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The Best RV Battery Disconnect Switches

Written by Stephen Ryan / Fact checked by William Turner

The best RV battery disconnect switch prevents battery drain, guards against electrical fires, and ensures safety during maintenance work. You will never have to disconnect your RV battery manually ever again. Having this small device also protects your vehicle and appliances against theft when not in use.

best rv battery disconnect switch

Battery disconnect switches are not only ideal for automotive applications. People use them in homes, commercial offices, and industrial settings. These devices’ safety and convenience make them indispensable in everyday life. You only need to know which product to choose. Let us start with the 12 best battery disconnect switches you can buy.

Top 1

Ampper Am-CBS01


Current Rating 455 Amps
Operating Voltage 48 Volts
Switch Type Rotary Switch

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Top 2

Zoostliss Isolator Disconnect 


Current Rating 500 Amps
Operating Voltage 12 Volts
Switch Type Kill Switch

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Top 3

Kohree Battery Disconnect Switch


Current Rating 455 Amps
Operating Voltage 48 Volts
Switch Type Rotary Switch

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Table of Contents

9 Best Battery Disconnect Switch for RV Reviews 2023

1. Ampper Am-CBS01 Battery Switch

The Ampper Am-CBS01 is the best battery disconnect switch for RV on the market. It has a simple and compact design that packs enough features to eliminate unnecessary power draw in your vehicle. The device is also versatile enough to be useful in applications other than motorhomes, campers, and trailers.

This switch is perfect for RV owners who only use their vehicles occasionally. They can store their motorhomes for several days without worrying about a substantial drop in battery power. Rolling out to their next adventure should be a cinch with this battery-isolating, battery-drain-preventing device.

You never need to be concerned about its compatibility, either. The device works with 12-volt systems as it does with 48-volt battery systems. Securing your vehicle’s electrical system should never be a problem with this product.

Many Forest River battery disconnect switch forum users also note the device’s versatility. Some of them use this kill switch for their boats and cars. Many install the device in their homes as a safety mechanism for their electrical system.

Installing the device can be tricky, however. It needs drilling through a surface to mount the switch’s base plate. The good news is that you will never sweat operating the unit once installed. You will feel more secure about your safety and that of your family.

While some units have rough edges, you will find the ABS plastic housing exceptional. It gives you confidence, knowing this unit will last many years. I love the knock-out rear cover you do not see in other products. The feature improves overall electrical safety by protecting the device against short circuits.

  • Ideal for electrical system security and isolation
  • Multi-voltage compatibility for optimum versatility
  • Universal power kill switch design for multiple applications
  • Robust design for ease of use
  • Durable ABS plastic housing for improved electrical safety
  • Not as effortless to install as on-battery devices
  • Rough edges on some units
With so many users saying beautiful things about the Ampper Am-CBS01, it would be a huge mistake not to bring this unit home and install it in your RV. You will never regret it.

2. Zootliss Battery Kill Switch

People want optimum security for their RVs and other vehicles. While anti-theft security systems can work their charm, you might want to pay less than $10 for the Zootliss Battery Kill Switch. Consider this device as a more affordable yet equally effective option for a top-of-the-line vehicle anti-theft system.

Unlike other battery disconnect switches, this unit’s design makes it impossible for carnappers to get away with your car. They will never start your engine because this battery cutoff switch for RV has a key that locks into place. No one will be able to establish a connection to your RV battery without the key.

The key is the product’s main advantage over other battery disconnect switches. You will never be able to operate this device without the key. The design gives it an additional security layer, giving you confidence that your RV will be there where you parked it.

I like the waterproof cover of this switch. Moisture and dust will never interfere with the connection inside the device. It is also resistant to corrosion, ensuring you have a system that works for you for many years.

This battery disconnect switch with key will have earned a perfect five-star rating if it allows key removal with the switch in the ON position. Anyone who has access to your vehicle can turn it off and get the key.

In general, this device is easy to install. However, you may need to drill or make substantial modifications to your mounting surface if you want a more stable platform. Otherwise, this battery disconnect switch should be ready to give you peace of mind.

  • Recommended for vehicle theft prevention
  • More secure design because of its integrated key
  • Waterproof cover for improved keyhole safety
  • Corrosion and rust-resistant design for durability
  • Affordable for budget-conscious RV owners
  • Some cases require drilling
  • Cannot remove the key when the unit is in the ON position
Small, affordable, and secure. These attributes are what make the Zootliss Battery Kill Switch one of the best products you can ever put into your RV, motorhome, camper, or any other vehicle.

