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The Best RV Steps – Make Entry Into Your RV Easier

Written by Stephen Ryan / Fact checked by William Turner

Most of a camper’s accessories are overlooked — until they cause accidents. Don’t wait for the problem to be too noticeable before you decide to change anything. But many of the RV’s parts experience heavy wear and tear. Say for instance the RV steps. You step on them, it carries your weight, it easily gets muddied and left in the rain. This causes it to get scratched and rusted.

best rv steps

Since it will be exposed to the elements, you should get yourself the best RV steps. Whether it’s for a brand new RV (you’re not satisfied with what you have?) or a used fifth trailer, here are the products that you can choose from.

Top 1

Kwikee 32 Series


Dimensions ‎‎25.25 x 32.25 x 13.63 inches
Weight 59 Pounds
Load Capacity 300 pound

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Top 2

MOR/ryde STP-4-30-03H


Dimensions 36.5-42 x 8 x 30 inches
Weight 35 Pounds
Load Capacity 500 Pounds

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Top 3

Prime 1 Safety RV Step


Dimensions 19.09 x 14.76 x 3.94 inches
Weight 8.05 pounds
Load Capacity 600 Pounds

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Table of Contents

12 Best Step for RV Reviews 2023

1. Kwikee 32 Series Electric Step Assembly

Most RV owners find it cumbersome to put a manual RV step under the motorhome door every time they get in or out of their vehicles. I do, too. That is why I prefer automatic RV steps. And the best electric RV steps upgrade today is the Kwikee 32 Series.

This product reminds me of the Solid Step RV steps because of their uncannily similar design. I should not be surprised because both are excellent products of Lippert creators and engineers. These RV steps feature a fully automatic operation, extending and retracting as people open and close their motorhome doors.

The convenience these RV steps bring to RV families is exemplary. They are perfect for full-time RVers who want to shop weekly and never worry about manually extending their steps to get into their motorhomes. Carrying stuff in and out of the RV is hassle-free with this option.

I also appreciate the multiple safety features integrated into these RV steps. Unlike the Prime 1, which features only reflectorized strips, this product has hidden lights under each step. It also has a grippy surface for better traction and a sensor that automatically retracts the RV steps if there is an obstacle nearby.

RV families will never worry about the electrical components because everything has a waterproof connection. The alloy steel and stainless steel construction is also comforting. There is also an installation kit with everything required for setting up the system.

Unfortunately, installing these replacement steps for RV requires a more professional approach. One needs the correct electrical connections to power the 12V DC motor and link the system to the RV door’s electrical mechanism. Another downside to these RV steps is their 300-pound capacity, which is 50% less than what Prime 1 offers.

  • Fully automatic operation for optimum convenience
  • Reliably solid construction with alloy and stainless steel
  • Waterproof electrical connections
  • Multiple safety features (hidden lights, grippy surface, obstacle sensor)
  • Complete installation kit
  • Only 300-pound weight capacity
  • Expert installation recommended
Nevertheless, these RV steps are the best if one decides to go the convenient route.

2. MOR/ryde International STP-4-30-03H Step

While it might not seem very important when I first got my camper van, I realized that having a good set of camper steps should be a priority for anyone who owns a mobile home.

Since springboard steps are not long enough to touch the ground, they hang over the ground without any kind of support. This makes the steps less stable and might even cause accidents – I know so because it happened to me. My camper van came with springboard steps that I thought were sturdy enough, and one day as I was getting on the van, it broke off and I slammed my face onto the doorway. After this, I made sure to find a proper replacement for the steps.

I found the MOR/Ryde step and it solved all my concerns: it is made from basically indestructible material and provides better support than my original step. Thankfully, it fits flush into a 30-inch door that allows you to fully close the door when the steps are not in use. Pulling it down and putting it back into the camper van is also very convenient. It has an easy-twist handle to pull the steps down, and lifting it back up is a breeze.

