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The Best RV Ladders (Bunk, Rack, Exterior & Folding Ladder)

Written by Stephen Ryan / Fact checked by William Turner

In this modern-day and age, the RV is synonymous to the word ‘travel’. With a trusty RV by your side, no place is seemingly ever out of your reach. Whether driving through long stretches of old and dusty highway country roads or through some forgotten rocky terrain on your way to a hidden paradise, the RV is sure to give you a smooth driving experience as well as a great comfort for you and your passengers. This is provided that you came packed with the necessary tools and equipment that makes the RV journey easier and safer.

Best RV Ladder

One of those necessary equipment to have in your RV is the ladder. It does not matter what the season is, what the current terrain is like, or even the weather you are in; the best RV ladder will always be there to help you up when you need it. In cleaning, repairing, and any other activity, a sturdy ladder will come a long way. So if your current ladder has failed you or the RV you purchased doesn’t come with one, here is a list of options you can choose from.

Top 1

Little Giant Ladders


Weight 25 lbs
Max Height 13′
Load Capacity 300 lbs

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Top 2

Ohuhu Y17-80100-07


Weight 25.3 lbs
Max Height 12.5′
Load Capacity 250 lbs

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Top 3

Stromberg Carlson LA-460


Weight 6.39 lbs
Max Height 61″
Load Capacity 250 lbs

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Table of Contents

9 Best Ladder for RV Reviews 2023

1. Little Giant Ladders M13 Velocity Multi-Position Ladder

The Little Giant M13 Velocity is more than a decent multipurpose ladder for different applications. It is an RV owner’s trustworthy device for maintaining and fixing the motorhome as it is a reliable platform.

Its construction is as solid as one can hope for, giving anyone who climbs up and down this ladder peace of mind.

I love this 13-foot ladder better than the 12.5-foot Comie. I adore its flared legs that widen to about two feet. I feel more comfortable and safer climbing up and down this ladder because the extra-wide base is more secure and stable than a conventional ladder with parallel legs.

Although it is not a collapsible RV ladder, I am still impressed with this product’s versatility. I can use it as an A-frame ladder for moderately high surfaces or a staircase system at home. People can also convert this product into a 90-degree platform and a typical 13-foot ladder for reaching the RV roof.

I found no issues transforming this option into various configurations. The “rock lock” is ingenious, allowing me to adjust the ladder’s position and height effortlessly and quickly. There are palm buttons to move across various configurations in a breeze. I also like its Tip & Glide wheels for hassle-free ladder relocation and movement.

I also trust this ladder because it feels solid. Its aerospace-grade aluminum construction is a big plus, giving me the confidence to go up and down without worry.

The only downside to this heavy duty RV ladder is the plastic on the locks. Little Giant could have chosen a tougher material.

  • 13-foot ladder for different applications (90-degree platform, A-frame, etc)
  • Two-foot-wide flared legs for stability and security
  • Rock lock and palm buttons for safety and versatility
  • Aerospace-grade, heavy-duty aluminum construction
  • Integrated Tip & Glide wheels for effortless movemen
  • Plastic on the locks
RVers and homeowners will love this ladder. Its solid construction, stability, multiple configurations, and reliable locking mechanisms make it an excellent choice for many purposes.

2. Ohuhu Telescopic Extension Ladder

A sturdy ladder like this one from Ohuhu provided a safe way for me to do all my chores in hard-to-reach areas, particularly on my camper van.

As a camping ladder, the Ohuhu telescoping RV ladder has a very simple yet well-thought-out design: from its non-slip top and end caps to the carrying straps, I think that every single part of the ladder was carefully selected to make sure that it serves its purpose while ensuring safety.

I like that it is not heavy, it can be retracted easily and is just the right length for almost all purposes that I could think of. It is made from high-quality aluminum alloy, which makes it light enough to carry around but sturdy enough to prevent accidents

Furthermore, it has one-press retraction and intelligent locking pins so you won’t have to click on each rung to reduce the length of the ladder to its smallest size for storage. With its 12.5 feet length, it is more than enough for a camper van, an RV, or even a coach bus.

One of the best things about this RV ladder is that it can hold up to 330 pounds, has extra-wide steps, and has non-slip end caps for safety. Although essentially, each step has ridges to prevent you from slipping, I think adding rubber padding can increase the safety points for this telescopic ladder, as sometimes ridges can still be slippery when wet.

  • Lightweight
  • Made of high-quality aluminum alloy
  • Easy to install
  • Appropriate length
  • Heavy-duty
  • Safe to use
  • No rubber padding on the steps
So far, I have used the ladder to install my solar panels and awning lights, clean the roof and exterior of the camper van, and fix the exterior roof vents – but I am pretty sure this ladder will continue to be useful for me in the future.

3. Stromberg Carlson 60 Inch LA-460 Bunk Ladder

RV bunk beds certainly need a reliable ladder to make climbing to the top bunk easier. If you are looking for a heavy-duty bunk ladder for your bunk bed, you need to learn more about the Stromberg Carlson LA-460 Bunk Ladder.

