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The Best RV LED Lights

Written by Stephen Ryan / Fact checked by William Turner

The sky is clear at night and you love looking into the sky. It’s an awesome view. What a great time to enjoy the outdoors. But even if the sky is cloudless and the moon is bright, it’s not enough to light your camp. How will you be able to eat and have fun (whether inside or outside your camper)? Nothing will be able to light your deluxe camping experience than by having the best RV LED lights.

best rv led lights

There are thousands of camping lights available today. You can easily find one in the nearest supermarket or department store! But the question is: are these lights suitable for camping or for use in your fifth wheel? Take out the guesswork and have a look at my most recommended 12 volt LED RV light fixtures below.

Top 1

Kohree 12V


LED type SMD5050, 60pcs
Color Natural white light
Lumen 700LM

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Top 2

Leisure RV LED


LED type SMD 2835, 48pcs
Color Natural white light
Lumen 550LM

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Top 3

Kohree 700


LED type ‎SMD5050, 24pcs
Color Natural white light
Lumen 320LM

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Table of Contents

11 Best LED Light for RV Reviews 2023

1. Kohree 12V LED Interior Dome Light

The Kohree 12V single dome LED light is one of the most efficient ways to provide lighting for a mobile home. When I ordered the 5-pack for my RV, I thought it wouldn’t be enough and that I would have to order more, but fortunately, that’s not the case.

I am glad to find out that this 12 volt LED lights for RV interior don’t heat up too much when in use. Hence, I don’t have to worry about the risk of fires or accidents as I could tell that the dome lights were well-made. It really brightens up the area with its 300-lumen rating, which I find pretty impressive given the size of the dome light.

If you want your lighting fixture to be flush with the ceiling, though, this dome light might not be the best option. Its dome design is to allow for efficient distribution of light, so it can’t really be installed flush with a flat surface. Even so, it’s not too bulky and still looks great when installed in the RV.

Nevertheless, I love that in case you need assistance in installing or any kind of information about the product, you can easily call and talk to their customer support service.

  • Has anti-corrosive and heat-resistant properties
  • Can last up to 60,000 hours
  • Is very easy to install even on smooth surfaces using the screws and nuts that come with the unit
  • Uses only 3.6W of power while providing 300 lumen
  • Friendly and dependable customer support
  • As it is a dome light, it is not flat and flush with the ceiling when installed
If you want a reliable light fixture for your RV, this Kohree 12V LED light is a good option considering its price and its lighting capacity.

2. Leisure RV LED Light

If you have an RV, you must understand very well that proper RV lighting makes all the difference when it comes to making your mobile home feel cozy and convenient at the same time. The Leisure double dome LED light fixture has made it easy for me to achieve that without me having to spend hundreds of dollars.

I like how energy-efficient it is, as it only uses 6W but provides enough lighting for my RV with its double dome construction. It doesn’t use up all the power in your RV (it’s especially good if you’re using solar power). Its 3-way switch also allows me to choose whether to use both or only one of the dome lights. I got a pack of 5 and installed one in each bunk of the bed, and it allows me to read my books without having to stand up and turn off the switch in the room.

It is also worth noting that it comes with a 1-year warranty and CE- and RoHS-approved, which means it is safe and reliable to use in an RV.

It might only be a personal preference, but I think I would have liked it better if it were a touch button. Although, I am okay with the flip switch because it is easier to find when the lights are out.

  • Energy-saving at 6W
  • Could last up to 60,000hr
  • The flip switch is easy to find
  • Option to use either one or both of the lights at a time
  • Double dome light can provide up to 620 lumens of lighting (when both lights are used)
  • The switch is not a touch-button
Given its price and the fact that it doesn’t use up all the energy in the RV, I am satisfied with the performance of the Leisure RV double dome light.

3. Kohree 700 Lumen LED RV Ceiling Double Dome Light Fixture

RV owners looking to upgrade to RV interior LED light bulbs should consider the Kohree double dome light fixtures. They will not only get one but five high-performance, energy-efficient, and naturally bright LED light bulbs to illuminate their camper interior.

Falling in love with these lights is never a question. Each bulb has 60 surface-mounted leds that deliver 700 lumens, equivalent to a 70-watt incandescent bulb. That is how bright these LED lights are.

And although they produce intense illumination, it does not hurt the eyes or make people see things with a yellow tinge. That is because of the LED light’s 4000-4500K color temperature.

