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The Best RV Cabinet Latches to Keep the Cabinet Closed

Written by Stephen Ryan / Fact checked by William Turner

The best RV cabinet latch can be a real lifesaver when traveling onboard an RV. These devices are a huge part of keeping the trip comfortable and safe for everyone. If you don’t have them, things can become dicey with dishes and silverware flying all around the place.

You’d think finding high-quality latches would be easy considering their importance. But it’s quite the opposite because of the sheer number available for purchase. It makes trying to find a perfect option rather annoying for the would-be consumer.

best rv cabinet latch

However, I’ll ease those concerns by guiding you through the entire process. I’ll make sure everyone reading this article knows what to look for in these products. You’ll be more than capable of separating the subpar options from high-quality ones.

Let’s not waste any more time and dive right into the task at hand. I promise the following discussions will make this process a simple one without any feelings of stress or frustration.

Top 1

Camp’N Cabinet Door Latch


Dimensions 2.5 x 0.5 x 0.5 inches
Weight ‎2.89 ounces

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Top 2

Jiayi RV Cabinet Magnetic Catches


Dimensions 1.5 x 0.6 x 0.47 inches
Weight ‎14.4 ounces

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Top 3

RV Designer H219


Dimensions 5 x 5 x 5 inches
Weight ‎0.8 ounces

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Table of Contents

9 Best Cabinet Latch for RV Reviews

This section will contain 9 reviews of my favorite RV cabinet latches. Each of these products has proven to more than meet a rig owner’s needs. It may turn out one of them ends up being the perfect choice for you!

1. Camp’N RV Cabinet Door Latch

Camp’N’s RV Cabinet Door Latch is an excellent starting point to our list because very few other options can match its overall performance. It has a reputation for keeping cabinet doors closed in situations other camper cabinet latches can’t.

It can offer this benefit because of its 5lbs of pull force, which ensures the device won’t have trouble even in bumpy traffic. But this feature isn’t the only one worth mentioning when it comes to this Camp’N’s stellar product.

Rig owners will also enjoy its easy installation process. Multiple buyers made a point to note this process as being relatively simple in their reviews. In fact, it’s only made easier thanks to this brand, including the necessary RV cabinet hardware latch essentials with purchase.

The product’s durability was another standout highlight attribute. Its all-weather, high impact ABS plastic material ensures that the device remains functional for years to come. There’s no reason to believe this product won’t be keeping your cabinets locked for the next several RV trips.

Most bulk buyers won’t be able to help themselves, either, considering this Camp’N RV cabinet latch option comes as a 4-pack. It represents a perfect bargain for these shoppers, especially with its lower cost and excellent performance results.

But I was a bit disappointed to see some customers were annoyed by this option’s shipping. It seems like Camp’N had a habit of having their product arrive later than expected. These issues were only in a few reviews but still worth noting.

  • Effective 5Ibs of pull force
  • Simple to install with necessary mourning hardware
  • Durable ABS plastic construction
  • Affordable cost for a high-quality product
  • Comes as 4-pack, giving the customers more practical applications
  • Shipping issues
Overall, these potential shipping issues shouldn’t throw much of a wrench into what this option can offer. You’re getting top-tier RV cabinet door latches for a bargain bin price. Rig owners are going to have a hard time finding a better deal.

2. Jiayi RV Cabinet Magnetic Catches

Buyers looking for magnetic options should take a look at Jiayi’s RV Cabinet Magnetic Catches. These devices will use a single magnet, which will have no issues keeping an RV drawer or cabinet closed and stable during travel.

I was also thrilled to see these latches have two long circle installation holes. This feature will ensure adjusting their position will be much easier than other devices. It should make finding a good connection to keep the cabinet closed a more straightforward task.

These latches have a solid, robust construction, as well. Each of them has been made with long-lasting materials and comes with stainless steel mounting screws. It makes for a much more durable and reliable latch device.

It doesn’t hurt that their constructions have resistances against cracking, corrosion, and rust. As a result, there’s no reason to worry that these devices won’t last a long time inside your rig. It makes a relatively cost-effective option to buy for rig owners.

This option coming with 12 latches is another aspect worth mentioning. You won’t have to buy any more cabinet latches for a long time, which is always a nice touch. Plus, the 12-month warranty and excellent customer service don’t hurt this option’s case, either.