I am really happy about this particular ladder. It is very durable, lightweight, and very easy to set up. It took me only half an hour to install the two top hooks. Surprisingly, I didn’t even need any special tools to mount it on the bunk bed. Just the tools that I have in my toolbox were enough. Now, the bunk bed has a permanent and strong ladder.

Another feature of this ladder that I am really happy about is the rubber treads on the steps and the bottom. This ensures that the feet will have a steady grip on the steps. In addition, it prevents minor electric shocks due to static electricity. With this important safety feature, I am confident that no one in the family will slip and fall down while climbing this bunk ladder.

What upsets me about this particular ladder is how it squeaks whenever someone is using it. This is really annoying especially at night time when my eldest son climbs down to go to the bathroom. The sound of the ladder wakes the whole family up. I tried to fix it but I don’t see any screws to tighten.

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to set up
  • Has rubber treads
  • Has safety hooks
  • Has 11-inch spacing between the tubing
  • Can accommodate up to 250 pounds
  • The ladder squeaks loudly when someone is using it
Once all of the important features have been listed, I can say that the Stromberg Carlson LA-460 Bunk Ladder is an amazing product. It is durable, lightweight, and easy to set up. The ladder also has rubber treads for safety purposes. Finally, it has an 11-inch spacing between the tubing so that every step is convenient and safe. If your RV bunk bed needs to have the best bunk ladder, this product will certainly amaze you to no end.

4. Luisladders Aluminum Telescopic Extension Ladder

Reaching high places in your RV should not be a difficult task for anyone. For you to accomplish this, you need a trustworthy ladder to help you climb all the way to the top. Of all the RV ladders available in the market these days, only the Telescopic Extension Ladder from Luisladders will provide you a safe access to high places in your RV that you wish to reach.

In my opinion, there is no RV ladder like this extending telescopic ladder. This product is so heavy-duty and reliable. The quality of materials used in this product is absolutely top-notch. As a matter of fact, this particular ladder is corrosion-resistant, meaning it can be left outside and be exposed to the elements. With this ladder, I don’t worry that it would get degraded over time.

Another thing that I like about this product is how it extends and retracts when needed. When this RV ladder is fully extended, it can reach up to 12.5 ft. I can reach higher places such as the top of my RV safely and without any trouble at all. When it’s time to pack it, I just have to retract it and it stores nicely inside the compartment of my RV.

One thing that I really don’t like about this RV ladder is how brittle the plastic elements are. After the winter, one of the non-slip mats under the foot of the ladder cracked due to increasing temperature. Now the ladder is a little imbalanced. I had to patch it up using an epoxy in order to restore balance. I don’t know when the other one will give up.

  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Safe to use
  • Extends and retracts
  • Durable
  • Reliable
  • Has a 330-pound weight capacity
  • The plastic elements easily breaks during the winter
All in all, I can say that the Luisladders Telescopic Extension Ladder is an outstanding product. It is durable, non-corrosive, and most of all – it extends and retracts. In addition, it can carry a person up to 330-pounds. If you wish to add a reliable ladder in your RV, this one is definitely worth considering.

5. Comie 330Lb Multi Purpose Aluminum Extension Ladder

The Comie 7-in-1 Multi-purpose Ladder is a worthy alternative to the Little Giant Velocity. It has a lightweight construction and many configurations for optimum versatility.

RVers can configure the Velocity into only four ladder types. Meanwhile, this product allows RV families and homeowners to set it up in seven forms for at least nine applications. They can use it as an extension ladder, a temporary bridge, a twin step ladder, a stairway platform, a scaffold, a trestle, and a work platform.

Fixing the RV roof, maintaining the motorhome awning, and adding finishing touches to the RV upper sections are a breeze with this lightweight ladder for RV. It can also be an excellent tool in the home, allowing DIYers to accomplish house improvement projects in a cinch.

Unlike the Velocity with flared legs, this ladder has a parallel design. Adding stability to the ladder is a pair of stabilizer bars anchoring the ladder to the ground. The horizontal platforms feature non-slip, anti-skid rubber feet. I also feel confident using this ladder because of the multiple locks.

One advantage of this ladder over the Little Giant Velocity is its 330-pound weight rating, 30 pounds greater than the Velocity. I was surprised by this attribute because both products feature aluminum, although this option has aircraft-grade aluminum compared to Velocity’s aerospace-grade composition.

One downside to this RV step ladder is its 39.5-inch maximum storage height. Although it is still short, some RVers might find it challenging to store this ladder. Another drawback is the locking mechanisms. They tend to pinch the fingers if one is not careful during extension and configuration changes.

  • Seven-in-one ladder design for optimum versatility
  • Stabilizer bars with skid-resistant, anti-rubber feet for stability
  • 330-pound maximum weight capacity
  • Multiple locking features for security
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum construction
  • 5-inch fully folded height
  • Locking mechanisms can pinch fingers
This ladder remains an excellent buy for RV owners because of its versatility, weight capacity, craftsmanship, and stability.