3. Kohree Battery Disconnect Switch

The Kohree Battery Disconnect Switch is a useful device for maintaining battery power when you do not use your RV. It is a compact switch that fits in your palm yet is big in features. This RV battery kill switch allows for effortless disconnection of your battery every time you decide to leave your car in the garage for a long time.

This disconnect switch can preserve the energy of different battery systems because of its battery power optimization design. It even accommodates 24-volt and 48-volt battery systems.

When connected to a 12-volt battery, this disconnect switch allows 275 amps of continuous power, 1250 amps of momentary power, and 455 amps of intermittent power.

I admire the knob’s color-coded design. There is no way you will not know if the device is turned on or off.

Green always indicates a closed circuit connection, allowing you to use your appliances. Switch the device to Red, and you break the connection between your vehicle and the battery. The ingenious design makes it easy to manipulate the knob at night.

Installing this device in your motorhome is never an issue because it already comes with an RV battery disconnect switch wiring diagram. While the diagram helps, you should know that this device still requires creativity to install. It is unlike other products that you can connect directly to your battery terminal.

Some users find the bolts too long. Still, this switch should deliver the peace of mind you need about your battery’s upkeep. It also has a CE certification to make you feel more confident about the product’s quality and performance.

  • Recommended for battery power optimization during vehicle storage
  • Compatible with different battery systems for versatility
  • Color-coded knob for more effortless operation
  • CE certified design for peace of mind
  • Easy-to-follow wiring diagram for ease of installation
  • A bit trickier to install than on-battery systems
  • Some people may find the bolts too long
The Kohree is an exceptional choice for anyone who wants to maintain their battery power during vehicle storage. It works with different batteries and is great for other uses, too.

4. Wirthco 20148 Battery Disconnect

While easy to operate, rotary disconnect switches are not precisely effortless to install. Most of them require some modification to the mounting surface. The Wirthco 20148 Battery Doctor RV battery box disconnect switch does not need any alteration. You can install this device directly into your battery terminal post in under five minutes.

Operating this device is as easy as pushing the lever into the opposite terminal to establish a connection. Do not worry about its safety because there is a plastic cap you can hold. You will never have to hold the brass lever when activating this best RV battery disconnect switch push pull mechanism.

Installing the device is a piece of cake. You remove the battery cable on the negative terminal and replace it with this device. You can then connect the negative cable to the switch’s opposite end. How simple can that be?

You know that this switch will last many years. Its solid metal construction gives you a feeling of security every time you pop your hood and establish or break the connection.

As mentioned, you only need to push the lever into the slot. Its lever is short enough never to touch your hood’s underside when in the OFF position. If in doubt, it is always easy to place a plastic or paper stopper between the lever and the post.

My only concern about this gadget is its lack of cover. You will have to be cautious when working under the hood. Its price is also about twice that of rotary battery disconnect switches. However, it is a small price for its effortless installation.

  • Very simple to operate
  • Effortless to install on battery terminal post
  • Low vertical operation for better clearance
  • Plastic knife blade tip cover for improved safety
  • Heavy-duty construction for improved durability
  • Almost twice the price of other switches
  • No device protection
The 20148 Battery Doctor is the right choice for anyone who wants an easy-to-install battery kill switch. It may not be as sophisticated as rotary, key, or remote switches. However, it does its intended job without missing a beat.

5. Blue Sea Systems Battery Switch

The brand designed the M-Series Battery Switch for marine applications. However, its robust design also makes it ideal to use in motorhomes, campers, trailers, and even ordinary homes.

This RV battery switch can be an exceptional anti-theft device because of its inherent design. In its intended use, this product connects the battery to a boat’s motor. Breaking the connection between the boat’s engine and the battery will prevent anyone from using your boat. You can use the same principle in safeguarding your motorhome.

I like the snap-on rear panels of this product. It protects the wires and connections inside the gadget, ensuring its optimal functioning.

It also helps that the company decided to plate the copper studs with tin. Such a feature improves the unit’s electrical conductivity while also enhancing its corrosion resistance. It also has an IP66 rating for excellent weatherproofing.

This battery disconnect switch’s mounting design is exclusive to your instrument panel. You can mount this disconnect switch in any manner you choose.

Some people have voiced a concern about the small ON/OF print on the dial. It seems challenging for them to see the RV battery disconnect switch on or off when plugged in.

