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The Best RV Flag Poles

Written by Stephen Ryan / Fact checked by William Turner

The RV is a magnificent vehicle. It has the perfect combination, just the right balance between a second home and a reliable vehicle. In it, you can carry your friends and loved ones to the great outdoors and experience the greatness that nature has to offer! This is possible because of the comfort it promises with a massive storage capacity that cannot be seen in other vehicles. RVs are known for their great space inside, making the carrying of everyday household items and necessities possible.

best rv flag pole

And since it’s your home too, it’s just right to personalize it to your tastes. You can add accessories to display your character and your pride. For instance, you may want to add a flag to your camper. But to give your flag the respect that it is due, you should use nothing short of the best RV flag pole you can find. Wondering about your options? Well, here they are.

Top 1

FlagPole Buddy RV Flag


Length 60 inches
Pole Material Fiberglass
Fabric Type Manmade

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Top 2

Camco 20’ Portable


Length 66.5Inches
Pole Material Aluminum
Fabric Type _

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Top 3

Yeshom 20ft


Length 20 Inches
Pole Material Aluminum
Fabric Type 100% Polyester

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8 Most Popular RV Flag Pole Reviews 2023

1. FlagPole Buddy RV Flag Pole Kit 22 Feet

A flag pole may be an optional accessory, but it can certainly bring out your patriotism. If you want to mount a flag pole in your RV, you certainly need the best one in the market. One of the best poles that you can get is the one made by FlagPole Buddy.

What I like about this travel trailer flag pole is its quality. It is tough, flexible, and made from high-quality materials. Other flag poles easily bend especially during the time when the wind blows hard. Similarly, I can say that other flag poles easily rust. This one, however, does not get any sign of rusting even after being exposed to natural elements for six months. I am confident that it won’t break while I’m using it or while I’m in transit.

Another thing that I appreciate is the height. With 22 feet, I can raise the American flag as high as I can. Children and pets cannot easily reach the flag now that it is flying 22 feet in the air.

The best thing about this particular product is the instruction. The instruction is well written and easy to understand and follow. In my opinion, even a complete novice will be able to mount it without a problem.

What I don’t like about this RV flag pole is the silver ball at the top. From me, it seems a little frail. This is kind of dangerous especially when I’m driving the RV. I have to make sure that it stays in place so that it won’t fall and hit other vehicles.

  • Tough
  • High-quality
  • Flexible
  • All the parts are replaceable
  • American flag included
  • The silver ball at the top is not frail and wobbly
After considering all of the important details about this flag pole, I can say that the FlagPole Buddy RV Flag Pole Kit is a remarkable product. It is durable, made from high-quality materials, and flexible. Most importantly, all the parts are replaceable. Finally, the American flag is included so you don’t have to purchase a separate one. If you have decided to mount a flag pole in your favorite RV, this is the product that you should get.

2. Camco 20’ Portable Telescoping Aluminum Flagpole

When it comes to telescoping flag poles, nothing beats the ones from Camco. This one is durable, portable, and most of all, easy to install. If you want a quality flag pole to use in your RV, this product is definitely worth including in your shopping list.

What I love about this particular RV flag pole is the quality of the materials. Made from top-notch aluminum, this flag pole will proudly bear the American flag without getting bent when the wind is blowing hard.

Another remarkable feature of this product is its ease of installation. Because this flag pole is collapsible, I can fold it when not being used or when I’m driving the RV, or stretch it when I want to raise the American flag. All I have to do is bring out the tire holder, put the vehicle’s weight above it and mount the pole. Even a child will be able to raise the flag.

Speaking of the flag, I don’t even have to worry about buying a new one because it is included in the package when I purchased it. Once the day is done, I can simply fold and keep the flag on the storage bag.

What I really don’t like about this RV telescoping flag pole is the flimsy holder. The flag pole leaned downward because the holder wasn’t able to support it properly. If only the holder is thick enough to support the flag pole’s weight, it won’t even bend easily. Fortunately, I was able to repair it by reinforcing it.

