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The Best RV Holding Tank Treatments for Your RV bathroom

Written by Stephen Ryan / Fact checked by William Turner

Owning a recreational vehicle also requires you to carry several responsibilities – one of which is ensuring that its septic system is well-managed. You have to make sure that your vehicle’s septic system is well-managed to prevent it from causing a foul smell or making your bathroom stalls look filthy.

The best RV holding tank treatment can help you in managing your septic tank properly. With the aid of this solution, you have an assurance that tissue and waste will be broken down, which is effective in the prevention of clogs. It can also help ensure that your RV bathroom is free of any foul smell or odors.

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Why is an RV Holding Tank Treatment Necessary?

Ensuring that your bathroom at home stays free is actually easy because of the presence of the plumbing system, which tends to carry waste away from the area. The same can’t be said for your recreational vehicle, though, as the waste does not seem to go too far.

Best RV Holding Tank Treatment

With that in mind, there is a risk for your RV’s bathroom area to produce a foul smell after some time. Also, take note that your moving RV might also lead to the waste being mixed with other nasty things. Considering those issues, it is just right to treat your water tank using chemicals.

This is something that the best RV toilet treatment can do. It treats the water tank, keeping it clean, removing clogs, and preventing it from producing a foul smell. Note that the RV holding tank treatments actually come in different types – the formaldehyde-free, the tablet, and the liquid holding tank treatments.

Fortunately, we have compiled few of the best products in each type, making it much easier for you to figure out which one you think is the most suitable one for your black water tank.

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14 Best Treatment for RV Holding Tank Reviews 2023

Formaldehyde-free Holding Tank Treatments

Finding the best treatment for your recreational vehicle’s holding tank is possible if you check out those products that do not have any formaldehyde. Note that you need a formaldehyde-free solution as formaldehyde tends to kill the septic system’s natural bacterial fauna, causing major issues in the long run.

With the damaging effects of formaldehyde, it is no longer surprising why many states actively ban products that have this chemical. What’s good about going for a product without formaldehyde is it ensures its safety for the environment. The most effective one is also guaranteed to be safe for your family, especially for those who are sensitive to chemicals.

1. Camco 41183 TST Ultra-concentrated RV Toilet Treatment with Orange Citrus Scent

Another of the best RV holding tank chemicals without formaldehyde that you can use is the Camco 41183 TST Ultra-concentrated RV Toilet Treatment with Orange Citrus Scent. It also comes in a form that you can just conveniently drop it into the tank. Once dropped in, you can expect it to start working on controlling unwanted and foul smells.

It also aids in breaking down tissues and waste within the black water tank, thereby preventing clogs. The drop-ins are easy to use. They also have a special chemical, which aids in breaking down the waste. It is ultra-concentrated, too, which makes even a single drop effective in treating tanks that are up to 40 gallons in capacity.

Furthermore, it boasts of a combination of surfactant oils with a citrus scent, which aids in trapping foul odors within your tank. What’s even better about this RV holding tank treatment is that it gains the approval when it comes to using it for marine and RV applications.

Since it does not contain formaldehyde, it is known to not cause any harm to all kinds of septic tanks as well as portable toilets used for camping. It’s devoid of any toxic substances.

2. Walex TOI-91799 Deodorizer

If you are in search of a formaldehyde-free treatment for an RV holding tank, then you will never go wrong by choosing Walex TOI-91799 Deodorizer. It comes in prep-packed water-soluble packets that aid in controlling odor, lubricating seals, and valves, and breaking down wastes and paper.

It dissolves quickly, thereby treating the tank fast. Since each packet is already portion-controlled, there’s also an assurance behind its ease of use. All it takes is to drop one packet in without worrying about spills. You will never have problems storing the packets since they come in a convenient and easy to use zipper bag.

It is available in a non-staining color, which also works efficiently in breaking down waste and paper and deodorizing the tank pretty fast. It boasts of its unbeatable ability to prevent unwanted and foul odors. Each packet dropped into the holding tank is already enough to control odor for up to 7 days.

Another of its most impressive qualities is its fragrance. It’s known for using the strongest formula for odor control available in the market. Since it’s, formaldehyde-free while boasting of its biodegradable nature, you can safely use it without harming the environment and those who are sensitive to chemicals.

3. Camco 41173 TST Ultra-Concentrated RV Toilet Treatment with Orange Scent 

Another formaldehyde-free holding tank treatment from Camco is the 41173 TST Ultra-concentrated treatment with orange scent. It works efficiently in regulating odors coming from the holding tank of your recreational vehicle. With this product, you get the chance to make the most out of the power of citrus when it comes to breaking down tissues and wastes.

