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The Best RV Grills: Perfect for Camping Together

Written by Stephen Ryan / Fact checked by William Turner

One of the first things that’s associated with the RVing life is grilling. It’s just one of those fundamental aspects of any good RV trip. I know I wouldn’t feel quite right about going on an RV trip without a grill; I’m confident you feel the same way.

Therefore, it’s essential you the best RV grill for your next trip to ensure you have something that can cook up quality burgers in a flash. I mean, grilling is a staple that shouldn’t be lost from any RVing activity.

best rv grill

With this in mind, we thought it was incredibly important that you have the high quality RV grill to make these trips are the extraordinary experiences you’ve always envisioned. And since the grill market is oversaturated with options, we found it was imperative we dive in head first into the research.

Therefore, this article will provide you with all our findings; in doing so, we’ll go over every little thing you’ll need to make the right decision about your RV grill purchase. From in-depth product reviews to the essential factors that considering, we’ll cover it all.

So please, read on and let us help you find the perfect RV grill for your next trip!

Top 1

Weber Q1000


Material Stainless steel
Heat output 8500 BTU
Power Source Propane

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Top 2

Flame King – YSNHT500


Material Metal
Heat output 12,000 BTU
Power Source Propane

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Top 3

Pit Boss Grills 75275


Material Stainless Steel
Heat output 10, 000 BTU
Power Source Propane

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Table of Contents

List of Top-Rated RV Grill Reviews 

In this section, we’ll provide you with ten product reviews discussing the most trusted grills for RV on the market. As a result, we hope these reviews will give you a little guidance about what you should expect to find out there when you start your search.

1. Weber 50060001 Q1000 Liquid Propane Grill

Our first grill comes from a company, Weber, that you’ll see a couple of times on this list. Now, being on this list multiple times is nothing to sneeze at; in fact, it conveys this manufacturer truly knows what it’s doing when it comes to making high-quality grills.

And the Weber 50060001 Q1000 Liquid Propane Grill does nothing to take away from that feeling. For instance, it has a stainless steel burner, which I find essential in any propane grill I end up considering.

It also helps that this burner has the capability of producing 8,500 BTUs (British thermal units) of heat, which is more than enough to satisfy any RV owner. Although I do tend to favor propane grills that have more than one burner, but given the quality of this particular burner, I don’t think this factor will be an issue here.

Plus, it has an infinite control burner valve that gives you complete control over the grilling experience anyway. All you have to do is dial in the heat setting you desire, and this grill will provide your desired results.

However, there was one reoccurring issue among the customer reviews that was quite concerning. See, this grill has some longevity concerns and tends to crap out after a year or two of usage.

For me, that just isn’t going to work and makes this grill a no-buy in my eyes. But if you only intend on using the grill on only special occasions, I could see how this product would be a worthwhile purchase for this type of customer.
  • Stainless steel burner that products 8500 BTUs of heat
  • Durable and lightweight thanks to cast-aluminum construction
  • Affordable
  • Push button ignition
  • Infinite control burner valve gives you complete control over the grilling experience
  • Longevity concerns

2. Flame King RV Gas Grill

The Flame King offers a convenient and exciting way to barbecue and grill in the great outdoors. It is one of the most popular  RV grills on the market, complete with features that guarantee exceptional flame control.

I love this grill’s multiple setup options. I can fix it onto my RV’s bumper to serve as an RV bumper mount grill. The bracket is sturdy enough to support the food and grill’s weight without damaging the camper, trailer, or motorhome.

Grilling our favorite ribeye and salmon is fast and precise. The 12,000-BTU gas burner creates a steady flame, producing a nice char effect on meats, vegetables, cold cuts, poultry, and fish. I do not need to worry about overcooking my meats because I can always control the flame with the integrated regulator.

My favorite is the grilling surface, which features a 214 square-inch main grill area and a secondary level for the warm zone. It is the perfect setup for weekend barbecues and grill feasts at the campgrounds.

I also appreciate the sturdy base, although it might look flimsy. The lid is a welcome feature, perfect for trapping the smoke and essences and diverting them back into the food. It is like having a barbecue feast from a charcoal grill but without the mess.

Unfortunately, hooking up this travel trailer grill to the built-in RV LPG tank is not as straightforward as it sounds. One must buy a compatible Quick Connect hose, which the brand could have included in this product.

To say I like this RV grill is an understatement. I adore it. This RV grill is versatile, has an expansive grilling surface, and its flame control is spot-on.

