Best RV Tire Covers 2018 – Keeping your RV Tires Fully Protected

Finding the best RV tire covers and putting it on your vehicle’s tires can contribute a lot to maintaining its good condition for a long time while also improving its overall performance. You don’t want your tire covers to get damaged by harsh elements as time passes by, do you?

With the best wheel covers for RV, you have a guarantee that your wheels and tires will be fully protected from the elements. Such protection can help the wheels last for as long as possible while also ensuring that they perform excellently in all conditions.

Why is it Essential to Invest in RV Tire Covers?

If you are still unsure of what the mentioned products can do, then you may be asking yourself the question “are RV tire covers necessary?”. The answer is actually yes, it is a necessity. As an RV owner, you know exactly how costly the tires and wheels of your vehicles are.

In case they get damaged, this instantly means that you will have to spend again and invest in new ones. But are you aware that you can actually prevent such damage by covering them up? With the help of tire covers, you can definitely save money since you will be helpful in increasing the lifespan of your RV tires.

best rv tire covers

Note that such tires receive a lot of wear. They are also exposed to a lot of harmful and harsh elements – chief among these are the harmful UV rays coming from direct sunlight. With the help of the covers, you can shield your tires from the UV rays. If left unprotected, such UV rays can hamper the flexibility of the tire’s rubber compounds.

There is also an assurance that the cover will protect your tires from the harsh temperatures and weather, including too much heat and coldness. In addition, it is a big help in preventing premature cracking that might happen on the sidewalls of the tires.

The good thing about these protective products is that they are available in various types. You will instantly realize that they differ in colors and sizes once you start shopping. There are also shield style covers that tend to cover only the front part of your tires.

If you want the whole tire to be covered, though, then go for the bag style. They are also available in black and white – with each color being known for its ability to block or minimize UV exposure. You can also pick custom RV tire covers or the RV spare tire covers.

If you’re searching for RV chrome wheel covers, then rest assured that you can also find one. With your many options, you may be confused once you start searching for the best RV tire cover reviews.

Fortunately, this article is now around to give you short reviews of the most popular RV covers available today so you can further simplify your decision-making process.

Top 12 Best RV Tire Covers 2018​

1. Classic Accessories 80-221-152302-00 Deluxe Wheel Covers (White)

If you are in search of Class A motorhome tire covers, then you will never go wrong if you choose this popular and unique wheel cover from Classic Accessories. It is ideal for tires that are around 26.75 inches to 29 inches in diameter. It can also cover tires that are up to 8 and ½ inches.

What’s so good about this wheel cover is that it seems to fit almost all types of vehicles, including RVs, travel trailers, and 5th wheels. Some buyers of tire covers often get confused when comparing vinyl vs. canvas tire covers but you can now easily make a decision when you learn more about this product from Classic Accessories.

It is mainly because it is constructed out of a rugged and sturdy material, which can easily wipe clean. Such material also features a non-scratch and soft black backing, which works in protecting your tires from the harmful ultraviolet rays, rust, and dirt.

Rest assured that it also promotes a more secure fit considering the fact that it is equipped with an elasticized back panel. With a couple of rear eyelets integrated on every cover, securing the bottom flap is also easier, thereby promoting a neater and cleaner look.

2. Camco 45323 Vinyl Wheel and Tire Protector

Another of the best RV and travel trailer tire covers made of vinyl is the Camco 45323. It is a suitable choice if what you are looking for is a cover that can fit tires that are around 30 inches to 32 inches. The vinyl material is guaranteed to be highly durable and sturdy, making it long-lasting.

The material also works wheel in protecting your RV’s wheels and tires from corrosion, dirt, and the sun. It also offers protection from harsh weather conditions when you are parking your vehicle. You will also love the compact nature of this wheel and tire protector since it means that you can easily use and store it.

The buckle and strap design used in this wheel and tire protector also promote ease of installing and removing the cover. You will also like the material’s suppleness, which still does not compromise its sturdiness and durability.

It is also equipped with an adjustable strap, which you can use in further tightening the cover when you snap it around the tire. With that, there is a guarantee that it is indeed capable of giving your tires the protection it needs from the harsh elements.

3. TCP Global Canvas Wheel Tire Covers (Set of 4)

If what you are looking for is a canvas tire cover, then this product from TCP Global, which comes in a set of 4 canvas covers is perfect for you. What is so good about the canvas material used in creating this cover is that it works well in protecting your wheels and tires from possible damage caused by dirt, rust, and sun when you park your RV.

