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The Best RV Fender Skirts

Written by Stephen Ryan / Fact checked by William Turner

Peace of mind is a luxury that is hard to find on the road, especially when you are driving a vehicle as enormous as the RV. As an RV owner and enthusiast for years now, I can definitely say that one can easily build that peace of mind by steadily ticking all the right boxes when it comes to prepping for a long drive.

And one of the right ways to do that is to set your attention on one of the most overlooked areas, to both new and seasoned drivers: set your eyes on the rig’s fender skirt!

The best RV fender skirts should improve the conditions of your rig on the road. Aside from preventing small pieces of debris from hitting the sides of your wheels to your destination, the fender skirt is also responsible for protecting the wheel against the elements like rain, snow, and even hale.

Top 1

ICON Keystone FS1772


Dimensions 71 x 13.7 x 2.5 inches
Material ABS
Color White

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Top 2

ICON 12303 FS2293 


Dimensions 71.5 x 15.2 x 3 inches
Material ABS plastic
Color Polar White, Metallic Olive Gray

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Top 3

ICON 1424 FS700


Dimensions 66.6 x 13 x 2 inches
Material ABS
Color Polar White

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Table of Contents

10 Best Fender Skirt for RV Reviews 2023

1. Keystone Travel Trailer Fender Skirt

The Keystone travel trailer fender skirt is an ideal replacement for your old piece.

I like this fender skirt because, as its name implies, scuff-resistant texture and molded high impact ABS, which can withstand heavy use and adverse environmental conditions. I do not have to worry about scratches or getting minor damages.

This skirt has a perfect fit as it has the measurement form available on the manufacturer’s website. Still, make sure to measure before placing an order, measure, and compare your old fender skirt to this new one.

Best of all, it is easy to clean, and it doesn’t require much maintenance. This is also a great product of high quality and fits various Keystone brands. You can purchase the model at a modest price and enjoy its long-lasting use.

Beyond that, it can be a little inconvenient as the holes are not pre-drilled. I had to drill the mounting holes to position the skirt fender. Despite this, I like how it looks on my travel trailer as if it was the original fender skirt.

  • Can withstand heavy use and adverse environment
  • Offers a perfect fit
  • Requires little maintenance
  • A low-priced fender skirt
  • Compatible with various Keystone products
  • The holes are not pre-drilled

I strongly suggest using these RV fender flares as they are made of high-quality materials to endure significant pressure.

2. ICON 12303 Keystone Tandem Fender Skirt

Users can rely on the ICON Tandem Axle Fender Skirt to support and decorate their RVs.

What I like about this fender skirt is that it is sturdy enough to handle much pressure. Furthermore, the textured finish on its surface adds more strength to the piece, making it better at enduring impact.

This product serves its purpose as the airflow smoothly on my RV’s bodywork instead of being trapped on the wheel. It is great to know that removing dirt off this fender skirt is a piece of cake as its design allows breezy cleaning.

Besides, this product is aesthetically made as it looks like the authentic one that came with my cougar. Its polar white color implements most RV designs to boost the vehicles’ beauty subtly.

There is no hardship assembling this fender skirt to your RV, even if you are a first-time user. Plus, the measuring forms available on the manufacturer’s website were a great help as I was able to compare my old fender skirt’s measurement before purchasing this ICON.

Still, buyers should make sure that this model fits their RV as its modification can be shorter than expected.

  • Made and reinforced to endure significant pressure of an RV
  • Easy to set-up
  • A perfect match if your measurements are correct
  • Beautiful color and design
  • Might be shorter than expected
I highly recommend using this fender skirt as it is aesthetically made and has good quality. Also, this RV fender skirt is easy to install, making it ideal for first-time owners.

3. ICON Jayco Tandem Fender Skirt

This ICON Jayco Tandem Fender Skirt was suggested to me by a colleague as he has been using one for his camper. I’m glad I followed his advice as it looks fantastic on my Jayco Designer.

The price of this fender skirt is definitely worth the investment as it is made of high quality. As expected, the reliable brand – ICON continues to offer a reasonable price for such a well-made fender skirt.

