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The Best RV Sofa Beds (Sleeper Sofa and Couch)

Written by Stephen Ryan / Fact checked by William Turner

Finding the best RV sofa bed isn’t an easy process. There are many different factors at play, and it requires a lot of thought on your part. This difficulty comes mostly from all the different options a customer has to choose from on today’s market.

Due to this, I felt there was a need for a buying guide that could direct you through this overflooded market. And hopefully, it’ll provide everything needed to make a sound decision about the next sofa bed you buy.

best rv sofa bed

This information will include going over topics such as types, benefits, determining factors, etc. We’ll even provide you with seven reviews of the top RV sofa beds on the market. These reviews should give you an idea of what a top tier model looks like and features.

All of this knowledge together will help shape your final decision and guide you towards the perfect RV sofa bed. In the end, everything this article has to say will end up ensuring your guests have the finest sleeping area when they spend the night.

So please, keep reading and let this article help you find the perfect RV sofa bed that meets all your needs. I promise you won’t regret it.

Top 1



Dimensions ‎36″D x 68″W x 36″H
Material ‎PolyHyde
Seating Capacity  3

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Top 2

RecPro Charles Collection 80″


Dimensions 37.5″D x 80″W x 38″H
Material ‎Faux Leather
Seating Capacity  3

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Top 3

RecPro Charles Collection 65″


Dimensions 65″D x 34″W x 37.5″H
Material Faux Leather
Seating Capacity 2

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Table of Contents

11 Best RV Sofa Bed Reviews 2023

This section will feature those seven reviews promised above to ensure you have an idea of what you should expect. Each one will give you a better understanding of what’s essential about these products.

Plus, if you think all that’s need is to replace your old sofa bed’s mattress, we also have three reviews of the best sofa bed replacement mattresses. These options should quickly fix everything that plagued the one you have now.

1. THOMAS PAYNE 68-Inch Tri-Fold Sofa

The Thomas Payne 68 Inch RV Sleeper Sofa uses its industry-leading Tri-Fold design to deliver exceptional versatility and comfort for RV owners.

It might look like a traditional sofa found in many homes, but this product has a few surprises underneath its elegant form.

I love this product’s Tri-Fold design, ensuring a flat, even, and smooth surface for resting one’s tired body after a whole day of driving or trekking. It looks like an RV jackknife sofa, except for the comfortable sides that cradle the arms like a couch.

Unfolding this RV fold out bed reveals a high-density foam, perfect for body support. I find sleeping on this sofa bed exceptionally comforting, enabling me to get to slumberland faster than my bed at home.

I like the steel frame, which reminded me of an RV fold down couch bed I once saw from a friend’s motorhome. After all, this sofa bed only weighs 150 pounds.

My favorite is the sofa’s PolyHyde upholstery, making it a breeze to clean and maintain the sofa bed. The removable backrest is also noteworthy. People can bring this inside their RVs through the door without any hassles.

Unfortunately, these innovations make this RV sofa bed pricier than others.

Still, I would recommend this RV sofa bed to anyone who owns an RV. This RV sofa is the perfect multipurpose furniture that optimizes the motorhome’s tight living space. Its design is near-flawless, and its performance is top-notch.
  • Tri-Fold design ensures a smooth, flat, and even sleeping surface
  • High-quality PolyHyde upholstery for effortless cleaning and maintenance
  • Steel sofa bed frame for durability
  • High-density foam core for optimum body support
  • Removable back and lightweight design for hassle-free RV installatio
  • Pricier than other standard designs

2. RecPro Charles Collection 80″ RV Hide A Bed Loveseat

The RecPro Charles Collection 80” RV Hide A Bed Loveseat is another option that’ll make any RV owner happy with its performance and features. But what separates this model from the others on our list is its size.

You see, this model is 80 inches wide, which should easily fit even the tallest people reading this article. It’s among the largest sofa beds you’ll find explicitly made for RVs on the market today that means it’s still capable of fitting through your RV’s door.

In fact, you could comfortably seat three people on this sofa without issue. But its size isn’t the only impressive feature it brings to the table. You should like the 5-inch thick mattress that comes with purchase as well.

This mattress should provide a good night sleep without causing you to feel stiff the next morning. It also helps that it lays on top of a metal bed frame that you can easily pull out thanks to the convenient handle.

Plus, it’s easy to move as the sofa bed comes in two parts, which makes the install process more straightforward. It’s quite apparent RecPro made this product with user-friendlessness in mind given all these favorable aspects.

But there were two things about this RV couch bed that I didn’t find appealing. The first was its high price, which was a bummer as all the features did pique my interest. And the second one was that they only offered two color options.