Still, memorizing the arrow position should simplify the process. The unit is OFF when the pointer is in the 12 o’clock position and ON when in the 3 o’clock position.

Another potential concern is its price. It is more than twice the price of a knob-type disconnect switch. If you look at its weatherproofing and durable construction, you know it is a fair price.

  • Ideal for connecting to onboard motors of marine vessels
  • Snap-on rear panels for better security and improved safety
  • Fine copper studs for maximum corrosion resistance and optimum conductivity
  • Multiple mounting options for exceptional versatility
  • IP66-rated design for marine use
  • ON/OFF markings seem a bit small for some people
  • More expensive than similar battery disconnect switches
While the Blue Systems M-Series is expensive, it remains a good choice for RV owners who need a more dependable switch to protect their battery and vehicle. Its weatherproofing is its strongest asset.

6. LotFancy Battery Switch

Another reliable RV battery cutoff switch you can install in your motorhome or any other electrical system is the LotFancy Battery Switch. It has the classic design of knob-type switches that makes for effortless operation.

The main draw of this device is its power isolation capability. It maintains your battery’s optimum charge when you store your RV in your garage. You can use it in your RV, car, boat, home, and any other application that requires a smoother power disconnection and isolation.

People love the switch’s case design that features removable panels for seamless cable connections. Even the rear panel is removable. You can secure the connections easily and quickly while ensuring protection against short circuits.

Operating this unit cannot be simpler. Checking for an RV battery disconnect switch not working is also straightforward because of its ON/OFF knob design. You will know if there is a connection in your circuit or not.

Remember your green traffic light to know that the system is working on transferring power from the battery to the rest of the vehicle.

This disconnect switch works with different batteries of varying voltage. The maximum voltage it can accommodate is 48 volts. A 12-volt battery connected to this device allows for a powerful cold cranking amps rating of 1250 amps, a five-minute intermittent power of 455 amps, and a one-hour continuous power of 275 amps.

It is worth mentioning that this product is a surface mount-only switch. This product is not for you if you want a more discreet switch. It is about three inches tall, so make sure to consider that in your decision. A few users noted the product’s inconsistent quality. It is a reliable disconnect switch, nevertheless.

  • Recommended for optimizing battery power
  • Removable side plates for better battery cable access
  • Compatible with different battery voltage systems
  • Universal switch design for multiple applications
  • Hassle-free operation for improved utilization
  • Surface mount only design
  • Some inconsistencies in product quality
The LotFancy is a reliable battery switch designed to prevent unnecessary battery draw. It gets you ready for your next great adventure with your family.

7. Nilight 90015A Battery Switch

The Nilight 90015A has an uncanny resemblance to the LotFancy motorhome battery disconnect switch. It makes you wonder if this product is unique to either brand or sourcing it elsewhere.

Speculations aside, this battery disconnect switch is a dependable tool for optimizing your battery’s charge. You can drive your motorhome in your garage for storage and leave it there for a few weeks. Battery drain will never be an issue as long as you have this battery disconnect switch in the right position.

Like many disconnect switches, this product is versatile. Most people use it in their motorhomes, while others use the device in their solar systems, wind turbines, and other clean energy applications. Others use the disconnect switch in their boats, cars, campers, trucks, and other vehicles.

It does not matter what kind of battery you connect this device to. You can have a 48-volt system or an ordinary 12-volt battery, and this disconnect switch will deliver its promise. Confidence to work on other things should be at its all-time high.

Unfortunately, one thing I dislike about this product is its limited mounting options. You can only secure this camper battery disconnect switch on a surface and never flushed in your panel. I also find its enclosure cheaply made. It looks thin and feels brittle. You have to be cautious when installing this gadget in your RV.

On the bright side, installation is straightforward. You do not need to modify your mounting panel, although you will have to drill holes for the bolts. The removable panels also make it easy to run the cables and connect them at the rear.

  • A good option for optimizing battery charge and preventing battery drain
  • Seamless design for effortless installation and operation
  • Multi-voltage battery compatibility for versatility
  • Removable rear and side plates for safety and ease of cable connections
  • Ideal for different applications
  • Limited mounting options
  • Thin and cheap-looking enclosure
For its price, the Nilight 90015A is a good buy for a reliable disconnect switch. However, if you want a more durable option, you can double the amount and get the Blue Sea instead.

8. Ampper Master Switch

Many people prefer a knife blade-type travel trailer battery disconnect switch for its hassle-free installation. You only need to remove your negative battery cable and replace it with the switch. You can then connect the battery cable to the device’s terminal post.

