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The Best RV Speakers

Written by Stephen Ryan / Fact checked by William Turner

Are you having trouble finding the best RV speakers? You’ve come to the right place as our article will answer all your questions and more about this buying process. I’ll take you through every essential topic and factor to ensure you make the right decision.

These topics will include RV speaker types, benefits, determining buying decisions, and much more. I’ll even provide 12 reviews of my favorite available options. Each of these discussions will guide you through the various choices and decisions required during this buying process.

best rv speakers

As a result, you should have everything needed to make a solid choice when picking out new RV speakers. It should make upgrading your rig’s sound system a less stressful, overwhelming task than you might’ve anticipated.

In fact, I promise reading this article won’t be a decision that you end up regretting. Instead, you’ll gain everything needed to choose a set of RV speakers capable of providing top-tier sound quality. Let’s not waste any more time and get this process started.

Top 1

Magnadyne WR40W


Speaker Size 8 Inches
Maximum Output Power 25 Watts
Speaker Type Outdoor

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Top 2



Speaker Size 5.25 Inches
Maximum Output Power 180 Watts
Speaker Type Subwoofer, Tweeter, Component

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Top 3

Polk Audio DB522


Speaker Size 5.25 Inches
Maximum Output Power 300 Watts
Speaker Type Woofer

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Table of Contents

12 Top-rated RV Speaker Reviews 2023

This section will contain those 12 reviews mentioned previously. Each of these reviews should provide insight into what a high-quality RV speaker looks like and offers a rig owner. They’ll also help you understand the more complicated discussions that take place later on in this article.

1. Magnadyne WR40W Speaker

Magnadyne’s WR40W Marine & Hot Tub Speaker impressively begins our list with its long list of fantastic features. One of them would have to be the product’s compact design and appearance.

This quality makes it much easier to install and less of an eyesore inside your rig’s interior. Both of these benefits were brought up a lot when talking with other RVers’ experiences concerning this speaker.

I was also intrigued by this product’s built-in grill, which offers extra damage protection. This addition should help ensure the speaker lasts a lot longer than other models. You can attribute its long-lasting results to its waterproof construction, as well.

Given these design features, it shouldn’t have any issues being usable in various situations like RVs, boats, hot tubs, and others. It seems Magnadyne did an excellent job ensuring this model was more than versatile and durable enough to last a couple of years in numerous roles.

The audio quality provided by them was appealing, too, as I was floored by how great they sounded in my RV. I wasn’t expecting such quality sound coming from a speaker at an affordable price.

Some customers did report shipping issues with this option, though. On more than one occasion, the product arrived in damaging packaging or parts missing. These issues aren’t what you should expect from a top-tier brand like this one.

  • Easy to install
  • Built-in grill for extra protection
  • Can work in various situations: RVs, boats, hot tubs, etc.
  • Affordable price tag
  • Compact, waterproof design
  • Shipping issues
Honestly, those shipping issues shouldn’t scare anyone away from this product. These complaints were only in a few reviews and sorted out quickly by its customer service. If this model fits your needs, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy it.

2. Pyle PLMRS53BL RV Marine Speakers

The Pyle PLMRS53BL RV Marine Speakers is one of the more reliable options available. Its reliability comes from its aluminum-based design, which ensures a high level of toughness. Due to this, it should provide good audio quality for a long time.

I was also impressed with the product’s UV protection and waterproof capabilities. Both these aspects will go a long way in ensuring this model meets your expectations. It’s why this model is an excellent choice for people looking to buy outside camper speakers.

These speakers having LED lights helps in this regard, as well. It will give your rig’s exterior a bit more style than usual. Plus, it never hurts to have some extra light when doing tasks near your camper.

Bargain buyers should find this option intriguing, too, considering it comes as a two-pack. It has an impressively low price tag compared to the other options on our list. In some cases, you can get this two-pack for the price of alternatives, which only have one speaker.

You shouldn’t overlook how impressed people were by this product’s easy installation, either. I couldn’t read more than a few reviews without it being mentioned. As someone who struggles with any installation task, I even felt this model was simple to set up.

I do have to say its audio quality does lag behind some of the other options on our list. This outcome shouldn’t be shocking considering the bargain level price.

  • Long-lasting aluminum based design
  • LED lights that add style to your rig
  • Affordable price tag for a 2-pack
  • Easy installation
  • Waterproof and UV-protected construction
  • Good, but not great sound quality
Their audio quality isn’t top-notch, but it’s much better than factory speakers. If you’re looking for decent and straightforward RV speakers, this bargain buy is worth considering.

3. Polk Audio DB522 RV Speakers

Polk Audio’s DB522 Coaxial RV Speakers happens to be one of the most advanced coaxial models available. If someone’s looking for this type of speaker, buying these Marine certified designs would be an excellent decision.