  • Collapsible
  • Tire anchor included
  • Storage bag included
  • American flag included
  • Durable
  • The pole holder is too thin
Now that all of the important features of this product have been discussed, I can tell that the Camco 20’ Portable Telescoping Aluminum Flagpole is a terrific product. It is durable, can be extended up to 2o feet and folded down to 64 inches for easy storage. In addition, the American flag is included in the package. If you need to have a flag pole in your RV, Camco will make sure that you get what you need.

3. Yeshom 20ft Telescopic Aluminum Flag Pole

RV flag poles should not only be compact and flexible, but also sturdy. This is exactly what Yeshom is offering all of the RV enthusiasts all over the United States. If you need the best RV flag pole, this one will give you all of the qualities that you are looking for.

I like this brand of flag pole a lot. It is tall, durable, and easy to set up. It only takes me five minutes to set this thing up. Since this is a telescoping pole, I find it reassuring that it can hold the flag securely even if the wind is blowing hard. Plus, the pole can be raised up to 20 feet so that the flags can be seen from afar.

What surprised me the most is the fact that it can hold up to 3 flags at the same time. With this, I can fly the American flag, the state of Florida’s flag, and my labor union’s flag. Finally, this flag pole is really affordable. Having this brand did not hurt my rather limited budget.

My only disappointment with this flag pole is the fact that its top two segments bend easily. One windy day, I got so busy I forgot to bring down the flags. The following morning, I was shocked to see the top two segments of this telescopic flag pole slightly bent. I had to realign it manually in order to fix the issue.

  • Affordable
  • Holds up to 3 flags
  • Gold ball on top of the pole
  • Durable
  • Easy to set up
  • The top two segments can be bent easily
In a nutshell, I can say that the Yeshom 20ft Telescopic Aluminum Flag Pole is an amazing product. It is durable, easy to set up, and most of all can hold up to 3 flags. It has a gold ball on top which serves as a perfect decoration. If you need a good flag pole that won’t harm your budget, the best product that you should consider is this one from Yeshom.

4. Flagpole-To-Go Ultimate Tailgaters Package

Flagpoles are not only great for raising the American flag, it can also help you mark the spot where you parked your camper. If you are looking for a reliable portable flagpole for your RV or camper, this particular product will definitely satisfy your needs.

Here’s what I love about this flagpole: it is durable, lightweight, and easy to install. The materials used in making this product are totally mind-blowing! This aluminum alloy flag pole does not break easily. Furthermore, it is coated with special paint to prevent it from rusting after being exposed to natural elements.

In terms of durability, I can’t believe that this seemingly thin pole can properly hold a 6×4 flag. It performs well in a moderately windy condition. It is also compact and lightweight. I can easily carry it around without straining myself in the process. I believe that even a child can easily carry it and set it up. Since this flag pole is collapsible, I can store it inside the camper without dedicating too much space for it.

What I don’t like about this camper flag pole is the fact that it easily collapses if it gets windy outside. I have to go outside and re-erect the flagpole every time it happens.

  • Effortless installation
  • Portable
  • Tough
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Easily collapses during windy conditions
All in all, I can conclude this review by saying that the Flagpole-To-Go Ultimate Tailgaters Package is a superb product. It is portable, easy to carry and store, easy to set up, and most of all — durable. With this flag pole, I am confident that you will have a great time showing your patriotism and an easy time showing other campers where your RV is.

5. Spinner Flag by Danslesbls

If you need a flag pole for your camper but you don’t want the conventional one made from metal, there is a product that is comparable in terms of flexibility and ease of assembly. Presenting the Spinner Flag – the kind of flag pole that you can rely on your every camping trip.

There are many things that I like about this particular flag pole. First is the quality of the material. I never thought that a PVC pipe can be used as a flag pole. To my surprise, I found that this type of material is a flexible one, as I was able to hang the American flag at a 45-degree angle. This is possible through the use of an elbow pipe.

Another benefit that I consider marvelous is the portability. I can bring this PVC flag pole anywhere I want. Because it weighs significantly less than its metal counterpart, I am confident that I won’t strain myself carrying it either for mounting or dismounting.

