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The Best Portable Satellite Dishes for RV and Camper Trailer

Written by Stephen Ryan / Fact checked by William Turner

Buying the best portable satellite dish for RV includes a complicated selection process. Understanding such a struggle, we present this article to provide essential details for you to choose an ideal product for your budget.

best portable satellite dish for rv

Besides, the information below will try to answer the questions that you may have in mind as you encounter different brands. This information will help you save time as it prevents you from making the wrong decision. Finally, the most trusted RV satellite system reviews below will also give you an idea of how these portable satellite dish brands work in different situations.

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KING DISH Portable Satellite


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Winegard PL-7000R Satellite


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DISH Definition Satellite Dish


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Table of Contents

Top 11 Portable Satellite Dish for RV Reviews 2023

1. KING DISH Tailgater Pro Premium Portable Satellite TV Antenna

DISH subscribers do not have to worry about missing their favorite TV shows with the KING Tailgater Pro Premium. This portable camper satellite dish offers exceptional signal clarity wherever the viewers might be in the contiguous United States. It has enough features for a grab-and-carry, allowing people to set it up at RV parks, campgrounds, and other outdoor areas.

People who do not have a DISH subscription can still use this satellite antenna by purchasing TV programming as they go.

It communicates with two TVs, allowing RV families more pleasant times on the road. I love the HD image quality, allowing for an immersive viewing experience.

Installation is never an issue. The integrated handle allows anyone to carry this eight-pound satellite dish anywhere. One can set it on a flat surface, ensuring a clear line of sight to the skies, and start watching TV shows anywhere.

I love the smoky dome protecting the RV satellite dish. Rain, dust, dirt, bird droppings, and other substances will never interfere with this antenna’s performance.

Although I love this RV satellite dish, I wish I could use it on the move. Its design is only for stationary use, making its hefty price tag a bitter pill to swallow. Some users may prefer an in-motion RV satellite antenna instead.

  • Recommended for DISH satellite service’s Pay-As-You-Go programming
  • Effortless installation with built-in carry handle for portability
  • Compatible with two-TV viewing
  • Robust antenna dome for protection against the elements
  • Has exceptional signal and image qualit
  • Only for stationary use
  • Very pricey
This RV satellite dish remains an exceptional buy. Its protective dome and reliable signal reception are worth having on an RVing adventure.

2. Winegard PL-7000R Satellite

If you and your family like to watch TV in your RV, the best choice is to purchase a suitable satellite dish. Fortunately, Dish Playmaker can provide the quality of entertainment that you are looking for.

This satellite device is constructed using high-grade materials. The military-grade aluminum alloy reflector is far superior and sturdier than the previous satellite we had.

As we move around, my kids can watch their favorite TV shows while I enjoy a peaceful drive. Hey, I don’t watch and drive, I only watch TV at every stop. The little comfort and amusement help me a lot, especially on long-distance driving. Also, I prefer this well-designed and UV resistant dome antenna that has an automatic signal acquisition.

Best of all, its signal strength is plausible. I was surprised to see our local home channels too! Yes, the trick is to point it to the southern sky’s general direction to get a seamless connection.

In addition to that, I love how sleek, portable, and lightweight this is. I can take it anywhere we go, easily move it around the campground to get the best reception and store it when driving. I use a tripod on barbeque nights, and sometimes I put it on the roof of our camper and secure it with a lock. Don’t forget to use longer coax cable too!

It was easy-peasy in terms of installation. In fact, it will take you around half an hour to hook it up, update the software, and activate the receiver. Finally, the pay-as-you-go service plan feature fits my budget, and I don’t need to pay every month anymore.

However, I struggle to get quality reception on heavily forested campgrounds where the sky is obstructed. Since then, we pick out RV parks with lots of open areas to utilize the HD reception.

  • High-grade materials and military-grade aluminum alloy reflector
  • Has a reliable signal strength
  • A sleek, portable, and lightweight design
  • Automatic and easy to set up
  • The plastic dome is UV protected
  • Has a low signal on obstructed areas
Overall, the Dish Playmaker and Wally receiver is a good investment for budget-conscious travelers like me.

3. DISH Network High Definition Satellite Dish

Who wants to pay several hundreds of dollars on an RV satellite dish that delivers inconsistent signals when one can get the DISH Network High Definition Satellite for RV? This product might not have an elegant-looking, protective dome, but it can deliver more stable satellite signals for RV families.

I am surprised to learn that this RV satellite dish delivers more reliable TV signals than my old one. There are days when the system worked like a charm, only to fail the following day. Replacing it with this satellite dish made a significant difference in my family’s TV viewing experience.

Although this RV satellite dish is perfect for DISH’s high-definition programming, it also works splendidly with standard definition channels. However, I must emphasize this product only works with the Western Arc of orbiting satellites. Once can use it for 110, 119, and 129°W DBS.

