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The Best RV Tire Covers to Fully Protect Your RV Tires

Written by Stephen Ryan / Fact checked by William Turner

Finding the best RV tire covers and putting it on your vehicle’s tires can contribute a lot to maintaining its good condition for a long time while also improving its overall performance. You don’t want your tire covers to get damaged by harsh elements as time passes by, do you?

With the best wheel covers for RV, you have a guarantee that your wheels and tires will be fully protected from the elements. Such protection can help the wheels last for as long as possible while also ensuring that they perform excellently in all conditions.

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Why is it Essential to Invest in RV Tire Covers?

If you are still unsure of what the mentioned products can do, then you may be asking yourself the question “are RV tire covers necessary?”. The answer is actually yes, it is a necessity. As an RV owner, you know exactly how costly the tires and wheels of your vehicles are.

In case they get damaged, this instantly means that you will have to spend again and invest in new ones. But are you aware that you can actually prevent such damage by covering them up? With the help of tire covers, you can definitely save money since you will be helpful in increasing the lifespan of your RV tires.

best rv tire covers

Note that such tires receive a lot of wear. They are also exposed to a lot of harmful and harsh elements – chief among these are the harmful UV rays coming from direct sunlight. With the help of the covers, you can shield your tires from the UV rays. If left unprotected, such UV rays can hamper the flexibility of the tire’s rubber compounds.

There is also an assurance that the cover will protect your tires from the harsh temperatures and weather, including too much heat and coldness. In addition, it is a big help in preventing premature cracking that might happen on the sidewalls of the tires.

The good thing about these protective products is that they are available in various types. You will instantly realize that they differ in colors and sizes once you start shopping. There are also shield style covers that tend to cover only the front part of your tires.

If you want the whole tire to be covered, though, then go for the bag style. They are also available in black and white – with each color being known for its ability to block or minimize UV exposure. You can also pick custom RV tire covers or the RV spare tire covers.

If you’re searching for RV chrome wheel covers, then rest assured that you can also find one. With your many options, you may be confused once you start searching for the RV tire cover reviews.

Fortunately, this article is now around to give you short reviews of the most popular RV covers available today so you can further simplify your decision-making process.

Top 1

Explore Land Tire Covers


Material Vinyl
Minimum Compatible Size 29 Inches

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Top 2

Kohree RV Tire Covers


Material Oxford fabric
Minimum Compatible Size 29 Inches

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Top 3

Classic Accessories 80-221-152302-00


Material Vinyl
Minimum Compatible Size 24 Inches

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12 Best RV Tire Cover Reviews 2023

1. Explore Land RV Tire Covers

Explore Land’s RV Tire Covers have to be one of the most impressive options available. Their durable, water-resistant coating alone makes them a practical choice for any rig owner. Thanks to this, they won’t have any issues protecting your tires from those pesky outdoor elements.

They can even stop those UV rays from causing damage and dry rot. The durable coating makes it a compelling choice for a variety of situations, as well. There’s no reason to believe the covers couldn’t be useful on SUVs, trailers, Jeeps, trucks, RVs, and any other vehicle.

You can’t help but be impressed with their elastic cord auto lock design, either. It should make installing them a breeze for whoever tries to set one up on a tire. This entire process only takes a few seconds, which is extremely convenient.

Explore Land offering several sizes and color options is another crucial aspect. It makes finding a perfect variation a breeze for any potential buyers. Rig owners should have no problem finding regular tire covers or spare tire covers for RV trailers’ usage.

This brand was also kind enough to offer a 3-year warranty with each purchase. It’ll provide a buyer much-needed protection against getting an unusable product. Explore Land has a good reputation among buyers, too, which means you should expect them to honor it.

It’s worth noting that this option comes in a set of 4. Buyers will come away with a complete set for all their tires and won’t have to buy any extra. It’s a lot more convenient than buying them in 2-packs. Plus, these RV tire covers made in USA ensure quick and easy shipping.