What I find disappointing about using a PVC-based flag pole is its frailty. This type of flag pole cannot be trusted to withstand strong winds. I once forgot to unmount this during a bad weather night. When I got out the following morning, I found that the pipe had snapped in half. Fortunately, it wasn’t the American flag that was hanging that day but my personalized camping flag.

  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to assemble
  • Made from furniture-grade PVC
  • American flag included
  • Not durable enough
After careful consideration of the facts above, I can say that the Spinner Flag by Danslesbls is a remarkable product. It is easy to assemble, lightweight, and totally portable. The quality of the PVC is strong indeed. If you are looking for the best PVC-based flag pole for your RV, this product will certainly keep you satisfied.

6. Gientan Telescopic Flag Pole

If you need portability for your RV flag pole, a telescoping flag pole is the answer to your concern. It has a simple set up and storage, durable, and most of all – weatherproof. Of all the telescoping flag poles that are sold in the market these days, only the Gientan Telescopic Flag Pole Kit provides the magnificence, quality, and stability that you need.

When I first saw this particular flag pole, I instantly wanted to use it in one of my campers. It is durable, flexible, and totally weatherproof. This feature is important for me because without weatherproofing, the flag pole will easily rust outdoors.

In terms of ease of set up, I don’t have any issues with it. I can set this camping flagpole up in just five minutes. Another noteworthy feature of this flag pole is its new and improved twist-locking mechanism. It really helps a lot with its stability. With this feature, I am confident that the pole will remain standing tall all day long.

My only problem with this particular flag pole is the holder. While the pole itself is weather-resistant, I think that the holder is not strong enough to hold the pole. After being exposed to natural elements for a long time, it has become corroded and unable to support the flag pole properly. After welding a piece of metal bar to function as support, it can now hold the pole perfectly.

  • Upgraded twist-locking mechanism
  • Easy to install
  • Tangle free
  • Enhanced stability
  • Tough
  • Weather-resistant
  • The holder is not tough enough
After discussing all of the important features of this telescoping flagpole for RV, I can say that it really is a phenomenal product. It is tough, weather-resistant, easy to mount, and stable. It also has an aluminum golden top ball to accentuate the pole. In addition, it has a newly upgraded twist-locking mechanism which ensures great stability. If you want a good quality flag pole, this particular brand will certainly give you the features that you are looking for.

7. WeValor 20FT Telescoping Flag Pole Kit

If you have decided to purchase a collapsible flag pole for RV, you will certainly encounter many products in the market. However, not all of them are as reliable as WeValor 20FT Telescoping Flag Pole Kit. This product has impressed many RV owners all over the United States.

I am so impressed with this particular flag pole. It is very strong, easy to set up and very flexible. It has an upgraded locking system that keeps the flag pole erect all day. This twist-and-lock mechanism allows the flag pole to be extended properly. Because of this, I have an easy time setting it up every time I go camping.

In addition to being durable and flexible, this flag pole is weather-proof. It has a special coating that protects the metal from being damaged by natural elements such as water, dust, and ultraviolet rays. For me, this is a very important feature because it means the flag pole will last a very long time in my possession.

The important accessories are included in the package such as four carabiner hooks and a PVC sleeve. Finally, it also has a user guide that anyone can understand and follow.

Another thing that I like about this flag pole is that the American flag is included in the package. With this, I don’t need to worry about purchasing the flag anymore. This is particularly beneficial to those who have a limited budget.

What I find disappointing about this flag pole is the fact that it gets dislodged when it gets wet. The locking system is surely secure when it is not raining or snowing, but it gets slippery when wet. Because of this, the top three segments slip down. This happened when it rained at the campsite. I had to bring down the flag to prevent it from touching the ground.

