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The Best RV Security Systems to Keeping Your RV Protected

Written by Stephen Ryan / Fact checked by William Turner

RV security systems are a pivotal piece of keeping everyone on board your rig safe. It makes sense that RVers are always trying to find the best RV security system. However, they often run into problems because of how complicated these systems can get.

best rv security systems

It’s not uncommon for a rig owner to find themselves overwhelmed when choosing one. This frustration and stress are where our article comes into play. I’ll help relieve those feelings by offering some guidance about what to look for in these systems.

You can then use this information to ensure your search is a stress-free experience. So please, keep reading and let me help make this process a relatively straightforward one. It won’t be a decision that you end up regretting.

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Table of Contents

8 Best Security System for RV Reviews 2023

This section will contain 8 reviews of top-tier motorhome security systems. Each of these reviews will make it clear what a buyer should be looking for in one. It’ll ensure you can determine what a high-quality system is and is not.

1. CANARY CAN100USBK Indoor HD Security Camera

State-of-the-art RV alarm systems deliver high-quality video security images and monitor motorhome cabin parameters for safer and more comfortable RV living. RV owners can achieve these objectives with the CANARY CAN100USBK. It is a no-nonsense system for giving families peace of mind whenever they are on an adventure.

I like this RV security camera system because it adds a few decent features to industry-standard devices. It communicates seamlessly with Google Assistant and Alexa. It empowers users to create a smart motorhome, with different interconnected smart devices for more efficient operation and unsurpassed living comfort.

This RV security camera has multiple sensors that give families peace of mind about their motorhome’s ambient temperature, humidity, and air quality. The 1080p camera delivers exceptional images and provides outstanding motion activation and intelligent person detection. RV owners can also rest assured with this system’s activity zone masking and intuitive arm/disarm feature.

My favorite is this device’s 90-decibel alarm, loud enough to prevent burglars and thieves from going ahead with their dishonest intentions.

Some people might not like its style, but I love it. It complements my motorhome’s interior aesthetics. This device is also more effortless to set up than my previous system. Moreover, it comes free with premium service for up to a year.

My only concern with this product is its 147-degree field of view because I have seen some products with a 160-degree viewing angle. On the other hand, it is still better than the Ring RV security system (Spotlight model) with only 140 degrees.

  • 1080p camera with multiple integrated sensors (temperature, humidity, air)
  • Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant
  • 90-decibel, super-loud Burglar Alert Siren
  • Free one-year premium service
  • Aesthetically pleasing design
  • Hassle-free setup; with motion and person detectio
  • Field of view could be wider
I love this camera system because of its comprehensive motorhome security monitoring technologies at a price I consider a steal.

2. SimpliSafe Wireless RV Security System

Rig owners looking for a straightforward wireless option need to look at SimpliSafe’s Wireless RV Security System. This model is considered to be ready right out of the box for easy installation and usage.

It’s just a simple matter of plugging in the base station and setting up your sensors. Once they’re plugged in and set up, this system will begin to protect your rig without any issues. Its single burst technology created by Simplisafe for RV and home purposes can offer an impressive 1000 ft. of protection.

This protection will consist of several impressive features, such as a 95-decibel siren. It should be more than useful in alerting you to any potential situation. Robbers aren’t going to proceed any further with this alarm going off in their ears.

I was also pleased to see this system came with a panic button. It’ll allow users to alert and dispatch the police quietly by pushing a single button. It even has a silent panic option when triggering a loud siren isn’t an ideal move.

Rig owners will find themselves loving its other protection features, as well. It comes with entry sensors, a motion sensor, a yard sign, and window security stickers. Each of these additions will ensure your rig becomes an unappealing place for a thief.

But buyers will have to pay a significant amount of money for its services. This model happens to be the most expensive on our list by a wide margin. You’ll have to decide whether its more advanced and useful features are worth the extra cash.

  • Simple installation process
  • 1000 feet of protection
  • 95-decibel siren
  • Features a panic button with a silent panic option
  • Several protection features (entry sensors, a motion sensor, yard sign, etc.)
  • Not very affordable
I’d have no issues spending a little more money for this system’s level of protection. This system would ensure you always have a sense of safety during your trips. Honestly, there’s a lot of worse ways to spend your savings.