We didn’t even mention that these covers employ a windproof system, either. Users won’t have to use ties, hooks, or holes when utilizing these products. It’s another reason why this represents such a convenient choice for RV owners.

2. Kohree RV Tire Covers

If you want high-quality tire covers with top-tier stability, Kohree RV Tire Covers would be an excellent choice. Their 600D Oxford fabric construction material provides a unique sense of strength and flexibility, which allows them to adapt quickly.

Honestly, anyone who buys these covers should expect them in their lives for a long time. Multiple buyers were overly complimentary about how durable these products were in their reviews. It’s no wonder why rig owners have taken such a liking to them.

You shouldn’t overlook their compact design, either. It allows them to fold up nicely without taking up much room, ensuring they’re convenient even when not in use. There’s nothing worse than one of these products being too bulky in a limited RV storage area.

More importantly, these products shouldn’t have issues functioning as tire covers for storage purposes. Their weatherproof and waterproof abilities won’t have trouble keeping your tires in good condition during your off-season.

Buyers will also find themselves loving the hook design feature. This aspect allows the tire protectors to stay in place even on the windiest days. Plus, it makes them easy to remove from and put onto the tires.

The two color choices between khaki and silver allow a buyer to offer their tires some style. It never hurts to have your tires looking stylish and protected when they’re stuck in storage for an extended period.

In any case, it’s clear that these Kohree tire covers are more than capable of meeting most RV owners’ needs. You just need to find the right size, which shouldn’t be too difficult given the four different options available.

3. Classic Accessories 80-221-152302-00 Deluxe Wheel Covers (White)

If you are in search of Class A motorhome tire covers, then you will never go wrong if you choose this popular and unique wheel cover from Classic Accessories. It is ideal for tires that are around 26.75 inches to 29 inches in diameter. It can also cover tires that are up to 8 and ½ inches.

What’s so good about this wheel cover is that it seems to fit almost all types of vehicles, including RVs, travel trailers, and 5th wheels. Some buyers of tire covers often get confused when comparing vinyl vs. canvas tire covers but you can now easily make a decision when you learn more about this product from Classic Accessories.

It is mainly because it is constructed out of a rugged and sturdy material, which can easily wipe clean. Such material also features a non-scratch and soft black backing, which works in protecting your tires from the harmful ultraviolet rays, rust, and dirt.

Rest assured that it also promotes a more secure fit considering the fact that it is equipped with an elasticized back panel. With a couple of rear eyelets integrated on every cover, securing the bottom flap is also easier, thereby promoting a neater and cleaner look.

4. Camco 45323 Vinyl Wheel and Tire Protector

Another of the best RV and travel trailer tire covers made of vinyl is the Camco 45323. It is a suitable choice if what you are looking for is a cover that can fit tires that are around 30 inches to 32 inches. The vinyl material is guaranteed to be highly durable and sturdy, making it long-lasting.

The material also works wheel in protecting your RV’s wheels and tires from corrosion, dirt, and the sun. It also offers protection from harsh weather conditions when you are parking your vehicle. You will also love the compact nature of this wheel and tire protector since it means that you can easily use and store it.

The buckle and strap design used in this wheel and tire protector also promote ease of installing and removing the cover. You will also like the material’s suppleness, which still does not compromise its sturdiness and durability.

It is also equipped with an adjustable strap, which you can use in further tightening the cover when you snap it around the tire. With that, there is a guarantee that it is indeed capable of giving your tires the protection it needs from the harsh elements.

5. Amfor Waterproof Aluminum Film Tire Covers (Set of 4)

Another nice option in your search for the high quality RV tire covers today is the waterproof aluminum film tire covers from Amfor, which is also available in a set of 4. It is a versatile product as it is compatible with various applications, including RVs, cars, trucks, campers, and trailers.

It also fits tire diameters that are around 27 inches to 29 inches. You also have an assurance that this product is fully functional as it works effectively in protecting your wheels and tires from a number of possible damages caused by harmful elements, including UV rays, corrosion, rust, dirt, and harsh weather conditions.