  • Spacious 214 square inch grilling surface with a secondary level
  • 12,000-BTU quick and high-heating gas burner with integrated control
  • Multiple setup options with bracket
  • Closable lid design for an improved smoky flavor
  • Sturdy base for optimum support and stabilit
  • Quick Connect hose sold separately

3. Pit Boss Grills 75275 Two-burner Portable Grill

One of the right ways to add flavor to any outdoor adventure is using the Pit Boss Grills 75275. This product is not only the perfect portable grill for camping, but it is also an all-around grill for the home.

I cannot get enough of its sleek and stylish all-stainless steel construction, including the lid, body, and grates. It should sit perfectly at the kitchen countertop alongside other stainless steel appliances, adding glitter to the kitchen. The best part? Stainless steel is so much easier to clean than other materials.

I love the two-burner design with independent flame controls. I can set one section for grilling and the other for warming our food. Controlling the 10,000-BTU burner output is also a cinch because of the markings on each knob.

The grilling surface is more extensive than other brands. People can put slabs of meat, poultry, vegetables, and seafood simultaneously on the grill’s 276-square-inch cooking surface. Monitoring the temperature is also a breeze because of the thermometer on the lid.

Unlike other products, this RV camping grill requires no assembly. People can start grilling their favorite foods right after taking the device out of the box.

Although I appreciate the folding legs, I wish they were longer to turn this grill into a freestanding grilling platform.

Still, I will never hesitate to recommend this RV grill. The RV grill’s ultra-modern look alone is enough to make it an excellent grilling platform for the home and outdoor settings. The flame and temperature controls are also superb.

  • For RV and residential use
  • More expansive grilling surface (276 square inches) than other RV grills
  • Integrated temperature gauge for more precise cooking
  • Elegant and easy-to-clean all-stainless steel construction
  • Two 10,000-BTU gas burners with independent controls
  • Preassembled for straightforward use
  • Not ideal as a free-standing grill

4. Smoke Hollow Stainless Steel TableTop Propane Gas Grill

If you’re looking for a propane grill, you could do a whole lot worse than the Smoke Hollow Stainless Steel Tabletop Propane Gas Grill. In fact, you can’t do a whole lot better than this particular model!

First off, the price is incredible. I mean, for a propane grill, you rarely see a price this low. So, of course, I was a little suspicious at first, but when I dived into the features, I found this grill wasn’t lacking in quality.

For instance, it has a 10,000 BTU stainless steel burner, which will get the job done and make sure your burgers will cook to the perfect temperature. And not only does it produce 10,000 BTUs, but it has several other high-quality features that make it an immediate contender for purchase.

See, it comes equipped with foldable legs that make it incredibly convenient for portability reasons. With these foldable legs, you’ll never have to worry about a surface being unsuitable for grilling; you just either set up the legs or fold them away depending on the situation. The grill also has a locking hood to ensure it can limit exposure during its time in storage.

All in all, I don’t have any issues with this product; however, I do have a problem with the company’s customer service. Unfortunately, multiple customers have had problems contacting customer service about this product.

Now, given this product’s quality, this issue might not cause me any problems. But it’s still something you should think about before purchasing. After all, you never know when something might go wrong.
  • Incredible price
  • Stainless steel 10,000 BTU burner
  • Equipped with foldable legs for portability reasons
  • Stainless steel construction for peak portability and durability
  • Locking hood to limit exposure
  • Issues with customer service

5. Giantex Propane Tabletop Gas Grill

The Giantex model is uncannily similar to the Pit Boss Grills 75275 grill for camper, except for a slightly less spacious cooking surface and a few other innovations.

I adore this RV grill’s super-slick all-stainless steel design. It makes cleaning more effortless with a simple wipe of a clean cloth. The mirror-like finish is also unlikely to rust, making this grill an excellent addition to our growing silver kitchen appliances and hardware.

It also features a pair of super-efficient 10,000-BTU burners with independent controls. I can set one section on high heat to create great-tasting grilled foods while turning the other on low heat to keep the delicacies warm. It is an ingenious setup that got me reminiscing about the good old days of charcoal grills.

The 20.5×12.5-inch cooking surface might be smaller than the Pit Boss, but it is enough to grill a feast for four. Maintaining the grill’s internal temperature does not involve any guesswork because of the integrated thermometer on the dome.

I also love the heat vents on the RV grill’s sides, keeping me safe from thermal injuries when touching the top lid.

I am a fan of the Quick-Connect system because of its convenience. Unfortunately, this RV outside grill does not have it. Moreover, grabbing the grill by the handle in a vertical position can dislodge the grate and other elements.

Nevertheless, this grill is perfect for modern campers, hikers, backpackers, and families enjoying a weekend barbecue. Its sleek design makes it an exceptional addition to any kitchen, while its precision controls are perfect for mastering the grill.