3. GE Personal RV Security Alarm System

GE’s Personal RV Security Window/Door Alarm System is one of the more versatile options on our list. This title comes from its five buying options, consisting of a 1-pack, 2-pack, 4-pack, 5-pack, and a 12-pack.

Any buyer shouldn’t have trouble finding an option which works for them. But its versatility isn’t the only area where this model excels. The system’s installation process happens to be one of the easiest among these products.

Multiple customers alluded to this benefit in their reviews. It seems to come from the installation requiring no wiring and all the necessary accessories being included. After all, buyers will receive mounting hardware, four batteries for each alarm, and easy-to-follow instructions with their purchase.

The product’s built-in low battery test button was another standout feature. Its inclusion makes checking the alarm’s remaining lifespan a simple task. As a result, buyers will have no issues figuring out whether their door/window alarms are still working correctly.

Its overall performance isn’t anything to dismiss, either. These alarms offer top-tier protection with a loud 120-decibel siren that’ll sound whenever a door opens unexpectedly. You can also adjust the siren with three settings: off, chime, and alarm.

However, some customers did find this alarm a little too loud. It was described as ear piercing in more than one review. It’s not a pleasant thing to wake up and hear at 3 am.

  • Five buying options: 1-pack, 2-pack, 4-pack, 5-pack, and 12-pack
  • Easy installation process (no wiring needed)
  • Includes mounting hardware, easy-to-follow directions, and four batteries
  • Built-in battery test button
  • Loud, 120-decibel adjustable siren (off, chime, alarm)
  • Some customers found the alarm a bit too loud
I will have no problem dealing with an ear-piercing alarm as long as it works. These alarms certainly fall into this category with their various impressive features. You can do a whole lot worse than these models from GE.

4. Toeeson Magnet Door Security Alarms

The Toeeson Magnet RV Door Security Alarms have an ultra-slim profile, ensuring they can blend into any environment. It’s why buyers have found them useful in various situations like offices, garages, dorm rooms, and RVs.

If you choose this option, it comes with four of these DIY motorhome alarms. There’s no wiring and screw needed to ensure users can set them up based on their preferences. Their entire installation process consists of mounting them on a door with some adhesive.

You can then expect them to work for a long time with their corrosion-resistant and high-temperature resistant construction. It makes them a durable, cost-effective purchase for whoever decides this option suits their needs.

Each of these four devices has an impressive alarm, as well. It comes with two adjustable settings (on and off) and a sound level of 120 decibels. As you know from previous reviews, this sound should be more than enough to scare off an intruder.

I was thrilled to see this option was available for an affordable price, as well. It would be a cost-effective move for me to use these devices as a Class A RV alarm system. There’s no reason to believe these alarms wouldn’t keep my valuables and everyone onboard safe.

It was a little disappointing that you can’t turn down their sound level. Anyone with sensitive ears should think about whether they can deal with the ultra-loud siren. This product would’ve been perfect with a third adjustable setting, such as a chime.

  • Low-profile designs
  • Four DIY motorhome alarms
  • Mountable with adhesive
  • Corrosion-resistant and high-temperature resistant construction
  • On/off settings, 120-decibel sirens
  • Lower price than most other models
  • Can’t turn the sound level down
If you aren’t worried about these devices being too loud, I can’t see another reason why anyone wouldn’t buy these alarms. They’re affordable, effective options capable of keeping a rig protected whenever it’s required. What more could a rig owner want?

5. BIBENE Door Alarm Security Kit

Buyers looking for an RV security alarm system with a more advanced design should consider BIBENE’s Door Alarm System Security DIY Kit. It offers an extensive amount of versatility with its DIY type of system.

This system comes with four different protection zones and four different modes (ordinary, emergency, doorbell, and welcome mode). You can utilize these aspects to build a DIY security system based on your particular needs.

The included equipment happens to be quite extensive, too. Rig owners will get a 2-in-1 host, four door/window sensors, a user manual, remote control, screws, tape, and batteries. BIBINE made sure to provide everything needed for making this system functional.

You’ll find its ability to locate what zone the alarm’s coming from appealing, as well. A triggered alarm going off will cause a corresponding LED indicator to flash on the system’s remote. It makes for a much more convenient using experience.

