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The Best RV Recliners

Written by Stephen Ryan / Fact checked by William Turner

Are you having issues finding the best RV recliner? This experience isn’t all that uncommon for customers as the market is overloaded with options. In fact, this large number of options can make this process a bit more difficult than it needs to be for a customer.

Due to this, we thought a buying guide could be beneficial and make this experience a less stressful one. It’ll cover all the essential information you need to make a sound decision about, which recliner fits your situation the best.

best rv recliner

This information will include discussions about all the relevant topics such as types, brands, determining factors, etc. Everything you could need to know about RV recliners will be included in this article. We’ll even provide with ten reviews of the recliners we see as the best on the market.

In doing so, we’ll give you all the tools necessary to ensure you end up happy with the decision you make. After all, nobody wants you to become one of those angry people writing customer reviews about a product that they bought.

So please, let us help you avoid this nightmare and read this article. We promise it’ll be well worth your time.

Top 1

Homall Recliner Chair 72P0


Material Faux Leather
Frame Material Alloy Steel, Plastic
Maximum Capacity 265 lbs

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Top 2



Material Textile
Frame Material Wood, Alloy Steel
Maximum Capacity 265 lbs

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Top 3

RecPro Charles ECR-28C


Material Faux Leather
Frame Material Iron
Maximum Capacity _

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Table of Contents

Best Recliner for RV Reviews 2023

This section will contain those 12 product reviews we promised in the introduction. From these discussions, we hope you start to realize what you should be looking for in an RV recliner. This realization will give a point of reference before we dive deeper into these products in later sections.

1. Homall Single Recliner Chair

Our next product is the Homall Single Recliner Chair, which consists of top tier PU leather that’ll ensure you’re provided with peak levels of comfort. This material happens to be incredibly durable as well; therefore, making sure you enjoy this product for years to come.

But this PU leather isn’t the only thing you should get excited about with this product. It also features double thick padding, which will provide all the support your back might need. This feature means sitting in this chair long periods won’t give you a stiff back.

I also like that this recliner comes with an adjustable footrest that’ll give more control over the comfortability of your resting period. After all, there’s nothing better than putting your feet up when all the work that needs doing gets done.

This feature provides this experience to you and offers control over your comfortability. I should also mention that this product comes with a 1-warranty to provide you with protection against anything going wrong. A little insurance against any issues occurring is something you should never underestimate.

And this product also comes at a low price, which should perk any bargain buyer’s ears up that might be reading this article. Honestly, getting a high-quality recliner at this price is a steal and something worth considering seriously.

The fact you got two color choices to choose from doesn’t hurt this product’s case either. In the end, this model is one of the best small recliners for RVs and should be one that you see as a worthwhile choice. But before you do buy it, there’s something you should be aware of as a customer.

Some customer reviews made it a point to mention the bad customer service provided by this brand. And as someone looking for the best recliner, this news isn’t something I want to read during my research.
  • Consists of top tier PU leather
  • Available in two colors
  • Low cost
  • Double thick foam padding
  • Easy to clean
  • 1-month warranty
  • Some reviews reported customer service issues

2. JUMMICO Adjustable Home Theater Recliner Chair

The JUMMICO Adjustable Home Theater Recliner Chair reminds me of the La-Z-Boy. It looks modern and equally comfortable, perfect for RV owners who want a relaxing RV theater seating in their motorhomes.

I am most impressed with this recliner’s quick assembly design, making it a cinch to pass through the RV door. It comes as a two-unit package – the backrest and the seat base. Sliding the backrest to the seat is as straightforward as I could imagine, finishing the job in less than five minutes.

The four legs are also hassle-free to secure, giving me a comfortable recliner within minutes.

Although this RV recliner chair only features a fabric cover, it is smooth, soft, and breathable. I feel like sitting on a luxury couch. The cushioning is ample and delivers exceptional support to my buttocks, back, and thighs.

Like the other recliner sections, the footrest is fully adjustable. I can extend this recliner to 165 degrees and place my legs on the footrest for a much-needed afternoon siesta.

The recliner’s various elements add to a more relaxing time watching TV, reading a book, or snoring to my heart’s content. I never worry about its sturdiness, either. Its 265-pound weight capacity is higher than other recliners with a similar design.

