Best RV Inverter Reviews 2018 – Providing you a Source of Power Anytime

While no one wants a huge machine occupying a space in their RV just to supply electricity, it is still crucial for you to invest in a backup just in case you have a hard time accessing a source of power. In this case, the best RV inverter can come to your rescue.

With the best power inverter for RV around, you will be able to take advantage of a device, which is capable of changing direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC). What is good about a reliable power inverter is that it allows you to consume up to a thousand watts. It is also user-friendly, portable, and reliable.

It is versatile, too, that you can use it in several applications. You will find it useful in converting 12VDC from a battery into 120 VDC, the standard type of electricity commonly used in households. If you have made a decision to buy one, then the RV inverters that this article will discuss will most likely capture your interest.

How Does the RV Power Inverter Work?

To work, your chosen RV power inverter will take some power from your vehicle’s battery. The power that it will take is direct current, which the device will then convert to alternating current. It performs such function since all appliances that operate in a household also run using alternating current.

Best RV Inverter

You can also expect large electronics to run using alternating current. With that in mind, the RV power inverter can be expected to convert DC power into AC, which will then result in the running of all your appliances without hassle. Also, take note that you cannot use your normal electronics by plugging them directly into your vehicle’s socket.

You have to use a converter first, which will convert the 12-volt direct current to alternating current. This conversion is one of the things that your RV power inverter can do. You can use it in running different electrical appliances by attaching the inverter to your vehicle then your appliances to the power inverter.

Now that you know how RV power inverters work, it is time to familiarize yourself with the different products in this field that are known for their effectiveness and functionality.

Top 12 Best RV Inverter Reviews in 2018

Pure Sine Wave RV Inverter

One of the most commonly used types of inverters used in recreational vehicles is the pure sine wave. It is a good choice as it is perfect for different electronics. Many RV owners prefer this type because most electronic appliances and products that require plugging are compatible with the standard power receive from utilities.

It is mainly because pure sine wave provides standard utility electricity, which is the reason why it is compatible with this type of inverter. Also, the best pure sine wave RV power inverter also works well with sensitive modern electronics and technological advancements.

The following are your top choices in the pure sine wave RV inverter category:

1. AIMS Power PICOGLF30W12V120VR 3,000-Watt Pure Sine Inverter

Of course, one of your top choices in this category is the AIMS Power Picoglf30w12v120vr 3000 watt 12v pure sine inverter charger. What is good about this inverter is that it is ideal for heavy-duty use as well as for mobile power. It is a prominent choice with its ability to offer a continuous pure sine power of 3,000 watts.

It also delivers a peak power of 9,000 watts. It works well for industrial and marine use as well as for recreational vehicles. It is a powerful inverter equipped with a 100A smart battery charger. Such also boasts of its 7 battery type settings that you can choose from. You can use it in running a number of appliances and tools.

The charger included in the package also makes it convenient for you to recharge the battery bank. It is also versatile that you can use it for various applications, like emergency backup power, mobile, off-grid, and renewable solar applications.

The 9,000-watt surge capacity of this inverter makes it appropriate for appliances and devices that have high start-up requirements. These include pumps, compressors, and motors. Many also find the built-in auto gen start feature of this inverter handy. It is long-lasting and compatible with almost all types of devices.

2. Power TechON 3000-Watt Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter

Many also consider this product from Power TechON as the best pure sine wave inverter for RV. It a great solution during emergency power failures. It is also known for its flexibility in the sense that it is compatible with boats, cars, PCs, and camping. Converting DC power to AC is also easy with this inverter.

It can deliver a continuous 3,000-watt outlet, as well as a 6,000-watt surge power. In addition, it is known for its stability. This is made possible by the inverter’s low harmonic distortion, which promotes a high level of efficiency when powering various appliances.

You will also find it a pleasure to work with as it is compact and portable. Such qualities make it suitable for limited spaces, like in your recreational vehicle. It is also a great inverter with its 5 protection systems. These include protection systems for thermal, overload, under voltage, over voltage, and low voltage.

The protection systems are also easy to use since a LED light will just indicate whether there is a problem. It is also equipped with two cooling fans designed to control temperature, thereby preventing the power inverter from overworking. Other nice features are the wired remote, red and black starter cables, and USB port.

