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The Best RV Refrigerator Fans

Written by Stephen Ryan / Fact checked by William Turner

As good as they come, RV refrigerators often have a common problem of not maintaining their temperature during harsh weather. Unlike a residential refrigerator, an RV fridge only relies on a unique heat absorption system, while a residential fridge uses an electric compressor to keep things cold with chemicals. Since it needs an air draft, an RV refrigerator fan is essential.

best rv refrigerator fan

The function of the refrigerator fan is to keep your fridge at a steady temperature, no matter how hot it may get outside. Therefore, it is a must-have for RV owners. So if you’re in the market for the best RV refrigerator fan, check out these top-rated products.

Top 1

Titan 12v


Dimensions 13.3 x 6.2 x 1.7 inches
Voltage 12 V
Maximum Speed 1500 RPM
Noise Level 28 dB

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Top 2

Wathai Big Airflow Fan


Dimensions 9.5 x 5 x 1 inches
Voltage 120 V
Maximum Speed 2500 RPM
Noise Level 35 dB

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Top 3

Valterra A10-2618VP


Dimensions 1.55 x 1.09 x 0.46 inches
Voltage 12 V
Maximum Speed 1150 RPM
Noise Level _

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Table of Contents

11 Top-Rated RV Refrigerator Fan Reviews 2023

1. Titan 12v Dc Double Rack Mount Fridge Fan

As a regular outdoor adventurer, I can say that the Titan 12V Double Rack Cooling Fan is highly recommended for all RVs and trailers.

Campers and travelers who use motorhomes would find this particular cooling fan very useful. A great RV cooling fan like this one would preserve food for a longer period. Although it’s a bit pricey, it’s one of the most reliable items of its kind that you can find for long travels.

Designed for vent and grille mounting ventilation, this RV refrigerator vent fan kit can be installed easily with a rack hook. Also, Its 6 levels controller can be comfortably placed appropriately within your motorhome. If you do not want to rely on the automatic temperature mode on this fan, you can adjust it to suit your needs.

Another great thing about this product is how it works perfectly in all kinds of weather. Furthermore, its IP 55 fan also makes it waterproof and dustproof to withstand wind and rain.

One common problem with camper refrigerators is how they tend to never cool below 40 degrees once it’s above 90 degrees outside. But when I used this Titan RV refrigerator fan, my refrigerator was able to maintain a proper temperature below 35 degrees for several hours on a hot day.

Unfortunately, it appears this RV refrigerator fan was designed for European RVs. It would take a bit of modification to mount on an American RV. Nevertheless, it’s not difficult. I would still say this product is worth every penny.

  • Easy to install with a rack hook
  • Work well in all kinds of weather
  • Water and dirt-proof
  • Durable and efficient
  • Automatic temperature controls
  • High-priced
  • Designed primarily for European RVs
With this device, peace of mind is guaranteed. If you’re into crafting RV refrigerator fan mods and you have the money, I’d say go for it.

2. Wathai Big Airflow Fan

People looking for the Smart RV Products fridge fan seen on YouTube might want to consider the Wathai Big Airflow Fan instead. This product is a versatile cooling solution that fits into an RV fridge while requiring no modification or complicated wiring connections.

I like this RV refrigerator cooling fan kit because it has everything I need to set it up in my RV fridge. The fan speed controller is a joy to operate, giving me the freedom to control how cold my refrigerator runs. I can go full blast in summer, whittle the device down in winter, or turn it off without opening my fridge.

This ultra quiet RV fridge fan does not produce an annoying sound, unlike other products I used in the past. Its 35-decibel noise signature is a little louder than a whisper, ensuring my family gets the peaceful sleep they deserve.

I am also amazed at this device’s bidirectional design, allowing me to flip one fan so the two fans have different wind directions. It is a more efficient way to ensure adequate air circulation inside my RV refrigerator and help with cooling performance.

This 12 volt fan for RV refrigerator also delivers 85 cubic feet of air per minute. And since there are two fans in this device, I can move 170 cubic feet of warm air inside the fridge to cool it. The fan bearings are also remarkable. These small metal balls can last 50,000 hours or five to six years of continuous daily and hourly operation.

My only lament is the shorter-than-most, four-foot power cord.