  • American flag included
  • Upgraded locking system
  • Complete accessories included
  • Heavy-duty
  • Weather-proof
  • Locking system easily slips when wet
Once all of the important aspects of this flag pole have been discussed, I can say without hesitation that the WeValor 20FT Telescoping Flag Pole Kit. It is very durable, easy to set up, and weather-proof. Also, the important accessories such as the polyester American flag and the stainless clips are included in the package. If you need a reliable flag pole for your RV, this product is definitely the right one for you.

8. Camco Hitch Mount Flagpole Holder

If you have an RV flag pole, you definitely need a reliable holder to keep it in place. Of all the available flag pole holders in the market these days, you can be sure that the Camco Hitch Mount Flagpole Holder will deliver an excellent performance every time that you need it.

I really find this product amazing. It can hold flag poles any time that I need to raise the American flag at the campsite. It is sturdy – it doesn’t bend easily even if the flag pole is heavy. Moreover, it remains strong even during windy days. It is also rustproof, which means that its structural integrity won’t fail even if it is exposed to natural elements for a long time.

Another important feature of this product that I know RV owners will appreciate is that it can fit on standard 2-inch hitch receivers. I personally don’t have any problems switching it between my travel trailer and my toy hauler. I have an amazing telescoping flag pole that I always bring with me. This pole holder accommodates it securely.

What baffles me is the fact that this RV flag pole mount cannot accommodate small diameter poles. I tried inserting 1 ½ inch diameter flagpole and while the thumbscrews were able to hold it, the flag pole slid down eventually when a strong wind swayed it.

  • Rustproof
  • Fits 2-inch hitch receivers
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Not for small diameter flag poles
After listing all of the important qualities of this product, I can proudly say that this flag pole holder is a highly reliable product. It is easy to use, lightweight, tough, and most of all — rustproof. With this product in your possession, you can be confident that your flag pole will stand tall and wave any flag without any problems. If you need to have a new flag pole holder, this one from Camco will be there for you!

What to Look for When Buying an RV Flag Pole


When you make your camper your personal home, in the long run, it only feels right to show it by flying your flags. It’s just what people do once they establish homeownership. Whether to show pride, signals or any other meaning, RV flag poles have become a critical part of RVing through the years. Seeing that there are still owners quite confused about its various uses and advantages, as well as the factors to watch out for when buying RV flag poles, I have made this simple list to help fellow owners out.

Proper Height

One of the main factors when looking at RV flag poles is the actual height. The height determines how high your flag flies, how many people see it and affects your travel experience as well.

The height of the RV flag pole is directly related to the size of the RV. For example, the smaller RV versions might seem awkward if they have flag poles too tall that they are not proportional. It also speaks of the support the flag pole can get if they have too low of a foundation. Just as well, bigger RVs utilizing too short of flag poles may not seem like a good idea since it can make the flag look small, and not many can actually see owners flying the flags.

When looking for RV flag poles, take note of how much height you have. This is particularly important when thinking about safety concerns on the road, most especially during rainy weathers, or while traveling to areas that may deal damage to the pole itself. The average pole height is about 15ft, so it would be safer to go for something around that. Think about such activities when choosing between an adjustable telescopic RV flag pole or the standard stationary option.

Proper Weight

Proper weight is an important factor to consider when choosing your next RV flag pole because of two things primarily. First, it tells you how much weight it will place upon your rig, and how stable your rig can carry it. And second, it tells you about the ease of installment.

Knowing if the RV pole is lightweight or heavy is important because it tells you how much strain it will put on your vehicle. If the base is quite strong it can handle heavier poles, however, if you know that it is not quite, then you know to choose the lightweight options. If you know your foundations well then you know what will be useful to you in the long run.

Its weight also tells you of how easy it will be to install, as well as take apart when the equipment needs cleaning, repairing, and eventually replacing. Although quite trivial as opposed to other factors, the time and effort spent by the owner are quite crucial when it comes to such topics as maintenance.

Proper Material

When balancing your options about what to choose, consider the materials that are used in manufacturing the product.

