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The Best Replacement Flooring for RV

Written by Stephen Ryan / Fact checked by William Turner

Although a very rewarding activity, going out camping with your RV can be a dirty business. And as an RV owner of more than a few decades under my belt, I can say I mean that literally. Through traveling to various places, you are to face different challenges like the weather and the terrain. All those mud, sand, different soils from different campsites, they are slowly accumulating in the flooring all those precious years that you and the RV have spent together.

Best Replacement Flooring for RV

It is of small wonder then when the floor receives it fair share of wear and tear. And the flooring is one of those that when it gets ruined, there’s no better option than to replace it. But if you want it to last even with your rugged lifestyle, you must get the best replacement flooring for RV.

So if your flooring is really looking worse for wear, it’s about time to get them new ones. Here are the travel trailer flooring options I highly recommend based on years of experience.

Top 1

RecPro 85-DIM


Material Rubber
Pattern Diamond

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Top 2

Tivoli II ‎VFP2.0MH10


Material Vinyl
Pattern Solid

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Top 3

CO-Z Vinyl Floor


Material Vinyl
Pattern Solid

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Table of Contents

12 Top-Rated Replacement Flooring for RV Reviews

1. RecPro Diamond Plate Pattern Flooring

Searching for a good replacement for your RV flooring can be exhausting. If you are having a hard time, you might want to consider using a rubber sheet. As we all know, rubber provides extra grip on your soles. Of all the rubber replacement flooring available in the market today, only the RecPro Diamond Plate Pattern Flooring can give you a satisfactory performance.

This rubber replacement flooring is one of the best I’ve seen so far. It is very easy to install. All I did was roll it out, cut the desired length and stick it onto the floor. The flooring is very easy to clean. Just mop it and the dust, mud, or stain will be easily wiped away.

I also like the design of this product. The diamond-shaped pattern provides a good grip on the soles of the shoes, therefore preventing accidents. The fact that this rubber RV flooring can maintain the temperature from increasing or decreasing is also another feature that I really like. This is perfect for winter because it maintains the heat inside. During the summer, it keeps the cold inside, therefore, keeping everyone inside comfortable as much as possible.

What I don’t appreciate about this particular replacement flooring is the color. It’s only exciting to see two or three weeks. But once that time has passed, it will slowly become a boring sight to see. I wish this product comes with other color aside from black.

  • Provides extra grip
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Heat and cold resistant
  • The color can become dull later on
After listing all of the important features of this product, I can say that the RecPro Diamond Plate Pattern Flooring is an excellent replacement flooring. It is durable, lightweight, easy to install, and easy to clean. What’s fascinating about this product is that it can retain the temperature inside the RV during the winter or summer. Also, the diamond pattern helps your soles get a grip on the floor. If you want to have an efficient replacement flooring, this one should be included in your shopping list.

2. Achim Home Furnishings Mahogany Tivoli II Peel ‘N’ Stick Vinyl Floor Planks

Revamping an RV doesn’t have to cost much and take too much effort if you know the right materials to use, but in case you don’t: you could always rely on the Achim Peel ‘N’ Stick floor planks.

I got Achim Home Furnishings floor planks in Mahogany for my RV so I wouldn’t have to get a repairman to fix my RV floor that had water damage. At first, I thought it could be a temporary fix until I could save enough money to hire someone to do the repairs, but it doesn’t look like the floor planks would have to be replaced any time soon.

I liked that the look and texture of the vinyl planks look pretty close to the real thing: it seems it’s made from high-quality material and it’s thick and strong enough to withstand the regular wear and tear inside the RV.

The Tivoli II Peel ‘N’ Stick floor planks are also easy to cut, install, and clean: something that I really appreciate because this means I can complete the installation fast and I have one less daily chore to fret over.

If only it were possible to order the plank per piece, I would have been happier with this item as I needed 5 extra pieces to cover all the areas in my RV. I ordered one extra pack, but now I have some extra planks I don’t need – I guess I’ll just save them for later if ever a portion of the floor gets damaged in the future.

  • Designed to look like real mahogany
  • Can be resized using just a utility knife and any straight edge
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • No need for fancy cleaning products
  • Much cheaper than other alternatives
  • Comes in a pack of 10 which means you might have to deal with excess tiles
I might be alone in wanting to be able to order the planks per piece, but I’m sure anyone who has ever used it in their RVs would agree with me when I say that the Achim vinyl floor planks are among the best flooring for RV available today.

3. CO-Z Vinyl Floor Planks Adhesive Floor Tiles

Replacement floorings doesn’t need to be eye-pleasing only; it also needs to be tough and easy to install. If you are looking for a durable and long-lasting replacement flooring for your RV, this one from CO-Z is the one for you.

I enjoyed this particular replacement flooring. It looks and feels like a wooden plank. Whenever I look on the floor, I feel like I’m standing on an expensive flooring. My RV is now a decade old and I really need to give it a whole new look to make it more appealing. Now that I’ve installed it, the floor in the living area, kitchen, and bedroom looks very elegant.