  • Ultra-quiet operation (only 35 decibels)
  • Complete kit with fan speed controller, no complicated wiring or modification
  • Bidirectional dual-fan design for customization
  • High airflow rate (85 CFM) for each fan
  • Durable fan ball bearings with a 50,000-hour lifespan
  • Only four feet power cord
Still, this RV fridge cooling fan does an excellent job of ensuring optimum refrigerator operation.

3. Valterra Fridgecool Exhaust Fan

If you don’t want your stock of food to get ruined during a long trip, you should consider getting additional ventilation for your RV refrigerator. I would recommend the Valterra A10-2618VP FridgeCool Exhaust Fan.

This fan for RV refrigerators can solve the problem with cooling during the hot weather. It made camping easier for me and my family since we no longer struggle to maintain our food stock.

The feature I love most about this RV fridge cooler is how it automatically turns on and off when needed. In detail, it comes with an inbuilt thermostat to monitor the temperature, turning it on at 100°F and off at 80°F.

Furthermore, it is small and can easily fit in compact spaces, with a connect wiring directly to a 12-volt power source. The override switch allows you to shut it off when your RV is in storage to save batteries.

I installed this product at the top of my roof vent, and it was effective in expelling hot air from my fridge’s coil, towards the exhaust vent and out of my RV. It can also be installed at the back of your fridge, on the floor behind your fridge, or mounted on the wall.

This device may be a little difficult to install as it was for me, but once you successfully get past the installation, you’d enjoy its full efficiency.

  • An affordable fridge fan
  • Automatically turns off and on
  • Supports RV battery preservation
  • Can fit in small spaces
  • Operates quietly
  • Not so easy to install
Being quiet in operation when compared with most other coolers for RV refrigerators, this product gives you everything you require in an RV refrigerator exhaust fan at a very affordable price.

4. RV Cooling Unit Warehouse RV Refrigerator Fan

This Triple Fan Deluxe Frost Guard RV refrigerator fan is the top choice of numerous RV owners wanting a 13-inch fridge fan. Everything about this RV refrigerator fan screams awesomeness. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking to get an RV fridge fan upgrade, or just for the first time.

I love this refrigerator fan for how effective its three-in-one fan design is. It triples the cooling effect for the interior atmosphere.

The unit also comes with LED white lights, giving your refrigerator a nice touch and making it easy to tell when the fan is switched on or off. It comes with an adjustable thermostat to detect the surrounding temperature, then turn the fan on or off when necessary.

Excessive and annoying noise was among the problems I faced when installing the first fridge fan for my RV. Hence, I was glad to come across this Triple Fan Deluxe RV refrigerator fan when looking for a replacement. The noiseless product gave me peace, along with every other thing I needed in a great fan.

In addition to all the great features I’ve mentioned, this product not only keeps your refrigerator cold, but it also keeps it frost-free. Most importantly, it works with any RV refrigerator model and consumes a low amount of power.

You might find it a little complicated to install this device because the instructions weren’t detailed.

  • Three fans in one
  • LED white light
  • Thermostatically controlled
  • A noiseless fridge fan
  • Ensure a frost-free fridge
  • Works with any RV model
  • Consumes low power
  • It doesn’t come with well-detailed instructions and may be difficult to install if you aren’t tech-savvy.
This device would come in handy in any motorhome with a refrigerator. It performs all the essential functions of an RV fridge fan and more.

5. Strong Quiet 12025 Fan by Pano-Mounts

If you are on a low budget, this Pano-Mounts fan is an excellent option. Although it’s made for computer cases, the Strong Quiet 12025 Fan is a perfect cooling device for various types of equipment, including RV refrigerators.

Owners of a travel trailer would find this device very handy. It’s quite affordable when compared to RV fridge fans of its capability. With this RV fridge cooling fan installed, you can rest assured of your refrigerator’s full efficiency. Indeed, the durable product can last for an extended period.

This device is a true definition of small but mighty. It runs at a high speed of 1600 RPM, yet produces little noise just as its name implies. Besides, its 12v DC connection cables make it easy to connect to your RV’s power supply, while consuming a meager amount of power.

Installation is also made effortless with its 2pin connector. Anyone who is not tech-savvy could still handle this.

The only problem with using this fan as a cooler for your RV refrigerator is that it is not thermostatically controlled. It means you may have to go through the stress of turning it off or on as required. However, if you know one or two things about electronic connections, you could hook it up to a temperature sensor. Doing this would make it go off or on as needed automatically.