I was pleased to see this RV security alarm system comes with a four-digit passcode that’s needed when disarming the system. As a result, it becomes a lot more challenging for an intruder to bypass it.

A few customers did have issues following the included instructions, though. It seems BIBENE didn’t put much effort into proofreading them before selling this system. It could make this product a bit of a tough sell for anyone who’s not used to using security systems.

  • Four-zone/mode protection system
  • Includes all hardware needed for setup and usage
  • Locates exact alarming area
  • Requires a four-digit passcode for disarming
  • Some customers had trouble following the instructions
The instructions issue isn’t a massive deal because buyers can always hire a professional to set up their systems. It would end up being more than worth it, considering the extensive protection provided by this option.

6. Blink RV Security Camera System

Rig owners looking to monitor their RVs and pets when in storage or away should consider buying Blink’s RV Security Camera System. It offers several features capable of ensuring nobody messes with your rig, such as its built-in motion sensor alarm.

You can expect this alarm to trigger when it detects unexpected motion. It will then allow this system’s dual Wi-Fi cameras to send your phone an alert and record a short clip. You’ll have all the evidence needed to catch the would-be intruder.

The two-year battery lifespan of these cameras is quite impressive, as well. Blink even included two lithium batteries to ensure you wouldn’t need to buy them. It’s a nice touch by a company that always seems to put its customers first.

Users also won’t have much trouble controlling these cameras. You can control them by using the included Android/iOS apps or sync with your Alexa and use voice commands. It makes for a much more user-friendly product experience.

These cameras offering a live view streaming mode was another appealing trait. It allows users to monitor their rigs in real-time and see what’s happening when they’re away. You’ll never have to worry about an incident occurring that you can’t deal with immediately.

But this system’s cameras can’t be set up outdoors. Its construction can’t deal with weather elements, such as rain or snow.

  • Built-in motion sensor alarm
  • Dual camera system with two-year battery lifespan (batteries included)
  • Usable via a phone app or Alexa
  • Live view streaming mode
  • Not suitable for outdoor usage
If you need an internal security camera system, I don’t know why this option isn’t already in your buying cart. It has everything needed to function well in this role. I was rather bummed that it wasn’t capable of outdoor usage because it’s such a practical option.

7. KERUI Upgraded RV Security System

If you’re looking for a fully-equipped security system, KERUI Upgraded Indoor/Outdoor RV Security System would be an excellent choice. This model was built with a construction capable of withstanding any environment, whether indoors or outdoors.

This system can offer these benefits because it was made with high-quality materials, consisting of heat and cold resistance. I can’t imagine a situation where this system wouldn’t be an option for a rig owner.

I was also intrigued by the system’s easily programmable sensors and central unit. It makes setting up the system based on your liking much easier than other options. Plus, it helps that this system is wireless and doesn’t require any drilling during its installation.

KERUI made operating this system simple, as well. This RV alarm system review section was filled with praise for its easy-to-read instruction manual. It makes using the system an absolute breeze for even the electronically challenged individuals out there.

Its other notable features include a 115-decibel alarm, excellent customer service, three door/window sensors, and two remote controls. Each of these components will be vital in ensuring the buyer ends up satisfied with their purchase.

However, some customers did refer to a few packaging issues in their reviews. It seems their security systems arrived with faulty units. Luckily, KERUI’s customer service dealt with these problems quickly.

  • Built for indoor and outdoor usage
  • Programmable sensors and central unit, simple installation process
  • 115-decibel alarm
  • Features all needed hardware (door/window sensors, remote controls, etc)
  • Excellent customer service
  • A few customers reported packaging issues
Packaging issues aren’t a problem that should stop buyers from considering a top-tier security system. It’s more a nuisance rather than a real determinant. After all, these concerns were only expressed in a few customers’ experiences.

8. Toeeson RV Security Burglar Alarms

Toeeson’s RV Security Burglar Alarms function a lot like many of our earlier choices. Buyers will receive six of these door/window alarms to set up inside and outside their rig. They will meet intruders who attempt to enter their areas with a nightmarish sound level of 120 decibels.

But what separates these alarms from the ones mentioned earlier is their durable construction. It offers these benefits thanks to them being dustproof, corrosion-resistant, and high-temperature resistant. You should expect these alarms to be providing your rig security for a long time.