After replacing the old fender skirt, my Designer looks new again, and no one can’t tell that this wasn’t the original. Surprisingly, the whole installation process can only take you around 20 minutes if you are new to this.

Luckily, I received this Jayco fender skirt in good condition and intact packaging. Buyers should choose the right shipment company to ensure your product is perfectly good to use right away.

I’ve been using this fender skirt for months now, and it is still durable. That must be because of the high-impact ABS material and the reinforced texture added on the product. Furthermore, it never became brittle nor changed in color, unlike the original that the white color became yellowish.

Other than the Jayco Designer, you can comfortably fit this model into an Eagle, Jay Flight, Octane ZX, or Recon ZX to enjoy its durability and esthetics.

Still, it can be a little shorter than the usual pieces. You can read about its measurements and decide if it fits your needs.

  • Looks like the original as if it came with the camper
  • Easy to assemble and fit
  • Compatible with various RV models
  • It is solidly built and reinforced
  • The fender skirt is a bit short in length
It always feels good if your camper looks nice and clean. With this product, you would never have to worry about brittleness or change in color as this fender skirt is made with high-quality materials.

4. Alpha Systems Tandem Trailer Fender Skirts

The next top-selected product in this list is the Alpha Systems Pair of white tandem trailer fender skirts.

What I like most about this fender skirts is that it is UV-protected as its name infers. It can withstand any weather conditions without becoming brittle or crack. Hence, RV owners can confidently travel to various places using these fender skirts for their RVs.

Notably, they are sturdy even if my camper passes rocky roads as they are made with durable and robust plastic material. Since this pair is a molded model constructed from high-impact ABS, it is unlikely that the product will break down any time soon.

Besides, they like the original as they my RV look superior while on the road. Such fender skirts indeed improve the value of an RV, making it more attractive than ever.

Do not worry about the installation as it is hassle-free as long as you have the correct tools. However, you might need to do some trimming if the product does not fit your RV perfectly at first.

  • Made of durable and robust molded ABS
  • Can withstand harsh weather conditions
  • No sign of crack or brittle when exposed to sunlight due to UV-protected feature
  • Looks superior while on the road
  • Might require some trimming
All in all, I am satisfied with how fantastic and sturdy they look. No one will think that this isn’t the original because it seems like it came from the factory along with the camper.

5. ICON Fleetwood Tandem Fender Skirt

You will love the ICON Fleetwood Tandem Fender Skirt, as it is a versatile and functional model that gains numerous compliments from RV owners.

What I relish about this fender skirt is that the surface is scuff-resistant. Getting a scratch from the surroundings or some rocks and debris on a dirt road is unavoidable, especially when I am always outdoors. Luckily, my fender skirt still looks brand-new after a long while of usage due to the feature.

The manufacturer surely puts much effort into crafting this durable product. In fact, this ICON fender skirt is created using high-quality material, making this fender long-lasting compared to many pieces in the market at the same price range.

You can start fitting the screws into holes pre-drilled and finish the installation process in several minutes. I face no difficulty in the process since it does not require much force and skill.

Best of all, it goes well in terms of size and color with many vehicles, mostly Fleetwood models, from old to new. If you own a Fleetwood Terry LX, or a Fleetwood Redline HyperLite, do not miss out on trying this item.

There are various sizes for you to pick from, therefore kindly measuring your RV to get the correct piece. Since some people do not take this process seriously, they might end up having to drill or adjust the holes to make the product fit.

  • The exterior of this fender skirt is scratch-resistant
  • High-quality and long-lasting material
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Go well with most Fleetwood RV models
  • Various size choices to pick from
  • Require careful measurements to choose the suitable size
Overall, I highly recommend buying this ICON fender skirt as it has a good value for money. You do not need not to worry about the harsh environment and surroundings when going to places with different environment conditions.

6. Fleetwood Travel Trailer Fender Skirt

I bought this Fleetwood 5th Wheel Fender Skirt in place of my old fender skirt right in the camp’s middle. A couple of holes got too worn out during the ride that it dislodged the skirt. Good thing I was able to find a replacement online quickly.