Another likable feature of this product is its ease of use. I didn’t need any special tools to install this at all. Just the existing tools in my toolbox are enough to add this magnificent RV vinyl flooring. All I did was stick the adhesive side of the floor plank on the floor and follow it through with the rest. Even a child won’t break a sweat mounting this product.

Aside from the ease of installation, this floor plank is very easy to clean. Once all of the planks have been set, all it takes is one sweep of a mop to remove any standing dirt. Stains are also easily removed because the surface has a stain repellent. This is a very good flooring for those who hate to clean.

What I did not appreciate about product is the fact that the adhesive side needs extra glue to stick permanently. For me, this is an extra effort that could have been eliminated if the company put enough glue to make this product extra sticky.

  • Durable and lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Made of premium vinyl
  • Instant adherence
  • Can cover up to 24 sq. ft.
  • Environmental-friendly
  • The sticky side needs to be reinforced by glue
In summary, I can say that the CO-Z Vinyl Floor Planks Adhesive Floor Tiles is a fantastic product. It is elegant-looking, durable, lightweight, easy to install, and most of all – easy to clean. If you want to have a long-lasting and environmentally-friendly flooring in your RV, this product is definitely the one to look for.

4. Achim Home Furnishings Tivoli II Vinyl Floor Planks

When it comes to the best flooring for RV, you should get the one that looks and feels like a real wood. This is the kind of elegance that the Achim Home Furnishings aim to provide. If you wish to replace the flooring in your RV, this product should be included in your shopping list.

I absolutely like this flooring. It is very easy to install, lightweight, and most of all – very realistic. This flooring looks and feels like a real wooden plank. Once I have installed these motorhome flooring replacements, my friends thought it was very elegant. It really transformed the overall look of my RV. Also, this product is very durable since it is synthetic rather than organic.

The color scheme is very flexible. The spruce silver color is very neutral; it really complements the color of any furniture inside the RV. Now the furniture and other fixtures looks phenomenal. Since this product is easy to install, I can place this flooring in any part of my RV. I just peel the sticker at the back and stick it to the floor. Even a child can do it.

What disappoints me the most is that the package came with a warning about cancerous chemicals being used to manufacture this product. Most people get scared about this kind of warning, especially if it concerns about their health.

  • Easy to install
  • Easy to clean
  • Looks and feels like a natural wood
  • Durable
  • Long-lasting
  • Contains chemicals that can cause cancer, reproductive problems, and birth defects
All in all, I can say without hesitation that the Achim Home Furnishings VFP2.0SS10 is one of the best replacement flooring for RV. It is easy to install, is very light, and most of all, it is durable. It looks very realistic as it looks very much like a wooden plank. Furthermore, the color really brings out the beauty of any furniture and fixtures inside the RV. If you want the living space of your RV to transform magnificently, this replacement flooring is the right one for you!

5. RecPro RV Coin Flooring

Replacement flooring should not only be long-lasting but also safe to walk on. While other products offer to beautify your RV flooring, this one offers to provide you not only that, but a safe environment to move around as well. If you are searching for a replacement flooring that provides an extra traction, this coin-patterned flooring from RecPro should be included in your list.

I really like this replacement flooring. It’s exactly like a linoleum sheet. It is very easy to install. I had no problem laying it down in every area in my RV. This product is also lightweight and super durable. It doesn’t easily get scratched so I’m confident that it will stay in top condition for a very long time.

I also like the fact that this replacement flooring is very easy to clean. Just a simple mopping would remove most of the dirt and stain. Another feature that I enjoyed the most is its non-skid characteristic. With this, the chances of anyone inside the RV slipping has been significantly reduced. I am confident that no accident will happen inside my RV.

What disappoints me when I received this product is that the cut is not square. It runs through the coin-shaped pattern. It really upset me because messed up with my measurements. I also had to take away a portion of the product to make it square at least. Once I was able to take away the bad part, only then was I able to begin work.

  • Heat/cold resistant
  • Chemical resistant
  • Easy to install
  • Has a non-skid characteristic
  • The cut from the factory is not square
After weighing all of the important points that were discussed above, I can say that the RecPro RV Coin Flooring is indeed a superb product. It is easy to install and easy to clean. Moreover, it is durable and lightweight, so your RV’s shock absorbers won’t have to take unnecessary weight. Also, it has a non-skid feature so people won’t slip and injure themselves while walking. If you need a good quality and safe replacement flooring, this one will not disappoint you.

6. Achim Home Furnishings Maple Tivoli II Vinyl Floor Planks

The Achim Home Furnishings Tivoli II floor planks gave my RV a more vibrant look – and I was able to install it in just a few easy steps.

I wanted to redecorate my RV and give it a fresh look: my initial plan was to get hardwood flooring but when I realized just how much it would cost me, I abandoned that plan. I also thought of getting laminate flooring, but while looking for RV flooring ideas online, I learned that laminate flooring are moisture-sensitive and don’t last that long.

