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The Best Portable Dog Fences for RV

Written by Stephen Ryan / Fact checked by William Turner

Finding the best portable dog fence for RV owners doesn’t have to be complicated. It might seem like it’s an impossible task because of the overwhelming number of options. But there’s a specific process that can help narrow down your choice.

I’ll guide you through this process by going over several relevant topics about these fences, including types, buying factors, how to use them, and much more. This information should ensure you have no issues picking out a perfect RV fence for dog containment purposes.

best portable dog fence for rv

You’ll even be offered detailed looks into my favorite ten available options. Each of these discussions should provide some unique insight into what makes a top-tier fence. It’ll make picking one out yourself relatively easy.

It’s time to dive into the task at hand and locate a perfect dog fence for your favorite puppies. Let’s find a safe containment area capable of ensuring they don’t cause any mischief on the campground.

Top 1

Nova Panels Dog Fence


Material Iron
Style Modern
Closure Type Latch

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Material Metal
Style Compact
Closure Type Latch

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Top 3

ZENY Exercise Dog Pen


Material Metal
Style Modern
Closure Type Foldable

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Table of Contents

11 Most Trusted Portable Dog Fence for RV Reviews 2023

This section will contain 11 product reviews of high-quality options. You can use these discussions to grasp what features make up a suitable option for your needs. It’ll also help you understand the more complex topics talked about later in our article.

1. Nova Microdermabrasion RV Kennel Fence

One of the most comfortable options to set up and assemble is Nova’s Microdermabrasion RV Kennel Fence. The process doesn’t even require using tools and can be completed in a few minutes. It’s just a simple matter of following the detailed but easy-to-follow instructions.

However, its easy setup isn’t the only beneficial thing about this fantastic option. I was also thrilled to see this model was capable of being folded for easy transport and storage. Both these qualities would make having it onboard rigs much less of a hassle than with other models.

The product’s durable construction was another appealing trait offered by this fence. It’s made from sturdy metal and contains a coated black vein finish for rust-resistance. As a result, buyers should expect this fence to flourish in outdoor environments for many years.

You can also point to its versatility 16-panel design as a huge reason for its popularity among rig owners. This design ensures a user can shape the fence into multiple configurations to meet your location’s needs.

The product doesn’t slack when it comes to safety, either. Its design features rounded edges or rubber feet to make sure any sharp edges don’t poke your dog. You can also rest easy knowing that it comes with metal stakes, which will have no problem offering top-tier stability.

It’s not only for dogs as it can work with any animal ranging from ducks to pigs. The product’s customer reviews were filled with all types of pet owners singing its praise. I tend to feel more comfortable with products capable of working in multiple situations like this one.

But a few customers did mention shipping issues within these same reviews. In these cases, the fence came without a few pivotal pieces or arrived later than expected. Luckily, Nova Microdermabrasion’s excellent service team seemed to fix these issues quickly.

  • Easy to set up with easy-to-follow instructions
  • Durable metal construction with a coated black vein finish for rust-resistance
  • Versatile 16-panel design
  • Equipped with rounded edges and metal stakes for peak safety
  • Can work with numerous pets (dogs, pigs, ducks, etc.)
  • Some customers reported shipping issues.
Shipping issues shouldn’t be a concern, which stops a customer from considering a top-tier model like this one. After all, these problems were only mentioned in a few reviews.

2. YAHEETECH RV Dog Exercise Fence

The YAHEETECH RV Dog Exercise Fence tends to be a favorite among rig owners for several reasons. For instance, its high-quality iron material design ensures durability most other RV dog fences can’t match.

You can rely on this stellar construction to ensure a stable and long-term fence area for your dog. It even offers toughness making sure the product remains hard for smaller dogs to damage successfully.

But don’t think this iron material makes the fence hard to transport. This product has a foldable design for peak levels of storage and movability. Rig owners shouldn’t have any issues finding a place for it onboard their RVs.

I was also thrilled to see this model came with a door and lock for easy access or closing. It can help enforce the fence’s security to ensure your dog doesn’t find a way out. Multiple buyers made sure to mention this feature as a positive in their reviews.

Buyers should find themselves thrilled to see the number of buying possibilities with this product, as well. You’ll have three sizes and four amounts of panels to choose from as a consumer. It makes finding an option capable of fitting your needs a lot easier than other available models.