I like this fender skirt as it has a comprehensive fit. That means you can utilize it for many RV models without having to trim it too much.

Regarding its size, the skirt is 5.08 centimeters high, 198.12 centimeters long, and its width is 37.465 centimeters. It does not weigh too much, hence adding little burden to your vehicle while traveling.

It renews the look of my camper as it is made with high-grade materials. Notably, the fender skirt has a smooth finish, creating a refreshing look on even old RVs. I must say this fender has a good value for money because of its durability.

I notice that there is a color variation after several months of usage. Perhaps the color fades when often exposed to the elements like the sunlight. Nevertheless, I am satisfied and happy with my fender skirt.

  • Offers a snug fit
  • A light-weight fender skirt
  • High-quality construction for durability
  • A smooth finish gives a refreshing look on RVs
  • The color fades through time due to exposure to the elements
In my opinion, purchasing this fender is worth every penny. It is durable and made with high-quality materials. Assembly is very straightforward; just make sure you have all the tools needed during installation to avoid the hassle.

7. ICON FS740 Fleetwood RV Fender Skirt

I always choose ICON every time I have to replace some furnishings or accessories with my travel trailer. It’s one of my go-to brands, which is why I decided to try their FS740 variant when I needed 5th wheel fender skirts.

This ICON FS740 Fleetwood Fender Skirt is heavy-duty. I’ve been using this skirt for a year and a half, and it’s still in good shape. I’ve been traveling a lot with my trailer, and this skirt has been exposed to heavy rains and sunlight, but I never have an issue with brittleness.

As the name implies, it is made with durable high-impact ABS plastic, making this skirt explicit and stand out among other brands.

Remarkably, installing is quick and easy as the fender skirt fits perfectly. You can see people use it for their Fleetwood RV models, such as Prowler, Wilderness, Terry, and Tarrus. If your vehicle is among these, taking this fender skirt makes excellent sense.

This polar white fender skirt is a safe choice for all RV owners since it easily matches Rv color shades.

It would be nice if the screw holes were pre-drilled. Although all the screw holes were all lined up and there’s no need to drill new ones as it matches the old fender skirt. Good thing I have all the tools needed during assembly.

  • Exact measurement to fit perfectly
  • The installation process is quick and breezy
  • Compatible with multiple Fleetwood RV designs
  • Polar white fender skirt that matches lots of colors
  • The screw holes are not pre-drilled
You can never go wrong with this well-made fender skirt. It provides a high-quality product that will last for quite some time.

8. Keystone 5th Wheel Fender Skirt

If you are looking for a quality made fender skirt, go with Keystone Fifth Wheel Fender Skirts. I once purchased this after I blew a trailer tire while parking my RV on my brother’s farm. I’ve never regretted my decision.

The price for each fender skirt is justifiable as it is well made with high quality. I must say that this fender will last for a while. It is worth investing in a product that can stand by its name. I’ve been using this skirt for quite a while now, and so far, the color looks the same, no discoloration or whatsoever.

Under significant pressure of the RV, this fender skirt shows no sign of bending and distorting, making it one of the most robust products. This can only be explained by the high-impact ABS plastic construction and meticulous production process of ICON.

This ruggedly-looking skirt provided my trailer a new look, compared to my old dented and full of scratched fenders. There is a slight contrast in color compared to the original fender skirt, but it is still acceptable for me as the difference is unnoticeable in a far distance.

This one is also the perfect choice for users who seek a well-designed fender skirt for their Keystone Challenger or Everest. However, it is still a high-priced model that might not be suitable for every user.

  • No discoloration after long use
  • High-impact materials and meticulous production process
  • Ruggedly looking
  • A good match for Keystone Challenger and Everest models
  • A high-priced fender skirt
You can never go wrong with this skirt as it is durable and will provide a new look to your trailer. Make sure to compare and collect your old skirt measurements before placing an order to have the correct fit.