Fortunately, vinyl planks are the next best thing to getting the look and feel of hardwood flooring without the high costs of installation and maintenance. Unless they look really closely, people won’t notice that these Maple Tivoli II floor planks are actually vinyl.

To install, I only had to use the straight edge of my level and a box cutter to cut it to the right length – pretty convenient for someone who is not very used to DIY projects. Since each plank is 3 feet in length, I covered a larger area using only a few pieces. Had I used 2” x 12” wooden planks, it would have taken me ages to complete my RV project. I love that resizing can be done with tools I already have in the RV. The Peel ‘N’ Stick feature and 0.5ft x 3ft size also ensures a stress-free installation.

The only thing I would say I didn’t like very much about this Maple design is that I had to be very careful in cutting and laying out each plank. I didn’t want to have misaligned planks, so before peeling off the back of each plank, I laid it out on the floor so I could see what it will look like, and then I measured and cut it according to the layout of my RV.

  • Easy to install
  • Easy to clean
  • 0mm thickness can withstand regular wear and tear
  • Maple design appears to have a natural wood grain
  • The pattern could be a bit tricky to look at when installing
With proper planning, I was able to achieve the results I was hoping for when I started this project: a nice-looking floor that is inexpensive yet durable enough for the RV.

7. RecPro 85-DIM RV Trailer Diamond Plate Pattern Flooring

Some RV owners prefer a more low-maintenance RV flooring replacement than the Bare Décor. If the Bare Décor caters to people who demand a touch of elegance and luxury in their vehicles, the RecPro 85-DIM is perfect for families who want flooring they can set up and forget about.

This flooring reminds me of the floor in my favorite gym. The diamond patterns provide exceptional traction for the feet, guaranteeing people will never slip, fall, and break their backs. It is the perfect solution for RV owners who want a flooring material that keeps their feet firmly planted on the surface to avoid costly injuries.

I am impressed with this product’s rubber material. It resists chemical spills and temperature extremes and will never warp. If one is looking for flooring for RV in cold climate, this product’s rubber insulation should keep the feet toasty and warm.

I also find its single-roll presentation easier to manage during installation. People can unroll the flooring material and cut a few sections, and they will have a safe and durable platform to move on in the motorhome. The design cuts installation time in half.

Maintaining this RV flooring is more effortless than with the Bare Décor. A simple wipe with a clean rag is enough to keep the surface clean. RV owners need not worry about applying wood conditioner or other treatments. Its durable construction makes this RV flooring suitable for high-traffic areas in the motorhome.

However, handling the roll of RV flooring is a two-person activity because this product is hefty. Some people might also dislike the felt backing.

  • Chemical, cold, and heat-resistant rubber material
  • Diamond pattern for improved safety
  • Comes as a single roll for easier installation than individual tiles
  • Hassle-free maintenance
  • Ideal for high-traffic RV sections
  • Felt backing
  • A bit hefty
Overall, I recommend this RV flooring to anyone who prefers functionality, safety, and ease of maintenance over luxury and elegance.

8. Achim Home Furnishings Rustic Oak Tivoli II Vinyl Floor Planks

Every RV needs a good flooring. Unfortunately, a real wooden plank is expensive and can become a burden because of its weight. Good thing that there is a perfect replacement flooring that you can use as an alternative. This product is the Achim Home furnishings model VFP2.0RO10.

What I appreciate about this replacement flooring is how easy it is to install. It only took me an hour to finish covering 15 sq. ft. another positive feature is its look. In addition, this one is very lightweight. Unlike a real wooden plank, this replacement flooring won’t even be felt by the shock absorbers. With its rustic oak color, my friends thought that I have actually used a real wood. Honestly, I can’t really tell the difference between the synthetic and the real one.

Another strong feature of this product is how easy it is to clean. With just a simple wipe of a mop and the dirt, mud, and stain will be removed. Finally, this particular replacement flooring product has a 10-year limited warranty. This is good news especially if I broke it even before it sticks on the floor.

The only shortcoming that I consider about this product is the fact that it has a DEHP. This chemical is known in California to cause cancer, reproductive harm, and birth defects. This warning on the package can absolutely turn off potential buyers.

  • Covers up to 15 sq. ft.
  • Has the look and feel of a natural wood
  • Has a 10-year limited warranty
  • It contains a chemical that may cause cancer and other health concerns
In a nutshell, I can say that the Achim Home Furnishings VFP2.0RO10 is a magnificent product. It is easy to install, durable, lightweight, and easy to clean. This product also covers up to 15 sq. ft. If you are planning to have your RV flooring replaced, this product will definitely give you the best satisfaction that you won’t find in any product.

9. ROSEROSA Peel and Stick Engineered PVC Plank Wood Pattern

If your RV flooring needs a serious redecoration but you have a limited budget, the best way to go through this is by purchasing a replacement flooring. This product from ROSEROSA will definitely amaze you to no end.