If I were to park in an area with uneven terrain, I can adjust the feet to the right length so it will be propped onto the ground properly. When not in use, I simply pull it back up as it fits the doorway perfectly and I can close the door behind it.

The MOR/Ryde step is not cheap at all, but given what I went through, I would say that it is the best replacement I could have gotten for the camper van.

  • More stable and stronger than springboard RV steps
  • Durable
  • Has an easy-twist handle
  • Has adjustable feet for adjusting the length to match uneven terrain
  • Not as cheap as I hoped it would be
Though the MOR/Ryde camper steps are a bit expensive, I think that if only I had it in the first place, I wouldn’t have had that accident: so I think it is well worth its price for the safety it provides.

3. Prime 1 Safety RV Steps

Campers and travel trailer owners will love the Prime 1 Safety RV Steps. It has a robust construction and a thoughtful design, making stepping in and out of the motorhome safer for everyone.

Anyone can convert these steps for trailers into stools, allowing them to enjoy fishing by the lake or river without sitting on their coolers. It is also perfect for grilling on an open pit fire while sharing laughter and beer with friends. Watching football games is a cinch with these steps as improvised personal benches.

People will never worry about these steps giving in to the user’s weight because they can accommodate a 600-pound person without producing nerve-wracking noises. It speaks volumes about the RV steps’ incredible construction, giving RV owners more reasons to use them in many ways.

I like these steps for campers because of their height-adjustable legs. It has a starting height of eight inches and adjusts to 9.5 in half-inch increments. It is the perfect solution for RVs with a door-ground clearance of ten inches or less.

I also commend the RV steps’ reflectorized strips, ensuring people with visual difficulties find their stable footing at night.

Although some RV owners might question this brand for not being in the top RV step manufacturers, I have no anxiety about its stability. Push pins secure the legs, guaranteeing they never wobble. Moreover, the feet feature grippy rubber material to plant the steps firmly on the ground.

Unfortunately, the screws on the legs may rust over time. On a positive note, it’s easy to replace these parts.

  • Ideal for campers and trailers with a ten-inch ground clearance
  • Height-adjustable mechanism (up to 9.5 inches)
  • 600-pound weight rating
  • Reflectorized strips for easier visibility at night
  • Grippy rubber feet and push pins for stability and safety
  • Versatile design, usable as a stool
  • Screws may rust
I recommend these RV steps to anyone who wants a versatile product with robust construction and design.

4. Stromberg Carlson EHS-102-R Park Model Econo Porch-2-Step

Trailer Homes need to have a reliable step in order to ensure the safety of the occupants inside. However, not all RV steps that are sold in the market are very satisfactory. If you want to have a safe and up to standards RV stairs, this one from Stromberg Carlson will certainly convince you.

I absolutely admire this RV steps with handrail. It is really built to last. It is made of tough steel, so I’m not worried that it would not get deformed while we’re using it. Moreover, this RV porch steps are very easy to use. Just set it up in front of the porch and everyone will be able to use it.

Another positive feature of this product is its weight. With just 20 pounds, anyone will be able to lift it. I can easily lift this product even though I have a serious back issue. Even my kids are able to carry it. Finally, I find this particular travel trailer steps so easy to maintain. Just one simple wipe of a damp cloth removes any standing dirt, mud, or grime on its surface.

What I don’t appreciate about this RV step is the fact that the rivets easily pop out. This issue may cause one or two of the steps to fall down accidentally. In order to prevent this from happening, I immediately fixed it as soon as I’ve seen it.

  • Made of steel
  • Hard-wearing
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Rivets easily pop out
All in all, I can say that the Stromberg CARLSON PRODUCT EHS-102-R Park Model Econo Porch-2-Step is an excellent product. It is tough, made of quality steel, easy to use, can be cleaned easily and most of all – lightweight. Any person can easily set it up because it is not too heavy. If you want to have a reliable step for your mobile home, this product is definitely the one for you.