But this option was involved with a few customers complaining about shipping issues. It seems these latches had a habit of arriving in damaging packaging or missing pieces. It’s not a good look for a company with a stellar reputation like Jiayi.

  • Single magnet mount for simple setup
  • Two long circle installation holes for easy adjusting
  • Reliable, robust construction made from long-lasting materials
  • Resistant against cracking, corrosion, and rust
  • Affordable 12-pack
  • Shipping issues
The shipping issues alone aren’t anything capable of making me not consider buying these latches. Honestly, these reports weren’t a too regular occurrence within the customer reviews. I would have full confidence in buying them even with these potential concerns.

3. RV Designer H219 RV Cabinet Catches

The RV Designer H219 RV Bulldog Cabinet Catches makes things easier for buyers by including everything needed for its installation process. These inclusions are two catches, four mounting screws, and two-socket bases.

I appreciate all these additions because it means I won’t need to do any extra shopping. Plus, it should make installing these two catches relatively simple. I didn’t even have problems doing it, which should ensure anyone reading this article will get the job done without much trouble.

The 90-day warranty was another excellent addition, which will help make sure these catches meet your expectations. RV Designer has a good reputation among rig owners for providing top-tier customer service, as well.

You can expect these catches to be perfect replacements for most older RV drawer locks and latches. As a result, installing and using these devices shouldn’t provide much difficulty for whoever buys them.

I was impressed by this product’s performance and antique finish, as well. These two traits combine to ensure the catches will perform effectively and look good doing it. You won’t have to worry about them being unsightly additions to your rig’s interior.

However, some customers did cite a few durability concerns, with them only lasting a year or two. These issues were only mentioned in a few reviews, but it’s still not something you want to see when doing product research.

  • Everything included with the purchase (four mounting screws and two-socket bases)
  • 90-day warranty
  • Excellent customer service
  • Direct replacements for older locks and latches
  • A stylish antique finish
  • A few customers mentioned durability concerns
The durability concerns seem more like isolated incidents rather than anything serious. If I weren’t completely confident in their overall quality, I wouldn’t have put them on this list. It’s not something I would worry too much about, considering how many people seem to love these products.

4. Camco 44203 RV Cabinet Catches

Camco’s 44203 Cabinet Catches comes with six catches, every needed piece of hardware, and installation screws. Buyers who aren’t too fond of buying equipment separately should take a long look at this option.

One of their main highlights would have to be the barrel-style design made from top-tier polyethylene. This construction makes for a practical and durable product capable of ensuring your cabinets remain closed whenever needed.

Multiple buyers were shocked about how well they managed to perform even in the bumpiest terrains. It shouldn’t be too surprising as Camco has maintained a reputation for producing top-tier products for many years.

Rig owners won’t have much issue with their install, either. The side-mount design makes for an easy installation and an attractive overall setup. You won’t ever have to even see these products until opening the drawer or cabinet.

Camco providing a solid one-year warranty wasn’t a bad look. It’ll ensure you have a bit of protection against receiving a batch of unusable RV latches and catches. But I doubt this issue will be much of a problem given how other customers have reviewed these devices.

As for its flaws, I couldn’t find any worth mentioning during my product research. It seems Camco managed to create a product capable of meeting most rig owners’ needs. You don’t often come across products without a single negative thing about them.

  • 6-pack with everything needed for installation
  • High-quality polyethylene construction
  • Effective at withstanding the bumpiest terrains
  • Side-mount design for easy setup
  • One-year warranty
  • None worth mentioning
If these products fit your needs, there should be nothing stopping you from putting them into a buying cart. Everything about them is high-quality and won’t have any problems ensuring your cabinets or drawers remain closed during travel.

5. Encell RV Push Button Locks

Encell’s RV Push Button Locks happen to be an extremely flexible option capable of fitting into many situations. It doesn’t matter whether a rig owner needs an RV medicine cabinet latch, door latch, or drawer latch; these locks will get the job done.

These locks can offer this adaptability thanks to being compatible with all furniture between 18mm and 24mm in thickness. As you can imagine, this range covers a large number of scenarios for customers.

You also get three of them in this package to ensure it’s a more convenient option. I can’t imagine buyers won’t find several places inside their rigs for these locks. They have been built even to withstand a harsh marine environment.