Of all the positive features of this replacement flooring, the one I like the most is its ease of use. As a matter of fact, I can’t believe that this product is so easy to install! It’s self-adhesive it feels like playing with stickers. Before I knew it, I have already finished installing it. Furthermore, I like the fact that this replacement flooring is durable. It won’t crack or gets scratched no matter how tough I walk on it.

Another positive feature of this product is the overall look. This looks and feels like a real wooden plank. No one will notice that this flooring is only vinyl until you reveal it to them. In addition, if you hate cleaning, just like me, I am happy to report that this product is easy to clean. Just a simple wipe of a mop or a wet cloth can remove any dirt, mud, or stain.

If there is one thing that I really don’t appreciate about this product, it would be the fact that it is not as colorful as it was advertised. In the advertisement online, the color looks like mahogany. But when I have received and opened the product, the color looks very pale. I hope that it’s only with the product I have purchased. While the flooring looks and feels nice, the color just disappoints me a little.

  • Self-adhesive
  • Looks and feels like a natural wood
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Contains 5 planks and covers up to 8 sq. ft.
  • Not really deep color as advertised
After listing all of the good things and bad things about this replacement flooring, I can proudly say that it is a good product. It is durable, lightweight, easy to install, and easy to clean. In addition, it looks and feels like a real wooden plank. If you are tired of searching for a good replacement flooring for you RV, this one will provide you the quality that you are aiming for.

10. RecPro Extreme Duty RV Flooring

There is no denying that carpet flooring is really one of the best ways to decorate your flooring. However, this is very hard to achieve in an RV situation. If you miss the idea of having a carpet flooring, there is no better product to try than the RecPro Extreme Duty RV Flooring, as it has the features of a vinyl and the look of a carpet!

If you are the type of person who likes carpet like me, there are many things that you will like about this replacement flooring. While this one only looks like a carpet, the efficiency is certainly present. It is lightweight and durable. Because it is durable, I know that I won’t be replacing my RV flooring anytime soon. In addition, its weight won’t be a burden to my shock absorbers.

Another good feature of this product is its resistance to moisture. This replacement flooring is 100% marine grade or moisture-resistant. With this product, I’m not worried about getting mold in my RV. Finally, I’m not worried that the color will fade because this product is 100% UV stabilized. It means that the surface of the flooring is protected against the harmful ultraviolet rays.

What I don’t appreciate about this replacement flooring is that it is thicker than I anticipated. I had to adjust the plywood flooring because I won’t be able to close the bedroom door if I didn’t. It would be extremely helpful if the thickness is mentioned on the package.

  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Looks like a carpet
  • Marine-grade
  • UV stabilized
  • Slip-resistant
  • Thicker than expected
After listing all of the important aspects of this replacement RV flooring, I can wholeheartedly say that this is a phenomenal product. It is durable, lightweight, easy to install, and easy to clean. It is also slip-resistant so no accidents will happen while you are walking (or running) on it. Furthermore, this replacement flooring is marine-grade so you don’t have to worry about it accumulating moisture. If you wish to have your replacement flooring to have a carpet-look, this product is definitely the one for you.

11. Achim Home Furnishings FTVWD20420 Nexus

Every RV deserves to have attractive flooring. If you want your motorhome to have glamorous flooring, you don’t need to spend a fortune in order to achieve it. As a matter of fact, you can do so by installing a replacement flooring from Achim Home Furnishings, model FTVWD20420 Nexus.

What I like about this particular flooring is how easy it is to install. All I have to do is to peel the cover at the back of the vinyl tile and stick it onto the floor. Even my kids can do it. Another good feature of this product is its durability. It doesn’t easily get scratched no matter how many times I walk on it. With this, I’m not worried that my dogs would scratch its surface whenever they get restless inside the RV.

The major feature of this replacement flooring that convinced me to buy it is its glossiness. It has a natural and wax-free shine that is not only eye-pleasing but also relaxing. With this gloss, I can easily see if the floor is dirty or not. Finally, I am pleased that this replacement flooring has a 5-year limited warranty. I can easily get a replacement if the product breaks within the allowed 5 year period.

What I don’t like about this product is the way it swells up during the summer. I have noticed two tiles in the kitchen area that are swelling, just like how a balloon is filled with air. I was able to remedy it by removing it and applying glue to reinforce it. However, I found another swollen tile. This time, it was right on the front door. I did the same thing with the ones in the kitchen. Hopefully, this incident won’t happen again.

  • Lightweight
  • Glossy
  • Has 5-year limited warranty
  • Easily swells during summer
In conclusion, the FTVWD20420 Nexus model from Achim Home Furnishings is truly an impressive product. It is absolutely durable, lightweight, easy to install, and easy to mount. Moreover, it has a natural gloss that you won’t find in any replacement flooring products. If you want to have luxurious-looking flooring for your RV, this one will give you the satisfaction that you are looking for.