5. MOR/ryde DW International Stp-3-27-05H Fold 3 Step

One of the things that make RVing comfortable is the step on the entryway. Without it, people would just have to climb up to go inside and jump down to go out. If you are searching for a reliable trailer step to help you enter and leave to the door, the best one in the market today is the MOR/Ryde DW International Stp-3-27-05H.

I am truly impressed with this particular RV entry steps. It is made from quality steel, which means it won’t easily get bent while being used. The steps are absolutely solid and can accommodate any weight up to 250 pounds. With this, I’m not worried that it will warp while I or anyone in my family is using it. Furthermore, the design is absolutely stunning. The black color easily matches any paint color that a mobile home has.

Aside from its durability, I am also impressed with this RV step’s ability to be stored right inside the door. This is truly an engineering feat because I can save a great deal of space. Other RV steps have to be dismounted if not being used or while traveling. I also find it surprisingly easy to set-up. I didn’t even need to call a professional just to get it done.

What disappointed me about this particular RV step is that the threshold is high. Because of this, the door gets a little difficult to close the door. I had to dismount the step, recalibrate it, and reinstall it all over again. Once I got it right, the door now closes easily.

  • Can be stored right inside the door
  • Long-lasting
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to wash
  • The threshold is way too high to close the door
After stating all of the important aspects of this product, I can say that it is one of the best I’ve seen so far. It is made to last, is easy to install, cleans quickly, not too heavy, and most of all – can be stored right inside the door. The design is also simply stunning and elegant. If you want to have a dependable RV step, this product is the right one for you.

6. Stromberg Carlson SMFP-2100 Manual Coach Steps

Folding RV steps should be durable and lightweight. However, not all steps that are sold in the market were created equal. If you want to get a good step for your trailer home, you need to know if it can be trusted with your weight. When it comes to RV folding steps, nothing beats the ones that Stromberg Carlson manufactured.

Of all the features of this particular RV step, I like its durability the most. At first glance, the step may look like a flimsy sheet of metal, but in reality, it is made of quality steel. The folding step can support up to 250 pounds. Also, I would like to note that this product is easy to install. I didn’t need to call professional help just to set this retractable RV steps. All I needed was my existing tools and some help from my fellow trailer homeowners.

In addition, I like that this product is light. With this, I don’t have to worry about my trailer exceeding the gross vehicle weight. Finally, I like the way this step folds under the door when not being used. This saves me the trouble of mounting and unmounting the step every time a person comes in or out of the trailer home.

What I don’t like about this particular folding camper steps are the amount of work to do after installing it. As a matter of fact, I had to modify it as soon as I have finished putting it in. Some of the brackets stuck out after being welded. Even though it won’t cause accidents, I still had to refine it since it is offensive to the eyes.

  • Sturdy
  • Lightweight
  • Installation is simple enough
  • Easy to clean
  • Folds conveniently under the door
  • The unit has to be welded for strength
Once all of the facts about this item have been listed, I can say that the Stromberg Carlson SMFP-2100 Manual Coach Steps is a phenomenal product. It is durable, easy to mount, dirt can be removed without hassle, and most of all – it is not heavy. Furthermore, the step folds conveniently under the door, so you won’t have to worry about it getting in the way. If you want to have a reliable RV step, this one’s for you!

7. Lippert Components 432687 24” Step

I have a small RV and I used to have a single-step attachment before I got this Lipper Components 24” Step. The single-step was fine, but having RV stairs is much better for me in terms of safety and durability.

Getting on the RV with only one extra step to assist me has become troublesome when I had a knee injury: I had to always brace myself before I pull myself up onto the RV using my good leg (with the uninjured knee) and both hands holding onto the rail. I decided to get the Lippert Components stairs because they seem to be more ergonomically designed: and I was right. With this step, even though my knee is not fully healed, I no longer dread having to lift myself up just to get on the RV.

