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The Best RV Jack Pads for Stabilizing Your RV

Written by Stephen Ryan / Fact checked by William Turner

Are you having trouble finding the best RV jack pad on the market? This feeling isn’t uncommon as there’s a whole mess of options to choose from for customers. And this issue results in many people becoming frustrated with their buying experience.

My hope is this article will help remove some of your frustration by walking you through this process and finding the perfect product. We’ll try to accomplish this by discussing various relevant RV jack pad topics such as types, top brands, determining factors, etc.

Best RV Jack Pads

All this information will help give you a clear idea of what you want in one of these products. And we’ll even provide detailed reviews of the 10 RV jack pads that we’ve deemed the best on the entire market.

These reviews will help you get familiar with what a top tier RV jack pad might look like and the qualities they might feature. They’ll also give you a precursor to the information that we’ll dive into further later on in this article.

In the end, the primary purpose of all the following information will be trying to help you figure out, which RV jack pad fits your situation the best. And with this in mind, make sure you keep reading and let me help you make this a stress-free buying experience.

Top 1

Camco RV Jack Pads Regular 44595


Dimensions 2.75 x 6.5 x 9 inches
Weight 0.88 pounds

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Top 2

Andersen Hitches 3608


Dimensions 3.75 x 3.75 x 4.75 inches
Weight ‎11.88 pounds

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Top 3

DICA RoadWarrior RW15-1.5


Dimensions 15-1.5 inches
Weight 9 lbs

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Table of Contents

12 Best Jack Pad for RV Reviews 2023

This section will feature the 12 RV jack pad reviews that I promised in the introduction. These reviews will help outline what a top-notch product and manufacturer looks like within this market place. In other words, they’ll be a starting point for your search.

1. Camco RV Stabilizing Jack Pads

The next product on this comes from a manufacturer that you’ll probably be familiar with in Camco. This brand is often a leading figure within whatever RV part marketplace you’re searching through because of their drive to ensure all their customers end up happy.

And it’s no different with the Camco RV Stabilizer Jack Pads, which contain a set of features their rivals will find hard to match. For instance, I love that this product consists of heavy-duty, durable materials.

These materials will ensure the pads won’t even get damaged encountering harsh weather conditions such as rain, wind, or snow. It also helps that these products are even UV stabilized, which means excessive sun exposure won’t cause issues either.

Its heavy-duty construction makes it suited to its primary purpose as well, which is ensuring your jack doesn’t sink into the ground. And considering the overwhelmingly positive reviews praising this product performance, this Camco jack pad succeeds in this regard.

Plus, these RV stabilizer pads offer a certain level of versatility as well. You see this jack pad is usable on RVs, 5th wheels, campers, travel trailers, trucks, and other vehicles. It seems Camco wanted to make a jack pad that could be useful for a wide range of potential customers.

We should also mention these products are simple to store, which comes from the handle strap. This feature allows you to interlock the pads together, which makes carrying them around a more manageable task. And all these features come at an affordable price.

But if you’re looking for jack pad that you can use with a hydraulic jack, this product isn’t the right option. In fact, its description states that it’s not meant for this kind of use and could result in some complications.
  • Affordable price
  • Come in a 4-pack
  • Usable on multiple vehicles
  • Peak storability due to the handle strap
  • Made with heavy-duty, durable materials
  • Not compatible with hydraulic jacks

2. Andersen Hitches 3608 Trailer Jack Block

The Andersen Hitches 3608 Trailer Jack Block is another product capable of ensuring your jack doesn’t become damaged by either sinking into the ground or encountering harder surfaces. You see these pads have a unique design consisting of heavy-duty materials that make sure nothing like a rough terrain will affect the leveling process.

These heavy-duty materials ensure the jack pads are strong, durable, and able to resist nuisance issues like oil or dust. I also like these products feature magnets that attach instantly to your jack, which makes this entire process much more convenient.

This feature ensures you won’t have to check on each block when you’re leveling your RV, which can be quite a hassle otherwise. You should take comfort in this product’s ability to reduce the amount of swaying by 90% as well, which means there will be a lot less stress on your RV.

Its ability to limit swaying also reduces the risk of your jack slipping off due to something like harsh winds. And the addition of a free Clean Step with purchasing the six pack option is another nice touch, which will prevent up to 90% of the dirt that usually ends up in your trailer.

This feature might not seem like a big deal, but I don’t enjoy cleaning the inside of my RV. Its inclusion would decrease this burden by quite a bit. I also like that this product comes from a US manufacturer, which means the likelihood this product’s low-quality is significantly reduced.

But even with all these positive reasons to buy these jack pads, there’s one issue I can’t look over as a customer, the price. It’s way outside my budget and what I could reasonably expect to spend on something like RV jack pads.
  • Made with heavy-duty materials
  • Comes from a US manufacturer
  • 6-pack version comes with free Clean Step
  • Equipped with magnets
  • Reduces swaying by 90%
  • Expensive

3. DICA RoadWarrior Heavy Duty RV Jack Pad

Many RV owners trust DICA Road Warrior jack pads because of their excellent construction and ease of use. For instance, the RW15-1.5 Heavy-duty RV Jack Pad offers RV owners a reliable platform for stabilizing their Class A motorhomes on soft and uneven terrain.