The devices won’t have a problem blending into your rig’s interior, either. Each one features a slim, elegant design that won’t stick out like a sore thumb. It makes them more challenging for intruders to notice, too, which is always a massive benefit.

You can even attach them to things around your rig, such as cabinets or toolboxes. These alarms can be practical tools to keep kids from going into areas where they aren’t allowed. I don’t know any better deterrent than a 120-decibel alarm to stop a nosey kid.

Aside from these features, they offer several others discussed in our previous reviews. Some of them include an affordable cost, a wireless installation process, and a low battery indicator. Each of these features will make this purchase a lot more convenient.

The on/off switch is a little small, which is a bummer. I would have loved it if it were bigger. It would make turning the device on and off more easy.

  • Features six door/window alarms
  • Slim, durable design
  • Usable on cabinets, toolboxes, and other similar applications
  • Equipped with a low battery indicator
  • Wireless installation and low price
  • On/off switch is small
I can’t argue with the features and results offered by these alarms. Door/window alarms don’t get much better than these.

9. HENDUN Wireless RV Door Alarms

The HENDUN Wireless RV Door Alarms happen to be our final security system on this list. But it’s important not to let this choice’s position fool you. These 2 alarms are top-tier and worth investing in thanks to their various impressive attributes.

One of their main benefits would have to be having multiple purposes. These magnetic door alarms can fit onto any door, fridge, cabinet, or similar locations. It makes them a rather versatile option when compared with similar devices.

If anyone tries to open these areas when these devices are active, the 105-decibel alarm will scream right back at them. It’s not as loud as some of our previous options, but it’s still more than enough to catch everyone’s attention.

I found myself loving how easy it was to control these two alarms using their respective remotes. Changing their setting from alarm mode to chime mode was a piece of cake, which isn’t always the case with other options.

But one of their most impressive traits has to be the energy-saving construction. As a result, these devices can work for 12 months without needing a battery change. This attribute alone makes them genuinely hassle-free security alarms.

It was a bummer to see these alarms didn’t come with batteries included. Buyers will have to buy their AAA batteries separately. It seems like a wasted opportunity by HEDUN to make their products even more convenient for their customers.

  • Includes two alarms
  • Multi-purpose devices
  • 105-decibel alarm
  • Two user-friendly remotes
  • Energy saving construction
  • Batteries aren’t included
If batteries not being included are the most significant issue, I will take it as a win every time. It’s not like finding AAA batteries is overly tricky. It’s just a small nuisance that is more than worth doing when considering these alarms’ practicality.

WOHOME Wireless Security System (Outdated)

If you want a basic option, WOHOME’s Wireless RV Burglar Alarm Security System would be a good fit. This door/window security system offers a simple and effective way to keep robbers from entering your home.

This straightforward method comes from its easy installation, which consists of one step. You tape it on a window or door without any need for wiring or screws. It’s a perfect solution for someone like me, who isn’t great at setting up complicated electronic devices.

You can then expect the system to protect your rig with a loud 120-decibel alarm. Rig owners who are sleeping in the back of their trailers shouldn’t have any issues hearing it. It happens to be audible from 750 feet away.

This alarm’s known for its instant response, as well. It will activate the moment someone opens a door or window where these alarms are located. You’ll have more than enough time to respond accordingly.

It also doesn’t hurt that this model comes at an affordable price. Buyers will receive five window/door alarms in this package for a cost which won’t break open your bank account. It makes for a cheap, simple camper alarm system that bargain shoppers would love.

Some customers did complain about shipping issues with this device. In these cases, the package arrived missing pieces. But these issues weren’t overly common in this RV security system reviews.

  • Easy installation process with tape
  • Loud 120-decibel alarm
  • Known for its instantaneous response
  • Features five-door/window alarms
  • Has an affordable price
  • Shipping issues (missing pieces)
Buyers shouldn’t put too much stock into these shipping issues. It seems like they were more isolated incidents rather than a common trend. Plus, the brand’s customer service has an excellent reputation for handling problems with complete professionalism.

Heimvision HMD2 Security Camera (Outdated)

Heimvision’s HMD2 Wireless Rechargeable Security Camera is an ideal fit for anyone who wants to monitor a rig using their smartphone. The camera will sync with your phone and send alerts via an app when it detects movement to ensure a great deal of convenience.