Buyers tend to love its more advanced design because it makes them one of the most effective coaxial models. This design consists of top-tier materials, which ensures it offers high-quality sound production.

Some of these materials include a mica cone woofer, silk, and a polymer tweeter. These aspects working together ensure this model will have no issues producing excellent sound quality, regardless of its volume.

The product’s multiple hole mounting pattern is another nice touch within their design. As you might expect, this feature helps ensure these models have an easy installation. It shouldn’t take much effort or thought on your part to get them installed.

Polk’s customer service was an area where these products seem to excel past their rivals. Many buyers made it a point to note this benefit within their reviews. You don’t often see this type of praise unless the service is incredible, making it worth mentioning.

Sadly, this option happens to be one of the most expensive on our list. You’ll have to dish out a substantial chunk of change when/if deciding to invest in them.

  • Multiple hole mounting pattern for easy installation
  • Built with high-quality materials (mica cone woofer, silk, and a polymer tweeter, etc)
  • Marine certified design
  • Great customer service
  • A high-priced product
If you’re looking for the best sounding RV speakers, it’d be hard to pass over these models even with their expensive price tag. Polk did an excellent job building an almost unbeatable product when compared with other coaxial speakers.

4. KING RVM1000 RV Outdoor Speaker

If you’re looking for the best outdoor RV speakers, KING’s RVM1000 Bluetooth RV Outdoor Speaker needs some serious consideration. Many rig owners end up choosing this one when upgrading because of its attractive design aspects.

The product’s Bluetooth configuration would have to lead off this list. It makes setting up and using this speaker much easier than most other models. You’d have a hard time finding another speaker capable of being more convenient than this one.

You will also love that this model comes with a built-in power amplifier, ensuring a clean, more detailed sound. It should have no issues playing your favorite songs at a premium sound quality level.

The product’s being a hard-wired model was another appealing trait. This aspect ensures you don’t have to deal with any of the hassles in battery-operated models. You also won’t have to worry about spending money on extra batteries.

It’s worth mentioning that this model is a rather versatile speaker, as well. This RV outdoor speaker upgrade model with its waterproof construction should have no problem being used on travel trailers, motorhomes, toy haulers, and several other applications.

But even with all these great features, it does have one downside worth noting. The speaker’s price tag is relatively expensive compared to similar travel trailer outdoor speakers. You’ll have to decide whether these great aspects, such as Bluetooth usage, is worth it.

  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Hard-wired design
  • Built-in power amplifier
  • Waterproof construction
  • Can work in various situations: toy haulers, travel trailer, motorhomes, and RVs
  • A high-priced product
I’d say the convenience level alone would make the increased price more than worth it. Plus, there’s no reason to believe it won’t last a long time with its waterproof construction. What more could you want?

5. Jensen MS5006BR RV Speakers

Anyone replacing RV speakers on their rig’s interior or exterior needs to consider Jensen’s MS5006BR Dual Cone Waterproof RV Speakers. These dual cone models are known for being one of the most user-friendly options available.

You can attribute this reputation to their easy installation process in various situations. Buyers have reported the entire setup takes less than an hour, which is quite impressive for these products. I’d imagine a professional wouldn’t be needed for most people.

Aside from its easy installation, I was quite pleased to see this model had a design consisting of heavy-duty materials. This construction should ensure these Jensen RV speakers last a long time without any issue.

The product also has a black color scheme that makes it very adaptable to many RV interiors. It should ensure the device doesn’t become an ugly eyesore inside your rig. It might not seem like a big deal right now, but you’d be surprised how much something like this can bother a person over time.

Buyers will find themselves impressed with the product’s sound quality, as well. It will make your old factory speakers sound lousy in comparison. You’ll find yourself more than thankful that you decided to look for an RV speakers replacement.

However, I’m a little disappointed about some of the customer reviews mentioning shipping issues. Some people noted the product came with missing parts or damaged. It’s worth considering for anyone who’s considering buying this model.

  • Easy installation even for first-timers
  • Stylish design with a black color scheme
  • Heavy-duty construction consisting of top-tier materials
  • Adaptable to various situations
  • 2 speakers with impressive sound quality
  • Shipping issues
This option’s fantastic features and affordable price make it more than worth the risk of any potential shipping issues. After all, these problems were only noted in a few reviews.

6. Pyle PLMRS53WL Marine Speakers

If you’re looking for the best 5.25 outdoor RV speakers, Pyle’s PLMRS53WL Marine Speakers would be an excellent addition to your rig’s exterior. This option’s marine-certified design makes sure it’ll have no issues surviving any weather condition.

This aspect alone makes it one of the most versatile exterior RV speakers available. After all, its weatherproof design ensures it can work in several different vehicles, ranging from boats to motorhomes.

