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The Best RV Fire Extinguishers for Your Safety

Written by Stephen Ryan / Fact checked by William Turner

Anyone who looks for buying the best RV fire extinguisher has come to the right place. Because this article will dive you into several crucial topics about these devices, ranging from their benefits to notable buying factors.

best rv fire extinguisher

Each of these discussions will help ensure that you can make a smart buying decision. I want to make sure this process ends with buying a suitable fire extinguisher: one that can be your first line of defense against onboard fire.

If you let me, I’ll even make sure this entire search goes smoothly. You just need to keep reading, and choosing a perfect option will become an absolute breeze. Let’s not waste any more time and dive right into the task at hand.

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First Alert Fire Extinguisher


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LifeSafe Technologies Extinguisher


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Amerex B417T


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Table of Contents

7 Most Trusted RV Extinguisher Reviews 2023

This section contains 12 reviews of top-tier RV fire extinguishers to handle available products in the market better. There are not only the product’s details mentioned, but also real experiences illustrated.

1. First Alert Rechargeable Fire Extinguisher

First Alert’s Rechargeable REC5 RV Fire Extinguisher is a common choice among rig owners because of its 5-B: C rating. This rating indicates the product’s capability of fighting electrical and flammable-liquid fires, which are standard onboard rigs.

You can attribute its effectiveness to using a sodium bicarbonate extinguishing agent. This agent has received a significant amount of praise from buyers. It seems this device has been more than capable of dealing with the occasional kitchen fire onboard an RV.

I was also impressed by its design, which features a metal head. This aspect will ensure the device remains durable enough to withstand the bumpy terrain inside rigs. Plus, this First Alert fire extinguisher expiration date isn’t determinable because it’s not supposed ever to expire.

The product includes a strap and bracket, which were two other excellent additions. These inclusions will help ensure the device can function well and remain secure in an RV environment. You won’t have to worry about it rolling and flying around when travelling.

Rig owners should pay close attention to this product’s safety seal on its metal pull pin as well. It’ll ensure accidental dischargers and tampering aren’t an issue. As a result, it’ll always be a reliable device whenever someone might need it.

Buyers will end up loving this product’s overall convenience. It comes with an easy-to-read metal gauge that’s color-coded for ultimate user-friendliness. This aspect will make sure a user will always know when the device needs a recharge or not.

However, it’s worth noting some buyers did report a few shipping issues with this model. It seems this campervan fire extinguisher has a habit of taking longer than expected to arrive.

  • 5-B: C rated fire extinguisher
  • Uses sodium bicarbonate extinguishing agent for handling serious fires
  • Durable design featuring a metal head
  • Included strap and bracket for easy mounting
  • Features a metal pull pin with a safety seal to reduce accidental discharges
  • Equipped with an easy-to-read, color-coded metal gauge
  • Shipping issues
The occasional shipping issue shouldn’t make buyers fearful of purchasing this fire extinguisher. Its impressive features and user-friendliness vastly outweigh a few isolated problems with shipping. Rig owners looking for a B: C model could do a whole lot worse than this model.

2. LifeSafe Technologies StaySafe 5-in-1 Fire Extinguisher

Most fire extinguishers are bulky and hefty. A compact solution is the LifeSafe Technologies StaySafe 5-in-1. Although this brand of fire extinguisher is not as popular as First Alert, Kidde, Water Mist, and H3R, it more than delivers its promise of efficient and effective fire suppression.

I like this disposable fire extinguisher’s five-in-one formulation, enabling anyone to fight almost any type of flames in motorhomes, garages, workshops, and other places. It can suppress fires from electricity, fabric, diesel or petroleum, cooking oil, and paper. I feel more confident about my novice firefighting abilities with this product by my side.

In fact, LifeSafe actually plans to make this option a marine fire extinguisher. In the meantime, offices and commercial establishments will find its five-in-one fire-fighting capability noteworthy.

Unlike conventional extinguishers, suppressing fires with this product is like spraying an aerosol can. It is that effortless. Stowing it is also not a concern because it only weighs 10.5 ounces. People can stash this product in their bags or slip it inside a drawer. Although plastic, the canister is recyclable, eliminating its ecological footprint.

The small size also makes the product quicker to move and deploy, saving me precious time in accidents.

My only comment about this RV fire extinguisher is its short three-year lifespan. RV owners must buy a new can if they do not use this fire extinguisher within that period.