I like these circular jack pads for RV because of their robust construction. Although I am unsure of its material composition, it feels solid and well-built. The company says this jack pad will never splinter, break, or absorb moisture.

Its nine-pound weight is reassuring, giving RV owners peace of mind when they lay these jacks on the ground before lowering their RV’s jacklegs.

These pads can accommodate a 35,000-pound vehicle, supporting up to 400 pounds per square inch of pressure per leg. Other RV jack pads can only handle 300 to 350 psi, making this product a maverick in its class. Its weight-bearing capacity is admirable, and I can easily imagine owners of semi-trucks stabilizing their rigs with this product.

Setting these jack pads on the ground is also effortless because of the TuffGrip handle. It feels comfortable and sturdy without adding too much weight to its nine-pound heft. I can stack three jack pads to elevate and stabilize my motorhome jacks for 4.5 inches.

Unfortunately, this option tends to cost more than other RV jack pads.

Regardless, I love this product. Its straightforward design belies the thoughtfulness in its construction, ensuring a heavy-duty performance that few products of a similar style can match.
  • Indestructible and waterproof nine-pound jack pad construction
  • Accommodates RVs up to 35,000 pounds, ideal for soft and uneven grounds
  • Higher crush rating of 400 psi than other RV jack pads
  • Stackable design with 1.5-inch height per pad
  • Light, robust, and comfortable TuffGrip handle
  • More pricey than many jack pads

4. Camco Yellow Stabilizer Jack Support

The Camco takes a different approach to RV jack stabilization than the Road Warrior RW15-15. A single unit of this product is sufficient to raise the travel trailer by seven inches.

I like this product’s one-piece nesting design. People can place it in an RV parking area where the travel trailer’s leveling jack does not reach the ground. It bridges the gap between the jack foot and the ground surface. There is no need to stack several RV stabilizer jack blocks because one is enough to raise the vehicle to a height equivalent to five stacked jack pads.

Although it is bigger than the Road Warrior, this product is lighter by 5.8 pounds. I can buy several blocks and effortlessly stow them in my RV.

I am glad the company uses UV-stabilized polypropylene to give this product its lightweight characteristic while lending durability and strength.

This jack support can stabilize RVs with tongue jacks with integrated footpads. I will never bring bulky and hefty wooden blocks again, making RV stabilization hassle-free.

It also does not cost that much. And if one considers its versatile design (think of it as a stool), its price tag becomes an excellent selling point.

If the Road Warrior can accommodate a 35,000-pound RV, this jack support only handles a maximum of 5,000 pounds. It would be best to check one’s gross vehicle weight rating to determine this product’s compatibility. Moreover, these RV landing gear blocks are challenging to remove when nested.

This RV jack pad remains an excellent choice for people with small to medium-sized RVs. It is lightweight, sturdy, and offers instant lift and stabilization to motorhomes.
  • High-quality UV-stabilized polypropylene material for portability and durability
  • Provides seven inches of instant elevation
  • Suitable for tongue jacks
  • Multipurpose design with a low price
  • Lightweight design, easy to store
  • Challenging to un-nest
  • Lower weight rating than other RV jack pads

5. SnapPad RV Leveling Jack Pad

Our first product is the SnapPad RV Leveling Jack Pad, which offers many different features that make your life much easier.  The first thing about this jack pad that stood out was its easy installation process.

This process doesn’t take much time and should remove any of the stress that would occur from using other options such as wood blocks. As someone who despises wasting time on maintenance tasks, a feature like this one will go a long way in making sure I’m happy with a product.

It also helps that the installation process removes the need to crawl under the vehicle, which is another benefit any RV owner can appreciate.  It was nice to see that this product has weatherproof capabilities as well.

These capabilities provide this product with the ability to hold up against any harsh weather element that might cross its path. For instance, it shouldn’t have issues withstanding the effects of harsh winds, a mighty downpour, or even overexposure to those pesky sun rays.

In all these situations, this product offers excellent performance. And you can also take comfort in the fact these jack pads are anti-slip. This feature means these pads won’t get affected by slippery surfaces or suffer slippage during high winds.

Their use will decrease vibration and movement as well thanks to tight grip this rubber product provides. You see this jack pad is made from recycled tires, which you can imagine offers a grip that is second to none among these products.