You will also realize that it is a great choice if you are searching for DIY RV tire covers since you can actually install it on your own. It is easy, quick, and convenient to install without the need any tools. Cleaning it up is also a breeze.

As for its material, you will like the fact that it is constructed from thick, waterproof, and durable aluminum material. The thick cotton wool lining integrated into the cover also improves its durability. Expect it to promote a secure fit with its hook design, which is wind-resistant.

6. Leader Accessories RV Tire and Wheel Covers

Your search for the best tire and wheel cover for your recreational vehicle will also be easier if you check out this product from Leader Accessories. It is suitable for tires that are around 29 inches to 31.75 inches in diameter.

Made of heavy-duty vinyl, you know that your cover is thick and sturdy, thereby offering your tires and wheels with the highest level of protection. Such material is highly durable, solid and tough in the sense that it works well in giving your tires protection against dirt, sun damage, corrosion, and other weather conditions.

It is ideal for use during winter storage or if you want to prevent the sun from causing cracks or damages to your tires. You will also like the convenience linked to this cover as it actually features an easy and quick slip-on design. It can resist not only UV rays but mold and mildews, too.

The durability of this cover is also noticeable with the toughness of its stitches. In fact, it comes with around five to six stitches per inch. Furthermore, it is equipped with a non-scratch soft backing. Expect a more secure fit from the cover’s eyelet, which also features a cord.

7. Classic Accessories 80-084-161001-00 RV Tire and Wheel Cover

This is also another tire and wheel cover from Classic Accessories guaranteed to offer satisfaction to buyers. It can fit wheels as well as tire sidewalls that have diameters of around 29 to 31.75 inches. You will also find it convenient to use and manage with its easy and quick to slip-on fit.

Note that this wheel cover from Classic Accessories also comes in multiple sizes. You can even find 42″ tire covers from it. With its multiple sizes, you can definitely pick a cover, which perfectly suits the tires in your RV. It also promotes a more secure fit, thanks to the elasticized back panel that it features.

It is constructed from a waterproof vinyl material, which also has a non-scratch and soft backing designed to offer more protection to your tires. There is also an assurance of the ruggedness and the toughness of the vinyl material, so rest assured that it will serve its function for quite a long time.

It is mildew and UV resistant, thereby offering protection to your tires against sun damage and other possible damages caused by certain harmful elements. Furthermore, it features an interior lining, which makes the cover a bit breathable.

8. ADCO 3962 Tan Tyre Gard Wheel Cover (Designer Series)

This ADCO tire cover comes from a designer series, which ensures that you will take pride owning it. With this designer wheel cover, you know that the tires of your stored RV will receive full protection. It works for you if the tires in your vehicle are around 30 inches to 32 inches in diameter.

It is constructed from a heavy-duty vinyl material with flannel backing. Such material is actually beneficial in the sense that it repels liquid while also protecting your tires from the damaging effects of the sun’s UV rays as well as other harsh environmental elements.

It also promotes a more precise fit – thanks to the patented bungee-ball fastening system used in the rear. Such also comes with grommets reinforced with brass. With this feature, you know that it fits precisely while also preventing it from getting blown by the wind.

This tire cover is also designed in such a way that it can prevent the risk of your tire’s sidewalls cracking prematurely. Note that these premature cracks might result in on-road blowouts. Fortunately, ADCO RV tire covers designed for recreational vehicles is now around to offer protection from such incident.

9. Classic Accessories 80-108-041001-00 Wheel Cover (OverDrive RV Dual Axle)

This specific wheel cover from Classic Accessories is known for being easy and quick to slip on without compromising fit. With its wipe-clean and waterproof vinyl construction, you have an assurance that it won’t disappoint in terms of protection.

The vinyl material is even heavy-duty, which makes it really effective in preventing sun damage to your tires. The non-scratch backing that the vinyl material is equipped with also adds further protection to your resting tires. It can resist UV rays as well as mildew, which further enhances its protective nature.

It is also equipped with two eyelets at the rear. Such eyelets promote a neater and cleaner look when you are covering your tires as they work in securing the bottom flaps. In addition, there is an elasticized back panel integrated into the cover, which further improves its flexibility while also promoting ease when it comes to installing it.

