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The Best RV Sheets (Short Queen, King, Queen)

Written by Stephen Ryan / Fact checked by William Turner

Buying the best RV sheets might seem like a non-essential task to an RVer. After all, there are more important things to worry about on your rig than your mattress’s bedding. But what people don’t realize is how much effect a set of high-quality sheets can have on your life.

The right set of sheets could be the key to unlocking a perfect night of sleep. This reason is why it’s such a necessary step to invest some time in thinking about what kind of sheets you’d find most comfortable.

best rv sheets

But there’s an issue that tends to pop up when people start searching for RV sheets. You see, there are many different types and factors to consider. And honestly, it can get a bit frustrating when you try finding the perfect set without a frame of reference.

Due to this, we felt we could help fill this role with an extensive buying guide. We’ll discuss all the relevant topics ranging from the best brands to where you should buy. Everything we go over will play a pivotal role in ensuring your buying experience becomes successful.

And if you keep reading, we promise some clarity will form about which RV bed sheets represent the perfect buy. So, let’s get started!

Top 1

Nestl Bedding 1800


Number of Pieces 4
Material Microfiber
Pattern Solid

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Top 2

Sweet Home Collection 1500


Number of Pieces 1
Material Microfiber
Pattern Solid

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Top 3

SGI Bedding 600


Number of Pieces 3
Material Cotton
Pattern Solid

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Table of Contents

10 Top-Rated RV Sheet Reviews 2023

This section will hold nine reviews of the best RV sheets on the market as well as one review of an accessory we think could help. These discussions should give you a better idea of what you’re getting into before we start going over the more tricky topics.

1. Nestl Bedding 1800 Sheets Set

This next product comes from a brand that’ll you see a few times on our list, Nestl. The Nestl Bedding 1800 Sheets Set provides a person with a top tier sleeping experience. It can offer this quality thanks to its 1800 thread count and soft microfiber design.

This 1800 thread count is almost unrivaled in this market and offers a softness that anyone would find extremely comfortable. It also helps that this microfiber design is hypoallergenic. This feature means it’ll repel any bacteria, dust mites, or other gross organisms from setting themselves up on your sheets.

I found its ability to resist both pilling and snagging as appealing as well. These two qualities will offer a sense of durability and comfort thanks to these sheets having a high-quality design you can trust.

And like the previous two products, these sheets come with various size and color options. It’s quite clear Nestl is one of those brands that you can feel confident buying from as a customer. I mean, even their customer service was receiving praise in the customer reviews.

Trust me; reviews praising customer service isn’t something you see every day. We should note this sheet set is available for an affordable price as well. In the end, these sheets seem to be products that will offer a good night’s sleep, which is all most of us want.

But there was one concerning trait that gave me a little pause. You see, some customer reviews made it a point to express disdain over the durability of this sheet set. These reports most consisted of people complaining about them breaking down after only a few months.

However, these complaints were few and far between among these customer reviews. You can probably chalk them up to isolated incidents rather than being a trend.
  • Available in 10 sizes and 43 color options
  • Made from a soft microfiber
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Resistant to pilling and snagging
  • 1800 thread count
  • Affordable
  • Durability issues

2. Sweet Home Collection 1500 Supreme Collection Sheets Set

The Sweet Home Collection 1500 Supreme Collection Sheets Set is one of the best options for anyone that’s a sweaty sleeper. You see, these sheets are made from a breathable microfiber, which will allow a constant source of airflow.

It helps that these sheets are incredibly soft as well. This feature means you shouldn’t have any issues getting the sleeping experience that you’ve always wanted. I mean, it has a thread of 1500, which is a lot higher than what you’d typically see on a sheet set.

But these features aren’t the only ones that show these products’ quality. Their wrinkle and fade resistance is another aspect that you shouldn’t take lightly. These qualities will keep the sheets in pristine shape for a long time.

I found these sheets’ elasticity to be top tier as well, which is always something you should be looking for in these products. It’ll ensure that these products stay on our bed no matter how much you move during your sleep.

Its easy cleaning process is another fantastic attribute these products bring to the table. They’re machine washable, and you can mix them into a load with similar colors. And speaking of colors, these sheets have 45 options to choose from as a customer.

As a result, you shouldn’t have any issue finding the perfect color to fit your RV’s atmosphere. The amount of sizes options is also helpful as it covers all the standard sizes you might need to fit an RV mattress.