9. ICON 01625 Jayco Tandem Axle Fender Skirt

I was browsing the internet looking for a Jayco fender skirt with the same color (metallic grey) as the one for my Jay Flight, and I found this ICON 01625 Tandem Axle.

The fender skirt boasts a tough and professional look to my fender. I love the metallic gray color as it matches my trailer. Surprisingly, my trailer looks brand-new again after replacing the old broken fender.

If you are searching the market for your wheels’ protection product, these skirts should be among your potential choices. It is because of the incredible durability that these models promise to offer. In detail, their high-impact ABS plastic solidified by a textured finish can withstand crack and break under heavyweight.

Also, you will hardly have any issue with fittings as they match perfectly. Start drilling the screw holes before installing them. Users should know that its dimensions go well with the designs of Jayco Eagle, Jay Flight Bungalow, Octane ZX, Jay Flight G2, and some other popular RV models.

These camper fender skirts would have a good value for money, even if they were priced individually. The only weak point of this otherwise excellent product is that it can be scratched. If you are not careful, its shiny appearance can be harmed by the outer elements sooner than expected.

  • A heavy-duty fender skirt
  • Tough yet professional looking product
  • Adds much protection to your wheels
  • Ideal for various RV designs such as Jayco Eagle, Jay Flight Bungalow, Octane ZX, Jay Flight G2, and more
  • Can be scratched sooner than expected
Regardless of the issue mentioned above, this should not stop us from utilizing this fender skirt. I highly recommend everyone in purchasing one as it has a good value for money.

10. ICON 01632 Keystone Tandem Fender Skirt

I bought this ICON 01632 Fender Skirt for Keystone to replace the bruised and battered one I had before setting off to camp with my family.

What I like about this fender skirt is that it is well-made. The metallic bronze was a perfect match with my trailer. It provided a seamless appearance to my trailer after replacing the old smashed fender.

For the price of this fender skirt, it is definitely worth it as it is made of high quality. I like it’s toughness as this fender can withstand any weather condition made with durable high-impact ABS plastic.

After several months of usage, I do not have any problems with scratches or crispness. It still looks new and sturdy even after exposure to elements in surrounding environments. Because of its sturdiness and good look, I must say that this fender is an excellent deal.

The screw holes of this new fender should be aligned with the old fender. We just need to drill the screw holes and put some silicone to make it a fit.

  • Provides brand-new look to your RV
  • Metallic Bronze color offers great shine
  • Excellent-quality product to endure attacks of elements
  • No scratches and crispness guarantee
  • Require some modification to make a perfect fit
Despite doing some modifications, all I can say is, this fender solves my problem. You can take this to fit in your Keystone RV without hassle.

What to Look for When Buying RV Fender Skirts


Much of the comfort you enjoy the road is attributed to the condition of the rig. And what else should be taken more than the rig’s wheels, one of its essential parts? The wheels face the terrain head-on, be the long country road sandy, or rocky, dusty.

Still, both newcomers and old school drivers in the community are quite confused about how a fender skirt will help you protect your wheel, your rig, and your passengers overall. Let us discuss its importance to the journey by expanding on the factors to consider when buying the best RV fender skirt replacement for your rig.

The Right Size

When talking about the right size you need for your RV’s fender skirt, you are talking about several sub-factors. First and foremost, you look at the product’s actual dimensions when you talk about the right size.

Different rigs are built with other foundations, and of course, needs. For example, a company might manufacture RVs with particular body shape, wheel shape, fender shape, or any other physical feature that makes it stand out. Of course, such specially built machines would require special products too.

When talking about the fender skirt’s right size, consider the actual dimensions that are needed by your rig since not all rigs are built the same. You can also put quite a bit of consideration to the shape of the fender skirt you will choose.

As discussed above, this comes to play when your rig is built differently from others. Aside from this, you can also consider this an aspect of the product’s overall design. Whether there are benefits and special features attached to the shape and design your chosen product has should be of importance to you, since aesthetics is just second to practicality when it comes to long driving matters.