Its performance features are genuinely appealing, as well. This camera captures events from a 130-degree, wide-angle in 1080P video. Rig owners should have no trouble figuring out what’s occurring outside or inside their RV.

This camera also comes with impressive night vision capabilities. It will switch mode automatically when those twilight hours present themselves. Multiple buyers mentioned how ecstatic they were with the video quality when viewing the nighttime recordings.

I was thrilled with this product’s wireless design, as well. It makes installing and using the device a hassle-free experience. You can even power this camera using various sources, ranging from solar energy to its built-in rechargeable battery.

The product’s durability was another thing to catch my attention. It has an IP65 weatherproof construction to ensure outdoor usage. This adaptability level makes it an excellent choice to work together with other protection devices or by itself.

But a few reviews did mention it suffered from delayed notifications from time to time. It wasn’t a constant issue or anything, but it was noted more than once.

  • Syncs with your phone
  • Records in 1080P video from a 130 degree angle
  • Night vision with automatic mode switch
  • Has a wireless design
  • Works with various power sources
  • Durable IP65 weatherproof construction
  • App has notification delays
Overall, I’m not going to fret much about a few notification delays. These apps are continually getting updated to fix potential bugs and issues like these. If this camera suits your other needs, you shouldn’t hesitate to purchase it.

What to Look for When Buying an RV Security System


Finding the best RV security system will require a deep understanding of certain key factors. I’ll go over each of these factors to ensure you’re capable of picking an ideal model. You should then have no issues selecting one for your rig.


If you buy an RV security system with a complicated installation process, it’ll end up being a regretful decision. It happens to be my nightmare as I’m not the best with installing electronic devices or systems. But it tends to be a common outcome when buying these systems.

This issue comes from tricky wiring or directions. As a result, you’ll want to avoid options with these at all costs. You instead should search for a system with an easy, quick installation.

Buyers can determine each model’s installation difficulty by reading buyer reviews. These resources will have long discussions about its easiness. It won’t be challenging to figure out which ones will be a hassle and which ones won’t be much trouble.

I’d also recommend reading through each product’s directions before making a final decision. It’s another way to help determine whether the install will be something you can do. Most manufacturers will put them right in their product’s description to make it easy.


High-quality security systems will offer each customer a choice concerning their monitoring functionality. In other words, you get to choose how these models will allow users to view what triggered the alarm.

These choices will include viewing a video feed from a phone, computer, or both. You’ll need to decide what option suits your particular preferences as a rig owner. In any case, it’s vital to ensure any advanced system offers some type of monitoring.

It’ll make everything about these devices more convenient and user-friendly. For instance, you won’t need to visit a rig in storage when its alarm triggers. You can instead monitor the entire event from your home via a phone or computer.


Every RV security system will provide detection alerts whenever something notable is happening. These alerts come from various potential sources, such as motion or door/window detectors.

You’ll want a system capable of using these alerts effectively. They should happen quickly and provide you ample time to react accordingly. I’d suggest reading through customer reviews to understand better how each model performs in this area.

If you take anything away from this guide, it should be to ensure these alerts are effective and quick. The entire security system becomes useless when they aren’t.


Most of these devices will come with a warranty. I’d advise making sure your chosen model does for convenience purposes. It’ll ensure you can get a viable replacement or money back for a malfunctioning system,

But it’s crucial to research whether the manufacturers honor their proposed warranties, as well. Some brands will use them as a selling point without any intention of keeping them. Therefore, it’s best to do significant research into these policies before making a final decision.

Night Vision

Night vision is a crucial component of any effective security system with monitoring capabilities. After all, most robberies occur during those late hours when everyone’s asleep. This feature will make sure you have a view of what’s happening at any point during the day or night.

Security alarm systems for RVs without this feature do exist. These options will offer monitoring capabilities but will be rather useless. They won’t be able to provide protection when it’s needed the most.

Aside from ensuring your model offers night vision, it’s important to research its effectiveness. It’s another factor where customer reviews will help you out. These discussions should provide some useful insights into how well each model’s night vision works.


