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The Best RV Sewer Vent Caps

Written by Stephen Ryan / Fact checked by William Turner

Do you need help purchasing the best RV sewer vent cap? It should be an easy process for a rig owner, but there are many moving parts, which can complicate things. It can even make experienced RV owners throw their hands up in the air with frustration.

However, I intend to alleviate this frustration by guiding you through the entire process. This guide will cover every essential topic related to these vent caps from different types to trusted brands.

best rv sewer vent cap

I’ll even take you through 12 of my favorite options with detailed reviews. It should ensure anyone reading our article will have no trouble picking out a high-quality vent cap. You can then sit back and stop worrying about the problems caused by a defective model.

Let’s not waste any more time and get this process started. I promise these following discussions will ensure picking a suitable one is a stress-free task.

Top 1

Camco Cyclone Vent


Dimensions 8.63 x 11.5 x 3.38 inches
Weight 0.55 Pounds
Style Table Fan

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Top 2

NUSET RV032-33


Dimensions ‎5 x 5 x 3 inches
Weight 0.1675 Pounds
Style Casual

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Top 3

Lippert Components 389381 


Dimensions 4 x 4 x 3 inches
Weight 0.35 Pounds
Style 360°

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Table of Contents

12 Best Sewer Vent Cap for RV Reviews 2023

This section will contain 12 reviews to provide you with an idea of what these products can provide. Each review will help you grasp our later discussions about more complicated topics.

1. Camco Cyclone Rotating Sewer Vent

Camco’s Cyclone Rotating Sewer Vent starts our list off with a bang thanks to its many desirable features. You aren’t going to find many other options capable of matching this product’s performance and quality.

For instance, this product uses surrounding air to ensure foul odors get vented out. It’s capable of providing this benefit because this model follows the wind’s movement through rotating an incredible 360 degrees.

This functionality allows the product to flush your holding tanks’ foul odors. It ends up being an effective method of keeping your RV pleasant smelling. But this product’s effective performance isn’t its only appealing feature.

You’ll also have to love this cyclone RV vent easy installation process, which doesn’t require any drilling or screws. Users can instead attach this product using a sealant. It was a feature many buyers were pleased with.

I was thrilled to see this product offer some choices concerning its color scheme. It ensures buyers can choose an option capable of meshing with their rig’s roof without issues. It’s another quality that shows Camco does whatever it can to make their products overly user-friendly.

But you must make sure to use 100% waterproof sealant during its install. It’s the only way to ensure this product is secured correctly and capable of dealing with any weather conditions. This type of sealant can be a bit more pricey than others.

  • Complete kit (no extra supplies required)
  • Easy installation process
  • Two-color choices: black and white
  • Uses natural air pressure to vent out foul odors
  • Rotates 360 degrees
  • Needs to installed using 100% waterproof sealant
The sealant issue shouldn’t turn anyone away from this product. Its performance abilities and features are way too impressive to take it off your consideration list. If this model fits your situation, I don’t see any reason against buying it immediately.

2. NUSET RV032-33 RV Sewer Vent Cover

The NUSET’s RV032-33 RV White Sewer Vent Cover offers a lot of versatility with its ability to work in numerous situations. Buyers have found it useful in RVs, campers, trailers, motorhomes, and various other vehicles.

Its versatility comes from the design consisting of high-quality PVC. You can rest knowing it has a reputation for being extremely durable. Buyers can expect this RV mushroom vent cap to offer top-tier performance for a long time.

You can also attribute its durability to its embed UV stabilizers. Their inclusion will ensure excessive sun exposure doesn’t cause structural issues like discoloration. It’s one of the features every top-tier vent cap should offer.

I was impressed by this product’s design having smooth edges, as well. This design aspect ensures the product won’t tear your RV covers. It tends to be a massive issue with inferior models, as replacing an RV cover is expensive.

As with our previous option, this model’s installation won’t be much of a hassle. Many customer reviews made it a point to note how easy it was compared with other models. I found myself feeling the same way when installing this product.

