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The Best RV Roof Cleaners: Use for Any RV Roof Materials

Written by Stephen Ryan / Fact checked by William Turner

When driving your RV around, one of the last things you’re thinking about is your RV’s roof. It’s often the most neglected part of your RV. Let’s be honest; you’re probably a lot more worried about your tires and brakes breaking down.

However, if you don’t keep your RV’s roof in pristine condition, you run the risk of facing a severe issue: water damage. And nobody wants to pay the outrageous money that fixing water damage costs.

Best RV Roof Cleaner

Due to this, it’s essential you have the best RV roof cleaner and protectant available at your disposal. It will help make sure your RV’s roof stays in tip-top shape and doesn’t fail victim to the horrors that water damage can provide.

Luckily for you, this article will go over all the information about RV roof cleaners that you’ll need to decide what is the right RV roof cleaner for you.

In fact, we’ll even give you detailed reviews concerning what we consider the best RV cleaners and protectants on the market. And with all this information, you shouldn’t have any issues keeping your RV’s roof in incredible shape for years to come.

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Table of Contents

11 Best Cleaner for RV Roof Reviews 2023

As promised above, this section will be full of product reviews discussing the high-quality RV roof cleaners and protectants on the market to make sure your RV’s roof stay in perfect condition.

1. Wet & Forget Outdoor Multi-Surface Ready-to-Use Cleaner

The Wet & Forget Outdoor Multi-Surface formula is a decent cleaner for RV roof systems, upholstery, fountains, porch steps, concrete, canvas, and other surfaces.

It comes with a zero-dilution formulation, enabling RV owners to go straight to cleaning their RV roofs right after unboxing this product.

I like this cleaner because it does not require much preparation to use. Most roof cleaners need mixing with water to achieve the desired strength, which some people can get wrong.

I also appreciate its multi-surface formulation. I can use it as an RV aluminum roof cleaner without worries; it works on clay, fiberglass, and asphalt as well. There’s a detachable sprayer with a hose conveying the cleaner to the spout, allowing users to clean hard-to-reach areas.

My favorite is this product’s ability to remove algae, mold, mildew, and moss off surfaces. However, I must reiterate that its removal capability does not happen overnight. It will take a week or two to make an algae-covered surface spot-free. Nevertheless, it works!

A 64-ounce bottle of this product is enough to clean 60 to 180 square feet of campers heavily covered with moss, algae, or mold.

The only downside I see with this RV roof mold cleaner is the risk of skin irritation it can give some people. This product’s active ingredient is alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride.

Although it is not volatile, I advise users to wear gloves when working with this cleaner. Goggles can also protect the eyes from errant sprays or accidental splashes.

This product is perfect for removing fungal growth in RV roofs and other surfaces, making it a good choice for wise RVers.
  • Ready-to-use formulation for convenience
  • Effective against various surfaces (asphalt, canvas, etc) for exceptional versatility
  • Recommended for mold, algae, and mildew stain removal
  • Integrated sprayer with hose for easier application
  • Sufficient for 60 to 180 square feet of heavily-stained surfaces
  • Can irritate the skin of some people

2. Camco 41453 Pro-Tec Pro-Strength Rubber Roof Care System

Our first product, Camco Pro-Tech Pro-Strenght Rubber Roof Care, is from an incredible company called Camco. And this product doesn’t do anything but enhance their reputation.

For instance, this product comes with the inclusion of both a cleaner and a protectant, which is a feature I love. It avoids the nuisance of trying to find a protectant after buying the cleaner.

Also, I love the way the product protects the roof from those UV rays that can cause so much damage. For me, this aspect is terrific because I have a hard time finding a cool out of sun’s place to store my RV.

Besides being extremely formidable against the sun’s rays, it does a great job getting rid of the substances that often end up on top of your roof: tree sap, grime, bird droppings, etc.

It’s also shown an excellent ability to get rid of those awful streaks that every RV owner hates. In fact, I’m confident my RV’s roof would look sparkly clean with this product.