I am also surprised to learn this LED light bulb uses only six watts. Having five of these bulbs in my camper will only require 30 watts from my RV batteries.

People will also find the dome light’s dual switch advantageous in improving energy efficiency. They can turn on only one side of the lighting fixture or both panels for extra illumination. Installation is also convenient and practical because all LED dome lights come with screws and wire nuts.

I also do not question this option’s quality, performance, and safety because it has RoHS and CE certification. I am confident RV owners will feel the same.

The only negative for this product is the lack of instructions.

  • Five lights in one pack
  • Bright 60-LEDs, 700-lumen, 4000-4500K bulbs that don’t hurt the eyes
  • 6-watt power requirement for energy savings
  • Two-option switch for versatility
  • Complete installation kit
  • RoHS and CE certification for safety and quality
  • No instructions
Regardless, these LED dome lights are perfect for adding a touch of modernity to any camper. It shines as bright as a 70-watt RV incandescent bulb while requiring only a fraction of the energy consumption, making this product an exceptional buy.

4. acegoo RV Boat Recessed Ceiling Light

Keeping your RV properly illuminated is a challenging task. This is because you need to get the right lighting fixture and keep the battery level in check. For this task, you need the right RV LED light fixtures, and the best product that you should use is this one from acegoo.

What I like about these RV LED interior lights is its slim design. I can even carry these LED lights inside my pocket. It is very sleek and compact, that’s why it easily matches any interior design. I also commend this product’s brightness. With 240 Lumens per bulb, I can definitely keep every nook and cranny of the interior of my RV well-lit at all times.

Another remarkable feature of this product is the aluminum casing. It disperses the heat outside of the lamp casing, therefore reducing the chance of overheating. Finally, I can say that I am deeply impressed with the energy efficiency of these 12 volt LED RV lights. I’m not worried that my battery will be depleted because this product doesn’t take too much energy to produce light.

As much as I am impressed with this RV LED replacement bulbs, I can say that it is not a perfect product. What I consider a disappointment is the lack of on and off switch. I had to integrate it with the RV’s wiring in order to control it. This is truly a major hassle for me because I spent a whole day installing it.

  • Has a slim build (great for hard to reach areas)
  • Has an aluminum casing
  • Doesn’t overheat
  • Energy-efficient so battery power doesn’t deplete easily
  • Lightweight
  • No on and off switch
In a nutshell, I can say that the acegoo RV Boat Recessed Ceiling Light is an excellent product. It is bright, is lightweight, has an aluminum casing and most of all – energy efficient. If you want to have bright RV interior lighting without worrying about your battery supply, this is the one that you should aim to have.

5. Aucan Super Bright RV Trailer Backup Lights

An LED light should be more than a light source; it should also be a safety feature of any recreational motor vehicle. If you are searching for an LED light that can be used for a wide variety of reasons, these trailer backup lights from Aucan is the perfect product for you!

What I like about these LED camper lights is its brightness. With 500 Lumens, I can easily see the contents of my RV. The light is not glaring and is very easy to the eyes. I have installed two of these and I am satisfied with the brightness of each bulb.

Another thing that I like about this LED light for RV is its flexibility. It can be used as interior lighting, turn and signal light, parking light, corner light, tail light, and many more. With this, I don’t need to purchase separate lights for important parts of my RV in case some of them malfunctions.

Despite all of the positive features of this 12V LED RV lights, I can’t help but feel disappointed with one issue. The bulbs have a heat dissipation issue, which causes it to weaken or break down earlier than expected. Because of this, I have to replace it after about 13 months of use. Other LED lights last longer than this.

  • Consumes little energy even with 500 lumens of light
  • Flexible to use
  • Doesn’t break easily
  • Easy to carry
  • Easy to install
  • Overheats easily
  • Short lifespan than most LED lights
After considering all of the important points above, I can say that this LED light is a remarkable product. It is bright, consumes little energy, easy to install, lightweight, and most of all – very flexible. With 20 pieces of these lights, you will be able to light not only your RV interior but also replace signal lights, park lights, and others. If you need a powerful and trustworthy 12v RV LED lights for RV interior, this product will provide you the best illumination you deserve.

6. CARGO LED Replacement Bulbs

Sometimes, our RV light bulbs tend to stop working due to overuse. This could lead to accidents if we don’t find a good replacement immediately. Imaging feeling in the dark in the middle of your camping trip? If you need a good replacement for your camper lights, this one from CARGO LED will provide you the kind of lighting that you need.