12. Bare Décor BARE-WF2009 Solid Teak Wood Interlocking Flooring Tiles

The Bare Décor BARE-WF2009 is one of the most luxurious camper flooring materials people can install in their motorhomes. It adds a touch of elegance to an ordinary-looking RV, making RV owners feel proud of their vehicles.

Turning one’s RV into an extension of one’s home is a cinch with this RV wood flooring. The authentic teak hardwood responsibly harvested from the jungles of Indonesia forms a one-foot by one-foot wooden tile with interlocking sections. Each tile features a unique grain pattern that gives personality to the RV flooring.

Installing the tiles requires no tools and adhesives because the edges have slots and extensions that snap like LEGO bricks. I love its floating design, allowing me to effortlessly remove these tiles to clean the underlying surface.

One issue with wood is it absorbs moisture, making it susceptible to water damage. I am thankful these RV flooring materials have an oil finish, forming water beads and channeling water away from the wood surface.

The one-square-foot wood tile is perfect for covering the camper floor. One only needs two boxes of 10-piece units to cover a 20-square-foot living space. It is sufficient for most small-sized RVs. People can also use this flooring in bathrooms, mudrooms, decks, terraces, pools, and entryways.

Sadly, this product is not immune to scratches, which the company says one can solve with sanding. Moreover, this RV flooring requires meticulous care and maintenance to keep it looking pristine.

  • Responsibly-harvested authentic teak hardwood tiles for elegance
  • Interlocking wood tile design for hassle-free, tool-free installation
  • Floating construction with unique grain pattern
  • Oil finish for water resistance
  • One square-foot tile for more cost-efficient RV floor coverage
  • Versatile application
  • Prone to scratches
  • High maintenance requirement
Adding a touch of luxury to one’s motorhome floor is a breeze with these RV floor tiles. Its interlocking design, versatile application, and oil finish complement the wood’s natural beauty. This RV flooring is worth every penny one spends.

What to Look for When Buying Replacement Flooring for RV

best flooring for rv

The RV is the perfect travel companion for the modern era. And who would not like to have one? It is a beast under the hood; it can drive you through long hours of crossing dusty country highways and get you to a hidden gem of a camping site, on and off the grid. Here, you can enjoy the peace and quiet, along with the comfort of a familiar home away from home brought about by the RV’s promise of space and comfort.

But if you’re walking around the camper with your shoes on, you would not only dirty the floor, but scratch it with debris, soil, and pebbles. Not to mention the little accidents along the way, like the spills of food, beverages, and your standard pet filth; all these contribute to your floor’s degradation.

Whatever the material of your RV flooring, whatever its type and brand, at some point it will all succumb to the clutches of time and will be in need of a replacement. But replacing your RV flooring is no small task, and if you need help on what to look for when buying and replacing your RV flooring, then here are some factors that you should consider.

The Look

First and foremost, when it comes to picking the next RV flooring for you, consider its look. The aesthetic value of the RV flooring is a very significant part of your rig. Imagine driving for hours and hours to no end at some days that require long drives. Aside from the view of the outdoors and the entertainment of company, one of the factors that can keep you from mental fatigue is the feel and ambiance of your RV. And one of the main factors that can contribute to a rig’s comfort and atmosphere is the aesthetic appeal of the RV flooring, which covers a large portion of the vehicle.

When choosing the right look, it is important to think about two things. First, consider the activities you plan to often in the RV. Will your activities involve a lot of dirt, grime, and all things that can stain and leave marks to the flooring? If so, choose a design that will be suitable for it in the long run. Second thing to consider is the overall layout of the RV’s interior, and how the RV flooring compliments it. Make the inside of your RV a sight to behold for yourself!

The Floor Plan

When buying the right RV flooring for you, consider your RV’s general interior plan. One of the first things you do in understanding the floor plan is to identify each area and their needs. Each area has a certain function, and this will therefore directly affect the area’s flooring.

For most veteran RV owners, spaces like the bathroom and the kitchen are usually laid with harder flooring in order to withstand the constant usage, as well as to give you an all-important proper footing in such a delicate area.

When you finally understand the RV’s interior plan, it is now time to identify weak spots and how you can strengthen them. This is when you look for the right RV flooring features that can help you improve your rig’s quality of accommodation. There are RV flooring options that are specifically designed to combat such problems, like anti-tearing, anti-scratching, and anti-peeling features.

After identifying the features that you need, then you are now to identify the right dimensions of the RV flooring itself. Since replacing your RV flooring can be a bit pricy, identifying the right amount of flooring you would need is a thorough process that must not be taken lightly.

The Right Type

You have now chosen the look that you want, along with the features and dimensions that you need, and now it is time to choose the type of RV flooring to go with. There are a number of types, each holding advantages, and disadvantages, according to different situations.

  • Laminate Flooring – The laminate flooring is the usual option for those who want a fashionable appeal to their rig while spending a tight budget. Laminate flooring is a layer built product, with the topmost layer having a realistic image of a realistic stone or a textured wood that can pass as solid flooring to the untrained eye.