I am impressed with its solid steel construction that I do not hear it creak whenever I ease my bottom into the chair.

Unfortunately, I wish the armrests were a little bit higher. Some people might also find the recliner’s 19.8-inch width a downer, putting its seat breadth at about 15 inches.

Still, I am happy with this RV recliner. It is comfortable and thoughtfully crafted for modern motorhomes.

  • Soft, smooth, well-padded, and adjustable seat elements
  • 165-degree maximum reclining position for napping
  • 265-pound maximum seating capacity
  • Robust steel frame for optimum support
  • Easy and quick to assembl
  • Armrests are not high enough
  • A little narrow for some peopl

3. RecPro Charles RV Euro Chair Recliner

Our first product is the RecPro Charles RV Euro Chair Recliner, which brings various features to the table that make it an incredible fit for an RV. I mean, the lightweight design alone is enough to sell me that this product is a must consider.

You see, this lightweight design makes placing this recliner into your RV a breeze. At only 50 pounds, one person should be able to move this product easily without pulling a muscle or causing strain.

I also found this recliner’s Suprima poly-leather to be an appealing feature. This material has received almost uncontested praise about how durable and soft it’s compared to other products on the market.

And when I’m shopping for an RV recliner, the first two features I’m going to consider is comfortability along with durability. As a result, this product quickly moves up my list thanks to its use of this poly-leather material.

But the positives don’t stop there as you should also note that this model doesn’t cost much when compared to other options on the market. In fact, it’s a bargain when you consider the feature to cost ratio that it offers a customer.

Plus, it even provides you with a choice of four different colors, which is always a nice touch. This choice gives you a chance to ensure you end up happy with your purchase by picking the color that fits best inside your RV’s color scheme.

All in all, it seems RecPro did a fantastic job covering all the bases with all these useful features. However, there was one aspect that did end up suffering. Some customers reported packaging issues where the recliner came damaged.

This kind of issue isn’t something I enjoy seeing in the customer reviews when researching a product.

  • Easy to install
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Consists of comfortable Suprima poly-leather
  • Available in four different colors
  • Some customers reported packaging issues

4. Devoko BBR Home Theater Recliner Chair

Whoever wants a JUMMICO-like recliner chair with faux leather upholstery should check the Devoko BBR Home Theater Recliner Chair.

The two products are nearly identical, except for the covering. Whereas the JUMMICO features ordinary fabric, this recliner has polyurethane leather. It is not as elegant as Homelegance’s bonded leather, but it will suffice.

Like the JUMMICO, I like this small recliner for camper. The PU leather upholstery gives it a smooth and luxurious feel without the prohibitive price tag. Its cushion is thick and dense enough to support my back, buttocks, and upper thighs. I also appreciate its integrated head padding, perfect for napping when adjusting the recline.

Unlike other small camper recliners, this product is a breeze to assemble. If people take five minutes to set up the JUMMICO and Homelegance, I can build this recliner in three. I can be dozing off within the first ten minutes of assembling this recliner chair. It is perfect for RV owners who dislike complicated setups.

The metal and wood frame gives this RV recliner chair excellent support. Its maximum weight capacity is ten pounds higher than the JUMMICO, making it a suitable relaxation couch for heavyweight RVers.

I also appreciate the antiskid foot pads that secure the recliner on the floor. I am happy the feet will never scratch or mar my motorhome floor.

Unfortunately, shifting the body while on the recliner somehow disengages the lock mechanism, making it very inconvenient. The seat’s width is also not suitable for ‘wide-bodied’ people.

Nevertheless, its weight capacity, faux leather upholstery, and ease of assembly are sufficient grounds to make this recliner chair a crucial piece in one’s motorhome interior. It is a good buy overall.
  • Polyurethane leather construction with thick padding
  • 275-pound weight capacity
  • Simple, three-minute installation
  • Antiskid, non-scratching foot pads
  • Wood and metal frame for optimum support
  • Too narrow for some people
  • Tendency to disengage from its set position

5. RecPro Charles Collection Zero Wall RV Recliner

Another RecPro product that landed on our list is the RecPro Charles Collection Zero Wall RV Recliner. This model features several qualities that will show why it deserves a place among these elite recliners.