It didn’t help that these color options are kind of bland and wouldn’t mesh well with my RV’s interior either. However, if these two things are problems for you, this model may offer you a performance that’s unrivaled on today’s market.
  • Pull out bed frame
  • Consists of faux leather
  • Simple to clean
  • Includes 5-inch thick mattress
  • 80-inches wide
  • Easy to move
  • Expensive
  • Only two color options

3. RecPro Charles Collection 65″ RV Hide A Bed Loveseat

As another RecPro product on our list, the RecPro Charles Collection 65” RV Hide A Bed Loveseat shouldn’t surprise with this quality. In fact, this model doesn’t do anything but further impress that this brand is one the best with several attributes that I love.

A perfect example would be this product’s metal frame that’s easy to pull out using the handle. This feature makes converting this sofa into a bed a simple process that takes little to no effort, which is something I value greatly.

It also helps that this model comes with 5-inch thick twin mattress included. This feature means I won’t have to buy one separate, which can be a bit of a pain. And I like that I won’t have to replace either as most customers found it very comfortable.

The fact that this soft bed comes with well-padded armrest, cushions, and headrest was another aspect I put down as a win. As a result, I can fully expect this sofa to be a pleasant place for both my movie marathons and my naps.

Plus, it having four different color options isn’t something to sneeze at either. I think the chestnut option would be the best for my RV interior as it would blend right in and bring a more luxury feel. However, all the other choices seem just as lovely and could be perfect for the right RV interior.

But even with all these fantastic features, there’s still one thing holding me back from purchasing this sofa bed, its price. It’s another option that’s a bit more expensive than I’d like and I would have a hard time justifying buying.
  • Consists of durable faux leather
  • Four color options
  • Easy to clean
  • Well-padded armrest and cushions
  • Metal frame that’s easy to pull out
  • Twin mattress included
  • Expensive

4. Thomas Payne 379929 Tri-fold RV Sofa Bed

The Thomas Payne 379929 Tri-fold RV Sofa Bed would provide anybody with a fantastic sleeping area thanks to its outstanding features. I mean, it seems to cover every requirement an RV owner could want.

For instance, this sofa converts into a bed in only four simple steps. This process isn’t one that’ll take a lot of time or cause you much stress, which always a win in products like these. Other customers seem to agree with this sentiment as its using process was often given praise in the customer reviews.

The construction of this sofa bed was another aspect I found intriguing as well. You see, it features durable PolyHyde upholstery which will ensure this product doesn’t tear easily. It also helps that material is easy to clean as I’m a frequent spiller and clumsy.

This product’s construction doesn’t require a lot of assembly either. And as someone who hates tasks like this one, you can bet this feature is something I found appealing. Plus, its sleeping surface consists of high-density foam, which will make it a comfortable place to rest.

The 1-year warranty it offers is also a nice feature to have. It never hurts to have a little insurance against something like a tear or rip happening. And this feature will certainly offer this sense of comfort.

All in all, this tri-fold RV sofa bed will more than met the needs of someone looking for one of these products. It seems like there isn’t much someone could complain about with this product aside from one thing.

This one negative aspect is this product’s price as it’s one of the more expensive on this list. In fact, it’s well outside what’d I be willing to pay for an RV sofa bed.
  • Sleep surface consists of high-density foam
  • Requires little assembly
  • Features durable PolyHyde upholstery
  • Easy to clean
  • Converts into bed in four simple steps
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • Expensive

5. Ashley Furniture Signature Design Zeb Contemporary Sleeper Sofa

If you’re looking for the most customizable option on our list, this model would be the one for you. You see, it comes with the choice between three different mattress sizes and four different colors.

Sounds cool, right? Well, it is, and the features don’t stop there. The included mattress also consists of memory foam. This feature means the level of comfort you’d expect from a regular bed would now come from your sofa bed as well.

It’s also essential I mention the sofa consists of lovely looking polyester/nylon upholstery, which is both soft and durable. Both these qualities are what you should be looking for in the material used on a motorhome sleeper sofa.

I love that this model comes fully assembled as well. As a result, I won’t have to worry about me messing this product up in some way during this process. Trust me; this feature is a win given my skills in this area.

The fact that this sofa bed features a durable steel frame to support the mattress isn’t something you should overlook. This aspect should protect against damage from occurring. It’ll also offer a sense of comfort about this product’s ability to stay in your life for a long time.

It helps that all of these features are available for a fair price as well. But there was one issue that appeared a few times within the customer reviews, which was concerning. It seems some customers reported shipping issues as the packages would arrive late and damaged.

These complaints weren’t frequent, but it was still enough to be a red flag and worth discussing during this review.

  • Three mattress size options
  • Four color options
  • Memory foam mattress included
  • Consists of comfortable polyester/nylon upholstery
  • Durable steel frame
  • Arrives assembled
  • Some customers reported shipping issues

6. Pearington Mia Sofa Bed

If you’re looking for a lower priced option, the Pearington Mia Soft Bed could be a great bargain buy given its several fantastic attributes. I mean, the extra bed storage alone is enough to be put it high on my consider list.

