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The Best RV Stereos

Written by Stephen Ryan / Fact checked by William Turner

Are you looking for the best RV stereo system, but having trouble figuring out what fits your rig? These issues are common among rig owners due to the number of available options. It can make even the most experienced RVers frustrated and overwhelmed.

I’m going to help make those feelings disappear by walking you through this process. This guidance will consist of covering several topics about these products, ranging from types to benefits. As a result, you’ll gain insight into what a buyer should be looking for in a top-tier stereo system.

best rv stereo

This article will also show you what a high-quality model looks like by offering reviews of my favorite ones. It might even turn out that one of these products is what you’ve been searching for this entire time.

But if you don’t find the perfect model here, the other relevant information will still be useful when searching on your own. It could be an invaluable resource, which ends up being the key to finding your perfect RV stereo system!

Top 1

Jensen JWM62A


Dimensions 11.25 x 8.5 x 8.5 inches
Connectivity Technology Bluetooth, USB
Media Type CD, DVD

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Top 2

iRV Technology iRV66


Dimensions 8 x 6 x 11 inches
Connectivity Technology Bluetooth, USB, HDMI
Media Type CD, DVD

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Top 3

Furrion 3-Zone


Dimensions 4.66 x 9.79 x 5.77 inches
Connectivity Technology Bluetooth, Infrared, USB, HDMI, NFC
Media Type CD, DVD

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Table of Contents

11 Most Trusted RV Stereo Reviews 2023

1. Jensen JWM60A Bluetooth Wall Mount RV Stereo

The Jensen JWM60A Wall Mount Bluetooth RV Stereo comes with a long list of features ideal for a rig owner’s needs. One of the most obvious benefits would be Jensen’s jControl app, making this a user-friendly option.

I found this app helpful when setting up the device because you can control all of its main functions using the app. Plus, it’s available right in your app store and compatible with almost every Bluetooth device.

Any buyer with a smartphone, tablet, or similar device can control their stereo within their palm. I didn’t think using one of these products can get much more straightforward and safer than what’s offered by this Jensen RV radio stereo system.

The product’s USB input is another one of my favorite aspects. Rig owners can use this input to charge their Android or iPhone devices during travel. As a result, you won’t have to rely on your rig’s battery when recharging any USB appliance.

I’m a massive fan of this product’s slimmer profile design, as well. This design makes it easy to hide its mounting screws, which keeps your rig’s interior aesthetic intact. Its versatility was quite impressive, too, considering it can work with various video (DVD-Video, JPEG, VCD, and MPEG-4) and music formats (MP3 and WMA).

I was disappointed to see a few customers had issues utilizing its DVD player capabilities. These issues were only mentioned in a couple of reviews, but it’s still not a good look for Jenson.

  • Equipped with USB input
  • Simple to operate
  • Compatible with numerous video and music file formats
  • Has a slim design profile
  • Uses Bluetooth technology for both iOs and Android devices
  • Accompanied by Jensen jControl app
  • Some customers reported issues with the DVD player
The issues with this product’s DVD player capabilities are likely isolated incidents, considering must people found it worked fine. If this product meets your RV wall-mount stereo system needs, these few complaints shouldn’t stop you from buying it.

2. iRV Technology iRV66 3 Zone Wall Mount RV Stereo

Buyers looking for top-tier RV DVD stereo systems should take a long look at iRV Technology’s iRV66 3 Zone Wall Mount RV Stereo. This model happens to be one of the more advanced combo options available.

An example of what makes this camper radio DVD player special is its three HDMI inputs and three HDMI outputs. Due to this, you should never have trouble finding a plugin spot for compatible appliances, such as consoles or computers.

The product’s versatility with its compatibility capabilities is quite impressive, as well. Users can expect it to play MP4, MP3, or JPEG files. As a result, rig owners shouldn’t have any issues playing DVDs, showing off their favorite slideshow, or rocking out to some tunes.

Its Bluetooth abilities allow uses to control the entire using process with an app located on your phone like some of our previous options. Plus, its 3-zone speaker configuration provides top sound quality everywhere inside your rig, from the cabin to the master bedroom.