The product’s ability to work indoors and outdoors doesn’t hurt its appeal, either. It could end up being useful in a variety of situations within your life. After all, you could use inside your regular home to keep a dog contained without any trouble.

But this model was another one with a few customers complaining about shipping issues. It’s not a great look for a company that seems to be top-tier everywhere else. It’s worth mentioning that most of these same concerns were followed by significant praise for YAHEETECH’s customer service team.

  • Built with durable iron material for unrivaled durability
  • Foldable design for peak levels of storage and convenient transport
  • Equipped with door and lock for easy access and better security
  • Three size options and four panel amounts to meet all of your needs
  • Versatile enough to work indoors or outdoors
  • Shipping issues might occur.
Overall, this fence’s potential shipping issues shouldn’t be viewed as a deal-breaker. Its top-tier quality is too significant to let a small problem like this bump it off your consideration list.

3. ZENY Exercise Dog Pen

If you’re looking for one of the more durable options, ZENY’s Exercise Dog Pen would be an excellent choice. This fence is made from heavy-duty rust-resistant metals to ensure dogs will have a tough time damaging it.

This construction should keep the fence from needing to be replaced for many years. You can also attribute its durability to its solid latches and stakes. Both of these features provide a sturdy structure capable of offering a safe but contained place for your pup to roam.

I was impressed with this model’s excellent storability, as well, which comes from its being collapsible. Therefore, users won’t have any issues getting this product back into storage when your dog doesn’t need it anymore.

The fence’s 66.52 sq area will ensure a dog has plenty of room to roam and do their business. It’ll also make sure its placement within the campground isn’t a nuisance for everyone else. Honestly, I can’t see how this model won’t be an effective temporary dog fence for your favorite pet.

It doesn’t hurt that this model’s considered easy to set up, either. This fence happens to be another capable of being assembled without using any tools. I can’t tell you how much joy came across me when reading this feature, as I tend to struggle with complicated installation processes.

Some buyers found this fence useful for other animals, as well. There were customers within this roll up portable dog fence’s review who expressed delight over how well it did with other non-climbing animals: ducks, turtles, guinea pigs, and similar animals.

I was a bit disappointed to see this model didn’t come with a warranty. I’m always going to prefer having one of these policies with a product, such as a portable dog fence.

  • Built with heavy-duty rust-resistant metals to enhance durability and safety
  • Collapsible design for excellent storability
  • 52 sq feet of running space – large enough for any activities of your pup
  • No tools required for its easy setup process
  • Effective with any non-climbing animals
  • Doesn’t come with a warranty
If this model didn’t have an excellent reputation among rig owners, I would have a lot more concern about it lacking a warranty. But its customer reviews only had nice things to say about how well it held up for long-term usage.

4. PetSafe Stay & Play Wireless Fence

People who dislike bringing a portable dog fence for camping for large dogs should consider the PetSafe Stay & Play Wireless Fence. This product offers a convenient and safe way to keep pets within predefined boundaries, making it an exceptional device for dog-loving RVers and campers.

I love this wireless system’s ¾-are coverage, which is more substantial than any portable dog fence for RV camping. Pets will stay within 22 to 105 feet of the receiver, creating an invisible protective dome without obscuring people’s view of their environment.

Although its design is straightforward, I still find the dog collar receiver noteworthy. It is waterproof, allowing Fido to head into the water without removing the accessory.

Moreover, the levels of correction the device delivers are exceptional. The dog hears an audible beep signaling that it is nearing the ‘forbidden’ zone. Moving further into the restricted area sends a static shock to the pet.

My favorite is this system’s correction-free reentry. The dog does not get ‘shocked’ if it strays into the forbidden zone and decides to return to the safe area. I will feel more comfortable knowing my dog does not continuously get ‘corrected’ whenever it strays into a restricted space.

I also like this invisible dog fence’s versatility. Like a folding dog fence, I can set this system in my backyard, at the campgrounds, and anywhere my dog and I decide to go.

I only wish the battery lasted longer than two months.

  • Has an expansive ¾-acre coverage
  • Offers five correction levels with an audible warning
  • Ingenious static-free reentry for dog safety
  • A waterproof receiver on the dog collar
  • Versatile pet fence for setting in any place while traveling
  • Shorter battery life than expected
Still, I recommend this invisible dog fencing for camping to anyone who loves pets and the great outdoors. It offers a safe space for pets while allowing them to see the beautiful things around them. Of course, pet owners and their families will be more comfortable, too.