The vinyl material was also stitched well, making it really durable. There is also an assurance of durability with the thick and soft interior liner integrated into the material. Furthermore, it fits well while also looking attractively and elegantly with its gray color.

10. Camco 45346 Spare Tire Cover (Vinyl)

What’s so good about this spare tire cover made of vinyl from Camco is that it fits spare tires of different sizes. It can fit 27-inch diameter tires. You can also find versions of RV tire covers for 22.5 tires as well as other diameters and sizes from this product considering that it offers multiple sizes.

It is a good thing that it makes use of a vinyl material in this cover as such is known for its strength and durability. Add to that the heavy-duty nylon thread used on the cover, and you have a sturdier cover, which also boasts of strong seams that are weatherproof. Your spare tire will also be fully protected from the sun, heavy rains, and dirt through this.

Provided you pick the right size, you have an assurance that this spare tire cover from Camco fits well. It also boasts of its good quality and thick construction offered at a good price. It can last for several seasons without any noticeable cracks and wear and tear.

It also looks nicely and attractively. In addition, it comes with an opening, which you can find at the bottom. It is designed for drainage, making it more convenient to use.

11. Tsofu Spare Tire Cover

This multifunctional spare tire cover from Tsofu is also worthwhile to include in this list. It is because it works well as a waterproof and sturdy spare tire cover, which protects your spare tires and wheels from the UV rays, mildew, rain, mud, sun, and other harsh elements.

It is also constructed from a top-notch quality material, mainly PVC leather. It is a thick material, which is also equipped with a non-scratch soft backing. The material is also durable, breathable, and elasticized while also being capable of retaining its shape regardless of the weather and temperature it is exposed to.

One more advantage of this spare tire cover is that it does not require tools during the installation process as it is actually easy to put on and take off. It even features an elasticized back hem, which also has quick-to-connect clips, thereby promoting an adjustable and quick fit.

Furthermore, it fits various sizes and diameters of wheels and tires. That said, it fits different car models and makes. It works not only in RVs, but also on trucks, campers, as well as on specific brands and models, like Jeep Wrangler, and Honda CRV, making it a really versatile and flexible cover.

12. ADCO 1757 Vinyl Tire Cover (Polar White)

One thing that makes this specific vinyl tire cover worthy to buy is that it is offered by ADCO, which is known for constantly offering the public with highly durable and sturdy covers for tires and wheels.

With that, it can guarantee that it is capable of offering protection to your tires against damage that might be triggered by bird droppings and UV rays. It perfectly fits tires, especially those that are around 27 inches in diameter. The heavy-duty vinyl material used in its construction features a hollow bead welt cord.

You will also notice that it features an elasticized back, which promotes ease of installation. The elasticized back and hem also means that the cover will be neatly secured in place, which is also beneficial when it comes to removing it. It is because the removal process will be easy.

What is even better about this vinyl tire cover is that it offers a high level of protection against almost all kinds of climate. Rest assured that it can secure your RV tires and wheels as it prevents damages that might be caused by the harsh weather, as well as road grime and UV rays.

TCP Global Waterproof RV Tire Covers (Outdated)

This set of 2 wheel and tire covers for RVs offered by TCP Global is also known for delivering well as far as functionality and protection are concerned. It is constructed from high-quality vinyl, which is not only heavy-duty but also weatherproof and waterproof.

Such material also comes with a flannel backing and an elastic interior edge. In addition, there is a nylon strap buckle, which works in securing the cover in all types of weather. The good thing about this tire cover is that it is compatible with various applications, including RVs, campers, trucks, motorhomes, cars, and trailers.

Just make sure that its tire size is correct. It fits tire diameters of around 26.75 inches to 29 inches. With the waterproof and weatherproof nature of this tire cover, it works well when you are storing your vehicle during the summer or winter as it aids in preventing snow, rain, and sun from causing damage to the tires.