Honestly, iRV Technology did an outstanding making sure this product had almost every aspect a rig owner could ever imagine. It even comes with standard AM/FM radio, too, which is easy to navigate with its simple to use tunings on its front panel.

But this device’s installation process was a bit more complicated than I expected. I had a lot of trouble following the instruction manual. Many other buyers reported the same issues in their experiences with this device.

  • Multiple HDMI inputs and outputs
  • 3-zone speaker configuration
  • Compatible with various file formats (MP4, MP3, JPEG)
  • Equipped with a USB input
  • 1 Bluetooth capabilities
  • Easy using process
  • Difficult installation process
Rig owners will have issues finding another DVD/stereo combo capable of providing what this one offers. But I’d suggest inexperienced RVers call in a professional to do the installation. Otherwise, you might find yourself pulling your hair out like I was during this process.

3. Furrion 3-Zone RV Entertainment System

If you’re looking to upgrade RV entertainment center systems, Furrion’s 3-Zone RV Entertainment System would be an ideal choice. Its 3-zone speaker configuration will ensure you can always hear quality audio whenever it’s needed.

This aspect isn’t the only impressive thing about the device, either. I found myself loving this product’s compact and stylish design with its white color scheme. It meshed perfectly into my rig’s interior without a single issue.

I was intrigued by this product’s high level of durability, which comes from its quality construction. The company utilized its VibrationSmart technology to ensure this Fusion RV stereo could withstand extreme climates and constant vibrations.

Buyers should expect to have this entertainment system in their lives for many years because of this construction. Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised to find out this model was still working 10 or 15 years down the line.

It’s overall compatibility isn’t anything to overlook, either. This stereo supports various formats ranging from CD/DVD to MP3. You should also find yourself loving its inclusion of both HDMI and USB inputs for peak user-friendliness.

However, I was annoyed by the noticeable fan noise coming from the device. This issue could be a nuisance for anyone overly sensitive to sounds. In my case, it managed to provide me with a relatively mild, but still frustrating headache.

  • 3-zone speaker configuration
  • Compact design with a white color scheme
  • Durable construction
  • Supports various connections (HDMI, USB) and formats (CD, DVD, MP3)
  • Uses Bluetooth technology
  • Four buying options
  • Noticeable fan noise
Aside from the noticeable fan noise, there’s nothing remotely problematic about this device. It even comes with four buying options to ensure it can suit almost any rig owner’s needs. Plus, this small issue is something I could easily get used to within a few weeks. I imagine anyone reading this article will find themselves feeling the same.

4. Pyle PLRVST400 Double DIN In-Dash Car Stereo Head Unit

The Pyle PLRVST400 In-Dash Car Stereo Head Unit might not be as popular as a JBL RV stereo system. However, it still delivers exceptional audio-video entertainment wherever people drive their RVs.

This seven-inch stereo is perfect for modern motorhomes and campers with its contemporary all-black styling, complementing the RV’s interior.

I love this Bluetooth RV stereo, allowing me to connect to my mobile devices and play my favorite song list. People can link their iPods, MP5, MP4, MP3, and other Bluetooth-enabled devices to it. It does not matter if one has an iOS or Android phone because this stereo links up exceptionally well.

Bluetooth is not the only means of communicating with this RV stereo. One can also play legacy CDs and DVDs or plug in an audio-video gadget with a 3.5-mm connector. I can enjoy listening to music without bothering others by plugging in headphones.

RV owners who want to turn their motorhomes into a party place or mobile cinema can rely on this product’s three-zone audio framework. Combining and controlling three speakers are a cinch with this technology. The RV stereos wall mount also makes it straightforward to install this device in the cabin, perfect for delivering a home entertainment experience on wheels.

The weatherband radio service is a welcome bonus, giving me a heads-up of what weather conditions to expect down the road.

Unfortunately, this stereo’s output is not as robust as other RV stereos because it only delivers 50 watts.

  • Bluetooth functionality for extended play
  • Multiple device inputs (CD/DVD, AUX) for versatility
  • Three-zone audio source for a surround sound experience
  • Wall-mountable design with stylish black appearance
  • Integrated weatherband radi
  • Only 50-watt output
Overall, this RV stereo is a decent buy. Its multiple connectivities and playing options make it on par with more established brands.