I like this satellite dish’s integrated DISH Pro Plus Technology, allowing people to connect two tuners to the system. RV owners can set up a TV in the motorhome bedroom and another unit in the living area for simultaneous viewing of different shows.

Unfortunately, setting up this RV satellite dish can be tricky. It does not have an instruction guide, and the only recourse is to follow how-to videos on YouTube. However, once the device is up and running, one can enjoy seamless TV viewing few brands can match.

  • Perfect for receiving DISH’s HD channels, also works with standard definition
  • Integrated DISH Pro Plus Technology for 1-line-2-tuner functionality
  • Receives signals from 110, 119, and 129 satellites
  • Stronger and more consistent signal than other brands if properly set-up
  • Affordable price
  • Only for Western Arc satellites
  • Tricky to set up
This RV satellite dish is perfect for people who travel mainly to areas with a Western Arc coverage. Its signal stability is better than other brands.

4. KING VQ4550 Portable TV Antenna

Traveling with young children can be overwhelming sometimes. They need to be entertained continuously. For a good trailer entertainment and to keep your family preoccupied, the KING VQ4550 Tailgater is more than enough to do the job.

I love how this portable satellite dish works! We enjoy the screen time, particularly on long haul drives where we need to stop for a rest. Good thing, it supports multiple viewing! Using the built-in dual coaxial outputs, we can peacefully watch TV in the bedroom after a long day while the children enjoy their cartoons on the couch. Best of all, no remote or extra power source needed.

It was also impressive to get HD channels in minutes. This device is designed mainly for the great outdoors and picks up Western arc satellites.

I like this better because it is automatic, and the receiver is Wi-Fi capable. This feature ultimately sets this satellite apart from other models. We don’t always have a reliable RV satellite internet and TV connection. So to utilize this unit, I bought a Wi-Fi adapter, and we love it.

Also, this model is highly portable. It is super light, only weighing eight pounds. The built-in handle allows me to easily carry and move it around the campground to the truck.

Budget-wise, I only sign up for pay-as-you-go since we don’t travel every week. Most users love that there are no contracts or credit checks required. Aside from that, it is easy to set up and contains everything you need.

One little disadvantage, it is difficult to get a good reception in bad weather. I have to move and aim the antenna after the weather has changed to get a better picture.

  • Includes Wally HD receiver with Wi-Fi capability
  • Automatically finds satellite signal
  • Has two receiver output for multiple TV viewing
  • A portable and lightweight RV satellite internet and TV
  • No contracts or credit checks required
  • Weather affects signal acquisition
Overall, this is the best tailgate satellite dish I have seen with its functionality. If you are looking for a satellite dish with an in-motion feature, this is perfect for your RV!

5. Winegard PA6002R Satellite TV Antenna

Spending time in an isolated place like the campsite can be boring sometimes. So, if you want good entertainment for your family in your RV, the perfect satellite dish for your recreational vehicle is the Winegard Pathway X2.

I have no regrets spending a little extra for this model. It is 100% automatic and quickly connects as we move location. I also like that it comes with a DISH Wally HD receiver, a tuner, an RF remote with a finder, and built-in apps like Netflix, which both worked great right out of the box.

Unlike other standard satellites, there’s no need to manually rotate it to receive SD and HD programming. Setting it up was no sweat too! I set up my mobile antenna, hooked up to two receivers, and selected Eastern Arc, and that’s it.

It works like a charm, and it’s cool how the dish moves by itself to find satellites. Also, just one wire is needed since the antennas run via the satellite receiver’s coax cable. Another remarkable feature of this model is the dual arc technology, which receives both the Eastern and Western arcs using the larger reflector despite any weather condition.

This is perfect because we have two televisions in the RV. My wife and I enjoy watching our favorite TV shows while my son watches on the couch. We are also updated on news and weather forecasts, which is vital for RV owners, especially those who do RVing full-time.

Another advantage is this model’s compatibility with DISH pay-as-you-go programming. I only pay for the months we travel, no commitments, and simply trouble-free! I can vouch for this unit’s top-notch quality and sturdiness. The weather may be harsh, but the reception remains clear.

One minor con that I consider is the disruption of the signal. There are moments that it doesn’t get a good reception, especially when I’m driving the RV.

  • Easy setup and operation
  • Receives both Eastern and Western arcs using dual arc technology
  • Automatic and suitable for 2 TV seamless viewing
  • Compatible with DISH pay-as-you-go programming
  • Comes with a DISH Wally HD receiver, a tuner, an RF remote with a finder, and built-in apps like Netflix
  • Signal might get interrupted when you are on the move
After discussing all of the pros and cons, I can say that this satellite dish is worth every penny. This best RV satellite antenna made our adventures enjoyable. I always had great TV at the end of a long day behind the wheel.

6. KING Quest Portable Satellite TV Antenna

The KING Quest is a camper portable satellite that delivers exceptional TV viewing wherever one is in the contiguous USA. Unlike the DISH 1000.2, this satellite TV antenna offers RV owners the chance to enjoy their favorite TV shows on the DirectTV network.