The installation did have one drawback. I didn’t have access to manual directions because this product doesn’t come with one.

  • Able to work in various situations (RVs, motorhomes, campers, trailers, etc.)
  • Durable PVC design
  • Features UV stabilizers for excellent sun ray protection
  • Smooth edge construction
  • Easy installation
  • Doesn’t come with an instruction manual
The product lacking an instruction manual shouldn’t be a deal-breaker. In fact, experienced rig owners will have no issues setting this up as its easy installation process couldn’t be much more straightforward. Even if you feel overwhelmed by it, calling a professional is always an option.

3. Lippert Components RV Roof Vent Cap

If you’re looking for one of the more advanced models, Lippert Components’ RV Siphon Roof Vent Cap would be an excellent choice. This RV toilet vent cap comes with several unique and impressive features capable of making a rig owner’s life much more comfortable.

One of them would have to be its 360-degree intake design. This construction allows the vent cap to use air rich in oxygen to deal with any foul odors. It’s an effective way to ensure any gases remain outside your rig rather than inside.

I was also thrilled to see this model has a built-in bug screen. This design feature will come in handy for any RVer who loves traveling in tropical climates. It’ll ensure no bugs can find their way inside through your rig’s vents.

The product offers a great deal of versatility, as well. It’s a benefit from this 360 siphon RV vent cap having a universal design, which means it can fit every vent pipe. Therefore, it ends up being a rather convenient option.

It doesn’t hurt that you have a choice between two color schemes, either. These options only further confirmed its convenience and adaptability. I can’t imagine a situation where a rig owner couldn’t benefit from this product in their lives.

However, it does carry a higher price than most others on our list. You’ll have to decide whether its unique features are worth the increased price tag.

  • 360-degree intake design
  • Known to be effective in flushing out foul odors
  • Built-in bug screen
  • Universal construction capable of fitting any vent pipe
  • Two-color choices (white and black)
  • Higher price than most other options
In some cases, paying a bit extra for better quality ends up being a cost-effective move. Buying this product would be one of those times. After all, its effectiveness and convenience make it a top contender for the best RV waste tank vent cap available.

4. Camco 40034 Plumbing Vent Cap

Camco’s 40034 Replace-All Plumbing Vent Cap represents an excellent RV vent cap replacement option for many reasons. For instance, this product can fit every 2-inch plumbing vent without any hassles.

This design aspect ensures it can work with various motorhomes, campers, or RVs. It’s essentially an acceptable choice for almost any RVer looking to buy these products. Plus, its ability to offer superior performance isn’t anything to overlook.

You can expect it to function well because of features like its design featuring UV inhibitors. These inhibitors will make sure your vent cap won’t wear down to sun exposure. It should extend its lifespan by a significant margin.

Buyers will also find themselves loving the product’s spring tension attachment. With that, a rig owner doesn’t have to replace the entire vent when installing it. Due to this, it makes the whole installation much simpler and convenient.

The product comes in three colors to further ensure its adaptability, as well. I found myself loving the black option because it would mesh with my rig’s exterior. It wouldn’t stick out like a sore thumb, which could be an issue with the other color choices.

I wish this product came with a base to ensure users didn’t have to rely on their old one. It could end up being an inconvenience for people who don’t have a durable one. In this case, you’d have to buy a base separately, which is always a hassle.

  • Can fit every 2-inch plumbing vent
  • Made with UV inhibitors to ensure long-term usage
  • Durable construction
  • Includes a spring tension attachment for fast installation
  • Comes in three colors (white, black, and beige)
  • Doesn’t come with a base
This RV sewer vent cover not having a base is a small nuisance rather than a huge issue. It wouldn’t be too hard to find a suitable base available. If your old one is durable, this model shouldn’t have any trouble working with it.

5. Ventline RV V2049-03 Plumbing Vent

Buyers looking for convenient RV plumbing vent covers need to consider Ventline’s RV V2049-03 Plumbing Vent. This option is a strong contender for having the simplest installation thanks to its base with pre-existing holes.

