. It’s just a simple matter of obtaining a WiFi hotspot or data plan to monitor the location’s temperature.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Our FAQ section will attempt to cover any questions or concerns left unresolved by these previous discussions. In a sense, these discussions will tie any loose ends that could throw a wrench into this buying process’s smoothness.

What are good RV pet temperature monitor brands?

Finding a trusted RV pet temperature monitor brand is an essential part of this process. After all, no one wants to buy their chosen model from a manufacturer with a shoddy reputation. You’ll instead want one with a proven ability to offer quality products and customer service.

Of course, finding these brands tends to be difficult in a crowded marketplace like this one. But I’ve provided a head start by showing you several in our product review section. Each manufacturer mentioned has built an excellent rig relationship with the RVing community.

If you stick with these brands, this buying process will likely end with a smile on your face. It’s hard to find a single rig owner with a bad thing to say about any of them.

How to use it?

Each model will have a slightly different using process than their various counterparts. As a result, it’s hard to talk about their respective methods in general terms. But the best options should offer a simple and straightforward way of utilizing them. It’ll end up being a simple matter of following the directions laid out in their included manuals.

How to care?

Caring and maintaining an RV remote temperature monitor won’t require much effort. Most of these devices only need simple care, but it’s essential to read the manual’s maintenance instructions.

You never know whether your particular option will have unique care requirements. But most users can expect them only to need cleaning once in a while. It wouldn’t hurt to swap the batteries from time to time, either.


After reading our article, choosing the best pet temperature monitor for RV shouldn’t be too tricky. It’s a simple exercise of using what you’ve learned and selecting an option best suited for your needs.

But sometimes, a question or two will come up during this process. Our comment section is available to anyone who wants to leave a reply about an issue or concern. I’ll make sure to answer each one as soon as possible. Thanks for reading!

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