There are many product variations out in the market now considering materials. The traditional option for most owners is the steel RV flag pole. Steel has great durability, which is great considering that it will have to survive different terrains and weathers. However, it can rust after a while and is also quite heavy. Aluminum is another popular option, as it is slightly lighter than the steel option, and is also quite durable. Plastic options are becoming quite the trend since it is easier to produce multiple designs with such material, and it is also visibly cheaper than the other options. When you go to a decent shop, they are also likely to show you different variations made of different alloys of metal.

When choosing in terms of materials, it is also important to take into consideration the kind of activities you are likely to do in the future.

 Durability and Flexibility

The durability of an RV flag pole relies mostly on the materials used in production. It tells you if the pole will survive not only the changes in terrain and weather but also how it will fare with constant motion and sudden temperature drops.

It is up to the owners to choose how flexible their RV flag poles should be. Some owners feel better with more flexible options, so it would not break during heavy winds. Others opt for the sturdier poles, which can survive various contact against factors on the road like tree branches, wires, etc.


Some RV flag poles are expensive, which is justified when you know that it will be there for a longer period of time. Some owners choose cheaper ones because they are more widely available and because you can always replace them readily. Choose a price that is more affordable for you, and more dependable for your rig!

Other Important Factors to Consider


What is an RV flag pole?

An RV flag pole is a flag pole made specifically for RV travel use. As the RV is both a home and a vehicle, owners are often found flying flags in their rigs to signify various meanings. It can be used to fly various flags of significance like membership in an institution and an organization. Sometimes, it can even be for business purposes. Most of the time it is used to fly the colors of the country you belong to.

How does it work?

The mechanism of an RV flag pole differs, depending on the product and the brand. However, there are three main categories when it comes to the mechanism it requires to fly the flag.

  •  Internal Halyard RV Flag Pole – The internal halyard variation of the Rv flag pole refers to the mechanism that is placed INSIDE the pole. That alone spells a whole different from the other variations. With the internal halyard RV flag pole, the rigging is accessed through a secured door placed at the bottom of the pole.

From there you can control the movement of the rope upwards and downwards, as the truck is situated at the top of the pole. With the rope’s concealment, the internal halyard RV flag pole presents a cleaner, more streamlined look while also securing the flag. Commonly it is the pricier of the main types.

  • External Halyard RV Flag Pole – This variation is probably the most widely available among the types. The rope system is placed outside the pole, exposed and readily available for ease. From the bottom, the rope travels to the top where the truck is situated.

Mostly it employs the use of an external cleat to complete the rope system, where it locks in the rope in place for more stability. It also allows for easier adjustment of the flag’s upward and downward movement. It is the more traditional option and is probably the most popular among the variations.

  • Simple Station RV Flag Pole – Although not as popular as the other two, the simple stationary RV flag pole is easier to operate for those who are having a hard time operating the rope mechanisms employed by the other two options. By use of some alternative to rope, the flag is attached to the pole through the use of hooks, clips, or some other option. It is straightforward, simple, and easy to install.

Aside from these classifications, we can also differentiate RV flag poles by their trucks. The truck is the mechanism that allows for the rope’s upward and downward movement through the use of a pulley, made with a threaded opening where the ornament is received.

  • Revolving Truck – The revolving truck allows for more flag movement by being able to work with the wind. Through the use of bearings, it allows for flexible mobility that creates a picturesque image when the flag waves majestically and flaps with the wind. There are single revolving trucks that use a single pulley and double-revolving trucks with two.
  • Stationary Truck – The stationary truck is the other variation when it comes to trucks. It is able to limit the movement of the flag by staying still, locked in a position of security. Without the bearings and mobility, it stands strong amidst high winds.

What are the different types of RV flag poles?

When it comes to the actual poles, there are three main types of RV flag poles.