And this tight grip will be useful when you encounter rougher terrains such as rocks or concrete. But there was one thing that irked me about this jack pad. It seems it has some durability issues according to the customer reviews. This type of problem isn’t something you like to see with these products.
  • Easy installation
  • Usable on a number of vehicles
  • Decreases both vibration and movement
  • Made from recycled tires
  • Weatherproof capabilities
  • Four buying options
  • Durability concerns

6. Quality Plastics Utility Blocks

Another product worth considering is the Quality Plastics Utility Blocks, which offers high-level performance thanks to its useful features. You see these products consist of highly durable, slip-free rubber materials that’ll make sure your jacks will not move an inch.

This ability means you can sit back with the knowledge that these products won’t allow your jack to slip regardless of the situation. I mean, these jack pads are even ready to perform within the harsher weather elements, which can be a problem with some options.

It also helps that these jack pads feature an easy using process, which won’t require much effort or time on your part. In fact, multiple customer reviews praised this aspect of these products.

You should be aware of this product’s versatility as well. These jack pads are usable in a variety of applications such as RVs, travel trailers, trucks, campers, and other similar vehicles. This quality means you won’t have a hard time finding ways to get the most out of these products.

But the best part about these products is their affordable price. This product has the makings of a bargain buy and should be near the top of anyone’s list that’s looking for the most cost-effective option. I mean, if you want a 4-pack, it’s going to be hard finding a better deal than this one.

It’s also worth noting these products are US-made, which means they went through heavy testing before being put on the market. As a result, you can expect a higher level of quality that you might not see from a product made in another country.

But these products aren’t without their faults as some customer reported issues regarding the stackability of this product. If this feature is something you deem necessary, you might want to look somewhere else.
  • US-made
  • Affordable
  • Usable on multiple applications
  • Easy to use
  • Consist of highly durable, slip-free rubber materials
  • Comes in a 4-pack
  • Customers reported issues stacking these products

7. Tri-Lynx 00019 Lynx Cap

The Tri-Lynx 00019 Lynx Cap features something that any RV owner’s going to love, and that’s an incredibly affordable cost. In fact, it’s one of the least inexpensive options on this entire list, which means it’s a product that warrants a long look.

It also helps that this product consists of highly durable plastic that’ll ensure your jack doesn’t sink into the ground without causing any issues. Plus, you can easily install this jack pad in a  couple of minutes, which further proves this option is user-friendly.

This installation process will make sure the need to crawl under your RV is unneeded as well. As a result, it doesn’t just offer high-quality performance, but the comfort of ensuring your safety by removing a dangerous situation.

Another feature that proves this product will be an excellent choice is its construction. You see this jack pad features an interlocking design, which means it’ll provide a secure and stable foundation your RV jack.

This feature will also ensure that there won’t be any movement or vibration, which can occur when people move around in an RV during the leveling process. Its 40,000-pound load capacity isn’t a bad feature to have either as it should withstand the weight of most RVs.

And it comes in a four pack, which gives you some extra to keep in storage depending on your situation. This aspect will ensure you have a back-up plan to replace any jack pads that might end up cracking or breaking.

But there are two flaws I came across during my research that were a little concerning. The first issue was that the interlocks tend to slip, which could represent an issue. And the second one was that some customers reported durable problems such as cracking after regular usage.
  • Extremely affordable cost
  • Capable of dealing with 40,000 pounds
  • Comes in a 4-pack
  • Easy to use
  • Features an interlocking design
  • The interlocks have slipping issues
  • Durability concerns

8. Camco 44600 Universal Flex Pads

Our second Camco product is the Camco 44600 Universal Flex Pads, which further shows why this brand it such a titan in the RVing world. I mean, this product alone shows how this brand tries to both be innovative and fulfill the customer’s needs with every one of their products.

For instance,  these jack pads are weatherproof and will hold up against whatever weather element might present itself. Since I tend to RV in tropical climates such as Florida, you can imagine how much I need a product that can survive a downpour without getting damaged.

And this product certainly fits that bill with its weatherproof skills. It even has UV protection to ensure it can handle sun exposure; another feature that would lend itself useful for my trips down to the sunshine state.

I like that these jack pads consist of recycled materials as well, which appeals to my environmentally conscious nature. And this quality doesn’t hurt their performance as these non-slip pads provide a stable and strong foundation for your RV jack.

Its grip will also ensure your jack won’t receive damage from the ground below even when its a little rough such as gravel. Plus, it’ll make sure there won’t be any vibration or movement within the RV after you install these pads.

The fact that these products can work well under other jack pads and leveling blocks was a nice touch as well. This feature makes sure you can still use any jack pads that you may have in storage after purchasing these.

Although, you should be aware that some customer review did mention these jack pads having durability issues after regular usage. This flaw is another thing you must consider before shelling out money on this product.
  • Weatherproof capabilities
  • Made from recycled materials
  • Compatible with other pads and levelers
  • Removes any vibration or movement
  • Usable of various applications
  • Some customers reported durability issues

9. Technoflex TF001-11X14-HP Hush Pad

The Technoflex TF001-11X14-HP Hush Pad is another product made entirely from recycled rubber, which is such a win for people that take the earth’s health as serious as me. But this feature isn’t the most important or best that these jack pads have to offer an RV owner.