5. iRV Technology iRV34 Wall Mount RV Stereo

iRV Technology’s iRV34 Wall Mount RV Stereo is one of the leading options when it comes to having an easy using process. This product utilizes Bluetooth technology to ensure users can transfer their smartphone’s music files right into a smartphone.

As a result, rig owners will have unlimited access to their favorite songs from their handheld devices. This aspect is made possible through a downloadable phone app, which has an uncomplicated interface.

I could even explain this product’s using process to my grandfather, who isn’t the best with these tasks. Buyers should also love this model’s inclusion of an HDMI input because it allows them to connect video game consoles and DVD players to the stereo.

Due to this, these devices will play their audio in surround sound quality inside your rig. As a result, using them is much more enjoyable for everyone involved. Honestly, it’ll make you think you’re sitting inside a movie theater with its top-tier audio quality.

The product’s 3-zone speaker configuration is another top-tier feature every rig owner would enjoy. It’ll make sure you can hear audio wherever needed inside your rig. Moreover, it has a reputation for being great for cookouts because it can get loud enough to hear outside.

But people looking to buy this stereo system will have to fork over a large chunk of change. It’s not an ideal fit for bargain buyers.

  • 3-zone speaker configuration
  • Easy-to-use process
  • Simple to install and connect with several devices through Bluetooth
  • Equipped with an HDMI input
  • Compatible with various music and video formats
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
  • May be a bit expensive for some people
The high price tag is a hard pill to swallow, but you can’t argue with the fabulous results and features. People looking for the best RV wall mount stereo system available would have issues finding another capable of competing with this one.

6. Jensen JWM62A Bluetooth Wall Mount RV Stereo

Jensen’s JWM62A Bluetooth Wall Mount RV Stereo is another high-end stereo system from this well-established brand. Jensen seems to have a stranglehold on this market, considering their models’ popularity compared with other brands.

This status comes from the impressive features packed into their stereo systems. One excellent example would be its 33-feet of Bluetooth range. It ensures you can access this product almost anywhere inside your rig or nearby outside via a smartphone/similar device.

It’s a feature that makes this stereo system one of the more convenient models available. The product even comes with a remote control for those who aren’t comfortable using their smartphones.

Buyers will find themselves loving this product’s more compact design, as well. This construction ensures it won’t be too complicated to install. It’s one of the many things people tend to praise when discussing their experiences using this Jensen product.

Aside from these features, it has various others that you’ve become familiar with from our earlier reviews. These aspects include a 3-zone speaker configuration, USB port, compatibility with multiple formats, and easy using process.

I was disappointed to find out this model doesn’t come with an instruction manual, though. Jensen’s lack of one seems like a massive oversight and could make the installation impossible for inexperienced users.

  • 3-zone speaker configuration
  • 33-feet of Bluetooth range
  • Wireless remote control included
  • Usable via JENSEN jControl app
  • Compatible with various file formats
  • Easy to use and compact design
  • Doesn’t come with an instruction manual
Overall, Jensen did an excellent hitting it out of the park with another impressive model. It’s almost perfect from a design and construction aspect. The missing manual ends up being more of a nuisance issue rather than anything genuinely significant. It shouldn’t stop people from considering this excellent stereo system.

7. Magnadyne RV6200 Wall Mount Multimedia Receiver

One of the most versatile options on our list has to be Magnadyne’s RV6200 Wall Mount Multimedia Receiver. After all, this multimedia receiver provides a buyer with an AM/FM radio, an alarm clock, Bluetooth capabilities, and CD/DVD functionality within one device.

These benefits aren’t the only ones provided by this wonderful device, either. You can expect this product to conserve energy inside your rig as it uses 12 volts of electricity. Due to this, it ends up saving users money in the long haul.

Multiple buyers found this product’s full backlight illumination to be a useful addition to its capabilities. This aspect ensures a person can easily use it regardless of whether it’s night or day.

The installation process was another positive aspect worth mentioning. I had no trouble figuring out how to set this product up, which is rather shocking. I’m not even remotely close to an expert with tasks, such as this one. Experienced and first-time stereo installers should have no issues doing it.

But none of these aspects is this product’s feature. Instead, this title goes to the device’s affordable price tag, which is easily among the lowest on our list. Every bargain buyer reading this article should be jumping out of their chairs, considering the device’s cost-effectiveness.