  • Capable of extinguishing five fire types
  • Effortless application, like spraying an aerosol can
  • Lightweight, recyclable plastic canister for improved portability
  • For offices, garages, homes, and mor
  • Three-year expiration
Regardless, its ability to fight five types of fires makes this fire extinguisher an excellent choice for RV owners, students, office workers, DIYers, and virtually anyone. It is a cinch to carry and store, safe for the environment, and a breeze to use.

3. Amerex B417T RV Fire Extinguisher

If you’re looking for an A:B:C model, the Amerex B417T Multi-Purpose RV Fire Extinguisher would be an excellent choice. Its usage of mono ammonium phosphate dry chemical makes it perfectly suited to deal with different fire types.

The product’s metal value construction isn’t anything to sneeze at either. It’ll help ensure this Amerex fire extinguisher’s durability by preventing corrosion or rust issues. You’d be surprised how much damage these two problems do to inferior options.

I was thrilled by this product’s installation process as well. The cylinder has a steel cover and mounting bracket; most of the components are metal constructed. lt makes installing much more comfortable and straightforward.

You will also find refilling this fire extinguisher isn’t a challenge thanks to its metal fittings. It makes filling it back up with its patented dry chemical much more manageable than most people expect. It’s clear Amerex did a great job creating a genuinely user-friendly option.

This device’s lightweight design is another standout feature, considering it makes storing, installing, and using it much less taxing. It only weighs 2.5 pounds to ensure anyone using it faces no problem moving it around when needed.

But I was a little disappointed by its price tag. It’s a bit higher than I like to spend on one of these devices normally. Potential buyers will have to weigh whether its versatile A:B:C rating and effectiveness are worth the increased cost.

  • Effective against A, B, and C fires.
  • The simple installation process with included mounting bracket
  • Metal constructed valve, handle, and lever
  • Lightweight 2.5-pound design
  • Equipped with metal fittings for easy refilling
  • Price a little higher than other options
I’d have no problem spending a little extra to obtain this outstanding fire extinguisher. After all, it has everything I’m looking for in one. Its versatility and convenience alone would be enough to make me put this in my buying cart.

4. Fire Shield 343 Home & Mobile Use Aerosol Fire Suppressant Spray Foam

Anyone seeking a fire extinguisher that works like the StaySafe 5-in-1 but at a more affordable price should consider the Fire Shield 343 Home & Mobile Use Aerosol Fire Suppressant Spray Foam. Its full name might be a mouthful, but it works as intended.

Like the StaySafe, this fire extinguisher can combat common household fires. Fiery cooking adventures are a no match to this product’s fire suppression capabilities. Office workers who accidentally set their documents alight can also grab this product to snuff out the flame. It can also put out fires from paint, gas, and other flammable liquids.

I am reminded of the Water Mist fire extinguisher when I read this product’s chemical composition. It features deionized or electrically non-conductive water in its formulation to make it effective against electrical fires. RV owners will feel more confident putting out flames from their motorhome’s circuit breaker panels, generators, and power distribution systems.

Another notable feature this fire extinguisher for RV has is its eco-friendly formulation. Not only are the fire suppressant chemicals biodegradable. They are also non-corrosive, making this product safe to spray on metal RV components. Cleanups are also a breeze because we don’t have to worry about toxicity.

Suppressing fires is never a problem because of the product’s nozzle spray mechanism. It is like spritzing perfume or spraying an aerosol canister. RV owners can say goodbye to the fire within seconds. I once had a disposable extinguisher that required elbow grease to dispense its contents. I am glad this product is unlike that.

Unfortunately, its shelf-life is only three years, similar to the StaySafe. The canister is also slightly heavier.

  • Non-toxic, eco-friendly, biodegradable formulation
  • Fights common residential fires caused by paint, gas, electricity, etc
  • Hassle-free operation with nozzle spray
  • Non-corrosive formula
  • Short shelf-life
  • Slightly heavier than the StaySafe
Still, this fire extinguisher remains an excellent buy for value-minded RV owners.

5. First Alert 1038789 Fire Extinguisher

If you’re looking for a pop-up camper fire extinguisher, the First Alert 1038789 Standard Fire Extinguisher could be a perfect fit. Its compact, lightweight design would make it a suitable choice for this type of situation.

After all, it won’t have issues fitting into the small amount of available space onboard rigs like pop up campers. You can then benefit from its incredible versatility thanks to its ability to fight class A, B, and C fires with ease. It’s also approved by the U.S. coast guard for marine use.

In particular, it is indeed a multipurpose fire extinguisher for its fighting ability against most fire types, from common materials like plastic or wood to electrical equipment. This makes me want to keep it as an RV refrigerator fire extinguisher for my own house.