The fact that it takes advantage of a formula without formaldehyde also makes it good for the environment. It is ultra-concentrated, too, making it really effective in performing what it is intended to do. It does not cause any stains and is guaranteed to be safe when used on septic tanks.

Using it promotes convenience as it only involves a one-step solution. It does not need any preparation or mixing. The concentrated nature of this product makes it capable of treating a max of 40-gal. water using just 2 ounces of the treatment.

You might also find the 4-oz. size of this product handy since you will only be using a single bottle for each application. A single application can already last for a few days. It’s convenient since it does not require you to measure anything.

Tablet RV Holding Tank Treatments

You can also go for holding tank treatments that come in tablet form. The best RV black tank treatment in tablet form makes it possible for you to add one tablet in a tank. It offers utmost convenience as it eliminates the need for measuring.

Each tablet comes pre-packed and you can use it right away. In addition, it is not messy as it does not cause spills.

4. Walex BIO-PAK 11530 Natural Holding Tank Waste Digester and Deodorize

Walex BIO-PAK 11530, which tends to work as an effective digester of waste and deodorizer, also does a pretty good job in the field of digesting waste and removing odors from your tank. It can be considered as a tablet holding tank treatment, which comes in a pre-packed piece with proper portion control.

Since each pack already comes in portion, you can do away with pouring and measuring the product yourself, promoting convenience. Each pack works immediately in breaking down any waste and paper present in the tank while also deodorizing it. It performs such function without the need for any special toilet paper.

The convenience associated with using this waste digester and deodorizer from Walex can also be attributed to the fact that it does not trigger any messy liquids. It’s not harmful when used on various septic tanks and devoid of harmful chemicals. It is known to be free of both formaldehyde and biocide.

It also comes in a color, which does not cause stains to your tank and the other areas surrounding it. Using it regularly can also help ensure that the seals, valves, and pipes in your septic system will stay free of any troubles.

5. Walex TOI-61776 Elemonate Deodorizer & Cleaner

Mainly designed for grey water tanks, you will also be surely satisfied with the performance of Walex TOI-61776 Elemonate Deodorizer & Cleaner. It comes in tablet form, which is known to dissolve rapidly. It works efficiently in deodorizing your grey water tank.

One impressive fact about this Walex product is that it also works in freshening up your drain lines and sink. Adding the tablet into the tank can also dissolve organic sludge as well as grease from the grey tank itself and its drain lines. Also, it’s a versatile solution since it works not only in RVs but also in households and boats.

Another advantage of this deodorizer and cleaner from Walex is that it utilizes the most recent technology in rapid-dissolving tablets when it comes to preventing clogs and controlling bad odors.

It contains special enzymes that work efficiently in dissolving grease and breaking food particles and fats found in grey tanks, sinks, drain lines, dishwashers, and garbage disposal. With such benefit, you have an assurance that this grey holding tank treatment is effective in keeping the lines and tanks odor-free and free-flowing.

6. Walex PPRVLAV Porta-Pak Holding Tank Deodorizer (Lavender Breeze)

Walex also did a pretty good job in creating the PPRVLAV Porta-Pak Holding Tank Deodorizer with lavender scent. In fact, it is considered to be one of the best portion control deodorizers worldwide, which comes in tablet form. It delivers a really excellent performance in preventing odors.

It is based on a safe and chemical-free formula as it does not contain formaldehyde. It is effective in the breakdown of accumulated wastes and paper as well as in the field of deodorizing the holding tank with its new and fresh lavender fragrance. It’s in a Porta-Pak or table form, which is also an advantage as you just have to drop it in.

Each portion-controlled packet dissolves quickly, making it possible for you to do the treatment for the holding tank in a quicker manner. It’s user-friendly as treating your tank with it just involves simply dropping the contents of the packet.

Each drop has the power of regulating the odor of your holding tank for up to seven days. It also prevents spills as each pack has a controlled portion. It’s effective in cleaning sensors and holding tanks.

7. Camco TST Clean Scent RV Toilet Treatment Drop-Ins

Camco’s TST Clean Scent RV Toilet Treatment Drop-Ins has a known reputation for being excellent at keeping a holding tank clear of various issues. Its bacterial/enzyme formula will digest fats, proteins, waste, and tissue without any problem.

As a result, buyers won’t have to worry about their RV’s plumbing system becoming clogged. It’s worth mentioning that these drop-ins only activate when contacting digestible materials. This allows them to have a longer shelf life than most other RV or marine holding tank treatment products.