This product does have a design flaw that could be troublesome in the wrong situation. You can’t operate it using batteries, which means you have no chance of using it during a blackout.

  • Full backlight illumination suitable for both day and night use
  • Affordable price
  • All in one – Bluetooth capabilities, CD/DVD functionality, AM/FM radio, alarm clock
  • Conserves energy
  • Easy to install even for first-timers
  • Top-tier versatility
  • Can’t be operated using batteries
In the end, the lack of battery operation isn’t a huge deal. It’s rather a preferred feature that I would want in any RV audio video control center. But sometimes, bargain buying requires shoppers to sacrifice a wanted aspect for a cheaper price tag.

8. Jensen JRV9000R RV Navigation System

RV wall mount stereo systems don’t get much better than Jensen’s JRV9000R Touchscreen Multimedia RV Navigation System. As with every product from this brand, it was built with top-tier features and unmatchable durability.

This particular model separates itself from its built-in navigation system. It should make finding your next campground a breeze and could help you avoid problem areas along the way. Multiple buyers reported this feature to save them significant amounts of time on long-distance treks.

You should also find the product’s sizeable 6.2-inch touchscreen appealing. This feature makes using it much more comfortable than with similar devices. It makes switching between its many capabilities like utilizing Bluetooth, listening to AM/FM radio, or using HDMI connected devices a breeze.

The LED-backlit controls are another nice touch, which makes using this device even simpler. As you might expect, these controls ensure you won’t have issues utilizing the stereo at night. You can also customize based on your preferences.

Buyers tend to love its lightweight, compact design, as well. This aspect should make moving it around during the installation less taxing than with other options. After all, this model only weighs a whopping 5.5 pounds.

However, this model packs a huge punch when it comes to its price tag. You’ll have to decide whether the built-in navigation and other signature features are worth this expensive cost.

  • Equipped with a GPS navigation system
  • Comes with built-in Bluetooth capabilities
  • Lightweight, compact design
  • LED backlight controls make it easy to navigate during night time
  • 2-inch touchscreen that is user-customized
  • Top-level durability
  • Expensive
I shall conclude this model is worth paying for, considering it does offer more convenience and durability than almost every other model. You could do a whole lot worse than spending a little bit extra on an RV entertainment system HDMI capable device.

9. BOSS Audio BV6658B RV DVD Stereo Player

Bargain buyers should take a long look at BOSS’s Audio BV6658B RV DVD Stereo Player, given its affordable price. These shoppers aren’t going to find many or any options capable of matching its cost-effectiveness.

You can attribute its bargain status to more than its low cost, though. Its got several features worth mentioning that you won’t expect from an affordable option. An excellent example would be its USB port, which allows users to upload files via flash drives. It will then play these files as long as they’re MP3 or WMA format.

Buyers should love this product’s 2-zone speaker configuration, as well. It provides the user a choice about what plays in two different areas inside your RV. In other words, this aspect gives you the ability to play one song in your rig’s front speakers and something else from its back ones.

Shoppers might be surprised to hear this product offers Bluetooth capabilities, too, which will come in handy for obvious reasons. Other notable aspects include an AUX input, LCD display, AM/FM capabilities, and a 3-year warranty.

But again, these other features don’t hold a candle to the product’s main attraction, its price tag. It’s not too often you see advanced technology in devices with such an affordable cost. You would be wise to take advantage when an opportunity like this one knocks.

Some customers did report shipping issues with this device worth mentioning. It seems the product has a habit of arriving later than expected in inadequate packaging.

  • 2-zone speaker configuration
  • Has USB port for uploading files via flash drives
  • Compatible with several file formats
  • The lowest price tag on our list
  • Equipped with Bluetooth capabilities, AUX input, LCD display, AM/FM radio
  • Provided with a 3-year online warranty
  • Shipping issues
Shipping issues are never a good look for any company, but these complaints were only present in a few reviews. If this product fits your needs, it shouldn’t stop you from buying it.

10. iRV Technology iRV68 3 Zone Wall Mount RV Stereo

The iRV Technology’s iRV68 3 Zone Independent Wall Mount RV Stereo doesn’t differ much from this brand’s previous options on our list. But it earned a spot due to the reliability and durability of its construction.