And the price of these sheets is rather low compared to what you might find elsewhere. If you’re looking for a bargain, these products could be the perfect option. But we should note that some customers found the sheets to be a little too thin, which could be an issue for some customers.
  • Available in eight sizes and 45 color options
  • Low cost
  • Wrinkle and fade resistant
  • 1500 thread count
  • Easy to clean
  • Made from a high-quality microfiber
  • Some customers complained about the sheets being too thin

3. SGI Bedding 600 Luxury Soft Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Our first product is the SGI Bedding 600 Luxury Soft Egyptian Cotton, which consists of high-quality Egyptian cotton. This material has proven to be incredibly comfortable as multiple customer reviews have praised these sheets softness.

The use of Egyptian cotton also makes cleaning these sheets a simple process. If you’re anything like me, anything that ensures a maintenance task is easy should be looked at as an attractive trait. It just makes your life that much easier.

I found the number of choices SGI Bedding offers to an intriguing quality as well. There’s no way you won’t be able to find the perfect size and color combination with these options. Plus, it covers all the standard sizes you typically see on an RV mattress.

And since it’s an elastic fitted sheet, you won’t have to worry about this coming off during the middle of the night. This feature means that waking up to a bunched sheet won’t be something you’ll experience with these fantastic sheets.

It also has a good thread count of 600, which should convey that these sheets have a certain elevated softness to them. I’m quite confident that sleeping on these products will be everything you could ever want out of a sheet.

Your purchase even helps a good cause as a portion of the profit goes to a children’s charity. It’s another nice touch, and it shows SGI Bedding not only cares about your well-being; but about the world’s overall well-being as well.

This product’s only issue is the price you’d have to pay. Honestly, it’s a much higher cost than I’m looking to pay for a sheet set. But given the amazing features, someone could easily talk me into buying due to the comfortable night’s sleep these products provide.
  • Available in 10 sizes and 15 color options
  • Uses Egyptian cotton
  • Easy to clean
  • Elastic fitted sheet
  • 600 thread count
  • A portion of the profit goes to a charity
  • Expensive

4. Rajlinen 400 Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set

The Rajlinen 400 Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set is another product that’s perfect sweaty sleepers. It’s made from breathable Egyptian cotton fabric, which helps reduce the impact those hot nights have on your sleeping session.

This Egyptian cotton fabric also makes these sheets easy to clean and wrinkle-free. These two aspects should be more than enough to ensure taking care of these products is a breeze. Plus, they’re hypoallergenic as well, which means bacteria, dust mites, and other allergens shouldn’t be an issue.


Its 400 thread count isn’t something you should overlook either. This feature makes sure that your sheets will be soft enough to ensure peak levels of comfort. Honestly, it’ll almost be like you’re sleeping on a cloud when you take a nap on these sheets.

You can also take comfort in these products being free of all harsh chemicals. In fact, everything used in their creation is all-natural. As a result, you don’t have to worry about any side effects from using them, such as rashes.

And I didn’t even mention how luxurious these sheets look compared to the other models on the market. It’s almost like you’re sleeping on sheets made for a king. Overall, you might not find a better-looking set of camper queen sheets than these from Rajlinen.

But these products do have two issues that you can’t ignore. Some customers felt like these sheets were bit rougher than the standard Egyptian cotton products. However, it’s essential we note that numerous reviews felt the exact opposite.

And these sheets only come in three sizes, which is a bit of an issue. It’s a shame too because the quality offered by these products should be something everyone can enjoy.

  • Available in 22 color options
  • 400 thread count
  • Made with Egyptian cotton
  • Wrinkle-free
  • Easy to clean
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Some customers felt the sheets were a bit rougher than expected
  • Only three sizes

5. SGI Bedding Exotic Collection Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set

Our second product from this brand is the SGI Bedding Exotic Collection Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set, which has a set of features anyone would love. I mean, it has everything someone could want in a sheet set.

For instance, its Egyptian cotton has proven to be incredibly soft, given the many reviews praising it. It seems like anyone who buys this sheet set ends up being happy with the comfort it provides.

And honestly, there’s not much else you should be looking for in a sheet set. But the good news is that these sheets check off the other boxes as well. You see, these products are also easy to clean, which is a pivotal part of this process.