A product’s price will always have an impact on your final decision. It’s not any different with RV or 5th wheel security systems, which is why it’s essential to build a budget. You should construct it based on your particular needs and wanted features.

For instance, anyone who wants an advanced integrated system will need to have a higher budget than someone looking to purchase door or window alarms. Remember, these little details are the only way to ensure your budget becomes a useful resource.

This budget will then make your buying experience much more manageable by limiting the available options. You’ll end up only picking from security systems capable of fitting your needs. It’s a much better situation than choosing one among a sea of endless security systems.

Other Important Factors to Consider


Our buying guide should’ve provided a grasp of what features to look for in an RV security system. But you still need a bit of background knowledge to make a smart decision. The following discussions will provide it by covering everything a person could want to know about these systems.

What is a security system for RV?

The basic definition of a security system is something that offers partial or full security for domiciles or vehicles, such as houses, cars, or RVs. In RV security systems, it consists of several electronic devices that work together to protect the rig.

It’s crucial to note that numerous (hundreds) of security products are available for rig owners. You can even build a system by using all the devices that are suitable for your rig’s protection. But a high-quality option will usually include the following:

  • A control panel
  • Sensors (motion, door, and windows)
  • An RV alarm system (alarms and surveillance cameras)
  • Window stickers

Each of these components is vital in ensuring your rig remains security breach free. Buying a travel trailer security system ends up being an easy way to gain peace of mind during your RVing trip.

How does it work?

I briefly listed the critical components of these systems in the previous section. I’ll dive deeper into each below to ensure you have an understanding of how these systems work. This information will be essential when choosing yours.

  • Control Panel

A security system’s control panel happens to the most crucial part of it. It’s a computer system, which a rig owner can use to control the other components. You can actually use these panels to do much more than merely disarming and alarming the system.

In most cases, there will be a touchpad for utilizing easy programming and commands. Rig owners can use it to give voice commands, shut off the system, and several other functions. It makes operating the entire system much more manageable and convenient.

  • Motion Sensors

Motion sensors are capable of detecting movements and setting off alarms to warn about any attempted intrusion. Burglars or thieves can’t breach these sensors without setting off an alarm unless the control panel turns them off.

These sensors are incredibly useful when safeguarding a rig in storage. It’s an easy way to protect your valuables in these situations.

  • Door and Window Sensors

These sensors work by going off whenever someone opens a door or window. Most of them will have two pieces, one that stays on the door/window and another located on the door frame/window sill.

Once the window or door closed, these two pieces will come together to create a complete security circuit. It will then send information to the control panel whenever someone or something breaches this circuit: a loud alarm will go off and alert the rig owner.

  • Alarms

RV security systems will also have numerous alarms connected to these sensors. You should make sure they’re high-decibel units, which are audible from far distances. Using an RV door alarm would be my suggestion as you can install it in any area without much issue.

  • Surveillance Cameras

As you might imagine, surveillance cameras are another massive part of these systems. You’ll come across both the wired 12 volt RV security camera system and wireless RV security camera system types.

I would suggest going with a wireless type rather than an RV security camera without Wifi. But both these camera types will serve the same purpose of monitoring certain areas inside or outside your rig.

More advanced cameras will allow users to access the device remotely via a phone or computer. In most cases, rig owners tend to use them for monitoring entrance points or locations inside their rig.

  • Window Stickers

Window stickers aren’t sophisticated devices capable of acting on their own. But putting these stickers on a window or door could make burglars second guess their decision. After all, you’re telling them that you utilize a professional service for security.

What are the different types of RV security systems?

Several different types of RV security systems are available for purchase. I’ll discuss the three most common ones below to provide insight into what style fits your needs. You can then use this information to streamline your search further.

  • Door and Window Security Systems

Our first type tends to be a favorite among rig owners who want something simple. Door and window security systems fit into this role because they’re rather basic. You attach these devices onto doors/windows, which allow them to trigger when someone opens them.

If this does happen, a high-decibel alarm sound will come from the system. More advanced models might even send alerts to your smartphone. Other options can be something more straightforward, such as deadbolts or drop bars.

It’s also essential to mention these systems are often the cheapest available. Bargain buyers would be wise to look into this type because of their lower price tag. Plus, a door and window system’s easy installation process is another positive when it comes to their overall convenience.