  • A budget-friendly fridge fan
  • Excellent durability for long-lasting use
  • Produce little noise
  • Easy to install
  • Not thermostatically controlled
I would recommend this to anyone searching for a smooth, reliable, and affordable method to cool their RV refrigerators.

6. AeroCool Silent Master Cooling Fan

Having this AeroCool Silent Master 200mm Cooling Fan installed on your RV refrigerator is a superb way to keep your fridge cold. You could enjoy easy access to cold drinks and keep your food safe from spoilage on a long trip.

You’d be surprised at how much difference a small PC fan could make. About 20mm in size, this device serves the purpose of cooling your entire refrigerator, and without frost. I’m sure campers on a budget would find this product very helpful the same way I did.

The AeroCool Silent Master is designed with aerodynamic fan blades. The feature allows it to generate an enormous amount of airflow and at a very minimal noise level.

Buyers can pick either the blue or red LED types. The light can serve as a great indicator to tell when the fan is on and working. Although the LED light has nothing to do with its efficiency, it’s still very stylish.

With its 12v DC, you could connect it to your RV’s power source without worrying about dead batteries. Installing this device is pretty straightforward as its package comes with screws and detailed instructions.

Beyond that, this PC fan doesn’t come with a thermostat. Fortunately, the paraphernalia needed is not costly.

  • An affordable fridge fan
  • Efficient yet quite operation
  • Stylish LED light indicator
  • Breezy installation
  • Not thermostatically controlled
This excellent refrigerator fan for RV is a great choice for anyone who needs a quick, easy, reliable, and budget-friendly way to upgrade their motorhome fridge.

7. Camco Fridge Airator Model 44124 with On-Off Switch

No one likes their refrigerator smelling all stuffy. Fortunately, the Camco Fridge Airator can keep our RV refrigerators cool and fresh at the same time.

Before, my 17 cubic inches refrigerator design relies on the natural convective activity when the evaporator top is cold. But, the cold air at the bottom of the fridge frequently escaped. I needed a quick and easy solution, so I tried the Camco Fridge Airator. It was a great decision.

Although this RV refrigerator evaporator fan doesn’t blow a significant amount of air, it’s just perfect for a small refrigerator. This device helps to cool your RV fridge equally and keeps food fresher.

Apart from that, its replaceable activated charcoal pack can absorb odors, allowing your RV fridge to smell fresh always. I also keep the Camco cooler at the bottom of my refrigerator to have its cold air blown upwards. If your refrigerator is stuffed to the brim with items, you should place the fan on the shelf just below the cooling fins to get the same result.

This device runs on a replaceable D cell battery that lasts for about a month, saving you from complicated connections and having to tap precious power from your RV. Plus, getting a replacement battery is also not difficult, as the company has it available.

The fan comes with an on/off switch so you need to take it out to turn it off. Anyway, this won’t be a problem if you don’t mind leaving it always on and replacing batteries frequently.

  • Replaceable Activated Charcoal pack to absorb odors
  • Replaceable battery
  • Cools your fridge evenly
  • On/off switch to save power when not in use
  • The switch is not easily accessible
I love this Camco battery operated refrigerator fan! It takes away all the worries of your refrigerator not cooling enough and gives it an extra freshness. It’s an excellent choice for anyone in need of a quick and easy solution to their RV refrigeration problems.

8. TITAN IP55 Cooling Fan

If you’re in search of a durable, efficient, and noise-free RV refrigerator fan, you should consider getting the TITAN- 12V DC IP55 Cooling Fan.

Titan is known to produce amazing cooling fans. This product is more like one of the best among the best for its quietness and functionality. I installed it above my RV refrigerator condenser in my 5th wheel RV, and it worked perfectly.

It is an excellent buy for a pair of fans. Both of them consume about 2.5 watts together, which is about the same amount of power consumption as my old fan alone. It gives twice the airflow for the same power draw, therefore saving my RV a lot of power.

More importantly, it is waterproof and dust-proof and can withstand high humidity and dusty environments.

Installing this device was surprisingly easy, unlike most other 12v DC powered cooling fans. Although it does not come with a temperature sensor, you could easily buy one and enjoy its operation automatically when needed.

However, I expected a bit more from its durability, though. After some months, I noticed some wear and tear. Nevertheless, it still worked perfectly fine.

  • A quiet fridge fan
  • Double fans with a high amount of airflow and reasonable power consumption
  • Waterproof and dust-proof case
  • Easy to install
  • Not as durable as expected
  • No thermostat
You can’t talk about great RV fridge fan products and leave out this one. It gives everything you need in a cooling fan and more. I would highly recommend it.