Due to this, buyers should expect them capable of working inside a rig without any issues. I was also impressed by their locking and handle functions, which makes using them much easier. It ensures a more comfortable user experience.

You shouldn’t overlook having a choice between the products’ color, either. Buyers will have to choose between chrome and pearl nickel. It’s a rather tough decision as both look great and would mesh well into almost any rig’s interior.

This option happens to the most expensive on our list, though. It’s nothing that’ll break open your bank account, but these locks do cost more than a person might expect. You’ll have to weigh whether its features and impressive design are worth the increased price.

  • Suitable for any furniture between 18mm and 24mm in thickness
  • Includes three locks
  • User-friendly locking and handle functions
  • Built to withstand marine and RV environments
  • Two color choices (chrome and pearl nickel)
  • A bit more costly than other options
In some cases, paying a little extra for top-tier quality is a necessary evil. These RV cabinet locks represent one of these situations as they’re easily among the best available. If they fit your needs, I’d recommend not hesitating to purchase them.

6. RV Designer H227 Cabinet Catch

The RV Designer’s H227 Camper Cabinet Catch happens to make our list because of various outstanding features that can make a rig owner’s life much more comfortable. An excellent example would be its all-plastic construction, which ensures top-tier durability.

I have no reason to believe this catch won’t last more than a few years within your rig. This plastic construction will also ensure the device keeps your cabinet or drawer close without any issue. It should be no surprise this option tends to be a popular model among rig owners year after year.

Buyers will enjoy that this model comes with reliable screws, which will ensure the installation is much easier. These screws have received a lot of praise within this model’s customer reviews, as people were more than happy with their performance.

I was happy to see this catch was made within the USA, as well. This manufacturing location has a massive impact on the safety of the device. After all, products made within the United States have to undergo a lot more rigorous testing than some other foreign countries.

The product having two buying options was another positive worth mentioning. Buyers will have a choice about whether they want a single catch or six of them. As a result, this option becomes a usable option for several types of rig owners.

But I wasn’t a fan of this model not coming with a warranty. I’m always going to prefer these types of products have a policy concerning malfunctioning products. It’s just a simple way to ensure you end up with a usable, effective product.

  • All-plastic construction ensuring durability
  • Installation made much easier with reliable screws
  • Made in the USA
  • Two buying options (1-pack and 6-pack)
  • Doesn’t come with a warranty
The lack of warranty is a bummer, but it shouldn’t take this product off your list. It still offers top-tier durability and an easy installation process. You’d have a hard time finding a more practical option available than this one.

7. Alise CA150-4P RV Cabinet Catches

If you want the best RV drawer latches when it comes to durability, Alise’s CA150-4P RV Cabinet Door Tension Catches need serious consideration. These devices earn this distinction with their all-metal construction built from high-quality brass.

Buyers can expect this durable construction to ensure these catches are useful for a long time. Honestly, these catches lasting five or more years wouldn’t shock me at all. Their designs are genuine masterpieces from Alise.

In addition, I was quite pleased to see this option comes in two size options. It’ll ensure purchasers can benefit from their superior durability. In fact, it should make them a solid fit for whatever rig owner ends up looking to buy cabinet latches.

You can also expect their installation process to be rather convenient, considering there are two methods. This feature ensures a user can choose what one feels more comfortable for their particular talents.

Buyers won’t find themselves hating the gold finish, either. This feature doesn’t improve the latches’ overall performance, but it makes them look good. It saves them from being a total eyesore like so many other competing models.

But these catches are another option haunted by faulty included screws. A few customers made it a point to complain about their inclusion with their reviews. It’s something worth thinking about before investing money into them.

  • Durable all-metal, brass construction
  • Rust-proof capabilities
  • Two size options (47mm X 30mm and 60mm X 33mm)
  • Two installation methods
  • Stylish gold finish
  • Faulty included screws
You shouldn’t put too much stock into the faulty screws being a serious issue. Replacing them won’t be expensive and shouldn’t ruin the project cost above what you’d pay for most other latches. It could still end up being a rather sweet deal.

8. BTMB RV Cupboard Door Latches

The BTMB’s RV Cupboard Door Latches offer a broader usage than most models, thanks to its double ball design. This construction allows these latches to work on drawers, doors, cupboards, cabinets, and much more.