Like the King Tailgater, this satellite dish is super lightweight, weighing only eight pounds. I can grab its handle and place it almost anywhere on the picnic grounds or the RV park. It has a wide-diameter base that secures it on any surface, although some people might want to get the optional tripod.

Acquiring a satellite signal is never bothersome because this antenna locks into the strongest signal it scans. The dark-gray, smoky dome protects the antenna from external interferences, such as the wind. The shell looks impressive, and I am sure no dirt, bird droppings, twigs, dust, and other particles will get inside.

My favorite thing about this Directv satellite dish for RV is its power supply. Other products require a connection to an AC outlet or some other power source. This product draws its energy from a coaxial cable and an ingenious power injector, with the coax cable sufficiently long at 50 feet. I can set this antenna out in the open and enjoy my favorite TV show under my RV awning.

Unfortunately, there is a catch. This satellite dish only receives standard-definition programming. I find it disappointing, especially considering its hefty price tag. I would at least expect this product to deliver HD programming.

  • Eight-pound design with a built-in handle for portability
  • Wide base for stability on surfaces
  • Hassle-free satellite signal acquisition
  • Ingenious power injector-coax cable power supply (cable is long enough at 50ft)
  • Receives DirectTV signals
  • Robust shell for antenna protection
  • SD channels only
Still, many RV owners pick this satellite antenna for their motorhomes. I can only guess its signal performance, rugged construction, and portability are enough to offset its SD-only capability.

7. Winegard PL-8000 Dish Antenna

If you want to experience top-class entertainment while camping, look no further than this satellite dish from Winegard for an exciting RV life.

This product is easy to set up, as a single coax connection powers it through the dish receiver, less mess, and hassle-free. Regarding the flexibility, the easy-grip handle makes it easier to carry it around the camp and store it when driving.

This portable satellite dish is fully automatic and does not require aiming when moving from one campsite to another. We were able to watch TV in a few minutes, and I’m thrilled to get local channels as well!

I did not mount it on the roof to move it around and get a direct satellite signal. Because of this, I can quickly get any channel on a crystal-clear quality! I parked the RV in the middle of a field of lupines where there is a clear view of the sky. It was a rewarding treat to get great TV after exploring the free and wild RV spots on the west coast.

In terms of payment, I like the pay-as-you-go plan. It is inexpensive and relatively convenient for budget-conscious RVers like me who don’t want to splurge a lot.

One drawback was the struggle to get channels on the second receiver. The main receiver works great, but the other TV loses its signal when the main receiver switches to another satellite. Other than this minor issue, the product works fine.

  • Promises hassle-free set-up
  • Comes with an easy-grip handle to move around
  • Fully automatic satellite offering a quick signal
  • Supports multi-viewing for family uses
  • Offers programming with the crystal-clear quality
  • Ideal for users with a limited budget
  • A little tricky to get channels on the second receiver
All in all, the Winegard PL-8000 White Dish Playmaker Antenna is of high quality as it has all the features any RVer needs to enjoy TV while in the outdoors.

8. Winegard GM-9000 Automatic Satellite

Having a smart TV in your camper but with no clear channel can be frustrating. Fortunately, a well-made satellite dish like the Winegard GM-9000 can fix this.

I use the DISH network, and it works well with my new Winegard portable automatic satellite dish during our RV camping in California. I just plugged it in, and we have great TV in a matter of minutes!

My family enjoys all the standard and HD programming while outdoors. Thanks to the large reflector, which increases the signal for about 20%. It feels like we’re just on the couch at home, watching our favorite TV shows.

You are going to love that this satellite is an automatic device. It automatically searches and connects to any satellite available in the area. Through this unit’s help, we get important information on our travels, such as the weather and news forecast.

I can’t believe the convenience we get every time we move out from one RV park to another. The small size makes sense for easy storage. And as we camp out in the suburbs, I never have a hard time carrying the satellite since it is relatively light. The easy-grip handle was a great help too! I simply move it away from trees and place it on a tripod to get a clear view of the southern sky and voila, picture-perfect!

Besides, setting it up is truly easy. You can connect the 25 feet coax cable between the G3 and power inserter, then attach the 3 feet coaxial cable between the power inserter and the dish receiver. I used my HDMI cable to connect the receiver to the TV. The system can also be used by DirecTV and Bell subscribers to enjoy their SD and HD Programming.

My only concern is that the cable is a bit short for my RV. The 25 feet limit restricts receiving satellite signal strength, particularly on heavy-foliage RV parks.

  • Comes with a large reflector to increases the signal about 20%
  • Small size for easy storage
  • Compatible with multiple providers
  • Automatically gains satellite signal
  • A lightweight dish featuring a handle for breezy grip and move
  • Simple and easy to set up
  • The power cable is a bit short
Overall, I think this portable satellite dish DIRECTTV is compact, fully automatic, and very easy to set up. If you want to make your RV travels more satisfying, you need to have this one at your disposal.