The first thing that stood out to me about this recliner was its use of high-quality faux leather. This material’s incredibly durable and easy to clean. Given this information, you should reasonably expect this model to last for years without any hassles.

In fact, many customers were left shocked by how easy this product was to clean. And since I’m a spiller, you can bet this feature is something I value greatly. It also helps that this recliner has a lightweight design, which makes the install process much easier.

It even has a removable backrest, which aids in this regard. You see, this feature allows you to remove the backrest when you encounter narrow or small spaces; therefore, navigating them much more comfortable than you find with other recliners.

Along the same lines, the design’s also compact, which makes moving around tight areas a piece of cake. Honestly, anything that makes the install process of these products simpler is something I’m always going to consider a win.

It being available in three different colors helps sell this product to me as well. I mean, the mahogany option is such a beautiful design that it’d be hard to pass this deal up without some serious consideration.

Overall, this product would bring a lot of joy to whatever RV it ends up taking up residence. But it would end up being a no buy to me for two simple reasons: its price is outside my budget, and it doesn’t swivel. Both of these things are deal breakers for me given my current RVing situation.
  • Available in three different colors
  • Easy to clean
  • Consists of durable faux leather
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • The install process is hassle free
  • Comes in a set of two
  • Doesn’t swivel
  • Expensive

6. RecPro Charles Collection Swivel Glider RV Recliner

The RecPro Charles Collection Swivel Glider RV Recliner doesn’t fail to meet the expectations set by the two previous products from this brand. It even passes them in several aspects, which makes it a recliner I must include on this list.

For instance, this product comes with extra thick padding within the armrest, footrest, and back areas. This feature will ensure that you don’t experience muscle pain even after hours of sitting in this chair.

A feature like this one is perfect for me due to my love of movies, which often results in sitting down for hours on end. It’s nice to know I won’t end feeling all stiff or experience pain during my film marathons with this chair.

It’s also helpful that this chair consists of faux leather material, which ensures this product will last a long time. Plus, like the previous product, this material will make it easier to clean as well. I can’t stress enough how essential the cleanability of a recliner is to this overall process for me.

You can take comfort in this chair being easy to set up as well. Multiple customer reviews confirm that you can assembly this recliner in less than five minutes with little to no hassles. It’s nice to see that the product’s description promotes the truth rather than exaggerating for selling purposes.

But even a product as great as this one is going to have a few flaws. The first one being that this model needs a larger space to recline, 12 inches. This issue could be a problem in older RVs that don’t have a lot of living space. The second problem is that this model is outside my price range.
  • Consists of faux leather
  • Available in four different colors
  • Thick padding
  • Comes in a set of two
  • Easy setup
  • Simple to clean
  • Need a larger space
  • Expensive

7. Flash Furniture Leather Recliner

The next product on our list is one of the best RV swivel recliners on the market. You see, this model has a 360-degree swivel feature that comes from its ball-bearing swiveling base, which makes this process effortless.

As a result, you shouldn’t have issues adjusting this recliner to fit your comfort preferences. It also helps that this product has thickly padded arms, which will ensure your arms will have a comfortable place to rest during your relaxing session.

You should be aware this model consists of high-quality leather upholstery as well that makes cleaning spills or stains a simple process. Several customers even made it a point to acknowledge how easy this material made getting out stains.

Plus, it features a lightweight design that’ll make moving this product from place to place something anyone could do. The fact that the ottoman and chair are separate make this task even easier and ensures this model is one the best smaller recliners for small spaces on the market.

The price isn’t too shabby either as it should fall right in line with any realistic budget for an RV owner. In fact, it’s one of the least expensive options mentioned in this entire article. This quality should give you an idea of the bargain this product represents.

And I can’t tell you enough how much I love the brown vintage color option, which would bring life to whatever RV interior it might encounter. With all these features in mind, there’s little that this recliner doesn’t offer, which an RV owner could want.

But I do wish it offered a bit more durability as some customers reported this product breaking down earlier than expected. If you’re looking for a long term investment, you might do better picking a different model.
  • 360-degree swivel feature
  • Affordable price
  • Available in four different colors
  • Consist of leather upholstery
  • Thickly padded arms
  • Lightweight design
  • Durability issues

8. Thomas Payne 3477221 Alternate Latte Euro Chair

Our last product on this list is the Thomas Payne 347721 Alternate Latte Euro Chair, which is a fantastic model to end on as it has all the features anyone could want. The first being its 360-degree swivel wood base.