3. WindyNation Vertamax 3,000-Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter

It is also beneficial for you to pick the Vertamax 3,000-Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter from WindyNation. This power inverter is a good choice as it is multifunctional and versatile. It is mainly because it can power different kinds of appliances, including air conditioning units, microwaves, video game consoles, PCs, and television.

This inverter is also highly recommended for electronic appliances and equipment that are sensitive, especially if they need to use pure sine wave AC power for proper operation. One of its most noticeable features is the LED digital display. It is useful in keeping track of the volts and watts readings in the system.

It is also manufactured in a way that it can prevent RV inverter problems with its several protection features. The inverter can offer protection against high temperature, short circuit, over voltage, under voltage, overload, and reverse polarity.

You can also see a separate circuit breaker, which is used for each AC receptacle. Such comes in handy just in case a short circuit happens. Furthermore, you can find 3 grounded AC outlets integrated at the back of the inverter. With these outlets, you will have a lot of room for connecting appliances. You can also take advantage of the hardwire terminal.

4. Go Power! GP-SW3000-12 Pure Sine Wave Inverter

Another 3,000-watt pure sine wave inverter that is suitable for RV use is the GP-SW3000-12 from Go Power. It packs plenty of watts in its single frame considering the fact that it provides up to 3,000 watts of electricity continuously. This makes it possible for you to power up any devices you hook it up to.

You will also find its 6,000-watt surge dependable. It comes with a couple of outlets with each one protected by GFCI. You can also find a hardware port next to the outlets. The GP-DC-KIT5 integrated into this device can also prevent issues once you connect the battery source.

You can also find a couple of readouts designed to inform you about what the inverter is currently doing, thereby letting you keep track of its present situation. Many also consider it to be the best choice for huge loads. It is useful in powering numerous appliances and electronic equipment, like PCs, stereos, and TVs.

In addition, it performs well as a source of backup power during emergencies. It is equipped with all the mounting hardware and tools you need to set it up in a long-haul truck or in your RV. Furthermore, it offers protection from overload, under voltage, and over voltage, making it a really secure inverter.

Portable and Compact RV Inverter

Portability and compactness are also two of the most impressive features in the best RV inverter. You need to look for a compact and portable RV inverter especially if your recreational vehicle only has a limited space for this device. That way, you won’t have a hard time fitting it into the available space.

If you are really after portability and compactness, then a couple of products mentioned below are recommended for you:

5. KRIËGER 3000-Watt 12V Power Inverter

With the compact and portable KRIËGER 3000-Watt 12V Power Inverter, you have the chance of gaining power while you are on the go. This device directly connects to a 12-volt DC battery as a means of powering different appliances, equipment, and electronics, like small power tools, air conditioning units, small appliances, handheld power tools, and televisions sets in your RV.

It is also equipped with an LCD display. You can use this in keeping track of the input voltage or output wattage as well as the inverter’s current battery level. With this portable power inverter, you will never run out of power even if you are out camping in your RV.

Just like the other power inverters indicated in this article, this one also takes pride in its 3,000-watt continuous capacity. It also boasts of its 6,000-watt peak capacity. It is all-inclusive, too, complete with all the things you need to make it work, like the cables, external switch, fuse, and wired remote control that is really handy.

With the many inclusions in the kit, this RV inverter is definitely worth its price. It is a clean and portable power inverter that also operates quietly.

6. POTEK 3000-Watt Power Inverter

Another compact and portable power inverter that is suitable for RV use is the POTEK 3000-Watt Power Inverter. Aside from being portable and compact, it is also beneficial because of its multifunctional power. It is equipped with 4 AC outlets as well as a couple of USB charging ports.

Such features make it ideal for various electronic conversions, like those designed for electric motor saw, coffee maker, refrigerator, air compressor, and water dispenser. Another nice feature integrated into this power inverter is the smart cooling fans designed to keep the device cool.

You can expect the fans to speed up while the load increases. The fans are also made in a way that they will not operate when you turn off the inverter. It is known for being one of the high-powered inverters with its 3,000-watt continuous power and its 6,000-watt peak power.

Another reason to invest in this 3,000-watt power inverter is that it offers different systems that offer protection, including those for under- and over-voltage, and excessive temperature. With these protective features, you will never worry about it damaging your batteries or equipment. Reasonably priced, it is safe to say that it is one of those RV inverters that can provide utmost satisfaction to users.