It essential you don’t minimize the value of these sheets being elastic fitted either. This quality becomes crucial in making sure that this set of sheets doesn’t bunch up during the night and make your sleeping session annoying.

I also love the breathability of these sheets as several customers reported that they held up well, even in the hottest places. This feature is critical for me because I love RVing in warm climates, and the temperatures can become almost unbearable.

Plus, this set of sheets comes in a wide range of colors and sizes to ensure I can find the perfect combination. Given all these fantastic features, I’m left with one question, what else could you possibly want?

The answer is a lower price because this set of sheets is well outside my budget. It’s not something I can justify buying without taking some serious time to consider. But if money is no object, you won’t find a better option than these sheets on the market today.
  • Available in 13 sizes and 15 colors
  • Elastic fitted sheet
  • Easy to clean
  • Made from Egyptian cotton
  • Breathable
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Expensive

6. California Design Den 400 Camper Sheets

The California Design Den 400 Camper Sheets are another product any RVer would benefit from having on their bed. These camper bed sheets will ensure that your sleeping experience in your rig isn’t any different from the one at home.

These sheets can offer this experience thanks to their 100% cotton design and 400 thread count. Both these qualities convey that this set should meet all your expectations about their softness. And this feeling is backed up by the numerous customer reviews who praise this product.

It also helps that this set of sheets doesn’t feature any harsh chemicals. This aspect means you won’t have to worry about these products causing a skin reaction from their use. You can lay on them without falling victim to any annoying side effects.

You should love the durability of these sheets as well as they are resistant to pilling. As a result, you can expect them to say in your life for many years. It’s always a nice feeling to know you won’t need a replacement product any time soon.

Plus, like most of the other sets on this list, these sheets are easy to clean and offer a large number of choices in both size and color. In the end, California Design Den created some sheets that are without a doubt among the very best.

But this status doesn’t mean these sheets don’t have any issues. You see, this set happens to be one of the more expensive on this entire list. This problem isn’t ideal for bargain bin shoppers such as me.

It also doesn’t help that some customers reported wrinkling issues with these sheets after washings. This concern could’ve been caused by human error; however, it’s still not something you want to see in the customer review section.

  • Available in seven sizes and 23 colors
  • 400 thread count
  • Made from 100% pure cotton
  • Easy to clean
  • Doesn’t feature any harsh chemicals
  • Resistant to pilling
  • Expensive
  • Some customers reported wrinkling issues

7. Nestl Bedding RV Short Queen Microfiber Sheets Set

If you’re looking for RV short queen bed sheets, the Nestl Bedding RV Short Queen Microfiber Sheets Set could be an excellent option. This set of sheets have various features that set them apart from their competition.

For instance, these sheets are made from a high-quality microfiber, which is both breathable and durable. These two features combined create a perfect blend of a long-lasting product that’ll ensure you have a comfortable sleep even in the worst conditions.

This set has also become known for its ability to resist stains, wrinkles, tears, and fading. In other words, it has protections against any situation that might ruin the fabric. As a result, you can expect this product as a main fixture in your life for years to come.

And if you do happen to spill something on these sheets, you take comfort in knowing this set has an easy cleaning process as well. Honestly, these products might be the best RV short queen sheets on the entire market.

Their hypoallergenic qualities help further prove this status by ensuring bacteria and other allergens don’t become an issue either. And I also love that you can choose between a 4-piece and 6-piece set with these sheets.

This choice makes sure that you won’t end up with a sheet or two, which you’ll never end up using. But it’s lack of options regarding size is a bit concerning. You see, it only comes in RV short queen; therefore, if you’re looking for RV king size sheets or another size, you’re out of luck.

We should also note that some customers felt these sheets were a bit too thin. This issue could be a problem for cold sleepers or cold weather RVers.

  • Affordable cost
  • Can choose a 4-piece or 6-piece set
  • Available in 37 colors
  • Made from high-quality microfiber
  • Wrinkle, stain, tear and fade resistant
  • Easy to clean and hypoallergenic
  • Only one size
  • Some customers reported them to be too thin

8. Cottington Lane 400 Long Staple Cotton Sheets Set

The Cottington Lane 400 Long Staple Cotton Sheets Set offers a smooth, soft surface for an RVer to lay on during their sleeping sessions. This softness comes from these sheets consisting of 100% natural cotton.