You can also expect them to do a wonderful job at preventing odor formulation. In particular, their formula having a buffer system capable of stopping smelly odors from being present themselves. The product’s pure rain fragrance certainly doesn’t hurt matters, either.

Eco-friendly RV owners love this product because it’s also biodegradable. Their usage shouldn’t have any unwanted side effects on our lovely planet. It’s always nice when you don’t have to worry about causing environmental damage with a certain product.

The product’s overly easy using process is another standout benefit. It’s a simple exercise of placing the drop-in into the toilet and flushing. You can’t ask for anything easier when buying these holding tank treatments.

Honestly, it’s certainly much easier than what you’d experience with the liquid types on our list, such as either of the Happy Campers holding tank treatment options. Camco did a fantastic job making sure these drop-ins were as user-friendly as possible.

We didn’t even mention that this option comes as a 10-pack. Thanks to this, you don’t need to spend additional money on these treatments anytime soon. You can instead sit back and enjoy your RVing adventures without worrying about a smelly or clogged holding tank.

8. Cabin Obsession RV Toilet Treatment Drop-ins

If you’re looking for one of the most versatile options, look no further than Cabin Obsession’s RV Toilet Treatment Drop-ins. These products are proven to be effective in every type of tank and work at every temperature. As a result, year-long RVers would be doing themselves a massive favor by investing in these drop-ins.

These buyers will love drop-ins because of their performance results, as well. You can expect them to break down waste and remove odors from your holding tank with ease. In fact, several buyers were shocked by their effectiveness.

You don’t have to worry about any damage coming from their use, either. These drop-ins are non-toxic and formaldehyde-free to ensure top-tier results without any side effects. It makes them a product that is hard to pass up for any RV owner.

It’s also worth mentioning that one of these products covers a significant amount of ground. A single drop-in will treat a 40-gallon tank without any trouble. Plus, you won’t need to measure any messy liquids or powders, as its drop-in construction makes everything simple.

The 24-pack quantity is another excellent component of this option. Buyers will have longevity with this choice that most over holding tank treatments can’t match. This bulk-buy comes at an affordable price, too, which only furthers its appeal.

Cabin Obsession even offers a money-back guarantee, which you don’t often see with these kinds of products. The 60-day policy allows buyers to send the drop-ins back with a full refund.

You should always take advantage of a company willing to provide warranties or guarantees. It speaks to the brand’s passion for making sure their customers have the best buying experience possible. It’ll also help ensure each buyer gets a holding tank treatment that suits their needs.

Liquid RV Holding Tank Treatments

Another type that you can use as a treatment for the tank is the one, which comes in the form of a liquid. The good thing about the liquid form holding tank treatment is that you can easily flush it down to the toilet.

Note that you will be measuring the amount you will be adding to the tank, though. Still, many swear to the convenience associated with using the liquid holding tank treatment for recreational vehicles.

9. Black Diamond Stoneworks RV Holding Tank Treatment

The Black Diamond Stoneworks RV Holding Tank Treatment is another bacterial-based liquid option capable of keeping your holding tanks in excellent shape. Its formula has proven time and time again to eliminate whatever’s causing a clog or those funk smells.

In fact, this option stands out from the pack when it comes to eliminating smells. It’ll destroy odors entirely and replace them with a subtle but pleasant aroma. Users won’t have to deal with an awful sewage-like odor wafting through your RV again.

In addition, you can benefit from its high-quality performance in an RV. This caravan holding tank treatment is more than capable of working in porta-potty bathrooms, campers, boats, and much more. Buyers will have no trouble finding multiple ways to take advantage of its outstanding results.

It also has no issues treating both gray and black holding tanks. This versatility comes from its formula, not including any formaldehyde, dyes, or other problematic substances. This formula produces enzymes that digest fats, greases, and toilet papers. Its multiple purpose ability makes it one of the most convenient options on our list.

Notably, the formula will stay active after its initial usage, as well. It should have a significant impact on the time between each holding tank pump-out. This aspect was an area that people were overly thrilled about in their product reviews. It goes to show this feature makes a massive difference.

Black Diamond offers several quantity choices for each buyer. RV owners will get to choose from six sizes, which should make it easy for customers to find a variation that can meet their needs. A lack of size choices is often a complaint with similar products, such as in the Unique RV Digest-it Holding Tank Treatment reviews.