Modified Sine Wave RV Inverter

Finding the best RV inverter charger will also make you encounter products that can be categorized into the modified sine wave RV inverter category. This type of inverter is useful for simple systems without delicate electronics. It also works for those systems without audio equipment, which might capture a choppy wave, causing the production of a hum.

If you have motors with brushes and old tube televisions in your RV, then a modified sine wave can power them up. Note that the modified sine wave inverters are also more affordable than pure sine that is why many prefer this type.

If you are seriously looking for a modified sine wave inverter, then the following products are among those that will most likely fit your requirements.

7. WindyNation VertaMax Modified 3,000-watt 12-volt Power Inverter

If you are on the lookout for a reliable modified sine wave inverter that can power plenty of equipment and appliances, then this 3,000-watt 12-volt power inverter from WindyNation is a great choice. It can power numerous electronics, including computers, cell phone chargers, air conditioning units, microwaves, video game consoles, and TVs.

One of the most remarkable features integrated into this power inverter is the LED display. It shows the battery voltage, wattage, and the consumption of AC power. Such will promote ease in monitoring the battery voltage as well as the power usage. One more impressive fact about this RV inverter is that it is available in a sturdy design.

The sturdiness and durability of its design make it capable of withstanding different kinds of extreme and harsh environments. It also has the things you need to make this modified inverter work, including the 3-feet battery cable, cable lugs, ANL fuse, fuse holder, and remote on or off switch.

It is also equipped with 3 grounded AC outlets as well as a hard-wired terminal block, which you can use in getting permanent AC connections. In addition, it is a protective unit as it comes with thermal shutdown, over-voltage protection, low or high voltage alarm, low voltage shutdown, and short circuit protection.

8. AIMS Power 3,000-watt 12 vDC RV Power Inverter

Many legitimate AIMS inverter charger reviews also often include AIMS Power 3,000-watt 12 vDC RV Power Inverter into their list of recommended products. It is not surprising as this product seems to perform its intended function without causing any disappointment to its users.

This product can be categorized under the modified sine inverter type. It has plenty of distinguishable features that make it fully functional. One is that it conforms to the standards set in the proper functioning of power inverters. It also boasts of its dual GFCI outlet, which is protective enough.

It can supply 3,000-watts of continuous power, which is more than enough for RV users. Furthermore, it boasts of its AC terminal block, which you can connect directly to deliver the entire 3,000 watts power to just one source. Many also find this power inverter lightweight and compact, making it easier to manage.

It does not also consume too much space in your limited environment. This device also leaves a good impression with its thermal cooling fan operation. It promotes optimal cooling with the help of its internally fused and protected aluminum case. Furthermore, it works efficiently as a backup power system for RVs, solar systems, cabins, boats, vehicle outfitters, and households.

9. Ampeak 2000-watt 12-volt RV Power Inverter

It is also possible for you to find the best option for modified sine RV inverter in the form of this 2,000-watt device offered by Ampeak. It also leaves a positive impression as it is known for being a high-powered inverter with its ability to provide 2,000-watt continuous power output (from DC to AC).

This popular power inverter also takes pride in its surge capacity, which reaches up to 4,000 watts. You will love the fact that it has a wide range of use considering the fact that it features 3 AC outlets as well as a USB port. These features promote ease in using the device anywhere where AC power is necessary.

That said, expect it to be compatible with cell phones, electric lights, electric fans, TV, digital cameras, floodlights, freezer, microwaves, electrical tools, and any other electronic devices. It is a versatile product, too, which is proven by its compatibility for home, car, outdoor, and RV use.

All it takes is for you to look for a 12-volt battery system where you can connect it to as a means of powering your devices during emergencies, power outages, storms, or hurricanes. It also makes use of its highly advanced protection systems featuring an audible alarm for things like overheating, overload, short circuit, low voltage, and over voltage.

10. Xantrex 81201012 Inverter

You can also take advantage of Xantrex 81201012 Inverter if you are seriously in search of a modified sine wave power inverter for your RV. It is an excellent performer in the industry with its ability to supply 2,000 watts of power in a single output. It also has a 100-amp battery charger while also taking pride in its high surge capability.