I was also impressed by the latches being made from cold-rolled steel and zinc galvanized materials. Their inclusions should ensure these devices can handle whatever situation might arise onboard a rig without much trouble.

Rif owners should not worry much about the installation, as it has proven to be relatively easy for most customers. The customer reviews for these options have nothing but positive things to say about this process. I didn’t find it too challenging either when attempting it myself, thanks to the included manual.

BTMB’s customer service was another story where these latches tend to stand out. Multiple buyers reported the service being nothing but friendly and helpful when answering their questions. They offer a 1-month return policy for all their customers to make sure they’re happy and satisfied.

Bulk buyers would be wise to throw themselves at this option, as well. It comes with 20 latches for a more than affordable price. Honestly, this choice might represent our list’s best bargain, considering the quality, quantity, and price.

Some customers did mention these latches were a little less adjustable than other types. It could end up being a concern when setting them up or using them.

  • Double ball design ensures widespread usage
  • All-metal construction
  • Straightforward installation with an easy-to-follow manual
  • Excellent customer service with a 1-month return policy
  • Affordable 20-pack
  • Lack adjustability
Given their bargain buy status, I’m not going to worry much about their adjustability. These latches are much too convenient for a little issue like this to affect their position on my consideration list.

9. Rok Hardware RV Cabinet Latches

Rok Hardware’s Heavy Duty RV Cabinet Latches is our final product, but certainly not least. It would be best if you didn’t let its position on this list fool you. These ten latches are top-tier options capable of making many rig owners happy with their stellar features.

An excellent example would be its pulling force of between 4.5lbs and 5.5lbs. This quality should make sure this model doesn’t have any issues stopping accidental openings. You can travel with peace of mind that silverware and dishes won’t be flying all around your rig.

I was also intrigued by their rolled, stamped steel constructions. This steel material should ensure reliable and effective performance, which rig owners would love. It should ensure these latches end up being a long-term investment instead of a short-term one.

You have to love this product’s versatility, as well. It has been known for well working on dressers, drawers, cabinets, and much more. Rok Hardware made sure their latches could fit any need that might come up for a rig owner.

The copper finish provides an old rustic look, which would mesh well into my rig’s interior. Any RVer who’s a fan of the old-fashioned look would enjoy these latches in their lives. Plus, the simple installation, included screws, and the affordable price isn’t anything to overlook.

But the included manual was a challenge to use because of its almost unreadable directions. I wasn’t the only one who felt this way as the customer reviews are full of people complaining about this issue. Thankfully, the installation process ended up being straightforward.

  • Includes ten cabinet latches
  • Effective pulling force between 4.5lbs and 5lbs
  • Rolled, stamped steel constructions
  • Versatility usage within a motorhome (drawers, cabinets, and dressers)
  • Rustic, copper finish
  • Hard-to-read installation directions
Aside from the manual issues, there’s nothing worth complaining about with these latches. Their performance and durability should more than meet the expectations of any rig owner. This option ends up being a genuinely great one.

Hardware House 64-4567 RV Catches (Outdated)

If you’re a bulk buyer, Hardware House’s 64-4567 RV Roller Catches could be a perfect option. It’s among the most cost-effective on this list as buyers will get a 10-pack of RV cabinet door locks for a fair price.

These RV cabinet locks aren’t anything to overlook concerning longevity, either. Each of these steel roller catches will offer a great deal of durability thanks to their quality construction. You should get some serious time out of these valuable products.

You also don’t have to worry about the quality of these motorhome drawer catches. Their steel construction makes for a tough and sturdy option. Purchasers won’t have anything to complain about when discussing their overall performance.

Buyers will find these products relatively easy to install, as well. It’s an ability that comes from them coming with the screws needed for installation. As a result, the entire process shouldn’t cause any trouble or hassles.

I was also a fan of this option’s limited warranty. This aspect will ensure a buyer has some protection against receiving a malfunctioning product. It seems Hardware Hose has a reputation for honoring it, which isn’t always the case with other brands.

However, I was a bit concerned to see a few customers had issues with the included screws. It seems they were a bit less sturdy than these buyers would’ve liked. You’ll have to decide whether this issue would have a severe impact on your decision.