Its various layers are assembled together and organized like a complex puzzle that clicks together. It is very durable and is quite easier to maintain than other options.

  • Vinyl Tile Flooring – The vinyl tile is another popular option for a number of RV owners. Aesthetically, it has a number of great designs like complete looks of marble, slate, and other natural materials.

It is cheaper than ceramic tiles, and its combination of great durability and its lightweight makes it great for RV owners who have pets (or for those expecting a lot of activity inside the vehicle). As compared with traditional ceramic tiles and stones, it is easier on the feet and is more comfortable.

  • Solid Hardwood Flooring – This type of RV flooring is a classic in the scene, and it is the standard-bearer. Its classy finish, partnered with its incredible durability is a dream come true for most owners.

It makes for a sound footing that lasts a long time and brings a certain sense of warmth and coziness in your rig that cannot be found anywhere else.

These are just some of the main types of RV flooring, there are many more options to look at once you venture out and explore.

The Weight

The weight of every single item in your motorhome must be accounted for, even the floors. This factor is sometimes overlooked. If you have accounted for all the furniture in your trailer and you’re looking at just a small gap before it reaches the maximum weight allowed, then your replacement flooring must not be too heavy.

Vinyl floorings are best choice for when you are nearing the weight limit, while hardwood floors are your last priority in this case.

The Right Price

As you consider the right look, along with the right planning and the right type of RV flooring that might suit you, you should consider the right price at the end of it all. Is the product you are looking at worth every penny you are going to spend? What additional features do you get if the price is higher than the others? The RV floor replacement cost is always crucial, especially if you’re on a budget.

The camper flooring is a great investment in your rig and one that will serve its purpose for a long time. Consider the factors above when running out of RV flooring ideas in order to make the correct decision for both you and your rig!

Other Important Factors to Consider

rv flooring ideas

What is an RV flooring?

Traveling in the family RV always gives people great joy and excitement. As you drive through country roads long forgotten and drive the secluded mountain roads like the people before you, you are sure to create wonderful memories and experience the awesomeness of the great outdoors for yourself. However, there is a price that both you and the rig must pay for this. Driving the RV is half the battle, knowing how to keep it running is the other half.

One of the things that you will notice as time goes on is that there is a considerable amount of wear and tear that will become apparent in your RV flooring. And this should come with no surprise. After all, driving the RV to those faraway destinations and locations, you are sure to come across different kinds of dirt. This all stems from the fact that the RV will face different terrains and weathers through years of use. And through all that time, your flooring will have an accumulation of stains, scruffs, and grime that can eventually lead to a bad look, bad feel, and of course, the dreaded bad smell.

The RV flooring is a huge part of your RV’s upkeep. First and foremost, it dictates the feel of the entire RV interior. It is able to affect the overall atmosphere of your RV living by its looks alone, and more with its feel, features, and other factors.

As any RV owner will tell you, whether you are a recreational RV man who takes weekends off to go for long drives or to camp out at your favorite parking camp, what your interior looks will affect your mood and mental state. This is especially true for those who utilize the RV for longer uses, like living off the grid for a longer period of time. As we all know, the RV is not just a vehicle that gets you from Point A to Point B, it can also be a second home to you. And just like in any home (and any vehicle), the flooring is integral.

The RV flooring does not solely appeal to the eyes; it should also serve as a great footing. In most cases, different areas of the RV also require different flooring. Because RVs usually come with a functioning kitchen and a decent bathroom, these areas require different flooring. This is to sustain the constant usage of the space, as well as to provide a unique and much-needed footing to such delicate areas where you cook your food and run the water.

Simply said, the RV flooring is a huge part of the rig that influences the overall RV experience in more ways than one.

How does it work?

The RV flooring is there in order to protect the rig from scratches, dents, and other damages that you are to meet in various usages. Aside from this, it is also there to provide a solid footing in the RV’s interior. It is also there to serve as protection to the passengers from the various activities they conduct inside. Its surface makes for better and more comfortable walking.

Lastly, it protects both the items (including all the tools, equipment, and supplies) and the rig itself from causing damage to one another through minor dents and bumps here and there. It can do all this wonders provided that you install it properly.

In installing the RV flooring, you would need to understand the interior plan of the RV itself. This includes learning about the uses of each specific area, in order to reinforce and strengthen those spots that are in need of doing so.

For example, the flooring of spots such as the bath and cooking areas need further strengthening because for one, they are used constantly and the activities occurring in the said areas can be complex.

On the kitchen, for example, you have the weight of storage that you need to consider, along with the changing temperatures around it, and the presence of chemicals, smelly as they may be. You would need a solid flooring, preferably with moist-resistant features, in such a busy area. Same goes for the bathroom, where water is constantly being run. In installing the RV flooring, you would need to thoroughly determine these spots in the floor plan.