And it all comes at a price that’s manageable, especially, considering it comes with the additional protectant. In any estimate, I think everyone would find this product to be a complete bargain.

However, as an environmentally conscious individual, I don’t like the fact that it isn’t biodegradable. Honestly, I’m a very clumsy person, and I’m going to spill the product eventually.

Due to this, I need a product that I know will break down naturally. It’s a must for me in my search for a top-notch RV roof cleaner.

  • Two-step treatment that helps reduce future issues and maintenance
  • Provides UV protection and dirt resistance
  • Inexpensive
  • Gets rid of all those nasty substances like tree sap and road grime
  • Reduces the risk of getting those streaks that every RV owner despises
  • Not biodegradable

3. Dicor Rubber Roof Cleaner

Our first of two Dicor products, the Dicor RV Roof Cleaner, it’s an extraordinarily versatile and top of line product. In fact, this RV roof cleaner can be used on any RV roof in existence, whether it’s rubber, vinyl, fiberglass, or aluminum; it doesn’t matter.

As an RV owner, I find this ability kind of hard to believe because there are just so many products out designed specifically for cleaning a specific roof. However, several reviews back up its ability to clean any RV roof.

Along with being extremely versatile, it ’s also handy at its job as it removes dirt and debris at rapid rates. Honestly, this product is almost magic-like in making your RV roof looking completely spotless.

Although I was shocked at its versatility and effectiveness, I was more shocked that it’s affordable. But I guess you don’t have to charge as much when your product’s appeal has a broader audience than a specially designed roof cleaner.

Furthermore, I adore that it’s easy to use. I mean, the product could be the best in the world, but if I can’t grasp how to use it correctly, it becomes useless. Since this roof cleaner is a simple spray and mop product, this scenario isn’t at play here.

Also, it makes sure my clumsiness doesn’t become a problem by being biodegradable. But there’s a small, and I mean small. Unlike some cleaners on this list, it does require a rinse off after use, which means there’s little more labor in the cleaning process.

But with this product, I don’t think I’d mind. It just has too much going for it with all the features and overall convenience.

  • Removes all dirt and debris
  • Can be used on all RV roofs
  • Easy to use
  • Very affordable
  • Biodegradable
  • Requires a rinse off

4. Protect All Rubber Roof Cleaner

The Protect All Rubber Roof Cleaner is another outstanding, high-quality product worthy of your consideration. In fact, I’d bet any RV owner would love this product because of the fantastic results it offers.

As you can see from numerous reviews, it’s a proven commodity in removing all grime and roof chalk from your roof. When considering a product, I always like seeing other customers who praise its quality.

It gives me confidence that this product will do what it’s made to do. And since it’s biodegradable, I don’t have to worry about negatively affecting the environment with my clumsiness.

The simple application is something that also appeals to me. I don’t like complicated mechanical things. Honestly, they give me a lot of stress, and I often start throwing stuff around like a madman.

But with this product, I don’t think I’d even get stressed using this cleaner. It’s pretty much a simple spray, mop, and let the air dry to reveal an entirely squeaky-clean RV roof.

Additionally, it doesn’t even require a rinse after the cleaning is done, which I find to be an incredibly convenient and valuable feature. Honestly, I’m just looking for something that won’t be too complicated and gets my RV roof clean; this product seems to cover those two basic needs.

And the price for covering those needs isn’t exactly bank account breaking. In fact, it’s almost a downright steal compared to other products in the RV roof cleaner market.

However, there’s always a downfall to a convenient product such as this cleaner. And the downfall here is the manual labor that this cleaner requires. It’s a very time-consuming process and doesn’t appeal very reasonably to lazy people like me.

In this case, though, I’d be happy to suck it up.

  • Quickly and efficiently gets rid of all the grime and roof chalk
  • Biodegradable
  • Simple application
  • Affordable
  • Provides a rinse-free cleaning
  • The cleaning process can be quite time-consuming

5. Protect All Rubber Roof Treatment

Unlike the two products above it, the Protect All Rubber Roof Treatment is all about preventing the roof from becoming an issue in the first place. It’s our first protectant on the list, and it does its job swimmingly.