The use of this natural cotton material also ensures that there weren’t any harsh chemicals used in this set’s creation. As a result, there’s nothing for a person to worry about when using these sheets. It helps that these products were made in the United States as well.

This quality means that these sheets had to go under rigorous testing before being put onto the market. Due to this, you can have confidence that everything about them will be safe and won’t cause any issue when using them.

I also love the fact that its an elastic fitted sheet for reasons discussed in previous reviews. It’s just always a nice touch and should be something you’re looking for as a customer. Its 400 thread count is another reason to seriously consider this product as it provides an adequate level of softness.

Its thread count might be a bit lower than some other sets on this list, but it’s still above the average. As a result, you can expect a level of comfort that should meet your expectations and provide a good night’s sleep.

But even though it’s a high-quality option, there’s one issue that concerns me a little. You see, some customers have reported this set has wrinkling issues. This problem isn’t something you expect to see from a top tier brand like Cottington Lane.

However, we should note that these complaints weren’t present in a lot of the reviews we encountered. It was only a select few, which could represent this issue is a rather rare occurrence.
  • 400 thread count
  • Made from 100% natural cotton
  • Available in 12 sizes and seven colors
  • Elastic fitted sheet
  • Comes from a US-based company
  • 4-piece set
  • Some customers reported wrinkling issues
  • Expensive

9. Sweet Home Collection 1500 Brushed Microfiber Sheet Set

Our last RV bed sheet set on this list is the Sweet Home Collection 1500 Brushed Microfiber Sheet Set. And these sheets are a great set to end with as their quality is among the very best on today’s market.

But the best part of these sheets is that they’re affordable. This feature means bargain buyers like me should be flocking to Amazon, and buying this set without hesitation. I mean, it has features that you would expect from way more expensive products.

For instance, these sheets consist of high-quality microfiber with a thread count of 1500. This feature means you can expect a level of comfort that will ensure your sleeping sessions will be a delight rather than a nightmare.

In fact, it was a shock when we encountered a review that didn’t at least mention how soft these sheets were compared to other models. Honestly, this type of reaction is something every customer wants to see when considering a product.

And it also helps that these sheets have every feature that you’ve become familiar with during these reviews. This set is hypoallergenic, elastic, and gives a wide assortment of choices in both size and color.

Given these features, it’s quite apparent this Sweet Home Collection sheet set is a bargain that a lot of people should take advantage of as customers. It even comes in a 6-piece set that you’re getting for the price of most 4-piece sets.

The only issue we came across during our research was it seems the customer service wasn’t always excellent. Some customers complained about having problems getting ahold of the company, which is something to think about before buying.
  • 1500 thread count
  • Made from high-quality microfiber
  • Affordable cost
  • Available in seven sizes and 45 colors
  • 6-piece set
  • 100% hypoallergenic
  • Some customers reported issues with customer service

Additional Product

10. UltraBlock UltraPlush Premium Waterproof Mattress Protector

The one additional product we had to mention is the UltraBlock UltraPlush Premium Waterproof Mattress Protector. And the purpose of this item is to protect your mattress with its waterproof qualities.

This product could end up being a godsend for people with pets or a small child who hasn’t gotten the potty training down. It’s an excellent way to prevent any accidents from providing lasting damage to your RV mattress.

But this benefit isn’t the only one this mattress protector offers. It’s also hypoallergenic to ensure that allergens don’t make your RV bed their new home. Plus, it can repel dust mites, mildew, and mold as well.

And the fact that it’s machine washable doesn’t hurt either. This factor means cleaning the mattress protector when spills or accidents do happen will be a breeze. The customer reviews have also confirmed these issues do come right out when you follow the cleaning directions.

But the fact that this product won’t cause noise when people move around isn’t something to overlook either. This aspect is essential as most mattress protectors tend to offer a crinkling sound, which can become annoying for light sleepers.

Overall, this mattress protector would be an excellent product to buy with your RV sheets. It’ll give an extra layer of protection and won’t hurt the overall comfort of your RV mattress. In fact, its soft top will only improve it.

Although, it’s essential you understand this mattress protector won’t be cheap. You’ll have to shell out quite a bit of money when buying this product. You should be aware that some customers had packaging issues with this item as well.