  • Telescoping RV Flag Pole – The telescoping RV flag pole is a great flag pole that is easy to install, use, and store away when not in use. Although it may not have the same sturdiness as that of the standard RV flag pole, the fact that you can control not just the rope system but also the flag pole’s height itself is an ease that cannot be found in other options. It is easy to carry around and keep in the storage when not in use, while also being fairly easy to clean. However, the more moving parts, the more worries it can present through years of usage.
  • PVC RV Flag Pole – When going with this option, the key advantages an owner would have is the decent strength it has to support the flag and rope system, as well as the flexibility to weather strong winds. While being sturdy enough to keep a flag raised, its lightweight allows for easier installation and provides relief for the rig itself. This is the common option for RV owners at the moment because of its wide availability and affordable price.
  • Standard RV Flag Pole – The standard RV flag pole is made of metal or other metallic alloys. Although it is leaning more to the heavier side, it is truly the most durable of the options. It is able to weather numerous changes in terrain and weather. Without the flexibility of PVC, it makes up for the material’s ability to survive constant motion and movement. This is the traditional pick for owners who value material sturdiness. It assures a longer use through its durability, as long as it is maintained quite well every now and then.

Why do you need an RV flag pole kit?

An RV flag pole is important if you want to fly a flag while on your long drives. Unlike common flag poles available in the market, RV flag poles are made to withstand various factors that owners and their rig may encounter while traveling. They are made to withstand constant motion and vibration, be flexible when it comes to storage, and also to power through different changes when it comes to your current location’s terrain and weather.

Flags have always signified non-verbal communication since time immemorial. From a distance, it shows allegiance to a certain group, hobby, or cause. Whether it is a flag for a sports team, for a company your work for, or an idea that you are currently supporting, an RV flag pole helps you express yourself and identify who you are to others.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How do you install RV flag poles?

There are a number of ways that each variation differs when it comes to installation.

For one, ladder mounted flag poles are easier to install than most variations. This is done by simply attaching the specialized brackets to the ladder itself for support and balance, and from here whether the flag pole is standard or telescoping, the RV flag pole will do its job. To take the set-up down, you can simply remove the pole and the specialized bracket from its place!

For RV flag poles that are mounted by the hitch, a pre-fabricated metal tubing piece is weld unto the hitch itself. This metal tubing serves as the base for the pole, and once installed its ready to go!

By far, the Tire Foot RV flag pole might take the cake in having the most out-of-the-box installation. The base of the pole is attached to a highly durable flat platform. To use it the RV needs only to drive over a single wheel atop the flat platform. With the weight of the wheel on top of it, the flat platform is able to provide balance and stability to the base of the flag pole. Simply put, it needs only the weight of the rig itself for the counterweight and voila! You have installed an RV flag pole that is as easy to take down as it is to put up!

For those who might opt for longer or permanent use, the standard choice is to mount an awning to the side of the RV. Using high-end screws and stoppers, you need only attach the RV awning or the mounting bracket to the slide topper or side (or the back) of the rig where the pole would be balanced. It is the most affordable and widely available among the options.

What size flag is best for my RV flagpole?

The size flag appropriate for a motorhome flagpole depends on the pole’s height or length. It should not be too short, making it less visible on the RV. The flag should also not be too long because it can snag tree branches and tall structures.

Flag sizing experts recommend observing the 25-percent rule. The flag’s length should be at least a quarter of the flagpole’s height. For example, if the RV flagpole measures 15 feet long, the flag should be at least 3.75 feet long. A three-foot by five-foot flag should be perfect on a six-foot-high RV flag pole.

Many RVers recommend an adjustable-length flag pole for fifth wheel camper and travel trailer units. One with LED light should help improve visibility at night and other low-light conditions, allowing RV owners to retract or extend the flagpole to suit their needs.

Which flagpole should withstand the strongest wind?

There is no definite answer to which camp flag pole can withstand the strongest wind because several factors can impact a flagpole’s wind resistance.

We should recognize that RV flagpoles have wind speed ratings from 50 MPH to 120+ MPH. A flagpole with a 120+ MPH wind speed rating can withstand category-3 hurricane-force winds.

Fiberglass flagpoles have higher wind speed ratings than aluminum materials. Many people place fiberglass poles in high-wind locations, such as beaches and coastal areas.

The flagpole’s dimensions can also impact its wind resistance. A 15-foot flagpole with a three-inch diameter base can withstand 120 MPH winds, while a 25-foot structure with a similar base diameter can only accommodate 50 MPH winds.