What impressed me the most with these 12V LED RV lights is its brightness. Just one bulb is enough to illuminate a huge portion of the interior of my camper. With 600 Lumens, I know that I will be able to navigate my camper with ease, especially at night time.

Another major wow factor for me is the flexibility of the bulbs. This bulb is meant to be used in so many ways. It can be a good replacement bulb for parking light, reverse light, signal light, tail light, brake light, side marker light, and many more. Having one of these RV LED light bulbs makes me feel safe on the road every time.

Finally, I am glad that these LED light bulbs for RV interior come with a 1-year warranty. This is very beneficial especially for those who happened to receive a defective product.

What I consider a disappointment with this product is how some of the bulbs are not working when I received them. This may be an issue only on my end, but still, it’s disappointing to see how some of the LED bulbs are defective. I had to wait for another week to completely replace all of the malfunctioning bulbs inside and outside my camper. Thank goodness for the warranty.

  • Can be used in multiple ways
  • Lasts a long while
  • Super bright with 600 lumens brightness
  • Easy to install
  • Comes with a warranty for one year
  • Some of the bulbs in the pack do not work
After listing all of the features above, I can say that the CARGO LED Replacement Bulbs is an excellent product. It is easy to install, luminous, long-lasting, and lightweight. In addition, this product comes with a 1-year warranty. If you are in need of a reliable LED light replacement for your RV, this one from CARGO LED will give that to you.

7. Facon Classic Style LED Bright Pancake Light

If you enjoy camping or any outdoor activities, you need an excellent lighting source inside your RV. This is where LED lights come into play. While there are many available LED lights available in the market, none can compare to the stellar performance of Facon Classic Style LED light.

What I like about this LED light is its style. It has a classical look that easily compliments most of the interior of the RV. With these 12v LED RV lights, you can be sure that your camper or RV will never go out of style.

In terms of light quality, I can say that this one is comparable to the best ones in the market. With 500 Lumens of brightness, I believe that anyone will be able to see aptly inside the RV. Its warm white color is not glaring. Two of these will definitely provide the best lighting.

In terms of energy efficiency, I am happy to report that this LED lighting does not consume too much energy. My previous LED light is a burden to my battery. With this unit, I know that my 12 volt battery’s power lasts longer.

What I consider as this product’s worst feature is the on/off switch. Located on the other side of the lighting fixture, the switch easily breaks, especially if I regularly press it. I am hoping that this issue is only with my unit and not with the others.

  • Intense illumination
  • Has a sleek design
  • Energy-saving
  • Good replacement light
  • On/off switch malfunctions quickly
After listing all of the pros and cons of this product, I can say that it is one of the best RV LED lights in the market these days. It has enough brightness, has a sleek design, and can be used as a replacement bulb for parking, brake, tail, turn/signal, and hazard light. Moreover, it is very energy-efficient so it won’t drain your RV battery faster. If you want the most reliable LED light for your camper, this one from Facon will amaze you to no end.

8. Kohree 12V Led RV Ceiling Dome Light

Proper illumination inside the RV should always be achieved. This is to ensure the safety and well-being of the people living inside. If your current light source is declining in quality and starting to hurt your and the other occupants’ eyes, then it’s time that you get the service of Kohree LED Ceiling Dome Light.

One of the best features of this particular RV LED ceiling lights pack is its quantity. There are 6 pieces of light inside a single package. Each light has 300 Lumens of brightness. With 6 pieces of ceiling light, I am sure that my RV interior will never be dark again.

In addition, the lights are very easy to the eyes. They are not glaring and doesn’t cause headaches. It is also very energy-efficient. With this, my battery level doesn’t dip too much even if I leave the lights on all night long.

In terms of longevity, I am totally confident that this product will last a long time. As a matter of fact, I just found out that these LED lights for camping trailers can last up to 10,000 hours! With this LED light in my camper, I know that I will have a good source of illumination, especially at night.

What I don’t like about this product is the on/off switch. After almost six months of using this LED ceiling light, the switch began to rattle. I can hear it on the road when I’m driving the RV. Even though it is very minimal, it is still annoying, especially if I’m driving on rough roads.