10. Happy Campers Organic RV Holding Tank Treatment

You might also want to check out the easy to use Happy Campers Organic RV Holding Tank Treatment. This solution from Happy Campers is beneficial enough as it is all-natural and organic, thereby ensuring that most of its contents are safe.

The organic nature of this product also means it’s friendly and not harmful to the environment and your septic tank. By using this treatment regularly, you can keep your holding tank free of odor. There is no need to worry about sewer or chemical smell.

It also works efficiently regardless of the weather – whether it is hot or cold. Another of its proven advantages is it comes in its liquefied form. With such form, you no longer have to use special tissues that are actually very expensive when applying it. You can actually use the typical tissues used in households.

Expect this treatment to work continuously, too, because it has an extended dump interval. It is devoid of formaldehyde, too, which can give you a guarantee that it won’t trigger any problems within the RV campgrounds and grounds.

11. Unique Natural Products RV Holding Tank Treatment

Another great option in your search for the high quality RV holding tank treatment is the one offered by Unique Natural Products. With the help of this solution, it is possible for you to finally let go of those embarrassing and unwanted odors and clogs in your septic system, giving you the chance to travel in comfort.

It utilizes an advanced mixture of enzymes designed to treat your black water tank at a fast pace. You can even expect it to work in unclogging the tank, making it really distinctive from other products in this category that do not offer such feature. It also contains elements that can remove waste and eliminate foul odors.

What’s good about this holding tank treatment is that it works for both your black and gray tank. It does so by liquefying any solid wastes from both tanks. It digests solids while also ensuring that it stays safe with the use of its formaldehyde-free formula.

It works fast, too, as it can completely unclog the holding tanks overnight. It tends to digest all forms of toilet paper, too. In addition, you are assured of its ability to restore and clean up the level gauges and sensors of your tank.

12. Camco TST RV Grey Water Odor Control with Lemon Scent

Another effective liquid treatment for your water tank is the Camco TST RV Grey Water Odor Control with Lemon Scent. It is especially effective when used in grey water tanks. It works by stopping and trapping odors in sinks. You can also use it in various applications, including waste vents, sink traps, and drains.

The main function of this water treatment from Camco is to control odor and treat holding tanks that are around 16 to 40 gallons using the 64-oz. bottle. It does not only regulate odor but also functions effectively in eliminating the buildup of grease found in the gray water tank of your recreational vehicle.

Aside from removing foul odors, you also have an assurance that it will leave a nice and fresh lemon scent. With that, you will have a great chance of having a more enjoyable experience living and staying in your RV.

You can start riding your RV in comfort knowing that you will no longer be bothered by the unwanted and foul smell. The fact that this product work as a combination of an odor control and cleaning solution means you won’t regret investing your money in it.

13. Happy Campers EXTREME CLEANER

You can’t also expect this list of the best holding tank treatments for recreational vehicles to be complete without incorporating the Happy Campers EXTREME CLEANER. It works as an effective cleaning solution for your tank and sensor whether you use it for marine or RV applications.

This cleaning solution is effective enough, resulting in super clean tanks. It also works efficiently in restoring poor working sensors as well as in freeing your vehicle from persistently unwanted and foul smells. It works simply yet effectively by ensuring that crud and sludge accumulated in your holding tanks will be softened then dissolved.

It primarily serves as a cleaner. Rest assured that it won’t let you down as far as breaking scale deposits is concerned. With that, rest assured that such deposits will be flushed out, resulting in a thorough clean-up.

One great thing about using this treatment is that it works for both your gray and black tank. You will find it convenient to have this cleaner around if you want to keep your black tank free of clogs or anything that might cause an inconvenience in your RV trip. It can also remove nasty gunk inside your gray tank.

14. Valterra V23128 Pure Power Blue Odor Eliminator and Waste Digester

You will also find the V23128 Pure Power Blue from Valterra effective and reliable as an odor eliminator and waste digester, making it a really great product to invest in if you are in search of the best RV holding tank treatments. It utilizes a modern biological formula, which also features the brand’s exclusive odor control technology.

Such makes it effective in delivering an excellent performance when it comes to eliminating odor in all types of temperature and weather. It’s economical as each treatment for both your gray and black tanks only require the use of around two ounces.

It is powerful in removing odor from your holding tanks and keep them clean because of its high-powered combination of enzymes and bacteria. Being free of chemicals, you can also rest assured that you won’t be harming yourself and the environment when using it.

You can safely use it on various locations, including RV parks, marine or RV dump stations, and septic systems. It is friendly for all septic tanks while also boasting of its fresh scent.