It has a snug fit too while also being easy to clean, install, and remove. In addition, you will be able to get real value for your money from this because you can reuse it repeatedly.

TCP Global Canvas Wheel Tire Covers (Outdated)

If what you are looking for is a canvas tire cover, then this product from TCP Global, which comes in a set of 4 canvas covers is perfect for you. What is so good about the canvas material used in creating this cover is that it works well in protecting your wheels and tires from possible damage caused by dirt, rust, and sun when you park your RV.

It is also breathable, which means that the tires and wheels won’t be too cramped inside the cover. This cover can also be expected to work for a number of applications, including RVs, auto, cars, trucks, trailers, and campers. It can fit tire diameters that are around 31 inches to 39 and ½ inches.

The cover also suits 9-inch deep wide wheels and tires. The fact that it comes with a wire-embedded rod, which is sewn into it also ensures that it will be form-fitting to the wheels.

It also features a wire tension backer, which makes it one of the easiest to use snap on RV tire covers considering the fact that you can quickly put it and take off. In addition, it works effectively if you need a bit of wind blocking.

ELUTO RV Tire Covers (Outdated)

RV owners who need a set of tire covers to offer protection in freezing temperatures should look into ELUTO’s RV Tire Covers. Their design features a cotton wool lining capable of preventing any damage from frost or other winter-related issues.

Of course, these covers aren’t only for RVers who love wintertime travel. They do a stellar job against sun damage, too, with their high-quality design. It’s hard to imagine a situation where these products wouldn’t ensure your tires stay in good condition.

It might even be wise to buy them in bulk because these models have shown excellent results on other vehicles’ tires. This option’s reviews are filled with Jeep, car, and truck owners singing these covers’ praises for their protection ability.

Buyers will also love their overall convenience, considering they come with a handy storage bag and feature an easy installation process. Both of these aspects will make your life as a rig owner much easier when utilizing these covers.

However, it’s hard to talk about any of these features without mentioning this option’s price. It’s easily among the least expensive options on our list. You don’t often find a set of 4 high-quality motorhome tire covers for a price this low.

Bargain buyers should be jumping at the chance to put these products inside their shopping carts. ELUTO even included a 1-year warranty to further ensure buyers would end up satisfied with their purchase.

A buyer can’t ask for much more when it comes to purchasing RV tire covers. If these products fit your needs, you shouldn’t hesitate to invest in them. It won’t be a decision that you end up regretting.

What to Look for When Buying an RV Tire Cover

rv chrome wheel covers

With its ability to offer protection to your tires and maintain their good condition, it is a must to ensure that you are investing in the most reliable cover for it. However, because there are numerous RV tire cover brands and models in the market today, it helps to understand the different things that you should look for prior to buying one.

You have to know exactly what you should look for in an RV tire cover so you can make a wise buying decision:

Size – Of course, this is one of the most vital factors in your buying decision. The size of an RV cover you need has a major impact on your final choice. Avoid investing in a cover, which does not properly fit your tires. With that in mind, it is necessary to measure the tire’s size first before you make your final purchase.

Instead of the design, you should focus on the correct size when formulating your buying decision. It should perfectly fit the tires and cover them completely. Avoid going for the wrong size as it might only trigger sagging, which might eventually cause the buildup of water or friction.

Aside from measuring the size of the tire on your own, you can also ensure that you are investing in the correct size if you check the number that you can find on the tire’s sidewall. Choose to invest in a cover, which fits such a size exactly.

Construction materials – It is also necessary to study the specific materials used in constructing the cover. Also, check if the construction is solid. Note that modern covers for tires are now made using various materials. Some of these materials look fancy but you should still avoid them if they can’t protect your RV tires effectively.

Also, ensure that the material used in creating the tire cover is water-resistant and weatherproof. Both features offer optimum results from using the cover. You also need to remember that rusting is a natural occurrence in some materials because of moisture.

To prevent rust from forming, ensure that you invest in a cover, which is not only effective in preventing water from coming in but also in ensuring that moisture does not build up. In this case, you can pick covers made of heavy-duty vinyl as this material can prevent such issue.