  • Contractor pack contains 10 catches
  • Rolled stamped steel roller catch
  • Durable steel construction for greater longevity
  • Easy to install (screws included)
  • Limited warranty
  • A few customers had issues with included screws
The screws’ issues aren’t a massive deal as buying your own won’t be too expensive. But it would’ve been nice for Hardware House to include some strong, durable ones. In any case, this model should still make your consideration list.

CRANACH RV Cabinet Latches (Outdated)

If your RV drawer latches keep breaking, the CRANACH RV Cabinet Latches should solve all your issues. These products have a construction built from high-impact, all-weather ABS material to ensure top-tier performance.

You can expect these trailer cabinet latches to keep your drawers and cabinets closed without any hassles. I was also impressed with their ability to directly replace most latches found on rig cabinets. This benefit makes them an ideal fit for anyone who’s doing RV cabinet latch repair. You’d have a hard time finding other models capable of making this task much more manageable.

Amazingly, the mounting screws are included, which makes the installation easy. Also, disassembling cabinet doors are not necessary with this latch, giving no damage and creating an aesthetic look for your RV. Most customers made a note of how easy and convenient the installation process was within their reviews.

Buyers will enjoy this product’s staggering versatility, as well. You can utilize these latches in several situations, ranging from inside a camper or a home. Their sturdy design makes them an ideal fit for anyone who needs to keep their drawers or cabinets closed.

Rig owners will also have a choice about the quantity between four or eight. Both these options are available at a fair price to further entice buyers with this option’s convenience. I can’t envision a scenario where these drawer latches for RV usage wouldn’t be a good fit.

But I was a little disappointed to see some customers complain about the included directions being hard-to-follow. It could make the installation process a bit more complicated than a buyer might first imagine.

  • All-weather, high impact ABS plastic construction
  • Direct replacement for most older RV latches
  • Installs easily and leaves no damages to your motorhome
  • Proven to be effective in various situations
  • Two buying options (4-pack or 8-pack)
  • Installation directions are a bit challenging
CRANACH did an excellent job building best RV cabinet latches. The manual issues aren’t a huge issue to worry about, either. Most people found out they didn’t need the directions to install these latches anyway.

RDEXP RV Push Button Cabinet Latch (Outdated)

The RDEXP’s RV Push Button Cabinet Latch happens to be one of our most versatile options. It’s known for working on any kind of door with a 15-to-18 mm thickness, which covers various situations.

I was also pleased with this product’s plastic/metal construction. It’ll make sure this model can handle the harsh environment an RV can sometimes get exposed to. You can expect it to hold up well when traveling from place to place. It can be used on RV/motorhome, camper, caravan, cupboard, or cabinet door.

This product’s push-button design was another exciting feature. It ensures a rig owner won’t need to lock or unlock this latch. You instead press a single button to operate this device, which is perfect for a forgetful person like me.

As a result, I no longer have to keep track of separate keys for my cabinet latches. I have enough trouble keeping track of my car keys. It ends up being a nice touch to ensure an even more user-friendly user experience.

Buyers will get five of these latches with this option, as well. It comes with everything needed to install these wonderful devices, from an anti-impact metal sheet to screws. You should have no problem setting them up wherever they’re needed.

However, they aren’t a good fit for rig owners with children. The push-button design isn’t a tough thing to figure even for smaller toddlers. It won’t do much good keeping them out of unwanted drawers or cabinets.

  • Suitable for any door with a 15-to-18mm thickness
  • Durable plastic/metal design
  • Has a variety of applications on RV/ motorhome, camper or cabinet door
  • Push-button design for easy usage
  • Everything included with the purchase (screws and metal sheet)
  • Not a good fit for rig owners with children
If you don’t have children, these camper drawer latches could be a real godsend. Their easy using process and durable design make for a formidable combo for other models to match.

What to Look for When Buying an RV Cabinet Latch


Finding the best motorhome cabinet latches and locks will require understanding a few critical factors about these products. In other words, what features buyers should be looking for in one. I’ll discuss these things at length to ensure you can make an excellent buying decision.

Installation Process

One of the few things to consider is each option’s installation process. It’s essential to avoid any choice, which will be complicated or cause frustration when setting it up. You should instead do some research and find an option capable of being installed without any trouble.

I’m always going to recommend choosing an option that utilizes adhesive or a magnet. Both of them will ensure the installation doesn’t take much time or effort. It also removes the need for drilling that can often ruin cabinet surfaces.