6. Stromberg LA-460B Carlson Ladder

My RV bunk did not come with a ladder so I had to get an RV ladder separately – I am pleased to have found this Stromberg Carlson ladder that solved my dilemma.

Getting onto the top bunk for me is pretty easy: as a relatively fit guy, I can pull myself up without any assistance. Although, I would say it is also not the safest way to go to bed – especially when I’ve had one beer too many. To avoid any future accidents, I got this RV ladder and it made access to the top bunk safer and easier for me.

I like that the LA-460B model came with the retainer hooks so the ladder will not move around and potentially fall off while stepping on it. If hooks do not fit the side of your bunk bed, you can use the extrusions to fix it in place, although I didn’t need those as the hooks fit snugly onto the edges of the top bunk. I am confident that the ladder will be kept in place to avoid accidents. Also, the treads are padded with rubber, so slipping off the step can be avoided.

I didn’t like that this ladder doesn’t come in a shorter length, though. Since it is a 5-foot (60-inch) ladder, I had to cut about 4 inches off of the bottom of the ladder so it is the right height for my bunk bed. Resizing it is pretty easy though: after cutting off the excess length, I just had to put back the anti-slip end caps and I was able to use it right away.

  • Safe to use because of the hooks
  • Has optional extrusions that fixes the ladder in place
  • Slip-free
  • Can be removed and stored when not in use
  • It is not the exact length I needed
Though it might seem a bit troublesome because you might still have to cut off a few inches of the ladder (depending on your bed height), this Stromberg Carlson ladder is still a lot cheaper than having a custom-made ladder for your RV – and that is a win for me.

7. Stromberg Carlson Universal Exterior RV Ladder

Ladders are one of the necessities for convenient living inside an RV. If you are searching for a reliable and long-lasting RV ladder, this one from Stromberg Carlson will provide you a safe access to high places in your precious RV.

Of all the RV ladders I’ve seen so far, this one really impressed me the most. This particular product is lightweight and durable. I’m a little over 250 pounds and this ladder can certainly carry my weight with absolutely no problem. The metal bars do not bend easily even if it is exposed to extreme heat outside. I installed this at the back of my RV and it really looks good there. The silver color really compliments the paint job of my RV.

Another impressive characteristic of this ladder is its rust-proof feature. Other RV ladder brands get rusty over time if left exposed to the elements. This one, however, is still pristine. I have this ladder for over a year now and I can really say that it doesn’t look any different compared to a brand new one at all! In addition, the metal bars don’t bend easily even if it is exposed in the sun all day long.

What I don’t appreciate about this RV ladder is its difficulty to install. It took me about an hour before I could completely mount this ladder at the back of my RV. I even enlisted the help of my friends just to mount this up. Also, I needed to use special tools such as drills to bolt this into place and a metal chop saw to cut the excess part of the ladder.

  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Rust-proof
  • Maintenance-free
  • Difficult to install
After stating all of the important details above, I can conclude that the Stromberg Carlson Silver Ladder is an excellent product. It is easy to use, lightweight, rust-proof, and extremely durable. If you are looking for a ladder to install in your RV, the Stromberg Carlson LA-401 RV Ladder is the one you should consider putting in your shopping list.

8. Flip-N-Lite 6-foot Stepladder

Working on my motorhome has become easier since I got this 6-foot stepladder from Flip-N-Lite because of its built-in platform at the top.

The Flip-N-Lite stepladder‘s platform makes all the difference in improving the way I work while I am on the ladder: it not only provides extra safety, but it also allows me to have a better range of movement while using it.

I have used it when fixing and cleaning stuff in and around my motorhome, and the tool holder on top served very useful for holding my screwdrivers/wrenches and for avoiding losing smaller items like screws while I am at work. You can basically have all the tools you need right at arm’s reach, which is great.

Apart from my motorhome, I think that because it is a 6-foot ladder, it could also be used by professionals (painters, electricians, etc.) especially because it is rated at 300 pounds under ANSI Type IA duty rating. Also, the platform on top allows for a comfortable standing position – making it best suited for chores that require full mobility.

Although, I would say that because the vertical height is less than six feet while on the platform, it might not provide enough height when used in other applications. However, if you do not need more than 6 feet for your chores, then this ladder has everything you need.

  • Has a tool holder
  • It can hold up to 300lb (based on ANSI heavy-duty rating)
  • Has a slim profile
  • Can be stored easily in my motorhome
  • Has a wide platform
  • Full height is too short for my needs
While it can only provide approximately six feet of extra height, this motorhome ladder will enable you to complete your tasks safely and efficiently.

9. Surco 501L Universal Motorhome Ladder

Having a reliable ladder in your RV is a requirement for convenient life inside and outside the said vehicle. If you are looking for a long-lasting permanent ladder to mount outside your RV, the Surco 501L Universal Motorhome Ladder will definitely make your life easier.