Unfortunately, some knife blade switches are beyond the means of the average RV owner. Not the Ampper Top Post Knife Blade Master Switch. This device gives you the convenience of installing a simple mechanism to prevent battery drain without spending too much.

Its simple design not only favors DIY installation. A few minutes and a bit of elbow grease are all you need to get this gadget working for you. Parasitic battery drain is history, and working under the hood should be safer with this device working its charm.

As long as your battery has a post, you should be able to mount this switch. You can place it in any vehicle or your deep cycle batteries for solar applications.

It also makes troubleshooting RV battery disconnect switch issues more straightforward. There is no housing to disassemble because you can see the connection right before your eyes. It is easy to check if the post is dirty that it is affecting the product’s conductivity.

This disconnect switch is not perfect. You know from its price tag that there are some compromises to its overall quality. First, the plastic bridge that supports the two contact towers looks weak. Second, the rivet that secures and swivels the knife is not heavy-duty. It is quite flimsy instead.

  • Ideal for power isolation and battery drain prevention
  • Durable and corrosion-resistant solid brass for improved safety
  • Simple design for hassle-free installation and operation
  • Versatile design for different applications
  • More affordable than similar knife blade-type disconnect switches
  • Fragile-looking plastic support bridge
  • Cheap-looking aluminum rivet
Despite having a few cheap components, the Ampper Top Post Knife Blade Master Switch remains a favorite among practical RV owners. Its worry-free installation and stellar performance make it a wise choice for those who want the best value for every cent they spend.

9. Ampper Am-CBS41 Disconnect Switch

Most disconnect switches on the market feature ABS plastic as their casing. They may be lightweight but are not as heavy-duty as solid aluminum housing. That is why the Ampper Am-CBS41 is the greatest choice for RV owners who want a sturdier device for their vehicles.

This heavy duty battery disconnect switch has an all-aluminum housing. It is strong enough to last many decades yet lightweight enough never to undermine your panel’s structural integrity. This combination is ideal for securing your battery and keeping it fully-charged for your next escapade.

Unlike other switches, this product has a straightforward design. You have a lever that you flip in the 5 o’clock position to break the circuit and the 7 o’clock position to establish a connection. It helps that the lever has a textured grip for ease of flipping. It is a standalone device that also works as a reliable partner for another switch.

You can install this device in your motorhome, car, truck, or boat. Suppose you have a wind turbine or a solar panel array. In that case, this device can also isolate the power to your battery to maintain its optimum charge. The safety it provides is exceptional in that you can keep your electrical system without worries.

Installing this battery disconnect switch requires drilling a hole to push the device through. It should not be an issue if you already have an existing ¾-inch hole in your panel.

My other concern is its low momentary current rating at only 440 amps. Other products have a momentary current rating that exceeds 1,000 amps. It is still sufficient for most 12-volt car battery systems.

  • Ideal for power isolation and battery power draw prevention
  • Heavy-duty aluminum housing for strength and durability
  • Simple design for straightforward operation
  • Universal design allows for different applications
  • Use as a standalone unit or in tandem with another switch
  • Drilling required for mounting
  • Low momentary current rating
If you want a long-lasting battery disconnect switch, the Ampper Am-CBS41 is the one to get. It is affordable, has a simple design, and an even more straightforward operation.

Master Battery Switch Kit (Outdated)

Rounding up our list of the top-rated battery kill switches for motorhomes and RVs is this Master Battery Switch Kit from AA Ignition. It has the same knob-type design that makes it ideal for people who require a device with a simple operation.

A versatile device, this battery disconnect switch is perfect for motorhomes, cars, campers, trailers, and even boats. Its universal design also allows you to use it as a power isolator for your other electrical systems. You will never worry about short circuits or other electrical safety issues again.

Installing this battery disconnect switch is more straightforward than other brands, although not as hassle-free as on-battery devices. You only need to drive the screws straight through your mounting surface to stabilize the device.

It even has a waterproof construction. This feature is necessary if you decide to install the switch in your boat. Water sprays will never seep into the interior, giving you added safety.

I like the product’s finish because it looks more polished than other knob-type battery disconnect switches. The knob is also larger, guaranteeing effortless operation. A simple twist of the knob already gives you a sense of security about its operation.

Two things may dissuade you from getting this RV dual battery disconnect switch. First, it is a few dollars more expensive than those with the same design. Without any substantial differentiation, this product can be a tough decision to make. Second, most products with the same design are less than three inches tall. This switch is a bit taller.