This issue means some customers complained about the protector arriving damaged. A problem like this one is never something you like to read during product research.

  • Waterproof
  • 20-year warranty
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Machine washable
  • Available in 10 sizes
  • Low noise operation
  • Some customers reported packaging issues
  • Expensive

What to Look for When Buying an RV Sheet


If you plan on buying RV sheets, certain factors will heavily influence your final decision. This section will discuss each of them to ensure you have everything needed for making an informed decision.

Mattress Size

The first thing you must understand is RV mattress sizes are different than regular ones. Due to this, RV sheet sizes will be different than you’re used to as well. This potential issue becomes more of a problem when you intend on buying fitted sheets.

If you’re unfamiliar with the sizes, the following ones are the most common and what you’re most likely going to encounter:

  • RV Bunk Sheets: 28″ x 75″
  • RV Bunk Sheets: 30″ x 75″
  • RV Bunk Sheets: 30″ x 80″
  • RV Bunk Sheets: 34″ x 75″
  • RV Bunk Sheets: 35″ x 79″
  • RV Twin Sheets: 38″ x 75″
  • RV Twin Sheets: 38″ x 80
  • RV Bunk Sheets: 42″ x 80″
  • RV Full Sheets: 53″ x 75″
  • Short Queen Sheets: 60″ x 75″
  • Short Queen Sheets: 60″ x 74″
  • RV Queen Sheets: 60″ x 80″
  • Olympic Queen Sheets: 66″ x 80″
  • RV King Sheets: 72″ x 75″
  • RV King Sheets: 72″ x 80″
  • Cal King Sheets: 72″ x 84″
  • Eastern King Sheets: 76″ x 80

Given this information, all you have to do is figure out your RV mattress’s size and find an accompanying sheet. It’s a crucial step to ensuring that you end up with a product which will meet all your expectations as a customer.

Type of Material

The material used in creating these sheets is another thing you’ll need to evaluate thoroughly. You see, there are many different materials found in these products and it’s something we’ll discuss in more detail in the sections below.

But this factor will end up being a choice made of preference, but the main goal here is the product you choose should be durable and comfortable. These two qualities mean the sheet you want should be able to hold up after frequent washing and last more than a few months.

It’s also essential you take into account things like whether you’re a cold or hot sleeper. If you’re a cold sleeper, it’s best to buy sheets made from a heavier material such as flannel. RVers who sweat in their sleep should look for products with a more breathable quality such as linen.

Thread Count

Another essential aspect of this process is the sheet’s thread count. You see, people tend to think that a higher thread count means the sheet’s quality is better. And this type of thinking isn’t always correct as you don’t need to spend extra money on products with a thread count over 400.

You should instead spend more on sheets made from higher grade cotton such as Pima, Supima, or Egyptian. As a result, you should use a sheet’s thread count as a piece of the puzzle rather than having it impact your entire decision.

In other words, select your selects by considering both the material and thread count rather than only using the thread count. It’s a much more efficient way of ensuring you end up with a product that checks off all your boxes.

Easy to Clean

You don’t want sheets with a complicated cleaning process. This potential issue will only end up making your life much more frustrating. After all, sheets do tend to get dirty over time and require frequent washing.

Due to this, ensuring your sheets have an easy cleaning process should be a priority. An excellent way to evaluate this factor is by reading through the customer reviews. If there’s an issue in this area, former customers won’t have a problem letting you know.

Reading these reviews becomes essential when you realize every advertisement will feature the words easy to clean. Of course, some of these companies aren’t being truthful with these words in their ads.

The customer reviews will either confirm or deny this description and give you an idea about whether these sheets are worth the hassle.


Some of these sheets can get expensive, which means you need to set up a budget based on what you’re okay with spending. For instance, if you want short queen Egyptian cotton sheets, you should expect a set to cost between $35 and $50.

Setting up a budget below that range will lead you down a path to nowhere. With this in mind, it’s clear that you need to understand what your ideal set of sheets will look like and set realistic budget guidelines around them.

And once you do, the number of options available should dwindle to a more manageable amount. It’ll make this entire process much easier and remove the frustration of trying to wade through a flooded market.

Other Important Factors to Consider


This section will detail everything else you need to make the right decision. In other words, we’ll cover all the remaining topics that might affect your choice. It’s all to ensure you pick the set of RV sheets that’s best for you.