  • Perimeter Security Systems

If a door and window option is a bit too basic, a perimeter system could be more your speed. These models (also known as virtual fences) function by having digital posts set up around your storage area or camping location.

This action will create a virtual border around your rig and valuables. If this border’s crossed unexpectedly, the system will send a notification or set off a high piercing alarm. Both these responses are effective deterrents to a would-be robber or thief.

But I do have to note one significant issue with these options. Perimeter systems are susceptible to producing false alarms when a non-threatening entity enters the area. A good example would be animals passing by.

As a result, perimeter systems aren’t great ideas for crowded campsites. They would be set off much more than one would like when trying to camp peacefully. You also would never know when the triggering is detecting an actual threat.

  • Integrated Security Systems

Integrated RV security systems are the most advanced and best types available. These distinctions come from them containing numerous redundancies, safety nets, and additional protection against issues besides thieves, such as carbon monoxide.

Buyers should expect their features to differ significantly, depending on the model. You’ll come across options with storage alarms, window/door alarms, motion sensors, and some will be compatible with your smartphone.

Some of the best options will even be motion detection systems. In these cases, they’ll record and detect any potential robbers during the event. The system will then send an alert to a private security network concerning these robbers.

As you can expect, it makes for an effective protection system. I didn’t even mention that the alert being sent might come with a video feed on your cell phone. It makes dealing with the entire situation much easier than with other types.

You can also incorporate many parts of different systems to function with them. Some rig owners will even add security stickers or floodlights to offer additional deterrents. It ends up being all about ensuring your peace of mind during these RVing adventures.

Why do you need a security system for RV? (Benefits)

Certain benefits come from having the top-tier motorhome alarm system protecting your rig. I will cover the most important ones below, which should convey why getting one’s an integral part of the RVing experience.

  • Prevents Thefts and Robberies

A security system’s most obvious benefit would be preventing dangerous situations like robberies from occurring. After all, a thief is much less likely to continue a robbery when faced with a loud piercing alarm signaling their presence.

It makes security systems an effective method of keeping any valuables within your possession. A high-quality system should have no trouble ensuring the required amount of protection. You’ll be able to sleep without worrying about an intruder stealing your things.

  • Ensures Your Family’s Safety

Of course, these systems don’t only keep your valuables safe during RVing trips. Their protection will ensure your family or anyone else onboard remains safe. It becomes incredibly beneficial for anyone who has small children who might try going outside the RV during later hours.

These systems will stop their plans by warning the parents about what’s occurring. It’s an easy way to avoid waking up and seeing your kids go off by themselves. Honestly, I don’t think there’s a worse potential scenario for a parent.

  • Emergency Calls

RV security systems don’t only offer protection for your kids and stop thefts. These devices can also be life-savers in emergencies concerning your health. For instance, an older person who’s having a stroke or heart attack can set them off on purpose.

Setting one of these systems off could be what saves your life. It’s another way a top-tier security system comes in handy for a person living on-the-road. All in all, these systems are a useful and convenient product to have onboard your rig.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Our FAQ section will cover a few topics the previous sections glossed over or didn’t mention. It’ll be the final piece to the puzzle of uncovering your perfect camper alarm system.

What are good RV security system brands?

The trusted RV security system brands will offer two things above everything else: top-tier product quality and excellent customer service. It’s essential to purchase your chosen system from a manufacturer with a reputation for providing both.

If you’re a little concerned about finding a trusted one, I’ve provided several examples in our product review section. Each of these brands has an excellent relationship with rig owners because of their dedication to ensuring their customers are satisfied.

Buyers who stick with these brands should have no issues with their chosen RV security system. There’s a reason each of them has products among the most popular ones sold within this marketplace.

Aside from the ones mentioned in our product review section, rig owners can’t go wrong with a Tattletale security system or Tattletale RV alarm system. Any product made by Ring security for RV usage is always worth considering, as well.

Is theft a problem at campgrounds?

Yes, theft is a problem at campgrounds and RV parks. Recent estimates put motorhomes, travel trailers, fifth wheels, campers, and other RVs as the fourth most attractive vehicle type for thieves, accounting for about six percent of all vehicle theft.

Although the figure is in the single digit, RVs contain other valuable items that can cost more than other automobiles.

