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The Best RV Stabilizers for Your Motorhome & Travel Trailer

Written by Stephen Ryan / Fact checked by William Turner

Are you having trouble finding the best RV stabilizer? Well, this feeling among customers isn’t uncommon as there are a lot of options. You’d think a large selection to choose from would be a good thing for a buyer, but it just makes things more difficult in this situation.

This issue is why you’ll need something to help shape what you’re looking for in these products. And this article will attempt to do this essential process by giving you all the necessary tools for making a solid buying decision.

best rv stabilizer

We’ll cover topics like the best brands, determining buying factors, background information, and much more. This article will even include 13 reviews of the RV stabilizers we consider the best on today’s market.

All of this information will offer a basis to give your search a starting point. It’ll also help you shrink this flooded market into something more manageable. In the end, the goal here’s to make this buying experience something that doesn’t make you pull out your hair.

So, let me alleviate some of your stress and walk you through this process by reading the following sections. Trust me; it’ll be well worth it when you no longer have issues keeping your RV stable and steady.

Top 1

WEIZE Scissor Jacks


Dimensions ‎27 x 20.47 x 5.91 inches
Load Capacity 5000 Pounds
Maximum Lifting Height 24 Inches

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Top 2

Camco 44561


Dimensions 11 x 7 x 7 inches
Load Capacity 6000 pound
Maximum Lifting Height 17 Inches

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Top 3

Bingfu BFN00544 


Dimensions ‎5.5 x 28.47 x 12.6 inches
Load Capacity 7500 pound
Maximum Lifting Height 23.75 Inches

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Table of Contents

13 Best Stabilizer for RV Reviews 2023

This section will provide you with the 13 product reviews mentioned in the introduction. The hope is these reviews will give you an idea of what a top-tier stabilizer features. These discussions will also get ready for the more involved topics we talk about in the later sections.

1. WEIZE RV Stabilizer Leveling Scissor Jacks

RV scissor jacks are the most common stabilizer type on the market. And one of the best is the WEIZE Camper RV Trailer Stabilizer Scissor Jacks. This product is a decent tool for preventing vehicle movement when RV occupants walk or run inside the motorhome.

I like this stabilizer jack because it looks and operates like other scissor jacks for RV units. Cranking it up and down is hassle-free, although some people might have to apply elbow grease when the mounting plate touches the RV’s chassis.

Its 5,000-pound weight capacity is sufficient for preventing vehicle lateral (side-to-side) movement. The best part is this product has four scissor jacks, perfect for stabilizing the four corners of my motorhome.

This RV stabilizer can reach a height of 23.62 inches, which is enough to ensure RV stabilization since most RVs have a ground clearance of eight to ten inches. My favorite thing about this stabilizer jack is its pre-greased setup. I did not break a sweat operating it because of the excellent lubrication. That is another convenience for RV owners.

The scissor jacks look formidable and robust. Although I am unsure of its carbon content, this device projects an image of strength and durability. The alloy steel construction feels solid, guaranteeing longevity for RV owners who want the best bang for the buck.

Unfortunately, I needed to drill new holes to install this jack. My old stabilizer had a different mounting setup.

This stabilizer jack is an excellent choice for RV owners. It secures the motorhome against lateral movement without breaking a sweat or the bank.
  • 5,000-pound weight capacity
  • Set of four scissor-type stabilizer jacks
  • 62-inch maximum height
  • Heavy-duty alloy steel construction
  • Pre-greased and easy to crank
  • May need to drill new holes for installation

2. Camco 44561 Olympian Aluminum Stack Jacks

Our first product on this list comes from a company must RV owners have encountered before, Camco. This brand has become a well-known figure within various RV product markets for their top tier creations and fantastic customer service.

The Camco 44561 Olympian Aluminum Stack Jacks represent one of these products with its fantastic set of useful features. I mean, I love its durable cast aluminum construction, which ensures this product will last a long time.

It shouldn’t have any issues preventing rust or corrosion from occurring with this construction. This benefit was confirmed when I read through the customer reviews and didn’t a find a single of mention of either being a problem.

This product has been proven to be effective at offering your RV both stability and leveling as well. You’d be surprised by how many of the products on this market can’t even do their intended purpose of keeping your RV stable.

We should also mention these jacks offer a reliable load capacity of 6,000 pounds per product. Since it comes in two different buying options, 2-pack and 4-pack, you can make the decision about, which option fits your needs the best.

I’d have to go with the 4-pack given my larger RV, which isn’t too bad as the cost’s still affordable. And the fact you can adjust their height from 11 to 17 inches based on your needs is another positive.