I really admire this particular ladder. It is durable and lightweight. Made from durable aluminum, I am confident that this one will really last a very long time. In addition, it is important for me to have a lightweight ladder in order to prevent unnecessary burdening my vehicle with heavy objects. With this ladder, I doubt that the shock absorbers won’t even feel its presence in the RV. Also, the height is enough for the vehicle. It would not stick out like a sore thumb.

I also like the fact that this ladder is non-slip. Other RV ladders get slippery, especially during the winter season. The other ladders that I have installed have come and go. But this one, I can say that it will stay for good. With this, I know I can safely climb to the top of the RV without missing steps along the way.

What I don’t appreciate about this ladder is that the bracket system is too small. I had difficulty mounting this ladder because I had to make adjustments to accommodate the bolts it came with. I also added a good quality adhesive in order to make it firm and steady.

  • Made from durable aluminum
  • Lightweight
  • Non-slip
  • Wide steps
  • Has unique hinges to accommodate the contours of the RV
  • 100% made in the U.S.A.
  • The bracket system is too small
To summarize, the 501L Motorhome Ladder from Surco is a phenomenal product. It is durable and lightweight, therefore saving your shock absorbers additional weight. It is also non-slip, so the chances of getting accidents are very small. It has unique hinges so that the ladder would take the shape of the side of the RV where you want to mount it. If you need a reliable ladder to use in your RV, this product is definitely one of the highly recommended ones in the market.

GP Logistics Compact Folding Ladder (Outdated)

The first thing I looked for when I was choosing to get a ladder for my motorhome was portability, and the GP Logistics compact RV folding ladder fits this criteria.

While there is no doubt that the ladder is functional, the fact that it is durable (made of steel) makes it a more appealing option for me. I also like that there are added support bars on each rung and spreaders on each side of the railing for added safety. At 14 pounds, it is not super lightweight but is relatively easier to transport and move around while at work.

I love that each rung has additional diagonal supports on each side to keep them from bending when used.

I think it suits the purposes I need it for, and I like that it is short enough to be stored easily in the motorhome, but I can imagine how it might not be long enough for some purposes such as getting on the roof of the vehicle. My motorhome has a built-in ladder for getting on the roof so the 7-foot length is just right for me, but I wouldn’t recommend it if you need something longer than that. The height is good enough for most applications like washing the upper part of windows or installing awnings.

  • Easy to transport
  • Easy to set-up
  • Can be stored effortlessly
  • Designed for heavy-duty use
  • A bit short for getting on the roof of a motorhome
Needless to say, even at its current length, I think this item from GP Logistics is a good motorhome ladder because it is durable, well-designed, and safe to use.

Top Line BL200-05 Bunk Ladder (Outdated)

Bunk ladders need to be securely mounted in place. This is to prevent any untoward incident around the sleeping area in your RV. If you are searching for a good RV ladder, the Top Line (BL200-05) Bunk Ladder should be included in your shopping list.

I really love this bunk ladder. It is lightweight, durable, and most of all – very easy to install. I only needed the tools I have in my toolbox to mount this. The reason why I bought this product is to replace my son’s bunk ladder because it hurts his feet. Once I have installed this ladder, he felt comfortable instantly. He even thanked me for replacing his old bunk ladder.

Another thing that I like about this ladder is the material used to make it. Titanium alloy is really durable, so I’m not worried that it would break easily. Furthermore, the steps are padded so my son’s feet will not get hurt even if he climbed it barefoot.

What I don’t really like about this bunk ladder is the fact that the steps are too thin. My son may be comfortable using this, but I’m not. Whenever I use it to climb on the top bunk, I hear the steps squeak loudly. Or maybe I’m just over the weight limit.

  • Measures 60 inches
  • Made from titanium alloy
  • Durable
  • Easy to install
  • Padded steps
  • Designed to prevent clothes from being hooked
  • The steps are too thin
In a nutshell, I think that the BL200-05 Bunk Ladder from Top Line is a wonderful product. It is long enough, durable, lightweight, and very easy to install. In addition, the steps are padded so you are guaranteed to have a comfortable step every time you use it. If you are looking for a reliable bunk ladder for your RV, the Top Line (BL200-05) Bunk Ladder is definitely the one for you.

GP Logistics SLDS6 Ladder (Outdated)

Folding ladders are very helpful for reaching high places that needs immediate attention. If you are looking for the right folding ladder, there is no better product for you to try than the GP Logistics SLDS6 Ladder.

Of all the folding ladders for RVs I have seen, this one really stands out the most. It is very compact and lightweight. It actually weighs only 5 pounds; something that I can easily bring in my RV. If only my shock absorbers can talk, they would probably thank me for having this lightweight ladder in my compartment.

In addition, this ladder is very easy to set up. I don’t need special tools in order to use it. I just open its legs and let it stand firmly. It can easily accommodate my weight and it doesn’t crumble while I’m on the top of it. Finally, it is double-sided, which means I can climb on either side of the ladder. This is convenient for me because I don’t need to make an extra effort to flip the other side of the ladder. All I have to do is to go to the other side and climb it.

