Finding the Best RV Backup Camera 2018

A rear view or backup camera designed for vehicles is an innovative device developed using the most recent technology as a means of keeping everyone in a car or vehicle safe. If you are an RV owner then it is necessary to think about having the best RV backup camera installed in your vehicle.

Aside from the fact that it is required by the federal government to fit every car with the camera, the RV backup camera installation is also necessary for your safety. Note that all drivers encounter problems when they reverse their vehicle, park it, or check what is behind them.

Best RV Backup Camera

Problems might also arise when viewing cars surrounding you. If you want to make these tasks easier to handle, then you have to install the best RV backup camera system. It is an essential tool as it supplies you with all the information that you need regarding everything that surrounds you.

It is also essential in keeping you focused. Just make sure that you get the most reliable and high-quality one by reading highly informative and legitimate RV rear view camera reviews. Check such reviews so you will know which camera has all the characteristics you need.

You may also consult the short reviews here that can help you find a good backup camera for your vehicle that can help improve your safety on the road, protect you from accidents, and improve your driving skills.

10 Best RV Backup Camera Reviews 2018

1. Furrion 381556 FOS48TAPK-BL Wireless RV Observation System

One ideal option for the best wireless backup camera for RV is the Furion FOS48TAPK-BL wireless observation system. I think that this Furrion RV backup camera is designed in such a way that it can check behind your RV while lessening the risk of blind spots.

What is beneficial about this system is that it utilizes digital transmission in sending images to full color. The range of display is also wide – from 4.3-inch up to a hundred feet. It also takes pride in its improved CPU, which works in streaming high-quality videos at a high speed.

It also takes pride in its simple setup process. The simple setup can be attributed to the fact that the camera is designed in such a way that it is built into the transmitter. I am also glad that this system is capable of keeping the GPS running and operating even when you are dealing with extreme climates.

The infrared LED lights integrated into this camera also make it possible to enjoy night vision even during those low-light situations. One more impressive thing about this backup camera is the fact that it promotes a high level of reliability – thanks to its IP66 duct-proof and waterproof nature.

Moreover, there is a guarantee that it can provide you with an excellent picture quality with the aid of its CMOS sensor. However, it has a drawback, which is its inability to support audio.
  • Checks behind your RV while minimizing blind spots
  • Simple setup and installation process
  • Makes use of digital transmission
  • Boasts of its night vision capability – thanks to the built-in infrared LED lights
  • Shows an excellent picture quality
  • Can’t support audio

2. Rear View Safety RVS-770613 RV Backup Camera System

Rear View Safety RVS-770613 can be considered as a single wired backup camera specifically designed for recreational vehicles. I am glad that it boasts of a 7-inch digital screen, which also takes pride in its 130-degree viewing angle. I am also happy to say that this rear view camera is capable of handling a max of three cameras.

That’s a good thing if you wish to expand this backup camera system in the future. Another satisfying benefit of this system is that it features a trailer disconnect cord, which you can use in case you wish to do a 5th wheel or travel trailer installation.

Another benefit of this wired camera is that it prevents you from worrying too much about the picture being cut out because of issues with the wireless transmission. Another nice feature in this system is its 18 infrared lights. With such lights, you have the chance of seeing clearly up to a max of 50 feet even in full darkness.

Such proves its effective night vision capabilities. I am also pleased to say that this system is completely waterproof. Such waterproof nature makes it effective in handling all kinds of weather. Furthermore, the monitor used in this backup camera is capable of displaying distance grid lines.

With such ability, it is possible for the monitor to provide you with enough reference regarding the amount of room left behind you. However, one drawback associated with the use of this camera is that its one-time installation is slightly time-consuming.
  • Expandable up to three cameras
  • Can be installed not only in recreational vehicles but also in 5th wheels and travel trailers
  • Does not have issues with the wireless transmission
  • Comes with infrared lights, improving the camera’s night vision capabilities
  • Waterproof and can handle all kinds of weather
  • Slightly time-consuming installation process

3. LeeKooLuu Wireless Backup Camera & 7-inch Monitor Kit

I also suggest checking out the wireless backup camera & 7-inch monitor kit from LeeKooLuu. I am glad that this wireless module features a 7-inch display and camera. They are already built in so rest assured that you only need to hook the power supply and antennas into them.

One impressive benefit of this kit is it is capable of transporting video signals automatically. You can set it to rear view in case you want to reverse only. You can also set it to full-time view in case you wish to drive, park, or reverse. Another function of the wireless backup camera is that it lessens blind spots.