Several buyers reported being shocked by how well it held up in even the most extreme conditions. You can attribute its steadiness to the heavy-duty materials used within its construction.

I can easily imagine this model still providing top-tier results for the next decade or two. This durability level doesn’t come along often, and when it does, buyers should take advantage. It could end up being the most cost-efficient option on this list due to its potential longevity.

Customer service is another area where this option excels more than most other options available. I called them up to ask a few questions about the installation process. Their answers were straightforward and helpful to the point I had no trouble figuring out what I was doing wrong.

Buyers will also benefit from iRV Technology’s standard stereo features: Bluetooth capabilities, HDMI outputs/input, and excellent sound quality. You won’t even need to pair this model with the best outdoor RV speakers for barbecue purposes. Its 3-zone speaker configuration has got you covered.

But the lack of warranty was a little surprising to see from this brand. I’m always going to feel more comfortable buying an expensive item with one. This policy even goes for a product with a durable reputation like this stereo.

  • 3-zone speaker configuration
  • Compatible with numerous music and video formats
  • Bluetooth capabilities for easy music tranferring
  • Great customer service
  • HDMI input and output with ARC function to stream audio from TV to speakers
  • A highly durable product that can last for years
  • Has excellent sound quality
  • No warranty
In any case, the lack of a warranty shouldn’t be a deal-breaker for anyone considering this model. There’s no reason this option needs to be anywhere else but near the top of your list.

11. Jensen AWM968 Bluetooth RV Stereo

Jensen’s AWM968 Bluetooth RV Stereo is the final product on our list, but don’t think its position says anything about its overall quality. In fact, this model has no problem keeping up with all these other ones when it comes to impressive features.

One of my favorites would have to be its last track memory. This aspect ensures the stereo remembers where it left off the last time it was playing music. As a result, you can take a break and return right back to whatever song was playing.

I was also intrigued by its blue backlight, which offers an excellent aesthetically pleasing color scheme to this device. Not only does it look good, this backlighting also helps operate the device during those nighttime drives.

The alarm clock feature is another nice inclusion, as well. It should ensure you don’t sleep the day away on your rig. As a constant oversleeper myself, this feature would go a long way in ensuring I don’t waste my RVing experience catching some z’s.

Of course, these features are accompanied by the standard aspects that we’ve become accustomed to within our previous reviews: Bluetooth, USB port, HDMI input/output, affordable cost, 3-zone speaker configuration, etc. It truly has everything a person could find useful in an RV stereo.

Some customers had problems with the DVD player not working correctly, though. This issue was only present in a few reviews, but worth knowing about for anyone who considers buying it

  • Comes with 3-zone speaker configuration, USB port, HDMI input/output
  • Intriguing blue backlight that works wonder at night
  • Last track memory that allow playback of the most recent playing song
  • Compatible with various music and video formats
  • Bluetooth capabilities (A2DP, AVRCP) to stream audios from phones easily
  • Equipped with an alarm clock, 30 station presets (AM/FM)
  • Some customers have had issues with the DVD player
This product is well worth the risk of getting one with a defective DVD player. After all, it has an affordable cost and a reliable customer service that will replace the malfunctioning model free of charge. Plus, everything else about it has received nothing but praise.

What to Look for When Buying an RV Stereo


Finding the top-tier RV sound system or RV stereo system isn’t as simple as picking whatever option that comes up first on Amazon. This process has several parts that need consideration before making a smart final decision.

In this section, I’ll take you through these factors to ensure making a choice doesn’t become a stressful task. These following discussions should make finding a suitable RV stereo a relatively straightforward process.


One of the first factors to consider would be whether you want a model with Bluetooth technology. This aspect allows users to play music or other audio from your phone to the rig’s stereo system.

As a result, users can use apps like Spotify and access their extensive music library. You can also utilize Bluetooth technology to stream movies and videos from other devices, such as tablets or laptops.

It ends up being a rather convenient quality for your RV stereo to provide. But it’s worth noting Bluetooth stereo systems will cost more money than other types.