You can also expect these coaxial speakers to have built-in LED lights. These lights help provide a unique aesthetic to your rig’s interior or exterior. It’s a nice addition to offer a little style and fun onto what’s usually a relatively mundane product.

As with some of our previous options, buyers will also benefit from these speakers’ low-profile design. This aspect will make them easy-to-install, meshable with almost any interior or exterior, and have a smaller maintenance amount than other choices.

These speakers end up being an effective, dependable option for anyone looking to buy something uncomplicated or straightforward. Bargain buyers should be jumping at the chance to purchase these RV exterior speakers considering their performance and lower price tag.

I was a bit disappointed to see some customers complaining about the speaker’s back connections being subpar. Buyers will need to be careful during the setup process, or an issue could occur that might affect its performance.

  • Adaptable to work in various situations: boats, motorhomes, RVs, travel trailers, etc
  • Low-profile design capable of meshing with most rigs’ interiors
  • Equipped with built-in LED lights
  • Affordable price and good performance
  • Some customers complained about the back connections being flimsy
The back connection issue isn’t a big enough deal to stop me from recommending this product. If you buy these speakers and remain careful when setting them up, everything should be more than satisfactory.

7. Pyramid MDC6 Marine Speakers

Buyers looking to purchase an RV ceiling speaker upgrade need to look at Pyramid’s MDC6 Dual Waterproof Marine Speakers. These wonderful, waterproof options have proven to thrive in this role because of their high convenience level.

This option comes with a complete installation kit that includes a speaker wire, mounting kit, and grill. It removes the hassle of having to rely on leftover parts or buying them separately. Each of these parts has a reputation for being practical and durable, as well.

These speakers’ being the marketplace’s standard size of 5,25 inches doesn’t hurt, either. It makes them a comfortable fit in most motorhome, RV, and marine settings. They shouldn’t even have a hard time fitting into smaller areas, such as within a campervan.

Buyers should also love this product’s polypropylene cone and molded ABS plastic basket. These aspects will help ensure the speakers last more than your average models. Honestly, there’s no reason to believe this won’t become a substantial long-term investment.

Aside from these impressive features, it has several others that you’ve become familiar with from our previous reviews. These aspects include a weatherproof, slim-profile design, easy installation, and an affordable price.

I do have to admit the sound quality of these models isn’t the best. These models aren’t for anyone who wants the best audio experience possible. But they’re still a massive improvement over any factory speakers.

  • Weatherproof and affordable
  • Simple to install
  • Equipped with a mounting kit and complete installation accessories
  • Standard size fit for most motorhome, RV, and marine settings
  • Durable design (polypropylene cone and molded ABS plastic basket)
  • Doesn’t offer top-tier sound quality
Anyone looking for a quick, simple improvement over their factory speakers shouldn’t hesitate to buy them. They’ll get the job done without any hassles or complications.

8. BOSS Audio Systems MR50W Speakers

The BOSS Audio Systems MR50W Marine Speakers is easily among my favorite options for a rig’s exterior. You can expect them to thrive in this role because their design is made with the latest insulating techniques.

As a result, these speakers shouldn’t have difficulty facing the worst weather conditions. I was also impressed with these BOSS RV speakers having high-quality voice coils. It’s an essential addition because it ensures they’re capable of withstanding high heat circumstances.

It’s one of the many reasons why these speakers shouldn’t have any trouble being long-term solutions to your audio quality needs. These products having a treated cloth within their design would be another one as this aspect offers additional support.

But their durability isn’t the only appealing thing about these speakers. You’ll also benefit from their top-tier sound quality, which comes from its cone being made from high-quality polyurethane. Multiple buyers were shocked by its audio quality in their reviews.

It mainly came from these speakers offering top-tier audio quality while having a low price tag. Rig owners will have a hard time finding a better deal when it comes to effective RV exterior speakers.

Their installation was a little more complicated than expected, though. I found myself having trouble following the included manual, which was almost unreadable. First-time installers should keep this in mind when considering these speakers.

  • Latest insulation technique
  • High-quality voice coils for withstanding higher temperatures
  • Durable treated cloth and top-tier polyurethane construction
  • Great sound quality
  • Affordable price tag
  • Difficult installation
I would advise against viewing the complicated installation as a deal-breaker. The impressive audio quality and affordable price make dealing with this hassle more than worth it. Plus, you can always hire a professional.

9. Pyle PLMR605W Marine Speakers

Rig owners interested in buying flush mount outdoor RV speakers need to take a long look at Pyle’s PLMR605W Dual Marine Speakers. Their resin treatment and water-resistance design will ensure they’ll have no problem keeping the music playing in any condition.