You see these pads instead represent such a solid buy for an RV owner due to their incredible durability against various ailments. For instance, these jack pads are UV resistance, which protects them from the sun.

But this protection isn’t the only one its offers; these jack pads also are moisture and mold resistance, which could be helpful in tropical climates. These products are even resistant to parasites that might cause structural problems.

Aside from offering various levels of protection, this product can eliminate vibration when you install these jack pads. As a result, you can move around your trailer without worry about any swaying or vibration occurring.

And this product’s storability is top tier within this marketplace thanks to its lightweight design, which makes moving it around a simple task. Another thing you should love is this product offers a 5-year warranty.

This warranty will provide you with a bit of insurance against something happening to this jack pad. And it’s also helpful multiple reviews have confirmed that their customer service is excellent when it comes to this policy.

These reviews have made it a point to praise the cleanability of this product as well. A product being easy to clean is always a nice feature that a company can offer. After all, there isn’t a person alive that enjoys cleaning.

The only problem with all these features is that it means this product has a high price tag. In my case, this amount of money is well outside what I’m looking to spend on jack pads.
  • Usable on various vehicles
  • Anti-vibration
  • UV resistant
  • Mold and moisture resistant
  • 5-year warranty
  • Peak storability
  • Expensive

10. Andersen Hitches Camper Leveler Pads

Our second product from Andersen Hitches is the Andersen Hitches RV Leveler Pads, which will offer a high-quality performance for a reasonable price. It’s also one of the best leveling pads for campers on the market today.

It has gained this status thanks to the various beneficial features it offers. For one, I love that this product is oil, grease, and dirt resistant, which makes it easier to clean. As a result, ensuring we avoid another maintenance task in our RVing lives.

It also essential we mention that these jack pads’ design consists of highly durable plastic material. This type of design makes this product sturdy and stable, which will ensure your RV’s jack doesn’t end up sinking into the ground.

This highly durable plastic will make sure that your jack doesn’t end up bending or becoming damage encountering rougher terrains as well. Its ability to deal with the more uneven ground such as tree roots is why it’s such a good option for campers.

I also love that this product comes in a 4-pack to ensure you’ll have some extra pads lying around depending on your situation. You never know when a jack pad might crack or break and having a backup is always a good idea.

And since it comes at an affordable price, you don’t have to worry about emptying your bank account on these products. Overall, there isn’t much you can complain about these jack pads as they’ll do the job without causing any complications.

But there was one issue that seemed to be a nuisance for some customers. It seems the design was a bit too flimsy for them with it breaking after regular usage; however, given the overwhelmingly positive reviews stating otherwise, I have to believe these were isolated incidents.
  • Affordable price
  • Comes in a 4-pack
  • US-made
  • Resists oil, dirt, and grease
  • Consists of highly durable plastic material
  • Some customers found the design to be flimsy

11. TruePower Stabilizer Jack Pad

The True Power Stabilizer Jack Pad is an effective part of your RV leveling system that’ll make sure this entire process goes swimmingly. It can provide this ability thanks to its impressive set of features that’ll offer an RV owner everything they might be looking for in these products.

I mean, these jack pads are both weatherproof and UV resistant, which means they’re ready for any weather scenario that presents itself. It’ll face these issues and still provide high-quality performance that’ll ensure your jack doesn’t come into contact with the ground.

It also helps that these RV pads are capable of working on uneven surfaces such as tree roots or gravel. As a result, if you plan on taking a camping trip into a national forest, these products could be a godsend and ensure your RV stays level on those bumpy surfaces.

And this product is one of the more user-friendly jack pads on this entire list as well. You see it come with an integrated handle which makes carrying them around incredibly easy. It also features a strap that’ll make it more manageable to store them.

The installation process isn’t too shabby either as the company was kind enough to lay the instructions out right in the product description. And from this little guide, it seems using this product should be easy enough that even I could manage it.

It also has an affordable price, which makes these RV/motorhome jack pads a steal for whoever ends up purchasing them. I mean, these are such a reliable product that I couldn’t even find a flaw in the customer reviews or anywhere else.

In the end, you’re not going to do much better than the TruePower Stabilizer Jack Pad as it’ll make sure your RV jack stays in top-tier shape.
  • Effective on uneven surfaces
  • Weatherproof and UV resistant
  • Consists of recycled materials
  • Easy to use with the addition of the integrated handle
  • Affordable price
  • No noticeable flaws

12. Valterra A10-0918 Stackers Jack Pad

Our last product is the Valterra A10-0918 Jack Pad, which is a multipurpose product that’ll benefit an RV owner in various ways. You see this product can function as either a multi-use leveler, jack stand or tongue wheel support.

And in all these capacities, this product offers top-notch performance due to its numerous fantastic features. One of these features is its easy to grip handle, which will make moving them around an easy task.