  • Two 10,000-BTU burners with independent controls for more precise grilling
  • 25-square-inch cooking surface for more grilled foods
  • Sleek all-stainless steel construction for rust protection and ease of cleaning
  • Built-in thermometer for precise temperature control
  • Multiple heat vents for safety
  • Grill components tend to loosen when carrying
  • No Quick-Connect system

7. Flame King RV Gas Grill

Honestly, the Flame King RV Gas Grill might be my least favorite propane grill on this entire list. But this isn’t because it lacks in quality; it’s because the features don’t meet my particular needs as an RV owner.

Nonetheless, there are certain features this grill does have that I adore. For example, it has mounting capabilities; therefore, making it incredibly convenient for any RV owner whose needs it does fulfill.

Likewise, it’s made with lightweight materials that make it extremely portable and multi-usable; therefore, it’s not a stretch to say this grill is incredibly user-friendly. Additionally, it has an adjustable flame controller that offers the user a level of control some of the other models on this list just don’t.

I also like the inclusion of the upper grill deck that gives you a little more space to grill more food. With this feature, you’ll never have to worry about not having enough space on your grill for everybody’s burger.

But for me, I just feel like there are better options on this list that offer more necessary features. And it doesn’t help that some customer reviews reported durability concerns about this particular grill.

See, I’m going to need a grill that will survive high-usage over a long period of time; this model doesn’t seem like it would be able to hold up. In the end, this product just wasn’t made to fit my particular needs.

But for someone who only uses the grill on holidays and such, this model could work and save you a bunch of money given its affordable cost.
  • Affordable
  • Mountable to the side of your rig
  • Made with lightweight materials
  • Adjustable flame controller
  • Upper grill deck
  • Durability concerns

8. Cuisinart CGG-306 Chef’s Style Stainless Tabletop Grill

Our first of two Cuisinart products, the Cuisinart CGG-306 Chef’s Style Stainless Tabletop Grill, has a lot of features that make it a must consider for RV owners. For instance, I absolutely love that this model comes with two burners.

In doing so, it would give me complete control of the grilling experience that other models in this article don’t offer. Honestly, I prefer grills with multiple burners because it gives you more control over the heat’s output.

Aside from the two burners, this grill also has an integrated thermometer that makes it extremely easy to gauge the grill’s temperature. Again, giving the user another level of control that lets them take hold of their grilling experience.

Given these two features, I’d have to say this might be the most user-friendly model on this entire list. Therefore, if you’re looking for something that will cater to your exact cooking needs, this grill might be the option for you.

However, before you add it to your Amazon cart, you should know that multiple customer reviews have cited both durability (pieces breaking off) and longevity concerns (stops working after a few months).

With this in mind, make sure you take a gander at the customer reviews yourself before making your decision. Then, if you’re comfortable with the risk you’re taking, move it on over to your Amazon cart.

But for me, I think I’d opt to get a different product than this grill. The customer reviews were eye-opening and soured me on a product I was in love with at first.
  • Two 10,000 BTU stainless steel burners
  • Integrated thermometer
  • Twist-start ignition
  • Foldable legs
  • Affordable
  • Durability and longevity concerns

9. Blackstone Grills Portable Gas Grill

We’ve finally reached my favorite grill on this entire list, the Blackstone Grills Portable Gas Grill. It’s my favorite product here for a rather simple reason; it produces the most heat of any of the products mentioned in this article.

At a whopping 35,000 BTU, this magnificent grill can produce an amount of heat that no other grill here can match. Now, the best thing about the 35,000 BTU is that it’s split between two independently operating burners.

In being so, these burners can cook two vastly different foods at the same time at different temperatures and speeds. Honestly, this feature gives me grilling versatility that I could only dream of when I started my research into RV grills.

And aside from its heat producing capabilities, it has some other fantastic features that make it a must consider for all RV owners. For instance, it has adjustable legs that make it incredibly portable.

In other words, there would be no problem moving it from your RV campground to a nearby park; as long as you have a transport vehicle of course (it’s rather heavy). These legs also make it extremely easy to store.

All in all, this product is easily the one I would pick over every other grill in this article. However, it just wasn’t meant to be sadly. The price far exceeds what I could reasonably expect myself to pay.