These holes ensure little drilling needs to be done on your roof. It’s a crucial feature that removes a lot of time and effort from the installation process. I was shocked by how easy the task ended up being when doing it myself.

The product’s design material was another feature to catch my attention. It’s made from dense polyethylene that offers superior strength and durability. You should expect it to last at least five years because of this material.

Its usage of this material ensures sun damage won’t be an issue, either. The polyethylene offers UV protection to ensure it can handle extended exposure. In other words, this model is explicitly built to withstand and thrive in RV settings.

Ventline’s customer service was a constant source of praise within this product’s customer reviews. It’s not often that you come across buyers willing to mention these experiences in a positive light. You should always take note when they do.

I was disappointed by this product’s adaptability because it won’t work with pipes over 1 ¾ inch. Most standard vent pipes are 2-inches, which makes the number of situations this model fits relatively small.

  • Pre-drilled holes for easy installation
  • Durable polyethylene design
  • Includes UV protection
  • Excellent customer service
  • Incompatible with pipes over 1 ¾ inch
If your vent pipe is under 1 ¾ inch, this model should already be in your shopping cart. It excels in everything a rig owner could want from a vent cap. It’s just a shame it doesn’t work with standard 2-inch pipes.

6. Ventline V2084 RV Vent Cap

If you’re looking for an option with top-tier durability, Ventline’s V2084 RV Metal Plumbing Vent Cap needs serious consideration. This RV black tank vent cap contains a design made from galvanized steel capable of lasting many years without issue.

Honestly, it shouldn’t have any trouble withstanding whatever weather condition comes knocking. Some buyers even joked about these vent caps outlasting their trailer’s roof. Therefore, durability isn’t an area where this product will fail to impress any buyer.

You should also love this product’s affordable price tag. It won’t even cause a small dent in your savings and comes in bulk buying options. You can even get four or six of these RV plumbing vent caps for a reasonable cost.

As for its performance, this model has no problems preventing those nasty holding tanks smells from coming inside your rig. It has known to be an effective piece of equipment that ensures foul odors aren’t an issue for your rig.

The product’s design having a nice looking finish was another intriguing aspect. It never hurts to buy a good looking piece of equipment, which describes this model. In fact, you’ll end up noticing that it makes most plastic vent caps look second rate in comparison.

But it’s worth noting that this vent cap has sharp edges. People who use RV covers will need to take this design aspect into account when covering their rigs. Otherwise, you might find yourself dealing with a damaged cover.

  • Made with durable galvanized steel
  • Affordable price tag
  • Three buying options (Quantities of 1, 4, and 6)
  • Known to be effective at keeping foul odors outside.
  • Stylish finish
  • Covering RVs should be done carefully due to sharp edges.
The product’s sharp edges aren’t much of concern regarding its overall quality. It’s just an issue to be careful of when installing these trailer vent caps. Aside from this small safety precaution, it’s a perfect example of what these products should offer a rig owner.

7. Camco 40032 Sewer Vent Kit

One of the more adaptable vent caps for campers has to be Camco’s 40032 Polar White Sewer Vent Kit. This product was designed to fit every pipe between 1 and 2 ⅜ inches, which should meet almost any rig owner’s needs.

If it does meet your needs, its performance will end up blowing you away. This model utilizes its surrounding airflow to flush any smelly odors from your holding tanks. It’s a method that has been known to keep a rig’s interior free of bathroom smells.

Buyers will be relieved to know this model includes all necessary hardware and putty tape include. As you might expect, these additions make for a much easier installation process for anyone who buys it.

You shouldn’t expect much else from Camco, which focuses on making their products as user-friendly as possible. It also helps that this vent cap has pre-drilled holes in its base like our previous option from this brand.

Aside from these features, this model has several notable ones mentioned in our prior reviews. Some of them include an affordable price, durable design, and UV protection. Each of these will go a long way in ensuring your happiness with your buying choice.