For example, the protection it provides against damaging UV rays is second to none. In conjunction with another RV roof cleaner on this list, I’d bet your RV roof stays in excellent shape for years to come.

Additionally, it makes sure grime and dirt don’t pile on top of your roof during the 3 or 4 months between cleanings. There’s nothing worse than checking the top of your RV roof and finding just a massive build-up of dirt.

With this protectant, I’d imagine this would never happen. I also love how it reduces the time that future cleanups will take by keeping the issues down to a minimum between cleanings.

Honestly, a protectant like this would drastically speed up everything about keeping my roof clean, especially, with how easy it’s to use. I mean, all you have to do is apply it on the roof and spread it around with a mop; simple.

Further increasing its versatility, it ability to reduces the risk the of chalk buildup makes sure your RV roof will avoid those ugly gray streaks that ruin the appearance of your roof. In any aspect, this protectant appears to be a high-quality product.

But there’s a price you have to pay for investing in a high-quality product like this one, and it’s a rather high one. For me, it’s way above my price range considering I’d have to buy an RV roof cleaner as well.
  • Repels grime and dirt
  • Protects against UV light and other sun damage
  • Reduces the need for future maintenance
  • Simple application
  • Makes future cleanups easier
  • Expensive

6. B.E.S.T. Rubber Roof Cleaner/Protectant

The B.E.S.T. Rubber Roof Cleaner/Protectant is a unique product compared to the others on this list. It’s unique because it’s both a cleaner and a protectant in one application; pretty convenient right?

And convenience isn’t the only thing this product excels in; it’s top notch in both the things it claims it can do, cleaning and protecting. Therefore, you won’t be surprised when I say I love everything about it except one little issue I’ll get to later.

But first, there’s the matter how incredible this product is at stopping pesky mold from growing on your roof. As mentioned in the intro, one of the very things you’re trying to prevent is water damage and with water damage comes mold.

This product makes sure mold never becomes a problem by protecting against it and stopping already existing mold from growing. And mold isn’t the only thing it gets rid of; streaks and oxidation don’t stand a chance either.

Add in the UV blocker it has and I’d say you B.E.S.T. have made the perfect product. It’s even reasonably priced for all us looking for a bargain. So, you must be asking what the issue is? What’s the catch?

Well, it’s reasonably priced for a rather disappointing and straightforward reason: it’s not biodegradable, and with that, I can’t in good conscience buy it. As I previously explained, I’m a rather clumsy human being, and this product in my hands would be a disaster for the ground below me.

However, for someone who isn’t as clumsy or careless, this product is everything you’re looking for in an RV roof cleaner. There’s no reason you shouldn’t already have this product in your Amazon cart.
  • Both cleans and protects your RV’s roof
  • Prevents mold from growing
  • Low priced
  • Cleans streaks and oxidation quickly and effectively
  • UV blocker included to protect your Rv against those damaging UV rays
  • Isn’t biodegradable

7. Dicor Roof Gard Rubber Protectant

Our second protectant and Dicor product on this list, the Dicor Roof Gard Rubber Protectant, keeps the Dicor reputation alive and well. See, it’s a top end product that any RV owner needs to consider getting.

For instance, it can be used on any roof surface, not just rubber like the other protectant on this list. Therefore, if you have a fiberglass RV roof, you shouldn’t feel any qualms about using this top end product to protect against oxidation. And it does protect against oxidation superbly.

Likewise, I also like how well it does with fighting against those pesky substances like grime and bird droppings that are awful nuisances for any RV owner. After all, nobody likes climbing up to their roof and seeing a bunch of grime and dirt. It’s just not what you want.

With this protectant, there would be a lot less of these substances in your life and on your RV’s roof. Furthermore, it doesn’t allow oil or residue-build up either, which can also make an RV owner’s life a living nightmare.

Thankfully, even with all this protectant can do for you, it’s price isn’t anything extensive and falls right in where I’d consider affordable. Again, Dicor helps it’s customers out by being gracious and keeping the price at bargain levels.