RV stairs, for me, should not just be portable: they should also be durable and safe, which is among the best qualities of this one from Lippert Components. It has wide steps, anti-slip treads, the shorter vertical distance between steps, and sturdy construction.

As a portable RV step, I think the fact that it cannot be folded is the only thing that is less than ideal about this Lippert Components stairs.

  • Wide steps
  • With non-slip treads for safety
  • Has a 7-inch rise between each step
  • Rounded steps are ergonomically designed
  • Has a solid construction
  • Getting rid of dirt is simple enough
  • Cannot be folded
Though the stairs are not the folding type, I think it still serves its purpose in providing a safe way for people to get on and off an RV.

8. Buyers Products 3013658 Portable RV Steps

If you don’t want to use metal stairs or you’re having problems attaching one, the easiest choice would be just getting RV steps. One great choice is the model 3013658 Poly Step from Buyers Products.

There are several things to love about this product. One is that it is lightweight yet heavy-duty. You can easily place it and remove it at any time. You can even use it inside the RV, for instance when reaching for something high up, or when helping the kids climb the bunk beds.

It is made of thick, heavy-duty polymer, which means it is very well-made. The steps have indentations similar to that of metallic steps to prevent users from sliding when in use.

The only downside to these RV stairs is that it somehow feels like it softens up a bit when exposed to too much sun. It still works and is still stable, but it definitely feels a little wobbly. If you have knee problems, this won’t be good for you.

  • Made of durable polyethylene
  • Hassle-free cleaning
  • Easy to store
  • Steps are non-slip
  • Has a handle for easy carrying
  • Feels a bit wobbly when exposed to too much sun
  • Only available in two steps
You can use the Buyers Products 3013658 Poly Step for almost anything: as a stair to your RV door, inside the RV for hard to reach areas, in your home, and practically anywhere else!

9. Stromberg Carlson SMFP-1200 Manual Coach Steps

If you only need one step, the SMFP-1200 from Stromberg Carlson is a great option. It is made of really sturdy metal; one look and you know it’ll last a lifetime. If you want an RV step with a guarantee that it is of high-quality, then you will love that this product is made in the USA.

This is great for lower campers. Most trailers are set pretty high from the ground, so the camper stairs available in the market are usually tall, too. I was able to mount it easily. I encountered a problem when fitting it into the pre-drilled holes underneath my van, so what I did was drill new holes that match the manual coach steps.

I love that it is really very sturdy and well-balanced; I didn’t have to worry about using it even when it’s been exposed to sun and rain. It has been powder coated so it doesn’t rust easily, if at all. Plus it can hold up to 350 pounds, which is more than enough for my needs.

The one thing I don’t like is that the step is too narrow. I’m thinking of getting another one to place it side by side.

  • Can hold up to 350 pounds
  • Powder-coated to prevent rusting
  • Made of highly-durable metal
  • Great for low campers
  • Well-balanced
  • The step is too narrow

10. Camco Adjustable Height Aluminum Platform Step

Sometimes, RV steps don’t need to be mounted permanently. Some of them can even be packed inside the camper if it is not being used. If you are looking for a fully-adjustable RV step, the best one that you should choose is the Camco Adjustable Height Aluminum Platform Step.

I chose this particular RV step because it is very convenient to use. I can safely store it inside the camper if I’m not using it or during travel. With only 8.5 pounds, I can easily lift and carry it without straining my back. Moreover, it is fully adjustable so it can reach the ideal height without using any third-party device to help it.

Another feature that convinced me to purchase this RV step is its capability. I was surprised to learn that it can carry up to 1,000 pounds! This is something that I don’t see with other aluminum folding step RVf in the market these days. In addition, I like that this product has non-slip rubber soles. It helps me and the other occupants of my camper to step in or out without slipping. This way, I can prevent any incidents that might cause us injury.

What I don’t appreciate about this product is the fact that it can easily tip over if I didn’t step on the center. I hurt my shin when I stepped on the left portion and gave it my full weight. I just wish that it doesn’t tip over and remain stable all the time.