What I find disappointing about this folding ladder is that there is no higher capacity version of it. I’m thinking of upgrading my existing folding ladder and even though I’m really satisfied with this one, I don’t see any higher capacity version of it being sold by the manufacturers.

  • Compact
  • Freestanding
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to set up
  • Double-sided
  • No higher capacity version
After listing all of the positive and negative aspects of this product, I can say that the GP Logistics SLDS6 Ladder is an amazing product. You will certainly like it because It is compact, lightweight, easy to set up and most of all – double-sided. The ladder itself is very durable, so you don’t need to worry about replacing it immediately. If you want to have a reliable and efficient folding ladder in your RV, you should definitely consider purchasing this one as soon as possible.

Blantex Hook-On Bunk Bed Ladder (Outdated)

At a length of 40 inches, the Blantex hook-on bunk bed ladder is suitable for most loft-type beds or bunker beds in an RV, especially ones with 1-1/2”-angle iron frames.

When I got this ladder for the loft bed in the RV, I was pleased to find that it did not need any kind of modification or installation – I simply had to attach it to the side of the top bunk with the hooks. Since it is not fixed onto the frame with screws, it wouldn’t damage your bed frame whether it is a steel or wooden one. At the same time, because it is removable, you can place it wherever you need it to be for easy access.

I like that this is made from steel and has no need for any tools to install. Although, I am not particularly fond of the round rungs on the ladder because I can imagine that it would be a bit dangerous when small kids are around. For pre-teens, teens, or adults, I think it should be fine – so essentially maybe just make sure that small kids are well-supervised inside the RV if you plan to have this in it.

I guess any item, if not used properly, can pose some potential dangers to people, so I would suggest to just make sure to store the ladder away from children’s reach when not in use.

  • No modifications needed
  • Easy to set-up
  • Removable and easy to store
  • Made of heavy-duty steel
  • Round rungs instead of flat might not be safe for small children
If you have a small child in the RV, you can prevent him/her to try and get on the ladder by simply unhooking it and placing it somewhere safe and out-of-reach (like the top bunk). Otherwise, the Blantex RV ladder is a good way for people to use the top bunk without having to pull themselves up on their own – essentially preventing injury from accidents.

Ollieroo Aluminum Telescopic Extension Ladder (Outdated)

As an extension ladder, this one from Ollieroo is a very versatile option because it can be adjusted in 1-foot increments and it can be carried around easily when folded.

I have a small step ladder for general purposes (read as: I am a short person and I always need the height boost to reach shelves, etc.), but it is not enough for other purposes, especially when camping. With this, I got the Ollieroo telescopic extension ladder so I could have the right length of “boost” – whatever the situation is.

When fully extended, the ladder is 12.5 feet; but when retracted, it is only 34 inches in length (19 inches in width) – which makes it very easy to store or moved around indoors or outdoors. Although the maximum length is 12.5 feet, it can still be set at the desired length in one-foot increments. When folded, it can be easily stored in the camper van and/or carried around.

I appreciate that it can carry a maximum load of 330 pounds. Also, it has non-slip end caps, which makes me feel confident that the ladder won’t slip even when I’m on the top rung.

I don’t like how I have to click on each rung to get it back to its shortest length. That’s a lot of buttons to press! But given that it provides me the option to adjust the ladder, I can’t really complain.

  • Adjustable length
  • Folded length is only 34 inches
  • Can be stored easily
  • Heavy-duty
  • The camping ladder can only be retracted to its shortest length by pressing on the buttons on each rung
The process of retracting the ladder is a minor nuisance compared to the safety that each individual rung provides, so I think this Ollieroo telescopic ladder is a good tool for all campers.

What to Look for When Buying an RV Ladder


As an RV owner and enthusiast for more than a couple of decades, I find it baffling that RV owners still tend to overlook this particular equipment, some are even confused about the basics of the best RV ladder. And so in order to help you out in learning about RV ladders and picking which is the right one for you, here are some of the main factors to look for when buying RV ladders.

The Right Ladder Type

There are many different ladders, first and foremost. Each of them serves a different function, required in different situations. As it is with everything, they bring different advantages to the table.