  • Recommended for securing electrical systems
  • Helps preventing unnecessary battery drain
  • Good for multiple applications, including marine, home, and automotive use
  • Effortless installation and operation
  • Good-quality finish despite being made of plastic
  • Waterproof construction for improved safety
  • Slightly more expensive than disconnect switches with similar designs
  • Taller than other products
Notwithstanding its price and tall design, the AA Ignition Master Battery Switch Kit is a product you will want to put in your RV or boat. Its ease of operation and installation are only two of its most admirable attributes. Its performance is worth it, too.

ZMYGOLON Battery Disconnect Switch (Oudate)

The ZYGMOLON Battery Disconnect Switch shares many characteristics with other knob-type power fill switches. Its compact casing protects the mechanism that allows for effortless battery-drain-prevention and electrical system isolation.

This kill switch improves your battery lifespan by ensuring its optimal charge when not in use. You can store your vehicle for several days without worrying about battery drain. By the time you are ready for your next road trip, your battery will still have enough juice to take your family on the ride of your life.

While some disconnect switches only work with RVs, this product is compatible with any electrical system in a boat, trailer, camper, commercial settings, industrial establishments, or clean energy solutions. Protecting your electrical system is a cinch with this simple gadget.

Mounting this device is straightforward with its heavy-duty screws and bolts. Its sturdy plastic construction also gives it stability once mounted.

Determining the RV battery disconnect switch on or off position is easy with this device. It has a bright green band that indicates the continuity of your electric circuit. A simple twist of its ergonomic knob to the red section automatically breaks the connection.

It is an effortless mechanism that can go a long way to making you feel more secure about your current electrical system setup.

You will not be able to fit a 5/16-inch power cable in these posts because it only accepts 3/8-inch crimps.

Another concern I have is the device’s height. It sticks out of the mounting surface like a bulky contraption. You may have to plan beforehand where to install this disconnect switch if you do not want it detracting from your panel’s aesthetics.

  • Compatible with 12V and 24V battery systems
  • Universal switch design for multiple applications
  • Durable and sturdy construction for more stable mounting
  • Easy to set up and operate
  • Ideal for minimizing battery drain
  • Not aesthetically pleasing once mounted
  • Only for 3/8-inch cables
The ZYGMOLON Battery Disconnect Switch may not have a unique design. However, its reliable performance and ease of operation make this disconnect switch the right choice for modern RV owners.

Audew Battery Disconnect Switch (Oudate)

The Audew Battery Disconnect Switch is a fantastic device for isolating any electrical system. It also prevents unnecessary battery drain, allowing you to drive your RV straight from storage for your next adventure.

This waterproof RV battery disconnect switch is perfect for boat and motorhome owners. The device’s protection keeps unwanted substances or particles out, ensuring its optimum operation every time. It is a system that makes you feel more secure whenever you are working on your RV or any electrical system.

The product’s design allows you to connect up to four 12-volt batteries for better power optimizations. One turn of its knob is all you need to break the electrical connection. If you twist the knob to the green section, you are back to using the different appliances in your motorhome.

I also like the disconnect switch’s dustproof design. The removable rear panel also makes cable connections a breeze while ensuring a good seal to keep out dust and other particles. You can ensure optimal electrical conductivity by keeping unnecessary particles out.

You can install this kill switch and use it up to 10,000 times. No other brands can give you a more remarkable figure. Installing this device is perfect for any first-timer. It does not require any modification on your mounting surface. All you need are a few tools to drive and secure the mounting screws and bolts.

While this RV battery disconnect switch installation is straightforward, it does not offer that many mounting options. You can only install it on a surface but never flushed in your dashboard or instrument panel. Moreover, the ABS plastic casing looks fragile because of its thinner construction than other brands.

  • A dependable device for power isolation and security
  • Compatible with 12V to 48V battery systems
  • Reliable waterproofing and dust-proofing for improved safety
  • No mounting surface modification required
  • Lasts up to 10,000 switches
  • Limited mounting options
  • Flimsy-looking ABS plastic housing
No product is 100 percent perfect. While the Audew Battery Disconnect Switch has a few shortcomings, its positive attributes give it enough reason for any sensible RV owner to buy.

What to Look for When Buying an RV Battery Disconnect Switch


Buying a kill switch for an RV battery is often daunting for first-timers. The multitude of available products with nearly similar designs and specifications also does not help make choosing easy. However, you can make buying an RV disconnect switch hassle-free if you consider the following.