9. Winegard SK-1000 TRAV’LER

The Winegard SK-1000 is a go-to Multi-Satelite TV Antenna for RV users. It allows you to watch TV even if you are in a remote area in the United States. If you are thinking about getting a satellite dish for your camper, this one from Winegard will keep you connected with the rest of the world and entertained at the same time.

The best thing about this particular product is its capability to offer multiple channels to multiple TV screens. Most of the time, my kids and I have different viewing needs. I like watching sports and news while my kids want to watch cartoons. Having this satellite dish allows us to watch different channels at the same time.

Besides, the picture quality is the same as the home-viewing experience. As the device works with a DISH satellite receiver, you can rely on a stable signal and a high-quality screen.

Finally, the base is strong enough to hold the satellite dish and prevent it from falling down the RV while traveling. Other than the mount base, this package comes with an AC power cord, cable entry plate, two black coax cables, an interface box, and all other essential parts to assemble and use right away.

Still, the installation process can be more complicated than usual. You can ask for the help of the experienced to make sure it is assembled correctly.

  • Provides multiple channels on multiple TVs
  • Picture quality the same as the home watching experience
  • Wind resistance to prevent falling when driving
  • Comes with all essential parts to assemble and use right away
  • The installation process can be complicated
I can say that the Winegard SK-1000 TRAV’LER is an excellent product. If you want to have a reliable and tough satellite dish for your RV, this brand is the right one for you!

10. KING VQ4800 Portable Satellite Dish

One of the best products to choose out for those leaning towards dome-type RV satellite dishes is the KING Quest Pro Portable Satellite Dish model VQ4800.

The majority of users love the design of this dome satellite dish. It is very compact and lightweight. Also, its materials are durable enough to stand through extreme hot and cold weather. Hence, when we install the model for our RV, we do not have to worry about changing weather conditions that damage it beyond repair.

Besides, its aerodynamic design prevents it from being blown away by strong winds whenever I’m driving the RV. Such a feature makes it a perfect device to have on your vehicle when traveling.

In terms of performance, I only have good things to say about this product. For instance, it allows multiple channels for multiple TVs, so each member of my family can enjoy their favorite channel simultaneously. It also works well with different service providers such as Bell, DirecTV, and DISH.

My favorite feature of this RV satellite dome is its capability to be installed permanently or be used portably. We can attach it in an optional truck cab mount, which can limit the number of items mounted on the top of the RV.

The only problem that I see with this particular product is that it doesn’t have an in-motion viewing feature. If only this product allows in-motion viewing, my kids would take their attention away from me and let me drive in peace.

  • A compact and lightweight device
  • Durable materials to withstand extremely hot or cold weather
  • The aerodynamic design prevents it from being blown away
  • Allows multiple channels for multiple TVs
  • Compatible with Bell, DirecTV, and DISH
  • Can be installed permanently or portably
  • No in-motion viewing feature
Taking everything into account, I can say that the KING Quest Pro Portable Satellite Dish model VQ4800 is an amazing satellite dish. If you want to have a dependable dome satellite dish, this brand is worth including on your shopping list.

11. Winegard PA6002R Satellite TV Antenna

Watching Netflix in the middle of a campsite is now possible, thanks to advances in technology. If you want to watch shows through this popular app without straining your data, the perfect satellite dish for you is Winegard Pathway X2 Satellite TV Antenna model PA6002R!

I am pleasantly amazed by how efficiently the satellite works for my RV without much modification. I thought getting a strong signal at the RV parks would be a pain, but it is straightforward and quick to set up, to my surprise. I usually set it on top of my RV and secure it with a bungee cord whenever we’re camping.

In addition to that, it has a sturdy, built-in handle, which makes it easier to carry around. This good-looking satellite is small and super lightweight. Not to mention, this device is very compact and automatically connects to the Directv portable satellite dish setup.

Best of all, it is also protected by a rounded cover and fits perfectly at the back of my pickup truck when tailgating. I chose not to mount it to bring it anywhere and enjoy TV while RVing across the state. Most importantly, I get to watch movies from Netflix without a hassle, no matter how far we settle.

Another advantageous feature is the multiple TV viewing. You will not miss a single episode of our favorite shows because your family members can watch separately. We got news and sports coverage too!

One downside of this model is it is limited for DirecTV service. Moreover, it may not provide the best picture quality on larger TV screens.

  • Automatic satellite acquisition without much modification
  • Straightforward and quick to set up
  • Lightweight and compact for portability and easy storing
  • Has a sturdy, built-in handle
  • Well-protected with a rounded cover
  • Allows multiple TV viewing for users
  • Exclusive for DIRECTV service only
Overall, the Pathway X2 Satellite from Winegard is indeed a fantastic product. If your RV is still lacking an incredibly efficient domed antenna, this is a great find.