The only negative I could find is some customers complained about this product being challenging to use on uneven surfaces. In my case, this issue would be problematic as I love RVing in places that rougher terrain.
  • Easy install process
  • Consist of durable cast aluminum
  • Can extend from 11 to 17 inches
  • Provides both leveling and stability
  • Versatile
  • Excellent at reducing movements
  • Some customers had issues using it on uneven surfaces

3. Eaz-Lift RV Stabilizing Scissor Jack

The Eaz-Life RV Stabilizing Scissor Jack will ensure your RV stays steady and level with relative ease. It can offer these abilities thanks to its various positive aspects that’ll make any RV owner’s life much easier.

For instance, you can adjust this product’s height from 4 to 24 inches, which means it’s adaptable and capable of meeting the needs of any situation. In fact, this jack’s often given praise for its versatility.

You see this product can work on pop campers, travel trailers, and other large vehicles without causing any hassles. I also found this jack’s load capacity to be rather impressive at 7,500 pounds, which is reliable enough for most vehicles.

But the standout feature that this product brings to the table is its construction. This jack consists of heavy-duty steel that’ll hold up well against issues such as rust or corrosion. Plus, this steel material can easily handle the pressure brought on by stabilizing an RV.

It’s also powder coated to offer further protection against rust and corrosion. This coating will protect against any weather-related problems as well. With this in mind, you can expect these jacks to be around for a long time. And I didn’t even mention that this product comes in a 2-pack at an affordable rate.

Overall, this product is a useful option that’ll make most RV owners happy with its performance and durability. But there were a few customers who found it a little too heavy when they were moving it from place to place.
  • Weather resistant capabilities
  • Easy to install
  • Usable on various vehicles
  • Affordable price
  • Consists of heavy-duty steel
  • Coated with a powder finish
  • Some customers complained about the product being too heavy

4. Husky 81080 Slide-Out Adjustable Stabilizer

If you’re looking for a long-lasting product, there isn’t many options better than the Husky 81080 Slide-Out Adjustable Stabilizer. This model has several qualities that’ll make sure you’ll be relying on it to stabilize your RV for years.

The first thing about it that sticks out is its made from heavy-duty steel, which will hold up well against any wear and tear. It also has a powder coated finish to help prevent rust and corrosion from occurring within this product.

This powder coated finish will also help deal with any issues that might occur from the weather elements. And since I tend to RV within tropical climates, you can bet I’ll value a stabilizer with weatherproof capabilities.

It’s also essential we mention this product doesn’t require any assembly, which means you can use it right out the box. This feature is one I adore because I hate doing maintenance jobs, and this removes that nightmare from the equation.

Plus, this model has proven to be incredibly effective at preventing rocking and adding more stability for RVs. Some customer reviews praise this product’s abilities in this regard.

As a result, you’ll never have to worry about your RV rocking back and forth when you park with this product. Plus, these stabilizers offer a level of versatility thanks to them working on various vehicles such as pop-campers, motorhomes, RVs, etc.

This product even comes with a six-inch footpad, which will make sure it doesn’t sink into soft ground when in use. But there was one slight issue I came across during my research; it seems some customers received the products in less than ideal shape when the package arrived.
  • Weatherproof
  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Height-adjustable from 21 to 37 inches
  • Fantastic at preventing your RV from rocking
  • Includes a 6-inch sink pad
  • Don’t require assembly
  • Packaging issues

5. Pacific Rim Telescoping Trailer Stabilizer Jack

The Pacific Rim Telescoping Trailer Stabilizer Jacks are another product that you would be misguided not to consider. It genuinely has everything someone could want in RV, motorhome, or camper stabilizers.

For instance, this product’s a breeze to install. Almost every review I came across made it a point to discuss how easy installing these jacks was for them. It goes to show that this Pacific Rim product is a rather user-friendly item.

But what makes this product great is its storability, which is second to none in this market. It even comes with a handle that makes moving these jacks around a piece of cake. And since I don’t have much storage room on my RV, you can imagine how crucial this aspect is to me.

It also helps that this product offers 650 pounds of lift support per jack, which will come in handy when trying to keep your RV stable. Plus, it has a heavy-duty construction that makes sure you get a fantastic performance from this product.

The painted finish isn’t a bad feature to have on trailer stabilizers either as it adds corrosion and rust resistant. Given this information, you should expect this product to be in your lives for a long time. And all of this comes at an affordable price that won’t break open your bank account.

Overall, this product will get the job done and won’t cost a fortune. I only wish it had a more load capacity than 1,000 pounds as it’s lower than what’d I need for my RV.
  • Easy to install
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Offers 650 pounds of lift support per jack
  • Height-adjustable from 11 ½ to 17 ¾ inches
  • Versatile
  • Comes with a handle
  • 1,000 pound load capacity

6. Valterra RV Stabilizer 

Valterra is another brand you might be familiar with from other RV products you bought. This company’s often thought of as one the best at creating these types of items. And the Valterra RV Stabilizer doesn’t do anything to dispute that notion.

You see, this product offers quality execution thanks to its set of useful traits. One of these traits is its ability to stop swaying in an RV, which many customer reviews praise.