Principal Purpose

Always check the primary purpose of the battery disconnect switch. One of the principal goals of these devices is preventing battery drain. Theft prevention is another one. You should know that manufacturers design their products with a central purpose in mind.


Battery cutoff switches come in several types, including a knife blade, rotary, keyed, and remote switches.

Knife blade switches are the simplest you can have on your RV and easy to install, too. These switches have a brass lever that forms a bridge between two copper posts to establish or break a connection.

Rotary battery disconnect switches are the most common. You can install this device on your battery or the control panel. Some rotary types feature a lever for establishing or breaking a connection.

Keyed kill switches are modern adaptations of rotary devices. They operate on the same principle. However, you need a key to turn the device in its ON or OFF position.

The most modern of all battery disconnect switches are the remote disconnect switches. These devices are best for anti-theft purposes.


For absolute ease of installation, pick an RV battery shut off switch you can install directly on the battery post. If you want a more secure installation, a device that mounts in your instrument panel or dashboard is ideal. Such a device is perfect for anti-theft purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What are the most trusted RV battery disconnect switch brands?

Ampper is one of the most trusted battery disconnect switch brands for motorhomes, boats, cars, and other modern vehicles. You can check out the products of Zootliss, Kohree, WirthCo, Blue Sea Systems, Nilight, and Audew because these brands are trustworthy, too. You might also want to consider Loftfancy, AA Ignition, and ZYGMOLON.

Should a battery disconnect be on positive or negative?

On-battery disconnect switches always connect on the battery’s negative terminal. On the other hand, knob or rotary-type switches often require a connection to the battery’s positive terminal. Always check the manual if you are unsure.

Can a battery disconnect switch go bad?

Yes, a battery disconnect switch RV model can go bad. No switch of any kind will last forever. A battery disconnect switch failure can occur if its rated capacity is lower than the motorhome’s battery-dependent systems.

For example, if the RV requires 250 amps, a 200-amp switch will eventually fail.

It is also possible that the device’s contacts fail to mate correctly, leading to arcing. However, the most likely culprit for a failing battery disconnect switch is overheating due to an increased electrical current flow through the system.

How do you test a battery disconnect switch?

RV owners can test a 12V battery disconnect switch by switching the device to the “Storage” mode.

Grab a test light and secure it to where you connect your battery clamp. Disconnect the negative terminal on the battery as well.

This battery is different from “chassis” batteries that supply power to the motorhome’s engine and associated electrical components. House batteries provide electricity to the rest of the RV.

The battery disconnect switch is working if the test light is off.

Should RV battery disconnect on or off?

RV owners must keep their battery shut off switch for RV in the ON position at all times, except when they must leave their motorhomes for extended periods.

For example, it is always better to turn off the battery disconnect switch when storing the camper or travel trailer for the winter.

Doing so helps slow down the battery discharge rate. Batteries will still lose some electrical charge, but at a slower pace than if the disconnect switch is in the ON position. RV owners will not spend an extended time recharging their power bricks.

Should I disconnect my RV battery when plugged in?

You do not need to disconnect your RV battery when plugged in unless you will store your RV. Disconnecting the battery cuts power to your motorhome’s appliances, gadgets, and devices.

How do you install a battery disconnect switch on an RV?

Installing a battery shutoff device is a straightforward process.

On-battery disconnect switches require replacing the negative terminal cable with the disconnect switch. You can then connect the negative cable to the disconnect switch’s receiving post.

Other disconnect switches require connection with the RV’s negative power cable. You can then connect another cable from the device to the RV battery.

How do I disconnect my RV battery for storage?

The old-fashioned way of disconnecting your RV battery for storage is by removing the battery cable connected to the battery’s negative terminal. If you have a battery disconnect switch, you can turn it into the OFF position.

Some RVs already come with a built-in battery disconnect mechanism. With this feature, you only need to press the button to disconnect your RV battery for storage.


The best RV battery disconnect switch not only prevents battery drain and helps maintain your battery’s optimum charge. It is also reliable in protecting your RV against theft while ensuring your safety when working on your vehicle.

Choosing the right battery disconnect switch depends on the device’s purpose and installation. With this in mind, it should be easy to come up with a shortlist of the best candidates for a battery disconnect switch to go into your RV. I am sure you already have an eye on one of the 12 battery disconnect switches reviewed in this article.

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