But if you have the extra money, I’d recommend putting this grill into your Amazon immediately. I promise you won’t be disappointed. Plus, you’ll make your friends and family incredibly jealous of your top-notch grill.
  • Two burners (one stainless steel 15,000 BTU burner and one cast iron 20,000 BTU burner)
  • Adjustable legs
  • Made with heavy-duty, durable material
  • Easy portable set up
  • Offers multiple grilling options
  • Expensive
  • Incredible heavy

10. Weber Go-Anywhere Charcoal Grill

The best charcoal grill for RV, the Weber Go-Anywhere Charcoal Grill, doesn’t back down from the more technologically superior propane grills. In fact, in several ways, this charcoal grill outpaces the propane models.

For example, it easily has the lowest price here, which makes it a certified bargain for smaller camper owners who are looking for a grill that does its job without taking up a lot of space. In fact, this grill is easily the most storable model mentioned in this article.

Additionally, this grill is made with incredibly lightweight material. I mean, I wouldn’t be shocked if you could carry it in one hand; it’s that easy to move around from place to place. As someone who has a park in walking distance from their favorite campground, this portability could come in handy.

This grill is also coated with porcelain enamel coating, which will ensure it’s in great shape for years to come. In fact, this coating is designed specifically to make sure rusting/fading doesn’t become an issue.

Now, regarding negatives, the only one I could find was some customers complained about the enamel chipping off. And honestly, if the enamel chipping off is your only issue, I think it’s safe to say you have a high-quality product that every RV owner should at least consider.

In the end, this charcoal grill had me thinking twice about my stance as a propane grill guy; but, I still don’t like the idea of charcoal in general, so, I’d still have to pass in favor of a propane grill. But if you’re looking for a charcoal RV grill, there’s no reason why this shouldn’t already be in your Amazon cart.
  • The lowest price of any grill in this article
  • The porcelain-enameled coating prevents rusting/fading
  • Glass-reinforced handle that keeps cool during grilling
  • Excellent storing capabilities
  • Made with incredibly lightweight material
  • Some customers complained about enamel chipping off

11. Cuisinart Gourmet Portable Tabletop Gas Grill

Our last RV grill, the Cuisinart Gourmet Portable Tabletop Gas Grill, is an incredibly affordable option that has some excellent qualities, which make it stand out from its competitors. For instance, it’s easily the lightest and most portable propane grill we have reviewed.

In being so, you shouldn’t have any issues transporting this grill to the beach, park, or other places where grilling might ensue. I mean, I could see myself using this grill on the beach during 4th of July or at a tailgating event; it’s definitely the most suitable portable grill for rv camping.

And the best thing about this grill is the low price. Honestly, you could easily get two of these for the price of one the other models on this list. Therefore, if you’re looking for a bargain, there’s no reason to not at least consider this high-quality, affordable grill.

Plus, it has those all too important folding legs that it make it suitable for any surface. With all this in mind, you’re probably saying to yourself that this sounds like a bonafide bargain, but there are some issues we must discuss.

For example, the 5,500 BTU stainless steel burner is a little bit lower than I’d like; as previously mentioned, I’d like something with at least 10,000 BTUs. However, given the portability and other fantastic qualities, this lack of BTUs could be something I could overlook.

But in the end, I’d still opt to buy a different grill than this one that Cuisinart provides. It made an appealing case with its unprecedented amount of portability, but it just doesn’t check all the boxes I’d like it my new grill to check.
  • Great price
  • Very lightweight material
  • Integrated lid lock
  • Folding legs
  • 5,500 BTU stainless steel burner

12. Coleman RoadTrip LXE Portable Propane Grill

Coleman’s RoadTrip LXE Portable Propane Grill is an incredibly low-cost option any RVer should consider buying. I mean, with this price, I don’t see how this grill wouldn’t at least be in consideration.

Then, you add in all the high-quality features that I love such as the two 10,000 BTU adjustable burners, and it becomes clear that Coleman wasn’t messing around when making this grill. See, with these adjustable burners, you’re able to control two different temperature zones.

Therefore, it makes grilling a much more manageable and simplified experience that doesn’t take much effort to master. Honestly, with a convenient product like this, the whole process becomes almost too easy.

And I haven’t even mentioned the other features such as the instastart button, which lights the grill without the need for a lighter or match. In the end, there isn’t much about this grill that an RV owner would find annoying or complicated.

In fact, in most facets, this grill is above its competitors. But there’s one issue that makes this product a hard sell for some customers; it tends to rust after a few months. Now, depending on the location of the rusting, it can affect the overall performance of the model.

But given the price, I think I’ll take a shot with this product and see how it goes. After all, if it does rust out, the money I saved on the initial purchase will help me find a suitable replacement. And if it doesn’t, I’ll enjoy the myriad of features for a price that won’t even put a little dent in my bank account.

In my opinion, that’s a win-win scenario.