It’s a good idea to look through the buyers’ reviews of each model, as well. These resources will convey whether the installation was more difficult than needed. It’s just another way to make sure you choose a latch that’s usable.

Product Versatility

The RV cabinet locks worth considering will provide a significant amount of versatility. These options are capable of working in a lot more situations than cabinets. Their multi-purpose functions will make sure you get the best deal possible.

Buyers looking for the most versatile options should take a gander at cabinet adhesive mounted latches. I’ll discuss them in more detail later, but these products can bend around corners and lock devices, such as microwaves.


The overall quality of an option’s locking mechanism will have a massive impact on your decision. Every buyer needs to ensure your chosen model makes it challenging for uneven terrain to unlock it. But you’ll also need to make sure adults can open it easily.

It’s a tricky balance to find in one of these products, but it’s essential. Customers’ reviews will go a long way in determining what options can offer this balance. You can use their respective experience to examine whether a lock can meet your needs.


One piece of good news about these products is that they aren’t expensive. Most people end up buying them in bulk. It’s an excellent idea to build a budget based on how many locks are needed around your rig.

You can then use this budget to find the best deal possible. But don’t just settle for an option that looks like a good bargain. It’s essential to make sure those locks are useful rather than buying useless options in bulk.

Other Important Factors to Consider


Our buying guide should’ve provided some insight into what qualities to look for in these products. This next section will discuss a few other essential background factors; it’ll make sure you’re fully equipped to make a solid choice for your new camper cabinet door latches.

What is a cabinet latch for RV?

It’s not too difficult to understand what an RV cabinet does onboard a rig. These products make sure your trip remains comfortable by preventing your cabinets from opening during traveling. It happens to be a simple but necessary function when traveling onboard an RV.

If you don’t have these latches, spills and other accidents would be a common nuisance when driving on a bumpy road. You’d be better off spending money on these devices rather than dealing with constant chaos within your rig.

How does it work?

An RV cabinet latch’s working process will differ slightly depending on its type and design. But it mostly comes down to them being made of the same parts and working based on the same concept.

Every cabinet latch will come with a striker plate and base. Users will install the base to your cabinet’s bottom shelf while the striker plane will attach to the door’s inside. These two parts will work together to ensure your cabinet doesn’t open accidentally.

What are the different types of RV cabinet latches?

As I mentioned previously, several kinds of RV cabinet latches exist. I’ll discuss each type below to ensure you can determine what one fits your needs. These discussions should make selecting the right one a much easier endeavor.

  • RV Cabinet Magnetic Latches

RV cabinet magnetic latches are a popular commodity among RVers because they won’t be visible on a cabinet’s exterior. Therefore, these devices won’t become an ugly distraction within your rig.

These devices offer this benefit because they’re installed on your cabinet’s interior or door. Its install location can differ based on personal preference. For instance, users can install on the bottom, side, or top of your door’s inside.

I always prefer having some control when it concerns installation. It’s also important to mention that models will require using hardware during their installation. Other models will only need some tape when setting them up.

Buyers should expect the ones, which use tape to last a shorter amount of time than the hardware installation options. You’ll need to decide whether you prefer the hardware types or tape models before making a final decision.

RV magnetic cabinet latches can make a rig owner’s life less of a hassle by having one simple construction benefit. These devices don’t produce a space between them and your door, which removes the chances of fingers getting caught and pinched.

Rig owners can shut these latches off when their kids aren’t around, as well. It just requires a simple turning of a knob or switch. But it’s essential to ensure you re-engage it when you’re done.

You should also know that these latches are only openable with a specific key. This trait makes them a rather hard sell for forgetful people like myself. Another issue worth noting is these devices tend to not function as well on thicker drawers or doors.

  • RV Cabinet Adhesive Mounted Latches

Rig owners who aren’t thrilled about drilling into their cabinets need to consider buying an adhesive mounted option. As the name suggests, these options are installed using adhesive and avoid using any hardware during the process.

You should also enjoy how easy these devices are to remove. It’s a benefit that these latches contain a middle strap, which tends to be adjustable. You can expect them to come with an anchor point on one of their ends that the user will use to stick on your cabinet’s surface.