  1. The Multipurpose Ladder – This is the type of ladder that is mostly utilized in long drives and journeys, especially when going off the grid. The multipurpose ladder is a handy equipment that is widely known to RV owners as the ‘standard’ ladder to have. Basically, they are sturdy ladders that can be used in a wide variety of ways. The multipurpose ladder can be a step ladder when you need the extra height for cleaning and maintenance, a scaffold for when you are repairing, a wall ladder, a stairway ladder, and at times during trying situations it can be your very own emergency and evacuation ladder.
  2. The Camper Bunk Ladders – Now this type of RV ladder has a very specific function. The sole purpose of this ladder is to connect bunk beds to each other, making comfort and ease a priority in your RV. As it is to be attached, it can serve no other purpose than being a stepladder to the upper bed.
  3. The Rack Ladder – Another RV ladder type that seems to have been created for a specific function in mind, the rack ladder is a handy equipment that helps RV owners mount different bikes in their RV without worrying for its safety. Because of its great design owners can utilize it for other uses, however, its main use is to be attached to the RV’s exterior and carry bikes.
  4. The Step Ladders – Many RV owners still opt to have a traditional step ladder in their RV rather than just relying plainly on the multipurpose ladder. Usually sturdy and adaptable in storage, the step ladder helps you reach high cupboards and other areas of the RV that are usually unreachable.
  5. The Exterior Ladder – The exterior ladder is the ladder you mostly see attached outside the RV, which is why another term for it is RV roof ladder. Usually used in maintenance jobs like roof cleaning or maybe some repair jobs, this type of ladder is made to be durable enough to withstand the harsh conditions outside the RV. Rain, heat, strong winds, even snow, this heavy-duty ladder is sure to be a reliable piece of equipment for your travels.

The Right Materials

Whenever talking about product design and manufacturing, it is always important to remember one thing. And that is when it comes to equipment and tools, the materials influence the function. What it means is that the product’s advantages are limited to the capabilities of the materials used in its production.

For example, a number of ladder variations utilize the use of lightweight aluminum, which is advantageous when it comes to storing and carrying. This is mostly used in multipurpose ladders. There are also ladders that lean on the heavy side, which makes for a sturdy and strong ladder that can be reliable in long periods on use. Be sure to determine the specific function you want out of a ladder as you consider the make of the product.

The Right Features

The individual features are what set the ladders apart from each other. Each brand prides itself in the features their products have that will makes life easier for the RV owners. These advantages are to be used in different scenarios and situations that you might face on the road.

One of the most notable of the ladder features is the telescopic extension. The telescopic extension ladder is easier to carry in your RV than other ladders because of how the owner can manipulate its size in storage. It is able to extend or reduce its size depending on the situation. Some even have a one-button retraction feature to save you more time!

Then there is the anti-skid technology usually seen at the ladder’s feet. It can help owners get a more secure position while using the ladder without worrying about the ladder sliding off, or worse. Anti-slip steps are also common features in ladders these days. Mountable ladders are also becoming trendy nowadays as storage ease becomes an added luxury. Rusting and corrosion resistance are also popular features for a handful of RV ladders today.

There are many additional features in RV ladder technology today, and each comes with a new way to help you out in times of need.

The Right Price

And so, it all comes down to this. The right type, the right materials, the right features – these are all elements that will contribute to the price of the product you are looking for. Determine carefully the specific functions you want from the ladder, the features you would love to see, and then determine the budget that you have.

There are some quality RV ladders that are sold cheap, while there are some that are somewhat pricier than others. Just remember that buying an RV ladder is an investment you need to make in order to have a great experience on the road with your RV.

Other Important Factors to Consider


What is an RV ladder?

You do not have to be an RV owner to know what an RV ladder is. Chances are even as a non-owner, you are sure to have seen the exterior RV ladder that is placed just right off the vehicle’s backside. Just like any other ladder in existence, the RV ladder is an equipment that most RV owners utilize in order to gain a foothold or additional height for various activities. These activities may include general RV cleaning, maintenance checks, and repairs, and even just cleaning your solar panels and whatnot in the RV roof.

In the past, a lot of RV units were bought off the market with an attached exterior ladder. However, there have been a couple of incidents where these attached ladders fail the RV owners themselves and break off to the RV’s body. As a result, owners experience painful falls to the ground. Such incidents have pushed owners to buy separate RV ladders that they can use in a number of situations. Whether it is for cleaning, for mounting, or just your standard all-around RV ladder, opting to invest in a quality ladder that you can carry around with you in your long drives is the go-to option for drivers.

In some cases, I have seen both new and old RV owners confuse themselves with the importance of having an RV ladder around at all times. If you have an entertainment system that relies on signals and antenna, then a quality step ladder will be a good buy for you. Solar and wind panels that are attached to the roof are reachable through a multi-purpose ladder.

Since the RV is not just a vehicle that gets you from Point A to Point B but also serves as a home away from home, there is no telling when you will need one. Whether you are driving through a long and dry country road and into some challenging terrain on your way to a great outdoor campsite off the grid, an RV ladder will sure come in handy.

How does it work?

The RV ladder works just like any other ladder in existence. Its aim is to help you get a secure footing and an elevated position as you try and reach areas and spots that are usually not accessible to you. However, there are numerous outstanding added features that separate the RV ladder to your average ladders.

For example, a common feature nowadays for a great RV ladder is the telescopic feature. What this means is that the RV owner is able to manipulate the size of the ladder according to the activity or usage, with the use of the featured mechanism that allows concentric tubular sections of the ladder to slide into one another. This enables the ladder to collapse and extend.

Another feature that can give you ease in storage is the foldable feature, which enables owners to minimize the storing space needed for the ladder itself by collapsing it in a folding manner. There are also a number of variations out there that you can assemble and disassemble with ease, which gives you less storage problems but extends the preparation time.