  • Incredibly low price
  • Two 10,000 BTU adjustable burners
  • Easy to transport
  • Instastart button
  • Simple to clean
  • Multiple customers reported rusting issues after a few months

Camco Olympian 5500 Portable Gas Grill (Outdated)

The Camco Olympian 5500 Stainless Steel Portable Gas Grill is an affordable, high-quality grill any RVer would benefit from owning. Honestly, there are so many features I love about this product that I don’t even know where to begin.

But alas I must start somewhere, so, I’ll start with my favorite aspect first; it’s attachable ability to your RV’s mounting rail. Now, this feature just speaks to the overall convenience of this particular grill.

In fact, with this feature, you’ll never have to worry about finding a suitable surface for your grill. You simple just attach it to your mounting rail and begin grilling. It even has a quick connect propane outlet that can directly tap into your RV’s low-pressure gas supply.

And once you start grilling, you’ll be aided by its stainless steel burner that produces 12,000 BTU of heat; more than enough heat for whatever you intend on grilling. It also helps that its made from durable, lightweight stainless steel, which makes it incredibly portable; perfect for a little getaway picnic to a nearby park on the 4th of July.

As you can see, there isn’t much this grill is missing when it comes to additional features and offering peak performance. But as with all products, this grill is not perfect. And the issue that kept baffling customers seems to revolve around not being able to regulate the temperature.

In other words, it seems like it’s quite difficult to control the temperature of the grill with this particular model.

  • Can attach directly to the mounting rail of your rig
  • 12,000 BTU stainless steel burner
  • Has a quick connect propane outlet
  • Made out lightweight, easy to contain stainless steel
  • Equipped with folding feet
  • Issues regulating the temperature

Weber 54060001 Q2200 Liquid Propane Grill (Outdated)

This Weber RV grill, the Weber 54060001 Q2200 Liquid Propane Grill, continues to establish the pristine reputation this company is known for; I mean, it seems everything they make is top-notch, and this grill is no different.

Now, this grill isn’t too much different than our first Weber product. However, two significant differences make me prefer this product over the previous one: the 12,000 BTU stainless steel burner and the foldable side tables.

See, with the 12,000 BTU stainless steel burner, you shouldn’t have any issues getting the heat you need for grilling perfection. Honestly, it might be even overkill, but that’s why Weber included the infinite burner control valve with this model as well.

Regarding the foldable side tables, this feature just makes sense practically and gives you a place to store the necessary materials for grilling such as the tongs and other such items. Honestly, it might not seem like a big deal, but it really does help and allows you to focus solely on the grilling.

Otherwise, this model is practically the same as the previous Weber model, and that isn’t a bad thing; however, what is a bad thing is the price of this grill’s expensive. Therefore, if you’re looking for a bargain, it’s best you look somewhere else.

Plus, several customers had issues with the manual being difficult to understand. Now, this issue might not cause problems for you, but given the frequency of it being mentioned, I thought it was worth discussing.

  • 12,000 BTU stainless steel burner
  • Infinite burner control valve
  • Electronic ignition
  • Equipped with foldable side tables
  • Made from cast aluminum which is lightweight and durable
  • Expensive
  • Some customers had issues with accompanying user-manual

What to Look for When Buying an RV Grill

best grill for rv living

With every product, certain factors will guide your decision to which model you end up buying. And as you might expect, RV grills are no different. In fact, they can get quite complicated.

Therefore, this section will discuss at length these so-called factors to help you get more familiar with what you’re supposed to be looking for in your next grill.


The first thing you’re going to notice when researching RV grills is most of them fall into two categories: propane or charcoal. And due to this, you must make a decision about which one is more in line with your particular needs.

Now, we’ll go more in-depth about the differences between the two in the FAQ section, but to give you a little preview it boils down to the type of RV you use. For instance, if you have a larger RV such as a Class A, you’re most likely going to want a propane grill.

Why is this? Well, it’s because they offer the best performance between the two. But these models are often bigger and more expensive, which is why charcoal grill is usually the option RVers with small campers choose.

See, these charcoal grills weigh a lot less and offer more portability than you might find a propane model does. And since you have limited storage space, you’re going to want something that doesn’t take up a lot of room while being easily movable.

In my particular case, I’d likely go with a nice, souped-up propane grill for my Class A RV. It would just fit my personal preferences to a tee and my need for getting the most technologically advanced product possible

Construction Material

The best RV grill is going to be made out of highly-durable material such as stainless steel, aluminum, iron, or ceramic. Now, most RV owners prefer stainless steel because it requires less maintenance than the others.