Winegard PL-8035 Dish Playmaker (Outdated)

At the campsite, everyone wants to keep boredom at bay and keep themselves updated with the goings-on with the rest of the world. If that is the case for you, consider getting yourself the Winegard Black Dish Playmaker PL-8035.

After using this satellite dish for three months now, I can say that I’m satisfied with its performance. The product is durable and is very easy to mount. Still, it is optional if you want to mount the antenna on your RV roof or not.

Furthermore, it is fully automatic, so I don’t need to worry about finding channels at the campsite. There is no hassle in watching your desired channel due to the quickness in finding the DISH satellite orbital locations.

When you go camping with your friends or family, it is easier to have a satellite antenna that promotes dual coax output. Luckily, this is a reliable model that allows you and your partner to watch TV and shows on different screens.

Not to mention, the quality of the image and audio is excellent. The feeling I get is just like I’m watching TV in my own home.

However, you need to purchase the roof kit separately for the mounting task. Yet, this one is still one of the best budget-friendly options for most RV owners.

  • A durable black Dish Playmaker
  • Mounting is optional and breezy
  • Fully-automatic Dish that quickly finds the satellite locations
  • Allows multiple channels in multiple TVs
  • High-quality images and audio
  • A budget-friendly satellite Dish for RV
  • Requires to purchase the roof kit separately
From these points, I conclude that the Winegard Black Dish Playmaker model PL-8035 is a fantastic choice that will give you satisfaction when watching TV shows at the camping sites.

Winegard PAE 100R Portable Satellite (Outdated)

If you love camping, you know that remote areas don’t guarantee a good internet signal. Luckily, the Winegard Playmaker Portable Satellite PAE100R can offer a stable signal and make your camping more relaxing and enjoyable.

People with small RVs can take advantage of this model’s compact design. For me, I am thrilled that it doesn’t take too much space inside my RV when I’m storing it. Furthermore, it comes in a sleek and smooth white color, making a perfect blend to a modern RV interior.

Also, this product is built to last with its durable material. It takes plenty of bumps to scratch the surface of the glass dome.

Regarding its performance, from the quality of the picture to audio clarity, everything is top-notch. Also, the fact that it has built-in apps made me even more excited to use it. Because of this, I’m able to watch Netflix hassle-free on a fairly open space campsite.

Just like all quality products from the same brand, this one also runs automatically. There is no need for us to find the satellite orbital locations manually. Hence, it is a perfect pick for first-time owners.

What makes this product ideal for RV life is its pay-as-you-go policy of DISH. That means we are not charged fees for activation, disconnect, or restart.

Since it is a super-sensitive device, there might be both convenience and inconvenience using it. You should plug out the DISH at night to prevent it from starting on suddenly due to the sensor motor.

  • Have its built-in apps like Netflix
  • Runs and finds the signal automatically
  • A compact and modern device
  • Has pay-as-you-go payment option
  • Durable material that resists scratches for long
  • Might be too sensitive sometimes
If you want a good roof mount RV satellite dish, this one is truly worth every penny.

Winegard RT2000T RV Satellite (Outdated)

If you want to invest in a high-end product that offers optimal convenience and functionality, the Winegard RT2000T RV Satellite Antenna might be your ideal pick.

This model comes in two colors: black and white. These basic shades allow users to add a modern touch to their RV look. Furthermore, we should not worry about its color fading through time as the material is superior.

Apart from its aesthetic value, this product also stands out with a quiet system. I’ve never seen a satellite dish for RV that operates as quietly as this one. In truth, while it is an automatic Satellite Antenna, it is an upgraded version compared to other models from the same brand. Hence, the piece allows quick tracking and less noise, making the user experienced comfortable.

Another impressive feature of this RV satellite dish is its in-motion viewing. The other occupants in my RV can still watch TV shows while I’m driving. Plus, as people want to mount the device on their RV roof, they only have to do the minimal installation. The process is straightforward and can be done in some minutes.

Still, to enjoy such fantastic functionality, we need to pay a rather high price for this high-quality satellite antenna.

  • Two basic shades allow adding a modern touch to RVs
  • No color fading through time
  • Fully automatic device with easy operation
  • Upgraded with a more quiet system
  • Improved tracking time and signal
  • Provides in-motion viewing for passengers
  • Requires minimal installation
  • Pricer than most products listed
Summing up the main points discussed above, this model is worth a try if you have a huge budget to spend.

Winegard SK-SWM3 Antenna (Outdated)

When it comes to mobile entertainment, you need a strong signal reception to sustain your RV TVs with crisp and clear shows. If you are looking for a reliable satellite dish for your camper, it’d be wise to consider the Winegard TRAV’LER Slimline Antenna model SK-SWM3.