I was also impressed with its all-metal construction, which offers top-tier strength and corrosion resistance. Both these design features will help ensure the device has no issues dealing with rough usage within harsh RV settings.

This fire extinguisher includes a color-coded gauge like our previous product from First Alert, as well. It’ll make reading its operating status from a distance much easier. Honestly, I was thrilled to see this feature because my eyesight isn’t the best.

But none of these features are what I consider the best thing about this option. I would instead give its affordable price tag to this honor. The reason is that I can recharge it after use by certified professionals. Bargain buyers should be jumping out of their computer chairs with excitement over this product being such a steal.

I was a little concerned to see some customers had complaints about the included mounting bracket. They felt it was a bit too flimsy for their liking. It’s something any buyer should consider before making a final decision about this option.

  • Compact, lightweight 1-A: 10-B: C rated model
  • Durable, corrosion-resistant construction
  • Color-coded gauge for easy reading
  • S. Coast Guard approved
  • Affordable price tag
  • Rechargeable by certified professionals
  • The included mount is a bit flimsy.
It’s worth noting that only a few reviews mentioned the mount’s flimsiness. Many other buyers felt it was more than adequate, and the device functioned swimmingly for them. I found myself agreeing with the latter when trying out this fire extinguisher.

6. H3R Performance RV Fire Extinguisher

Anyone looking for an A: B: C model with a proven track record needs to consider H3R Performance’s MX250B RV Fire Extinguisher. It earns this distinction by using a fluidized and siliconized mono ammonium phosphate dry chemical agent.

Buyers have noted this agent’s effectiveness in various situations, especially in RVs and boats. It should have no issues putting out any fire that might occur on either. H3R Performance even made sure this model had a much smoother user experience.

How did they accomplish this impressive feature? H3R built a fire extinguisher capable of breaking the chain reaction caused by fires made from pressurized gasses or flammable liquids. As a result, its usage will not conduct electricity back to the user.

This extinguisher having compact construction doesn’t hurt its appeal either. You can even mount it under your rig’s front seat with the included under-seat mounting bracket. Users will be able to tuck it away until a situation arises where it’s needed.

But there’s no reason to touch it away because it has a sleek, black design. As a result, this fire extinguisher won’t be an ugly metal eyesore onboard your rig. It will blend right into your interior without any issue.

H3R Performance’s customer service is another aspect of receiving an abundance of praise among customers. It is an odd thing to see as people don’t often compliment client service within product reviews.

The product’s price tag does leave a bad taste in my mouth. It’s easily the most expensive on our entire list. You’ll have to pay a smart fortune to have this fire extinguisher in your life.

  • Uses a fluidized and siliconized mono ammonium phosphate dry chemical agent.
  • Won’t conduct electricity back to the user during use
  • Compact construction with a versatile mounting ability
  • Mounting bracket inclusion, black design suitable for home use, especially for cars
  • Excellent customer service
  • It’s the most expensive option on our list.
In some cases, paying a lot more for top-tier quality is a cost-effective move. Buying this H3R extinguisher is one of those times as it’ll meet all your needs without issue. Plus, it could save you a lot of money in interior damage thanks to its non-corrosive smothering agent.

7. Kidde 21005779 RV Fire Extinguisher

Our final product happens to be Kidde’s 21005779 Pro 210 RV Fire Extinguisher. Its impressive 13-second discharge time, 15-foot discharge range, and 100 PS operating pressure are formidable figures to match. As for its safety certifications, this model is rated 2-A: 10-B: C by UL, which is a widely accepted safety standard within this market.

These figures ensure it’ll have no problems putting out those fires with its multiple-purpose dry chemical smothering agent. Small electrical, trash, paper, liquid, and wood fires will stand no chance against this top-tier model from Kidde.

Its powder-coated aluminum cylinder will make sure it’s able to offer these results for a long time. The rust and dent resistant qualities alone should increase its longevity past many of its competing fire extinguishers.

The product’s wall hanger was another excellent addition. It’ll make hanging this model more manageable and keep it secure. Therefore, you won’t have a rolling fire extinguisher crashing around your rig during travel.

A few other notable features include a clear instruction label, lightweight design, easy-to-read gauge, and rechargeable capabilities. Each of these attributes will make your life much easier when trying to use this device.

Although this model does require more care and maintenance than other options, it receives a few complaints from customers about its overall upkeep. It’s something every buyer needs to account for before pulling the trigger on this model.