In fact, this design was made with a specific focus on keeping rust from becoming an issue. It seems like Pyle succeeded in their goal of maintaining corrosion based on customer reviews. I couldn’t find a single mention of it being a problem in any of them.

The speakers having a clean and compact look certainly works to their favor, as well. It’s a quality that will ensure these devices keep a low-profile wherever they’re installed. This aspect ensuring it has easier installation doesn’t hurt matters, either.

But don’t think the compact design has a massive impact on their audio capabilities. These products are built with a molded ABS plastic basket to ensure a distortion-free sound. You’ll enjoy clean, crisp music wherever it’s needed inside or outside your rig.

I found their stylish and perforated grill to be another interesting aspect. You can expect this feature to offer these speakers a bit more protection. I’m never going to overlook a quality capable of making sure a device works for more extended periods.

A few customers did report the bass quality to be a little underwhelming, which could be an issue for some rig owners. It would be best if you thought about whether your favorite songs rely on a lot of bass before pulling the trigger on these speakers.

  • Molded ABS plastic basket to produce a distortion-free sound
  • 2 speakers with weatherproof design
  • Compact, corrosion-resistant construction
  • Stylish, perforated grill for protection purposes
  • The bass quality is a little underwhelming
If having a formidable amount of bass isn’t an issue, I don’t see how these speakers won’t be an excellent choice. Everything else about them is top-notch and suitable for a rig owner’s needs.

10. Jensen MS5006WR RV Speaker

Jensen’s MS5006WR Dual Cone Waterproof RV Speaker is another option, which features a straightforward flush mount installation. I’d imagine everyone reading this article would have no problem setting it up.

This method of mounting will help save space inside your rig, as well. It’s another reason why it tends to be a favorite among rig owners. After all, what kind of RVer isn’t always trying to save space inside the rig?

But its straightforward installation isn’t the only notable thing about this fantastic speaker. For instance, buyers will love it being made from tough materials capable of withstanding temperature changes and various weather conditions.

As a result, these speakers are capable of peak performance in almost any situation. You can enjoy their crisp and detailed sound reproduction practically anywhere. You can even connect this speaker into various devices inside your rig, including stereos, RV TVs, and radios.

The product’s white color scheme design isn’t anything to sneeze at, either. It’s delightful to look at and won’t be something you find has a hard time meshing with your exterior or interior. Honestly, it’s one of the most adaptable available.

But its bass quality leaves a little to be desired. It was brought up more than once when I talked with other rig owners about their experience with this device.

  • Easy flush mount installation
  • Made with tough, durable materials
  • Can connect to various devices inside a rig (TVs, radios, stereos, etc)
  • Stylish, white product design that can mesh with your exterior or interior
  • Bass quality is lacking a bit
Overall, the bass quality isn’t a huge concern unless there’s significant evidence that the product has other sound reproduction concerns. This model doesn’t have those issues, which makes it an excellent choice for most rig owners who aren’t too concerned with bass.

11. Magnadyne WR45B Marine Speaker

One of the most innovative RV speakers would have to be Magnadyne’s WR45B 5 Waterproof Marine Speaker. Its integrated plastic grill, compact design, UV-resistant, and various embed protections make it a truly well-built product.

As for other forms of protection, this model has built-in resistance against vibration, shock, and temperature changes. These aspects make it a fantastic option for a rig owner looking to put speakers inside or outside their rig.

I was also impressed with this product’s overall versatility. People have found this speaker useful in marine, spa, and various RV installations. You could even buy a couple of them to meet multiple speakers’ needs within your life.

This versatility comes from its standard 5.25-inch design, making it a direct replacement for most factory speakers. It’s also a perfect replacement for most OEM hot tub shower speakers, as well. In other words, buying these speakers in bulk might be a wise move.

Buyers will be happy to know that this model has an affordable price tag, as well. This aspect is another reason why people tend to buy the speaker in bulk. The top-tier sound quality doesn’t hurt its case, either.

But this model doesn’t come with the necessary installation accessories, such as screws, manual, or cutout template. These issues could make it a hard sell for first-time installers.

  • Compact design with an integrated grill
  • Built-in resistance against UV, shocks, vibrations, and temperature changes
  • Versatile 5.25-inch construction
  • Affordable price and top-tier sound quality
  • Lacking installation accessories
If you feel comfortable doing the installation without those accessories, buying this option could end up being a cost-effective move. There’s nothing else keeping it from being a reliable, convenient choice.

12. Pyle PDIC51RD Speakers

Our last option, a user-friendly device available for owners who want a straightforward model. One of the most impressive things about it concerns its installation process.

For instance, people have a choice about the method via in-ceiling flush mount or in-wall installation. This choice makes it a bit more user-friendly than other options on our list. It also helps that these speakers have convenient terminals.