The National RV Dealers Association cited an 867 percent increase in motorhome theft in 2020, numbering 26 recreational vehicles. Florida, Kentucky, and West Virginia are the states with the highest number of RV theft cases. Tennessee, Illinois, and California are also worth looking out for.

Authorities say motorhomes with faulty or broken components are more vulnerable to crimes than RVs in perfect condition. Installing motorhome alarm systems and observing security precautions for camper units can reduce theft incidence in campgrounds.

Is there a security camera that works without WiFi?

Yes, some camper security cameras do not need WiFi to work. For example, the Reolink Go and Arlo Go only require a subscription to a cellular plan, such as 3G, 4G LTE, and 5G.

Their functionality depends on network coverage, with Verizon Wireless cornering the market with a 35 percent share, although AT&T is not far behind with 34%.

The principal advantage of using cellular network-connected security cameras for travel trailer units is their security. It is more challenging to hack into cellular data than WiFi, allowing RV owners to retain control of their rig.

Unfortunately, these devices are typically more expensive than WiFi-connected units.

Some security cameras record video surveillance in recording devices or storage media. Examples of these products include the Defender PHOENIXM2, Konpcoiu, and Divine Eagle Mini Cameras.

Which is better wired or wireless backup camera?

Choosing between a wired and wireless backup camera depends on the vehicle owner’s preferences.

Most RV owners choose a wired backup camera because of more signal stability and better image quality. Video signals travel through a cable from the backup camera at the vehicle’s rear to the display on the dashboard.

It does not matter if it rains or snows because signal strength and frequency remain stable. It is also impervious to signal interferences from surrounding devices and infrastructure.

The stable transmission signal translates to higher-quality images on the screen. RV owners will never experience static and blurred videos because signal strength and constancy are guaranteed. Unfortunately, installation can be a headache, and the overall cost can discourage some RV owners.

On the other hand, a wireless backup camera or any RV wireless security camera system is a cinch to install. Sadly, image quality depends on signal reception, strength, and stability.

Driving through an area with towering electric infrastructure can interfere with video transmission between the camera and the display. This can lead to less-than-perfect views.

So, RV owners who need crystal clear images should pick a wired backup camera. For installation ease, a wireless unit is better.

Does SimpliSafe work if the power goes out?

The SimpliSafe home security and travel trailer alarm system continues to work even during power outages because its base station features a rechargeable backup battery.

This emergency power source can supply electricity to the SimpliSafe system for 24 hours. If the power outage lasts longer than 24 hours, users can replace the battery with a compatible rechargeable power cell.

The company advises users against running the backup power unit with disposable or single-use alkaline batteries. Doing so can interfere with the device’s optimum functionality.

SimpliSafe also has an extra advantage over other WiFi-connected security systems. This product automatically switches to a cellular network (4G LTE) system when there is no wireless internet signal, such as during power outages.

How do I secure my RV?

Aside from purchasing a top-tier RV security system, there are several other things a rig owner can do to keep their motorhome secure. Here’s a short checklist to ensure your precious cargo always remains where it belongs.

  • Always lock your doors
  • Shut your windows and close the blinds when you’re away
  • Research crime statistics of anywhere you intend to camp
  • Park in a well-lit, visible area
  • Keep your expensive items at home or hide them

These solutions might seem like common sense, but it’s always a good idea to keep this checklist in mind whenever you’re camping. It could be the difference between having a safe, fun trip and a disastrous nightmare.

How to set up and use?

Installing an RV security system isn’t a task with a general set of steps. There’s a bunch of types available, each of which has its unique processes. As a result, it becomes impossible to talk about in a general sense.

But if you followed our guide, your system should have an easy installation process. You just need to follow the included directions within its product manual. These directions should provide clear guidance to ensure a hassle-free setup.

As for their using processes, it’s much the same. Each model will have drastically different directions. But the manual will provide a rig owner with everything that they might need to use it without any trouble.


You’re equipped with everything needed to choose the best RV security system. It’s now time to use this new knowledge and make selecting a perfect option an absolute breeze. You can then enjoy everything that comes with owning a top-tier system.

If you do have any more questions or concerns, let me know in our comment section. I’ll make sure to answer each post in a timely manner. Thanks for reading!

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