It got to the point where I was shocked when I came across a review, which didn’t mention its sway stopping ability. Customers also seemed happy with how easy this model was to install, as well. But these benefits aren’t the only ones that this product offers a customer.

It’s also rather storable when compared to other products as its foldable. As a result, you shouldn’t have any issues finding a place for it when it’s not in use. This product’s ability to adjust isn’t something to sneeze at either.

In fact, you can adjust this product from anywhere between 14 and 28 inches. This quality makes it capable of working well with many vehicles such as travel trailers, RVs, motorhomes, campers, and other larger vehicles.

Like many of the other products on this list, it also features durable materials that promote great results as well as rust and corrosion protection. And all of these fantastic features are available for an affordable price.

But some customers did report this model having durability issues, which isn’t ideal. Although, these reports don’t represent the bulk of the customer reviews as most were almost too positive.
  • Affordable price
  • Versatile
  • Durable construction
  • Foldable for easy storage
  • Adjustable from 14 to 28 inches
  • Efficient at stopping swaying
  • Durability issues

7. Husky 75203 Adjustable Locking Fifth Wheel Stabilizer

Our second product from Husky is the Husky 75203 Adjustable Locking Fifth Wheel Stabilizer, which is an excellent option for fifth wheel owners. This product consists of rust-resistant steel that’ll make sure all your expectations are met when using this device.

Aside from the rust-resistant steel, I also found this product’s load capacity of 5,000 pounds to be appealing. This feature should lend itself useful in a lot of different situations and should handle the side to side movement of your RV without issue.

This product offers a little bit of versatility as well as it was designed to work with any fifth wheel trailer with kingpin height of anywhere between 38 and 50 inches. It might not be as versatile as some of the other products, but it’s a nice feature regardless.

It also helps that this product has a black powder coat finish that’ll further ensure corrosion doesn’t become an issue. You should take note of this tripod’s foldable legs as well, which makes it an easy to store regardless of your storage area situation.

But the best part about this product is its using process. It features a chain system that locks and links the tripod’s legs at the appropriate height. And given everything written in the customer reviews, there no reason to believe anything about using this chain system is tricky.

We do have to mention that this device isn’t meant to support all your RV’s weight, but rather work together with your RV’s supporting jacks. And it seems this model has issues working correctly on uneven surfaces.
  • Consists of rust-resistant steel
  • Load capacity of 5000 pounds
  • Collapsible legs for easy storage
  • Easy to use
  • Large footplates
  • Includes a locking, torque handle
  • Some customers complained about its usability on uneven surfaces

8. Eaz-Lift Camco Heavy Duty Slide Out Support

If you’re looking to stop movement in your RV’s slide out, the Eaz-Lift Camco Heavy Duty Slide-Out Supports should be near the top of your list. These products are capable of supporting your slide out room for long periods and ensure it’s movement free.

I also found its ability to adjust rather appealing as well. You see these products have an adjustable range from 19 to 47 inches in height, which should work well with any slide out. And the universal fit top will support any slide out rail. Both of these features show this product’s rather impressive versatility.

Its construction is nothing to overlook either. It consists of durable, rust-resistant steel that’ll more than ensure this product doesn’t breakdown or become unusable. And this design has shown an ability to provide fantastic results based on many customer reviews.

The fact that it has a load capacity was another aspect, which I found myself loving. I mean, this capacity should easily handle any slide out room with relative ease. This feature was another one everyone in customer reviews seem to love.

Plus, if all that wasn’t enough of a selling point, these products are also incredibly easy to store and use. The product comes with a handle and a tethered pin that make both of these processes much more manageable.

But sadly, it’s not all positive with this product. Some customers seem to receive the product in less than ideal condition, which is never a good look for a brand. I don’t think there’s anything more frustrating as a customer than receiving a product’s broken or deficient in some way.
  • Consists of rust-resistant steel
  • Adjustable from 19 to 47 inches
  • Removes any movement in your slide out
  • Universal fit top
  • Easy to use and store
  • Load capacity of 5000 pounds
  • Packaging issues

9. Camco Adjustable Stabilizer for RVs

Our second product from one of my favorite manufacturers is the Camco Adjustable Stabilizer for RVs. This product’s often a favorite among people who want to stabilize their rig’s steps, which can get a little shaky at times.

This function has become a widespread use for it thanks to its adjustment range of 9 to 14 inches, which fits perfectly with most RV steps. In doing so, it provides your RV with fantastic stability, and no movement will end up occurring in that intended area.

I also like this product’s larger six-inch reinforced base, which will give it a stronger contact with the ground. This contact will result in a more stable environment. It’s essential we mention that this product has a 5,000-pound load capacity as well that’ll easily handle whatever you need to stabilize.