5. TOOCA RV Outdoor Dog Fence

If you’re looking for an RV outside dog fence, TOOCA’s RV Outdoor Dog Fence would be an excellent option. It offers several features that ensure this model will have a problem being a safe containment system for your dog’s outdoor activities.

One of these features would be its automatic door lock device, which will ensure your dog can’t escape by pushing on it. This aspect was a massive hit among the product’s reviews as many customers seemed more than thrilled with its ability to keep their dog contained.

I was also impressed with this fence’s construction, featuring iron tubing and a thickened edge tube. Both these features will work together to ensure the fence’s stability against any collapsing issues. It’s another where this option will have no problems making sure your dog doesn’t find a way out.

This RV dog fence’s versatility isn’t anything to overlook, either. It’s useful either inside or outside. Of course, rig owners might have an issue using it inside, but they could find it helpful in their regular home.

It functions well inside a home because the product has a rubber gasket. This feature ensures the fence doesn’t slip and prevents scratches from forming on your floors. It’s a nice touch to confirm your rig’s or home’s interior doesn’t become damaged from its usage.

The product’s assembly process was another standout highlight. You can easily install it with the included poles, which can be set up in different shapes to adapt to what area you’re using.

But I was a bit disappointed to learn this model doesn’t fold up for easy storage. It could represent an issue for rig owners with limited space on their RVs. It seems like a rather oversight by an excellent company like TOOCA.

  • Equipped with an automatic lock device
  • Features iron tubing and a thickened edge tube for a stable construction
  • Comes with a rubber gasket to prevent slipping and scratching the floors
  • Easy assembly process with the included poles
  • Adaptable, can be set up in different shapes.
  • Doesn’t fold up for easy storage
The product’s storage isn’t a massive deal unless your rig’s on the smaller side. Campervans or Class B RV owners might want to look elsewhere. Otherwise, there’s nothing about this fence that doesn’t scream high-quality.

6. BestPet RV Portable Dog Fence

Buyers looking to purchase a lightweight portable dog fence should consider BestPet’s RV Portable Dog Fence. It has earned a reputation for being among the easiest options to transport on today’s market.

As a result, it becomes an ideal fit for people who are always on the move, like RVers. Its lightweight construction doesn’t hurt when it comes to storing the fence, either. It shouldn’t cause any issues moving this product back and forth from your rig’s storage area.

This model happens to be another option with a collapsible design, as well. It should fit snugly into a tight area to ensure it isn’t a burden onboard your rig. It’s an aspect, which received considerable praise among buyers in the customer reviews.

You can relax knowing this model comes with simple assembly instructions, which was another favorite among other buyers. These directions have been known to make sure you can set this fence up in only a few minutes.

The amount of buying possibilities was another outstanding feature. BestPet made sure this option could be a suitable choice for whatever rig owner came along its ad page. It comes with six different size options to ensure buyers can choose the perfect one for their needs.

As for its performance quality, this product has no problems keeping up with the other top options. It’s a heavy-duty wire playpen capable of changing into multiple configurations. In other words, it shouldn’t be any issue being a suitable pet pen in whatever location presents itself.

But all these attractive features come with one massive downside, which is an increased price tag. This model happens to be one of the most expensive options on our entire list. You’ll have to spend a small fortune to obtain its many benefits.

  • Lightweight, collapsible design makes it effortless to move.
  • Setup can be done quickly with easy-to-follow assembly directions.
  • Available in six sizes to suit various needs
  • Features heavy-duty wire material to provide excellent longevity
  • Offers multiple design configurations for peak adaptability
  • Higher price tag than most other models
The higher price can be a tough pill to swallow, but it’s hard to argue with its results. You aren’t going to find many other fences with a more convenient or durable design than this one. It’s more than worth its price tag.

7. Giantex Portable Dog Play Pen

Giantex’s Portable RV Dog Play Pen is an excellent option for owners with large dogs who need a bit more room. This fence comes in two different sizes, 40-in and 48-inch, which would suit larger breeds much better than some of our previous options.

The product’s size isn’t the only reason for its effectiveness with bigger dogs, either. For instance, it comes with a heavy-duty construction capable of containing even highly active large breeds. This design also has rust-proof and weather-resistant qualities to ensure long-term usage.