Durability – Assess the durability of the RV cover, too, before buying. Note that your tires will be constantly exposed to the harsh weather. You will most likely expose it to harmful weather conditions. With that in mind, you need a really strong RV cover, one capable of providing the highest level of protection.

The best choice is that designed specifically to handle the heaviest rains and hottest days. You will also have an idea about the durability of a specific tire cover by consulting and reading legitimate reviews posted online.

Price – Take note that these tire covers are available in varying price ranges. One thing to take note of when considering the price of the product is that you should avoid assuming the costliest cover is the best one in the market.

Remember that it is still possible for you to invest in a high-quality RV cover at a very reasonable price. The only thing you have to do is to conduct an extensive research about your options. Study and compare their prices, too.

Ease in installation – Another thing that you have to remind yourself regarding tire covers is that they are available in different designs. However, you should avoid making a buying decision based on just design.

You have to make sure that its style does not cause it to be extremely difficult to mount. Keep in mind that what you need is a cover, which you can easily and quickly install. If possible, go for one, which is ready for use after just 15 minutes of installation.

Other Important Factors to Consider


What is an RV Tire Cover?

An RV tire cover is a vital accessory for any recreational vehicle. It is designed in such a way that it helps in making your tires last longer. By making your tires last longer, it is a big help in saving money. Remember that your tires receive a lot of wear. To prevent it from getting damaged, you need to cover it up when not in use.

Each time you do not use your vehicle for travel, have it covered by the best RV tire cover. It can significantly extend the life of your tires. What is good about an RV tire cover is that it is easy to manage. It helps ensure that your tires are not exposed to direct sunlight as well as other harsh elements.

Note that even if most tires feature UV protectant layers, these layers only protect the surface when your vehicle is in motion. Exposing it to harsh solvents and chemicals have the tendency of removing these protective layers.

With that in mind, you can seek the aid of tire covers to protect them, especially if you intend to park your vehicle for a longer time. It also prevents the heat coming from the sun from causing damage to the tires.

How Does It Work?

An RV tire cover works by offering protection to the tires. It protects your tires from harsh elements, like the heat and the sun, allowing it to last as long as possible. What is good about this tire cover is that it significantly reduces the total heat that penetrates into your RV tires.

If possible, use white RV tire covers, instead of the black or gray ones, as the white ones have features that can protect the tires from the mentioned elements. Also, take note that while other colors look good, they also tend to attract more heat while exposing your tires to the sun.

Most RV tire covers feature an elastic top. This feature makes the tire cover even more effective in protecting your RV tires from harmful elements. You can also find those with a drawstring built in at the bottom of the cover. This is helpful if you want to have an easier time pulling it tightly.

It also makes the RV tire cover work even more effectively when you store your vehicle in a windy area. Most of these covers are also waterproof, making them excellent options during the rainy season. As for the backing, expect it to be constructed out of a softer material.

Types of RV Tire Covers

When it comes to learning about the different types of RV tire covers, one of the things you have to know that they are often categorized based on their sizes. Most tire covers are available in single or double XL sizes. In most cases, these sizes have white and black colors.

The smaller and single size of RV tire cover can protect the front part of your tire. The double XL size, on the other hand, can offer protection to the whole tire. However, many still choose the smaller shield style because of its ability to let the air flow smoothly.

Aside from the size, you can choose a type of tire cover based on style. One great option is the shield style, which is capable of covering only the front part of the RV tire. You can also choose the bag style, which offers full coverage, meaning it can protect and cover the entire RV tire.

You can also make your choice based on color. Note that this cover is available in both white and black. The two colors are capable of reducing UV exposure significantly. Some RV owners pick black since it has the ability to hide the dirt that accumulates on the cover.

However, you have to remind yourself that black tire covers also have the tendency of heating up more than white ones. With that in mind, you should avoid black if you plan to spend more time in places that have excessive temperatures.

Frequently Asked Questions

best rv wheel covers

What are good RV tire cover brands?