9. 12V Waterproof Fan by Pano-Mounts

Having Pano-Mounts’ 12V Waterproof Fan installed to your motorhome’s refrigerator is a decent way to keep it fresh, allowing you to enjoy all the benefits of a consistently cold refrigerator.

I would say this cooling fan by Pano-mounts is excellent for its price. The fan is ideal if you need ventilation for the fridge to ensure food preservation in the hot weather.

One feature I love most about this product is its resistance to water. You won’t have to worry about shielding it from rain or humidity. This feature also enhances its durability.

I was able to easily install this fan to the back of my RV cooling unit, thanks to its 2wire 3pin connection. First-time buyers will not find it difficult following the assembling instructions of this fridge fan. Additionally, it blows at a high speed of 3000 rpm. Its airflow is 110 CFM, which is pretty high too.

I only had a little problem with its noise. This fridge cool fan produces sound at about 42dBA, which may be uncomfortable for the first few hours or days, depending on your level of tolerance to noise. However, you’d get used to it after a while and may not even notice it’s there anymore.

  • An affordable price
  • Excellent waterproof function
  • Easy instructions and installation
  • An efficient and durable fridge fan
  • A bit noisy
Finally, I’d say the 12V Waterproof Fan is an excellent choice if you’re on a low budget. This product takes away all RV refrigeration problems and makes life easier.

10. Rodale E1503 Cooling Fan

Buying an RV refrigerator model that comes with an external cooling fan is always pretty convenient. But, what happens when it gets damaged, and you need a replacement? The Rodale E1503 Cooling Fan was made explicitly for this purpose.

For your information, this cooling fan is a perfect fit for your Dometic refrigerator. If the external fan installed in your fridge is broken, taking this model for replacement makes excellent sense.

The speed of this device is medium and enough to keep your refrigerator constantly cold. Hence, you can preserve food and have cold beverages readily available.

Installing this device is pretty simple too. Swapping this fan with the old unit on your Dometic refrigerator would be effortless as its wiring is precisely the same.

When connected to your RV power source through its 12V DC cable connections, it doesn’t consume much power. To enhance power management on your RV, you could connect the Rodale fridge fan to a thermostat to automatically limit its usage to when necessary.

A downside to having this device is that it’s a bit noisy. When you consider the benefits of having this fridge fan, you’d realize it’s still worth keeping.

  • Direct replacement for Dometic refrigerator fans
  • Breezy installation
  • An efficient fridge fan
  • Low power consumption
  • A little noisy
The Rodale E1503 Cooling Fan is a simple and very efficient product. It works for a variety of devices, offering a reliable cooling source

11. Coolerguys 120MM High Airflow Waterproof IP67 12v Fan

Coolerguys’ 120MM High Airflow Waterproof IP67 fan is indeed the perfect cooling solution for extreme conditions. It’s capable of keeping your RV refrigerator running at its ideal temperature and optimal speed at all times.

The resistance to extreme environmental conditions makes this fan the perfect choice for the roof vent or back cooling unit of your RV refrigerator. It can ultimately withstand dust and can be submerged underwater for up to 30 minutes!

With this fan installed in your fridge, you won’t have to worry about a rainy or dusty day on that trip due to its IP67 design technology.

In addition to the fact that it is completely dust-proof and waterproof, it’s also very long-lasting. Its durability is attributed to its dual ball bearings, which gives a projected life span of up to 67,000 hours, approximately seven years.

This Coolerguys device is also easy to install, and its standard three-pin native connector allows for easy adaptability with many refrigeration systems. If you have any challenges in installation, their support team is readily available to put you through.

Furthermore, its corners are padded in silicon rubber to keep the fan stable, reduce noise from vibration, create additional grip, and protect the surface of your refrigerator from scratches when it is mounted.

This highly efficient device is capable of moving a large amount of air while only consuming a little amount of power. You could connect them to your RV’s power source or a solar panel with its 12v DC connection, although the fans may not run on full speed depending on the solar panel’s output.

There is also a pre-set thermal controller to help turn the device on or off when needed.

This device would have been entirely flawless if not for the humming sounds it produces.

  • Water and dust resistant
  • Long-lasting
  • Easy to install
  • Ample airflow with low power consumption
  • Pre-set thermal controller
  • A little bit noisy
I would very much recommend this all-in-one cooling fan to anyone in search of a permanent solution to their RV refrigeration problems.