It gives you the chance to park and reverse properly without depending completely on side mirrors alone. The camera is also waterproof, which means that it can handle even the harshest conditions.  It can combat the bad weather while being easy to hook up. You will even enjoy its fog-resistant nature.

In addition, it takes pride in its 7-inch LCD widescreen monitor, which also has a built-in wireless receiver. Such monitor shows clear and high-quality pictures. It also boasts of its excellent wireless signal range that can go over 150 feet.

The DC power of this backup camera is also designed to handle large trailers, buses, 5th wheels, box trucks, and semi-trailers. It boasts of a good driving versatility, too, with the help of its two video inputs. One issue in this kit, though, is that the mounting bracket for its display unit is not that easy to get tight to hold in a single position.
  • Transports video signals automatically
  • Lessens the risk of blind spots
  • Waterproof, allowing it to handle harsh conditions
  • Boasts of its good wireless range
  • Equipped with an excellent driving versatility
  • A bit hard to tighten the mounting bracket for the purpose of holding it in one position

4. Furrion FOS48TA-BL Wireless Observation System

Another Furrion RV backup camera that should be included in this list of the best products is the Furrion FOS48TA-BL. It makes use of digital wireless technology, making it a really excellent buy. I noticed that it works for specialty and recreational vehicles up to a range of a hundred feet.

One great benefit of the backup camera is that it works in getting rid of interference from the exterior environment. It also comes with a powerful infrared camera with wide-angle lens. Such camera locks in a digital manner into a wide LCD color display. It is also beneficial with its ability to deliver a seamless video transfer.

I am happy to say that the LCD color display included in this camera is wide enough as it runs at around 4.3 inches. It is also multifunctional and features an external antenna. I am pretty sure that most users will also be impressed with the camera’s upgraded CPU, which also boasts of its signal stabilization that runs up to five times.

This camera is also designed to handle vibration. It even underwent extensive tests to check its ability to resist vibrations. I am also pleased to say that it is climate-smart designed. With such design, I am sure of its ability to handle even the most extreme climates.

One possible issue associated with the use of this backup camera, though, is the fact that it does not include the mounting bracket on its price yet. This means that you might have to make a separate purchase for it.
  • Uses a digital wireless technology
  • Can get rid of interference from the outdoor environment
  • Multifunctional and comes with an external camera
  • Can handle and resist vibrations
  • Capable of withstanding even extreme climates
  • Does not come with a mounting bracket

5. 4Ucam Digital Wireless Camera

Another excellent choice, if you are searching for an RV backup camera, is this digital camera offered by 4Ucam. I am totally impressed with this digital wireless camera. I noticed that it is completely versatile as it works well not only for RVs but also for trucks, 5th wheels, motorhomes, trailers, and buses.

This digital wireless camera is known for being in the commercial grade category, which offers an assurance that it is indeed high in terms of quality. The 7-inch monitor is also enough to give you a clear view in case you are backing, reversing, or parking.

Since it uses the digital technology, I am also sure that it has zero statics and interference while also having a hundred percent clear picture quality. The LCD widescreen also has a built-in digital wireless receiver. It is easy to use and set up because you just need to plug the screen into a cigarette lighter plug.

This means that there is no need for you to use additional wirings and wireless receivers. It also boasts of an LCD, which is around an inch thin, sitting on a base that is completely adjustable. It lets you target the screen in all directions.

One more thing that I am so glad about is that it comes with a removable external antenna specifically designed for the monitor. With such antenna, you will constantly receive an excellent reception in case of long-range signals. There is a wireless signal bar, too, which provides relevant details and information regarding signal strength.

Some of its users complained about the fact that the process of mounting the camera is a bit time-consuming and tiresome, though, which is one of the product’s flaws.
  • Highly versatile since it is compatible with almost all vehicles
  • Uses digital technology, thereby ensuring that there is no static and interference
  • Easy to use and set up
  • Allows you to receive an excellent reception all the time
  • Comes with a wireless bar, showing the status regarding signal strength
  • Time-consuming and tiresome mounting process

6. eRapta Backup Camera 7-inch Monitor Screen

This is another RV backup camera that you should never fail to incorporate into your list of choices. I highly recommend this RV backup camera, especially if you want to back, park, or reverse your RV or trailer safely and confidently. It is mainly because this camera is capable of providing a decent quality of images.

It is waterproof, which means that it is resistant to the rain and other elements. The camera also boasts of its 18 infrared lights. Such lights allow the camera to work with night vision capability. The extension cord is around 50 feet in length, which is just the right length if you want to experience utmost convenience when using it.