These terminals allow for an easy speaker wire connection when doing custom installations. It seems Pyle did a great job of creating a product that makes things easier for their customers. I can’t thank them enough, considering my electrical maintenance abilities are subpar at best.

Users will love the product’s high-temperature voice coil, as well. This aspect will ensure the speaker can produce excellent sound quality, whether at a low or high volume. The device’s directable dome tweeter is a convenient additional, too, capable of making using it much easier.

This model even comes in three different buying options (5,25-inch, 6,25-inch, or 8,0-inch) to ensure it can help out a wider audience. Overall, it ends up being a handy and helpful option for anyone looking for a replacement speaker.

However, this product is known for having a few durability issues. It seems to have a habit of breaking down after 4 years of usage.

  • Excellent sound quality
  • Two installation methods: in-ceiling flush mount or in-wall installation
  • Terminals for easy speaker wire connection
  • High-temperature voice coil to help withstand higher temperatures
  • Directable dome tweeter
  • Three buying options: 5,25-inch, 6,5-inch, or 8,0-inch
  • Durability concerns
These durability concerns could be a little overblown because they only appear in a few reviews. Due to this, I think it’s more than worth taking the risk considering the excellent sound quality and user-friendliness.

What to Look for When Buying an RV Speaker


Picking out new motorhome speakers requires a bit more thought than a potential buyer might expect. There’s a lot of moving parts and factors, which will go into this process. I’ll take you through each of them below to ensure you know what matters when starting your search.

Audio System Type

One of the first questions is: what audio system type do you want inside your rig? After all, this buying process will be drastically different for a rig owner who wants an entire sound system and somebody that requires only a few speakers.

For instance, a motorhome owner looking to play their audio at lower levels would be best-suited to buy only a few speakers. There’s no need to spend an outrageous amount of money on an entire system when you aren’t playing audio loudly.

It would be best to figure out whether you fit into the former or latter description before deciding. This choice will affect almost everything about the buying process ranging from the speaker’s design to overall cost.

Room Inside Your RV

As you might expect, a rig’s overall amount of space will play a role in what speakers are suitable. An excellent example would be somebody with a smaller rig, such as a campervan, who would be making a bad decision by buying component speakers. These models often have a lot of parts and take a sizable amount of space.

But rig owners who have those monster class A motorhomes don’t have to fret over something like space issues. I doubt any of these people would have any problem finding enough space for their new component speaker, subwoofer setup, and tweeter. This setup should then have no trouble in offering the best sound quality possible.

Buyers worried about figuring out how much space is available shouldn’t put much thought into it. Most modern motorhomes are configured with areas for speakers to ensure you can quickly determine how much space is open for a new setup.

In other words, these designated areas will provide an estimation of how much available room there is for mounting speakers inside your RV. You should then use this information to choose a suitable speaker capable of fitting inside the space where your factory one was located.

Speaker’s Features

A pivotal factor in choosing the right speakers is deciding what you want from them. Do you want a model capable of providing top-tier sound reproduction or one with a robust bass quality? These types of questions will help determine what kind of speaker fits your preferences.

I’d suggest thinking about your particular sound likings and musical taste before making a final decision. For instance, a person who enjoys loud, aggressive music, such as Fugazi or any other punk band, would be best buying speakers capable of maximizing that sound.

You’d do well to read over each model’s buyer reviews before deciding, as well. These discussions can be enlightening about how each choice does in certain situations. They could end up being the essential resource in finding your perfect speakers.


Most rigs come with a sound system built into their designs when you buy them. Honestly, finding an RV without one would be weird nowadays. It has become such a staple among what people are looking for in these vehicles.

In any case, rig owners often find these systems pedestrian and look to upgrade them. This situation leads to one inevitable question regarding whether they will need an amplifier. If these people want more power than their current factory models provide, the answer will be a resounding yes.

Rig owners who decide on getting an amplifier will need to search for speakers capable of handling their extra power. If you don’t account for this factor, this entire process could end with a large amount of wasted time and a blown-out speaker.

Durability and Quality

Speakers tend to be an expensive purchase, regardless of their purpose. Due to this, you should always look for models with a reputation for being practical and durable. One way of determining these factors is by looking at the product’s construction material.

I’d recommend searching for options with a design surrounded with high-quality rubber. This material should provide a top-tier level of durability and should offer long-lasting results without much issue.

Meanwhile, any speaker with a foam enclosed design isn’t a good idea because it is less reliable. Buying them would end with you doing this entire process again in a couple of months. It’s just a waste of time and money.

It would be best if you also looked out for speakers with cone housing made from titanium or aluminum. Sadly, these options will cost a bit extra, but the longevity will be more than worth it. You won’t be looking for another speaker for a very long time with these at your disposal.