This product did have a few people complain about shipping issues, which was a surprise. Camco has earned a reputation for excelling in this area. But these buyers had problems with the vent cap arriving in damaged packaging and later than expected.

  • Fits any pipe between 1 and 2 ⅜ inches
  • Uses natural airflow to keep foul odors away
  • Includes all necessary hardware and putty tape
  • Pre-drilled holes for easy installation
  • Durable design with UV protection
  • Shipping issues might occur for some buyers.
These shipping issues shouldn’t stop anyone from purchasing this vent cap. Honestly, these situations seem like isolated incidents rather than a trend. It’s also worth noting most of these customers reported Camco’s customer service resolved the problem quickly.

8. Ultra-Fab 53-945001 Solar RV Vent

Any environmentally conscious person would find Ultra-Fab’s 53-945001 Mini Solar RV Plumbing Vent to be an excellent choice. This model has a fan powered by solar energy that provides natural air capable of eliminating nasty odors is a much faster process.

This product has a lightweight 1.05-pound design, which makes it more portable than other models. But don’t let its smaller size fool you into thinking it lacks in performance abilities. It has several features capable of ensuring your RV trips are more pleasant.

For instance, buyers tend to love this product’s ability to improve a rig’s air ventilation. This aspect feature was one that received numerous praise within its customer reviews. Honestly, I can’t get through more than two without something mentioning this feature positively.

You’ll also love that this product’s solar-powered design doesn’t require any wiring during its assembly process. Therefore, the model ends up saving you from many potential issues that come with inferior products when installing them.

The product’s powder coat finish was another appealing trait that caught my attention. It’ll ensure the vent cap holds up well and looks stylish, as well. I don’t think you can ask for much more when considering any of these products.

Some customers did complain about its noise operation level being a little louder than expected. It could be a problem for people with sensitive ears. It’s something to think about when making your final decision regarding this option.

  • Solar-powered construction
  • Lightweight and portable design
  • Improves air circulation within an RV
  • The assembly process doesn’t require any wiring.
  • Durable powder coat finish
  • A few people complained about its noise level.
The noise issues aren’t concerning enough to pull this product off anyone’s consideration list. After all, several other customers seemed perfectly fine with the product’s capabilities in this area.

9. X-Haibei RV Plumbing Vent Cap

X-Haibei’s RV Plumbing Vent Cap happens to be a practical option because it does its job without making things overly complicated. In other words, everything about this product is about keeping things as simple as possible.

An excellent example of this simplicity would be its hard plastic design. This construction offers impressive reliability without needing any unique or stylish features. You instead have a standard mushroom top vent cap that can do its job without any trouble.

I was also thrilled to see this product comes with a removable cap. It’s an excellent addition because it makes cleaning the inside of the cover much easier than with other models. In other words, keeping this model in good condition becomes a lot less difficult.

As with some of our previous options, this model was designed to fit every pipe between 1 and 2 ⅜ inches. This aspect alone makes it one of the more convenient options available. X-Haibei did a fantastic job creating a vent cap capable of fitting almost every RVer’s needs.

You can relax knowing this product has six screw holes in its base, as well. These screw holes end up limiting the amount of drilling needed during the installation. As someone who hates doing these types of tasks, you can imagine how happy I was when coming across this product.

However, this model was another one where some people encountered shipping issues. It seems a few even had their vent caps arrive damaged or lacking certain materials.

  • Sturdy, hard plastic design
  • Includes a removable cap
  • Straightforward installation
  • Fits any pipe between 1 and 2 ⅜ inches
  • Six screws hole in its base
  • There might be shipping issues.
This product’s simple, practical design makes dealing with these potential shipping issues worth the risk. More importantly, X-Haibei seems to have a competent customer service team that’s more than capable of resolving these issues.