Energen Grey Water Tank Treatment (Outdated)

If you are looking for a formaldehyde-free treatment for your RV’s grey holding water tank, then the Energen Grey Water Tank treatment is definitely perfect for you. It is all-natural as it is free of any harmful chemicals, like formaldehyde. It also does its job of deodorizing and removing the buildup of grease from the tank pretty well.

Buying this product allows you to take a hold of up to 16 treatments designed to offer more than a hundred days of coverage. Such is enough to prevent foul odors from waste vents, sink traps, and drains. Once applied, you can expect this non-formaldehyde solution to prevent foul smell and odors for up to 7 days.

Expect it to leave a nice and fresh scent of a mountain breeze, instead. It performs really well as a water tank treatment while promoting ease of use. Just make sure that you stick to the directions stated on its pack.

A wise tip to take full advantage of this impressive RV water tank treatment is to apply it prior to your next RV trip or camping excursions. It’s effective in preventing the unwanted smell from your sink or shower.

TankTechsRx RV Holding Tank Cleaner and Treatment (Outdated)

The versatility of this holding tank cleaner and treatment for recreational vehicles is one of its strongest points. It is versatile in the sense that its all-natural probiotics work efficiently for marine, camping, and RV applications, as well as for portable toilets. It’s versatile because of its ability to work on galley, grey, and black tanks.

It does not have formaldehyde. It utilizes probiotic bacteria, instead, when it comes to the elimination of odor while also ensuring that all wastes present in the tank break down into waste. It does not have a scent, though, but you can rest assured about its effectiveness in eliminating unwanted odors.

One more advantage of this solution is that it works well in treating any size of a tank with just a small amount per treatment. Being an all-natural product, you also have a hundred percent assurance regarding its safety and friendliness to the environment.

It can liquefy solids in your tank, allowing it to be completely empty. Rest assured about its cost-effectiveness considering the fact that you do not have to use too much of this solution to clean and treat the tanks in your vehicle.

Thetford Aqua-Kem RV Holding Tank Treatment (Outdated)

You might also want to check out Aqua-Kem, a popular RV holding tank treatment offered by Thetford. It is a good product knowing that it’s a concentrated deodorant, which is effective in chemically neutralizing odors in an instant. It’s a powerful and versatile product as it suits recreational vehicles and boats.

It can eliminate all odors that the accumulated wastes in your black water tank produce. Rest assured that it can also leave a fresh fragrance that can last long. You can use it for various applications, including portable toilets, re-circulating toilets, as well as freshwater flush toilets.

Aqua-Kem is also effective in breaking down tissues and liquefying wastes at a fast pace. Such makes it possible for the product to prevent clogs. As it contains potent detergents, you can also count on its ability to clean drain lines and tank walls.

It is one hundred percent biodegradable, which works continuously in controlling and regulating odor regardless of the weather. Since it’s available in pre-measured bottles, you also have an assurance that it does not cause messy spills.

What to Look for When Buying an RV Holding Tank Treatment


Choosing the right holding tank treatment plays a major role in keeping the excellent condition and health of your septic system and toilet. Now the question is what should you look for during the selection process? Allow us to answer that question with the following:

Overall composition – Prior to making your pick out of the many RV holding tank treatments today, you have to assess the overall composition of your choices. What you should be searching for is a holding tank treatment, which composition does not have any harmful chemicals.

For instance, if you wish an environmentally friendly treatment, then go for one without formaldehyde. It is because aside from being bad to the environment, it might also trigger irritation to people who are sensitive to chemicals.

Material – Check the material/s used in manufacturing the holding tank treatment, too. If possible, choose one, which is not both biodegradable and organic. Make sure that it is non-toxic to ensure that it will deliver excellent results without causing any harm to your RV, to you and the people you are with as well as the environment.

Convenience when using the product – It is also advisable to look for a holding tank treatment, which is convenient and easy to use. Avoid those that might spill, especially when you are still measuring. Note that this can cause a hassle on your part as it needs extra cleanup. Choose an easy to use product, which is not messy when used.

Aside from the ones already discussed, it is also important to check the capability of the holding tank treatment before buying. Ensure that your choice is capable of breaking down waste and paper and eliminating odor. Furthermore, it needs to be compatible with both your gray and black tanks.

Other Important Factors to Consider


What is an RV Holding Tank Treatment?

An RV holding tank treatment is one of the products that an RV owner should invest in. It is mainly because it plays a major role in properly managing your RV’s septic tank and toilet. It is designed in such a way that it can solve a number of issues related to your RV’s toilet.