This feature allows the person sitting in this chair to swivel effortless and find their perfect position without any issues. It’s an aspect that I consider almost mandatory in any recliner I would end up consider seriously.

But this feature isn’t the only one that makes this an appealing option. I would also enjoy this product’s PolyHyde upholstery, which is incredibly soft and makes all the maintenance tasks such as cleaning a breeze.

Its overstuffed design is another positive quality this product brings to the table. It’ll offer me constant support and comfort during my movie marathons that I love. Never again will I feel the terrible wrath of a stiff back after finishing three films back to back.

The fact that this model comes with a one year warranty isn’t too shabby either. This quality will offer you a bit of protection against an accident occurring with the product. It also informs me that Thomas Payne has a lot of faith in this recliner.

Plus, it features a pop-out footrest that I consider a must-have feature. In the end, it’s a quality option, which meets all the expectations you could have for an RV recliner. It even has a lightweight design to ensure installing this product is an easy task.

However, there’s one issue about this product I can’t overcome regardless of how hard I try and that’s the price. It’s well outside what’d I spend for a single recliner and is what I’d consider expensive when compared to other options on the market.
  • One year warranty
  • Lightweight
  • 360-degree swivel wood base
  • Consists of PolyHyde upholstery
  • Pop-out footrest
  • Overstuffed design
  • Expensive

9. RecPro Charles Collection Double Recliner RV Sofa

The first double recliner on our list is the RecPro Charles Collection Double Recliner RV Sofa, which brings a lot of exciting features to the table. For one, its double recliner status means it can offer multiple people comfort at one time.

This feature also means you could easily use this as a couch or a sleeping spot. As a result, it offers a bit more versatility than the other models you’ve seen so far. You should take note of its highly durable polyurethane material as well.

With its use of the polyurethane, you can expect this recliner to last a long time. This material also makes sure things like spills won’t be an issue because it’s simple to clean; therefore, you shouldn’t expect any problems from this top tier product.

The fact that this model is easy to put together is another positive aspect that shows its convenience. Multiple customer reviews stated that it only took a few minutes, which is unheard of with these products. Honestly, this recliner might be one of the most user-friendly options on this list.

And if its convenience or versatility weren’t enough to sell you, it has a zero wall hugging feature that I love as well. You see, this feature allows the recliner to recline even tighter areas fully. In fact, it needs as little as three inches to over peak amounts of reclining comfort.

But I’d be doing you an injustice if I didn’t also mention the two flaws I found during my research. The first flaw is that it’s expensive and well outside my price range, which is sad because it’s one of the best wall hugger recliners for RVs on the market.

Its second flaw was even more concerning as it seems some customers reported that the package arrived damaged. This aspect isn’t something you should expect from a top brand like RecPro.

  • Double recliner
  • Consists of durable polyurethane
  • Available in four different colors
  • Easy to clean
  • Zero wall hugging feature
  • Simple to assemble
  • Expensive
  • Packaging issues

10. Divano Roma Furniture Classic Leather Recliner

Our next product is the Divano Roma Furniture Classic and Traditional Bonded Leather Recliner that’s another double recliner. This model has various attributes that make it such an appealing product for an RV owner.

One of these attributes is its overstuffed design, which I adore. You see, this design offers a sense of support and comfort that’s almost unmatched in this market. I mean, sitting in this chair is like relaxing on top of a cloud.

It also helps that this entire product consists of soft leather, which further ensures your comfort. The mat finish isn’t a bad feature to have either as it makes sure this leather product doesn’t become a sweaty nightmare in hotter climates.

And since I plan on RVing in areas like Arizona, you can bet this mat finish is something that piques my interest greatly. After all, there’s nothing worse than relaxing in your comfortable leather chair, and your skin ends up sticking to it.

I love that this recliner has an affordable price as well. When it comes to double recliners, these models often end up being near the $1,000 mark, and this product sits well south of that. As a result, it becomes a bargain bin recliner that you should look at as an option seriously.

Plus, like all the other products on this list, it has easy clean and assembling processes that won’t cause you any issues. In the end, there isn’t much about this recliner that’ll end up leaving you disappointed as a customer.