You see, this feature would save me a ton of space by giving me somewhere convenient to put things like blankets, quilts, and other extra bedding. I would no longer have to worry about them taking up storage areas where I could place more essential items.

I also love the fact that this product has three adjustable positions, which something you shouldn’t overlook. This quality gives you a choice to find the most comfortable option depending on the person sitting or laying on it.

It gives you a sense of more control over your comfort, which is always a nice thing. It also doesn’t hurt that you get two matching throw pillows with your purchase. And since I’m a lover of free items, their inclusion is something I see as a huge positive.

You should take note that the mixture of rich foam and polyester fill inside this sofa was another aspect, which was well-received. Overall, it seems this product ranks favorable against the other RV couch sleepers on this list and has the added benefit of being cheap.

But two things did bother me about this sofa when I was doing my research. This model is another one that only comes with two unimpressive color options, which I felt lack a wow factor.

I also didn’t enjoy seeing some customers having trouble with the assembling process. Given my lack of skills in this area, buying this model would be a hard sell.

  • Low cost
  • Extra bed storage
  • Natural hardwood frame
  • Comes with two matching throw pillows
  • Filled with a mixture of rich foam and polyester fill
  • Three adjustable positions
  • Two color options
  • Some customers reported assembling it was difficult

7. RecPro Charles RV Jackknife Sofa

The last sofa bed on our list is the RecPro Charles RV Jackknife Sofa, which might not be the most exciting option, but it offers both decent quality and an affordable price. This combination isn’t one you should ever take lightly.

I mean, this model has all the necessary features to get the job done. The Suprima fabric is an excellent example as it’s both easy to clean and durable. Due to this, you shouldn’t have any issues keeping this sofa in pristine shape for many years.

It also helps that this model comes with an all metal frame, which will further ensure this product lasts a long time by offering durability. I think it’s fair to say that this product’s construction is one area, which is well taken care of given these two features.

This sofa bed having a storage area under is another incredibly useful feature. I mean, you can never have enough of these spaces within your RV. And this one will make sure things like blankets are out of the way.

I love the number of options this product offers you as well. It gives you three sizes and four colors to choose from, which helps ensure you’ll end up with the perfect sofa bed. And I have to mention one more time that all of this comes for a fair price.

All in all, this product from RecPro is another example of them providing their customers with exactly what they’re looking for in a sofa bed. In fact, the only issue I came across was that some customers weren’t entirely pleased with how the color matched up with ad’s pictures.
  • Low price
  • Three size options
  • Four color choices
  • Storage area under the couch
  • Consists of durable Suprima fabric
  • Durable all metal frame
  • Some customers were disappointed with the colors

RV Sofa Bed Replacement Mattresses

8. Zinus Cool Gel Memory Foam Sleeper Sofa Mattress

Another option worth looking into is the Zinus Cool Gel Memory Foam Sleeper Sofa Mattress, which provides a high level of comfort and unique features. For instance, I love that this bed uses natural green tea extract to maintain the bed’s freshness.

Honestly, this feature is such a cool way to ensure you don’t end up with a musty, stinky bed. It’s also useful that this bed uses activate charcoal to help in this regard as well. You see, it can absorb moisture and eliminate odors to keep your bed’s freshness further.

But all of this freshness doesn’t matter much when the bed isn’t comfortable. Luckily, this product doesn’t have this issue thanks to it being filled with four inches of high-quality base support foam and one inch of memory gel foam.

The combination of these two foams creates the perfect mixture of support and comfort for the person sleeping on this mattress. And since sofa bed mattresses can be a hit or miss in this area, it’s nice to see a bed that offers such a balance between the two.

Plus, if all these features weren’t enough, Zinus also provides a 5-year warranty with purchase. This insurance will more than make sure you’re covered against all tears or rips that might occur during this period.

This product does have a few downsides though as it’s more expensive than a lot of its competitors, which isn’t something you like to see. And some customers also reported this model giving off a strong odor upon opening.

These complaints about the smell were rather isolated, but it was more frequent than you’d like to see an issue like this one within the customer reviews.

  • 5-year warranty
  • Five inches thick
  • Uses natural green tea extract to maintain freshness
  • Filled with 1 inch of memory foam
  • Includes active charcoal to absorb moisture
  • Lightweight design
  • Expensive
  • Some customers complained about the product’s smell

9. Classic Brands Memory Foam Replacement Mattress

Our last product is the Classic Brands Memory Foam Replacement Mattress, which consists of both memory foam and high-density poly foam. This combination means you’re getting the best of both worlds as the memory foam offers support and the poly foam provides comfort.

These two foams put together will make sleeping on this mattress a fantastic experience that won’t make you miss your bed at home. It’s essential we note that the memory foam is hypoallergenic as well, which means its mold, allergens, bacteria, and dust mite resistant.

This product also comes in three different size options, which means you can choose the one that fits your situation perfectly. It gives you more control over your buying experience and should increase the chances you end up happy with the mattress.