As a result, it represents a perfect fit to use within a campground location. You could have a nice cookout and never have to worry about fido running loose. Plus, it has rounded edges to ensure they don’t get hurt even if they try very hard to escape their containment area.

The fence’s convenient door with double locks is another crucial attribute responsible for its placement on our list. It’ll ensure entering and exiting is simple for an owner but challenging for their dog. You won’t have to worry about your puppy finding a way to push through because it’s not possible for them.

Aside from these features, it has several others anyone would expect the top-pick portable dog fence for RV usage would contain. Some of these pivotal aspects include an easy setup process, adjustable design, foldability, and round edges for safety purposes.

Each of these attributes should make your life as a pet owner within an RV much more comfortable. It also doesn’t hurt that this product does come with a 30-day return policy. Therefore, you can always return the model if it doesn’t meet your expectations.

But this fence is the most expensive on our list. Buyers will have to decide whether its superior quality and an excellent list of features is worth the increased price tag.

  • Two size options (40-in and 48-in), suitable for large breeds and campgrounds
  • Reliable construction with rust-proof and weather-resistant qualities
  • Safe and secure door with double locks for top-tier security
  • 30-day return policy
  • Adaptable design with round edges for safety
  • Most expensive option on our list
If money isn’t an issue, I don’t see how anyone could pass up buying this fence. It has every feature a person could want in an easily storable design. There’s not much else that could ensure it’s a more natural fit for any rig owner.

8. MidWest Homes Portable Exercise Pen

Owners with smarter dogs will need a fence capable of beating their curious natures. MidWest Homes’ Portable Exercise Pen would be an outstanding option for anyone that has run out of RV dog fence ideas to keep your dog safe.

This fence is such a formidable opponent for smart dogs due to features like its secure double latch door. It’s a pivotal piece in ensuring your hound doesn’t end up pushing through and exiting the setup enclosure.

I was also impressed with this product’s black E coat finish. This aspect will provide a high level of durability that can ensure long-term usage without any issues. Honestly, I’d be shocked if this fence needed a replacement any time soon.

The four different color options was another appealing trait offered by this model. I found myself drawn to the gold zinc coloring, which gives the fence a bit of flair. As a result, it won’t end up being an ugly eyesore in front of your rig.

Buyers will find themselves loving this model’s 1-year warranty, as well. This policy will ensure rig owners won’t be left with an unfit product after purchase. MidWest Homes seem to honor this warranty, too, which isn’t always the case for other brands.

However, none of these features represents my favorite thing about this fence. Instead, I would give this honor to its affordable price tag, which is easily the least expensive on our list. Bargain buyers should be jumping at the chance to purchase this steal of a deal.

Some owners did mention it isn’t the best option for indoor usage. It seems the fence doesn’t have guards against being pushed around on concrete surfaces. As a result, it can cause damage to your floors.

  • Secure double latch door fools even the smartest dogs.
  • Features a black E coat finish for extra protection and a high level of durability.
  • Five different color options to enhance its user-friendliness
  • Backed up by a 1-year warranty
  • Comes at a low price, among the least expensive on the list
  • Not an effective indoor dog fence
This model not being an excellent indoor dog fence isn’t too much of an issue for rig owners. In most cases, RVers are looking to use these products outside their motorhomes when having a cookout or similar event. It ends up being an affordable, useful option in those events.

9. BestPet Camping Pet PlayPen

The BestPet Camping Pet PlayPen is an outstanding choice to ensure you have an area that can provide portable dog runs for camping usage. It’s an effective way to keep your dog entertained and safe when hanging around the campground.

You can use this model indoors, too, considering it has safeguards against causing damage to hardwood floors. As a result, it becomes one of the more versatile options on our list with its multi-purpose capabilities.

This product’s known for its lightweight design, as well. It makes moving it from indoors to outdoors a non-challenging task. On the other hand, some other models don’t take this particular issue into account and make it quite tricky.

It doesn’t hurt that this dog playpen has a foldable design, which makes storing and transporting a breeze. This aspect was one that many buyers made an effort to praise significantly within their reviews.

Pet owners will have a choice when it comes to this fence’s color scheme. You’ll pick from a solid black or hammigrid coloring, which both bring a certain amount of style to design. It’s always a nice touch when a brand gives a choice regarding a product’s color.