Most of the straps can flex enough to move around corners, which offers a bit more convenience. It’s an ability most other latches don’t offer and opens up locking possibilities that you might not have considered.

A typical example would be using these latches to lock more inflexible appliances, such as microwaves. Buyers will also like their versatility that extends past usage in the kitchen. In fact, these products are known to be effective all over motorhomes.

The only drawback with these types comes from certain options not having reliable adhesive. I’d recommend researching each option’s adhesive thanks to this potential issue. After all, some brands have been known to sell ones that pull off a cabinet’s paint.

  • RV Cabinet Cord Latches

If your RV cabinets have side-by-side knobs, cabinet cord latches would be your best bet. However, it’s essential to know that the market for them is somewhat limited. They only work for a single knob configuration, but they also offer several benefits for the people who can use them.

An excellent example is their insanely easy installation and using processes, which happens to be the easiest out of any type. Users can even utilize this latch with one hand. You only need to pull the cord around its two knobs and use the device’s button to release or tighten its cords.

The process seems simple enough to an adult, but a child will still not figure it out. But these latches do offer another issue worth mentioning. Their cords are known for attracting a child’s interest when they cannot get past them.

On the other hand, these latches are fantastic for anyone who doesn’t want damage or marks imposed on their rig’s cabinets. You can attribute this benefit to them not requiring any tools or hardware when being installed.

  • RV Cabinet Sliding Latches

One of the more versatile types happens to be sliding latches, which can be used on both knobs and handles. But users will find them most effective when used on mushroom-shaped or d-shaped handles.

Their design will consist of U-shaped configurations built to be positioned between two handles or locks. Due to this, it makes using them relatively hassle-free and uncomplicated. You can even work them using one hand, which is always a nice touch.

You also get the added benefit of their cost being relatively inexpensive. Their installations don’t require tools or hardware, which doesn’t hurt their appeal. Therefore, their usage won’t leave your cabinets with any unwanted impressions or damage.

Rig owners with children will find these products more capable, as well. Kids often have trouble operating them, which should keep them out of specific cabinets. It’s a genuinely effective deterrent against even the most rambunctious child.

But not everything about these types of latches is perfect. Sliding latches tend to have longevity concerns as they can break with regular usage. It’s not surprising considering their low cost, which makes them such a great bulk buying choice.

  • RV Spring Release Cabinet Latches

RV spring release cabinet latches are considered old-fashioned models when compared to the other kinds. These devices will require setting up a latch and catch inside your cabinet or drawer when using them.

This setup will ensure you won’t see any installed hardware outside the cabinet or drawer. It should keep the device from being an ugly distraction inside a rig’s interior. Plus, they’ve got a reputation for being extremely effective at ensuring a cabinet stays close when encountering bumpy roads.

But these benefits happen to be the only ones provided by spring release latches. Their issues are more abundant than the other types. One example would be them leaving holes when they’re removed.

These latches also create a small issue every time someone tries to open the drawer or cabinet. It’ll make a little space before it catches, which could cause a pinching hassle for a kid. Plus, it doesn’t benefit users that releasing them requires pushing down on them.

It makes the latch much more straightforward for children to bypass. Honestly, these devices might only be useful against babies or small toddlers. Five or six-year-olds will figure out a way around them rather quickly.

Why do you need drawer latches for RV?

A rig owner’s need for drawer latches isn’t a complicated one to understand. These devices are a vital necessity of RV living because they ensure your stuff doesn’t fly around a motorhome during travel.

In other words, these latches will keep your dishes, food, silverware, other items within their assigned cabinets. You also might need them to lock away some things that shouldn’t be in a pet or child’s reach.

A few other benefits include low prices, durability, and easy using/installation processes. It’s just a practical item capable of making a rig owner’s life much more comfortable on the road. Do yourself a favor and invest in some top-tier ones right away.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Our FAQ section will answer any lingering questions about these devices. After reading it, you should have everything needed to decide what RV cabinet latches fit your needs.

What are good RV cabinet latch brands?

The trustworthy RV cabinet latch brands excel in two areas, providing high-quality products and top-tier customer service. Finding a company capable of offering both can be tricky in a marketplace like this one.

But I’ve given you a head start by mentioning several in our reviews. Each one of these brands has earned a stellar reputation among rig owners. If you stick with them, I have no reason to believe this process won’t end with a smile on your face.