The Right Make

Looking for the right make can also mean two things when it comes to fender skirts. First off, it talks about the actual materials that were involved in making the products.

As you may know, the materials can influence the performance of the product at hand. And so, choosing the product with the right make for you means a steadier, safer drive on the great outdoors.

The materials used in the product you are looking at will matter when it comes to the weight that it adds to the rig.

There are lightweight RV fender skirts, which are durable enough to handle minimal wear and tear on the road but do not pressure the fender with its weight.

There are heavy-duty products out there too that promises durability in the long run but for a higher price.

Before you choose, evaluate first the kinds of activities you plan to take on with your RV. Will it be used roughly, and on the frequent side? Or do you just need a quick fix for a spontaneous getaway?

The Right Quality

As mentioned above, you should also consider the kind of activities you have planned out as you choose the right RV fender skirt for you. Would you be going off the beaten path most of the time, taking on challenging roads and pushing outdoor adventure limits? Or do you only need it for a calm, long drive on the open highway?

Take into consideration your favored terrains, and how much traveling you are planning out.

The good quality is about the durability of the product, as discussed above, but it is also about its longevity.

With the quality and its current price range, how long will it serve the rig? There are quite a few trusted products out there in a cheaper price range and have average mid-level durability, which means that they can be easily replaced once broken (although that might happen quite frequently).

Buying named brands can be on the pricier side might be a hassle at the moment, but if it can last you a couple of years or more, then it can be considered as an investment for the long term. Buying used RV fender skirts is not advisable as its quality would likely have already deteriorated.

The Right Price

As you make it down to this part of the list, you cannot consider everything together. With its quality, size, and additional advantages, would it be worth it for the price? This depends on the need you have for your rig, as well as your current budget. If money’s tight, you can always try making your own DIY RV fender skirts.

When looking at the price, try considering the warranty part of the purchase. Do they offer a warranty for their product in case of performance failure? Does the warranty affect the price? Do note that most of the companies that offer warranty show confidence in their brand, which might be a good sign.

I also have a list of the top-rated truck tires for towing a travel trailer for your reference. Furthermore, check our guides for truck tires for towing 5th wheel if you are looking for a tire for your vehicle.

Other Important Factors to Consider


What is an RV fender skirt?

Picture this. You and your family, driving your favorite road on the way to a camp you have been dying to go to for weeks. Suddenly it rains, and before you know it, the dusty road soon turns muddy. But you just cruise through it like it is nothing because your rig has been through worse.

You are not worried about the wheel and the rig’s body, getting dirtied and sustaining damage. Why? The RV fender skirt plays a big part in this.

The RV fender skirt helps protect the wheel from the accumulation of damage dealt by the road elements. Small rocks, debris, mud, even rain, snow, and hale make up the accumulated damage sustained by the wheels on the road.

As the RV fender skirt protects the wheel from this, so does it protect the rig’s body from the same elements catapulted by the moving wheels. Two birds in one stone, really!

How does it work?

As mentioned above, it basically is an attachment that upgrades the rig’s exterior defenses against the accumulation of damage sustained on the road. The moment you attach it to the fender, it will do its job!

What are the different kinds of RV fender skirts?

There are several ways to differentiate camper fenders skirts from each other. The first category to look at is the material of the product you are looking at.

  • Plastic – RV fender skirts made of plastic are arguably the most widely available option than others. One of its best characteristics is that it can be easily molded and colored. There are many variations out there when it comes to design, in terms of dimensions and color variations.

It is also relatively cheaper than others and provides lightweight protection for your rig. Which means it does not add to the strain to the body. If there is a downside to plastic RV fender skirts, it is that they may only be for short uses since they tend to break easier than the other options. However, with its low price and availability, they are easier to find and replace.

  • Fiberglass – The fiberglass RV fender skirt is currently the go-to option of the everyday RV driver. Companies use glass fiber to create a reinforced-type of plastic, which is how they create this durable, lightweight, and reliable material.