What is an RV sheet?

An RV sheet is a product that’s specially designed to fit the unique dimensions of an RV mattress. And like regular sheets, these products are fundamental to ensuring you get a good night’s sleep.

You see, it’s almost impossible to a regular sheet onto your RV bed snuggly. The sizes are different, and you’ll end up with a loosely fitted sheet or one that’s too small. And nobody likes sleeping with a sheet that’s not tightly secure.

It’s uncomfortable, and the bunching up can be quite a nuisance. Due to this, investing in high-quality RV sheets becomes a necessity for an RV owner. It’s a crucial piece to ensuring that sleeping in your trailer feels the same as sleeping at home.

RV mattress companies realized this potential issue when creating their products, which lead many of them to develop accompanying sheets in the same sizes. And it’s something you should take advantage of as an RVer.

Otherwise, you might find yourself dreading bedtime onboard your RV, which isn’t ideal. So please, get yourself a set of top tier sheets and make sleeping on your rig a dream rather than a recurring nightmare. Your life will be much better when you do.

What are the different types of RV sheets?

The RV sheet market is filled with various products. This variety can get a little overwhelming at times, given the number of choices. But the easiest way to separate all these sheets into types is through the materials used in their design.

There are nine commonly used materials in the creation of RV sheets: cotton blend, Egyptian cotton, polyester, flannel, bamboo, jersey knit, linen, silk, and microfiber. And all of them have certain benefits that could make them the ideal type for you.

As a result, I’ll discuss each one to ensure you have an idea of which would be the right choice.

Cotton Blend Sheets

These RV sheets are made from a mixture of cotton with another ingredient, which will either be natural or synthetic. Most of the time, these products are affordable and durable. In fact, they often have more durability than a pure cotton sheet.

But cotton blend sheets tend to have an issue with wrinkling, which can be quite a nuisance. We should also note that cotton-linen blend sheets are something you should look out for as well. These products combine the benefits of both linen and cotton sheets into one fantastic product.

Egyptian Cotton Sheets

The cotton used in these sheets is known for being incredibly soft and strong. These two qualities are useful as you’ll want a set of sheets, which are durable and comfortable. It’s also helpful that this cotton is highly breathable and doesn’t pill.

But these excellent qualities led to a rather severe downside. Sheets made with Egyptian cotton will end up being more costly than products made from other materials. It’s something you have to think about before making your final decision.

Polyester Sheets

The most inexpensive sheets will consist of polyester, which is a synthetic fiber. These sheets are an option worth considering because they’re durable, moisture and stain resistant. It also helps that these items won’t wrinkle and are incredibly easy to clean.

These polyester sheets do have an issue with how much comfort they provide. It’s the one area where these products tend to lag behind the other types. However, some high-quality versions are comfortable enough to warrant serious consideration.

Flannel Sheets

If you’re a person tends to get cold when sleeping, flannel sheets could be a solution. These products are made from either wool, synthetic fibers, or cotton and are loosely knitted to create a high-pile softness.

This results in a sheet, which will keep you warm even in the coldest of nights. It’s also essential you understand that flannel quality relies on weight. As a result, look for a high-quality product will a bit more weight and doesn’t pill.

Bamboo Sheets

You might not know this, but a bamboo plant has fibers that are made into a soft pulp. This soft pulp is then dried into threads and woven into a material, which is used to create sheets. Pretty cool, right?

Well, it also provides a variety of benefits that’ll benefit you during sleep. You see, high-quality bamboo sheets will offer the same properties as the plant, such as being hypoallergenic and antimicrobial.

Plus, bamboo sheets are soft, thermo-regulating, silky, and have a rich texture thanks to its longer threads. Given this information, it’s quite apparent that investing in these items could go along way in getting a good night’s sleep.

Jersey Knit Sheets

The creation process of jersey knit sheets have is a bit different than some of the other types for one single reason. These products are knit instead of woven and ends up being a single long piece of thread.

As a result, these sheets are a bit more flexible and soft than some of the other types. People often compare these products to the fabric you’d find in a t-shirt. This attribute is where the name “jersey knit” comes from, which is a delightful little factoid.

Linen Sheets

An excellent option for hot sleepers is linen sheets. These sheets consist of natural fibers that come from the flax plant, which absorb moisture and are breathable. Both these features are vital in keeping you cool during those warm nights.