What to Look for When Buying an RV Refrigerator Fan


Before you get too excited and make a rash purchase, you must have in mind that several factors could make or break your refrigeration unit’s efficiency in your RV. There are several brands of RV fridge fans, each with its prominent features over the other. Choosing the perfect one for you may be a bit confusing. Nevertheless, here’s a guide to help you make the right choice.

  • Control

Although all RV fridge fans perform the same function of cooling down your RV, not all do so to make things convenient enough for you. Thermostatically controlled RV fridge fans take away the hassle of switching it off and on when required, as they often come with temperature sensor controls to do this automatically.

It is always better to get one that additionally comes with an override switch to turn it off or on whenever you choose.

  • Power source

You should also consider whether the fan is battery operated or comes with 12v DC cable connections. Battery operated RV fridge fans are great in conserving power in your RV. Still, the batteries are designed to last only for a particular period, which may be difficult to replace.

Also, the 12v DC operated models can last longer, but tap off energy from your RV. Battery operated fans are great for short vacations, but if you intend running your RV for months, I would recommend you get the 12v DC models. Many of them are solar-compatible, enabling you to conserve your RV energy. If noise may be an issue for you, you should look out for RV fridge fans that operate quietly.

  • Design

Another essential factor to consider when buying an RV fridge fan is its design. They come in different sizes, mostly between 70mm – 200mm. Although the size doesn’t affect its efficiency in many cases, it’s always preferable to get a smaller size to fit it into small spaces easily. Many small-sized fans now come with double racks, giving double the cooling effect.

Most people don’t take note of the material used in building the fan. Not all fans can withstand continuous heat and rain. The IP55 fans, for example, are both dustproof and waterproof, significantly increasing its durability. Aluminum bodied fans are also a good choice.

  • Installation method

Installation may pose an issue if you are not technically inclined. Improper installation reduces the fan’s efficiency, or worse, damages it. Unless you have someone’s help, it is always best to buy RV fridge fans that are easy to install. Fans that come with rack hooks for installation are still preferable.

  • Size

There are different sizes of refrigerator fans for different fridge models, so check what matches your fridge. There are also some fans you can simply place inside the refrigerator to help improve the airflow.

  • Warranty

Anything could go wrong, and replacement guarantees are always reassuring. The longer the warranty period, the safer it is. It’s important to make sure a company’s warranty policies suit you before making that purchase.

  • Other features

It would be great if you could get an RV cooling fan with extra features, such as a thermostat and on/off switches. Some fans even have waterproof and dustproof features, which would allow them to work longer than regular ones.

Other Important Factors to Consider


What is a refrigerator fan for RV?

A refrigerator fan for RV is a small device built to help your RV refrigerator run more efficiently. An RV refrigerator is not like a residential refrigerator. It uses a heat absorption mechanism that requires removing the absorption unit’s heat through chemicals and air circulation.

Anyone who uses an absorption refrigerator, which is the kind we have in our RVs, knows that the hotter the weather gets, the less efficient the fridge operates.

Basically, storing your food and getting drinks cold in an RV refrigerator gets more difficult in the hot weather. One of the simplest and most effective methods to improve ventilation in your refrigerator is installing an RV refrigerator circulating fan.

How do RV refrigerator fans work?

An RV refrigerator fan could be installed on the inside or outside of an RV refrigerator. Fans installed inside an RV refrigerator improve efficiency by distributing the cold air around the fridge. With a fan mounted on the evaporator coil and continually running, you will observe that your entire fridge is cool.

RV fridge fans installed on the outside function to cool the gas absorption unit of the refrigerator itself. A cooling unit is usually attached to the back of an absorption refrigerator, and this works by heating a tank of ammonia, which turns from gas to liquid.

The whole process cools the refrigerator, but the heat generated must be removed by airflow from the back of the fridge through convection. However, in hot weather, convection alone is not sufficient to remove this heat.

So, a fan can be placed at the back of the cooling unit or at the roof vent to aid the flow. Thermostatically controlled RV fridge fans turn on automatically once the temperature reaches 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Most times, using both an internal and external fan at the same time works better.

What are the different types of RV refrigerator fans?