Hence, the taller the flagpole, the lower its wind resistance value. The wider the flagpole’s base diameter, the greater its wind speed rating.

For example, a 20-foot flagpole can withstand 120+ MPH winds if its base diameter is at least five inches. Reducing the 20-foot flagpole’s base diameter to three inches lowers its wind speed rating to 85 MPH.

How tall should my flagpole be?

The flagpole’s height depends on where the person wants to place it.

  • A 20-foot flagpole is suitable for most residential units with a maximum of two stories or floors.
  • On the other hand, commercial buildings should have a 20-foot flagpole as a minimum.
  • Office buildings can use 40-foot to 60-foot flagpoles.

However, the surrounding environment can also impact the flagpole’s height. For example, one can get away with a 25-foot flagpole in a wide-open space. On the other hand, a taller flagpole might be necessary when vegetation and other structures obstruct the view of the flag.

On the other hand, a portable flag pole for camping does not need to be as tall as residential, commercial, and office flagpoles. A 15-foot retractable flagpole is sufficient in most instances.

How do you use an RV flag pole?

In order to know how to use an Rv flag pole, you need first to know what kind of RV flag pole you are dealing with in terms of its halyard system.

External halyard RV flag poles utilize the use of a system consisting of pulleys and halyards. The halyards, typically made of polyester or nylon, are placed and rigged unto a pulley. This is also known as the halyard truck assembly. The halyard is connected by the flag’s grommets by the use of hooks, which enables for the control of the flag’s movements.

As all of these parts are connected, one can safely control the upward and downward movement of the flag from the bottom of the pole. It is also at this bottom part where the cleats are located, the fixture where the excess parts of the rope are tied. It is also responsible for locking the halyard in place.

Internal halyard RV flag poles do things a little differently. Most of the time, there is a small door at the base of the pole where you can access the cables which the system uses. Commonly, the use of a Winch is utilized by internal halyard RV flags for faster and more secure control of the flag’s mobility. The winch acts like a steering wheel for the whole system, and with it, you can control how high or low you want the flag to fly. This winch is also responsible for keeping the cables locked in for when you want the flag to stay put.

How do you care for and clean RV flag poles?

To care and clean for your RV flag pole, simply observe if it has removable parts. If you have a standard external RV flag pole, then cleaning it is as easy as cleaning the exterior of your rig. Simply remove and secure all the moving parts of the RV flag pole, and wash (and dry!) them individually.

If you have an internal halyard RV flag pole, the same routine is applied. However, the only difference is that you will have to put aside a long time when taking all the moveable parts out since the whole system is placed inside the rig.

It would also be helpful to use anti-rust and other solutions that might help the RV flag pole. Remember, this is not like your run-on-the-mill poles that are locked unto the earth. The RV flag pole will encounter different elements in different terrains, as well as sudden changes in terms of temperature and weather. Be sure to take that into consideration when doing maintenance!

When looking for the right  RV flag pole for your rig, it is important to take note of the activities you will do with the RV flag pole around. Will you be flying a flag all the time, or is it only for special events and purposes?

These are road factors that will affect how you will maintain the RV flag pole. It would not hurt to also consider the ease of the RV flag pole in terms of installation, cleaning, maintenance, and repair. Since most of the time you are traveling off the grid, the chances of finding a decent repair shop lessen by the mile. If you do not want the additional travel hassle of finding such, then be sure to know how to mount, clean, and store your RV flag pole properly.


Although RVs are great for occasional camping activities, they are also very reliable when used for longer periods and durations. For example, they are also utilized in off-grid living for a handful of brave adventurers. Usually, this lasts for months, and for some, it can even evolve into an all-out lifestyle. As such, it is but natural for you to use accessories that add character to your trailer home, such as flags.

But even though flags are just accessories, you need to make sure they are placed properly and in a safe manner. You can do this with the best RV flag pole in the market. So don’t hesitate; it’s a worthwhile purchase.

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