I should mention that this model comes with a 3-year warranty as well, which is something I love in any product for reasons I’ve discussed in the previous reviews. The fact that this product has affordable price isn’t something I’m going to overlook either.

Plus, I like how easily this model folds and unfolds from a sofa bed. This quality tends to be an issue in a memory foam mattress, but this one acts like a spring mattress and does both without any hassles.

Overall, our last product is a reliable option that should receive attention from anyone trying to replace a mattress within an RV sofa bed. But before you do spend money on this model, you should know that some customers had packaging issues with this model.

It seems the product would arrive damaged and have holes in the packaging, which isn’t ideal in any situation.
  • Three different size options
  • Affordable
  • 3-year warranty
  • Consists of both memory foam and high-density poly foam
  • Memory foam is hypoallergenic
  • Easily folds and unfolds
  • Some customers reported packaging issues

10. INNOMAX ForeverAire Guest and Sofa Mattress

If you’re unhappy with the air mattress within your RV sofa bed, the INNOMAX ForeverAire Guest and Sofa Mattress should be a product you consider buying. This model offers a 100% leak tested capabilities, which means it doesn’t lose air overnight.

In fact, this air mattress can even automatically maintains air pressure when it endures a small puncture. Due to this, it’ll ensure you have a comfortable bed during your sleeping session, which means you won’t wake up on top of a bottomed out mattress.

It also helps that this mattress features DuraFlex Ripstop Fabric that offers puncture resistant capabilities to stop these issues in the first place. As a result, things that often haunt vinyl mattresses like punctures will be less of a problem.

This fabric happens to be breathable as well, which means it’ll help keep all bedding and sheets in their rightful place. You won’t have to worry about walking up and finding your legs are laying on an uncovered mattress, which can be quite cold in the morning.

But the thing I love about this mattress is the automatic shut off pump. This aspect makes sure the pump shuts off right after its inflation meets the firmness you’ve selected. It ensures you have a bit more control over the surface you’re sleeping on during the night.

However, this mattress does have a high price tag, which is well above what I’m looking to pay for an air mattress. But given the positive features and reviews, I could see how something would be willing to pay this much money. I mean, these products don’t seem to get much better than this one.
  • 100% leak tested
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable fabric that’ll help keep bedding in place
  • Puncture resistant
  • Features an automatic shut off pump
  • Maintains air pressure even when suffering from minor punctures
  • Expensive

11. RecPro Charles Collection RV Jack Knife Sofa

Our first product on this list comes from a company you should get used to rather quickly. You see, this brand shows up within this article a few times. And the RecPro Charles Collection RV Jack Knife Sofa will show you a couple of reasons why?

The first reason I fell in love with this product is its durable faux leather construction. I mean, this sofa looks gorgeous and its lack of real leather is a plus for me. It’s because the summers where I RV tend to get overly humid and hot, which makes leather couches an absolute nightmare.

It also helps that this material seems incredibly durable. There were multiple customer reviews, which gave this sofa high grades in this regard. It’s always nice when you can count on a piece of furniture to last a long time.

But this durable means nothing when the product isn’t comfortable. Thankfully, this aspect isn’t an issue with this sofa either as it’s filled high-density foam, which should make your sleeping session a real dream.

You can also take comfort in that fact transitioning this sofa into a bed is a simple process. This aspect was another one where the customer reviews were applauding this product for its performance. It even seems like it lived up to the hype brought on by product description saying it would only take a few seconds.

In the end, this sofa bed is a marvelous product from a top tier company. However, we must note that some taller adults did have issues fitting comfortably onto this model.
  • Consists of durable faux leather
  • Space saving double zero wall hugger recliners
  • Filled with high-density foam
  • Easy transition into a sleeper
  • Affordable
  • Four different color options
  • Some taller adults had issues using it

What to Look for When Buying an RV Sofa Bed


Finding the perfect RV sofa bed will come down to several different factors. This section will thoroughly go over them to ensure you have an excellent understanding of what makes up a high-quality option.


The first thing you must consider when buying an RV sofa bed is the size you need. It’s essential you understand the depth, length, and height of the sofa bed you’re trying to replace. You’ll also need to measure the amount of room the fully pulled out bed uses.

If you don’t have these exact measurements, it’s going to be hard finding a workable replacement. Another thing you must factor in is the size of your RV’s door. After all, if you can’t get the RV sleeper sofa into your rig, what’s the point of buying it?

These measurements will also help limit the choices you have to choose from as a customer. And since this market is somewhat overloaded with options, anything that can help make this process less overwhelming is a win.

If you’re a little confused about how to get these measurements, the following information should be beneficial:

Height: You should measure from the sofa’s base to the highest point on the sofa’s back.

Depth: Measure from the sofa’s back to its front.

Width: Measure from the farthest right to the farthest left of your sofa bed.