And this product has a reputation for being easy to use, which is a feature I always see as a positive. After all, if you can’t use an item, all the fantastic it has aren’t going to matter. Thankfully, this problem won’t be an issue with this stabilizer.

It also helps that Camco even threw in a 90-day warranty to further show that their creation of this model put their customer’s needs first. I mean, there’s nothing better than to have a little insurance in the event something goes wrong with the product.

Along the same lines, this product features an affordable price as well that shouldn’t empty your bank account. But before you do spend money on it, you should be aware that some customers found the product was a bit too hard to tighten.
  • Load capacity of 5,000 pounds
  • Large reinforced base
  • Adjusts from 9 to 14 inches
  • Affordable price
  • Easy to use
  • 90-day warranty
  • Some customer reported it was a bit too hard to tighten

10. Lippert 298707 Electric Stabilizer Jack

If you’re looking for a travel trailer stabilizer system, the Lippert 298707 Electric Stabilizer Jack should be a product you seriously consider. You see this product will make your life much easier by offering a level of performance that many other models have no hope in matching.

This high level of performance comes from its electric operating system, which makes sure you don’t have to do any labor. As a result, you’ll no longer have to crank manual scissor jacks to get them into place.

You instead hit a switch, and this product will retract/extend all by itself. From there, it only takes a few minutes, and your RV will be stable. As someone that hates doing these kinds of jobs, this electric operating system would be a godsend for me.

But this feature isn’t the only one that’ll make your jaw drop. It also has a waterproof switch, which ensures nothing happens to it when it gets wet. Honestly, it never hurts to have some protection against water damage.

It also helps that this product isn’t hard to install either. All you need to do is bolt it onto your RV’s current frame. And then, it’s ready to ensure your RV’s stabilized even in the worst conditions such as being parked on soft ground.

Given all these reasons, it’s not hard to see why many people use this product as a travel trailer stabilizer. I mean, it offers every feature you could want, and you don’t have to break a sweat when operating it.

The only issue is that its way outside my budget for one of these products. In fact, it’s the most expensive option on this entire list.
  • Expensive

11. Eaz-Lift 48855 5th Wheel Stbl Tripod Jack

The Eaz-Lift 48855 5th Wheel Stbl Tripod Jack is an excellent product for an RV owner who needs to add stability in the front of their 5th wheel. It offers this stability through a set of features that I find rather appealing.

For instance, its intriguing 5,000-pound load capacity should handle the stability needs of your 5th wheel’s front with relative ease. It’ll do this job effectively and prevent all rocking or swaying from occurring without any hassles.

I also love how easily you can adjust this product. You see this tripod jack’s equipped with foot pads that can move inward or outward for significant adjustments. And if you want to a make minor adjustment, you use the included stabilizing adjusting lever at the screw level.

Both these features show that this product gives the user a bit of control over this entire experience. They’ll also provide an easy using process, which you can change according to your needs and preferences.

I also like that this product’s foldable for storage purposes. If you’re anything like me and you’re always picking up new things on your travels, the storage area ends up getting a bit crowded. This foldable ability makes fitting this product within this area less of a problem.

In other words, this product’s rather convenient, which only gets further proven when you consider it comes fully assembled. This quality is another one that’s always a positive to me for practical reasons and lets me avoid spending time on maintenance jobs.

But I do have concerns about the durability of this product as it’s missing those heavy-duty materials I value so much.
  • Foldable for storage
  • 5,000-pound load capacity
  • Easily adjusted
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Easy to use
  • Durability concerns

12. BAL 23225 “C” Jack

Our next product is the BAL 23225 “C” Jack, which has made people looking to buy camper, RV, or motorhome stabilizers happy with its high-level results and affordable cost. I mean, there isn’t too much unique about this product, but it’ll get the job done.

You see it has a heavy-duty construction, which will promote extended use that I love. It features a corrosion-resistant finish that’ll help in this regard as well. In terms of durability, there’s nothing more you could ask for with this product.

It also features a quick extension that makes adjusting height an incredibly easy thing to do. This quality makes sure it can adapt to various vehicles dimensions such as campers, travel trailers, RVs, motorhomes, etc.

And its performance doesn’t suffer when you’re using it in any of these situations. It’ll ensure your vehicle will not sway or move when it’s parked or when you’re stepping into it. Honestly, quality like this product is rather hard to at this price.

It even features an integrated foot that improves the ground contact, which will result in your RV having more stability than it would with other products. Plus, its design is lightweight and has a handle that’ll aid in storing it.

In the end, this product is another option that’ll do everything you’d want an RV stabilizer to do without causing any issues. But there was one concern I saw a couple of times in the customer reviews.

It seems some customers felt the installation process was a little too tricky. Their complaints about this issue were mainly focused on the directions being difficult to follow.
  • Corrosion resistant finish
  • Affordable price
  • Equipped with integrated foot
  • Lightweight design
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Includes a handle
  • Some customers complained about the installation being too difficult

13. SteadyFast RV Stabilizer System

The SteadyFast RV Stabilizer System is a product that will provide you with high-quality results on various vehicles such as RVs, travel trailers, or fifth wheel trailers. It can offer this top tier performance thanks to its fantastic set of features.