When it comes to choosing the most impressive RV tire cover, you will feel glad to know that you have a wide range of choices considering the fact that several reputable brands of this product compete in the market. One tire cover brand that constantly gets the attention of RV owners is Classic Accessories.

It offers a highly versatile RV tire cover. The versatility of the tire cover offered by this brand can be instantly seen in the way it fits all kinds of vehicles, such as RVs, 5th wheels, and travel trailers. The fact that the brand constructs their tire covers using a sturdy and rugged material also makes it a top-notch choice.

You may also want to check out the tire covers from Camco. This brand is an excellent choice, especially if what you are searching for is a product constructed out of a truly sturdy and durable material, like vinyl. This material is strong enough, thereby providing a hundred percent guarantee that it will last a long time.

TCP Global is also another brand you can trust. The tire covers offered by TCP Global are not only durable but also breathable. They can provide the highest level of protection for your RV tires. Other brands that you have to research about are Amfor, ADCO, and Leader Accessories.

Are RV tire covers worth it?

Of course, the answer to this question is a big yes. It is the ultimate solution as far as protecting your RV tires is concerned. The cover can protect your tires from the harsh effects of excessive sun exposure.

Note that the level of damage caused by heat and sun exposure tends to double for every 16-degree increase in Fahrenheit. The problem with this is that once your tires already incur damage, you can no longer reverse it.

Fortunately, dealing with that problem is now easy with the RV tire cover around. Also, it is a good investment as you can find several ways for the cover to offer protection to the tires.

The first one is by being a shield from direct sunlight as well as too much exposure to the damaging UV rays that can have a negative impact on how flexible the tires’ rubber compounds are.

Aside from that common benefit, this RV tire cover is also a huge help as far as protecting the tires of your RV from cold temperatures and harsh weather is concerned.

With the aid of this product, you can significantly lower the risk of having premature cracks on the sidewalls of your vehicle. All these benefits make the RV cover a truly valuable and sound investment.

Are RV tire covers waterproof? Do they have UV protection?

In most cases, the answer to both questions is a yes. You can easily find an RV tire cover, which is totally waterproof. Being waterproof is a great advantage for any RV user because it ensures that the tires will be protected from heavy rains as well as too much moisture that might build up inside.

All of these covers also have UV protection. This is a good thing, especially if your main goal is to give your RV tires the protection they need from the harsh effects of the UV rays. It should be noted that all tires feature UV protection. Manufacturers of RV tires make it a point to incorporate a UV protection feature into each tire.

Every time you drive your RV, causing the new tire to rotate, its UV-protectant will immediately come into the surface. With that in mind, it is no longer surprising to see a lot of vehicle owners saying that it is a must to maintain safe and healthy tires.

The problem is that when you allow your vehicle to sit for more than it moves while exposing it directly to sunlight continuously, its UV-protectant will have a difficult time rising to the tire’s surface. To prevent this scenario from ruining the condition of your tires, investing in a cover is a wise move.

Where are RV tire covers made?

The answer to this question is actually dependent on the cover’s manufacturer and brand. Take note that whoever and wherever the tire covers are made, you can easily find it and buy one from the car shop closest to you. Just ensure that you study your choices before actually buying so you can formulate an intelligent decision.

How to choose the right size of RV tire cover?

One of the most important things to take note of when in search for the right RV tire cover is the size. It is because not all tires and wheels have similar sizes. With that in mind, you can see covers that are in various sizes in the market, too. To determine the correct size of the cover, you have to determine the actual size of your tires.

You can easily do it by getting one spare tire of the RV first. Inspect the side of the tire then find a specific label there. What you are searching for, in this case, is the tire code, which is usually visible on the tire’s sidewall. You can use this number so you can find a matching tire cover size.

However, if you have a hard time finding the code, then you can get the correct size by measuring the RV tire starting from one tread to another across the rim.

How to cover RV tires?

Covering the tires of your RV with your chosen RV tire cover is actually easy, provided you were able to pick the correct size. What you have to do is to look for a cool and dry place where you can store your tires first during the time when you need to put them away because you will no longer use them.