  • Easy to mount
  • Energy-efficient
  • Conveniently located on/off switch
  • Lasts up to 10,000 hours
  • The switch rattles as time goes on
After taking everything into account, I can say that the Kohree Ceiling Dome Light is an exceptional product. It is easy to mount, lightweight, sleek, long-lasting, and most of all – energy-efficient. If you are searching for a reliable LED light to replace your existing one, this unit will certainly give you absolute satisfaction.

9. Mihaz Upgraded LED Interior Light Bar

The UPGRADED LED interior light bar is unlike any other light bar I have used before, as it is so bright I thought it uses up too much energy: it turns out it only consumes 6W of power.

As an overhead light, it provides really good lighting which is particularly important in keeping your RV safe. For a 6-Watt lighting fixture, this LED light bar gives off so much light at 2,200 lumens: something that only LED lights can achieve at such a low power consumption rate. It’s as if I have a miniature sun inside the RV. This means that you would only need one bar of this to light up the living and kitchen areas of your camper. The other one can be used in the living areas.

I could imagine this would also be really good to install at my workstation at home, in the garage, or in storage units, since the lighting it provides is bright enough for large areas. For my RV, one light bar was enough to brighten up the whole area.

I love that it comes complete with strong double-sided adhesive tapes, connection wires, extra extension cables, and a micro-electric connector so you can choose how and where to install the light bars. Installation is very easy too.

If you prefer spot or directional lighting, though, this might not be the RV light bar for you. Since it provides powerful lighting even with its low power consumption, it is best used in large areas.

  • Extra bright for your RV interior
  • Energy-efficient as it only takes 6W
  • Produces 2,200 lumens of lighting
  • Very long-lasting (can last up to 50,000 hours)
  • Comes as a pack of 2, so it should be enough even if you have a much larger mobile home
  • Not good for spot-lighting since the light is scattered
The best way to use the power of this interior light bar is to install it as the main light source for the RV, as even just one of these 12 volt LED light bulbs for RV is bright enough for any mobile home.

10. Kohree LED RV Light for Porch, Utility, Exterior Light

If your RV has a porch, you would certainly need a reliable light to keep it illuminated at night. While LEDs may be the best lighting solution to bring it to life, you will still need the one that is water-resistant. Of all the exterior RV LED light products in the market today, only the ones made by Kohree will give you the performance that you need.

What I like about this particular LED light is its ability to withstand fluctuations. No matter how many times the power fluctuated in my RV, it’s still working. This is important for me because I have blown many porch lights before because of the fluctuating power.

Another impressive feature of this LED light is its resistance to water. Rain and snow can really get inside an external bulb. This product, however, has a protective casing that prevents water from getting inside the bulb and soaking the circuitry. With this feature, I believe that my porch will enjoy good lighting for a very long time.

What I didn’t expect with this LED light is that the mounting holes are a little different. I had to drill a completely new set of holes in order to accommodate this one. This kind of setback took me an hour to settle. It was completely dark outside when I finished mounting this.

  • Can withstand fluctuations
  • Installs easily
  • Water and snow resistant
  • Built to last
  • With two lenses options
  • The mounting holes did not match the old one
Once every important feature of this product has been discussed, I can say that this RV exterior light from Kohree is indeed impressive. It is bright, easy to install, durable, and most of all – water-resistant. If you are looking for a good replacement for your RV porch light, this product from Kohree will help you enjoy spending time on your porch.

11. BlueFire 12V Led RV Ceiling Double Dome Light

Getting an RV porch well-lit during the night time is not that hard to do, considering there are literally thousands of exterior light products in the market. But if you are planning to get a great LED light replacement for your porch (and not just one that’s just ok), the BlueFire Ceiling Double Dome Light will illuminate that special place for you.

There are so many things that I like about this 12v RV ceiling lights. The quality of light is admirable. It is not glaring and imposing. My old porch lights are either dim or too bright. The design is another remarkable property of this particular LED light. The location of the on and off switch is easily accessible. With this, I don’t have to install a separate switch inside the RV anymore.

Another positive feature that I like is its energy-saving feature. With this LED light, my energy consumption was significantly reduced. My other porch lights really bring down my battery level with just one night. This one, however, consumes only up to 5% of my battery.

What I don’t like about this product is the protective casing. It is a little brittle, as a matter of fact. A small branch hit mine and it cracked smack in the middle. I had to take extra care with the other ones afterwards.