Take note that if you leave your septic tank and toilet poorly managed then it is greatly possible for your vehicle to produce a foul and unwanted smell. With the help of a holding tank treatment, you can prevent such an issue. Many also consider it an inexpensive and effective solution in preventing damage to your system.

Aside from being less expensive, it also works wonderfully in maintaining the excellent condition of your septic tank. It helps break down the waste and tissue in the tank, thereby ensuring that there will be no clogs in there. As a result, there is a lower risk for unwanted odor and smell to spread in your RV’s bathroom.

If you wish to manage the septic tank in your RV properly then having a holding tank treatment around can definitely help. Learn about its different types and how each one work in the remaining sections of this article.

How Does It Work?

An RV holding tank treatment works based on the specific type and materials it is made from. This means that these treatments differ in the way they function depending on what type you have chosen. In most cases, though, these holding tank treatments are in biodegradable enzymes form.

You can expect them to work based on their special composition, which lets them target those residues in the tank that need to be dissolved. Aside from dissolving the residues, these treatments also work in neutralizing the unwanted and foul smell that comes from your septic tank. This is what your RV needs, especially if you use it to travel often.

Types of RV Holding Tank Treatments

Holding tank treatments designed for recreational vehicle use actually come in four basic types. Here they are:

Formaldehyde/Chemical – This type of holding tank treatment is designed in such a way that it can mask or encapsulate the foul odors in your RV’s toilet or septic tank with the aid of formaldehyde or chemicals. One advantage of this treatment is that it works effectively in killing bacteria.

Aside from that, it is also capable of preventing the growth of bacteria in the specific area where you use it. The problem with the formaldehyde or chemical holding tank treatment is that it is incapable of breaking down waste.

It is also known to be dangerous for the environment. Moreover, it might cause irritation to people who are sensitive to chemicals.

Enzyme – Another type of holding tank treatment is the enzyme. What is good about the enzyme treatment is that it offers an excellent solution in case you want to break down waste quickly. Enzymes actually refer to non-living proteins that are capable of literally breaking down waste.

What these enzymes do is take huge chunks from the waste in your toilet, such as feces and toilet paper, then break these things down into tiny particles. Another great advantage of this type of holding tank treatment is that it works fast. You can expect it to produce results right after you use them.

In addition, the treatment works well when used in extreme temperatures. The problem is that it does not completely eliminate waste. It just breaks it down into smaller pieces. Another possible problem is that it is incapable of getting rid of odors unless you have chosen a product, which is full of fragrances that can mask the odor.

It is also a bit harmful to those who have allergies to enzymes. This is the main reason why the ones who are allergic to enzymes should exercise caution by ensuring that they do not inhale this product.

Nitrate – You can also go for nitrate holding tank treatments if you are looking for a more interesting alternative when it comes to managing your septic tank and toilet. This type of holding tank treatment makes use of nitrates that serve as nutrients for bacteria.

It can, therefore, give them another source of oxygen, resulting in nitrogen or odorless gas protection. Note that oxygen is essential for the bacteria to break down organic waste. If there is only a small amount of air, then there is a great possibility for bacteria to take oxygen from the sulfates found in waste.

This might lead to hydrogen sulfide production, which is actually a foul-smelling gas. This is something that the nitrate treatment can solve as it supplies bacteria with an alternative oxygen source. What is good about nitrates is that they are safe and friendly to the environment.

It also works well in RVs that have less ventilation. It can speed up the process of breaking down waste while also lessening the odor. Just make sure that the tank is devoid of any residuals coming from other products before you use nitrate.

Bioactive – Bioactive holding tank treatment is composed of live aerobic bacteria that work effectively by breaking down waste and reproducing and crowding out odor-producing or anaerobic bacteria. What is good about this option is that it is environmentally friendly. It is helpful in the breakdown of sewage.

Another advantage of this treatment is that it multiplies, allowing it to work continuously even after you have completed the treatment. Just make sure that you have a residual-free and well-ventilated holding tank to ensure that the microbes will survive.

Also, this treatment is a bit expensive but rest assured that it is cost-effective due to its ability to propagate bacteria that can be used in the breakdown process.

Salt/Mineral – You can also choose an RV holding tank treatment, which uses salt and mineral as a means of neutralizing odors chemically. One advantage of this option is that it does not mask unwanted smells with the aid of heavy fragrances.

However, it can’t break down waste, which might lead to tank backups and clogs. Some of its ingredients are also bad for marine life and the environment.

Benefits of Using Holding Tank Treatments

An RV holding tank treatment plays a major role in keeping your septic tank and toilet as free from unwanted odors and waste as possible. The benefits that you can generate from having this treatment around is actually dependent on the specific type of product that you are using.