As an RV fender skirt, fiberglass gives you the same versatility of plastic when it comes to design and variation while having a more robust nature. So expect options if you are quite picky about dimensions and colors to complement your rig’s overall aesthetic. One noticeable downside to the fiberglass is that it can be prone to scratching. Although it would not affect its integrity, it might be quite hard to ignore if you are a thorough rig owner.

  • Metallic Alloy – The metallic alloy RV fender skirt is probably the classic option among the three, favored by seasoned drivers and old school RVers. When you choose metallic alloy as a material, it can promise you three things.

It can promise you durability against the constant movement of the rig, stability and security, and long drives, and most of all, it promises resistance against the elements. It is sturdy, easier to lock in, and will surely last you a long time.

If there are downsides to choosing aluminum RV fender skirts, it might be less design variation. With a hard material to work with, unique colors and dimensions might be hard to find. This material also needs constant check-ups to prevent unwanted build-ups.

Now that we have discussed their difference in materials let us move on to other specifics.

Different RV fender skirts are also available based on the axle design of your rig. Single axle RV fender skirts are quite easy to find because most shops sell them.

This fits the standard rig axle and is relatively straightforward when it comes to installation. There are also the tandem axle RV fender skirts, available for the specifically made rigs. And of course, there are also RV fender skirts for your triple axle trailers that will need it.

How long do RV fender skirts last?

There is no straightforward answer to this question because several factors can impact an RV fender skirt’s longevity.

For example, fiberglass travel trailer skirts are more durable than plastic. Pound-for-pound, fiberglass is also sturdier than aluminum and steel, allowing this product to last 80 to 100 years. On the other hand, trailer fender skirts aluminum variants can last 30 to 50 years.

Although plastic takes a thousand years to decompose, its functional lifespan is often shorter than fiberglass and aluminum due to brittleness, secondary to prolonged and constant sun exposure.

Manufacturers address this concern by using high-density polymers with anti-UV treatment to improve the fender skirt’s resistance against UV radiation.

Unfortunately, the lifespan of fender skirts does not end with the materials. Manufacturing and quality control procedures can also impact their longevity. An RV fender skirts manufacturer that adheres to the highest standards can deliver longer-lasting products than a brand that takes shortcuts.

Sadly, highly durable fender skirts tend to cost more. Hence, the budgetary constraints can also impact how long an RV fender skirt will last.

How do you measure an RV fender skirt?

Measuring camping trailer fender skirts is not a complicated process, as long as RV owners have a tape measure.

RVers can start by determining whether they have a single, double, or triple axle in their travel trailers. Online resources help buyers choose the fender skirt specific to their motorhome brand and model, narrowing the options for better selection.

The Internet presents RV owners with options based on the search filters, including the RV fender skirt measurements. RVers must note these dimensions and compare them to the motorhome.

The fender skirt’s top length describes the distance between one hole above a wheel well’s centerline and another hole above the adjacent wheel well.

Shoppers must also consider the wheel wall (the distance between the lowest point of the fender skirt’s outside leg and the wheel wall’s highest point).

The outside leg width is the distance between the leg’s inner side and the skirt side. Meanwhile, the overall length refers to the distance between the fender skirt’s longest points, and the overall height is the skirt’s top-to-bottom measurement.

How do you fix a fender skirt on an RV?

RVers can complete a DIY 5th wheel storage skirt repair in a few hours with the correct tools and materials. However, the whole fix can take at least a day to let the resin cure before sanding and finishing. Regardless, the steps for fixing motorhome fender skirts should not be too challenging to follow.

RV owners must avoid fixing the fender skirt attached to the RV. Seasoned DIYers also recommend buying a fender skirt repair kit because it is more economical than purchasing individual materials.

  1. First, you must remove the fender skirt by loosening the screws, bolts, or rivets.
  2. Next, sand the fender skirt’s surface, focusing on the cracked, split, or damaged section. Sanding is necessary to create a rough surface for bonding materials to cling to.
  3. DIYers must patch the damaged area with epoxy or other bonding materials, covering at least an inch wider than the break or crack. It will be wise to apply several patches to create a super-strong layer.
  4. One must also smear resin at the fender skirt’s backside and leave everything to cure for 24 hours.
  5. Sanding and applying the finishing touches should be easy after curing.