  • Effective against A, B, and C fires
  • Powdered coated aluminum cylinder with dent and rust resistances
  • Meets UL’s safety requirements
  • Included wall hanger for easy securement
  • Simple using process
  • It requires a bit more maintenance than other options.
Honestly, these maintenance issues aren’t a massive deal. It’s just a simple matter of making sure dirt and other substances don’t muck up the works from time to time. These problems shouldn’t be any substantial deciding factor in your final decision. If you buy this model, it’s doubtful that these concerns will make you regret it.

Kidde RV Fire Extinguisher (Outdated)

Bulk buyers shouldn’t search any farther than this Kidde’s Multi-Purpose RV Fire Extinguisher. It comes with two fire extinguishers for a price most people would happily spend to purchase one.

The included fire extinguishers aren’t too shabby when it comes to features. Both of them have an easy using process, which is depicted on their instruction label. You shouldn’t have any problems following it as the necessary steps are shown in a clear, detailed manner.

I was also impressed with their corrosion-resistant mono ammonium phosphate powder-coated cylinders. Buyers should expect these fire extinguishers to thrive in an RVing environment and withstand all the bumps that come with it.

These extinguishers have a reputation for being effective against many kinds of fires, ranging from ones involving wood and electrical equipment to flammable liquid. This product clearly can fight most common fires at home. It’s a versatility that leads these models to earn an 1-A, 10-B: C fire rating from UL.

Many buyers were impressed with both fire extinguishers coming with a wall mount. Its inclusion made installing them inside your rig much easier than with other options. The install directions within their product manuals received a great deal of praise as well.

Safety certifications is another area where these models excel. You can rest easy knowing that they have been tested and approved by both USCG (US Coast Guard) and DOT (Department of Transportation). There’s no reason to believe their usage inside a rig will result in a dangerous situation.

However, these devices are considered a single-use option because they aren’t refillable. You’ll have to replace them whenever you do use them on fire. They have an expiration date of 12 years, which means you can store them for a long time.

  • 2-pack of effective 1-A, 10-B: C fire extinguishers
  • Effective in common fires at home
  • Easy using process detailed on their instruction label
  • Feature corrosion-resistant mono ammonium phosphate powder-coated cylinders
  • Wall mounts included for easier installing and using
  • Approved for RV usage by USCG and DOT
  • Can’t be refilled
Overall, the single-use quality is a bit of a bummer. But two single-use models should last a long time before I need to spend more money on another one.

Buckeye 13315 Fire Extinguisher (Outdated)

Buckeye’s 13315 Multi-Purpose Hand Held Fire Extinguisher is one of the most popular vehicle usage options. Car owners tend to favor this model because of its simple RV fire extinguisher mount and suitable size.

Both of these qualities make mounting and installing the model a breeze for anyone with handy tool skills. Given this information, it shouldn’t be shocking to learn rig owners often find themselves loving this model.

Its simple installation and mounting process aren’t the only notable features of this model. I found myself impressed with its 9-second discharge time as well. This rate should have no issues getting a small fire under control in a short period.

You’ll also benefit from this model as a rechargeable fire extinguisher. It ensures you can have a certified technician reload it with a dry chemical agent after usage. As a result, you won’t have to think about buying another fire extinguisher anytime soon.

The product’s anodized aluminum valve is another nice touch. You can rely on this feature to offer superior strength and corrosion resistance when compared with other models. One of the main reasons this model should have no problems staying on board your rig for many years.

Aside from these features, there are other beneficial ones including A:B:C fire rating, color-coded gauge, lightweight design, and uncomplicated using process. These features altogether allow the product to deal with harsh environments and your urgent needs.

But all these features come with one drawback. The previously mentioned easy mounting process will require some drilling to get this device in your desired location. As a result, it could require hiring a professional for anyone uncomfortable using electrical tools.

  • Easy mounting process for anyone with handy tool skills
  • 9-second discharge time for quick-fire containment
  • Refillable by local experts
  • Features an anodized aluminum value for increase longevity
  • Lightweight, easy-to-use, A:B:C model
  • The mounting process will require drilling.
If you have any type of tool skills, buying this model should be a no-brainer. Its long list of impressive features and versatility make it an easy contender for the top option available. You shouldn’t hesitate to put this into your buying cart.

Kidde 21006287MTL RV Fire Extinguisher (Outdated)

The Kidde 21006287MTL – FX511 RV Fire Extinguisher is an affordable, straightforward option for people who want something simple. It’s an ideal fit for these people because it has many convenient and user-friendly features.