Most RV ladders nowadays come with the anti-skid feature. This is especially beneficial for those RV owners who are oftentimes camping off-grid or regularly faces different weathers and terrains in their drives. The anti-skid feature that is placed on the ladder’s feet gives owners a secure footing and additional height while doing their desired activity, even when the concrete is wet or the earth is rocky.

Anti-slip features are also available nowadays for a number of products. This is different from the anti-skid feature in the sense that this is mostly placed on ladder steps. It allows RV owners to have a solid footing while doing work because of the padded rubber technology that they are able to utilize.

These are just but the basics of the great features that come with the RV ladders of today. Be sure to ask about the specific features of the RV ladder you are getting in order to know better how it works and how it can help you in your travels.

What are the different types of RV ladders?

As any RV owner worth his salt will tell you, there is no telling when you might need an RV ladder. As you drive your RV down the dusty trails, you are sure to face different challenges on the road. And as such, you should be prepared to handle it well for a better experience. There are many types of RV ladders, each serving their specific function to the fullest. We have mentioned all the types above, although the most common variants for campers are:

  • The Bunk Ladder – First in this list of RV ladder types is the bunk ladder. The bunk ladder serves one purpose and one purpose only, and it is to connect your bunk beds. The RV is known to be a home on wheels and with that comes specific advantages and their requirements. Most RVs can carry bunk beds in them; however, not all RVs are equipped with bunk ladders from the get-go. Determine the height your bunk beds require, as well as the weight that your rig can carry easily.
  • The Rack Ladder – The rack ladder is especially useful to travelers who are also fond of biking. Rack ladders are where RV owners mount their bikes without the hassle of worrying about it every five seconds. It is built to carry bike weight and also survive the changing conditions outside the RV.
  • The Exterior Ladder – Since not all RVs nowadays are equipped with the exterior ladder from the get-go, exterior ladders are also widely available in the market. They are built to be durable and resistant to various damages like rust and are able to weather the changing conditions.
  • The Multipurpose Ladder – This ladder is by far the most popular among RV owners. It is versatile, it is sturdy, and it is reliable. It can be a temporary stool, a step ladder, a stairway ladder if you need it, it can even be a scaffold if you are creative enough. The multipurpose RV ladder is one ladder you should not leave your home without.

What are the benefits of having an RV ladder?

As usual, the common item you can find anywhere can sometimes be overlooked. To drive the point home about how important a collapsible ladder for RVs is, here are just a few of the benefits of having one:

For Cleaning – With an RV ladder, cleaning your RV will be an easy task. With the additional height, you are now able to reach spots that are previously not reachable for you.

Whether you are trying to clean the RV interior and are reaching for those ceiling spots and corner, or you are washing the RV’s exterior and would want to thoroughly clean the roof, the addition of a stable high ground will definitely be beneficial for the maintenance and upkeep of the RV.

For Maintenance and Repair – As any good RV owner would routinely do, inspecting and checking your rig once in a while can become a very tiresome activity. This is especially true if you do not have a visual on the different crucial parts of the RV. There are spots that you might miss, parts that you might overlook, and areas that anyone can easily forget.

Having an RV ladder with you, you can utilize the extra height advantage in order to do a maintenance check better. With it, you can repair the solar panels that are mounted in your roof, inspect for damages and chipping in the roof paint, and overall asses the durability and quality of your roof as you use your RV to travel in numerous locations.

For Accessing Storage – This might not be a problem for some, however, for a handful of RV owners, it can be. With the use of an RV ladder, you are now able to access storage spaces that are located in a higher spot and utilize it. Most of the time, high shelves are left unused because the owners simply do not have time or just plainly cannot reach it.

With an RV ladder to help you, you can now maximize the RV’s storage capacity to its full potential. A ladder for RV access to roof can also help you in placing items and equipment atop the camper if the need might arise at some point in your long travels. RV rack ladders are also out available out there, able to carry the weight of your beloved bikes as you take them along with you.

For Emergency Use – Nobody can say where or when a troubling situation might appear. Going camping off the grid, you can use RV ladders to gather supplies and even reach for items in the woods. In emergency situations, like perhaps a fire emergency, ladders can make for a quick getaway from inside the rig.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are good RV ladder brands?

There are plenty of ladders for RVs that are being sold in the market these days. However, not all of them can give you a satisfactory performance. If you are searching for a good quality camper ladder, here is a shortlist of RV ladder manufacturers that you can trust:

  • Stromberg Carlson
  • Luisladders
  • Surco
  • GP Logistics
  • Top Line
  • Blantex
  • Flip-N-Lite

These brands have earned the trust of many satisfied customers for delivering top-notch excellence in terms of quality and design. If you are still a little hesitant to purchase one of these brands, you can always check the reviews to see the strengths and weaknesses of these products.

Are RV ladder bike racks safe?

Yes, RV ladder bike racks are safe for travel trailer families who want to bring their bicycles to outdoor adventures. These products secure bikes, preventing them from falling off when driving on bumpy roads and safeguarding the RV wall’s integrity from potential dents and scratches.