The only thing that might is some customers reported this recliner having durability issues, which isn’t something I enjoyed seeing during my research. But given its low cost, I can’t say I was shocked or anything.
  • Affordable
  • Double recliner
  • Overstuffed design
  • Consists of soft leather
  • Mat finish
  • Easy to assemble
  • Some customer reported durability issues

11. RecPro Charles Collection Double Recliner

Believe it or not, the RecPro Charles Collection Double Recliner will be the last product from this brand on the list. And there are aspects about this model that separate it from the other RecPro products we’ve seen in this article.

The main difference is this double recliner has a cup holder armrest in the middle, which is a godsend for anyone who loves to enjoy a drink when they’re relaxing. I mean, you no longer have to put your drink on the ground or between your legs.

I also love that this product consists of faux leather, which is soft and easy to clean as you’d expect from any material RecPro would consider using. You should find the number of color options this model offers intriguing as well.

Each of them has a beautiful design and will bring a feeling of luxury into your RV. You should expect quite a few guests to be jealous of your top tier recliner. The zero wall hugging feature is another one that would make this product such an excellent addition to your home.

It only needs three inches of space to recline fully, which ensures this product will fit into small spaces inside your RV. It also helps that you can separate this product into three sections, which makes installing it a breeze for an RV owner. This feature makes moving it from place to place a simple task as well.

But even with being one of the best RV recliners wall huggers available, this product isn’t without its downsides. For instance, this model’s easily one the most expensive on this entire list. Some customers reported durability issues as well, but these complaints were few and far between.
  • Double recliner
  • Zero wall hugging feature
  • Consists of faux leather
  • Available in four different colors
  • Easy to install
  • Equipped with a cup holder armrest
  • Expensive
  • Some customers reported durability issues

12. Homelegance Resonance Double Reclining Loveseat

Not everyone appreciates the JUMMICO home theater recliner chair because it only seats one.

Many RV owners want a cozy sofa for watching movies in the privacy of their motorhomes. Then the Homelegance Resonance Double Reclining Loveseat should be a nice choice. It offers unmatched relaxation and enough space for intimate moments.

Unlike the fabric-covered JUMMICO, this recliner features bonded leather – a combination of genuine and faux leather – to give the chair an excellent combination of elegance and affordability.

Like many loveseat recliners for RVs, I appreciate this product’s plushness. The backrests, armrests, and seats have thick cushioning. I never feel sore after spending hours on this furniture.

I like the frame because it has integrated mounting holes for bolting the furniture into the RV floor. I feel more confident this recliner will not slide along the surface during sudden stops. It is one of the features the JUMMICO and other recliners do not have.

Reclining the chair to my favorite position is a cinch with the easy-grab, easy-pull reclining lever. Some brands require a bit of elbow grease to change the chair’s angle. This product works seamlessly. Assembly is never an issue, either. Like the JUMMICO, people can have their dream RV loveseat within minutes.

I have two misgivings about this RV double recliner. First, its footrest padding could be thicker to provide a more comfortable leg cushion. Second, the chair is shallower than other recliners I have seen. Anyone taller than 5’10” might have difficulty stretching the legs comfortably without causing backaches.

I recommend this recliner for RV owners who want to spend more time with their partners on the road.
  • Bonded leather material for affordable elegance
  • Plush seats, backrests, and armrests for optimum comfort
  • With mounting holes for better stability and security
  • Easy to operate reclining lever
  • Hassle-free assembly within minutes
  • Not recommended for people taller than 5’10”
  • Footrest padding is not as thick as some people would like

What to Look for When Buying an RV Recliner


When looking for an RV recliner, there will be certain factors that impact your decision. These elements will be the things we discuss in this section. And hopefully, this information will end up making your decision much more comfortable as a customer.


You want to ensure any RV recliner you’re considering consists of material that meshes well with your situation. What do I mean by this? Well, if you intend to RV in hotter climates such as Florida, buying a leather recliner will be a bad idea.

In this case, this leather recliner will not bring comfort to your life. It’ll instead make your days relaxing inside your RV a sweaty nightmare. It doesn’t even matter whether you have an air conditioner or not.

But if you intend on doing a lot of wintertime RVing, a leather recliner would represent a good option. It’s all about thinking about your situation and making sure the product your considering would be a good fit.