Along the same lines, linen sheets also allow air flow as they’re woven looser than the other types. This quality is essential in making sure moisture doesn’t build up and cause you to sweat during your sleeping session.

Silk Sheets

As you might imagine, silk sheets are going to be one of the more expensive types we mention in this section. Their higher prices come from the luxurious reputation these products have built over the years, but this quality doesn’t mean they aren’t worth the price.

In fact, these sheets are unbelievably comfortable and wick away moisture during the summer to ensure your always sweat free when you sleep. They’re also great for people with allergies as they repel mildew, mold, dust mites, and are hypoallergenic.

Microfiber Sheets

Our last type we must discuss is microfiber sheets, which come from synthetics such as polyester polymers and nylon. These sheets are incredibly thin, and it makes them great for use during the summer months.

Microfiber sheets are stain and water resistant as well, which is another reason to consider getting these for your RV. Plus, these sheets are known to be durable and great for people with sensitive skin.

Why do you need an RV sheet?

The main reason you need RV sheets is that regular mattress sheets won’t fit snugly on an RV bed. As discussed previously, RV mattresses are different sizes than a regular sheet and would be either too big or small to fit on the bed inside your rig.

This issue means your sheets will end up being bunched up and be wildly uncomfortable to sleep on or wrap around your body. It’s also essential you get RV sheets because they’ll make your sleeping session much more comfortable than it’d be without them.

And since we want to experience a good night of sleeping within our rig, it’s best you invest in the tools that can offer it. These tools include a proper set of RV sheets that match your sleeping preferences perfectly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


This section is designed to answer any remaining questions you might have on the topic at hand. It should solve any issue that might pop up during your search that hasn’t been discussed yet in this article.

What are good RV sheet brands?

The good RV sheet brands are the ones we discussed in our product review section. Each one of these companies offers products that will make your bedroom becomes a comfortable space — the one you’ve always imagined.

But even among these esteemed brands, there are a few that separate themselves a bit more than the others: Sweet Home Collection and Nestl Bedding. Both these companies have become a force in this market for a variety of reasons.

And I thought going over their backgrounds could provide an insight into why these two brands have such an excellent reputation. This knowledge should make it clear that buying from these two companies is a smart decision.

Sweet Home Collection

This brand prides itself on having a dedication to making quality products. A company with a mindset such as this one is what every customer should want. It gives off the feeling that the people making these items care about your wants and needs.

Their dedication to providing high-quality customer service is another thing that separates them from the pack. I mean, it’s always nice to buy from a company that has your back when something goes wrong.

Nestl Bedding

Nestl Bedding is another company with a commitment to creating top tier products. This mindset has led them to make fantastic items, which has gained them such a pristine reputation.

But their willingness to attach fair prices onto these items is what sets them apart. If you’re looking for a bargain, Nestl Bedding would be the place you should look at first. It’s more than likely they’ll have something that satisfies all your expectations.

How to put RV sheets on beds?

Putting your RV sheets onto your mattress isn’t any different than how you’ve done a thousand times at home. Some products will have special directions from time to time, but it’s never all that different.

However, it’s always a good idea to read the directions on the package before putting the sheets on your bed. You never know when a company might’ve gotten too cute and made using these sheets needlessly tricky.

If you’re anxious about it, most companies will put the directions right in the product’s ad. As a result, you can judge them before buying to ensure you don’t end up with an overly tricky product.

How to clean?

The cleaning process will vary from product to product. This aspect is something you must account for before making your final decision. Most of the time, you shouldn’t find any tricky directions involving this task.

But some companies like making cleaning their products a bit more involved. And it becomes necessary that you read the directions before making your purchase. This step will help you avoid buying a product that makes this task hard.

Regular sheets vs RV sheets: What are the differences?

The only significant difference between sheets for RV beds and bed sheets for the home is their size. After all, most RV mattresses are smaller than those found in residential units. For example, it is rare to see a Queen-sized bed in a camper unless the RV is a large Class A motorhome.

RV bedding manufacturers design and create flat and fitted sheets that should cover most RV bed dimensions. These products can be great for camper beds and still be sufficient to cover a California King, short queen, or three-quarter mattress.