  • Excellent performance
  • Easy to install
  • On/off switch conveniently placed
  • Built to last
  • Energy-saving
  • The protective casing is brittle
In a nutshell, I think that the BlueFire RV LED porch light is a phenomenal product. It works really well, easy to install, durable, provides a good quality of light, and not to mention energy-efficient. If you want to install a new porch light on your RV, this is the one that you should consider getting.

What to Look for When Buying an RV LED Light


There are thousands of LED lights available in the market. Even when going to the nearest home improvement store, you’ll be faced with rows upon rows of lights to choose from. To say it can be overwhelming is an understatement. If you don’t know how to choose the best one for your camper, it’ll take you hours before you finally find one that fits your needs. But how exactly do you choose the lights for your RV? Here are the features I look into:

  • Brightness – when purchasing a light bulb for any purpose, you should know how bright you need it to be. The minimum I would recommend is 300 lumens per bulb. From the products that I have tried, the highest lumens is 2,200 for an entire LED light bar. That’s enough to light up the entire living area of your travel trailer. If you opt for lower brightness like 300 lumens, you would need more than one bulb strategically placed inside (or outside) the RV to properly light it up.
  • Energy-Efficiency – this is one of the most important properties of an RV lighting. After all, you are running on limited power. You wouldn’t want to end up draining your battery and having trouble making other appliances to work. If your lights are connected to the RV’s main battery, you may have some trouble starting the engine when the power gets drained. The good news is that most LED lights available in the market are already energy-efficient. However, there are still some travel trailer LED lights that can better utilize the power it receives.
  • Lighting style – this one is dependent on how you want to use the lights. For instance, if you want to light up an area (such as the sink and cooking area in the kitchen) than other parts of the house, you would need a spotlight or individual LED bulbs. If you want the area to be lit with no general focus (such as lighting up the main living area), then you can use the generic bar type lighting.
  • Extra Features – although sometimes extra means just something additional, at this point I mean features that match what you need. For example, if you will be placing the lighting in your RV patio, or if you’ll be using them as sidelights, then you would need these lighting fixtures to be weatherproof. They should be able to withstand intense heat, rain, and even snow.

Another example of an extra feature would be the ability to repel bugs. Most awning lights attract bugs, which can be problematic when camping out in densely forested areas. LED bug repellants don’t actually drive bugs away, but prevent them from swarming by displaying light that is not visible to some bugs.

These features are often highlighted so you can easily see them in the box.

  • Longevity or Usage hours – this is one of the most important factors for me. I don’t like experiencing lighting issues when I’m in the middle of my rugged vacation. I prefer bulbs that have a longer lifespan. I choose motorhome LED lights that can run for at least 10,000 hours.
  • Price with Value – of course, the price is an important factor as well, but it must be evaluated based on value. For instance, a pack of five LED lights may be more costly than a pack of two, but you can use so much more with five. You can also evaluate the price based on the warranty offer. On my part, I prefer products that come with a warranty so that I can have the item replaced in case there’s something wrong with it, or if it breaks before the warranty period.

These are the main factors to look into. It would be best if you learn about them before starting your search.

Other Important Factors to Consider


What is an RV LED light?

This is the lighting fixture you use specifically for campers. It can be used inside (as LED bulbs for RV interiors) or outside the RV, depending on your needs. Modern times have allowed us to use LED lighting, which can shine brighter than incandescent lights, consumes less power, and lasts longer.

How does it work?

Like any typical light, it needs to be connected to a power source as well. There are some LED lights that can run on small batteries (such as AA or AAA batteries), but these don’t last long and are not weather-proof.

In any case, once the light bulb is connected to a power source and is turned on, it will immediately brighten up the area.

If you want something environment-friendly, use solar-powered LED lights.

What are the different types of RV LED lights?

There are different ways to classify LED lights. The first one is to classify based on usage, and the second one is to categorize based on structure.

Based on usage 

This one is based on how you will use the bulbs.

  • Interior – this one is used inside the camper. This can be for the living area, for the front area (on the driver’s section), for the kitchen area, for the bathroom, and for the bedroom. Usually, typical LED lights can be used here.
  • Exterior – this is for use outside the RV, such as for the patio, for the doorstep, as sidelights, as backlights and even as signal lights. These types should be waterproof and snow proof, else the bulbs inside might malfunction while in use.

Based on structure

This one is based on how the lighting is made.

  • Bar or tube light – this is the elongated type that is similar to fluorescent lamps. This allows you to light up a bigger area. This type can be used for recessed lighting, which can make your area look more elegant. This can also be used outside the trailer for sidelights and doorstep lights.
  • Bulbs or dome – this type allows you to light up specific regions. If you want to light up the whole area, you must use multiple bulbs or domes placed in strategic locations.