It’s also essential you make sure the material durable as well. I mean, these products aren’t cheap, and you don’t want to be buying another within a year. Reading customer reviews should give you a good idea about the durability of each product.

These reviews become incredibly important when you realize the materials used in these products tend to offer drastic results between products. Trust me; don’t just trust a manufacturer who says their product is made from the best leather material, investigate it.


The primary purpose of an RV recliner’s that it provides comfort. If it doesn’t offer you a sense of being comfortable, it has no point of being in your RV. As a result, you make sure that the recliner you buy is comfortable.

Of course, this evaluation will be a little bit more difficult online. After all, you can’t test them out before buying like you could in a retail store. But one thing you can is looking through the experiences other people had with each product.

Honestly, if someone felt underwhelmed by an RV recliner, it’s more than likely there will be a review describing it in exhaustive detail. And you should use their awful experiences with the product to your advantage before making a final decision.

If you’re still unsure, you could always go to the nearest store and test the chair out yourself. I wouldn’t recommend buying it there though as there will be a significant mark up in price, But it doesn’t hurt to do a little research out in the real world.

What it looks like

Some people won’t care how their furniture looks inside there RV as long as it fits and provides comfort. But the majority will care about the recliner’s design and how it meshes with the rest of your RV’s interior.

Given this information, you’re going to want an RV recliner with a nice design. It will make the inside of your RV look appealing. Plus, it’ll give your guests something to be jealous of when they come over.

In the end, a recliner’s design might not affect its overall quality, but it does have the power to determine how you feel about your purchase. Wouldn’t you feel better about a high-quality recliner with a beautiful design than one with a funky, offbeat coloring? I would.

And since we’re striving to ensure you end up happy with your purchase, this factor’s something you should seriously consider.


Moving furniture into an RV can be rather tricky. I mean, there isn’t all that much space, and it brings forth an overwhelming sense of frustration. With this in mind, you’ll want to ensure your RV recliner is adaptable.

Some manufacturers will advertise certain key features with this aspect in mind. And it’s something you should actively search for during your buying experience. Anything that can alleviate the stress of trying to fit one of these larger products into an RV should be seen as a positive.

But please, make sure these features work beforehand. You don’t want to be paying for extra elements and find out they don’t do anything. And believe me, some of these manufacturers will try to pull a fast one by implying their recliners can offer more than they can.


Whether are looking for RV or motorhome recliners, they aren’t going to come cheap, but there is some good news here. These products often do cost less than the ones you’d put inside your home. Nonetheless, your goal should be finding the most cost-effective option on the market that fits everything you want.

An excellent way to find this elusive product is by constructing a budget. This first thing to understand when making your budget is that an RV recliner’s price will range between $350 and $1000. You should craft your search around these parameters and the features you want to create your budget.

Once you have a realistic budget in mind, your buying experience will become much easier. You see the number of options you’ll have to choose from will drastically lessen into a more manageable selection.

This more manageable section will reduce the stress that comes with trying to find the perfect product in a flooded market such as this one. In the end, a well-crafted budget will help guide you toward making a sound decision about what RV recliner is the right one for you.

Other Important Factors to Consider


The factors that we just went over aren’t the only ones, which will shape your decision. You’ll also need a thorough understanding of these products background information. And this section will discuss all the other knowledge you’ll need to know before making an informed decision.

What is an RV recliner?

An RV recliner won’t differ too much from the ones you’d put inside your residential home. But these products will have a few different features that’ll make them a better fit inside an RV. You see, most of the time these products will be smaller and more maneuverable.

After all, the dimensions inside an RV are much more narrow than your home. And RV manufacturers took this to heart with their designs through making sure these products could easily fit into an RV.

These designs allowed RV owners to make their RV feel like a second home rather than merely a vehicle where you sleep. In the end, this factor becomes the main appeal of these products that they can make you feel at home when traveling on the road.

How does it work?

An RV recliner works precisely like you’d expect one would inside your home. All you need to do is pull on a level or similar mechanism, and the chair will lean back into a more comfortable position.

From there, it’s a simple matter of relaxing in a more comfortable and supportive position. Of course, some options might have more extravagant features like a cup holder, but this description is the general gist of what to expect from an RV recliner.