You’ll also have a choice about how many panel pieces, which is another useful addition. Buyers will need to decide whether they needed eight 24-inch or 16 24-inch panels. In any case, it makes finding a perfect variation much easier.

But the fence’s known for having some rusting issues after a few months of usage. These problems were mentioned in a few of its customer reviews. It’s something to think about before making a final decision on this product.

  • Built-in safeguards to prevent hardwood floor damage, suitable for indoor uses
  • Lightweight construction for easy storage and breezy transportation
  • Has a compact design to fit into tight areas
  • Two stylish color choices (solid black or hammigrid)
  • Two panel amounts (eight 24-inch panels or 16 24-inch panels)
  • There might be rusting issues.
The rusting issues are a little concerning, but it seems more like an isolated problem than a common trend. In any case, it’s just something to keep an eye on rather than a massive deal-breaker. If this fence meets your needs, it shouldn’t keep you from considering this product.

10. BMS RV Indoor/Outdoor Dog Fence

One of the best fences for medium-sized or small dogs happens to be BMS’s RV Indoor/Outdoor Dog Fence. This eight 40-inch panel option will provide more than enough room for your little dog to get some decent exercise when inside the fence.

Its smaller size doesn’t mean it lacks adjustability, either. This issue tends to be a problem with fences of smaller sizes. But luckily, this particular model offers several shape configurations to fit a multitude of different circumstances.

The process of changing this fence into each configuration also isn’t complicated. It won’t require any tools or following some detailed instructions. Honesty, I didn’t even have any problems changing its shape, which means any person reading this article should be fine.

I was pleased with this product’s built-in door, as well. It made entering and closing the enclosure much easier than with most portable dog fences available. But it didn’t sacrifice your dog’s security and was more than sturdy to keep my pup from escaping, which isn’t a small feat.

The anchoring stakes was another safety feature that caught my attention. In this case, these stakes were built with stability in mind and had no problem keeping everything secure. It was even able to withstand harsh weather conditions and remain upright.

It would make sense that these outstanding features would come with an outrageous price tag. But it’s not the case with this fence from BMS. Thanks to its affordable cost and quality features, it’s one of the best bargains on our entire list.

But it’s worth noting this brand doesn’t appear to offer a warranty policy. I couldn’t find any reference to one in my product research, which was a bummer.

  • Perfect for smaller breeds with its eight 40-inch panels
  • Changing the fence’s configurations doesn’t require tools.
  • Reliable, but easy-to-access built-in door
  • Features weather-resistant metal anchoring stakes to promote stability
  • Affordable price, perfect for bargain buyers
  • Doesn’t come with a warranty
This product’s well-built design and affordable price doesn’t make me too concerned about its lack of warranty. It also helps that the customer reviews were filled with people complimenting its construction.

11. YAHEETECH Portable Metal Fence

Our last option shouldn’t be judged based on its position on this list. In fact, YAHEETECH’s Portable Metal Fence has no trouble competing with these other models. It contains several features capable of knocking your socks off.

For instance, I was thrilled that this model was made especially for puppy usage. Dog owners are well aware the puppy stages tend to be the most curious of a dog’s life. It also means they tend to get into more trouble, which this fence accounts for in its design.

Its iron construction material would be a perfect example with its robust and sturdy quality. It shouldn’t have issues resisting any maneuver that a puppy might attempt. You shouldn’t have any concerns about this model holding up against a puppy’s wrath with this construction.

As with some of our previous options, this product’s safety features are impressive. It comes with rounded edges and top-tier metal stakes to offer peak levels of security. There isn’t a weather condition this fence could hold up against with relative ease.

I was thrilled to see people praised YAHEETECH’s customer service a lot within this product’s buyer reviews. This area isn’t one to often receive much fanfare, which makes it essential to mention. It seems this brand takes pride in ensuring everything goes swimmingly with their clients.

This belief is only further with the amount of buying options provided by YAHEETECH. After all, customers can choose from three different panel quantities and three sizes. I can’t imagine a pet owner won’t find a variation perfect for their dog’s needs.

I was a bit disappointed to see some customers had issues reading the manual’s instructions. This aspect seems like an oversight by a company, which usually has such a stellar reputation.