For instance, buyers often love its condensed aluminum cylinder. This design aspect makes the product lightweight and easy to store. It’s a perfect combination for someone living in a compact area like an RV where storage areas aren’t abundant.

I was also thrilled to see this model had an easy-pull safety pin, which will prevent accidental discharges. Therefore, the product’s dry chemical smothering agent won’t come in contact with your rig’s interior unless a fire presents itself.

You can expect this dry chemical smothering agent to be effective against both Class B and C fires, as well. It offers a bit of versatility and meets the NFPA’s standard requirements for a proper RV fire extinguisher.

This extinguisher’s impact resistant trigger and value are two other notable features. Both of these design aspects ensure the device has a hassle-free using process. You’ll have no issues being able to utilize the product at a moment’s notice.

Overall, even without highly advanced features provided, it serves as a suitable option. The manufacturer offers convenient design and practicality instead of overwhelming you with unnecessary technical features. You’d be hard-pressed to find an effective model that’s more uncomplicated than this one.

But I was a little disappointed to see this model didn’t come with a mount. The lack of one will make its installation process a bit more challenging than other models. You’ll have to do additional research for an accompanying mount, as well,

  • Easy to store with its condensed aluminum cylinder
  • Features an easy-pull safety pin to reduce accident discharges
  • Proven to be effective against Class B and C fires
  • Impact-resistant value and trigger for easy operation
  • Simple design for quick and handy usage
  • A competitive price tag
  • Mount not included
This option not coming with an RV fire extinguisher holder or mount is a small nuisance rather than a deal-breaker. Finding one won’t be a difficult task, given its adaptability and condensed design. If you want a quick and cheap option, this model shouldn’t have any trouble meeting your expectations.

Shield Protect 13415D RV Fire Extinguisher (Outdated)

Shield Protect’s 13415D RV Fire Extinguisher is one of the most versatile options available as it is usable in many applications. Buyers have found it useful on boats, RVs, homes, cabins, cars, and or several other similar situations.

This versatility comes from its 5-pound, compact design that offers a multitude of mounting location possibilities. You can even mount it within tight spaces, such as under your motorhome’s front seat.

I was also thrilled to see this model had an all-metal construction. This aspect allows the device to work well in any environment your RV might present. In fact, it was tested in extreme temperatures, ranging from -65 F to 120F, to ensure it would have no problems functioning in whatever situation arises.

The device being rechargeable was another trait to catch my attention. As you know, this feature will ensure buyers can get multiple uses from the product. It’s just a simple matter of getting refilled by a technician after using it.

You shouldn’t overlook its 12-year expiration date, either. It means this product would have problems offering effective results while being stored away, unused for 12 years. This aspect makes it an ideal fit for people looking to stow away one or two fire extinguishers.

Moreover, its relatively simple-using process isn’t anything to dismiss. I wouldn’t even have trouble utilizing this product when needed, which is a borderline miracle. I’m not the best when it comes to operating these types of products.

It’s also worth noting that I couldn’t find a single person with a bad thing to say about this product. The fire extinguisher seems to do its job effectively without being overly complicated or providing hassles.

  • Suitable for use in various situations (RVs, boats, cars, campers, etc.)
  • All-metal construction to withstand harshest environments
  • Rechargeable for optimal convenience
  • 12-year expiration
  • Simple using process
  • None worth mentioning
In the end, there’s nothing more a rig owner can ask for than a hassle-free fire extinguisher. We should all try to take advantage of the one Safety Protect managed to build and seriously consider getting it.

Home First RV Fire Extinguishing (Outdated)

If you aren’t too fond of a traditional fire extinguisher’s construction, Hone First’s RV Fire Extinguishing Suppressant Spray might be right up your alley. You’ll first notice this RV fire suppression system spray operates a bit differently than our other options.

This product has a spray can and nozzle design, vastly different from a standard fire extinguisher. It makes for a much more practical operation for users. You can even operate it using one hand without breaking a single sweat.

I was also pleased by this spray’s ability to put out four different fire types: A, B, C, and K. As a result, it should be effective against smaller fires starting from wood, flammable liquids, electrical equipment/wiring, and grease fires.

You don’t have to worry about its usage hurting the environment, either. Home First made sure this spray was biodegradable, non-toxic, and non-corrosive to ensure optimal results. Users will never find themselves concerned with how spraying it on something might cause additional damage.

Its usage also doesn’t leave behind a smell or messy residue, which is a problem with traditional fire extinguishers. This product even has a practical weight as it has the lightest design of any option on our list.