Steady Frame

Making sure your RV sofa bed has a strong, durable frame is a must when conducting your search. The essential thing to realize about this factor is the cheaper models often have metal frames, which can be useful in the right circumstances.

I mean, these metal frames are durable, but they aren’t your best options. You should instead look for a reasonably priced model made from kiln-dried hardwood. These types are incredibly steady and should last a long time.

But make sure you never get a bed with a pliable wood frame such as pine. These options will break down quickly and make you regret your purchase. As a result, if you can afford it, I’d recommend going with a kiln-dried hardwood frame model.

The people that can’t afford it should have no issues with a metal frame, but please ensure you read the customer reviews beforehand. You need to make sure these models are durable and won’t break down quickly.

Type of Mattress

If you plan on getting a sofa bed that features a mattress, ensure the mattress that comes with your RV sofa bed is comfortable. After all, there’s nothing worse than sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress.

And since this situation isn’t something you want your guest to experience, it’s essential you understand the type of mattress you’re getting. In most cases, there will be three different types of mattress to pick from with your sofa bed: spring, foam, and air mattress.

The spring mattresses are heavier and more basic than the other two types. As a result, people often complain about these products being less comfortable, but they’re more affordable. You often see this type of mattress in traditional hide-a-beds.

RV sofa beds with foam mattresses are often great picks for RV owners. But you must make sure its high-density foam or you’ll likely end up feeling the awful metal bar.

And the last type is the air mattress, which is the one you most often see utilized in air mattress hide-a-beds. This kind of camper sofa has become the most commonly used inside RVs today thanks to its convenience and inflation ability.

With all this mind, you must decide on the type of mattress that fits your preferences the best. In my case, I’m always going to go with either an air or foam mattress because of the support they offer.

Easy to Clean and Install

Easy maintenance is another area where any high-quality RV sofa bed will separate itself. You see it’s essential that another model you’re considering makes both the installation and cleaning processes simple.

In other words, you want something that has easy assembling, or you might find yourself pulling your hair out. Some of these companies love to make this part of experience much more complicated than necessary, and you must avoid them.

An excellent way to avoid these products is by reading customer reviews. If there’s an issue in this area, you can bet there will be many reviews stating it. Nobody likes a product that’s more complicated than it requires, and they will complain about it.

As for the cleaning, the customer reviews should give you an insight into this part as well. It’s essential you make sure the sofa bed is easy to clean as it’ll extend its longevity. And the last thing we want is for you to be buying another sleeper sofa in a few months.

Storage Capabilities

One of the features you might encounter with an RV sofa bed is an additional storage area within the model. It’s something you should take note of before you start your search because storages space on an RV can be a little limited.

It’s essential we note that not all these sofa beds will have this feature. And it’ll likely make the price a bit more expensive than other models. But for some people, it could end up being incredibly worth it.

For instance, if you’re anything like me, this feature intrigues me greatly as I tend to hoard things from my travels. This quality means I’m always looking for creative ways to store these items, and this additional storage area would be perfect.


Having a warranty with these products is always a good idea. After all, moving things around an RV can get a little wild, which means sometimes items get damaged. Due to this, insurance to protect your RV sofa bed from this experience could end up being a godsend.

In most cases, these warranties will end up being for 1-year. But some other models offer more extensive policies that include a cushion warranty. This feature usually is a 5-year warranty on the cushions themselves to protect against rips and tears.

As you can imagine, these warranties can save you quite a bit of money and keep you from buying another sofa bed for a long time. Therefore, it’s always best to seriously consider getting a model with one.

Easy to Use Mechanism

Pulling out your RV sofa bed shouldn’t be a difficult process. The method should instead be simple and quite easy while offering you no hassles or difficulties. This aspect is another one that can be thoroughly elevated by reading customer reviews.

It’s also essential you make sure all the metal parts within this process have smooth edges. These smooth edges will help you avoid these metal parts catching onto sheets or blankets, which could lead to tears.

Other Important Factors to Consider


The factors within the section above aren’t the only things that’ll affect your decision. The information you learn from this section should have a huge impact on your final choice. It’ll give you all the knowledge needed to become an expert on RV sofa beds!

What is an RV sofa bed?

An Rv sofa bed isn’t much different than the one you might encounter inside your home. The main difference is that they’re designed with the parameters of RVs in mind. This quality means these products were created to fit through the nightmare an RV door represents.

If you’ve ever tried putting a residential sofa bed into an RV, you know how crucial this aspect will end up being. Don’t underestimate it and spend a truckload on a model that doesn’t have the capabilities of fitting through your RV door.

Aside from this quality, you can expect everything else to be relatively the same. It’s going to be a full sofa that features both armrests and cushions. And it can turn into a bed through a mechanism that you pull within the model.

The way its bed functions will depend on the type you get, which we’ll dive more into later. But this description is the general gist of what you can expect from an RV sofa bed. Honestly, getting one could end up making your RVing experience a more pleasant one.