With the usual satellite antenna, we can watch our favorite shows on two different screens. Yet with this product, the viewing capability is upgrading to three. That means, more family members and friends can share the same network, yet enjoy their own thing privately.

I am impressed with this satellite dish for campers. It has a stronger reception compared to other brands. In detail, it does not require an aim when you move to a different location. Also, the reception can be both SD and HD, just like most portable antennas.

The best part is its compact and stowed design. You can spread and fold it to travel or store it away when needed. There is no hardship to move it as the piece only weighs around 53 lbs.

What’s great about this product is that it allows me to watch a program while I record a different one at the same time. This way, I won’t miss the show that I’m also interested in watching while I’m camping. Furthermore, you will appreciate its compatibility with all DIRECTTV HD receivers for variation in channels.

On the other hand, you might need professional help to install this device. Also, you should expect drilling holes on your RV roof for mounting the antenna.

  • Strong signal reception
  • Has three viewing TVs for multi-receiver
  • Does not require an aim when you move to a different location
  • A compact and stowed design
  • Supports DVR (digital video recording)
  • Compatible with DIRECTTV HD receivers
  • Might require drilling holes to install
If you want to enjoy a strong reception and multi-channels for different TVs and DVR support, this product will give you the satisfaction you deserve.

What to Look for When Buying a Portable Satellite Dish for RV


Entertainment is an important luxury that most RVers want to get whenever they go camping. It helps them avoid boredom and stay connected in the outside world.

However, buying a satellite dish for RV is a more complicated task than most people know. If this is your first time dealing with this issue, this article will provide you the right information to get the best satellite dish for RV.

Here are the things that you need to bear in mind when shopping for a portable satellite dish for camping:

Service provider. One of the things to consider when buying a portable satellite dish for your camper is the service provider. In the United States, there are two major satellite providers: DirecTV and DISH. Both of these service providers have their advantages and disadvantages, and it is your job to determine them before you decide to purchase their satellite dish products.

In-motion viewing. Before you decide on getting in-motion viewing, you need to ask yourself or the majority of the people in your RV if they want it or not. The best thing that you’re going to get is it makes traveling with multiple people a whole lot easier. It also drives the attention of the passengers away from the driver.

The downside of this particular feature is it gets the price a little higher. Also, choosing this feature will automatically decrease your choices by half because only dome satellites have this feature.

The number of TV screens. Before you decide to purchase a satellite dish, you need to know exactly how many TV screens you have inside your RV. Also, you need to know that not all portable satellite dishes can provide a clear signal to multiple receivers. If this is the case, then the other receivers would be on the same channel, which defeats the purpose of having various TVs in the first place.

The good news is, most satellite dish brands have been technologically upgraded to accommodate multiple TVs now. If you are the assigned driver of your RV, considering these new satellite dish models will give you peace of mind as you drive along the road. Because of this, multiple people can watch different shows at the same time.

Price. Another thing that you need to consider is the price. This is because a piece of travel trailer satellite dish can go from $100 to $1,500. The rule is simple: more features, more expensive it gets. If you want a nice feature for your RV satellite dish, you need to be ready to pay more money.

This is how you will afford to have a satellite dish that supports multiple TVs, stable signal reception, durability, and many others. So, before you decide to get a satellite dish for your trailer or RV, think about how much you want to spend.

Location. Your most frequent camping site will significantly impact the quality of the signal or reception that your satellite dish is going to get. For instance, if you always camp in a deep forest, the reception or signal quality would be relatively weak. In contrast, the signal would be stronger if you are parked or camped in an open area like a trailer park.

A portable satellite dish for camping would be advantageous in locations that receive little signal. This is because a portable satellite dish offers more mobility compared to a fixed satellite dish. If you are parked in a relatively weak reception spot, you can move your portable satellite dish a bit to receive a good signal.

Ease of installation. Getting a satellite dish for your RV or camper means you need to install it. Installation means hiring a professional to do it for you. Depending on the model, you will need additional funds to get it installed.

If possible, find an RV HD satellite dish that is easy to install using the tools that you have in your toolbox. This way, you won’t be paying an additional cost for professional installation.

Knowing these things before deciding to purchase a portable will help you save money and time, and energy. Some RV owners proceed even without weighing their options. Because of this, they are getting expensive satellite dishes and the worst ones that have poor reception in places where there is a limited signal.

This is where a little knowledge about portable satellite dishes can help you. If you know what you are doing, you will get the best satellite dish model and service provider for your RV. This translates to safe and happy occupants and convenient driving.

Other Important Factors to Consider


What is a satellite dish for RV?

A satellite dish is a device that can help your TV pick up a good signal or reception. You can choose between two available types: permanent or portable.

As the name implies, a permanent satellite dish is a satellite dish permanently installed on top of an RV. One good thing about permanent satellite dishes is that you won’t need to move it around every time you need to pick up a good reception. You won’t even need to put it inside your RV after you are done with it. It stays on the designated spot in your RV for good.