But more importantly, this jack pad has a load capacity of 40,000 pounds of gross vehicle weight that’ll easily handle the weight of most RVs. In other words, it’ll hold up to 10,000 pounds per wheel.

Given this information, it’s no surprise that this product’s performance in stopping your RV from rolling or sliding was routinely praised in the customer reviews. Plus, it has a ribbed surface that gives these pads a better grip.

It also features a self-fastening strap, which lends itself incredibly useful for storage purposes. And since the storage areas are somewhat limited onboard my RV, this feature becomes something I’d end up valuing greatly.

These products come in a 10-pack as well, which will give me my need for extra jack pads to ensure I have a backup plan when one of them breaks. If you think a four pack is more your speed, they also offer that option.

And I didn’t even mention that these products come at an affordable price regardless of the buying option you end up choosing. The only issue I could find with this product was that some customers seem to have problems using it on gravel.

With this in mind, if you plan on leveling your RV on gravel, you might want to look somewhere else on this list.

  • Load capacity of 40,000 pounds
  • Includes a self-fastening strap
  • Easy to grip handle
  • Affordable price
  • Multipurpose product
  • Some customers reported issues with working on gravel

What to Look for When Buying a Jack Pad for RV


When searching for an RV jack pad, there are going to be certain factors that’ll determine your perfect product. Having an in-depth understanding of these elements will ensure this buying experience ends with you being happy.

And this section will provide you with that in-depth understanding to make sure everything falls into place. So without further ado, let’s figure out how these factors will end up impacting your buying experience.


Finding the perfect RV jack pad has a lot to do with its price. Your goal here should be getting a product that offers high-quality performance at a reasonable cost. In other words, you want to find the model that’s the most cost-effective.

This goal doesn’t mean finding the cheapest RV jack pad and buy it. You see some of these products are too affordable. I know it sounds crazy, but manufacturers know people will love a bargain and will cut corners to ensure their product can sell at a lower price than their competition.

Given this information, the best way to figure out this essential factor is by outlining a budget. The budget’s parameters should represent what you feel comfortable spending. From there, it’s all about finding the best product within that range, which meets all your needs.

A budget will also limit the number of options to choose from, which is ideal when dealing with a flooded market like this one. And don’t forget to factor in features you want into your budget such as UV protection that way you’re not shocked by the prices.


Any RV jack pad you’re considering needs to offer superior durability. After all, you don’t want these products cracking or breaking when you have your RV on jacks. It’s a recipe for disaster and could end up causing you a lot in repairs.

You’ll instead want RV jack pads, which can easily handle changes in weather conditions or harsh elements such as long term sun exposure, rain, wind, etc. As a result, you’ll want a product with UV protection and weatherproof capabilities.

It’s also essential you get jack pads that can hold even under heavy pressure or stress. Most RV owners find comfort in buying industrial strength jack pads to assist in this area. I always find it useful to search for products with higher load capacity.

You see jack pads that can withstand the higher weights like 40,000 pounds consist of heavy-duty materials. Due to this, you can have confidence these products won’t wilt under heavy pressure or stress.

Another thing to look out for is jack pads made with unique ingredients such a resin, which can also help in this regard by adding strength. You should look through customer reviews as well to ensure the product’s durability meet the standards of other customers.

These reviews will provide you with various accounts regarding the product’s quality, which are valuable to this whole process. You should search for ones that state whether the pads were able to ensure their jacks didn’t sink into the ground.


Another thing you’ll want to look out for is the product’s dimensions. It’s a general rule of thumb that the wider the jack pad, the better its quality. You see a top tier RV jack pad can cover a larger area, which gives its more stability and reduces the risk of jack sliding into the ground.

It’ll stop the jack from getting damaged such as bending its foot as well. As a result, it would be a good idea to find the biggest jack pad that fits into your budget. But make sure the product consists of high-quality materials.

Lower tier RV jack pad manufacturers will often sacrifice the quality of product to widen their products. This action results in cracking become a common issue for the people that end up buying from these companies.


These RV jack pads often offer you a couple of buying options with your purchase. The most common you’ll find will be deals that come with 4 or 10 pads. You might also come across products, which can be sold one at a time.

With this in mind, you must decide how many pads your situation requires. It might turn out that you want higher elevation; therefore, you’ll want more than one jack pad. You could want to store some as well, which means the 10 pack would be a good option.

After all, it never hurts to have some jack pads in storage. You never know when something might happen where one needs replacing. If I were shopping for these products, I’d go with the bulk options and either get 4 or 10. In the end, knowing I’d always have a back up would give a sense of comfort.

Load Capacity

RV jack pads come with a load capacity rating, which tells you how much weight they can handle. Most of the top-tier options have a load capacity of 40,000 pounds or above. This feature means that the pad can handle 10,000 pounds for each wheel.

It’s this quality that makes these products such an essential buy for camper, travel trailer, or RV owners. If you have a 5th wheel or larger RV, you might want to invest in a jack pad with a higher load capacity rating than 40,000 pounds.