Generally, though, you will find it useful in breaking down tissues and wastes in your holding tank. It also plays a major role in controlling the odors that tend to build up in your tank. In most cases, the treatment will provide instructions on the specific amount of it that you need to add into the tank.

If you usually ride your vehicle on weekends then you might need a couple of ounces to let you enjoy your weekend trip without having problems with your toilet and tank. Remember that a convenient toilet is necessary to enjoy your experience on the road. You need to do something to make it as functional as the toilet in your office or home.

This is the main reason why you need to ensure that the septic tank in your toilet is fully functioning and clean. The main problem here is that most septic tanks installed in recreational vehicles do not feature a self-cleaning mechanism. This is probably why it is vulnerable to releasing and spreading foul and unwanted odor.

This can cause an inconvenience, especially if you run your vehicle with an air conditioning unit. With your air conditioner running, the bad odor might only get diffused all throughout your recreational vehicle, providing you with an extremely bad experience on the road.

Aside from that, the tissue papers that you casually throw in your toilet bowl can also aggravate the problems experienced by your RV’s septic tank. It is wrong to assume that the water in your toilet is already enough to flush out or dissolve the tissues. Remember that you need some external agents to eradicate such wastes quickly.

If you do not get rid of them then these might result in clogged pipes. Eventually, these problems will lead to untimely and expensive repairs and replacements. The holding tank treatment can solve such problems and more.

By using these treatments, you can get rid of the wastes that are building up in your septic tank. It can eliminate the foul odors, too, making it really handy if you want to have the best experience on the road.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are good RV holding tank treatment brands?

Considering the fact that many RV owners are now aware of how important RV holding tank treatments are, it is no longer surprising to see several brands of this product emerging in the market. This is a good thing because this means that you have several choices as far as treating your holding tank is concerned.

One popular holding tank treatment brand that is worthy of your attention is Walex. An advantage of the treatments offered by this brand is that they are usually free of formaldehyde, which is harmful to the environment.

In most cases, its treatments appear in pre-packed and water-soluble packets. This brand is an excellent choice if you are looking for a treatment, which can truly control odor, break down paper and wastes, and lubricate seals.

Camco is also another brand you ought to check, especially if what you are looking for is a treatment for your RV’s holding tank that is free of formaldehyde. This brand has a product, which you can easily drop into the holding tank. After that, it will start to control the foul and unwanted smell inside, thereby preventing it from spreading.

Other popular RV holding tank treatment brands are Happy Campers, TankTechsRx, Thetford, Valterra, and Unique Natural Products. When it comes to choosing a product from the mentioned brands, make it a point to check its overall composition. Spend time studying the formulation used in a specific treatment.

This is important so you would not end up buying a product, which contains chemicals that are dangerous to your tank. Note that there are certain chemicals that are capable of destroying the overall structure of your septic tank, as well as the pipes connecting the tank into your toilet and plumbing system.

If possible, go for holding tank treatments that use biodegradable components. It is because they will never cause harm to your toilet and tank. It does not also put the environment in danger.

How to use an RV holding tank treatment/chemical?

An RV holding tank treatment or chemical is actually easy to use. In most cases, the product’s packaging provides instructions and information regarding how you can use the treatment. In most cases, you need to treat your tank right after you dump it.

Treat it with the holding tank chemicals as a means of breaking down solids and controlling odors. Just make sure that you are using chemicals that are safe for the environment. Enzyme-based ones are good options because they make use of good bacteria in digesting waste and controlling odors.

The first thing that you have to do, in this case, is to pour water into the tank. The water should be enough to cover the tank’s bottom completely. In most cases, 4 to 5 toilet bowls full is adequate depending on how big your black tank is. The water is necessary as it aids in controlling the door in the tank.

You need to cover the tank’s content with water. After that, fill your toilet bowl with water then add the recommended amount of your chosen holding tank chemical. In most cases, the required dose is 4 ounces – that is for each 40-gallon of water that the tank holds.

Once done, you should flush your toilet. Do the same steps each time you need to empty your black water tank. Also, take note that some treatments have valve lubricants that are helpful in ensuring that the valves operate properly while also extending the life of the valve seals.

Aside from the steps mentioned, there are also some tips that will come in handy if you want to use an RV black tank treatment properly and safely. One tip is to do a deep cleaning once every week if you use your RV toilet regularly.