Rig owners will have multiple buying options to choose from, as well. You can either purchase this option in a 1-pack, 2-pack, 3-pack, or 4-pack. It’s not surprising that this model tends to be a favorite among bulk buyers.

But this option was another choice, which has been hampered by shipping issues. A few customers mentioned their sprays arriving in damaged packaging or later than expected.

  • Easy to use spray can and nozzle construction
  • Can put out four different fire types (A, B, C, and K)
  • Eco-friendly and biodegradable
  • Doesn’t leave behind a smell or messy residue
  • Multiple buying options (1-pack, 2-pack, 3-pack, and 4-pack)
  • Some customers encountered shipping issues (arrived late or damaged)
Shipping issues aren’t ever a huge deal with trusted companies because they have excellent customer service. Home First isn’t any different, which means you shouldn’t let these concerns stop you from buying this practical option.

What to Look for When Buying an RV Fire Extinguisher


If you’re looking for buying the best RV fire extinguisher, you’ll need a handle on various essential factors and features concerning these devices. This section will ensure you obtain it by discussing each of them at length.

Lightweight Design

Rig owners who plan on purchasing a camper fire extinguisher need to consider each model’s weight. You’ll want an option with a lightweight, compact design to ensure easy maneuverability in an ideal situation.

After all, lighter weight options make it much less challenging to pick up and use when needed. It also makes storing the device a lot easier. This particular aspect comes in handy for rig owners because of the limited space onboard these vehicles.

Smaller RV owners would do best buying a little, elongated cylinder option to ensure storing isn’t an issue. In other words, people with Class B motorhomes and campervans should seriously consider these types of fire extinguishers.


The best camping fire extinguisher will excel when it comes to offering top-tier durability. You’ll want an option capable of withstanding the chaotic environment of an RV. As a result, I suggest looking for models consisting of materials with resistance against dents and corrosion.

If you stick with one of these models, it shouldn’t have any issues working for a long time. Many people find themselves choosing aluminum-bodied cylinder models because of this factor. After all, these fire extinguishers are often lightweight and offer resistance against corrosion.

You can also help determine an option’s durability by reading through other customers’ experiences with the device. These resources will help separate the short-term options from models capable of working for several years.


Some RV fire extinguishers will offer the practical feature of being rechargeable. In other words, these devices can be refilled after usage to provide more longevity. Rig owners would be making a smart choice by buying one of these options.

Honestly, it’s a simple way to help you save a bit of money. The initial price will be higher than with single-use options, but it’ll be more cost-effective in the long term. You can then use this leftover money on actual fun things, such as your RV adventures.

Easy Using Process

It makes no sense to buy a camper fire extinguisher with a complicated using process. These devices need to be something you can use without thinking about it. As a result, it becomes vital to look into each model’s using process before making a final decision.

Most brands will make this easy by detailing the steps within the product description. You can then infer whether using that particular fire extinguisher will be easy. I’d also recommend reading through customer reviews when researching this factor.

These reviews will provide more than enough info to determine whether you feel comfortable using the device. If you don’t use these resources, you might find yourself stuck in a crisis with an unusable fire extinguisher.


Rig owners tend to overlook safety certifications when choosing their fire extinguishers. It might seem like common sense, but it’s easy to assume these products have been tested and certified. But some manufacturers like to cut corners and not obtain these vital certifications.

As a result, rig owners must make sure they avoid these options for safety purposes. It’s a simple and effective way to ensure your chosen model will work when needed. The peace of mind that comes along with certifications certainly doesn’t hurt, either.


As with any product, the price tag of each model will play a role in your decision. It’d be smart to build a budget due to the vast discrepancy in these products’ price tags. But it’s imperative to ensure this budget remains useful by accounting for your desired features.

For instance, rig owners who want a rechargeable model will need to have a higher budget range than people looking for single-use options. Paying attention to these little details is the only way your budget can remain useful and realistic.

You can then use this realistic budget to lessen the available options. Therefore, this entire process becomes a lot less stressful for the potential buyer.

Other Important Factors to Consider


Our buying guide and product reviews should’ve provided an excellent starting point for your search. But this section will help answer your leftover questions or concerns. It’ll end up filling any gaps in the information needed to make a smart buying decision.

What is a fire extinguisher for RV

The first thing to know about these products is that they’re considered fire protection devices. You can expect them to help control or stop fires from spreading into uncontrollable dangers. However, it’s important to understand that these extinguishers weren’t built to handle out of control fires.

For instance, people shouldn’t use these devices on a fire that reaches their rig’s ceiling, isn’t escapable or needs a professional to control it. These products are instead meant for containing smaller fires that aren’t yet life-threatening situations.