  • Made with puppy’s curiosity in mind
  • Robust iron construction can withstand any dog maneuver or weather conditions
  • Peak levels of security provided by its rounded edges and metal stakes
  • Excellent customer service capable of answering all questions
  • Three size options and panel quantities
  • Some customers complained about the instructions.
Honestly, these subpar instructions shouldn’t have any real effect on your satisfaction with the fence. The assembly process happens to be relatively straightforward and shouldn’t require looking at the manual. If you do have issues, their excellent customer service will provide outstanding guidance.

What to Look for When Buying an RV Portable Dog Fence

Certain features will have a massive impact on what portable dog fence ends up perfect for your situation. I’m going to discuss several of them below, which will help you choose a model capable of meeting their needs.


One of the fence’s most vital features would have to be its size. Every potential buyer needs to put some serious thought into what measurements would best suit their pet. It’s also essential to note most options will come with numerous panels, which offer a bit of adjustability.

After all, a user can arrange them into different configurations to ensure the best usage. It’s a quite convenient aspect for these fences to offer a pet owner. It would be wise if buyers pay close consideration to the model’s size, as well.

Fences with too short of a height could allow certain dogs to step right over it. This situation would defeat the entire purpose of getting one in the first place. As a result, please put some time into considering both the product’s height and your dog’s height before putting money down.


Most dog owners will have to consider the door or gate provided by their chosen fence. The only exception would be a person with a small dog capable of being lifted over it, such as a Chihuahua or pug. But everyone else needs to think about this aspect before making a final choice.

For instance, most of these fences will have an entrance that’s too narrow for an owner and dog to enter at the same time. It’ll become necessary to get them comfortable using the door or gate before going on your camping adventure.

If you don’t, using the portable dog fence could be an absolute hassle for everyone. It could also become a useless product that you’ve spent money on for no reason.

Construction Materials

Buyers will want to choose a portable fence made from high-quality materials. In other words, your chosen model should be able to stand the test of time. You want this product to remain in your life for years and years.

It makes researching each model’s durability a must for any potential buyer. An easy way to determine this aspect is by reading other customers’ reviews. If there’s a construction or durability issue, these resources will have numerous mentions about it.

Honestly, there are very few things more capable of making people mad than a sub-par product. You should utilize other customers’ bad experiences to ensure this process ends with a suitable, durable product. It’s one of the only ways to make sure you don’t become a person writing an angry review.


A portable fence’s design will play a massive role in its suitability, as well. One of the larger things to ask yourself would be, does your dog love digging or hates confinement? It’s important because there are some fences with floors that discourage digging.

Meanwhile, there are fences with open design structures to ensure they can see what’s happening around them. This type of model would help fight against them feeling too contained and increases their comfort. It’s thinking about these little details, which will make sure you’re making the right choice.


As you might expect, portable dog fences for RV are available at a wide range of prices. There’s a great deal of variation that makes having a well-constructed budget a necessity. You should make sure this budget is built around your desired features.

One example would be people looking for larger fences should expect them to cost a bit more than smaller ones. It’s a logical conclusion, but you’d be surprised by how many people don’t factor little details like size into their budgets.

After building this realistic budget, buyers can then use it to make the entire buying process much more manageable. It becomes a simple exercise of shopping according to these established parameters, which will narrow your choices down to a more manageable number.


Your RV pet fence should be easy to assemble and use. Otherwise, buyers might find themselves flinging this product across their campgrounds in frustration. An easy way to avoid these issues is by buying a pre-assembled option.

This feature will ensure the hassle of constructing a fence yourself isn’t needed. It’s an aspect that I value significantly due to my lack of interest in doing manual labor. I’d also suggest diving into the customer reviews to better understand each model’s using process.

You can rely on these discussions to offer some much-needed insight into its convenience. It’ll provide a detailed look into whether a particular portable pet fence for RV can become a valuable item to bring on your trip.

Other Important Factors to Consider

Our previous buying guide covers a great deal of information but doesn’t take an in-depth look at what these products can offer rig owners. This section will tackle several topics to provide a better grasp of why portable dog fences are a good purchase.

What is a dog fence for RV?

Dog fences for RV users are considered a containment system, which keeps your dog from escaping a specific area. The portable models are capable of being moved from place to place without issue.

As a result, their portability and easy assembly processes make them an ideal fit for RVers traveling with dogs. It’s a safe way to ensure your dog can hang out with you in the campground without getting into trouble.

How does it work?