You see all of this system’s parts are powder coated and/or zinc plated, which means issues like rust or corrosion shouldn’t be a problem. These materials will ensure this product ends up lasting a long time as well.

I also like that this product gets permanently installed on your RV. This feature means you won’t have to worry about storing it within your limited storage area, which is always a plus. And this install process will only take up 2 to 3 hours.

We should mention that this product comes with a 10-year warranty as well, which provides you protection for any part getting damaged. And considering the positive reviews of the customer service within the reviews, you can bet they follow through on it.

But the best qualities about this stabilizer system are the unique things it does. For instance, this system features bars that anchor your RV to ground, which means it stabilizes the RV’s frame rather than the jack or leg.

In other words, it gets right to the source of the problem instead of settling for stabilizing the jack or leg. From there, it uses its braces and brackets to push or pull on your RV’s frame, which eliminates all movement.

As a result, you can imagine this product’s one of the most innovate on the market. But there’s a consequence of having this status, which is its expensive cost. And due to this, I can’t see myself buying this system.  
  • Anchors your RV to the ground
  • Durable construction
  • Easy set up
  • Engages and disengages within seconds
  • 10-year warranty
  • Permanently installs
  • Expensive

What to Look for When Buying an RV Stabilizer


When shopping for an RV stabilizer, there will be certain factors that’ll shape your decision. These are the things that’ll be discussed thoroughly within this section. And from these discussions, you’ll start to understand what you should be looking for in these products.


The materials used within these products are incredibly essential to its overall effectiveness. As a result, you must make sure it features high-quality, durable ones. I’d recommend looking for a product with the following heavy-duty ingredients: stainless steel, metal, steel, and other strong elements.

You see a stabilizer built with heavy-duty materials can easily offer your RV top-tier stability and ensure no movement occurs when you’re parked. These elements will also help make sure the product’s capable of handling its heavy weight.

It’s imperative you understand these materials are a crucial cog of ensuring these products last a long time. In other words, they’ll have a direct effect on the product’s overall durability. Due to this, you must look for a model with qualities like coating, which prevents corrosion and rust.

Coated RV stabilizers often provide the best performance among these products. And reading the customer reviews of each product will give you an understanding of whether these materials offer durability.


Your stabilizer must feature a high-quality build as well. It’s crucial you ensure the product’s design is efficient and capable of doing its job effectively. After all, heavy-duty materials don’t mean much when used within a flawed design.

An excellent way to determine the design’s effectiveness is by looking for products that don’t need the use of other tools to steady your RV. It should be able to hold up on its own and feature a heavy-duty, durable structure.

The customer reviews will help in this regard as well. After all, if an RV stabilizer doesn’t do its job, there should be various people complaining about it. Nothing irks a customer more than a product that doesn’t work correctly.


When looking for an RV stabilizer, one of the first things that should cross your mind is the product’s cost-effectiveness. Your goal should be to find a model that offers the best ratio between performance and cost.

The search for this product will be a lot easier after you create a budget. It should account for all the features you deem necessary and end up being realistic. For instance, if you want a product with rust and corrosion protection (you should), be ready to spend a bit more.

And there’s one more good thing about a budget; it will limit the options you have to choose from as a customer. This benefit should be something you appreciate, considering the overwhelming number of choices.

RV’s Size

Before finding the perfect product, another aspect you must have a handle on is the weight and size of your rig. These two factors should have a significant effect on your buying experience.

You see it’s essential you account for the stabilizer’s weight capacity to ensure it can handle your RV’s load size. And never forget to factor in the stuff inside your rig when looking determining your RV’s weight.

But the weight isn’t the only thing you must consider; it’s also crucial that you think about the overall pressure and how it’ll end up being distributed. This area is where having a grasp of your RV’s overall size will come into play and finding the product that’ll mesh best with it.


Installing these products shouldn’t cause your difficulty or stress. In fact, the best RV stabilizers will make sure the process is quick, easy, and painless. It’ll only take a couple of minutes, and you should be back to enjoying your RVing experience in a matter of moments.

But the issue here is some RV stabilizers make this process complicated. And since the directions will be different from product to product, this part of the experience is massive in ensuring you end up happy with your purchase.

It’s another area that you can evaluate using customer reviews. If there’s an issue with this process, you can bet someone within those discussions has written about it. I mean, I would.


Some RV stabilizers will offer leveling capabilities, and others will only provide stability. I’m under the impression that the best option for you will have these abilities and are the ones you should be looking for as a customer.

These products will end up being the most practical option you can buy as it removes the need to purchase other pieces separately. But you must also be aware that they’ll have a much higher price tag than the products without leveling abilities.