In other words, the cleaning up process won’t be such a burden with a grill made from stainless steel. And as someone who loathes cleaning, I’d have to go with the consensus here by siding with pro stainless steel crowd. It also helps that stainless steel is rust-resistant too.

Nonetheless, there’s another factor that’s in play besides durability regarding the material: portability. Depending on your circumstances, whether you’re in a small camper or bigger Class A RV, your needs for portability will differ.

Therefore, take into account the weight of the material used in creating the grill. For example, if you have a small camper, there’s no reason you should buy a 50-pound stainless steel RV grill. It just doesn’t make any logical or practical sense.

However, someone with a Class A RV might find this grill appealing and the weight not entirely problematic. After all, they have the extra storage space and probably tend to hang around campgrounds rather than woodsy backcountry like a person in small camper might.

Additional Features

Grills are like snowflakes; each one has something that differs it from the rest of its competitors. With this in mind, it’s essential you know exactly what features each grill has, so, you can match them with which ones you want.

For instance, you might want a grill that has mounting capabilities. Therefore, you now have a baseline of where you can start limiting your search to grills with that capability. On the other hand, if you just want a simple, charcoal grill with a limited number of features, you can start limiting your options to fit that mold as well.

In the end, the additional features will help you determine what grill will fit the needs you deem necessary. And then once you find the grill that meets all those requirements, you’ll have found the right one for you.

An Extra Consideration for Propane Grill Customers:


Now, if you do opt for a propane grill, it’s crucial you ensure the burner is made from stainless steel or brass. Either of these materials will help fight against corrosion; therefore, keeping the grill in your life for a long time.

But of course, these aren’t the only materials a burner might be made out of; in fact, you’ll probably encounter some made from aluminum or cast iron. You should avoid both these materials entirely because aluminum is prone to burning out, while cast iron has a high risk of rusting.

It’s also essential you make sure that the propane grill you buy has a metal deflector between the burner and the grate. This feature will help produce even heat and reduce the hot spots you might find on the grate; decreasing the risk that your burner ends up dripping hot grease.

And lastly, if you do end picking a propane grill, try to find one with multiple burners. In fact, the more burners, the better as it will help give you more control over the heat’s output. After all, it’s all about making the grilling process as simple and controlled as possible.

Obviously, this factor won’t matter for people wanting a charcoal grill as they don’t feature burners. But for propane grill consumers, the burners are a vital and critical aspect that is necessary for determining a grill’s quality and practicality.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

best rv propane grill

The FAQs section will be exactly what you expect it to be; it will answer any relevant question you have about these particular products. In fact, it will help you sort out the precise things you want out of the grill you end up purchasing.

What is an RV grill?

An RV grill can be a lot of different things, but one thing most of them are is fueled by propane. Now, this aspect doesn’t mean all RV grills are propane based; in fact, you’ve already come across one that’s not in the product section.

But it’s essential you understand that most of the RV grills you encounter during your search are going to run off propane. And as you’ll see in the next FAQ, there are advantages and disadvantages to the propane-based model as well the charcoal model.

If you end getting a propane grill, these models will usually run off your RV’s supply tank, but some come with your their own tanks. In fact, some grills offer both a hose and tank supply to give the customer a choice regarding which fits their needs the best.

In the case of a charcoal grill, these will merely use the charcoal as their energy source and are pretty basic products compared to a propane grill. These RV grills are mainly for people in smaller campers or looking for a peak amount of portability.

Aside from what they run off of, there are other things about these products you must understand before choosing one. For instance, RV grill manufacturers focus a lot of energy on making these models as portable as possible.

In doing so, they’ll make sure they’re lightweight, have folding features, and with certain products have mounting capabilities to your rig. Each of these qualities helps make your RV grilling experience as convenient as possible.

Overall, the right RV grill for you will have whatever features and requirements you deem necessary. Therefore, it’s all about deciding what you want your grill to have and finding the model that checks all those boxes.

Who makes the highest quality RV grill?

There are many brands of camper grills that make high-quality products. However, most RV owners trust Weber, Inc. This publicly traded American company has been making the highest quality outdoor grills since 1952. Few brands can come close to matching its historical excellence. Moreover, it specializes in outdoor grills, unlike other brands with other product lines.

Cuisinart and Hamilton Beach also make high-quality RV grills. Some of their creations are perfect for today’s motorhome, boondocking, tailgating, and camping crowd, especially those who want an RV grill griddle combo. Unfortunately, one cannot say these brands specialize in outdoor grills, handing the crown to Weber as the best.

What are the Different Types of RV Grills?