How high should RV fenders be above tires?

A commercially available or homemade trailer fender should sit about three to four inches above RV tires.

Alternatively, RV owners can check their travel trailer suspension system’s deflection rating and add about two 1/4 inches. For example, if the suspension moves 1.75 inches, RV owners can set the RV fender’s height to 4 inches.

Why do you need fender skirts for RV?

As most RV drivers would say, knowing how to handle the RV is only half the battle, and the other half is knowing how to maintain it. In order to keep your rig to its tip top shape and keep your drives safer, longer, and cozier, you would need to keep everything in check.

And that includes the RV fender skirt, no matter how small a role you think it plays. The RV fender skirts protect the rig from damage and the passengers from dirt, and for such a small part of the rig, it sure plays a big ball.

It would help if you had the RV fender skirts for two things, mainly. The first one is aesthetics. If you are the kind of owner who treats your rig like your baby, your child, you would know firsthand the lengths one would go to keep your rig squeaky clean and beautiful inside and out. The RV fender skirt gives the rig a rounder, much friendlier aura without all the fender’s edges. It also goes along with the overall look of the body!

The second thing you need the RV fender skirt for is the aerodynamics. Without it, the air you face as your rig moves will get trapped on the rear wheels, which will surely slow you down and cost you time and gas. The RV fender skirt acts as a shield and makes the air distribution smoother over the vehicle’s body.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How do you install an RV fender skirt?

One of the great things about RV fender skirts is that they are fairly easy to install. It only requires a few tools, minimal handyman experience, and a go-getter attitude! That last one is optional.

First off, you would need to find the correct measurements of your rig’s fender skirt area. Most rigs come pre-drilled for RV fender skirts, so you need only look for it! Once you are done, try a dry fitting with the fender skirt you have at hand.

Make sure that it is the correct size, and that the design complements the rig.

If you have an old fender skirt that you are replacing, this is where you take it off your rig. Unscrew it from the body, and clean the surface it occupied once entirely off. This ensures that any stuck sealants and dirt build-ups are removed so that the new RV fender skirt can adhere to a good surface.

After this, you are going to pre-drill the new RV fender skirt on its corresponding screw areas. This is done beforehand to avoid cracking when done later in the process. Now, when it is all set, it is the time to fit in the new fender skirt to the rig’s body!

Pro tip: most rig owners use tapes to provide a softer cushion for the drill when making the pilot holes for the screws.

Once the fender skirt is in place, you can then screw the parts in tight and secure. After this, you are to find the mounting point and screw that in also. And voila! You have now installed an RV fender skirt for your rig!

How do you use an RV fender skirt?

The RV fender skirt will be able to provide significant protection for your rig once installed. It also can add great value to its overall aesthetics, and improve its aerodynamics! All in one sweep move!

How to care for and clean an RV fender skirt?

To maintain the RV fender skirt in tiptop shape, you can also give it regular check-ups and clean-ups, like all the other areas of the RV.

The first thing to do is to remove the fender skirt from the body thoroughly. Secure every screw, and put them in an undisturbed area. You can clean them individually in this area, with water, soap, and cloth. After doing so, make sure to dry them on the sun and wipe them with a cloth afterward.

For the fender skirt, you can clean them using the same materials used for the screws. Rub off the build-up caused by the mixture of rain, mud, dust, and all the other ones that got embedded while on the road. After washing with a mild soap, rinse and dry it again before re-installing.


One of the keys to a better driving experience in the RV is using RV-specified tools, equipment, and add-ons for your travels. RV-specified upgrades such as the travel trailer fender skirts are built with more strength, durability, and quality than other vehicle add-ons out there. This is because the RV is expected to power through snows, heavy rains, and even storms. And with that in its resume, it needs products that can complement its capabilities.

Hence, by finding the best RV fender skirts for your rig, you are also unleashing your rig’s potential while safeguarding it from the usual troubles faced in the great outdoors.

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