What is so nice about this device is that it is capable of offering complete protection to all devices connected to it. It can prevent inverter problems, such as under-load, overload, short circuit, low voltage, and over-voltage, among many other issues that require immediate protection.

Another positive attribute of this inverter from Xantrex is that it allows users to customize its settings. That said, expect it to be programmable through the Link 1,000 panel or Freedom basic remote. Another impressive capability of this inverter is that it supports temperature compensation along with the equalization phase.

Such makes it possible to charge deep cycle batteries in an optimal manner. In addition, it allows power sharing. With that, it is easier for the AC input breaker to reduce the risk of tripping significantly. It also takes pride in its other nice features, like the LED indicators, the transfer switch, and the remote control panel, which is an optional feature.

Heavy-duty RV Inverter

Of course, you would also want to make sure that your chosen power inverter is heavy-duty. It needs to be heavy-duty enough that it can withstand a lot of abuse. Note that your recreational vehicle will be exposed to plenty of elements and different temperatures and weather while you are outdoors.

With that in mind, it is really crucial to find a power inverter that can withstand the mentioned elements. It should be solid and sturdy enough that it will continuously provide power regardless of the environment you are in. Also, it should be long-lasting, high-powered, and capable of resisting potential damages.

If you want your RV inverter to be really heavy-duty, then you may want to choose one from these couple of choices:

11. Power Bright PW3500-12 3,500-watt Power Inverter

One of the power inverters that many consider as high-powered and heavy-duty is the Power Bright PW3500-12. It is actually a heavy-duty modified sine wave power inverter that can supply 3,500 watts of power. You can directly plug it into 12-volt DC batteries.

Once plugged in directly, it will start to perform its function of powering electronics and devices, like laptops, gaming consoles, power tools, refrigerators, televisions, coffee makers, microwaves, and other small appliances and electronics present in your vehicle. It can also supply up to 7,000 watts at its peak. Such is more than enough in supplying power to household electronics and appliances.

One of the reasons why many perceive this power inverter as a heavy-duty device is that it is durable. It is because of its highly solid and sturdy anodized aluminum case. Such material also promotes maximum dissipation of heat. One more positive thing about this power inverter is that it has an auto short circuit shutdown.

This feature is a big help if you want the inverter to be fully protected from possible damage. One more remarkable feature is the small yet clear and readable LED display. It shows output and input voltage, giving you the chance to monitor it all the time. It features a cooling fan, keeping the inverter cool, as well as a low voltage alarm, which will produce an audible sound in case of thermal, short circuit or overload issues.

12. Peak PKC0AW 3000-Watt Power Inverter

Another heavy-duty power inverter for RVs also comes in the form of the Peak PKC0AW with 3,000-watt continuous capacity. It also features a 6,000-watt peak power rating. What is good about this power inverter is that it is capable of running a 500 BTU air conditioner through a solar panel system without any problems at all.

It is known for working as an effective mobile power outlet. It also functions efficiently as a mobile power tool, giving you the chance to bring it anywhere you wish to go so you will always have a source of power. This functionality makes it appropriate for use if you have a recreational vehicle and you often travel with it.

Among the major features of this power inverter are the 3 built-in AC outlets. It also features one USB port. The outlets and USB port promote ease in connecting small and large devices and consume up to 2,000-watt power. You will find it useful not only in mobile power situations but also during power emergencies.

What’s even better about this power inverter is that it is constructed while keeping in mind the security and safety of the users and the connected devices. That’s why you can see it providing short circuit protection as a means of safeguarding not only your devices but also the battery and mobile power outlet. It also comes with a remote switch, watt usage indicator, and battery connection cables.

Final Words

Choosing the best RV inverter is the key to having a continuous supply of power in your recreational vehicle regardless of where you decide to go. However, make it a point to do a comprehensive comparison of the different RV inverters. That way, you can choose one, which is not only fully functional but is also easy to use.

Also, note that you will need a portable and compact RV inverter, one that you can easily fit in your vehicle. It should also be reliable that you can constantly put your mind at ease, knowing that there is a tool that you can use to ensure that you will never run out of power.

We would like to thank you for reading this article. Find out more about how to choose the best RV solar panels and best RV generators with our reviews and ratings. Furthermore, please take a look at the best RV surge protectorsbest RV converters and best RV batteries to buy the right one for your RV power and electrical supplies.

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