In the end, I think paying the extra money will end up being worth it given all the benefits these products will offer you. And it’s convenient from a buying outlook as you won’t have to do more research on other products.

When you are looking for RV stabilizers, you will also be interested in our RV jack pads list. Furthermore, please check our guide for the most trusted RV air compressors if you like.

Other Important Factors to Consider


If you understand all the factors above, a picture will start to form depicting what you want from these products. But the information you read below will make it much clearer, which RV stabilizer’s the perfect one for you.

What is a stabilizer for RV?  

An RV stabilizer is a product that’s designed specifically for RVs. A lot of RV owners consider these products as an essential piece of RVing experience. And the reason for them gaining this status is rather simple.

You see an RV stabilizer will ensure your RV remains stable regardless of the terrain surrounding your RV. In other words, you no longer have to worry about uneven surfaces such as gravel or tree roots causing issues.

These products will instead ensure your RV doesn’t sway or rock back and forth when parked on these bumpy terrains. And since you never quite know a campground’s condition before going into one, you can imagine how useful these products are for RV owners.

Some RV owners also combine these stabilizers with leveling systems or blocks to add further insurance your RV won’t sway or move. These products don’t only work in RVs either; you can use them to stop movement within your campers, travel trailers, or mobile homes as well.

In the end, these products exist for a single reason, which is keeping your RV stable and steady in any circumstance. And with their use, you don’t have to worry about swaying or moving occurring when you’re walking around the RV.

What are the different types of RV stabilizers?

As you might expect, RV stabilizers come in many types, which can be a tad overwhelming when you don’t have a handle on them. The good news is that this section will dive into each kind to ensure the feeling of being overwhelmed floats away.

  • Scissor RV Stabilizers  

Our first type is called the scissor RV stabilizer, which got their name from their mounted position on your RV. You see these products are placed in between your RV’s tires and will provide high-quality stability from that position.

We should also mention that their position makes them ideally equipped to deal with any bouncing movement within your RV. And these products tend to be quite versatile as they work with a lot of different types of RVs.

But it does make the installing them a bit more difficult due to the tricky mounting area. As a result, these products require a lot more of your time to set them up than the other types. This issue is something you’ll need to put some thought into before buying a scissor RV stabilizer.

  • Steady Fast RV Stabilizers  

The steady fast RV stabilizers have gained fans among RV owners due to their easy install process. In fact, these products might be the easiest types to use in the entire market. This advantage is a factor that no customer should ever ignore.

But a quick install isn’t the only benefit these products would offer a customer. They’re also excellent at removing any bouncing movement that may arise from your RV’s side. We should mention these products do often cost more than the other types as well.

The higher prices come from their ability to provide stability that’s almost unmatched among the other types. It also helps that these products offer versatility as it can work on many RVs and trailers.

With this in mind, I’d say the extra dollars would be worth it. It never hurts to spend a little more money when the product does provide better quality. And in most cases, these types do offer that.

  • Universal RV Stabilizers  

If you’re looking for an RV stabilizer that you can use on travel or 5th wheel trailers, a universal RV stabilizer would be the type you’d want. These products do an incredible job at making sure absolutely no swaying or movement occurs.

We should also mention these products are easily mountable, which is always a welcome trait in an RV stabilizer. Honestly, the installing process should be the first thing you look for when trying to find one of these devices.

The only issue is that this type tends to have problems with full packed RVs. In other words, RV owners with a lot of stuff on their rig should look at another kind of product.

  • Tripod RV Stabilizers  

The last type is the tripod RV stabilizer, which doesn’t hold up as well as the others. You see these products are reliable at preventing side to side bouncing but isn’t quite up for job stopping back and forward movements.

Even with this issue, these products sell rather well due to their easy installing process and lower costs. You can also take comfort in the fact that its set up doesn’t even require any tools that you don’t already have lying around your RV.

In the end, these products have rather simple selling points, easy to use, and affordable. But the issues with back to front movements would give me a little too much anxiety to seriously consider these types.

Before we move onto the next section, I must acknowledge that there are other types of RV stabilizers; however, the four kinds I listed above are the most common and effective at doing their job.

Why do you need a stabilizer for RV?

We’ve talked at almost nauseating levels about the primary purpose of these products, which is ensuring your RV stays steady and stable. But there are other benefits these fantastic devices offer as well.

For instance, some of these products also come with RV stabilizing pads, which will ensure your RV’s jack doesn’t sink into soft ground. These pads will make sure your RV’s jack doesn’t come into contact with hard surfaces such as concrete as well.

Plus, since these pads come with the product, you don’t have to spend time researching and buying them separately. I mean, all this information on RV stabilizers is enough, and you don’t want to do the same with stabilizer pads as well.

And some stabilizing systems offer leveling system services, which could be a godsend when encountering rougher terrains. It also helps that most of the time, these products are available at affordable prices that won’t break open your bank account.