Overall, there’s nothing complicated about getting these chairs to work. But please, read the instructions before you put one of these chairs inside your RV. You never know when a manufacturer might’ve gotten a little too cute and made using these products more difficult than needed.

What are the different types of RV recliners?

You’re going to come across many different types of RV recliners in your search. But in most cases, the products will fall into one of two configurations. The product will either be a standalone or a double recliner.

And I’m going to briefly go over the differences between both these types to ensure you know which one fits your preferences better. From these discussions, it should become clear whether you’re a more of a standalone or wall hugger person.

Standalone RV recliners

A standalone RV recliner will be a product that can only serve one person at a time. In other words, these models are created to improve the comfort of a single person rather than multiple.

As a result, these products are a better option for people traveling alone or who already have other sitting areas inside their RV. It’s also essential we mention these products end up being cheaper than double recliners due to them only sitting one person.

It’s essential you realize these models happen to be more adaptable as well. You see, standalone RV recliners will be smaller than a double recliner, which makes placing them inside your RV much easier.

Given this information, if you’re looking for a product to improve one person’s comfort, choosing this type would be the right choice.

Double recliners

Our second type can provide comfort to multiple people at one time. I’ve even seen some products that come with three recliners attached, which means you could comfortably seat three people on that one piece of furniture. Pretty cool, right?

RV owners opt for double recliners due to this reason. Most RVers are riding around with families and need multiple seats around their RV. And these products offer that without taking up too much space.

There are a couple of issues that a double recliner will offer though; these products are both less adaptable and more expensive than standalone options. These problems could end up causing your bank account issues and provide you with an unbearable frustration when you try to get them inside your RV.

But if you’re traveling around with multiple people, buying a double recliner could be a great way of providing everyone with a relaxing place to sit. It’s also much more affordable and easier than placing a whole couch inside your RV.

Why do you need a recliner for RV?

There are many reasons why getting an RV recliner would be a good idea. In fact, the advantages these products offer you are too many to list. But we’ll try our best and break it down into the top three reasons why purchasing would be the right move.

Usable by all people

These products aren’t designed for a specific age group. An RV recliner will be something everyone can enjoy regardless of their situation. In fact, most models are even uniquely suited for older people due to the incredible body support they provide.

As a result, older people won’t have to worry about aches and pains forming from using them. But these chairs are also great for younger kids, who love using them when they’re gaming or doing other activities such as watching movies.

Given this information, it’s quite apparent that these chairs will benefit whoever might be aboard your RV. Honestly, the only thing you’ll have to worry about is people fighting over who sits in them.

Provides better blood circulation

Sounds a little weird, right? How does a chair provide you with better blood circulation? Well, it’s rather simple as RV recliners help balance the lower and upper body. This action results in every part of your body getting a similar amount of blood.

You see, when body parts receive less blood, this creates fatigue, which ends up with you getting a strain in that area. The balance between body parts that an RV recliner provides fights against this from happening.

And some models even have a zero gravity mode, which allows the heart to perform at its peak levels with less activity; therefore, providing more and quicker blood flow to all your body’s cells.

Helps deal with body pain

RV recliners can do wondrous things to help soothe a person dealing with body pain. You see, this pain results from various stresses, which can lead to neck, back, and shoulder pain. And sitting in one of these chairs will make all that pain flutter away.

Plus, they don’t just help deal with body pain but prevent it as well. This ability comes from their titled design, which allows you to find the best position for your body. It also helps people who might sit for long periods when watching a movie or playing a video game.

In these situations, these chairs will offer fantastic comfort and help keep you from suffering any body pain.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


As any good FAQs section, this part of the article will try to answer all the remaining questions you might have about these products. And from this information, we hope you can gain a better handle on whether or not you need an RV recliner in your life.

What are good RV recliner brands?

The good RV recliner brands are the ones you’ve encountered in our product review section. Each one of these companies does a fantastic job at creating top-tier recliners that almost always meet their customers’ expectations.

But two brands within this group deserve a little more shine: RecPro and Homelegance. Both these companies are routinely at the top of this market thanks to their excellent travel trailer recliners.

And I thought looking at their backgrounds could give you a little insight into why they’re such fantastic companies. From this information, I’m hoping you start to understand what you should be expecting from these brands.