Many RV ladder bike racks are effortless to assemble, mount, and use. Campers can choose products with a high weight rating to secure more than one bicycle. They can finish the setup within minutes, enabling them to go on RVing adventures without substantial delays and downtimes.

RV ladder bike racks have padded, fully-adjustable hooks and harnesses for securing bicycles. No bumps and potholes on the road will dislodge the bike from its nest. RVers will have peace of mind driving to their destinations with their belongings intact at the back.

Theft is always a concern when mounting the bicycle on an RV ladder bike rack. However, some manufacturers solve this issue by locking the bike to the mount with heavy-duty cables and locking hitch pins.

How to remove an old RV ladder?

It is common practice for RVers to use ladders because they make the motorhome’s roof more accessible. Unfortunately, their permanent location limits their use on other RV surfaces.

A portable RV telescoping ladder is a better choice. If you want to replace your old platform with a compact telescoping ladder instead, you need to remove the former first.

Here’s how.

  1. Check the RV ladder’s mounting system. Most RV ladders use screws to secure them to the motorhome’s side and roof. RV owners can take out the fasteners with a power drill.
  2. Alternatively, people can use a saw to cut the rivet heads. Use the correct tool to loosen and remove the RV ladder fasteners.
  3. RV owners can fill the rivet holes with epoxy and sealant if the openings are small. However, most seasoned RVers recommend using aluminum rivets to fill the holes before securing with an appropriate sealing agent.

This step is necessary to prevent water from entering the RV’s interior through the holes.

  1. Sand the area and apply paint.

What RV ladder types should I know?

Most RV families use multipurpose RV ladders for different applications, such as scaffolds, stairway ladders, wall ladders, and stepladders, by modifying the product’s height or length.

An RV telescoping ladder has sections that collapse into lower sections, similar to stackable cups or nesting bowls. For example, a telescoping ladder might be 20 feet high but can retract to only 1.5 feet or any height the RV owner desires. This option offers exceptional versatility and storability.

Another multipurpose ladder type is the folding ladder. It is a versatile solution, except it cannot collapse into a compact unit as small as a telescoping RV ladder. The sections have locks, allowing RV owners to form different configurations.

An RV bumper ladder can also be multipurpose by design. The only difference is this ladder collapses into a compact structure, allowing RV owners to slide the ladder into the camper rear.

An RV ladder interior unit is perfect as a trailer bunk ladder, allowing children to climb up a bed’s second level without requiring adult assistance.

Exterior RV ladders are a permanent fixture at the RV’s rear, enabling RV owners to access the roof and perform air conditioner maintenance, vent cleaning, and roof maintenance.

How to install?

The ladders featured in this review only require simple tools to be mounted. However, in order to ensure maximum quality, please refer to the instructions provided in the package.

As a general rule, here is a simple instruction on how to mount an RV ladder:

  1. Choose a convenient location on the RV.
  2. Drill two holes in the top of RV’s frame.
  3. Apply silicone or caulk on the underside of the ladder’s mounting tabs.
  4. Connect the ladder with metal screws on the silicone mounting tabs.
  5. Pull the ladder gently to make sure that it is firmly mounted.

How to use?

Using an RV ladder is easy. Just mount it first in the specific location where it is needed. If you wish to get access on the top of your RV, you need to mount a strong ladder that will carry your weight and will not easily dismount while the vehicle is moving. In addition, if you have a bunk bed, you need to install a bunk ladder.

Similarly, you need a folding exterior RV ladder if you need to reach a high place in your RV without permanently mounting it. Once you have it at your chosen locations, all you need to do is to climb on it.

How to care and clean?

RV ladders usually don’t need to be cleaned. However, if you are a germaphobe, you can always do the following to make sure that your ladder stays in pristine condition:

  • Always wipe the ladder with a wet cloth. This ensures that any standing dirt or mud is removed on the steps or the frame itself.
  • If the ladder is stained with paint, you can always use a paint remover to bring it back to its original shine.

Where to buy?

RV ladders are available in any home improvement and hardware stores such as Ace Hardware, The Home Depot, Lowe’s and others. You can also purchase a travel trailer ladder at RV tools and accessories stores. However, if you can’t find the specific ladder for your fifth wheel, you can always shop online. Amazon.com is one of the best websites to launch your search for the best ladders for motorhomes.


An RV ladder’s purpose is typically overlooked, but don’t set it aside. It is one of your most important tools on or off the road. You wouldn’t want to be without a ladder when an issue arises that you need one!

Keep in mind that the ladder will carry your entire weight while you are on the top of it doing whatever needs to be done. If the ladder is unreliable, you will surely meet an accident while using it. That’s why you need to get the best RV ladder that you can use whenever the situation dictates.

For this reason, we have listed some of the highly-rated RV ladders to help you decide which one to purchase. Once you get to know these ladders, you will certainly be able to have a good one that you can rely on anytime, anywhere.

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