10. Automotive Authority RV Vent

The Automotive Authority’s RV Plumbing Vent Cover is a popular option among rig owners for a simple reason, its price tag. Of course, none of these products will end up costing a lot, but this one makes a notable impression with its low cost.

It actually ends up being one of the most affordable options on our list. However, you shouldn’t think this lower-cost means it cannot compete with these other choices. It still has several features worth getting excited about concerning its performance.

My favorite one of them would have to be its heavy-duty design, which ensures its reliability and sturdiness. It has even been known to withstand falling tree branches without issues, which tends to break inferior options.

This toughness will come in handy for me, considering I often travel in windy areas where falling tree branches is a common hazard. I won’t have to worry about sun damage, either, as it uses UV stabilized plastic within its design.

Like our previous product, this model’s removable cap makes maintenance and cleaning much easier. You shouldn’t have issues keeping this model in good shape for years to come. If this model were still on top of your roof in ten years, it wouldn’t shock me one bit.

I was a little disappointed this model didn’t come with any screws. This issue could cause some frustration during the installation process, but it’s not a huge deal.

  • Available at an affordable price
  • Heavy-duty design
  • Uses UV stabilized plastic materials
  • Includes a removable cap
  • Easy maintenance process
  • Screws aren’t included.
Although the lack of screws did give me some pause initially, the price and features are too impressive to overlook. This option would be a steal for any bargain buyer looking to purchase an effective but straightforward RV sewer vent cover.

11. Custom Plastics Sewer Vent Cap

Buyers need to consider Custom Plastics’s 43 Sewer Vent Cap because it has one of the thickest designs among these products. Why does this matter? It offers additional protection against hazards, such as falling trees branches.

It ends up less likely to receive cracks or breaks in these situations. It’s an excellent quality to have for any buyer who wants an option capable of lasting a long time. This product’s longevity is also extended by its high-quality plastic material and UV protection qualities.

I was pleased to see this product has an easy installation process. As I was reading through the directions, I felt more than capable of doing the task myself. This outcome isn’t one I often experience as my track record with these tasks isn’t the strongest.

Most customers even reported the entire process only took a few minutes. I would sign up for that whenever it concerns these devices. Once it’s installed, you should immediately notice how effective this model is at keeping odors at bay.

If your black holding tank odors have been a problem, this cap should take care of the issue without much trouble. Your rig will soon be back to a pleasant smelling area rather than the unbearable metal coffin it has become.

As for this product’s flaws, I couldn’t find a single one worth mentioning. This outcome is a rarity within a marketplace like this one. It’s always a pleasant surprise to come across a customer review section full of praise when doing product research, as it rarely happens.

  • Thick, strong construction
  • Made with high-quality plastic
  • Known to be extremely effective at keeping odors away
  • Contains UV protection qualities
  • Easy installation process
  • None worth mentioning
If this vent cap is suitable for your rig’s needs, there’s no reason to hesitate in buying it. This model will have no issues meeting your expectations and more. Honestly, it’s easily one of the best options available in today’s market.

12. Heng’s 10001-C RV Plumbing Vent

Heng’s 10001-C Polar White RV Plumbing Vent happens to be our final option, but don’t let this position trick you. This model will have no issues competing or outpacing our other options with its many fantastic features.

One of its most impressive qualities is the special locked-on and detachability. This feature allows a user to remove and attach the cap with a simple move of the wrist. It makes installing and using the device much more convenient.

The product’s sturdy plastic design was another highlight. Heng made sure to test this option’s construction in the harshest climate pressures possible. It’s highly improbable that you’ll find yourself in a situation where this model won’t hold up well.

I was also a fan of its stylish polar white finish design. It should have no problem blending into your rig’s roof. You won’t have to worry about this vent cap sticking out like a sore thumb.

But none of these features is my favorite one offered by this device. Instead, I would give this title to its capabilities of keeping a rig interior fresh and free of foul odors, fumes, or moisture. It shouldn’t have any issues keeping an RV’s interior area comfortable.