This brand has crafted a reputation among RV owners as being one of the best in this market, thanks to various happy customers. These customers all seem to praise this company’s products for their advanced development and customer service.

RecPro seems to operate in a way that will ensure you end up happy with your decision. And that’s all I’m looking for in an RV recliner company. It’s why you see their products multiple times in our product review section.


This California based company has provided outstanding furniture to RV owners for over 35 years, and it doesn’t seem like they’re slowing down anytime soon. Their products are always stylish and up to date with all the new improvements in the market.

And with these qualities, you can see why they deserve a special shout out in this article. Plus, it also helps that their customers are always blown away by their customer service, which sees constant praise in the reviews.

If you see a product from either of these companies, you’d be wise to consider it seriously. In fact, you can apply this statement to any of the brands within our product review section. All of them will do everything in their power to ensure your expectations are met.

What are RV recliners made of?

In most cases, RV recliners will consist of leather. But some models use different materials within their construction. It will vary from product to product, and you should think about, which material fits your situation the best.

For instance, don’t assume a leather recliner’s going to mesh well with your RV experience. These products are awful in hotter climates as they become sticky, sweaty, nightmares to sit on when the temperature reaches summer highs.

And don’t think an air conditioner will save you either. These leather recliners will somehow still end up being awful and gross to use in these hotter climates even with a high powered AC unit. But on the flipside, these products are godsends to have in the winter.

How to clean?

The correct way to clean your RV recliner will depend on the product you end up buying. The good news is these products usually come with an extensive manual, which should guide you through the cleaning process.

If the product doesn’t come with a manual, the manufacturer’s website should offer you some information on the process. Either way, cleaning these recliners isn’t something that’ll take a lot of time or effort. In fact, it should be very similar to how you’d do it with a recliner at home.

How make RV recliners more comfortable?

There aren’t any specific ways to make an RV recliner more comfortable. One thing that might increase your comfort is maybe putting a blanket over it, which would add another comfy layer between you and the chair.

You could also bring a pillow into the situation and put it behind your head as you lean back. This action would give your head more support as well as cushion. Aside from those two things, there isn’t much else to do.

With this in mind, you must ensure the recliner that you buy is comfortable. Otherwise, you’ll end up wasting a lot of money on something you’ll never use. And this outcome isn’t what anyone wants to experience with these type of products.

Where to buy?

The best way to buy an RV recliner is by using Amazon, which will have the most options and better deals than you’d find anywhere else. The customer reviews are also a real help and will quicken this process considerably.

But Amazon isn’t the only place worth looking for an RV recliner. You have a lot of useful options to choose from as a customer. For instance, Camping World would be the next online site I’d recommend looking through after Amazon.

This site will provide you with a decent selection and reasonable prices. But these prices tend to be a bit higher than what’d you see on Amazon. There are sales sometimes that do lower costs to a smaller point than you’d see anywhere else.

As a result, you must always compare prices between these two sites before making a final decision. This way you’d never miss a sale when one’s available.

Another thing you’ll never want to do is buy through the company’s website. The prices on these sites are often much higher than you’d encounter on either Amazon or Camping World.

Of course, online shopping isn’t the only way you can find a high-quality RV recliner. You can also go to the nearest furniture or RV store and see what they have to offer. The prices at these places will be higher than you’d see at any online store.

However, the added benefit of actual customer service during the buying experience is always a plus. Talking to a real person with expertise is never a bad idea when trying to buy these type of products.

Overall, you can see that there are many routes to choose from as a customer. You now must decide, which one fits your preferences the best and move forward from there. If you approach it the right way, any one of these options could provide you with the RV recliner of your dreams.


With all this information, finding the best RV recliner should be a much easier process. All you need to do is apply your new knowledge into the search, and this entire experience shouldn’t cause you many problems.

Once you find the perfect recliner, you’ll have somewhere to wind down after a long day during your RVing experience. You might even find out that this ideal product’s one the recliners we mentioned in our product review section.

After all, these products are the best on the market. But it might turn out you find another option from outside this article, which suits your situation better, and that’s okay too. All we want is to ensure you end up with a purchase that meets all your expectations.

And if you have any more questions about this process, please leave them in the comment section. We’ll answer them as quickly as we can.

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