Portable satellite dishes, on the other hand, offer more mobility and flexibility. You can place it on top of your RV if you want to watch TV or use the internet. The one drawback of using this type of satellite dish is that you need to mount and dismount it every time you want to watch TV.

How do satellite dishes work?

You might be one of those people who are wondering how satellite dishes work. This short answer might help.

It all starts with the broadcasting station or TV network. When they want to broadcast a specific content or program on a certain location in the country, the video will be transmitted through a transmitter. The transmitter will convert the video into an electromagnetic wave. This same electromagnetic wave will be directed towards a satellite that orbits the Earth. The satellite will distribute it to satellite dishes that are tuned to the specific waves or signal that the satellite is broadcasting.

However, not all places in the country can be reached by the signal. These places are either surrounded by natural interferences such as trees or mountains.

This is why you need a satellite dish. Its function is to help you pick up the signal that is transmitted via satellite. Through the help of satellite dishes, the TV in your RV gets a clear image and crisp audio. Suppose your satellite dish allows you to tune in to multiple channels. In that case, your TVs will also receive a good quality of the signal, thus allowing you to watch programs in a clear and crisp caliber anytime, anywhere.

What portable satellites work with DirectTV?

Some portable satellites work with DirectTV. For example, Winegard offers a few selections, such as the Carryout G3 and TR-6018 Tripod Kit. People looking for a portable DirectTV satellite dish for RV can also pick King’s Tailgater Pro or VQ4100 Quest and Satellite Oasis’s Satellite Tripod Kit.

RV owners must understand that portable satellites are different from fixed units. They can bring these movable devices anywhere, allowing them to enjoy their favorite TV shows. People can mount the satellite onto the RV roof when they travel to another location.

What are the different types of satellite dishes?

There are two different types of satellite dishes. These are:

The dish type. This is the traditional look of a satellite dish. Besides, this model is probably what most people picture when they hear or think about satellite dishes. These dishes are large, open, and concave metallic contraption that helps your TV get a good signal reception.

It is quite inconvenient to have them standing while you are driving your RV because of the shape. While this is a powerful device, some people find it very inconvenient because you need to fold it down before hitting the road.

The dome type. Because not all people are happy with the shape of the conventional satellite dishes, it has been reinvented to satisfy safety and other concerns.

Dome type antennas have a dome-shaped protective cap which is made of fiberglass. This design is perfect because it is aerodynamic, which means it can permanently be placed on top of the RV. Furthermore, this type of satellite dish allows your TV to have in-motion viewing, meaning other occupants (aside from the driver) can watch TV while the RV is traveling.

Knowing these types of satellite dishes can help you pick the right one that will fit your RV needs.

Why do you need a portable satellite dish for RV?

At first glance, driving an RV loaded with people may be fun. However, this can spell trouble if they all get bored inside. When the batteries of their gadgets have been spent, their attention will be turned to the driver. This can get a little annoying sometimes, especially if you have to entertain them all the same time. This is where a TV can help you alleviate your worries.

But still, having a TV is not a guarantee of convenient and fun camping. If you have a TV, you still need to have a good signal reception to watch your favorite programs or stream the content you want to see. To receive a good signal for your TV and internet needs, you need to have a reliable satellite dish for RV.

Let’s see how having a portable satellite dish for RV can benefit you:

It can help you stay connected with the rest of the world. Once you leave the sanctuary of your home to camp out in the middle of nowhere, you are cutting yourself with the rest of the world. This is particularly true if you have chosen to camp close to natural sites such as forests, mountains, rivers, canyons, among others. However, if you have a dependable satellite dish for RV, you can still get updated with the latest news and other important things that you are interested in.

It can help get unlimited sources of entertainment at your campsite. Let’s face it; camping is not fun throughout. There will always be dull moments that can make your life in the camp uninteresting. A satellite dish can help you find a source of entertainment that can help you pass the time inside your chosen camping destination.

It can help you keep the occupants inside the RV. If you are camping with kids, boredom will make them leave the camper’s safety and explore the camping site. While this is not a completely bad issue, keeping their safety at all times should be a paramount priority. A good satellite dish can erase their boredom and keep them safe inside the RV in check.

It can help you get internet access for your smartphones and laptops. Still, almost all people on the planet have their smartphones, if not computers. A good portable satellite dish for campers can give you access to the internet even if you are in a secluded place. This way, you can instantly upload the pictures you have taken and share them with the rest of the world!

If you are still weighing whether or not you should get a satellite dish for your RV, the benefits we have listed above can help you change your mind. Just always remember to find the right one to fit your needs and your budget to enjoy it to the fullest.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What is a good satellite dish for RV brands?

If you are thinking about installing a satellite dish in your RV, you may encounter different market brands. With this, you may wonder what the good satellite dishes to consider or include in your shopping list are.