Another great benefit of this backup camera is that it features a monitor, which will turn to AV2 automatically, indicating the reversing video. I am also pleased with the easy mounting process of this rear backup camera. You are also allowed to mount it in several ways.

I am also happy to say that you can make adjustments on the monitor’s video feed in several ways. You can flip and rotate it. Each time you set it up based on your preferred adjustment, you can expect that setting to be in default when you turn the camera on, making it convenient to use.

Another advantage of this product is that it is capable of hooking up two cameras. One drawback, though, is that it does not have installation directions and wiring diagrams, so those who are still unsure of how to set up this type of camera may experience difficulties in doing so.
  • Supplies decent image quality
  • Waterproof, which allows it to resist the rain and other elements
  • Boasts of its night vision capability
  • Can hook up two cameras
  • Allows you to adjust the video feed in many ways
  • Lacks installation instructions and wiring diagrams

7. ZEROXCLUB Digital Wireless RV Backup Camera System Kit

Another RV backup camera that you should consider using is this digital and wireless kit from ZEROXCLUB. It is an excellent backup camera, which works without causing any interference. I am pleased to say that such ability to operate without any interference allows it to provide a smooth and clear wireless signal.

You can even expect such kind of signal to be delivered even on vehicles that have up to 75-mile speeds. This wireless rearview camera is also made using highly advanced technology. It is equipped with 18 infrared lights as well as a CMOS sensor, both of which are helpful especially when you are parking or reversing at night.

I am pleased with this system’s ability to deliver superior night vision capabilities – that’s all thanks to its digital and high-definition image processor. It is made in a way that it can withstand harsh elements, too. That is made possible with its IP69 waterproof feature.

Another impressive benefit of this RV backup camera is that it lets you reverse or park in a safe and confident manner. The whole installation process is easy and fast, too. In fact, it will most likely take only a little over two minutes. Moreover, you will be pleased to know that the monitor can turn on automatically.

It is also capable of switching to rearview cam automatically in case you are reversing. As for the drawback, one flaw that you might encounter is the fact that the included directions/instructions are quite unclear and vague.
  • Operates without any interference
  • Superior night vision capabilities guaranteed
  • Boasts of its waterproof feature
  • The easy and fast installation process
  • Turns on automatically
  • Unclear and vague directions/instructions

8. CoolWoo Dual Backup Camera & Monitor Kit

If you are in search of a wired RV backup camera & monitor kit then I highly suggest this specific product from CoolWoo. I am glad to say that this camera and monitor kit is completely versatile. Such versatility is proven by the kit’s ability to work compatibly with different kinds of vehicles, including RVs, vans, and semi-trucks.

One benefit that is worth mentioning when you buy this dual backup camera is that it is superbly high in definition. It even features an infrared night vision camera, as well as a 6-layer filter glass, featuring the most recent CCD chips. The kit is also guaranteed to show its users colorful and sharp image displays.

With the eight infrared LED lights integrated into the kit, I am pretty sure that its night vision ability will be totally bright. This makes it much more convenient and safer for you to park and reverse. I am also impressed with the premium quality of this RV backup camera.

It is waterproof, so expect it to function and operate superbly even during violent storms and heavy rains. It also eliminates the worries associated with the mist or fog penetrating within in case it gets flooded with water. The HD screen of this backup camera is also large.

Equipped with a DVD support and two video inputs, this large screen will surely let you enjoy a superb HD experience. However, one common complaint among users is about the size of the wire supplying power. Some complained that it is a bit thin, affecting its durability.
  • Versatile as it is appropriate for use on various vehicles
  • Comes with an infrared night vision
  • Waterproof, allowing it to function even during heavy rains and storms
  • Comes with a large HD screen
  • Colorful and sharp image displays guaranteed
  • Slightly thin and flimsy wire

9. Yuwei Digital Wireless RV Backup Camera System Kit

Another digital and wireless RV backup camera that you can choose is this reliable kit offered by Yuwei. The fact that this RV backup camera system features a DIY design specifically means that you can install it on your own. I am even glad to say that you can do the installation process in less than an hour.

This will definitely save a lot of your time and effort. It comes with a 7-inch wireless monitor, which displays sharp and clear images. Such monitor is made in a way that you can set it up in just one minute. You can even install it by just simply connecting it to DC12V-32.

With its upgraded digital and wireless design, I am pretty sure that this RV backup camera can also operate without any additional wiring and interference. The fact that it is wireless also means that it operates normally even when you use it on vehicles that are around 150 feet.