In any event, please have a firm understanding of your RV’s weight before choosing an appropriate jack pad. If you get a product that’s isn’t capable of handling the load, it could end up being a disaster and something you don’t want to experience.


Some RV jack pads come with warranties, which gives you a little bit of insurance to protect against anything go wrong with the product. This feature’s also a signal that the company has faith in the product given they’d lose a lot of money with a warrant on a malfunctioning item.

Due to this reason, it becomes quite apparent that opting for a jack pad with a warranty is a smart move and something worth considering. I mean, there’s no way I’m going to buy a product without one unless the customer reviews are outrageously positive.

Besides, if you want to upgrade your RV leveling system, we have a list of the 12 top-rated RV stabilizers for your reference.

Other Important Factors to Consider


The factors discussed above aren’t the only things that’ll impact your final decision. There’s also background information that’ll end up affecting, which product ends up being the one for you.

This section will discuss this information to ensure you have everything need for making an informed decision. After all, we want to make sure you end up happy with your purchase.

What is a jack pad for RV?

RV jacks pads exist for a single purpose, to ensure the leveling process happens smoothly without incident. And since this experience includes lifting your RV off the ground, you can imagine these products are quite essential.

These products make sure this process doesn’t become a disaster by safely distributing the jack loads. This outcome results in the jack pad offering a stable and level foundation where nothing fishy can end up happening.

Some RV owners have found success in building their own DIY jack pads to guide them through the leveling process. I wouldn’t recommend creating your own unless you have a vast amount of experience within this field.

After all, an issue within the leveling process could lead to some poor results and costly repair jobs. It’s easier to use the specially designed RV jack pads, which are made from heavy-duty materials and offer industrial strength.

You see these devices will offer more durability as well as a safer experience than your typical DIY jack pad. They provide this sense of safety by ensuring the jacks don’t sink into the ground, which means there will be a level and stable foundation for the entire process.

We should also mention that RV jack pads feature an interlocking structure, which results in them being easy to use and stack under your jack. You should be aware that the materials within these products are incredibly durable as well.

These durable ingredients ensure the pads can hold up against immense pressure and stress. And the high-quality RV jack pads will also have protection against issues such as splintering, cracking, or the absorption of water.

These protections will factor heavily in the product being able to offer a solid foundation for RV as well; the ability to distribute your RV’s weight safely doesn’t hurt either. In the end, all this information proves that getting an RV jack pad is a must for an RV owner.

I mean, if you’re going to jack up your RV, wouldn’t you feel safer with one of these devices in the mix? I would. And I didn’t even mention that these products also ensure your RV jack’s feet don’t bend due to their effectiveness at keeping them from sinking.

What are the different types of jack pads?

The amount of jack pads on today’s market makes it somewhat confusing to figure out, which one is the best for you. One way to limit the number of options is by understanding the types you might come across.

It helps because there aren’t many jack pad types on the market. Most of them consist of either plastic or durable rubber materials. And their construction is how people tell the difference between the kind of jack pad they’re considering.

As a result, the choice between type will come down to your personal preferences. In other words, the material that suits your situation the best. And the one that I’d end up choosing would be rubber.

You see rubber RV jack pads feature a tight and stable grip, which reduces the chances of slippage occurring. These products also can be easily put under jacks without complications or hassles. Plus, they can often work together well with other levelers, jack pads, or blocks that would offer even more stability during the leveling process.

On the other hand, the plastic jack pads are often cheaper than their counterparts, and the productivity doesn’t fall off too much. But most of the time, these products are often more susceptive to issues like cracking.

It’s understanding these little details that’ll help decide whether a rubber jack pad or a plastic one would fit your preferences better.

Why do you need a jack pad for RV?

There are many reasons why a jack pad is a fantastic purchase for an RV owner. And within this section, we’re going dive into all the things about these products that make them such an essential buy.

UV Protection and Weatherproof

Most of these products feature both UV protected and weatherproof materials. In other words, there won’t be a weather situation where a high-quality RV jack pad can’t offer satisfactory performance.

I mean,  it doesn’t matter whether it’s cold or blistering hot, these products will able to assist the leveling process effectively. You could even be facing 60 mph winds, and these pads would ensure your jacks never slides off them.

It also means these products ’shouldn’t have issues dealing with any surface you might come across. In fact, the right jack pads can even provide high-quality performance when under water.

Plus, it’ll even stand up to the terrible effects that sun exposure can have on these products like discoloration, deterioration, or fading. And since I intend on RVing in places like Florida, you can bet this benefit is something I value greatly.

Easy Installation

The high-quality RV jack pads will make the installation process much less of a hassle than you might inspect. In fact, these products will ensure you don’t have to crawl under your RV to get everything into place.

In doing so, it’ll save from the experience of being under a 40,000 pound RV, which can sometimes get a little scary. Plus, the effortless installation process also makes these useful products rather easy to remove as well.