It would be wise to look at other people’s experiences with each model’s Bluetooth quality, as well. Some subpar stereo systems don’t offer high-quality RV stereo Bluetooth connectivity, making them a hassle to use.

USB Ports

A top-tier camper stereo system will have USB ports embedded within their designs. Their inclusions are essential because it allows users to play videos and audios through their stereos via portable hardware or flash drives.

More importantly, these USB ports ensure users can charge specific devices like smartphones or other USB appliances. It offers these charging capabilities without draining your rig’s batteries, as well. Rig owners can plug their device into the stereo, and the charging will begin.

Video Outputs

I’d suggest choosing an RV stereo with video connections, which allow rig owners to play movies on a nearby TV screen. In most cases, top-tier models will feature an HDMI video output that enables users to connect CD/DVD players and video game consoles.

As you can imagine, these outputs end up offering a more effective and pleasant way to watch movies or play video games when traveling. It’s a great addition to help pass the time when things get a little boring on-the-road.

Using Process

As with all RV equipment, buyers will want a stereo system that’s simple to operate. These devices should be equipped with easy-to-see controls and understandable labels on its panels. Each of these aspects will make using the product much, much more comfortable.

These inclusions should make tuning and adjusting your stereo system a simpler endeavor. You should also ensure the product’s LCD screen is readable and clear to ensure you can keep track of what’s going on with it.

Some models will even allow users to adjust the screen’s brightness. This factor will allow you to take control of this information and stop problems like glares. I’d also recommend reading people’s reviews of each model to better grasp this particular consideration.

Stereo’s Durability

Replacing camper stereo systems is never fun. It would be best if you tried to avoid doing this again anytime soon by buying one with a high durability level. Look for models with heavy-duty constructions and rust-resistant capabilities.

Both these features should help ensure your new system lasts a long time. Therefore, you won’t be reading this article again in the next few months. It also helps that not paying for an RV stereo replacement every couple of months will save you a lot of money.

Built-in Navigation System

One of the favorite additional features among rig owners regarding RV stereo systems is a built-in navigation system. This aspect comes in handy and will ensure you don’t get lost when traveling in unfamiliar places.

As someone who has little to no sense of direction, I can’t tell you how many times having one of these navigation systems was a godsend. It’s also nice to avoid traffic jams and accidents whenever possible, which these systems help drivers do.


The price will always be a factor when shopping for any product. RV stereo systems are no different and come available at various costs based on included features. Due to this, buyers should build a budget based on what they deem necessary in their chosen option.

This budget should remain realistic by accounting for the inclusion of certain features raising price tags. For instance, buyers who want a model with Bluetooth technology need to ensure their ranges reflect the higher costs thrown on them.

You can then use this realistic budget to limit the number of options. It should make picking a perfect RV stereo system much less taxing than when searching without any parameters. It’s just a practical resource to have during your search.

I also have a list of the top-rated RV TV for your reference. Furthermore, check our guides for the most trusted  WiFi boosters for RV if you want to improve your wifi speed

Other Important Factors to Consider


The factors discussed above are only one part of this buying process. It would help if you also had a handle on specific amounts of background knowledge to make a smart buying decision. This section will provide it by going through numerous essential topics, such as benefits and types.

What is an RV stereo?

You can’t buy an RV stereo system without understanding what they do and offer. The first thing to know is these devices are a piece of equipment that is pivotal to ensuring people don’t become bored on long RVing trips.

As you probably know, these systems allow people to play music when traveling on long boring hauls. This information alone should convey how important these devices are for anyone who intends to be a rig owner.

RV stereo systems could end up being the one thing capable of making those highway miles go by quickly. After all, nothing beats driving across the country with a rocking soundtrack. It’s why I always say these systems might be the most crucial thing on your rig.

I should also mention these devices are a top-tier safety precaution. After all, your favorite song popping up on shuffle could be the one thing saving you from falling asleep at the wheel. It’s never a good idea to drive when tired, but stereo systems can be a savior in these situations.

How do RV stereos work?

RV stereos work by taking a video or audio source and amplifying their signals. You then expect this audio to be played through the stereo. This action will produce a much more pleasing surround sound whenever you’re watching movies, playing video games, or listening to music.