Why do you need LED lights for RV?

You won’t be able to use your camper if you don’t have lighting! You need to use it when traveling at night and when camping out. Lights are also important during visually difficult weather, such as during rainy and snowy days; to allow for other vehicles to see you and gauge the size of your trailer.

If you have an old motorhome and have been using incandescent or halogen bulbs in the past, you would think that there is no difference. However, there are four main reasons why you need to use 12 volt LED camper lights.

  1. LED lights last longer. LED lights are said to last at least twelve times longer than their incandescent counterparts. Imagine not having to replace your lights for years!
  2. LED lights need less energy. While incandescent and halogen lamps eat up most of your power, LED lights don’t. Some lights even drain the battery, which can give you a lot of headaches! LED lights don’t do that, even if you use them all night long.
  3. LED lights do not heat up as much as others. Heating up is one of the main causes of power shorting or bulbs eventually popping. While this will be a problem for halogens and incandescent bulbs, it won’t be as much of an issue with LED lamps. It is true that some LED lights tend to heat up, but not as much as older light fixtures.
  4. RV LED lights are available in multiple hues. Do you want to use white, yellow, red, blue or green? If for some reason you can different colors, you can do that with LED light as various colors are readily available in the market.

Although it can be said that halogens and incandescent lights are cheaper, when you compare the benefits and features of LED bulbs, you would see that there is much more value with the latter. The longevity itself is enough to make you realize that having LED lights is so much better.

Plus, you don’t have to worry too much about installation. You can simply use LED lights on the usual lighting sockets. If you want to adjust your lighting, you would only need the basic tools such as a screwdriver in order to attach new bulbs in strategic locations. If these benefits don’t convince you to replace RV interior lights with LED, I don’t know what will.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What are good RV LED light brands?

There are many good RV LED light brands in the market these days. However, not all of them can provide satisfactory performance.

If you want the best LED lights for your RV, here are the best choices for you:

  • Acegoo
  • Aucan
  • Facon
  • Kohree
  • Leisure
  • Mihaz

These brands have certainly earned a good reputation among satisfied customers across the United States and other countries. If you want a long-lasting LED light in your RV, these are the brands that you should consider in your shopping.

How to install RV lighting?

Installing RV LED lights is easy; all you have to do is to remove the existing bulb and connect the new one.

However, if there is a complicated installation involved, it is best to refer to the instructions provided in the package. This way, you can be sure that the product won’t malfunction once it is mounted.

Remember, if you have no experience in replacing LED lights, it is best to leave this task to a professional electrician. This way, you can be sure that your safety won’t be compromised.

How to use LED lights for RV?

Using an LED light for RV is easy. Just remove the old bulbs and replace them with new LED lights. It’s usually the same.

After installing the replacement bulb and making sure that the wiring is not in any way compromised, you can switch it and let the interior bask in the light.

Are LED lights better for an RV?

Yes, RV LED lighting is better than conventional motorhome lighting fixtures. These lights are at least 10% more energy efficient than traditional RV light bulbs, saving critical battery power resources for other appliances and gadgets.

LED lights do not produce UV radiation, so you don’t have to worry about your skin aging while indoors. These fixtures are also safe because they do not contain mercury or lead found in fluorescent lights.

Light-emitting diode lights also last longer than traditional RV lights. The average LED can last 60,000 hours or seven years of continuous use. Plus, they don’t emit much heat, ideal for summer days.

Can I replace RV light bulbs with LED?

Yes, RV owners can replace their RV light bulbs with LEDs. It is more sensible to ditch a power-hungry, short-lived lighting fixture with an energy-efficient, long-lasting LED light.

Upgrading RV interior lights to LED is never an issue because most motorhome lights have an E26 screw base and an A19 shape, similar to many LED lighting fixtures. LEDs should fit into the RV light socket.

That said, it is crucial to determine the screw base size for the light to ensure a perfect fit. RV owners can check online resources to identify RV bulbs and bases and suitable LED replacements. For example, a 5/8-inch-diameter BA15D single filament, double contact LED can replace 1141, 1056, or 68 RV light bulbs.