After all, it never hurts to have an extra sleeping spot within your RV. You never know when a friend or family member might come over. Plus, it’s nice sometimes to use the bed function and pop in a movie.

What are the different types of RV sofa beds?

When buying an RV sofa bed, there are three types you’re going to come across: RV jackknife sofa bed, RV tri-fold sofa bed, RV traditional hide-a-bed sofa, and RV air mattress hide-a-bed sofa. Each of these will have situations where they seem like better options than the other two.

And in this section, we’ll go over each type to ensure you know which one suits your needs the best.

  • RV Jackknife Sofa Bed

An RV jackknife sofa bed looks like your run-of-the-mill couch except that it pulls out into flat form. This type doesn’t come with a mattress, but many RV owners find it useful to put a mattress pad on top as it increases comfort by softening the surface.

It separates itself from the other two thanks to its portability. You can quickly move these models from place to place without putting stress on your back. It also helps that these models tend to be a bit cheaper than what you’d expect from the other three types.

If you’re looking for something cheap, a jackknife could be a great option to consider. I mean, a lot of people end up happy with the results offered by these types of sofa beds.

  • Tri-Fold RV Sofa Bed

Another option that doesn’t include the issues brought on by a mattress is a tri-fold RV sofa bed. These models are larger and heavier than jackknife sofa beds, but offer more sleeping space for the person using it.

In fact, you could easily fit two people on these products, which would be a stretch for jackknife models. But this aspect does mean it’s a bit hard to move around, and the install process requires more work.

Given this information, it also shouldn’t surprise you that these models tend to be more comfortable than jackknife options. However, it’s still recommended you use an RV mattress topper with these sofas as well.

  • RV Traditional Hide-A-Bed Sofa

The next type we must discuss is the RV traditional hide-a-bed sofa, which has seen a decrease in its use lately. These models are the ones with the heavy mattress hidden in the couch.

This recent decrease in use has come from the issues moving these models around during the install process. After all, these RV sofa beds are usually heavier and put much more stress on the people lugging it around your RV.

But if you’re looking for a sofa bed with a real mattress, this model would be the right option. You could use either a spring or foam mattress depending on your needs concerning support.

  • RV Air Mattress Hide-A-Bed Sofa

Our last type is the air mattress hide-a-bed, which are becoming more and more popular with each passing day. These models are very similar to the previous type but feature an air mattress rather than a regular one.

This feature makes moving these products around much easier due to the lack of a heavy mattress. It also makes it easier for a person to get a good night sleep because you can inflate them based on their needs.

Due to these features, you can see why air mattress RV sofa beds have become such a stable among new rigs in the RV community. I mean, they offer a ton of convenience that the other models don’t.

Why do you need a sofa bed for RV?

As we’ve talked about these topics, I imagine you’ve started to see how an RV sofa bed would benefit your life. But in this section, we’ll try to sum up some of the more critical benefits these products could offer you.

From this information, you’ll understand whether buying one is the right decision and worth the money you’ll spend. The following benefits should point you in the correct direction.

  • Saves Space and Money

An RV sofa bed saves space within your rig by offering two different purposes. You can either sit or sleep on these wonderful products; therefore, you won’t have to buy a secondary air mattress for when guests stay the night.

It also saves you money as you won’t have to purchase a bed and sofa separately. This product acts as both, which ends up saving you a ton of money. Plus, it gives you more room for other pieces of furniture like a recliner as well.

  • Offers a Better Choice For Guests

Making a guest sleep on a couch isn’t something anyone enjoys doing. You instead want them to enjoy their time and feel comfortable when they’re sleeping. These products offer this experience to them more than an air mattress or a thick pad would.

Due to this, your guest won’t be waking up the next morning feeling like something destroyed their back. In the end, it’s an excellent and respectable option to offer your guests as a sleeping place.

  • Setting One Up is Easy

Most RV sofa beds are also incredibly easy to set up. This feature means you won’t have to spend a significant amount of time preparing it for use. It won’t take more than a few seconds, and your guest should have a comfortable place to sleep.

  • Extra Storage Area

Some of these models will offer extra storage space, which is something any RV owner could use. You can store things like blankets, pillows, or quilts inside these spaces without any hassle. It’s a nice thing to have inside a small area with limited storage space like an RV.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This FAQs section will try to cover any questions that we haven’t answered yet in this article. We hope it’ll give any remaining knowledge you might need about these products to make an informed decision.

What are good RV sofa bed brands?

The good RV sofa bed brands are the ones you’ve become familiar with from our product review section. Each of these companies tries their hardest to ensure you end with a top tier sleeper sofa that meets all your needs.

In fact, all of them seem to have an excellent rapport with RV owners. Honestly, it was hard to find a single bad word about any of them in the customer reviews. Most of them reported top tier designs and customer service in these reviews.