In case you are having difficulty deciding, these brands that we have listed below are worth considering. These are:

  • Winegard
  • KING
  • Satellite Oasis

These brands have been proven to deliver top-notch performance by many satisfied customers all over the United States.

Which is better for an RV dish or DirecTV?

Another thing that comes into mind when shopping for a satellite dish for RV is the comparison of performance between DISH and DirecTV.

If truth be told, both service providers have their strengths and weaknesses. Both may encounter signal interference when the RV is located in a place such as forests, mountains, rivers, beaches, and other remote areas.

DISH provides better DVR capabilities compared to DirecTV for RV package. However, devices compatible with DirecTV HD satellite dish allows you to record a sporting event or a show. Besides, DISH doesn’t provide sports packages such as NFL Sunday Ticket, as it can only be found in RV satellite DirecTV.

You have to bear in mind that DISH can be used with either dish antennas or dome dishes. But in terms of payment plans, both service providers offer pay-as-you-go monthly plans, which is more suitable for most RV owners.

Does the size of the satellite dish affect the signal strength?

Yes, the size of the satellite dish can affect signal strength. The greater the satellite dish’s diameter, the better the antenna is against signal interferences. It results in higher signal quality and better reception, allowing RV owners and their families to relish watching TV shows on the go and wherever they are.

The current recommendation is an 80-centimeter diameter or 31.5 inches. This satellite dish size is sufficient to receive both standard and high definition signals, giving families a more extensive selection of TV shows. However, it would be better if one could grab a 90-centimeter dish (35.4 inches) or wider.

Which is better, DISH or DirectTV?

Although both offer free satellite TV for RV (trial only), most people prefer DISH over DirectTV because of its more attractive pricing and better recording technology. On the other hand, DirectTV wins with its 4K content and more channels to enjoy.

DISH offers 190 channels for its base plan at a low monthly of $70. On the other hand, DirectTV’s starter package begins at $75, delivering 30 fewer channels than DISH.

Although both satellite TV providers tie people to a two-year contract, DirectTV hikes its prices after the first year. Meanwhile, DISH waits for the contract expiry before delivering a price hike.

People who love recording their favorite TV shows so they can watch them at a future date will also find DISH’s features more attractive. This service allows families to record 16 shows simultaneously, while DirectTV can only offer five shows.

Still, DirectTV remains an excellent choice for lovers of 4K content and NFL games. The service also has an option to bundle the TV plan with an AT&T internet subscription.

Is a domed satellite antenna better than an open antenna for RVs?

Most RV owners prefer a domed satellite antenna to an open version because it offers better protection against wind, radio, and other signal interferences. People can watch their favorite TV shows or films with the motorhome on the move. Other antennas require the RV to be stationary to get the best satellite TV reception.

Also known as an in motion satellite dish for RV, a domed antenna features a hemispherical cover over the signal receiver. Unfortunately, the protective shell bumps the price higher than an open-type satellite antenna.

Can I use my dish receiver from home in my RV?

Saving money is one of the traits of an RV owner. They will use the items inside the house and put it on the RV as much as possible. One of these items is the satellite dish.

According to the Dish network for RV reviews, you are not supposed to use your dish receiver outside of the agreed location that it was installed. While you can use your home satellite dish in your RV, the quality difference may not be the same.

Another issue is the warranty. You must remember that using the satellite dish outside your home premises void the warranty provided by the manufacturing company. If your home satellite dish malfunctions in your RV, you won’t be able to claim the warranty because it happened outside the specified location.

How to install and use?

Most brands of portable satellite dishes for RV come with instructions on how to install them. If you are going to set your portable satellite, it is advisable that you faithfully refer to the instruction manual. Also, do not try to modify any part of the product if things are not going your way. This way, you can still rely on the warranty if you find out that the product is malfunctioning.

How much is a satellite dish for an RV?

A satellite dish for an RV can cost RV owners about $176 on average. Some brands are cheaper than others, but their features and signal reception might be questionable. These satellite dishes can cost people $60 to 100. Higher-end units can cost at least $415.

Where to buy?

You can purchase your preferred portable satellite dish in your favorite electronics store. Visiting a physical store will give you a chance to learn more about other models and brands that may work in your specific RV settings. You can also visit Walmart, Target, Lowes, and other supermarkets to get your satellite dish for campers.

However, you cannot always get the model that you have in mind in physical stores. Visiting an online store will help you locate the brand that you want. One perfect example of online stores where you can find satellite dishes for RV is Amazon.com.


It is undeniable that purchasing the best portable satellite dish for RV is a tricky task. However, arming yourself with a little information about this particular product now and then can help you determine the ideal one that will fit your specific RV needs.

The information we have included in this article will help you locate the perfect RV HD satellite dish for your camper or trailer. The RV satellite dish reviews that we have here will give you insights on how each product performs under various conditions. Also, it will tell you about the limitations of each brand and model. This way, you will be able to get an idea of how it will perform once it falls in your possession.

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