All in all, high-quality RV jack pads are a user-friendly product that’ll help you make the leveling process a stress-free experience. Honestly, what more could you ask for from a product such as this one?


The most durable RV jack pads will offer protection against cracking or breaking with their highly durable design. This quality will ensure these products don’t fold under pressure brought on by helping hold up your RV.

You see top-tier jack packs often can handle up to 40,000 pounds without cracking. This amount of weight should even help hold up the largest RVs without any issues or complications.


And if you’re worried about your jack pad’s ability to handle your RV’s weight, some of these pads are capable of working with similar products such as leveling blocks or other pads; therefore, adding extra protection to reduce your anxiety.

For example, if you expect there to be heavy winds or another problematic weather condition, this adaptability with other products could help reduce your anxiety. And it’ll also make sure nothing unfortunate happens.

Low Cost

But the best part about RV jack pads is their affordability. You see the best products within this marketplace won’t cost you much, but still, offer a top level performance. This ability comes from the durable materials that make up these pads.

It also means you should be able to buy these products in bulk without breaking open your bank account. Honestly, it’s never a bad idea to have a few jack pads in storage. After all, you never know when one might crack or break unexpectedly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


This FAQs section will operate like any other and try to answer any remaining questions you might have about RV jack pads. From this information, we hope it becomes quite clear what your next move needs to be regarding these products.

What are good RV jack pad brands?

The brands that stand out within the RV jack pad market are the ones you see in our product review section. Each of these companies has shown their willingness to put the customer first and produce high-quality products.

But two manufacturers separate themselves even further among these fantastic brands: Camco and Andersen Hitches. Both these companies have products regularly seen as the top jack pads within this flooded market.

And since these two companies regularly outpace their rivals in creating these products, I thought it’d be helpful to examine why they’ve gained such a stellar status. This information will allow you to see what you should expect from a top tier jack pad producer.


Any RV owner’s likely familiar with Camco given their top-tier position in a variety of RV product markets. This status comes from their drive to challenge the limits of the products they create and fulfill their customers’ needs.

This drive ends up creating innovative designs that give their customers a buying experience, which leaves them happy with their purchase. And it’s precisely the same with their RV jack pads. In fact, it’s quite rare when you see a negative review of a Camco product.

Andersen Hitches

This company has been excelling within whatever market they’ve entered for over 50 years. Their performance within these markets has provided them with a stellar status, which comes from their ability to be precise in every area of the buying experience.

I mean, their designs cover every base without creating issues or hassles. And their customer service has always been top notch to the point you never hear about an Andersen Hitches product arriving late. It’s these details that make me have faith in buying a product from this great company.

When are RV jack pads required?

These products are needed to ensure your RV jack doesn’t come into contact with the uneven ground when jacking up your RV. For instance, let’s say you encounter a campground with bumpy terrain and you’re worried your jack will be somewhat unstable.

This issue is where an RV jack pad comes into play and saves the day. These products offer stability when you might find yourself in an area where the ground isn’t level or flat. And using them will ensure your jack doesn’t become damaged by a paved surface or sinking into the uneven terrain.

What are jack pads made of?

In most cases, these products will consist of some rubber or plastic material. Some might feature a unique kind of resin for added strength, but the general gist is these RV jacks pads will either feature plastic or rubber materials.

And as you read above, choosing between these two will come down to your preference. But either type will offer your RV jack stability during this process as their high-quality RV jack pads made from both these materials.

What is the max weight capacity of RV jack pads?

The answer to this question will vary depending on the product. You can expect the higher quality RV jack pads to have a max weight or load capacity of 40,000 pounds or above. This amount should give you enough weight regardless of your rig.

But please, make sure you have a handle on your RV’s weight before making a purchase. You need to ensure the RV jack pad is capable of handling your rig’s load. And don’t forget to account for the weight of the things inside your RV as well.

What do you put under RV jacks?

RV owners can put camper, motorhome, travel trailer, or 5th wheel jack pads under their RV jacks, depending on the RV type and the required leveling height.

For example, RV jack blocks are more suitable for leveling RVs up to seven inches high. These products are thicker than traditional jack pads, allowing RV owners to raise their motorhomes higher.

People can also use utility block RV jack pads or magnetic RV jack pads. The latter features magnets on the contact surface, promoting hassle-free alignment between the block and the RV jack.

A solid piece of rectangular wood can also support RV jacks. This is a more cost-effective solution to commercially available trailer jack pads.

RV owners must avoid placing scissor jacks or similar devices under their RV leveling systems because these products cannot adequately support the vehicle’s weight.

How high can you stack RV jack pads?

How high people can stack camper jack pads depends on the manufacturer. Some brands limit the height to four inches or four stacked jack pads. Other manufacturers restrict the jack pad stacking to 4.5 inches to ensure rig stability and safety.

How do you make an RV stabilizer pad?

Making homemade RV jack pads or a DIY trailer jack block is not as complicated or technical as some people imagine. The steps are as follows.