This place can be your workshop, a garage with a controlled climate, or a basement. As much as possible, do not store the tires outdoors, even if you have the cover. After choosing the ideal storage place, you can get your RV tire cover and fit it in the tires. Ensure that the cover fits before buying, though, to avoid problems when putting it on.

The whole process might take several minutes. You may also be in an awkward position when covering the tires but with an excellent fit, you can minimize the discomfort brought by it. Once you have fitted the cover and properly installed it in the tire, you should use its attached bungee strap or any similar item.

The main goal of putting this strap on is to ensure that the tire cover will not fly off, especially when dealing with a bad weather. It can also help ensure that the cover will not disappear into the campground.

How to clean RV tire covers?

The process of cleaning up your RV tire cover is simple. The best way to do it is by using clean and warm water. Avoid using soap as much as possible. What you have to do is to fill a bucket with warm tap water then use a soft cloth or sponge to start cleaning the cover.

Also, ensure that there are no harsh cleaners and chemicals that might damage the cover. If your chosen cover is made of vinyl material then take note that this is prone to UV damage and deterioration provoked by the sun. It might lead to fading, peeling and cracking surfaces, dryness, and brittleness if left unprotected.

You need to do something to protect this cover if you want it to retain its excellent look and condition. What you have to do, in this case, is to put on a protective dressing over it right after you clean it. You can clean it up with water and a soft mitt or sponge. If you really need to use a soap, ensure that it is mild.

Rinse the sew lines and the entire surface well. Let the cover dry prior to applying your chosen protective agent. Do this regularly. Note that cleaning up and protecting your tire cover needs to form part of your routine maintenance. Keep in mind that dirt tends to act as an abrasive.

It might also cause the seams’ thread to wear out. In addition, mildew tends to accumulate in dirty and damp surfaces. With that in mind, you also need to protect and clean the cover on a regular basis.

How to measure for RV tire covers?

Finding the perfect sized RV tire covers isn’t a difficult task. In most cases, RV owners can look for the tire code located on their tire’s sidewall. You can then use this number to match with potential cover options. It ends up being a relatively simple chore.

But some people find themselves not being able to locate this tire code. If this occurs, there’s no reason to freak out or worry. You just need to measure the tire from tread to tread across its rim. This measurement will provide the information required to choose an appropriate tire cover.

Do tire covers protect tires?

RV tire covers do protect tires from a variety of issues. An excellent example would be their effective results against UV radiation, which has a habit of damaging tires and wearing out their sidewalls. If a tire’s left unprotected from UV rays for a long time, it increases the risk of a blowout.

Blowouts in large vehicles, such as a motorhome is a recipe for an absolute disaster. There isn’t a single situation that’s more frightening on a highway than an uncontrollable RV. As a result, it becomes essential to cover your tires when they aren’t being used.

However, it’s paramount to note that all tire covers aren’t the same. You’ll need to buy a high-quality option that’s capable of providing maximum protection. If you settle for a cheap one, these covers won’t offer much durability or coverage.

Do RV tire covers prevent dry rot?

Before examining whether a tire cover prevents dry rot, it’s necessary to discuss why this issue is such a headache for rig owners. Dry rot is a situation that arises when a tire gets too exposed to outdoor elements.

The primary culprit for causing this affliction is sun damage. It occurs from the UV rays heating a tire’s rubber molecules, which causes it to expand during the day. It’ll then contract when the temperatures drop at night.

You can expect this constant heating and cooling to weaken your tire’s sidewall. In most cases, these situations will end up leading to cracking or fading. A high-quality RV tire cover will offer a barrier between the tire and sun exposure. Therefore, it limits the opportunity for an issue such as dry rot to wreak havoc on your tires.


As an RV owner, you should prioritize the maintenance of the good condition of your tires. It is because such tires contribute a lot to enjoying your life on the road. Fortunately, you can now easily spot the best RV tire covers guaranteed to help make living in your home on wheels safer and more enjoyable.

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