RMS Index and Power Level

A factor people often overlook when buying speakers and amplifiers is their output levels. These figures must match to obtain a certain kind of balance in your motorhome’s audio system. As a result, this balance will help ensure you get a much cleaner sound.

If these power outputs don’t match, this situation could lead to some severe consequences. It’s possible that they could break or blow, depending on the situation. This outcome ends up resulting from an excess amount of power being sent from the amplifier to speakers with a lower RMS index.

A more straightforward way of putting it would be these speakers have a smaller number of watts/power and cannot handle what’s being sent from the amplifier. Therefore, it’d be best to make sure your power levels match before buying any amps or speakers.


Each speakers’ price tag will have an enormous impact on whether you buy them. It seems like common sense, but there’s a bit more to it. The amount of variation in cost within the speaker market is vast, which means a budget becomes necessary.

I’d suggest setting this budget up based on what features you’d like in these speakers. For instance, people looking for component speakers will need higher ranges. It’s imperative to account for details like this to ensure your budget remains realistic and usable. Otherwise, it won’t be helpful.

You can then use this realistic budget to lessen the number of options based on your particular needs. The process will end up being a choice between speakers capable of suiting what you’re looking for, but still within your cost limit.

Other Important Factors to Consider


Our buying guide and reviews should have provided a lot of insight into what a buyer needs to look for in an RV speaker. But I imagine you still have some questions about specific background topics like benefits or types. This section will cover those areas and a few others, as well.

What is an RV speaker?

An RV speaker isn’t a complicated device to understand. These products aren’t any different from what you get from a household or recreational speaker. The only difference comes from their design being made to fit inside a rig.

In other words, their entire purpose is to reproduce audio at a reasonable level, which people on board or outside a rig can enjoy. Many people also find them to be useful for keeping them entertained during long trips between campgrounds. This benefit alone has made them a vital part of the RVing lifestyle.

How do RV speakers work?

The starting point of understanding how speakers work is knowing that they’re a part of your rig’s stereo system. For instance, buying high-end RV stereo speakers or outside RV speakers is useless without pairing them with a top-tier amp and receiver.

Speakers have to work with these other parts when playing a song inside the rig. It’s the only way to ensure you aren’t driving with lousy audio, which could ruin your trips. You should also know that RVs will have a lot more speakers than the standard four or six found in a passenger car.

In most cases, you can expect a rig to have double the amount of a standard car. This increased number of speakers comes from needing to cover more space. As for their placement inside the rig, it’s a preference decision rather than anything pre-determined. But I do have some advice regarding their location.

I’d recommend setting up some speakers in the cabin or front area for people who have motorhomes. This placement will ensure whoever’s driving can hear what’s being played to help get them through those boring drives. After all, we don’t want them to fall asleep.

Placing a few speakers in your living and dining areas wouldn’t be a bad idea, either. It’ll make sure your designated driver isn’t the only person being entertained. Finally, most rig owners decide to put some speakers within the master bedroom area.

It’d also be wise to ensure you can turn those bedroom speakers on and off without much trouble. If you can’t, it could cause some sleep issues and be awoken when someone else is playing music elsewhere in the rig.

You should also know that some rig owners decide to install waterproof RV speakers outside their rig. This placement tends to be a favorite among people who enjoy having people over for cookouts and barbecues.

Once you have your speakers placed, go ahead and push play. These speakers should work without any issues after installation. You can then sit back and enjoy the top-tier audio quality coming from inside or outside your rig.

How do you remove ceiling speakers from an RV?

Removing RV ceiling speakers is not different from uninstalling in-ceiling speakers in the home.

  1. Turn off the power supply in the RV at the circuit breaker panel. It would be best to shut off the electricity to the speakers because removing them requires disconnecting the wires to the audio device.
  2. Remove the speaker covers using a plastic scraper or any similar tool. Prying the speaker cover can be challenging for some people because of the speaker’s inherent design. Be careful when removing the covers to avoid damaging the RV ceiling.

It is ideal to have a helper hold the speaker cover on one side while another attempts to loosen it.

  1. Use a screwdriver to loosen and remove the screws securing the indoor RV speakers to the RV ceiling.
  2. Note the wires’ polarity before disconnecting them from the RV speakers. It would be wise to wrap adhesive tape around each wire and mark it accordingly.

What are the different types of RV speakers?

As I mentioned earlier, RV speakers come in different types. The primary two types worth concerning yourself with are called coaxial speakers and component speakers. I’ll discuss each in detail below to ensure you have an idea about which fits your particular needs.

  • Coaxial RV Speakers

Coaxial RV speakers, sometimes called full-range speakers, have every crucial part inside their designs. These models will even have a woofer inside their constructions to handle lower sounds while having tweeters for the higher ones.