  1. Prepare a 4×4 wood and cut it into four 14-inch lengths. One can use a 2×4 beam if height is not necessary or a 6×6 if a higher elevation is a must.
  2. Get ¾-inch-thick pressure-treated plywood and cut two squares measuring 14 inches by 14 inches.
  3. Lay one square panel on a flat surface and arrange the four 4x4x14-inch wooden blocks on the plywood.
  4. Ensure proper alignment of the blocks’ edges on the panel before applying Gorilla Glue or a similar adhesive on the blocks.
  5. Place the second square panel over the wooden blocks (on the side with the glue). Press firmly and secure with 2.5-inch exterior screws, ensuring each block receives a screw on both ends and the center.
  6. Flip the partially finished RV utility blocks and add glue and screws like you did earlier.
  7. Fasten a grab handle on the side of the DIY RV jack pad.

How can I make my travel trailer more stable?

RV owners can stabilize their travel trailers in different ways.

  • Use trailer stabilizer jacks or heavy duty RV jack pads under travel trailer jacks. These products provide additional support to the travel trailer on wet or soft ground.
  • Install x-chocks on dual-axle travel trailers to prevent the wheels from moving. These devices also stabilize the travel trailer.
  • Mount wheel chocks on the travel trailer wheels to prevent sway. However, this method is unsuitable when parking the travel trailer on uneven terrain or soft ground.
  • Place leveling pads for travel trailers under the travel trailer jacks to stabilize the vehicle on soft, wet, and uneven ground.

Do I need RV jack pads?

Travel trailer and fifth wheel jack pads are necessary when parking the RV on uneven and unstable ground, such as sand, mud, gravel, and soft earth.

Jack pads have a wide surface area that distributes the RV weight across the ground surface, preventing shifting and sinking. These devices also dampen vibrations, making RV life more comfortable and safer.

Some RV parks also require RV owners to have large RV jack pads to prevent damaging the pavement. RVs can weigh up to 40,000 pounds. Their landing feet can exert unbelievable pressure on asphalt or concrete, producing cracks on the pavement.

It is always an excellent idea to have Class A motorhome jack pads to prevent damaging RV park infrastructure.

Another reason why RV jack pads are necessary is jack foot protection. Placing the jack foot on bare ground can increase the risk of rust formation. The RV jack component can also get dents, scrapes, bends, and edge curls. These can undermine the jack foot’s integrity and functionality.

How many jack pads should I buy?

This question doesn’t have a single answer because it’ll be different with every situation. But the good news is these products often offer packages for every occasion. You see it’s possible to buy jack pads one at a time or as a package deal.

These package deals tend to offer anywhere between four and ten jack pads with purchase. Given this information, it becomes evident that the answer to this question will depend on your situation and preferences.

In my case, I like going with the bundle deals of 4 or 10 at once. These options give me a backup plan to ensure I always have an extra jack pad that can replace a broken one. Plus, most of these products have interlocking designs, which means you can stack on top of each other to get higher elevation.

How to make RV jack pads?

There are people out there that make their own jack pads using materials such as recycled tires or other resources. You can even find guides online that’ll take you through the entire process of making your DIY RV jack pads.

But if you aren’t a mechanical savvy person, this option isn’t a reasonable option as it does take some work. It’ll likely cause you a bit of frustration and stress as well depending on the method you end up using.

Honestly, it might end up making more logical and financial sense to purchase high-quality jack pads through a reputable manufacturer.

Where to buy?

The best place to buy an RV jack pad is the same place where all our links lead, Amazon. Their marketplace will have the largest selection of these products that you’ll find. It’ll have the best deals available to you as well.

The likelihood of finding the perfect RV jack pad on Amazon is much higher than other sites thanks to these two factors. It also helps this site has an extensive amount of customer reviews for each product, which should be a sound frame of reference.

If you don’t like using Amazon, there are other online websites you could use like Camping World, which will have a large selection. It wouldn’t be as large as Amazon, but it’s still impressive nonetheless.

And there’s always the option of checking out stores around you like Walmart, Home Depot, Lowe’s, or an RV store. These places should have a few options you can look through, but the prices will be a bit higher than you’d see online.

Overall, there are many options to choose from, and finding one that suits your preferences shouldn’t be too difficult. But in my case, I’m always going to recommend Amazon first as it genuinely has everything a customer could want in a marketplace.


After reading this article, you should have all the information needed to find the best RV jack pad. All you need to do is apply the knowledge learned from reading it, and you should be well on your way.

If you do apply this new information, your buying experience should end up being a successful and simple one. And you’ll get back to enjoying all the fun parts of the RVing experience rather quickly without any hassles.

So please, take advantage of all the information I laid out above and find the RV jack pad that’ll make your RVing life much easier. And you never know, you might even find out it was within this article the entire time.

But if you do find yourself confused by something, feel free to leave your question down below in our comment section. We’ll answer your concern as quickly as we possibly can.

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