It’s a bit difficult to discuss how these products work because it differs based on type. But most options will come pre-assembled, which makes setting them up relatively simple. It becomes a task of choosing a spot inside or outside your rig for your pet to roam.

You then place the portable fence around this play area to ensure they can’t escape. It’ll act as a barrier to keep your pet contained and safe from getting away or causing trouble. After you’re done using it, you’d wrap it back up or fold it to return into a storage area.

What are the different types of RV portable dog fences?

An RV portable pet fence can come in various types. But most of them can be separated into one of three specific kinds: indoor portable dog fence, outdoor portable dog fence, and portable puppy training fence. Let’s discuss each of them to ensure you know which one fits your situation the best.

  • Indoor Portable Dog Fence

Indoor fences will consist of materials that can’t deal with outdoor weather conditions, such as winds or rain. If these fences encounter these elements, specific issues will pop up, affecting their durability, such as rusting or tearing.

Instead, these fences are utilized to provide a dog with a sleeping area when left alone within your rig. It’ll offer a safe containment area to ensure you don’t come home and find your belongings shredded.

It’s worth noting that buyers can purchase hybrid options, as well. These models would be able to function well in both indoor and outdoor environments without issue. Of course, these options would end up costing a lot more than you might want to spend.

Buyers should understand that some indoor options can’t withstand a dog’s chewing or scratch, either. Therefore, it becomes a question of where you plan on containing them and how long they’re going to be in this area.

Once these questions are answered, you’ll grasp whether an indoor portable camping fence is the right choice for your situation.

  • Outside Portable Dog Fence

If you’re looking for an option capable of dealing with wear and tear, an outside portable dog fence should be more your speed. These models are made with more robust materials meant to deal with issues, such as rain or high winds.

A dog fence for RV camping will provide a play yard outside the rig where your dog can enjoy themselves or go to the bathroom without risking them running away. Buyers will have a choice about purchasing a non-electric or electric portable wireless dog fence for camping.

In either case, it’s essential to make sure they’re resistant to water damage and rust. People who end up choosing a physical should also determine whether your chosen model’s tall enough where the dog can’t jump over.

  • Portable Puppy Training Fence

Portable puppy training fences are built for the specific purpose of helping train puppies to stay in your yard. It’s a useful tool capable of making younger pups understand where it’s okay for them to relieve themselves.

Rig owners can also purchase options with open bottoms, which allows them to set up and let a puppy roam freely. It’ll end up providing them with a familiar space to explore, which lessens the chances of them getting overwhelming.

Why do you need a portable dog fence for camping? (Benefits)

If these products didn’t offer several benefits, a portable pet fence for RV owners wouldn’t be an excellent investment. I’ll discuss a selection of them below as a way for buyers to understand why these pet fences are such a good idea.

  • Portability

One of the most valuable benefits offered by these devices is their portability. In other words, owners can expect to move these products without much effort. It makes them much more convenient when traveling within an RV.

After all, it provides an ability always to have a fence capable of containing your dog. It doesn’t matter where your campground’s located; these portable RV pet enclosures will be ready and willing to ensure your dog has a confined, safe area for their exercise.

  • Durability

The top-pick portable pet fencing for camping will be made from strong, durable materials. As a result, it’ll encourage product longevity capable of lasting a few years. Some options will even offer resistance against destructive issues, such as rust.

You can expect this protection to come from a rust-resistant finish, usually equipped with these particular models. It makes them a long-term investment that shouldn’t have any issue meeting all your expectations.

  • Affordability

Portable dog fences tend to be much less expensive than permanent ones. Of course, a permanent fence isn’t an option for most rig owners. But it’s still an attribute worth mentioning for someone looking to buy one.

It also doesn’t hurt that these fences are considered easy to assemble and install. Most of them wouldn’t even require using tools or following complicated settings/directions. As a result, you end up with an affordable product that doesn’t cause you many hassles.

  • Versatility

The best portable dog fences for RVs are known to have a high level of versatility. It allows them to be folded into a compact shape or assembled into multiple constructions and designs. Due to this, many products end up being capable of working inside or outdoor use.

It’s a quality, which ensures these portable fences become a convenient and valuable piece of your camping trips. It’ll make a rig/pet owner’s life much more comfortable when traveling from place to place.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Our previous sections should’ve offered a general idea of what a buyer needs to look for in their portable dog fence. The following discussions will tie everything together to ensure you can make a responsible buying decision.