  • Fully adjustable
  • Can support up to 1,000 pounds
  • Has a non-slip rubber sole
  • Not too heavy
  • Can be cleaned easily
  • Made of aluminum
  • Stumbles easily
After examining all of the valid points, I can say that the Camco Adjustable Height Aluminum RV Steps is an excellent product. It is compact, sturdy, lightweight, and can be easily stored inside the trailer. In addition, it is easy to place and use, easy to scrub and has non-slip rubber soles to prevent the step from moving. If you want to get the best RV step for your camper, this product will definitely satisfy your needs.

11. Quick Products JQ-S150 Platform Step

Some RV owners do not like to install a permanent RV step as it may add to the GVW. If you don’t like to mount one either, you can always choose an RV platform step. If you want to try one, this product from Quick Products will surely amaze you to no end.

I am deeply impressed with this particular platform step. It is very durable. Made of quality steel, this product can carry up to 300 pounds. This is something that I can trust to use in my camper. In addition, this product is very easy to set up. I just unfold the legs if I want to use it, and position it right outside the camper door. Once it’s there, I can safely come in and come out without straining myself in the process.

Another feature that I enjoyed about this RV steps with platform is its non-slip surface. I don’t slip because the soles of my shoes have a firm grip on it. This is something that I don’t see with other comparable products in the market nowadays. Finally, I find this platform step uncomplicated to clean. Just a simple brush would remove any standing dust or mud on the surface.

What I felt was the shortcoming of this platform step are the rubber soles. It falls off easily thus resulting in uneven positioning of the foldable legs on the ground. To prevent the rubber soles from falling again, I have decided to glue it permanently using an epoxy.

  • Can accommodate up to 300 pounds
  • Long-lasting
  • Compact
  • The legs can be folded
  • Has a non-slip surface
  • Has non-slip rubber soles
  • Has a one-year replacement warranty
  • The rubber soles fall easily
In a nutshell, I can say that the Quick Products JQ-S150 Platform Step is a phenomenal product. It is durable, lightweight, compact, easy to use, and not difficult to clean. Furthermore, it has a non-slip surface and non-slip rubber soles at the bottom of the foldable legs. What’s even more amazing is that it can carry up to 300 pounds! If you want a reliable RV platform step, this product will be an excellent addition to your RV accessories.

12. Lippert Components 678040 Solid Step

When I was choosing among portable RV steps, my main priority was to find a heavy-duty step for my RV that is also easy to use: fortunately, the Lipper Components Solid Step matches all my selection criteria.

This Lippert Components Solid Step has a 400-pound capacity: which means not only is it safe to use (even for bigger men like me), it can also withstand more wear and tear than your typical folding step. The top tread plate also fits the doorway perfectly so I can close the door of the RV without any trouble.

The Lift Assist version of this Solid Step allows me to adjust the legs of the step with a simple click and it automatically locks in place. This is particularly useful for when the ground is not level and I have to set the legs at different lengths to match the terrain.

If your RV door is less than 27 inches off the ground, though, the tread plate might not be flush with the doorway and therefore might not be the right fit for your mobile home.

  • Can carry up to 400 pounds of load
  • Made of heavy-duty material
  • Can be conveniently set up and secured in place (comes with mounting screws)
  • Can fit doors that are between 27 inches and 36 inches above the ground
  • Has easy-to-adjust legs for uneven terrain
  • Anti-slip steps for added safety
  • Might be too long for smaller RVs
If you feel that this step might be too long for your RV, simply check and measure the height of your doorway from the ground and if it is less than 27 inches, try a different set of steps. Otherwise, this 26”-wide solid step could be a more stable option than most folding steps.