Overall, this product is insanely great at what it’s meant to do though I wouldn’t expect anything else from something created by a company like Dicor.

But there was one small concern I kept coming across in my research; some customers complained that it didn’t do well under constant exposure to the sun. And as some who doesn’t always find a nice cold place to store my RV, this could be very problematic.
  • Can be used on any surface: fiberglass, rubber, or vinyl
  • Protects all surfaces from grime and other nasty substances
  • Prevents oxidation, drying, or cracking of your roof
  • Protection against UV rays
  • Doesn’t allow oil or residue build-up
  • Affordable
  • Some customers complained about it not being able to withstand all-day exposure to the sun

8. Gel-Gloss RV Wash Wax

The Gel-Gloss RV Wash Wax is the most useful product on this list because it works on all surfaces. In other words, it will clean every part of your RV from the roof to awning.

In doing so, it will clean any part of your RV with a pristine wash that will leave you more than happy. In fact, you’ll probably be ambivalent. I know, I’d find it extremely helpful to have a product that could handle washing my entire RV.

And not only does it wash, but it also waxes every part of RV. Due to this, You’ll never have a non-shiny part of your RV again. Wouldn’t it be nice to bring back your RV’s former glory? I would think so.

Besides giving your RV a much needed clean and wax, it also can be used on other vehicles too such as boats or cars. This usefulness speaks to the overall quality of this cleaner.

Regardless, you’re probably worried that using this product causes streaking or water spots, but to my shock, it doesn’t. In all honesty, it’s a great product that comes at a rather low price, and it checks the biodegradable box as well.

But for some reason, Gel-Gloss’ customers have had issues with the cleaners shipping packaging. Multiple reviews complained about the cleaner leaking into the shipping box.

This issue isn’t something you’d expect with a high-quality product like this one. It just seems lazy on the part of Gel-Gloss. But if this issue is the only one, I can’t take them out of consideration because their product is incredible.

  • Biodegradable
  • Works on all surfaces
  • Can be used on other vehicles such as boats or cars
  • Both waxes and cleans in a single step
  • Doesn’t cause streaking or water-spotting from its use
  • Extremely affordable
  • Customers complained about the packaging with multiple reports of leaking into the shipping box

9. Thetford Premium Rubber Roof Cleaner

Another handy product is the Thetford Rubber Roof Cleaner, which any RV owner should consider buying. It has a variety of features that make it irreplaceable for any person wise enough to buy one.

For example, it’s safe to use on any RV roof; from fiberglass to rubber, this cleaner will make any RV roof sparkle. And that’s not the only thing I love about this product.

It also has an active UV blocker to keep those sunrays away from your precious RV roof. As someone who’s continuously driving their RV, this feature will help prevent my RV’s roof from becoming too problematic.

Along the same lines, it’s incredibly efficient at getting rid of those dirt, grease, and grime build-ups that haunt many RV’s roofs. It’s just effective at the job it’s supposed to do.

And honestly, all an RV owner’s looking for out of his or her roof cleaner is something that will do the very job it was created to do. You’d be surprised how rare it’s to find a roof cleaner that will clean your roof completely.

Well, look no further because this roof cleaner will definitely make sure your roof is clean. However, some customers did complain that they didn’t see much of a different result from using this product and regular cleaning supply like Dawn.

In this respect, it was a little disappointing to see some customers have this reaction but it was a complaint in a sea of praise from other customers saying how good a job this product did.

With this in mind, I’d probably test it myself. After all, the cost is quite affordable and worth the risk.

  • Cleans any RV roof: rubber, fiberglass, vinyl, or aluminum
  • Active UV blocker to make those damaging sunrays less of a problem
  • Gets rid of those pesky bird droppings or dirt build-ups
  • Incredibly affordable
  • Biodegradable
  • Some customers didn’t see much difference in results from this and using regular cleaning products

10. Dometic RV Roof Cleaner

The Dometic RV Roof Cleaner is another product that’s usable on any RV roof. Therefore, any RV owner could benefit from buying this product. It embodies the concept of being an adaptable appliance.