Classification of RV refrigerator fans can be made based on the power source. They are powered by either D batteries or a 12v DC power source. Refrigerator fans for RV that run on batteries require one or two D batteries and last between two weeks to one month, after which a battery replacement would be needed. Fans of this kind need to be monitored frequently. Forgetting to turn off the fan when it is not in use, could cause you to replace its battery frequently.

A 12v DC powered RV refrigerator fan, on the other hand, is permanently mounted. It is either connected to a solar panel or the RV power source. It usually comes with a thermostat that senses the environment’s temperature and turns the fan on or off as needed. With this, you don’t need to monitor your fan frequently. An override switch could also be wired into the fan’s power supply, so you have control over the fan when it is on.

RV refrigerator fans could also come in single, double, or triple racks. The double and triple fan racks are most often connected to the RV’s power source or a solar panel, as it usually requires a more considerable amount of power to run.

Why do you need a refrigerator fan for RV?

Picture a sweltering day on a trip. Your temps are up, and your RV refrigerator is working harder than ever to keep your food and drinks cold. You reach inside your fridge for a chill drink, but then you realize your drink isn’t as cool as you’d hoped, and neither is your food. What is happening? Your RV refrigerator is simply having a hard time expelling all the heat, and what you need is a cooling fan.

There are countless benefits you get from having an RV fridge fan installed on your RV refrigerator. Refrigeration is essential, and an RV fridge fan brings out the best in your refrigerator.

An efficient RV refrigerator allows you to buy groceries, as it keeps food fresher for a more extended period. This helps you save money. An RV refrigerator that works to its full capacity also keeps beverages more refreshing. If your refrigerator has a freezer, it lets you make ice instead of buying it.

In short, having a refrigerator fan for RV installed in your fridge makes life on the road much more convenient.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How do I make my RV refrigerator cooler?

There are several tips you could employ to get your RV refrigerator to cool better. Some of them include shading the fridge side of your RV, maintaining 12 volts house power in your RV, loading or restocking with frozen products, monitoring your fridge’s temperature, checking the door seal of your refrigerator, and installing a refrigerator fan.

The most reliable method is to fix an RV refrigerator fan to the internal or external of your RV refrigerator. With the right refrigerator fan installed, you won’t have to ever worry about RV refrigerator cooling problems. Sometimes, combining a fridge fan with one or two of the other cooling methods gives a better result.

Do RV refrigerator fans work?

Yes, RV refrigerator fans work. These gadgets work like the cooling fans people use to dissipate heat from their laptops and computers, promoting more efficient device operation.

Hence, installing a fan for RV fridge drives excess heat away from the refrigerator to stabilize the fridge’s cooling function. It preserves optimal refrigerator operation, allowing RV owners to enjoy cooler food and beverages.

RV refrigerators are a little different from household fridges; they do not rely on compressors. Instead, an RV 12v fridge is a heat absorption system and uses chemicals to absorb warm air from the refrigerator’s interior. The air goes to a condenser and combines with hydrogen gas for evaporation, leading to the refrigerator’s cooling effect.

A refrigerator circulation fan ensures continuous efficient circulation of the chemicals throughout the fridge. It is especially advantageous in hot weather because heat can enter the fridge faster than the system’s ability to remove it.

RV fridge fans also move cool air around the appliance’s exterior to help improve cooling efficiency and minimize the impact of external heat.

Where does an RV refrigerator fan go?

An RV refrigerator can go into the fridge’s interior or exterior, depending on the RV fridge fan type.

RV refrigerators often have protruding fins inside the appliances, absorbing heat. Hence, people can install an RV refrigerator fin fan inside the fridge in front of the fins. Most people like to use a 12-volt cooling fan for this. Some RV fridge fans of this type can also sit on a platform inside the refrigerator.

The other type of RV refrigerator fan are vents that pull hot air around the appliance’s exterior and channel it outside the motorhome. Most products are on the RV fridge’s backside, between the refrigerator and the RV wall. Some people also install these devices on the RV’s exterior or roof vent.

Interestingly, more and more RV owners are installing a 12 volt thermostatically controlled refrigerator vent fan to make device operation and maintenance hassle-free.

How do I make my RV fridge cool faster?

Usually, an RV refrigerator takes between 4-6 hours to get cold enough. Installing an RV fridge fan reduces this initial cooling time by 50%. Some super-efficient RV fridge fan models get your RV refrigerator cold in as fast as thirty minutes.