It doesn’t hurt that almost all of them are easy to install too, which offers the buyer a level of convenience. Along the same lines, these products usually come in a 4-pack and give you option of whether you want to mount or bolt them on your RV.

Overall, RV stabilizers are useful products that will be affordable solutions to stopping the nuisance of a rocking or swaying RV. What else could you want?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This FAQs section will try to cover any remaining things about these products that you might be wondering about during your search. From this information, we hope the answer to what’s the perfect RV stabilizer for you, will soon become even more apparent.

What are good RV stabilizer brands?

When searching for RV stabilizers, you’ll come across various brands. Some of these companies will have fantastic reputations among RV owners, and others will have lousy ones. The key is figuring out what manufacturers fit into the first description rather than the second.

And we’ve already exposed you to some high-quality brands within our product review section that’ll help you get started. All of these companies often find themselves among the best at creating RV stabilizers.

But even among this list of amazing companies, two of them stand out a bit more: Camco, and Husky. Due to this, we thought diving into these companies backgrounds could offer you insight into why their products are considered great.

This information will give you an understanding of the type of brand you should be buying from as a customer.

  • Camco  

As a leader in various RV part markets, Camco has been providing high-quality products to its customers for over 50 years. This status has resulted in them gaining a strong following, which has made them a well thought of brand among RV owners.

It also helps that Camco is always pushing their products limits without letting their performance in customer service suffer. These two qualities make me have full faith in every item I buy from them.

  • Husky  

This company’s often referred to by dealers and consumers as one of their favorite brands. They were able to gain this status with their advanced designs, customizable features, and customer service.

And it isn’t only RV stabilizers that this brand excels in making; they also are a top-tier company within the RV hitch and electrical product markets as well. In the end, this brand’s versatility makes me feel content with buying their products.

When are RV stabilizers required?

RV stabilizers become useful when you find yourself needing to ensure your RV’s balance. For instance, if your campground has bumpy terrain such as gravel, these products could be a blessing and make sure no issues happen.

These issues include things like your RV moving back and forth or side-to-side. Either way, an RV stabilizer would get rid of these problems quickly and without any hassles.

In other words, these products are helpful when you feel your RV can’t remain steady without a little help.

How to measure RV stabilizers?

Measuring an RV stabilizer is a simple process. All you need to do is measure its fully extended form from top to bottom. But this action is redundant due to them usually being labeled with both their retracted and fully extended sizes.

And if they aren’t on the product themselves, these measurements will be on the product’s ad page. After all, the sellers want to ensure you end up picking the right size rather than sending it back.

How to install RVstabilizers?

The install process for these products will differ from model to model. As a result, it’s essential you look through the manual before installing it. Otherwise, you might miss a step and affect the product’s effectiveness.

But if you have well-detailed directions, this process shouldn’t be too tricky. Due to this, you must ensure the product you end up getting comes with a helpful manual. Reading the product’s customer reviews should help evaluate this aspect.

You see if there’s an issue with the directions, there will be many reviews grumbling about it. Honestly, there isn’t much in this world that frustrates a customer base like confusing instructions.

What’s the difference between RV stabilizers and leveling blocks?

The most significant difference between camper stabilizer jacks and motorhome leveling blocks is the device’s core function.

A leveler raises an RV section to obtain perfect parallelism, levelness, or evenness to the ground. RV owners will want to set their RV on a level area to prevent things from rolling or shifting to one side.

Without a leveling system, appliances can tip over and become damaged. Sleeping on the bed or couch can be problematic because the uneven floor can shift the body weight to one side. Round objects can roll, increasing the likelihood of lost items.

On the other hand, 5th wheel stabilizer jacks or stabilizers for different RVs balance or steady the vehicle body. These devices prevent the motorhome from rocking or swaying.

For example, it is not uncommon for people to feel the RV moving when they walk inside the cabin. Movements, weight shifts, and wind effects can cause the motorhome to move. Stabilizers prevent this phenomenon, providing RV occupants with a safer and more secure feeling in the motorhome’s interior.

RV owners must understand that leveling blocks have a heavier-duty construction than stabilizers because they must support the motorhome’s weight. Stabilizers only secure the RV’s body against movement.

Can you level RV with stabilizer jacks?

No, stabilizer jacks cannot support the RV’s weight, and their construction is not as robust or heavy-duty as leveling jacks. RV owners must remember that heavy duty RV stabilizer jacks only prevent or stop vehicle movement secondary to occupant movements inside the motorhome.

Utilizing a stabilizer jack to level the RV can damage the device and misshape the vehicle frame. For example, placing a stabilizer jack near an RV cargo door that’s difficult to open. The result would be a distorted RV structure.

How can I improve my RV stabilization?

RV owners can observe several techniques to improve their RV stabilization.