When you consider it can be used on the rest of RV as well, it’s adaptability continues to shine through. It seems Dometic just wanted to make the most practical RV cleaner possible.

In doing so, they even added a unique feature that none of the other products on this list has; it helps get rid of the waste tank odors that can come from your RV. This feature is definitely a nice touch.

Otherwise, this RV roof cleaner is rather ordinary, but that doesn’t mean it’s not quality. See, I love how amazingly efficient at removing dirt, oxidation, and black streaks from your RV’s roof.

And it covers my must-have feature of being biodegradable. So, it’s unquestionably a product I’d consider in my search for the perfect RV roof cleaner. Honestly, it’s just a nice, standard option that isn’t complicated to use.

With it being a rather standard option, it shouldn’t come as a surprise it’s very affordable and could be saw as a bargain for the right RV owner. For me, it’d be near the top of my list just because of practicality.

But one place where this cleaner’s lacking is its protection against those pesky UV rays. And I can’t see myself buying an RV roof cleaner without some UV protection.

Given the amount of time I expect my RV to be in the sun, It just wouldn’t be a smart purchase.

  • Useable on all types of roofs
  • You can use it to wash the rest of your RV too.
  • Biodegradable
  • Affordable
  • Gets rid of waste tank odors
  • Removes all dirt, oxidation, and black streaks without any issues
  • Doesn’t have UV protection

11. Camco Pro Strength Rubber Cleaner

Our last and second Camco product, Camco rubber roof cleaner and conditioner reviews, proudly carries Camco’s reputation as a top of line manufacturer. See, with its simple one-step application, it’s incredibly easy to use.

Along with being easy to use, I like how great it’s at getting rid of those nasty substances that never seem to go away such as tree sap. Nothing’s more satisfying than a cleaner that actually gets rid of the stuff you need to be gone.

Furthermore, It also conditions your roof as its specially formulated blend of surfactants and conditioners. In other words, it’ll make sure it gets all the dirt and other issue causing substances off your roof.

But the one thing I love about this product is the way it protects against future damage.  It’s always nice to have some protection that makes sure future cleanups don’t become as invasive as the first one.

With all this in mind, it’s a little surprising how affordable this roof cleaner is; it’s a real bargain for any RV owner. But being a bargain doesn’t mean there aren’t issues with the overall product.

For example, multiple customers have complained about the shipping packaging being subpar. See, there have been complaints about the boxes being torn and the cleaner leaking out.

Just like my reaction to the Gel-Gloss product above, this isn’t what you’d expect from a top-tier company like Camco. It’s a little disappointing; however, it wouldn’t keep me from considering their awesome product.

  • One step application
  • Cleans and conditions your roof
  • Insanely affordable
  • Gets rid of tree sap without issue
  • Provides protection from future damage
  • Some customers reported packaging issues

What to Look for When Buying an RV Roof Cleaner


Before buying a RV roof cleaner, there are many things you must think about. And in this section, we’ll cover these things to help you decide which RV roof cleaner fits your particular needs the best.

Type of Roof

In the RV world, there are many different types of roofs. However, two main ones that basically cover all the RVs in the world: rubber and fiberglass.

Now, there are two different types of rubber roofs, EPMD RV roof (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) and TPO RV roof (Thermal Poly Olefin). So, it’s incredibly important you read your RV’s manual to ensure you know your RV’s type of roof.

Once you know your roof’s type, you can match it to the right cleaner. See, certain cleaners don’t mix well with specific roofs. Therefore, you must know your roof’s style so you can confidently know what roof cleaner you need.

After all, you don’t want to use the best RV rubber roof cleaner and conditioner on a fiberglass roof that’s just not a good idea. In fact, it’ll probably cause some damage to your beautiful fiberglass roof.

Instead, try finding an RV roof cleaner that can work on any roof then use that on your fiberglass roof; same goes for the RV owners with the rare aluminum or vinyl roof.

If that sounds confusing, go back to our product review section. As you’ll see, some have the capabilities of working on any roof. Trust me; it can be very damaging if you use the wrong cleaner on the wrong kind of roof.