However, this model is another one with a known problem of producing noticeable noise. This issue was noted in more than one customer review and could end up being a hassle for some rig owners.

  • Special locked-on and detachability to ensure easy installation
  • The reliable design was tested in the harshest climates.
  • Stylish polar white finish design
  • Keeps rig’s interior free of odors, fumes, and moisture
  • Noise issues
Aside from noise issues, there’s nothing not to love about this sewer vent cap. I could see many rig owners finding this model more than meets their expectations. If you can deal with a little noise, this product should be everything you’ve been looking for in these devices.

What to Look for When Buying an RV Sewer Vent Cap


Buyers looking to find the best sewer vent cover should have a handle on certain buying factors. I’ll discuss several of them below to ensure you have everything required to make a responsible choice.

How Well it Works With its Surroundings

One of the first things rig owners need to consider is how well each model uses nature. What does this mean? Well, a crucial feature offered by these products is their ability to work with nature to prevent foul odors from coming inside your rig.

These vent caps can provide this ability by using natural airflow to flush out foul odor emitting from your black and gray holding tanks. Overall, it’s a natural, effective means of ensuring the rig stays foul odor-free during your adventures.

You can examine how well each model does with this aspect by reading customer reviews. These resources will offer some useful insights about the product’s effectiveness. Buyers should utilize these reviews to ensure they pick a productive sewer vent cap.

UV Protection

Sewer vent caps are products that are installed on a rig’s roof. As a result, these devices need to have UV protection to ensure long-term usability. Any models without this feature will require a replacement rather quickly, as they’re prone to issues like cracking or discoloration.

Both these problems come from extended sun exposure, hence the need for quality UV protection. It shouldn’t be much of a surprise that these products require sun protection because of their location on a rig’s roof. After all, this area has the most contact with sun rays.

UV protection ends up being another way to make sure these products stay effective for an extended period. It’s a crucial step to avoid picking a new one any time soon. Therefore, make sure you buy a model made with UV-resistant materials.

Easy Installation

The best RV sewer vent covers won’t have complicated installation processes. In fact, any option worth getting will have a straightforward method that won’t require much thought or effort. I’d recommend looking for models with a simple attachment solution, like utilizing tension springs.

These tension springs will make the installation more straightforward because it ensures you don’t have to replace the entire vent. In any case, installing these devices is often a common discussion topic in customer reviews. You can use these resources to make an informed determination about the easiness of each model’s installation.


Buyers should ensure they get the right cap size that’s compatible with their sewer ventilation systems. Some vent caps will have a fixed pipe diameter size, which will limit the product’s versatility.

In other cases, these products are capable of being adjusted into multiple pipe diameter sizes. It’s an aspect that users must take into account when choosing their perfect option.


The price of each model will have a massive impact on what one fits your situation. Honestly, vent sewer caps aren’t expensive, but their costs still vary quite a bit. I’d suggest building a budget based on your particular wants concerning sewer cap features.

For instance, rig owners who want a model made with heavy-duty materials will need a higher budget. This action will make sure your budget remains usable and practical. You can then utilize this tool to lessen your choices.

It’s a simple way to reduce any frustration that might come with this whole process. In other words, a realistic budget based on your particular needs will save you from pulling your hair in frustration. You’d be surprised how stressful this process can get without one because of the vast number of options.


Rig owners will want vent caps capable of lasting more than a few years. You’ll want to search for options that offer a great deal of durability. It’d be wise to look for models made with heavy-duty materials and reputations for providing long-term performance.

After all, a broken vent cap can offer issues that make RV living a nightmare. It’s why purchasing one capable of lasting years is an essential part of this process. One key material to look out for is hard plastic, which shouldn’t lead to any RV setting issues.

Other Important Factors to Consider


Buyers will also need to know a wealth of additional background information besides what our buying guide covers. This section discusses several topics that ensure anyone reading it will gain essential knowledge about these products.

What is an RV sewer vent cap?