  1. Use a combination of leveling jacks, wheel chocks, and stabilizers. A travel trailer jack (leveling jack) reduces motorhome vertical (up and down) movement, while a stabilizer jack minimizes RV lateral (side to side) motions. Adding wheel chocks stabilizes vehicle motion by keeping the tires in place and preventing movement.
  2. Always park the RV on level ground. RV owners can use RV bubble levels or similar devices to determine surface evenness.
  3. Level the motorhome first before activating the built-in motorhome electric stabilizers. RV owners can place stabilizer jacks at the travel trailer’s four corners if the RV does not have integrated stabilizers.
  4. Place RV stabilizers under the motorhome’s entry stairs or steps to improve stability when people go in or out of the RV.
  5. RV owners can secure a few stabilizer jacks under the RV slideout to prevent swaying or rocking motions in this area.
  6. Owners of fifth-wheel RVs can place stabilizer jacks at the front hitch. Tripod stabilizer jacks are perfect for such a purpose.
  7. Use leveling blocks before stabilizers.
  8. Check the parking area for obstacles and slopes before driving into it. This will help you select the easiest place to leave and level your vehicle.

Do RV slide outs need stabilizers?

No, RV owners do not need to use RV slide out stabilizers because RV manufacturers design their slideouts to withstand the effects of frequent and extended use. That said, seasoned RVers beg to disagree. They say stabilizers for RV slideouts are necessary to prevent unwanted maintenance issues and reduce sag.

Slideout stabilizers can also function as levelers. Parking the motorhome in an area with a slight incline can produce rocking or swaying, making life in the slideout less pleasant. These movements are more noticeable in RV families with rambunctious kids or pets. Placing travel trailer stabilizer jacks under the slideout should support the structure and prevent unnecessary vehicle movements.

It is worth noting that stabilizer jacks for travel trailer slide-outs can ensure more comfortable RV living. People will sleep better and walk in their motorhomes more confidently if their slideouts do not sway or rock with the wind. It feels more secure standing on a solid surface than one that shifts.

How to use RV stabilizer jacks?

This question is another one that will depend on the product you end up buying. The using process will vary from product to product, which is why it’s essential you read the instructions. If you don’t, you can cause some issues with the stabilizer jack’s effectiveness.

One of the main differences you’ll encounter is that some products are devices you can weld on, and others will function best when bolted. But either way, all of the best stabilizer jacks tend to feature easy using processes.

All you need to do is thoroughly read the manual, and you shouldn’t have any issues.

How to lubricate RV stabilizer jacks?

This question is a difficult one to answer in general terms. You see these products come in different shapes and sizes, which means they might require different things regarding their lubrication.

Given this information, the best way to move forward would be looking through the manual that came with the product. This resource should have all the answers you’re looking for regarding the process.

If your product didn’t come with a manual, I’d recommend typing the product’s name into Youtube. Most of the time, there will be a video showing the entire process in an incredibly helpful way.

It might also help to use Google and search for “your product’s name manual” as sometimes the manuals are available online.

Where to buy?

If you’re looking for an RV stabilizer, the best place to search is Amazon. Their marketplace will have a wide array of options you can choose from as a customer. And most of the time, their prices will be lower than the other online sites or retail stores.

I mean, there’s a reason all the product links within this article direct you towards their Amazon page. It’s truly the easiest and most cost-effective way to go about shopping for these types of products.

But I understand that not everyone loves using Amazon, which is why I would recommend checking out another online shopping site called Camping World. This site will have a wide selection of stabilizers to choose from as well as competitive prices.

In most cases, their selection and prices will not be better than Amazon’s, but you should always compare these two sites before making a final decision. You see, sometimes Camping World will have a sale on an item that’ll cause the price to drop below Amazon’s.

And if you don’t like online shopping for these type of products, you can always check out your local Home Depot, WalMart, Lowe’s, or RV store. Each of these places should have some options you can look through, but their selection will be much less diverse. You should expect a markup in their prices as well.

These retail stores also offer the benefit of in-person customer service, which is always a nice touch when the employee has a lot of knowledge about the product. It can be a real help to have someone around that actually knows what you need in one of these RV stabilizers.

All in all, it’s quite evident that you shouldn’t have any issues finding a place or site that fits your needs as a consumer. It’s all about understanding your preferences and using the outlet that meets those needs.


After all the information we’ve presented, finding the best RV stabilizer should no longer be the issue it once represented. All you need to do is use the knowledge you’ve gained from this article during your search.

I mean, we’ve got you started rather well with the various top-tier RV stabilizers within our product review section. It’s now time to decide whether one of those products or another one is the perfect one for you.

When you do find the perfect product, you’ll no longer have to worry about the stability of your RV. You can instead relax and get back to the things you love about RVing, such as spending time with your family.

And if you find yourself asking any more questions during your search, feel free to leave them below in our comment section. We’d love to help in any way we can!

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