What are good RV portable pet fence brands?

The best RV portable pet fence brands will offer buyers two things, top-tier product quality and excellent customer service. It’s crucial to find a company capable of providing both when researching and buying your chosen option.

However, finding one of these brands can be tricky because there are many portable pet fence manufacturers. But I’ve provided a head start by showing a few with stellar reputations in our product review section.

Each of these brands has become known for providing excellent product quality and customer service. If you stick with them, I do not doubt that your chosen portable pet fence will live up to your expectations.

Are vinyl fences strong enough for dogs?

Vinyl is one of the strongest (and safest) materials for RV dog fencing. It does not rot, split, or warp like wooden fences. Moreover, its strength is five times that of wood.

Unsurprisingly, vinyl portable dog fencing can last many years, giving RV and pet owners exceptional value for their purchase. The best part? Vinyl manufacturers often offer extended warranties on these products.

However, some dogs tend to chew a lot, especially if they are anxious or bored. Although dogs can still gnaw on vinyl, they will not get injuries from splinters. Metal fences can also produce the same effect.

The sharp edges can cut the dog’s tongue and gums, leading to costly clinic visits.

It would be best to train dogs not to chew on non-food items, including fences. A vinyl camping fence for dogs might be strong, but it will not prevent a dog from chewing on it.

Do wireless dog fences really work? Does it hurt my dogs?

Some RV and pet owners prefer a wireless fence over a tall portable dog fence for camping because it is more convenient to set up. Unfortunately, some question its effectiveness.

Animal behaviorists say that wireless dog fences are effective only with the correct dog training. The system works through the principle of aversion.

When a dog strays into a predefined ‘zone’, it hears a sound. If the dog continues beyond the area, it receives an electric shock. The experience serves as a learning tool for the dog never to move beyond the markers.

The jolt is not painful if the wireless dog fence has the correct settings. Sadly, each dog is different.

A correction level might be adequate for one dog but insufficient for another.

It cannot prevent a determined pet from dashing across the ‘invisible’ fence. Hence, some dog owners still prefer a portable fence for dogs when camping.

How to use?

Using a camping dog fence shouldn’t be too difficult. But outlining particular steps within this article would be impossible because there are many different types. In any case, buyers who follow the product’s included manual shouldn’t have trouble getting it ready.

I’d recommend reading these directions before making your final decision, though. It’s the only way to ensure you feel comfortable using the product yourself. Otherwise, you could end up with an unusable pet fence, taking up space in your rig’s storage area.

How to make it?

If you aren’t too fond of spending money on a portable dog fence for camping, it’s possible to make a DIY RV dog fence without much trouble. This job will require gathering a few things before attempting it. Here’s a list of supplies a person will need:

  1. Livestock panels of heavy wire: The sizes will vary depending on the number of dogs put into the area, their respective measures, and some other vital elements. In most cases, the standard size will be 20ft long and 48inches tall, which will come in sections of 2×4, 4×4, and 6×8.
  2. Aluminum wire
  3. Sledgehammer
  4. Metal gate
  5. Gate hinges (if required)
  6. Level
  7. Pliers
  8. Clamps
  9. Saw
  10. Tape measure

Once you’ve gathered these supplies, it’s time to start the process. The following five steps will make sure you end up with a solid DIY portable dog fence for camping:

  1. Lay out the panels in a proper place. Use your level to adjust the angle.
  2. Join these panels together using ordinary wire or clamps. It’s essential to ensure your dog can’t escape by fixing the panels to overlap another slightly. Make sure to fix all the corners, as well.
  3. Utilize safety latches to open the gate or fix it with an additional wire. Ensure there are no sharp wires, or they could stick out and hurt your favorite puppy.
  4. Rig owners looking to set up a typical gate should place a metal pole at its front two corners, put a chain link fence post over it, and attach the hinges.
  5. If this isn’t enough, users can reinforce the construction by setting up poles at each corner. You can then bend the wire to form a corner. It’s also possible to make a fence without poles by zig-zagging the panels.


After reading through this article, finding the best portable dog fence for RV owners shouldn’t be much of a challenge. It now becomes a simple exercise of using what you’ve learned to figure out what fits your needs.

This perfect option will then ensure your puppy can remain happy and exercised during these RVing adventures. However, more questions might pop up during the process, and our comment is open to anyone who needs a bit of help. Thanks for reading!

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