But there’s one company that deserves more shine than the others, and that’s RecPro. This company is featured a few times in this article for some valid reasons. And we thought diving into this brand could help give you some insight into why?


RecPro comes from Bristol, Indiana, and has become the largest producer of RVs in the United States. This status has made them venture into other parts of the RVing life, such as selling RV furniture.

And if their products mentioned above are any evidence, this brand excels in this regard as well. It seems their great reputation among RV owners comes down to their sofa beds being innovative, and them providing excellent customer service.

Those two qualities are all somebody should be looking for in one of these brands. Plus, their shipping procedures are fantastic as their known to get their customers the products on time and in good shape.

What are RV sofa beds made of?

This materials used in making an RV sofa bed will vary from product to product. But in most cases, it’ll end up consists of leather or a leather-like material that’ll be durable and provide a level of comfort.

If you’re worried about the materials, it’s best to check the product’s description on its ad page. It’ll give you the exact details of what was used in creating the model you’re researching. You should also check out the customer reviews as well to ensure the company isn’t lying about what they’re using.

It might seem a little crazy, but it does happen when you’re dealing with low-quality brands. And it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

How to remove an RV sofa bed?

Removing your old RV sofa bed won’t be something you enjoy doing. In fact, it’ll likely cause you a lot of stress and frustration. But I thought offering you some steps could help avoid it becoming a nightmare situation.

Step 1: Wrap up the Couch

The first thing you want to do is wrap the couch up in moving pads and blankets. These items will make sure the couch doesn’t suffer tears or scrapes from inside your RV. You might also want to invest in some furniture slides or a dolly, which can help avoid causing issues on your RV’s floor.

Step 2: Protect the Corners

Fitting the sofa bed through your RV’s door will be an issue. Due to this, you should ask a friend or family member for some help during this process. You guys should then work together and tilt the sofa bed into different positions.

In other words, you should tilt into a position that feels most comfortable picking up, such as sideways or upside down. This tilting will also help protect the corners from becoming damaged or scratched through contact with the door.

Step 3: Use a Shoulder Dolly

Before lifting the sofa bed, I recommend putting on a shoulder dolly. These products are amazing and make this entire process much less stressful on your body. It’s also essential that you make sure the sofa is broken down to its smallest form.

This action means storing all the sofa’s items such as legs, cushions, and covers in a secure manner. As for the strap, it should be across your forearms, chest or shoulders. You then need to keep it on your RV’s floor in front of the sofa and use your partner’s help tipping it backward.

From there, you need to move the straps under the sofa and towards the middle.

Step 4: Pick up the Couch

The time has come to lift the sofa bed and move it. All you need to do is ensure you’re moving forward and your partner moving backward or vice versa. It’s also essential you remember to take your time. This process isn’t a sprint, but rather a marathon.

Can you put a normal couch in an RV?

  • Yes, people can put ordinary household furniture in an RV. However, it would be best to check the furniture’s size and weight to see if it meets the motorhome’s space limitation and weight capacity.
  • The RV’s door dimensions can also play a crucial role in choosing the right furniture.

For example, one might have a lightweight sofa bed. However, it would be impossible to place this piece of furniture in the RV if it is larger than the motorhome’s door opening.

  • There is also the issue of maximizing space. Placing an unusually bulky sofa might rob RV occupants of valuable space for other activities. The couch’s multi-functionality is also crucial along this line. It would be best for RV owners to have a sofa they can use for other purposes.

These issues are never a concern with furniture for RVs. For example, RV sofas clearance is perfect for a motorhome’s limited space.

An RV sleeper sofas clearance is not problematic for campers and other Class C RVs because its design is spot-on for space optimization.

How much does an RV sofa bed weigh?

A camper sleeper sofa can weigh 150 to 200 pounds, depending on the materials and dimensions.

For example, the Thomas Payne Trifold Sofa weighs 150 pounds, while the RecPro Charles RV Hide A Bed has an all-metal frame that pulls its weight to 200 pounds.

On the other hand, a typical sofa bed found in studio apartments and other small domestic living spaces can weigh about 350 pounds, making an RV sofa bed up to 57% lighter than a conventional sleeper couch.

The sofa bed’s materials are a crucial factor in its weight.

  • For example, sofa beds with wooden frames are generally heftier than metal skeletons.
  • Cushioning also adds to the sofa bed’s heft. An air-filled mattress is lighter than foam, making it an excellent option for RV owners wary of exceeding their motorhome’s gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR).
  • There is also the issue of sofa bed dimensions. A smaller RV sofa bed is lighter than a bulkier piece because it uses more frame materials and cushioning. Hence, a 65-inch RV sofa bed is heftier than a 48-inch sleeper couch.

How long do RV sofa beds last?

An RV sofa bed should have a longer lifespan than a conventional sofa bed. After all, one of the most crucial factors impacting a piece of furniture’s durability is usage.