In addition to having a refrigerator fan for RV installed, there are other methods you could apply to get even faster results. The two most important ones are cleaning your RV refrigerator coils and keeping your RV fridge door closed most of the time. Remember that for every minute the refrigerator door is left open, it takes about 1 hour for it to recover that cold temperature completely.

To help ensure your RV fridge door is closed most of the time, it is always helpful to organize your items, so you know exactly where to pick from once you open it. This simple act reduces the amount of time you leave your fridge open, saving that sweet cold air.

Where should a refrigerator fan be placed?

Choosing where to place a refrigerator fan requires an understanding of how an RV fridge works. RV refrigerators are different from household units. These RV appliances rely on convection to move hot air from the fridge’s interior instead of depending on a compressor and condenser to cool the box.

Hence, it would be best to place the fan in a location where it can promote efficient airflow (read, hot air).

One can place an RV fridge fan kit in front of the refrigerator’s evaporator fins inside the fridge box. This placement allows the appliance to cool faster without freezing.

RV owners can also choose to install a battery operated RV fridge fan outside the refrigerator, often in front of a fridge vent. Some people also position the refrigerator fan on an RV wall or roof vent.

How to install an RV fridge fan?

Installing an RV fridge fan is not as complicated as some people think. One only needs an auxiliary cooling fan that fits in the refrigerator. It would be best to buy a complete kit to eliminate spending on other materials.

  1. Turn off the power to the RV refrigerator since this activity requires connecting the RV fridge fan’s wires to the refrigerator’s interior light wiring. Leave the fridge off for at least 24 hours to ensure a dry surface.
  2. Remove any food items in front of the evaporator fins, if any.
  3. Center the RV fridge cooling fan in front of the evaporator fins and secure it with the accompanying hardware. Most products come with clips that fasten the fridge fan to the fins. Moreover, the connection serves as a ground for the setup.
  4. Open the RV refrigerator interior light and run the RV fridge fan’s positive wire to make a connection.
  5. Return the interior light cover and check the setup for stability.
  6. Power on the refrigerator and turn on the RV fridge fan.

What temperature should my RV refrigerator be?

To protect the food stored in your RV refrigerator, the temperature inside your fridge needs to be between 34 degrees to 43 degrees Fahrenheit. Once the temperature gets to 37 degrees Fahrenheit and below, some items like veggies, eggs, fruits, and more, kept inside your refrigerator, will begin to freeze. With some refrigerators, you can further place some of these food items from the cooling source to prevent them from icing up. Usually, though, the fridge would be too small.

An excellent way to easily monitor that temperature is by placing a thermometer or thermostat within your RV fridge. Some 12 volt RV refrigerator fans include this in their kit; some don’t.

How do I install and use an RV refrigerator cooling fan?

A battery-operated RV refrigerator fan doesn’t require much to install, as it only needs to be placed at the bottom shelf of your refrigerator to circulate cold air upwards. 12V DC fans, on the other hand, could be a bit complex to install, depending on the model.

They need to be installed on your RV’s refrigerator vent. The refrigerator of your RV vents out to the RV roof or your RV’s side in slide-out mounted fridges. RV fridge fans of this nature work by expelling excess heat from your refrigerator, leaving it cooler.

Instructions for installation often come with the package of the RV refrigerator fan kit. Nevertheless, installing an RV fridge fan generally involves running the fan wire from the controlling box to the fan location. The fan wire is attached to the fan.

For models that come with a thermostat, the thermostat wire will also have to be run from the controller box to the fan location. The cable of the thermostat should be placed between or near the cooling fins of the refrigerator. The final step would be to locate a 12V power source. A positive and negative connection to the controller often completes the installation.

Using an RV fridge fan is pretty straightforward. For battery-operated fans, you could let it run continuously or switch it off and on when necessary. Most 12V DC operated fans come with a thermostat that helps detect when it needs to be switched off or on, and does it for you at pre-set temperatures. You could also attach a switch to this kind of RV fridge fan, to override the thermostat control when necessary.


With several excellent RV fridge fans available and more being produced, keeping your RV refrigerator constantly cool has never been easier. For just a few dollars, you could make your motorhome more conducive. Aside from keeping your drinks cool for a hot summer adventure, you can also avoid food spoilage.

While this is great news, you still have to consider a couple of options before making that final purchase for a fridge fan. To get the most out of your money, keep the key factors I mentioned above in mind, and you’ll be on your way to finding the best RV refrigerator fan that fits your needs.

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