After carefully examining this, what you need to do is measure the entire flooring in order to calculate how much space you need to cover. Calculating such expenses should not be done hastily since every RV owner worth his salt knows that replacing and repairing your RV flooring comes with a pretty hefty price tag.

And then, after choosing a design you want and making sure to get the requirements and features you need, and installing it, the RV flooring is now ready to make its wonders.

What are the types of RV flooring?

There are many types of RV flooring, each with their own unique advantage to bring to the rig.

  1. Ceramic Tile RV flooring – The manufactured ceramic tile does not share the same weakness with natural stone flooring, it does not need to be polished and sealed all the time. It has a very elegant feel and look to it, while also being quite durable. Probably the main selling feature of this type of RV flooring is its resistance to moist, as owners utilize this flooring for kitchen countertops and bathrooms areas.
  2. Carpet RV Flooring – Probably the most traditional option, the carpet RV flooring gives your rig a somewhat homely vibe to it with its warmth and feel. Often used in the coordinating areas and bedrooms, variations of the carpet RV flooring provide some of the best advantages in RV flooring such as crush resistance, stain resistance, and heat insulation. It also works as a sound dampener, and can also offer abrasion resistance.
  3. Laminated Wood RV Flooring – The go-to option for a number of RV owners, the laminated wood RV flooring finds its balance in price and quality. It is layer-built product, aesthetically appealing, has great durability, and costs relatively cheaper than the other options. Furthermore, it is a lightweight flooring for RV. Finally, it is perfect for those working on a tighter budget.
  4. Hardwood RV flooring – there are two types that fall under this one as well, and these are the natural hardwood flooring, and the engineered hardwood flooring. The advantage of this type is that you will have a quieter ride as it muffles external noises.

However, hardwood is several times more expensive and harder to maintain than other variants. Plus, it’s heavier compared to others, which means you have to mind your fifth wheel’s overall weight if you use it.

What are the benefits of having RV flooring?

One of the most integral parts of the RV is its flooring because it is directly affected by the activities happening inside the RV. Whether you are just hanging out in the living room, cooking by the stove, even showering, you are utilizing the help of the RV flooring.

  1. Aesthetic Appeal – One of the advantages the RV flooring brings is the aesthetic appeal. As you drive the RV through desert highways and rocky terrain, you are sure to get tired. There is nothing that can boost you like a visually pleasing RV interior to keep you from the mental fatigue. The RV flooring largely dictates what the feel and the atmosphere of your RV’s interior is, and the general ambiance inside your rig is a big part of your vehicles comfort experience.
  2. Solid Footing – The last thing you would need while experience the great outdoors is a sudden injury, which when talking about RVs, mostly pertains to falling over while the RV is moving. An RV flooring of great quality is able to provide the texture and grip that is needed to stay safe and comfortable on the road.
  3. Various Product Features and Advantages – There are numerous types of RV flooring out there, and each of them has unique advantages that are utilized by different RV owners.

For one, rubber tiles can provide water resistance to the flooring which is a great feature to have to combat spills of liquid inside the vehicle, while also being relatively easier to clean than others.

Some RV flooring options can provide resistance to tearing, scratching and peeling, which is beneficial especially to those who travel with energetic kids or pets onboard. Variations of the carpet RV flooring sometimes offer UV-protection, which makes for greater quality in the long run.

Solid wood floorings are greatly fashionable and classy; they are also extremely durable on the road, protected from dents, bumps, and scratches. RV tile flooring captures artistic appeal and they also have great durability lasting for years and years.

Some RV flooring options are picked up for their health benefits, like non-fiber flooring being safe for those with asthma problems. There are also options which are resistant to bacteria and mold, like the ceramic RV flooring.

There are a number of ways which makes the RV flooring an important aspect of your RV travels, differing in every situation and instance. Hence, there are multiple benefits provided by the different types of RV flooring available out there.

Frequently Asked Questions

rv vinyl flooring

What are the good flooring for RV brands?

As we all know, there are many RV flooring brands in the market today. But not all of them can give you the kind of homey feel or vibe that you are looking for. In any case, here are some of the most trusted brands of RV replacement flooring that you need to see:

  • Achim Home Furnishings
  • RecPro
  • Co-Z

These brands have left a remarkable impression to those people who have actually tried them. If you still haven’t decided which brand you are going to try, we highly recommend that you begin looking at them closely.

What kind of materials do you use for RV floors?

RV owners have many options for camper flooring ideas. Most people choose vinyl because it is water-resistant, durable, and easy to maintain. However, installation can be tricky, an issue some RV owners solve by using a peel and stick flooring for RV.

Laminate flooring offers RV owners hassle-free installation while retaining vinyl’s many advantages. Unfortunately, it is more prone to water damage, especially when poorly set on the RV floor.

An excellent RV flooring material is carpet. This RV flooring material is comfortable to walk on, perfect for elderly members and kids. Carpets can also serve as natural insulation, eliminating the need for floor heating. Sadly, maintenance requirements are a bit high.