These products are something that doesn’t cross a rig owner’s mind often. These products are usually forgotten until they break and cause some severe smelly issues. Therefore, these caps offer a pivotal ability capable of making RV living sustainable.

Rig owners rely on these caps to ensure their wastewater systems work correctly. They offer this assistance by displacing any odors coming from your gray and black tanks. It’s a crucial piece of keeping your rig from smelling like a truck stop bathroom.

In the end, you might not notice these caps because they’re tucked out of sight on your roof. But their ability to deal with any terrible smells coming from these tanks is essential. These caps are the unsung heroes of keeping your trips comfortable.

How does it work?

Understanding how an RV sewer roof vent cap works isn’t difficult. The first thing to know is that your rig’s plumbing vent is a pipe that runs from the water tank’s top to your roof. You can expect any terrible odors to be vented out within this area because these products cap the pipe.

Rig owners don’t need to know any more than this about how these devices work. It ends up being that simple and doesn’t require much more thought. It’s no wonder why most RVers tend to forget these caps exist.

What are the different types of sewer vent caps for RVs?

Buyers will need to examine the types of vent caps before making a smart buying decision. It’ll be useful information because it makes picking the right model much more effortless. After all, why wouldn’t someone want to choose a sewer vent cover that can perfectly suit their RV’s circumstances?

Most buyers assume these products are going to have many variations, but it’s not true. In fact, numerous sewer vent cap types are available in today’s market. The first type to know about is the standard caps, which will come in various colors and effectively do their job.

But other kinds do exist, and they’re capable of offering some additional benefits. For instance, these alternative types can not only pull these awful smells up but also keep them isolated from your rig. A notable example of these caps would be cyclone vent covers, which create a vacuum that removes these odors.

You also come across siphon caps with a different construction than these cyclone models. But it’s worth knowing that there’s no advantage performance-wise when comparing 360 siphon Vs cyclone caps.

Another popular type is vent caps powered by solar energy, which are a favorite among environmentally cautious people. These options utilize a small panel to gather up a sufficient amount of power and pull up any foul odors.

All in all, several different types can fit numerous situations. You just have to figure out what one works for yours.

What are these sewer vent caps made of?

Most RV vent pipe covers feature heavy-duty, super-tough, high-density polyethylene plastic materials. RV owners must realize that RV sewer vent caps are present on the motorhome’s roof to dissipate odors from the vehicle’s gray and black water tanks.

Hence, RV roof vent caps are constantly exposed to the elements, including UV radiation, wind, rain, snow, and debris. The materials comprising these vent covers must feature sturdy compounds.

Many manufacturers add anti-UV treatment and other advanced technologies to improve the vent caps’ resistance against environmental forces and extend their longevity.

Other vent caps feature stainless steel to complement the motorhome’s aesthetics. This material resists corrosion and guarantees an extended lifespan. Some manufacturers develop proprietary technologies to ensure sewer vent cap durability.

RV owners must examine an RV sewer vent cap replacement before buying, ensuring the product has durable materials.

What is the warranty?

Camper vent caps have varying warranties, depending on the manufacturer. Most brands offer a 12-month limited warranty, allowing RV families to try their purchases. On the other hand, some companies provide up to a four-year guarantee for their vent caps, while a few offer a lifetime warranty.

RV owners must check the manufacturer’s policy before buying because some brands only honor their commitment if people buy the roof sewer vent cap from an authorized distributor or retailer.

RV families can look for a different brand of camper vent pipe cover if there is a persistent concern about warranty non-fulfillment.

Why do you need a sewer vent cap for RVs? (Benefits)

As I’ve mentioned previously, the main benefit offered by these caps is simple to understand. RV sewer caps are a critical part of keeping stink odors from your black and gray holding tanks outside the rig. It keeps the RV living comfortable and a lot less smelly.

Life without an RV sewer vent pipe cover would be an absolute nightmare. After all, rig owners can immediately tell when a sewer vent cap is malfunctioning. The accompanying smell is horrible and makes life unbearable.