How to keep RV drawers closed while driving?

The process of how to keep RV drawers closed while driving is an easy thing to do with a set of top-tier latches. It becomes a matter of setting them up, which should ensure they have no problem keeping them closed. You’ll no longer have to worry about dishes or silverware flying everywhere during travel.

Can you put regular cabinets in an RV?

Yes, you can put regular cabinets in an RV. However, it is vital to ascertain a few things.

First, the cabinet must be size-appropriate for your motorhome. If not, you might have to modify the furniture’s size to fit the camper’s cramped space.

Second, adjustment is also necessary if your RV has a curved ceiling. You will want to ensure the shape of the cabinet fits the vehicle’s interior.

Third, you must replace the kitchen cabinets latches. Regular household cabinets have a less-than-secure mechanism to prevent the doors from opening. These systems might loosen when driving your RV, increasing the risk of emptying the cabinet’s contents onto the RV floor and other surfaces.

Installing the strongest cabinet latch you could find should solve this issue.

If you dislike the hassle of modifying a regular cabinet to fit your camper, a better option would be to buy cupboards specifically designed for RVs. These pieces of furniture already feature heavy duty drawer latches and door latches to secure your belongings while the RV is in motion.

Are magnetic latches good?

Magnetic latches for RV cabinets are good if you drive your motorhome only on bump-free and zero-pothole roads. They are also a worthy option if your cupboards have built-in guardrails that prevent items from falling off if the inside cabinet latch magnets accidentally disengage, popping the door open.

Although magnetic attraction is a dependable force, sudden vehicle shifts can push objects in the cabinet against the door. Many RVers do not recommend magnetic locks because of their unreliable security.

RV owners who want to leverage the magnetic latch’s minimalist look can put guardrails on their furniture.

What is a slam latch?

Slam latches for cabinets and drawers are spring-activated mechanical devices that rely on force to secure furniture. Many RVers consider a slam latch as the most effective fixture to prevent cabinet doors and other objects from accidentally opening.

Slam latches feature a sliding pin mechanism. When you push or slam the door panel, the curved pin slides int0 a notch to lock the panel.

This cabinet latch lock type also has a lever or a knob, allowing RVers to remove the pin by recoiling the spring. It is perfect for RV owners who want to drive off-road, guaranteeing cabinet contents do not fall to the floor.

How do you install a slam latch?

Replacing your vintage RV cabinet latches with more secure slam latches is easy. Manufacturers provide detailed installation instructions to help you set up these products. If you cannot understand the user guide, you can find many how-to videos on YouTube.

Installing a slam latch to replace your small cabinet latch starts by examining the product’s design features to give you an idea of how it works and how you should set it up in your cabinet.

Grab the slam catch and place it inside the door at your desired position. Consider the door panel’s thickness, ensuring it remains flush with the cabinet. Secure the slam catch with the accompanying screws from your kit.

Create a mounting template to make it more convenient to install the slam latch into the outer side of the door panel while ensuring correct alignment. Position the template on the door and mark the area where you will create a hole. Use a hole saw to drill an opening into the door panel, enough to fit the slam latch.

Insert the slam latch through the opening and position the latch ring. Secure the ring with screws and finish up by testing your slam latch.

How do you install an RV drawer latch?

Honestly, installing most of these latches won’t be much trouble or take many materials. The entire task can be done with an electric drill, tape measure, screwdriver, and a pencil. You’ll want to start by ensuring both the parts align and meet when the door closes.

If you don’t, this entire process will become an absolute waste of time. You should also mark these places using the previously mentioned pencil. Proceed to use your electric drill and make a shallow hole in the areas with those pencil marks.

You can then screw the parts on using your screwdriver. I would advise against using your drill because there’s a risk of stripping the screws out of the wood. Once you’re done, check whether the cabinet latch works.

If you have difficulty opening it or it’s too easy to open, the latch might need adjusting. I’d suggest adjusting and loosening the screws.


After reading this article, finding the best RV cabinet latch shouldn’t be much of an issue. You now have everything needed to pick out the perfect set capable of keeping your drawers and cabinets closed.

But questions and concerns might still come up during the searching process. If this does happen, don’t hesitate to leave me a post in our comment section. I’ll make sure to answer each one as soon as possible. Thanks for reading!

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