Hardwood flooring for RVs is perfect for RV owners who desire luxury in their rides. Wood is elegant and can add value to the motorhome. Unfortunately, it is heavier than other RV flooring materials, potentially reducing the motorhome’s fuel efficiency.

What can I use to replace my camper floor?

RV owners have several options for replacing their camper floors.

  • Carpet – This camper flooring is ideal for RV owners who want comfort and a homey feel in their campers. Unfortunately, cleaning and maintenance can be a headache.
  • Vinyl – RV vinyl flooring replacement is always a good choice because of its waterproof, easy-to-install, effortless maintenance, and budget-friendly attributes. Unfortunately, warping is one of the most common problems with vinyl plank flooring in RVs.
  • Wood – Wood is always an excellent choice for RV flooring because it is more elegant than any other option, giving RV owners a luxurious-looking motorhome. Sadly, cost and maintenance are issues worth considering.
  • Laminate – Laminate flooring is almost similar to vinyl RV flooring, except it does not require adhesion to the RV floor. Unfortunately, warping is still possible with laminated planks.
  • Patterned flooring – RV owners have two options: nickel pattern and diamond plate pattern. The former is known for its excellent traction, waterproofing, and durability, while the latter is common in hunting and sports RVs. Unfortunately, these RV floorings are more functional than stylish.

Can you put laminate flooring in an RV?

Yes, one can install RV laminate flooring instead of other types. Laminate flooring offers many distinct advantages similar to vinyl, such as ease of installation, hassle-free cleaning and maintenance, budget-friendly price, and waterproofing. These characteristics also make laminated planks a suitable flooring for RV with slides.

One can also add an insulating layer before placing the laminate flooring, improving the comfort of the RV floor.

How to install?

Installing these replacement flooring is actually very simple. Even a child can do it (or you can ask your child to help you out for a little parent-child bonding).

Once you have determined the pattern the flooring planks are supposed to go, just peel the protective layer at the back and begin sticking to the floor. Repeat until the desired pattern is completed.

What to do when replacing flooring in RV with slide out?

If you have a slide-out RV, then you might be worried about installing the tiles or panels incorrectly. Actually, installing flooring here is the same, except that you need to use an underlayment on the slide out. An underlayment would provide a level floor.

The thickness of the underlayment would depend on the height of the protruding screws that hold the wheel well down. Then you should measure the size of the wheel wells and cut parts of the underlayment where the wheel wells would be exposed.

After this, you can install your flooring as usual.

How to care and clean?

Caring for a replacement flooring for RV is very easy. Most of the brands recommend using wet cloth to remove any standing dirt, mud, or stain on the surface of the vinyl plank. To prevent damaging the flooring, avoid using strong chemicals such as thinner and other alcohol-based products.

If you would be using hardwood flooring (though I don’t recommend it), make sure you use rubber pads for furniture, and clean the underside of your shoes first before stepping inside. You might scratch your beautiful wooden floors with little rocks if you don’t clean your shoes properly.

With a hardwood floor, you should also use a wood floor cleaner once a month, even when you’re not using your camper. And of course, don’t forget to have it refinished once every three years or so.

How much does camper flooring cost?

Camper flooring can cost RV owners $620 to $6,000, depending on the motorhome floor space, flooring material, and labor.

Most Class A RVs have 320 square feet of living space, while Class B RVs have the smallest square footage. Of course, one cannot expect to cover everything. Hence, a 200 to 250-square-foot floor area is standard for Class A RVs.

Laminate flooring costs $3 to $3.75 per square foot, while vinyl flooring for RV costs less. People can spend $140 to $200 for vinyl flooring, while laminate flooring can cost them $540 to $675. Choosing a carpet can set RV owners back by $840 to $950, while linoleum can cost $620 to $850.

Hardwood RV flooring is the most expensive, costing RV owners $1,050 to $1,900. RV owners who want unique motorhome flooring can choose tiles costing $240 to $710.

Labor can cost $480 to $600 for laminate flooring, $120 to $150 for vinyl and linoleum, $240 to $300 for carpet, $250 to $600 for hardwood, and $140 to $210 for tiles.

Where to buy?

You can buy replacement flooring for RV on Home Depot, Lowes, Wal-Mart, Ace Hardware, and other home improvement stores. However, if the specific brand that you want is not available in any of these stores, you can always shop online. Amazon.com is a great website to launch your search. Good thing about shopping online is that the product will just simply arrive on your doorstep.


Searching for the best replacement flooring for RV can be exhausting, especially if you have no idea what exactly you should look for. The brands that were reviewed above were just some of the most trusted ones in the market today and, more importantly, the ones I’ve already tried and approve of.

Once you find the right flooring and have installed them in your camper (either by yourself or by RV flooring installers), then you can start going off-road again. When you replace RV flooring, it will feel like you have a new home. Your family will surely have fun joining you on your next adventure, as much as mine appreciates the comfort that my RV provides during our travels.

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