I can also say that it is capable of letting users enjoy a more stable transmission of the signal. Expect it to deliver a clear and smooth signal even during those instances when you change the speed of your vehicle in a fast manner. Moreover, it has the ability to support up to four wireless backup cameras.

You can also view each added camera separately or individually, which promotes utmost convenience. One flaw, though, is that it is heavier in comparison to other cameras. Still, you have an assurance that the weight still does not reach that point wherein it is already difficult to manage.
  • Easy to install backup camera and monitor
  • Clear and sharp images delivered by its wireless monitor
  • Operates without the need for added wiring and without any interference
  • Guarantees a more stable signal transmission
  • Can support up to four backup cameras
  • Heavier than other backup cameras for RVs

10. Tadibrothers 7-inch Monitor with Mounted Wireless RV Backup Camera

Trying to find the best RV backup camera will also most likely cause you to come across several Tadibrothers wireless RV backup camera reviews. Such reviews might point you to the brand’s 7-inch monitor, which comes with a mounted and wireless RV backup camera.

It boasts of its 7-inch LCD monitor, which is guaranteed to show a crystal clear display. With that, I can safely say that it is indeed one of the best products that an RV driver needs in case he needs some assistance when reversing and backing up. I am also glad about the camera’s ability to show rich colors.

Another advantage is that the built-in LCD monitor is both thin and lightweight, making it easier to mount and manage. It is versatile since you will instantly notice its compatibility with different cars and vehicles. It is also capable of connecting to any source of power, including a cigarette lighter.

Another nice benefit of this backup camera is its superbly easy installation process. It is totally waterproof while boasting of its auto night vision. It is also constructed to be very durable. In addition, it takes pride in its excellent night vision clarity as well as its adjustability.

You will also surely enjoy its ability to offer protection from pebbles and glare – thanks to the camera’s metal sun shield visor. As for the drawback, one thing that you might instantly notice is its higher price tag when compared to the others.
  • Crystal clear display shown by its LCD monitor
  • Offers assistance to drivers when it comes to reversing and backing up
  • Thin and lightweight monitor
  • Compatible with all vehicles and sources of power
  • Easy installation process
  • A bit high price tag

What to Look for When Buying an RV Backup Camera

RV Backup Camera Reviews

Whether you are searching for a wireless RV rear view camera or just the standard one, it pays to consider these factors to boost your chances of making a wise purchase.

Video quality – Of course, you want to make sure that you are getting a rear view camera with a high level of video quality. This will prevent a nuisance when it comes to viewing the things you want to see on the road.

With a good quality video, you have an assurance that there will be less fuzzy pictures. You do not also need to tire your eyes viewing black and white visuals. Better video quality means that you can clearly see all the things that go behind your vehicle.

Aside from giving backup assistance, it also lets you see clearly whether your vehicle’s tires are flat, if there is an animal, which interferes when you are backing up, and if you are blowing smoke. When it comes to determining the quality of the video, remind yourself that the wireless transmitters, cables, and screen have a say on it.

Types – When searching for the best backup camera for RV, it is necessary to be fully aware of all your options. In the case of recreational vehicles and large trucks, be aware that you have two primary options – the standalone backup camera and the camera with a dedicated screen.

The majority of modern recreational vehicles actually feature a GPS navigator on their dash. With that said, it is not a good idea to buy a camera, which comes with a screen or monitor if your dash comes with a screen already. In this case, it would be best to buy a standalone camera – one, which you can connect to a screen with an HDMI connector.

However, if your RV’s dash is not equipped with a compatible screen then it is advisable to check packages that already have screen systems and cameras. You can also choose to purchase a Wi-Fi-based camera, which you can directly connect to the screen of your smartphone using a dedicated application.

Such is beneficial because it is hassle-free and requires only minimal wiring. It does not also cause issues during the installation.

Field of view – The field of view of an RV backup camera is also extremely important as it contributes a lot to the width of its viewing angle. In most cases, backing up or reversing your RV requires you to have a wider field of view to guarantee ease and your own safety.

In this case, look for a backup camera designed for recreational vehicles that can provide a minimum of 90-degree field of view. You can also go for wider views and bigger sensors as you can find them on the market today. If you want a better-performing backup camera, then go for models with a 120-degree field of view.

Mounting options – It is also necessary to look for an RV backup camera with the specific mounting option that is compatible with what you need. Some of your options are the surface mounted, the flush mounted, and the license mounted.

The most popular choice is the surface mounted, which lets you mount the camera on a flat surface found at the rear of your vehicle. The ideal choice is to mount your backup camera up high. This will give you an excellent view while giving you a more decent depth perception.