But these products don’t only protect awful holding tank smells. They offer a couple of other ones that rig owners should find more than appealing. I’ll go over a couple of them below to ensure you know what to expect from these products.

  • Long-lasting Performance

The best RV sewer vent caps will be made from heavy-duty, sturdy materials to incite top-tier performance. You’ll end up getting a model capable of keeping your rig smell-free for a long time. It also saves you a bit of money as you won’t have to find a replacement anytime soon.

I should mention that the best options will be made from UV-protected materials. These materials will ensure constant sun ray exposure won’t cause wear issues like cracks, breaks, and rust.

But subpar options won’t have constructions using these types of materials. These cheaper caps will often use inferior materials that can cause your rig’s plumbing vent structural issues. Therefore, buying a high-quality vent cover becomes necessary for any rig owner.

  • Affordable Prices

Most RV related equipment comes with an expensive price tag. But these caps are a relatively affordable product that shouldn’t cause much damage money wise. This outcome makes these caps a more cost-effective solution to a terrible situation.

However, some manufacturers go a little overboard when making these products. This action ends up with the vent cap costing much more than customers would like. You should avoid these options unless several other customers swear by them.

  • Easy Installation

Most of these vent caps don’t have complex installations. These products can instead be installed without much effort or encountering any hassles. I’m not the type of person who loves doing these tasks, which means an easy installation is always something I value.

It helps that this process won’t take much time, as well. You can utilize this spare time to do fun camping activities, such as hiking, biking, or sightseeing. It’s just lovely that you won’t have to be on your roof for a lengthy amount of time when installing your sewer vent cap.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Our FAQ section will attempt to tie up any loose ends or answer any questions unanswered by previous discussions. Once you’ve read through it, finding the perfect option will be an easy, stress-free task.

What are good RV sewer vent cap brands?

Evaluating the brand who made your chosen product is a necessary step, as well. You’ll want to buy models from trusted manufacturers like the ones mentioned in our previous discussions.

Each of these brands has gained stature for providing top-tier product quality and customer service. These two aspects are what everyone should look for when choosing a manufacturer. If you stick with these trusted ones, this process’ success rate rises significantly.

Do RV black tanks have vents?

RV black tanks do have vents, which are located on your rig’s roof. This vent is what allows your black tank to breathe. You should also know that the tube connected to your black tank runs upward and links to this vent. If you happen to notice a terrible smell after flushing your black tank, it’s coming from this vent.

How do you replace an RV sewer vent?

Replacing these products won’t be much of a challenge. The task will require an RV roof vent cap replacement, a putty knife, sealant, rubbing alcohol, and a screwdriver. Once you’ve gathered these materials, you can begin this simple 5-step process:

  1. Eliminate the old sealant.
  2. Reattach the screws that fasten the vent onto your roof.
  3. Remove the vent and clean this area using a wire brush and rubbing alcohol.
  4. Install your replacement sewer vent cap by following the manual’s directions.
  5. Apply some new sealant to make sure it’s a weatherproof installation.

How to care and clean?

Cleaning and maintaining a sewer vent cap isn’t a challenging process. Since most sewer vent caps are UV-protected, this ability allows them to deal with any issues that come with changing weather conditions. It makes sure keeping them in good condition doesn’t require much effort.

The main thing a rig owner will need to do is check on them regularly for cracking and breaks. If you’re weird about the process of how to check RV vent pipe caps, it’s not complicated. It’s a simple matter of doing a review of its exterior to check for any visible issues.

If you’re looking for more detailed information, the product’s manual should have special instructions. It should provide you with any must-know details about the product’s cleaning and maintenance processes.


Choosing the best RV sewer vent cap should be a straightforward process with this new information. It’ll make picking one suitable for your situation an uncomplicated task. But sometimes, questions do come up in these searches that this article can’t even answer.

If this situation does occur, I encourage you to let me know in our comment section. I’ll make sure to answer your posts as quickly as possible. Thanks for reading!

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