On the other hand, some RVers prefer having a company customize their RV sheets for bunks or RV sheets queen size. This option might be more expensive, but it is the best route for travelers who want a perfect-fitting bedding for their mattresses.

Where to get custom-sized RV sheets?

RV owners can get custom-sized motorhome sheets from major e-commerce platforms, including Amazon and eBay. It would be wise to research these products before buying to ensure the correct fit for the RV mattress.

Reading reviews can also give prospective buyers insight into the real-world condition and fit of motorhome or travel trailer sheets, especially the accuracy of their sizing.

RVers looking for custom-sized RV bed sheets can also check Etsy and other similar online platforms. A haven for private entrepreneurs, Etsy is excellent for buying personalized items.

Leading motorhome equipment and supplies manufacturers also offer RV-specific bed linens and accessories. Some provide bed sheets for certain RV brands and models, ensuring the perfect fit.

How make RV beds more comfortable?

If you’re having comfort issues with your mattress, there are three things that you can buy to fix this issue: bedding, foam pads, and mattress toppers. And I’m going to discuss how each one can help in the rest of this section.


The first thing you should try is investing in better bedding. You see, the bedding which comes with RV mattresses tend to be slightly uncomfortable. Due to this issue, it’s quite clear your bedding could be the issue making your sleeping sessions a nightmare.

This problem means buying more comfortable sheets, pillows, and blankets could help ensure your sleep becomes a refreshing experience.

Mattress Toppers

Buying a mattress topper is another way to ensure a comfortable night’s sleep. But these products tend to be a rather expensive purchase, ranging between $50 and $150. On a positive note, this solution is easy to use. All you do is slip this topper onto your mattress and a good night’s sleep awaits.

It does have one more issue to account, though. It’s hard to find an RV mattress topper that’ll fit the sizes of RV mattresses. It’s an oddity, which hasn’t been quite figured out by companies yet.

However, you can work around this issue by buying a topper that’s a little too big and cutting off the excess inches. You can even buy a trimmable one that’s designed for this exact purpose and makes things much easier.

Foam Pads

Investing in a foam pad is another route to increasing your comfort. This product will provide extra padding to account for your RV mattress’s lack of box spring. It also doesn’t help these beds usually feature a plywood base further complicating matters.

But regardless, a foam pad will solve these issues after you place it under your mattress. It will act as a protector against the harshness that plywood base can inflict on your back. And finding these products is rather easy as well as your local hardware store should have some in stock.

Where to buy?

Buying RV sheets isn’t the simple process you might have expected. But the good news is that there are plenty of places which sell these products at reasonable prices. The most notable of these places would be Amazon.

I know using Amazon isn’t always the preferred method of shopping. But their prices will be much lower than the other options. Plus, their selection will be much more extensive as well. It’s a no brainer to use their services when buying a set of RV sheets.

However, this fact doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look at the other options. Places like Camping World will have a nice amount of top tier products that you should consider. Their prices will be a little higher than Amazon’s in most cases, but sometimes they do have sales.

These sales drop the costs below what you’d even see at Amazon. As a result, we encourage you to compare prices on both sites before making a final purchase. You should take a look at AB Lifestyles, which will have a solid selection of RV sheets as well.

We should also note that you should stay away from the manufacturer’s websites when buying these products. The prices on these sites will exceed well past what you’d find anywhere else online.

If you don’t like online shopping, stores like Bed, Bath & Beyond should have some options. Of course, their prices will be much higher than what’d you’d find online. But the customer service these retail stores offer isn’t something any website can match.

As you can see, there are plenty of places where you can find high-quality RV sheets. All you have to do now is pick the store or website that suits your shopping preferences. In my case, this choice would easily be Amazon given all their incredible advantages.


Everything we discussed will lend itself when you start your search. In fact, it should guide you toward the best RV sheets quickly and without issue. It’ll make sure you’ll be having a more comfortable sleep in no time.

This more comfortable sleep will result in you being refreshed for your daily activities. It’ll make routine tasks seem more manageable, and you won’t be tired all the time. And all of these benefits come from the simple act of buying the right set of sheets.

So please, use this information and make this process simple rather than frustrating. I promise it’ll make everything about this experience as easy as possible. If you do end up having more questions, feel free to leave them in the comment section.

We’ll answer them as quickly as possible! In the end, all we want to do is help in any capacity we can.

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