RV fire extinguishers usually consist of a handheld cylindrical pressure vessel, which holds an agent that’s usable to stop these smaller fires. Some models have other constructions besides cylindrical pressure vessels, but these are relatively uncommon.

In any case, these devices’ primary purpose makes it relatively clear that having one onboard a rig is a smart move. Its ability to curb a fire could be the one thing capable of stopping a small kitchen fire from burning your rig down.

How does it work

Understanding how fire extinguishers work isn’t too tricky. These devices are usually metal cylinders filled with a smothering agent like water. If a fire occurs, a user will depress the lever located on top of your fire extinguisher to release the material or agent.

You can then expect this agent or material to be released at high pressure. If this sounds confusing, think about how something comes of aerosol cans. This process happens to be very similar and isn’t anything too complicated.

It’s also worth noting most RV fire extinguishers will contain a plastic siphon tube that’ll lead its top to the bottom of its fire-suppressant reservoir. There will be a mounted value blocking passage between the nozzle and this siphon as well.

The device’s metal cylinder will contain a smaller cylinder with compressed gas, such as carbon dioxide in a liquid state. A release value will make sure this gas will stay within the smaller cylinder until it’s needed.

If a situation does arise where it’s needed, someone would need to pull out the extinguisher’s safety pin and depress its operating lever. This level will proceed to push on a rod that’ll press down on the mounted value, causing the nozzle’s passageway to open.

Moreover, the rod’s bottom has a sharp point, which will break through the cylinder’s release value. It’ll ensure the compressed gas can escape and provide pressure onto the smothering agent or material.

The fire extinguisher’s smothering agent will then move up the plastic siphon tube and eject from the nozzle with significant force. At this point, the user needs to make sure the device is pointed at the fire’s fuel rather than its flames using a sweeping motion.

What are the different types of RV fire extinguishers

A massive reason people tend to have problems picking out a suitable camper fire extinguisher is all the different varieties. In these products’ case, their types are separated by what kind of fires they’re meant to fight.

It’s important to know that there are five types of fires: A, B, C, D, and K. Each of them has a specific kind of extinguisher built for stopping them. But don’t think an extinguisher can only have one fire rating.

You’ll come across options with more than one, such as an ABC fire extinguisher, which would be suitable to put any of these corresponding fires. I’m going to go over each fire type below to make this a little less confusing.

Fire Ratings

  • Class A Fires: made by standard combustibles like wood, plastics, paper, or rubber.
  • Class B Fires: created from flammable liquids or gasses, such as oils, gasoline, alcohol, tar, and paint.
  • Class C Fires: originate from live electrical equipment like motors, telephone lines, or computers.
  • Class D Fires: Potassium, sodium, lithium, and other combustible metals are the starters of these fires.
  • Class K Fires: made from greases and cooking oils like animal fats or vegetable oils.

The National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) states every rig must have a fire extinguisher with at least a B: C rating near its exit. It’s also essential to realize these extinguishers won’t just have a rating on their labels depicting what they can extinguish.

A fire extinguisher’s label will have a red diagonal line going through what can’t be used on, as well. It’ll make it easier to figure out what fire rating and model suits your needs.

Why do you need a fire extinguisher for RV

As you know, fires aren’t a joking matter. These incidents are extremely dangerous and can cost you everything onboard your rig. Fires inside RVs tend to be even more problematic because of the confined space.

This reality alone makes owning a fire extinguisher an essential piece of RV living. In other words, these devices shouldn’t be looked at as non-essential accessories. You should see them as crucial protection devices capable of being the first defense against a fire onboard your rig.

Honestly, safety should always be a top priority for any rig owner. These fire extinguishers help ensure everyone remains safe by offering a preventative measure against any fire-related incidents. It’s not a device that an RVer should undervalue or see as a cost-cutting opportunity.

I should also note that fire extinguishers become even more essential for boondocks. After all, it can take a fire department a long time to reach off-the-grid camping areas. You might be sitting there for 20 or more minutes, depending on your location, before the fire trucks arrive.

Therefore, having a top-tier fire extinguisher could be the only way to help prevent a fire from taking a boondocks’ possessions away. It might even put out the entire fire before those fire trucks ever arrive at your off-the-grid camping site.

In the end, taking the time to invest in an effective extinguisher seems like good old common sense. But some people find themselves thinking their local fire department is enough protection. Please don’t be one of these RVers and make sure you have a solid model onboard your rig.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Our FAQ section will cover several common questions asked by rig owners about these devices. For instance, I’ll discuss trusted brands, how to use a fire extinguisher and its ideal location on your rig. Each of these discussions will ensure you’ll be more than ready to choose a trailer fire extinguisher.