Some of these speakers will come with extra drivers capable of handling mid-range sounds, as well. These devices tend to be an excellent option for rig owners looking for an RV speaker upgrade that’s simple.

As a result, these types often have a much more straightforward installation than the second type. Bargain buyers looking for a quick fix would be an ideal customer for someone selling a coaxial speaker.

Coaxial speakers offer additional levels of customization, too, which is worth mentioning. For instance, some options will come with detachable tweeters. This aspect is attractive because it allows the user to remove and install the tweeter elsewhere.

You may also come across options with swiveling tweeters. Models with this feature will allow rig owners to angle these parts in different directions. As a result, it could have a massive impact on how audio sounds inside your rig.

  • Component RV Speakers

The second type of RV speakers, component models, is a bit more involved. One of the first things to know is that these devices are made to provide the listener with top-tier sound. It’s their entire purpose, which means practicality isn’t a part of their appeal.

For instance, their designs feature every part as a separate entity: the woofers and tweeters will be fixed separately rather than built into a single structure. Buyers should also know that a crossover will be used to route the sounds to its proper speaker. The higher sounds will be directed to the tweeters, while lower ones will find their way to the woofers.

It allows them to offer sound quality that coaxial options have no chance at matching. These speakers will also be made from the best material available, which makes them more durable. Customization is another area where these models outpace their competing types by a significant margin.

But there are reasons some people decide against buying component RV speakers. The most apparent disadvantage has to be their price tag, which is much more expensive than coaxial options. Their installation happens to be trickier, as well.

Why do you need an RV speaker?

Several benefits come from having upgraded RV speakers onboard your rig. I’ll discuss a few of them below to ensure you know whether making this purchase is a good idea. In other words, you’ll be able to determine whether spending your saved money on these devices would be worth it.

  • Higher Sound Quality

Modern RVs don’t usually come with the best sound systems. Rig manufacturers aren’t going to care about installing high-end speakers when designing their new models. It tends to be the last thing they’re thinking about when constructing a rig.

Due to this, these rigs provide awful sound quality for your favorite tunes. An easy way to fix this issue is by investing in top-tier RV speakers. These models will offer a much cleaner and better audio quality than those lousy factory ones can muster.

You might be thinking to yourself that there can’t be much difference. But honestly, the quality disparity is off-the-charts when hearing sounds coming from a decked-out RV sound system. This difference is a result of these speakers being made with more advanced tech and designs.

For instance, the top-rated RV speakers will have multiple drivers, such as woofers, midranges, tweeters, and super tweeters. Every one of these parts ends up being a key cog in creating a much more enjoyable sound experience.

In fact, these parts are made to produce a specific frequency within your music’s sound perfectly. It’s why you end up hearing a more detailed and precise sound coming from top-end speakers than those dingy factory models.

  • More Durable

One of the more overlooked benefits concerns a top-end RV speaker’s durability. Their designs are made from higher quality materials, which make them capable of lasting longer. You can even expect them to be immune to extreme weather conditions that come with the RVing lifestyle.

But as previously mentioned, these higher-end designs don’t only increase a speaker’s durability. You can also expect them to help deliver that crisp audio quality that everyone wants inside their rig. It’s why people end up investing their money into upgrading a rig’s sound system.

Honestly, I don’t see why investing in a top-tier RV speaker would be a bad move with this type of benefit. Their longevity could make them long-term investments, which end up being more cost-effective than expected, as well.

  • Constant Source of Entertainment

RV speakers with good audio quality will provide a constant source of entertainment for everyone within your rig. It offers a way to produce a quality entertainment experience, whether through playing music or movie audio at higher sound quality. Overall, RV speakers provide a way to stave off boredom when it eventually hits you during an RVing trip.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Our FAQ section will attempt to tie up any loose ends leftover from the previous discussions. It should answer any remaining concerns that are halting your search. Let’s get started and ensure you have everything needed to make a smart, responsible buying decision.

What are good RV speaker brands?

The top-rated RV speaker brands will excel in two areas, creating a fantastic product and offering top-tier customer service. Finding one of these companies can be rather tricky within this marketplace for a simple reason: there’s a million of them.

But the ones I’ve singled out in our product review section would be a good starting point. Each of these brands has proven time and time again to meet their buyer’s needs without issue. If you stick with them, I do not doubt that this process will end in an excellent investment.

Furrion RV speakers and Bose RV speakers are other brands to look out, which didn’t make our list. But these companies have gained a favorable reputation among rig owners. Honestly, there were a few of their models that almost did get mentioned in our article.

What size are RV speakers?

It’ll depend on your rig and the space designated for them inside it. Measure this area or determine what size speakers you’re replacing. Use this measurement and find a speaker that matches it to ensure you’re buying the right size.

How do you remove ceiling speakers from an RV?