As mentioned above, in the RV grill marketplace, the two most common grill types are charcoal and propane. Now, as you might expect, each one has certain advantages and disadvantages that make them more or less ideal for specific circumstances.

Therefore, it’s essential you identify these advantages/disadvantages and apply them to your situation. Luckily, we’ll go over these pros and cons below, so, you can get a grasp of which type would fit your needs best.

Propane Grills

Now, propane grills are all about bringing forth a high-quality product. Therefore, they combine the efficiency a charcoal grill would have to offer with a relatively easy cleaning process. Plus, they have additional features you wouldn’t see on a standard charcoal girl.

But since they run off propane, these grills are a little bit more of a hassle. Sadly, the propane tanks themselves are a bit difficult to move around given their weight. Additionally, propane isn’t as readily available as charcoal.

In other words, you aren’t going to refill your propane tank at a supermarket. Also, propane grills tend to be more expensive than charcoal grills. As a result, if you’re looking for top of the line performance, a propane grill would be your suitable option.

Charcoal Grills

Charcoal grills are the most popular choice among people in smaller campers because of how convenient and easy they’re to use. See, charcoal is made readily available at most local supermarkets, which makes them far more accessible than propane grills.

However, even with this advantage, there’s one thing that makes these grills a pain for RV owners, the cleaning process. Unfortunately, charcoal is a lot dirty and much more of a hassle to clean than your typical propane grill.

Therefore, if you aren’t too keen on upkeep, then a charcoal grill might not be the option for you. But it’s essential I remind you that these grills tend to come with a lesser price tag than you’d see on a propane grill.

It’s also crucial to note there’s less of a market for these type of grills because more and more people are opting for RVing with bigger Class A RVs. And due to the storage capabilities, these RV’s have, there’s little to no reason you wouldn’t choose the more technologically advanced propane models.

With all this in mind, you can see why you must determine what you value most in the grill you intend on purchasing. As you can see, it really comes down to what your circumstances are and what you want out of your grill.

Which is better: gas, electric, or charcoal grill for RV?

Gas, electric, and charcoal grills have varying pros that appeal to different RV owners.

Some people might consider an RV charcoal grill better because of the flavor depth and smokiness that live charcoal imparts to barbecues and other grilled foods. The searing heat also creates a lovely caramelization, delivering an out-of-this-world flavor profile people cannot get from other grills.

On the other hand, electric grills are perfect for people who want convenience above all else. These grills are also healthier because they do not produce carcinogenic smoke and char.

Gas grills offer the best of both worlds, imparting a delicious, smoky flavor as charcoal grills with the convenience of electric models. However, an RV slide out grill using gas can be large, making it unappealing for RVers who want to save space.

Why do you need an RV grill?

To be perfectly honest, you don’t need an RV grill. It’s not a fundamental requirement that’s needed for an RV to function. However, I don’t see the reason why you’d RV without one. In my eyes, it would just seem like your missing a vital part of the experience.

Plus, it’s a rather convenient way to avoid being crammed up inside the RV; the option of a grill gives you the ability to cook outside amongst nature. In other words, it’s just a nice alternative to have to the miserable stove and oven that often sit inside these RVs.

And lastly, it brings simplicity to your RVing life that might evade you in other aspects. Let’s be honest, being a full-time or part-time RVer can be quite stressful at times. So, having something simple and practical such as an RV grill around could bring some ease to your rather complicated life.

What are the tips when using propane grills?

If misused, propane grills can be dangerous things. Therefore, it essential you follow the following list of do’s and don’ts, so, your barbecue doesn’t end in a tragic fashion.

Propane Grilling Do’s

  • When not in use, make sure all the grill controls are turned off and keep the propane cylinder valve completely closed.
  • Ensure the place you’re grilling is well-ventilated and outdoors. In no circumstance, should you think it’d be a good idea to grill inside your RV.
  • Be sure the gas grill is completely shut off and cooled before covering it.
  • Use and store the propane cylinders in an upright position. And when you store them, always keep them away from heat or any ignition source.
  • When not using the grill, cover disconnected hose-end fittings and burner air intakes with small plastic bags, or obtain protective fitting caps. In doing so, you’ll keep out dirt, insects, moisture, or any other potential hazard.
  • And always test the gas fitting for leaks before you start lighting a burner.

Propane Grilling Don’ts

  • Never bring the propane cylinders into an enclosed space or indoors.
  • When handling a propane cylinder, don’t smoke.
  • Don’t leave the propane cylinder in a vehicle for long periods of time.
  • Ensure you never let children play with the propane cylinder or grill
  • Avoid high-temperature scenarios when handling a propane cylinder in any capacity.