What are good RV fire extinguisher brands?

Your chosen RV or campervan fire extinguisher needs to have been built by a trusted brand. These manufacturers should have a reputation for offering top-tier product quality and customer service to your fellow rig owners.

How does a person determine whether a brand is trustworthy? It’s a simple matter of reading through customer reviews and looking for discussions about their client service. If there’s an issue with this aspect, these resources make it clear.

I’ve also provided a head start by showing you several trusted brands in our product review section. Each of these companies has a long-standing good relationship with rig owners thanks to their excellent fire extinguishers.

Will these chemicals damage my RV?

A fire extinguisher for camper units, motorhomes, travel trailers, and fifth wheels can contain various chemicals, depending on their fire suppression classification. Unfortunately, some of these compounds can further damage the RV already gutted by fire.

For example, RV fire extinguisher requirements for Class B fires contain carbon dioxide, foam water, and a dry chemical.

Although carbon dioxide is harmless, many people do not pay attention to the dry chemical’s precise composition. Some brands use monoammonium phosphate, for example, which can corrode electric circuits.

The good news is that some RV fire extinguisher manufacturers now use “clean” or eco-friendly ingredients in their formulas. RV owners will feel more confident that RV sections not damaged by fire will remain intact when they inadvertently spray these products.

What’s the difference between rechargeable extinguishers and other options?

The principal difference between a rechargeable fire extinguisher for vehicle applications and a disposable or single-use product is their usage frequency.

It is worth noting that “rechargeable” translates to “refillable.” Hence, RV owners can bring their empty fire extinguishers to a service station to top up. They can also replace the contents if they are near expiration. Unfortunately, rechargeable fire extinguishers are pricier than single-use or disposable units, including the cost of refilling.

On the other hand, disposable extinguishers are more suitable for budget-conscious yet safety-minded RV owners. These products will also attract users who only need fire protection for a short while.

Is there an automatic fire extinguisher for RVs?

Yes, there is an RV automatic fire extinguisher available to motorhome owners. An example of this product is THIA by PROTENG, a self-contained, fully-automatic fire suppression system that RV owners can install in motorhome sections at an increased risk of fire.

This automatic fire extinguisher is ideal for suppressing fires in hard-to-reach areas. Most RV owners who use this system install it in motorhome battery compartments, electrical distribution systems, fuse panels, generators, etc.

The system works by monitoring ambient temperature. When the air gets too hot, it releases a fire suppressant liquid gas and extinguishes the fire.

The most significant advantage of an automatic fire extinguisher is its hands-free operation. RV owners do not need to be in their motorhomes to fight fires because this technology automatically does the job.

Where should a fire extinguisher be placed in RV?

Every rig owner should make sure they have an RV engine compartment fire extinguisher, another in the kitchen, and one within their bedroom. These locations tend to be hot spots for fire incidents, making them prime real estate for these devices.

I’d also recommend having one accessible and prepared outside your rig. You never know when a fire might start when grilling or doing other outdoor camping activities.

How to use it?

Each fire extinguisher will come with an instruction manual depicting its correct using method. But in most cases, these devices will follow the PASS acronym. Here’s a short explanation of what this acronym means:

  • Pull the device’s pin and hold it in the upright direction
  • Aim the extinguisher at the fire’s base rather than its flames
  • Squeeze the lever slowly, which will release its smothering material or agent
  • Sweep the extinguisher from side to side

If you follow this PASS method, the fire’s flames will get larger when the smothering agent first contacts it. It’s essential to remain calm as this occurrence is what’s supposed to happen. This reaction results from the oxygen/air getting pushed to the flames before the extinguisher’s preventative agent.

You should then start to see the agent suppressing the fire. But please, remember the limits of these devices. RV fire extinguishers are only built to deal with smaller fires rather than a fully enraged, massive blaze.

I’d recommend taking a training course with your local fire department to ensure you know what an RV fire extinguisher can handle. It’s the only way to ensure that you have good preparation when one of these horrible incidents does arise.


You should now have no issues picking the best RV fire extinguisher. Everything laid out within this article has prepared you to start your search. It’s just a simple act of using the information, and your perfect option should become clear.

If a problem or issue does come up, our comment section is always open. I’ll make sure to answer each post as quickly as possible. After all, I want to ensure this process ends with a smile on your face. Thanks for reading!

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