RV owners must also determine the correct wattage equivalent for the LED. For instance, a 25W incandescent RV light bulb does not require a 25W LED replacement. A three to five-watt LED fixture is sufficient. Another example is that an 8-15-watt LED can effectively replace a 60-watt incandescent RV bulb.

How many watts does RV LED lights use?

An LED light for camper uses less energy than traditional RV light bulbs. Most RVs use 18-watt bulbs, draining the RV battery within hours. On the other hand, it’s easy to find LEDs that use less energy but produce the same light intensity.

For example, a 3-5-watt LED is equivalent to a 25-watt incandescent lighting fixture, while a 6-9-watt LED is sufficient to illuminate a room with a 40-watt incandescent bulb.

LED bulbs’ lower wattage requirements translate to better energy savings, allowing RV owners to use their batteries for more power-hungry appliances. If people use an incandescent bulb at home, they spend about $4.80 yearly running a single incandescent bulb. Unfortunately, the fixture will only last about 1,000 to 2,000 hours.

On the other hand, the cost of running a similarly-rated LED is less than a dollar per year. The other good news is that the LED bulb can last ten to thirty times as long.

How long do RV LED lights last?

LED lights for camper vans, motorhomes, fifth wheels, travel trailers, and other RVs have an average lifespan of 60,000 hours. People who run these lighting fixtures 24/7 can expect them to last six years and ten months or more.

On the other hand, incandescent light bulbs only have a 2,000-hour maximum lifespan. It translates to 83 days and eight hours of continuous operation.

Meanwhile, halogen bulbs have an even shorter life expectancy, lasting only 1,000 hours or less than six weeks.

LEDs do not have filaments that burn out and fragile glass enclosures that break over time, making them 90% more effective and reliable than regular incandescent bulbs.

These lighting fixtures feature semiconductors that produce photons instead of heat. The resulting electroluminescence requires little energy and generates near-negligible heat. These factors contribute to LED bulbs’ longevity.

How to replace RV light bulbs with LED?

Replacing RV light bulbs with LED luxury RV lighting is an uncomplicated process.

People must prepare the replacement LED bulb before starting the activity. RV owners recommend using an LED bulb with the same shape and base screw as the original one. People unsure of their RV bulb specifications should consult their owner’s manual.

The following are the steps for replacing RV lights with LED bulbs.

  1. Remove the plastic cap of the RV dome light by pulling it down. Remove any screws that fasten the cover, if any.
  2. Carefully pull out the old RV dome light bulb.
  3. Insert the replacement LED bulb into the socket, ensuring the correct fit.
  4. Switch on the RV dome light to check if the bulb turns on or not. If not, switch off the light and pull out the LED bulb. Reinsert it the other way. Check the LED bulb again to see if it turns on.
  5. Replace the plastic RV plastic dome light cap and secure it with the screw, if any.

How to care for and clean RV LED lights?

LED lights require minimum to no care at all. This is because once it was installed, it will receive a steady flow of electricity. If you see a patch of dirt or a cobweb on the surface of the protective casing or in the bulb itself and you wipe it with a wet cloth, you are risking electrocution.

If in any event you wish to clean your RV LED lights, all you need to do are the following:

  • Disconnect the battery. This will cut the flow of electricity on every wiring in your RV. By removing the battery, you can safely touch the bulb or any wire without getting shocked. Or if the bulb or the connection has a switch, just switch it off.
  • Remove the dirt using a dry cloth or duster. Make sure that you don’t displace any of the LEDs.

Once you are done, reconnect the battery to supply every wiring or circuit with electricity. Test if the LED light still functions.

Where is the best place to buy RV LED lights?

You can buy RV LED lights in stores such as Wal-Mart, Lowe’s Home Improvement Store, Ace Hardware, Home Depot, and other department and hardware stores. If you don’t have time to visit your preferred store, or if the model that you need is not available, you can always try shopping online. Amazon.com is one of the best websites to begin your search. Here, you will be able to learn a great deal about the product that you wish to purchase.


Now that you have an idea about the best RV LED lights, it is time to upgrade your existing motorhome lights. Whether it is just for replacement or for decorative RV interior lights, you can rely on them any time of the year. Most of the LED light brands mentioned above are not only energy-efficient but can also last up to 10 years, so you will definitely get your money’s worth.

If you are still hesitant, you can try dividing your interior to sections to see its lighting requirements. This way, you will immediately see the difference between your existing lights to the new ones that you are using as an upgrade. I’m sure, you will love using LED lights for your fifth wheel.

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