Removing RV ceiling speakers is not different from uninstalling in-ceiling speakers in the home.

  1. Turn off the power supply in the RV at the circuit breaker panel. It would be best to shut off the electricity to the speakers because removing them requires disconnecting the wires to the audio device.
  2. Remove the speaker covers using a plastic scraper or any similar tool. Prying the speaker cover can be challenging for some people because of the speaker’s inherent design. Be careful when removing the covers to avoid damaging the RV ceiling.It is ideal to have a helper hold the speaker cover on one side while another attempts to loosen it.
  3. Use a screwdriver to loosen and remove the screws securing the indoor RV speakers to the RV ceiling.
  4. Note the wires’ polarity before disconnecting them from the RV speakers. It would be wise to wrap adhesive tape around each wire and mark it accordingly.

How do I hook up my RV speakers to my TV?

RV owners have two ways to hook up their RV TVs to their outdoor camper speakers.

The first method involves connecting the smart TV to the RV radio with auxiliary connections.

  1. Locate the RCA jacks on the RV radio and look for the red and white inputs. These are the right and left speakers for RV, respectively.
  2. Find the two Audio-Out ports on the TV.
  3. Connect red and white RCA male cords from the radio to the TV.
  4. Turn on the TV and radio, but set the RV radio to AUX. Doing so will channel the TV sound to the RV radio speakers.

The second method is for RV radios without auxiliary inputs.

  1. Connect an FM transmitter to the RV TV via the headphone or Sound-Out jack.
  2. Set the RV radio to the pre-selected channel on the FM transmitter to divert TV sounds to the speakers for RV.
  3. Adjust the stereo sound by manipulating the radio’s Front/Rear buttons or Fade function. Digital stereos have a Setup or Menu for adjustment.

How do you measure a camper speaker?

Determining the correct size replacement outdoor RV speakers requires an accurate measurement of the speaker enclosure and mounting depth. People might want 6 inch outdoor RV speakers to produce the loudest sounds at the RV park. Unfortunately, it will be useless if the speaker enclosure is smaller than six inches.

  1. Remove the old RV speaker from the speaker enclosure by removing the speaker cover and loosening the screws.
  2. Determine the speaker mounting frame’s diameter by measuring the widest points using a tape measure. Write it down.
  3. Measure the RV speaker’s cutout diameter or inside dimensions and note the measurement.
  4. Measure the height between the speaker mounting frame and the speaker’s back and write it down.
  5. Determine the RV speaker’s height, either by checking the product description or measuring it. Note the results.
  6. Measure the speaker mounting hole’s inside and outside diameters.
  7. Assess the space where the RV speaker will go through the hole.

Use the measurements to determine the correct size camper speaker. If not, one can always pick wireless RV speakers.

Do I need a receiver or amplifier for RV outdoor speakers?

Yes, one needs an amplifier or receiver for RV outside speakers if they are passive. These acoustic devices require power amplification to drive the various speaker components that produce sound.

Note that a receiver is a feature-rich alternative to an amplifier. It has a built-in amplifier and a control interface for different peripherals, such as Bluetooth, CD/DVD input, radio tuner, and volume control.

People do not need a separate amplifier or receiver if the outside speakers for RV have an active design because the speakers already include a power amplifying unit. With this setup, one can enjoy bright, crisp, and loud music wherever they are, guaranteeing more fun RVing adventures for the whole family.

How do you set up RV speakers?

As with size, talking about the installation of RV speakers in general terms is almost impossible. This difficulty comes from each model coming with its own directions regarding the setup. It’ll also depend on the speaker’s type.

For instance, an RV speakers surface mount will need to be installed on a surface. You’ll need to find one that’s capable of fitting your vehicle. Otherwise, purchasing this type of speaker will end up being a colossal waste of money.

But you can also decide to buy a portable speaker, which doesn’t have any installation process. These models are capable of being taken anywhere and offer a high convenience level. In any case, make sure to read the instruction manual before attempting anything. There’s a reason these devices come with one.

How to care and clean?

Maintaining and caring for an RV speaker doesn’t take much effort on the user’s part. After they’re installed, the main cleaning task is wiping them with a dry, clean cloth occasionally. This action will keep issues like dust from becoming a nuisance.

Aside from this task, there isn’t much to do. You just need to make sure you’re using them correctly. If so, everything should be fine.


Finding the best RV speakers should now be a rather mundane and simple task with all this information at your hands. The last thing left is to use what you’ve learned during your search. Once you do, the right choice should become evident.

These RV speakers can then bring sound quality into your rig as you’ve never experienced. You might find out that your favorite songs sound even better to your ears. In any case, anyone with more questions or concerns should feel free to use the comment section. I’ll make sure to answer each post as quickly as possible. Thanks for reading!

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