As consumers, we all love-buying products with many different features, but in a roof cleaner case, there aren’t many features to choose from; I mean, it’s a cleaner after all. However, there are some decisions you have to make regarding what you want in your RV roof cleaner.

For example, do you want to buy a roof cleaner that comes in a bundle with an additional protectant also called a two-step treatment; our first product in the product review section would be an example.

Or do you want a cleaner that has both a protectant and cleaner aspect infused in one product?  For example,  B.E.S.T.  Rubber Roof Cleaner/Protectant from our product review section would be an example.

Otherwise, you should make sure the cleaner is advertised to help protect your RV against things like sun, heat, rain, other weather damage. It’s just another layer of trying to keep your RV’s roof in the best shape possible.

In the end, choosing a cleaner is about trying to figure out which product would be most convenient for you. Realistically, you need to find a roof cleaner that you find easy to use and works efficiently.

How Big is Your RV

This factor is a rather simple one. Don’t buy a roof cleaner in a quantity that can’t handle the size of your RV’s roof. For example, don’t buy a little spray bottle if your roof is 40ft long. It doesn’t make sense.

I mean, it might cover one cleaning but in 3 or 4 months you’re going to need another. And you’ll be on Amazon again buying another roof cleaner. It’s just a giant time waster that could have been prevented by buying a larger quantity in the first place.

Is it Biodegradable?

Let’s be honest; spills are a part of life. Most likely, you’re going to spill the cleaner on the ground at some point. As an environmental consequence person, I’d feel uncomfortable buying a cleaner that wasn’t biodegradable.

However, you might feel differently, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Honestly, I’m just prone to accidents like spilling roof cleaner, and you might not be. So, this issue of biodegradability comes down to what kind of product you prefer.

It’s just something to think about before you buy the roof cleaner you intend on using.

Other Important Factors to Consider

What is an RV roof cleaner?

RV roof cleaner is a product made specifically to keep your RV’s roof from becoming a headache for you. See, these cleaners main purpose is protecting your roof from the potential issues that arise during your many RV trips.

In the perfect world, you could leave your RV’s roof unattended for years, and it would be in excellent shape. However, this fantasy isn’t realistic, and you need products like these cleaners to help keep your RV’s roof from becoming a financial burden.

Due to this, manufacturers around the world start cultivating cleaning supplies specifically designed for RV’s roofs. As you probably know, an RV roof is a unique type of surface whether it’s rubber (EPMD or TPO) or fiberglass.

And cleaning it requires a cleaner designed for handling the unique terrain an RV roof embodies. So, it’s essential you find a top of line RV roof cleaner to help your RV last for a long time.

How does it work?

It depends on the cleaner. Some have a two-coat system where the first coat removes all the nuisance substances like dirt, grease, or other stains and the second coat reduces the risk of these substances returning.

Other RV roof cleaners are a simple straight to the point cleaners where you just spray and mop. It just depends on what features and other protections you’re looking for out of your RV cleaner.

Either way, the process of actually clean the RV roof isn’t that much different than what you’d do to clean the floors of your house. It’s relatively similar to what you’d expect from any other cleaning supply.

In the end, it’s about what you want out of your RV roof cleaner. Do you want a simple clean or do you want a cleaner that will help you protect against future issues?

These are the type of questions you’ll need to answer before figuring out what the best RV roof cleaner is for you. In my opinion, you should always opt for the cleaner that will help reduce the risk of having issues in the future.

Why do you need an RV roof cleaner?

As mentioned before, an RV roof left uncared for can cause a lot of issues and cost you a lot of money. Without regular cleaning, a roof can fall victim to things like water damage and eventually mold.

If these issues do present themselves, they’re expensive and take a lot of effort/labor to fix. Therefore, it makes no sense to let your roof becoming a mangled mess.

Instead, invest in some high-quality roof cleaner and wash those disgusting stains/issue-causing agents off your RV’s roof. Honestly, it doesn’t even take that much effort just a cleaning once every 3 to 4 months.