What to Look for When Buying an RV Step

aluminum folding step rv

As I’ve previously mentioned, the motorhome steps are one of the most exposed parts of the RV that is frequently subject to wear. If you want to be a great steps shopper, here are some tips for you. This way, you won’t need to have a hell of a lot of experience in purchasing and using multiple RV steps (like I do) to be able to know what to look for.

  1. Strength – it’s important to know up to what weight your steps can carry. This way, you won’t overuse the steps to weight far greater than it can carry and then end up breaking it. Or if you know the max weight that you’ll be using the steps for, make sure to look at this detail in the steps you are about to carry. Some can hold only up to 300 pounds, while others can hold up to 500 lbs.
  2. Durability – you’re going for lots of adventures in various terrains, you must always consider how durable your RV steps are. Heavy-duty steps are usually made of metal and sometimes combined with thick rubber or plastic.
  3. Stability – when using the stairs, of course, you want it stable so you won’t trip on your way up or down. Some steps include level adjusters, while others have vibration limiters.
  4. Fit – of course, the steps need to fit your door. Some steps can be put away by lifting and fitting up to the door. Others can be folded just underneath the door. If there’s already a frame underneath the door and you just need replacement steps, make sure whatever you get fits correctly by measuring the frame and the steps.
  5. Warranty – not all brands offer warranties, so finding one of these is a great advantage.
  6. Price – this depends. Consider the above factors first before taking a look at the price. However, this is still an important factor since sometimes you can find all the same benefits and features from two different models, and the price is the only difference.

Other Important Factors to Consider

portable rv steps

What is an RV step?

These are the stairs towards the entrance of your RV door. Remember, the door at the side of your camper is about two to four feet high (depending on where you’re parked). You can’t climb or hop in! This is where camper steps would be useful.

How does it work?

It’s simple. Just pull it out from where it is hidden and then lower it down. It could be attached to your down or somewhere underneath. Once you lay it down to the ground, you need to make sure it is leveled to make it safe to step on.

What are the different types of RV steps?

There are different variations of RV steps, one depends on the style, the other one depends on how it can be prepared for use.

  1. Platform – this one looks like a small stool that you just step on. Some have fixed feet, while the feet on others can easily be pushed in or folded away. Putting the feet away allows you to store it easily inside your fifth wheel without worrying about the bulk. I would recommend storing this in the car though as it would be hard to get it if you can’t climb inside the camper.
  2. Pull-down – this one is locked to the frame of your door so it won’t fall down during the ride. You can simply pull it down when you’re ready to use it. Sometimes the feet can be adjusted, other times you need to place something under one foot to make it even and steady.
  3. Foldable – this own can be tucked right underneath the door. This is usually categorized into two:
    • Manual – this simply means you just need to fold the steps in when not in use and pull them out by hand when you’re ready.
    • Electric – as its name implies, this one can be controlled electronically to open and set itself down.

Why do you need RV steps?

As I’ve previously mentioned, it would be hard to climb into your fifth wheel without using stairs.

Also, if you locked the RV door, how can you unlock it if you can’t even reach inside? This is when RV steps would really, really matter.

Finally, camper steps are also for convenience. Think about what will happen if you are holding something in your hands and you can’t climb in? That would be seriously problematic.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

camper steps

What are good RV step brands?

There are many RV step brands that are being sold these days. But if you are going to take a closer look, not all of them were created equal.

Here are some of the famous brands of RV steps that you might want to consider:

  • Quick Products
  • Camco
  • Stromberg Carlson
  • MOR/Ryde

These brands have earned the trust and approval of many customers across the United States. This is because their products are truly durable, easy to use, and

How to measure for Lippert solid step?

When purchasing a Lippert Solid Step, you may be worried whether or not whatever you buy won’t fit. When getting RV steps from this ladder brand, make sure to buy one that is rounded up to even number from your RV door’s measurements. For instance, if you get 25 ⅔ inches measurement at the inside of your door, you should get 26” camper steps. If your door measure 24.5 inches, you still need to move up to 26” RV steps.

How to make sure you get the right size RV steps?