In most cases, these devices will be equipped with Bluetooth capabilities. This feature will make accessing your digital files and streaming apps on your smartphones or tablets much easier. You can use the stereo to play the music coming from these sources.

Users can also utilize a USB port to connect an appliance and access your files, such as a flash drive. Some rig owners love using these systems to play audio from video games or movies, too, which requires connecting a TV screen and player.

A rig owner can control the system’s volume level and sound quality, as well. Most RV stereos will have easy access control panels that can change volume, fader, treble, or bass to the right setting.

But it’s also worth mentioning that technological upgrades have made it possible for these stereos to play more than your music. They’re RV DVD stereo combo systems capable of playing DVDs and CDs, which provide even more ways to entertain yourself.

As mentioned earlier, top-tier RV stereos systems will come with some impressive additional features like built-in navigation or alarm clocks. The inclusion of USB ports is another ideal trait, considering it makes charging your phone much easier.

These qualities alone should provide a good understanding of how these RV stereo and RV stereo DVD player systems work inside a rig. It should offer a heightened perspective of what makes them a vital component of RV living, as well.

What are the different types of RV stereos?

As with many products, RV stereo systems come in a lot of different types. I will discuss the three most popular kinds to offer a better idea about what one fits your needs. Knowing everything about these devices should make finding the right one much more manageable.

  • Hi-Fi RV Stereo System

Our first type is called the Hi-Fi RV stereo system. This term is what people often called audio systems capable of reproducing high-quality sounds effectively. Rig owners with larger rigs and looking for a model made for producing top-tier sound quality should consider this type.

It would be an ideal fit for these rig owners because these models are made to reproduce and amplify the sound coming from your devices in their purest form. As a result, using these systems ensures you get fuller and clearer audio of all your favorite tunes.

There’s nothing quite like rocking out to a playlist when it’s coming from one of these systems. Honestly, the sound quality difference between these systems and inferior options is significant.

But this high-quality does come with one downfall, which is its price tag. The advanced features and better sound makes them more expensive than these other types. However, I’d say the extra cash is more than worth it, given the results.

  • Mid-Fi RV Stereo System

Mid-Fi RV Stereo systems are more for those who only intend to use them for casual listening. As you might expect, these options are capable of reproducing midrange sound quality, hence their name.

This sound quality is close to what comes from their Hi-Fi counterparts, but lacking in frequency. It tends to be a better fit for the people who want to play music inside mid-sized rooms, such as RV driving cabins.

Rig owners often end up choosing this over Hi-Fi options because it’s more economical and still produced quality sound. They’re much cheaper and plentiful for casual listeners who aren’t concerned with getting the best audio.

  • Lo-Fi RV Stereo Systems

Lo-Fi RV Stereo Systems are the worst type among these three options when considering the audio quality. The term Lo-Fi indicates a sound production quality where the imperfections are moved to the forefront and distort audio. If you’re confused, think about 70s punk music, and that’s what I’m referring to when I mention Lo-Fi.

These audio systems are better options for casual listeners who plan to play music inside smaller spaces. You can also expect these models to have some flexibility and features present in the other two superior types.

As a result, you can mess around with it to create a better sound quality capable of meeting your needs. You can even add some Bose RV speakers to give it an extra kick. In any case, Lo-Fi systems end up being much cheaper options than these other types. Bargain buyers tend to find them more than adequate for their needs.

Why do you need an RV stereo system? (Benefits)

The most obvious benefit provided by RV stereo systems is their ability to make long drives more entertaining. But the RV radio or stereo systems do offer various other services capable of making your life easier. I’ll dive into them below to ensure you know whether buying one is the right move for your situation.

  • Multiple Music Sources

Old stereo systems that relied on AM/FM radio to provide entertainment are a thing of the past in modern-day rigs. You instead have top-tier stereos capable of playing music from multiple sources. These options can play audio formats like MP3, WMA, and AAC. Some systems can even utilize content from Android and Apple devices.

You will also come across many models that can offer access to online streaming services and satellite radio. In other words, the options are almost endless when traveling around inside a rig with one of these high-quality systems.

  • Customizable

I find myself needing more than one playlist to get me through those long RV rides from each campground. These stereo systems make shuffling between multiple playlists much more accessible by offering a convenient sense of control.