And with regular maintenance, your RV will look a lot nicer. I mean, don’t you want to be proud of the way your RV looks rather than paying for letting the roof deteriorate later. In reality, it’s just extremely cost-effective to buy some RV roof cleaner now instead of paying a truckload of money in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


As with any FAQs section, we’ll try to answer any remaining questions you have about RV roof cleaners.  Hopefully, this section will clear up any remaining concerns or doubts you have regarding these products.

How to clean your RV’s roof?

Well, it depends on the type of cleaner you decide on using. However, the general basics will look something like this fifteen-step process laid out by Wikihow. Yes, that seems like a lot of steps, but it’s not complicated I promise.

Of course, if you have a fiberglass roof make sure you don’t use an RV rubber roof cleaner. Instead, use what you’ve been using to wash the rest of the RV for fiberglass roofs or use one of usable on all roof products from our product review section.

Should you use a protectant after cleaning?

Yes, using a protectant after cleaning is highly recommended. It helps protect your RV’s roof against future issues and should keep your roof in quality shape until the next cleaning.

In fact, some of the cleaners on this list come with a second step containing a protectant for this exact reason. All in all, it’s about doing everything in your power to protect your RV against all the issues an unkempt roof can provide.

How much RV roof cleaner should I use?

How much RV fiberglass roof cleaner a motorhome owner must use depends on the manufacturer’s instructions. Roof cleaner products have different formulations, requiring different dilutions with water to achieve the correct solution for dissolving stains and removing roof surface contaminants.

For example, Simple Green recommends adding six ounces of its All-Purpose Cleaner for every eight cups of cold water to create an effective cleaning solution.

On the other hand, some roof cleaning products do not require dilution. For example, the Wet & Forget Multi-Surface Cleaner has a ready-to-use formulation. Hence, RV owners only need to use as much cleaner as necessary for the RV roof.

Unfortunately, cleaning does not end with removing stains and surface contaminants. Campers must also protect their motorhome roofs from further insults from the elements.

Hence, applying 16 to 20 ounces of an appropriate RV roof treatment after cleaning is crucial.

How can I know if my RV roof is EPDM or TPO?

The best way to know whether an RV has a thermal polyolefin (TPO) or ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) roof is by consulting the motorhome’s owner’s manual.

The reference material should have an accurate description of the RV roof. It might include recommendations for the most appropriate camper roof cleaner to use.

Alternatively, RV owners can check the overhead vent if the roof type information is unavailable in the manual. Remove the fasteners securing the roof vent before taking out the ring surrounding the vent trim.

Also, check the roofing material’s color on both sides. An EPDM roof will have black on one side and white or off-white on the other. On the other hand, a TPM roofing material will only have a single color for both sides.

RV owners must determine their roofing material because their choice of cleaners will depend on this information. For example, a cleaner for RV TPO roof might not be advisable on an EPDM roofing system because of the latter’s lower oil and solvent resistance compared to TPO.

How often do you use this product?

Depends on the RV and the cleaner, but a good average would be every three or four months. Think about it like an oil change., every once and while your RV’s roof will need a thorough cleaning to help keep it in fantastic shape.

After all, there’s no point in buying RV roof cleaner and letting your roof wither away into chaos by only using it once. So please, if you are reading this article, do yourself a favor and take time every three or four months to give your RV’s roof a proper cleaning.

I promise all I’m trying to do is save you some money and the hassle of a broken down roof.


With any of the cleaners in the product review section, you should have no trouble keeping your RV roof sparkly and clean. And with the information you learned about these products, there shouldn’t be an issue figuring out which one is the best RV roof cleaner for you.

After all, don’t you want to be proud of your squeaky clean RV roff rather than embarrassed by how dirtier it is; I know, I would. Just make sure you read the directions on the cleaner before using for peak performance!

We would like to thank you for reading this article. Find out more about how to choose the most popular RV wax with our reviews and ratings. Furthermore, please take a look at the most trusted RV roof coatings and sealants, RV caulks to choose the right one for your RV cleaning, storage and maintenance.

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