The more frequently people use a sofa bed, the faster is its wear and tear.

Ordinary sofa beds can last at least 15 years with proper care. Hence, it would be safe to assume that an RV sofa bed will last 20 years, minimum.

However, activity and material can impact an RV sofa bed’s longevity.

  • For example, over-the-top intimate moments can break an RV loveseat sleeper in minutes.
  • The frame might buckle under the weight, or the legs can deform.
  • Another example is an RV sleeper sofa with an air mattress. The cushion is not impervious to punctures, requiring a replacement sooner than the RV owner wants.
  • Kids can accidentally cut or puncture the mattress’s surface, deflating it. Although most air mattresses come with repair patches, they would not be the same as the original.

How to make an RV sofa bed more comfortable?

If you can’t seem to get the ideal amount of comfort from your RV sofa bed, there are some things you can do. And these following tips will help ensure your guests end up sleeping like kings when they stay with you.

Can you sleep on a sofa bed every night?

Yes, people can sleep on a sofa bed every night. A high-end RV pull out couch can double as a bed at night. They provide a relaxing platform to rest one’s body after a tiring day in the great outdoors or driving the motorhome for hundreds of miles.

An RV sofa bed mattress can deliver a good night’s sleep experience as traditional beds.

These products have premium-quality cushions and a soft and comfortable cover to send people to slumberland faster than run-of-the-mill sofa beds.

However, people with back problems and other orthopedic issues might find an ordinary sofa bed unsuitable for their needs. In such cases, a mattress with memory foam or a body-contouring cushion with pressure-relieving features is a must-have.

Invest in a Mattress Pad or Egg Crate

Adding a mattress pad or egg crate topper are affordable ways to increase the comfort of your RV sofa bed. All you have to do is place one of these products on top of it, and it’ll soon turn a firmer surface into a soft one.

Honestly, if you intend on getting a jackknife or tri-fold type, I’d consider these items must have purchases. The difference will be apparent immediately from the moment you put the mattress pad or egg crate topper onto the sofa.

Find the Perfect Pillow

Don’t underestimate the impact a pillow can have on somebody’s sleeping experience. These products play a huge role in how well and comfortable people sleep. As a result, finding the perfect one should be high on your list of priorities.

In most cases, body pillows work out the best on larger RV sofa beds such as the tri-fold, traditional hide-a-bed, and air mattress hide-a-bed. These pillows add more support and give you something to cling onto as you sleep.

Of course, a body pillow might be a little too big for jackknife types, which means you should opt for something different. In this case, I recommend a well-stuffed regular pillow and may a throw pillow or two to increase the comfort of these sofa beds.

Overall, both these tips might seem like common sense, but they can have major impacts on how well your guests sleep. So please, do yourself a favor and invest in these products to ensure you offer the best sleeping area possible.

How to clean?

The proper way to cleaning an RV sofa bed will depend on the model you end up getting. The manual that comes with it should have some detailed instructions about the proper way. But regardless, the process shouldn’t be all that difficult and different from what you experience with your couches at home.

Where to buy?

If you want to buy an RV sofa bed, there are a variety of sites and places that sell them. But the best option would Amazon for many reasons. It offers the largest selection as well as the best prices you’ll find anywhere.

Its large amount of customer reviews are another nice benefit Amazon offers that other sites or stores don’t. Honestly, these resources are crucial to evaluate whether or not a sofa bed will meet all your expectations.

But if you aren’t comfortable using Amazon, there are other options worth checking out as a customer. For instance, Camping World’s online site will have a wide selection to choose from and provide you with all the relevant product information needed.

In most cases, their prices will be a little bit higher than you’d see at Amazon. But sometimes they have sales on products and their costs drop to points way below their competition. As a result, it’s always a good idea to compare prices between these two online markets.

Other online sites you should check out are RV furniture Center.com as well as Bradd and Hall.com. Both these websites should provide you with enough options and give you everything needed to make a decision.

You can also find a good selection of RV sofa beds at your nearest RV furniture store. Their prices will be much higher than the online stores, but they do offer customer service you won’t get elsewhere.

As you can see, it shouldn’t be much of an issue to find the website or store that’ll sell you a top tier RV sofa bed. In fact, all these options should be capable of pointing you in the right direction. It’s all now about picking the one which best suits your preferences.


After reading this article, finding the best RV sofa bed shouldn’t be much of a problem for you. It’s all about taking the knowledge you’ve learned and applying it to your search. From there, it should be a piece of cake.

But remember that these products should offer a sense of comfort. There’s no reason to settle for a sofa bed that doesn’t fit all your needs. You should instead keep searching and find the perfect model, which checks all your boxes.

And with the things you’ve learned from this article, you should be well tasked to find it. But if you do have any more questions, please feel free to leave them in the comment section below. We’d love to help assist your search in any way we can.

After all, all we want to do is ensure your guests have the perfect sleeping area!

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