If you follow these do and don’ts, you should have no issues with your RV grill. In fact, all your barbecues will be a safe environment where everyone can enjoy themselves without having to worry about any sort of tragic circumstances arising.

After all, grilling is supposed to be fun. So please, follow these safety measures and ensure everything goes smoothly when you’re using a propane grill.

What are the tips when using charcoal grills?

Just like propane grills, charcoal grills can be quite dangerous if used incorrectly. With this in mind, I’ll outline the do’s and don’ts of charcoal grilling, as I did with propane grilling above, to ensure you don’t encounter any dangerous scenarios.

Charcoal Grilling Do’s

  • When using charcoal, make sure you form a pyramid and dose it with lighter fluid. But ensure the fluid has soaked into the charcoal before lighting.
  • After using the lighter fluid, cap it immediately and place it a safe distance away from your grill
  • Be cautious when unplugging and removing a hot starter. Also, before storing it, make sure it’s in a cool and safe place.
  • Make sure you keep the vent open when cooking.
  • After use, give the coals time to burn out and let the ashes cool down for at least 48 hours before disposing of them

Charcoal Grilling Don’ts

  • Don’t ever use gasoline, kerosene, or other highly combustible fluids as a starter. These are incredibly dangerous and will cause some issues when they evitable explode.
  • Never add lighter fluid to already hot or warm coals.
  • Make sure you never use an electric starter in the rain or when you’re on wet ground.
  • After the grill is lit, don’t touch the coals with your hands to test whether they’re hot or not. You’ll get some nasty burns.
  • If you’re using instant light charcoal, don’t use any sort of starter. Also, don’t add anymore instant light charcoal after the fire has been lit. Instead, if you need to add more charcoal, use the regular kind.

If you follow these rules, I promise your grilling sessions will be what you’ve always dreamed. And all you’ll have to worry about is making sure your grilling the burgers and hot dogs to their absolute perfection.

How do you attach an RV grill?

Attaching an RV grill is as easy as hooking it up to the motorhome’s propane tank. The connection is more straightforward in an RV grill with Quick Connect features.

Recreational vehicles with built-in propane tanks have gas pressure regulators. It would be best to check the grill to see if it has a regulator, too. Two regulators might reduce the pressure and amount of gas going to the burners.

If the RV grill does not have a built-in regulator, hook up the Quick Connect hose to the RV propane tank Quick Disconnect port. If the RV does not have a Quick Disconnect feature, one can fit a tee connection between the supply hose and the RV gas regulator. It is also possible to install third-party Quick Disconnect hardware if one wants.

It would be best to bypass the propane gas regulator if the RV grill comes with an integrated regulator. People can install a tee between the propane regulator and tank. Installing Quick-Disconnect hardware is also ideal.

How to clean an RV grill?

Given you’ll need your RV grill to stay in pristine condition, we thought it’d be a good idea to offer you some tips about cleaning these products.

Turn Up Your Grill

You’re probably reading that phrase with a look of confusion on your face; however, if you simply turn your grill up, it will burn off any remaining loose residue from the previous grilling session. And then, use a grill brush this one to get rid of the tougher residue that survived the heat onslaught.

Once you’re done getting rid of the more stubborn residue, your grill should be ready for another session!

Put the Grates in a Self-Cleaning Oven

If for whatever reason turning up the heat doesn’t work, you should try putting the grates inside a self-cleaning oven. The self-cleaning will turn any residue on your grill’s grates into ash literally.

In doing so, it will use the same process it uses to clean the oven and make sure your grill is ready to go for your next barbecue. Now if you don’t have access to a self-cleaning oven, you should try our next tip.

Use Oven Cleaner

Besides being effective in cleaning your oven, oven cleaner can help you in the grill cleaning process as well. Simply wait till the grill is completely cool, remove the grate and put it into a garbage bag. Then, spray the oven cleaner into the bag and make sure the grate is coated thoroughly.

After spraying the grate, close the bag and let it sit overnight. Once it’s morning, rinse it off and use your grill brush to remove any leftover residue.


After reading all this information, you should have a clear idea of what you want in your next RV grill. Now, comes the exciting part where you apply all the knowledge you’ve learned and find the best RV grill for your circumstances.

I know, it might seem like a daunting task, but I’m confident this process won’t be the frustrating experience you might expect. All you have to do is trust the knowledge you have gained; then go onto Amazon and find the grill that’ll make your RV trips extraordinary.

And once you do, your trips will never feel like their lacking an essential piece ever again. Instead, they’ll embody everything you’ve dreamed them to be before you got the RV in the first place!

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