Another mounting option is the flush-mounted. This is a good choice if you prefer a device, which is more discreet and sleeker. It lets you keep the camera inside, allowing it to peep through a hole, which you have to drill into the RV’s body. What you will see from the outside are the camera lens and the bezel only.

One benefit of the flush-mounted camera is that it is less exposed to harsh elements and the weather. The problem is that it is not possible for you to mount this type of camera too high on your vehicle.

Lastly, there is the license-mounted RV backup camera. With this camera, drilling holes or making modifications to the exterior of your vehicle is no longer necessary. You only need the hole of your vehicle’s license plate to mount the camera with ease.

While it is convenient, take note that the positioning is also limited to the exact location of your license plate. In most cases, you will get a view, which is close to the surface of the road.

Weather resistance – Another vital factor to consider when it comes to searching for a good wired or wireless backup camera for travel trailer and RV is its ability to resist the harsh weather outdoors.

The weather-resistant nature of the backup camera is essential, especially if your vehicle often experiences various outdoor conditions for a long period. If the body of the backup camera and its connectors are not designed in such a way that they can handle the harsh effects of the snow, rain, heat, and dust, it will most likely need replacement soon.

Constant replacements will only cause you to spend more than necessary. Ensure that your chosen camera is weatherproof or weather-resistant so it will last for a prolonged period.

Night vision – If possible, look for an RV backup camera with a night vision. Remember that you will not only park your vehicle in broad daylight. You can use this feature during those instances when you need to back up your RV safely in dusk, dawn, night, or darkness.

With the night vision capability of the camera, you have an assurance that you will be able to see clearly when parking. The majority of backup cameras also utilize infrared LEDs, thereby offering visibility even during those situations when you are dealing with pitch-black darkness.

Auto-power on – You can find this feature in most high-end backup camera models. This feature is extremely useful in connecting to your RV’s reverse light. With that, you can expect the camera to go online automatically each time you reverse your vehicle. It also provides live feed automatically every time you need it.

This is an added convenience to RV owners so if possible, look for this feature in a backup camera prior to buying.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Where to mount your RV backup camera?

This is dependent on the mounting option of the backup camera that you have chosen to buy. You can check out the mounting options part of the buying guide section of this article to give you an idea of the exact location where you should mount your chosen backup camera.

Such will be determined by the surface mounted, the flush mounted, and the license mounted camera.

How to install an RV backup camera?

Installing an RV backup camera is actually something that you can do on your own. If you decide to install a wireless backup camera for 5th wheel and RV then the first thing you have to do is to look for a convenient spot where you can install the monitor. Use an alcohol in cleaning that part of the dash then apply the mounting option.

The next step is plugging the monitor into a 12-volt socket. You should then connect the power cable of your camera into your RV’s backup light circuit. If necessary drill a hole especially if you need that in installing or mounting the camera. Take out one of the backup bulbs as well as its socket.

The next thing to do is attaching the power cable of the camera into the colored circuit wire. Also, ensure that the camera’s black lead is connected to the black wire of the backup circuit. You should then replace the bulb and socket. Turn on the monitor and do some tests to figure out if you have done the installation correctly.

How do wireless backup cameras work?

A wireless backup camera works by employing a receiver and a wireless transmitter. If you are looking for a wireless backup camera for recreational vehicles, take note that you will also need to check out whether it has a night vision capability. It is mainly because such feature plays a major role in the quality of the produced images.

If possible, ensure that the backup camera comes with infrared LEDs as such lights do not only indicated the quality of the camera but also help users ensure that they can see even when it is dark. A wireless backup camera without night vision will most likely cause you to depend on tail lights to find an image.

Such lighting is insufficient when using backup cameras for recreational vehicles, so a night vision is really necessary. Also, make sure to check the wireless camera thoroughly to determine if there is an interference. Some wireless RV cameras are capable of transmitting signals at 2.5 GHz frequency.

The one, which is commonly used, is known as the analog signal that is prone to interference in the same way as the digital signal. Some of the issues that might result in interference, causing the camera to be incapable of working as it should, are Wi-Fi networks, cordless home phones, security systems, and Bluetooth devices.

If you get a camera with an analog signal then there is a great chance that you will be receiving images coming from other vehicles. If you want one, which is less prone to interference, then consider getting a camera that uses a digital signal.


Choosing the best RV backup camera from your numerous options is not that easy as there are several factors and features you have to take into account. If you face confusion during the selection process, feel free to check out legitimate reviews of various backup cameras such as this article.

You can use all the details in this article to figure out which one among your choices can guarantee safe and convenient driving.

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