It might also be necessary for you to make use of a tank-cleaning wand if you want your holding tank to enjoy further cleaning. You may also want to invest in a sewer hose connector. You will find this tool useful, especially in those instances when you wish to check the things that come out from your tank.

Another tip is to flush your toilet at least two types when you are using your chosen holding tank treatment. You need to do this to make sure that the tank’s bottom part is covered with water. The toilet should also be filled with water prior to using your chosen treatment.

Another thing to remember is that clogs are results of utilizing various kinds of toilet paper. The good news is that the proper use of your chosen treatment can break down these papers as well as solid wastes.

You may also need to invest in a sewer hose seal. You will find this beneficial if you want to clean and maintain the excellent condition of your holding tank. What is good about this tool is that it only takes less space and is inexpensive.

The main goal of this product is to ensure that there are no leaks and spills from your sewer hose into the ground. Used together with your chosen holding tank treatment, you can expect it to perform its function of protecting your septic system and toilet from harm.

How to clean RV holding tanks?

You need to maintain the cleanliness of your RV holding tank as much as possible. This is important in ensuring that it will continue to perform its function for as long as you want. It also helps you enjoy your experience each time you drive your RV since you will never have problems in your septic systems and toilet.

Fortunately, cleaning this tank is not that hard to do. To clean your holding tank properly and kill the bacteria that have accumulated, you need to rinse and flush it after every pump out. Doing this step is necessary for diluting the residual sewage. This results in the significant reduction of odors.

Mix a cup of liquid water softener into a couple of gallons of hot water. After making this solution, pour it into the empty tank. After that, you can use the tank as you normally do until it becomes full again. Once it becomes full, you can pump it out.

Add the laundry detergent and water softer into the tank after every pump out as well as after rinsing it. Make it a point to pour some liquid bleach into the tank from time to time. This is necessary for sanitizing and disinfecting it as well as killing the odor and germs.

If you intend to use a holding tank treatment then ensure to follow the instructions stated on its package to guarantee your safety.

How do I stop my holding tank from smelling?

Stopping a holding tank from smelling is a problem most RV owners will eventually experience. Aside from investing in a top-tier holding tank treatment or the top-rated RV waste digester, there are a few other things you can do to prevent this issue. Here’s a list of three easy steps to get this stinky nightmare out of your life.

  • Dump the Tank

The easiest way of dealing with a smell is dumping your black water holding tank. RV owners should always start with this action before going to more drastic measures. It’s possible for this tank even to smell when you don’t think it’s full. After all, the combination of outdoor temperatures and whatever has been put into it could cause some smelly issues.

  • Unblocking the Tank Vent

If dumping the tank doesn’t work, you should then try cleaning out the tank vent. This vent is located on your roof and has a habit of clogging up. As a result, the horrible smells have no place to escape, which causes them to vent into your rig.

  • Check the Toilet Seal

Another possibility is a leaking seal inside your toilet bowl. If this issue arises, it’ll leave your toilet bowl dry and causes a smell to waft into your RV. Try applying some petroleum jelly onto the seal when it’s dry to solve the problem.

How do you bypass an RV holding tank?

If you want to bypass an RV holding tank, it’ll require changing your RV’s toilet into a residential unit, along with probably removing the holding tank. These actions are necessary because motorhome toilets don’t flush the same way residential ones do.

RV owners who then try to use an RV style toilet would have to deal with sewer gasses every time the flush. It’s best to switch into a residential one when attempting to bypass a holding tank, which ensures you can modify your rig into a full-time stationary home.

Is it safe to put bleach in RV black tank?

Putting bleach into your RV’s black tank is more than safe. In fact, the most trusted homemade RV holding tank treatment or RV black tank sensor cleaner would be filling the tanks with a water and bleach solution. People who are looking to make this solution should follow these steps:

  1. Mix ¼ cup of bleach with one gallon of water. The total amount of solution required will depend on your holding tank’s size. In most cases, eight gallons should be more than enough.
  2. Fill your tank with the solution and leave it alone for at least 8 hours. This period should offer enough time to clear up any pathogens within the tanks.
  3. Safely dispose of the bleach-water solution at a dump station. Make sure to drain the hold tanks into an approved dump site completely.


Investing in the best RV holding tank treatment is definitely the key to ensuring that you have a more convenient time staying in your recreational vehicle. The treatment is designed to remove unwanted smells from your black water tank and keeping it safe and clog-free.

With that, it is indeed helpful if you want to have a well-maintained septic system in your RV that won’t cause any problem for you and the other people in the campground. You no longer have to think about how to clean RV holding tanks on your own with the treatment around.

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