Getting the right size stairs for camper requires only a few measurements.

  1. Measure the door entrance width between the door flanges.
  2. Measure the distance between the ground and the door sill plate, and add about 3/8 inches as allowance.
  3. Measure the height of the door sill plate, which is typically 5/8 to ¾ inches high.
  4. Use these measurements to choose the correct 5th wheel steps from the supplier.

RV owners who want to replace their used RV steps with brand new ones can observe the following procedure.

  1. Measure the old RV step assembly’s width.
  2. Measure the height of each step or rise. For example, the Lippert Manual RV Step has three steps, with the topmost step dropping four inches to the second level. The lower two steps are seven inches tall each. Hence, this RV step has a combined step height of 18 inches.
  3. Measure the diagonal length of the RV steps by placing one end of a tape measure on the top step assembly crossbar and extending it to the step assembly at the stair’s bottom. In the Lippert example, this measurement is 35.75 inches.

How many steps do I need?

The number of steps required for an RV depends on several factors. RV owners must consider the motorhome door’s ground clearance, which is about eight to ten inches on average. However, larger RVs can have a greater ground clearance than campers.

The next consideration is the step height. Some products have a seven-inch rise, while others have six inches. Hence, two steps with six-inch rise each are sufficient for an RV with a 12-inch ground clearance.

However, one must also consider who will use the steps. For example, RV steps for elderly have lower steps to ensure safety. Unfortunately, reducing the step height increases the number of steps needed.

Vehicle owners might also consider if they need RV steps with landing. This product’s bottom section can increase the RV steps’ overall height, impacting the number of steps required.

How to install?

Installing an RV step is easy, provided you have the necessary tools and skills on how to use them. However, if you think that you have what it takes to mount an RV step permanently, here are some basic guides that you can follow:

  • Take away the transition strip between the floor and the existing door threshold.
  • Place the top portion of the RV step brand inside the center of the door opening.
  • Lift your preferred brand of RV step and lock it into place. Make sure that the latches have connected with a thin flange of the door jamb.
  • Measure up to 15/16’’ from inside of the threshold to front of the RV step’s hinge plate.
  • Make sure that the RV step is in the middle of the door opening. Make sure that there is a ⅛ clearance on each side.
  • Lower the RV step to test if the door shuts properly.
  • If needed, use two screws on the outermost side to hold the RV step into place.
  • Shut the door to see if there’s no obstruction that could prevent it from doing so.

If you are not comfortable using power tools, you can always seek professional help. This way, the RV step will be more stable and sturdy, therefore becoming a safe addition to your and your family members’ RV experience.

How to use?

RV trailer steps function either as portable stairs or a platform that helps people reach the floor of the RV without difficulty.

Basically, there are two ways to use this product:

  1. Lower the step if it is installed permanently. This kind of step can be tucked away inside the door or under the entrance if it is not in use. Adjust the height accordingly if the ground is uneven.
  2. If it is a platform step, unfold its legs and bring it outside. This kind of RV step needs a level ground to ensure that it won’t tip over when you step on it.

How to care and clean?

Caring for and clean your motorhome stairs are pretty simple and easy. All you have to do is to brush away any standing dirt or mud on its surface and then dry it off. If there’s a stain, use a damp cloth first to prevent damaging the paint.

Where to buy?

You can purchase RV steps and covers on Walmart, Home Depot, Ace Hardware, Lowes, and other RV-related shops. However, if the one that you are looking for is not available in these shops, you can always try to shop online. Amazon.com is one of the best websites to help you launch your search for the right RV steps.


Now that you have a general idea about the best RV steps that are available in the market, you will now be able to choose the right one for you. If you are having second thoughts, the reviews about certain brands that are included above will help you with each product’s strengths and weaknesses. Also, you will learn more about the design and other engineering features that will help you live a comfortable and convenient life inside the RV. This information will be necessary if you wish to get the one that will stay with you for a long time.

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