For instance, these devices come with features like remote or voice controls, parametric equalization, and other sound options. Each of these features will allow a user to customize their entire stereo system based on their preferences.

  • Available in Numerous Color Schemes

Many rig owners require their stereo system to match the rig’s interior design. In other words, it needs to mesh well color-wise, or it’s not a suitable option for them. Honestly, it’s a simple way to ensure your rig’s aesthetic remains intact.

Finding a stereo capable of meshing isn’t too tricky, as they come in various color schemes. Some models even allow users to change the background color using a touchscreen. Due to this, you won’t have any trouble finding one capable of fitting into your rig’s interior.

  • Superior Sound Quality

Getting an RV stereo replacement with upgraded features ensures you’ll benefit from better audio quality inside your rig. I’d suggest investing some money into buying one capable of providing distortion-free, clean sound.

It’s also worth mentioning that more advanced stereos might produce top-tier audio without needing a rig owner to buy expensive speakers, too. You could find out the only problem with your sound system is the outdated stereo.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Our FAQ section will answer any remaining questions or concerns left uncovered by these previous discussions. It should be the final piece of knowledge needed to know what RV radio replacement is suitable for your situation.

What are good RV stereo brands?

The amount of RV stereo brands is somewhat baffling in this market. It makes finding a trusted one difficult for first-time rig owners. However, a good starting place would be sticking with the companies named in our product review section.

Each of these companies has gained a reputation for providing great stereo systems and customer service. I do not doubt that you’ll find yourself more than happy with your purchase from them.

How do you set up an RV stereo?

Setting up an RV stereo isn’t a task rig owner should take lightly. There’s a lot of moving parts and could cause you some severe confusion from time to time. But most of these products will come with detailed, helpful instruction manuals to guide you. If you follow these manuals, it’s much less likely an issue will occur.

Or you could pay a professional to do the job. Some brands even offer an expert add-on installation for a few extra dollars during the buying process. I’d recommend inexperienced users take this route when installing their new stereo systems.

How do you upgrade RV stereo?

Performing an RV stereo upgrade is a straightforward process involving the removal of the used RV stereo and installing a brand new unit. Here’s how.

  • Remove the old RV stereo from the dashboard to check the connections one must look for in a replacement stereo.
  • Determine the RV stereo one would like to install. For example, some people want an RV stereo with 3 camera inputs to connect their rear, front, and cabin video camera systems. Other RV owners might prefer an RV Blu Ray stereo system, allowing them to enjoy their favorite films in high-definition.
  • Examine the RV’s electrical system layout and learn how to connect different wires to their respective ports.
  • Buy a new RV stereo with similar dimensions as the dashboard hole. Otherwise, one should prepare to make modifications to the mounting platform.
  • Prepare the tools and materials required for the installation.
  • Follow the RV stereo’s installation guide to set up the unit. It would be best to look for an instructional video online, especially if the written instructions are unclear.

How to care and clean?

Keeping an RV stereo system in good shape doesn’t take much when it comes to maintenance. The only thing worth mentioning is that its surface might need a wipe. It would be best to use a clean, dry, non-abrasive piece of clothing when wiping.

Where to buy RV stereo systems?

One can buy RV audio systems from Amazon and check the different consumer reviews before purchasing. The online platform offers an impressive RV stereo selection at varying price points. It would be best to read customers’ real-world experiences to identify recurring issues.

RV owners who want a more contemporary sound system for RV can also check out RV-specific online retailers, such as CampingWorld and RVUpgrades. They can also look for excellent buys from Home Depot, eBay, Lowe’s, and other popular e-commerce platforms.

Alternatively, visiting an electronic store makes perfect sense. People can inspect and test the RV stereo before buying. Unfortunately, physical stores have limited selections, and it is not uncommon that they do not have the RV stereo the person might want to buy.


Finding the best RV stereo system shouldn’t be much of an issue with this new information at your disposal. You’re now ready for the search and more than capable of picking a model that can meet your exact needs.

This perfect RV stereo system will then make those lonely late-night drives a lot more tolerable. It’s just a simple matter of setting it up and getting your playlists ready. If you have any more questions about the buying process, leave a post in our comment section. I’ll make sure to answer them as quickly as possible.

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