It is also breathable, which means that the tires and wheels won’t be too cramped inside the cover. This cover can also be expected to work for a number of applications, including RVs, auto, cars, trucks, trailers, and campers. It can fit tire diameters that are around 31 inches to 39 and ½ inches.

The cover also suits 9-inch deep wide wheels and tires. The fact that it comes with a wire-embedded rod, which is sewn into it also ensures that it will be form-fitting to the wheels.

It also features a wire tension backer, which makes it one of the easiest to use snap on RV tire covers considering the fact that you can quickly put it and take off. In addition, it works effectively if you need a bit of wind blocking.

4. Amfor Waterproof Aluminum Film Tire Covers (Set of 4)

Another nice option in your search for the best RV tire covers today is the waterproof aluminum film tire covers from Amfor, which is also available in a set of 4. It is a versatile product as it is compatible with various applications, including RVs, cars, trucks, campers, and trailers.

It also fits tire diameters that are around 27 inches to 29 inches. You also have an assurance that this product is fully functional as it works effectively in protecting your wheels and tires from a number of possible damages caused by harmful elements, including UV rays, corrosion, rust, dirt, and harsh weather conditions.

You will also realize that it is a great choice if you are searching for DIY RV tire covers since you can actually install it on your own. It is easy, quick, and convenient to install without the need any tools. Cleaning it up is also a breeze.

As for its material, you will like the fact that it is constructed from thick, waterproof, and durable aluminum material. The thick cotton wool lining integrated into the cover also improves its durability. Expect it to promote a secure fit with its hook design, which is wind-resistant.

5. Leader Accessories RV Tire and Wheel Covers

Your search for the best tire and wheel cover for your recreational vehicle will also be easier if you check out this product from Leader Accessories. It is suitable for tires that are around 29 inches to 31.75 inches in diameter.

Made of heavy-duty vinyl, you know that your cover is thick and sturdy, thereby offering your tires and wheels with the highest level of protection. Such material is highly durable, solid and tough in the sense that it works well in giving your tires protection against dirt, sun damage, corrosion, and other weather conditions.

It is ideal for use during winter storage or if you want to prevent the sun from causing cracks or damages to your tires. You will also like the convenience linked to this cover as it actually features an easy and quick slip-on design. It can resist not only UV rays but mold and mildews, too.

The durability of this cover is also noticeable with the toughness of its stitches. In fact, it comes with around five to six stitches per inch. Furthermore, it is equipped with a non-scratch soft backing. Expect a more secure fit from the cover’s eyelet, which also features a cord.

6. Classic Accessories 80-084-161001-00 RV Tire and Wheel Cover

This is also another tire and wheel cover from Classic Accessories guaranteed to offer satisfaction to buyers. It can fit wheels as well as tire sidewalls that have diameters of around 29 to 31.75 inches. You will also find it convenient to use and manage with its easy and quick to slip-on fit.

Note that this wheel cover from Classic Accessories also comes in multiple sizes. You can even find 42″ tire covers from it. With its multiple sizes, you can definitely pick a cover, which perfectly suits the tires in your RV. It also promotes a more secure fit, thanks to the elasticized back panel that it features.

It is constructed from a waterproof vinyl material, which also has a non-scratch and soft backing designed to offer more protection to your tires. There is also an assurance of the ruggedness and the toughness of the vinyl material, so rest assured that it will serve its function for quite a long time.

It is mildew and UV resistant, thereby offering protection to your tires against sun damage and other possible damages caused by certain harmful elements. Furthermore, it features an interior lining, which makes the cover a bit breathable.

7. ADCO 3962 Tan Tyre Gard Wheel Cover (Designer Series)

This ADCO tire cover comes from a designer series, which ensures that you will take pride owning it. With this designer wheel cover, you know that the tires of your stored RV will receive full protection. It works for you if the tires in your vehicle are around 30 inches to 32 inches in diameter.

It is constructed from a heavy-duty vinyl material with flannel backing. Such material is actually beneficial in the sense that it repels liquid while also protecting your tires from the damaging effects of the sun’s UV rays as well as other harsh environmental elements.

It also promotes a more precise fit – thanks to the patented bungee-ball fastening system used in the rear. Such also comes with grommets reinforced with brass. With this feature, you know that it fits precisely while also preventing it from getting blown by the wind.

This tire cover is also designed in such a way that it can prevent the risk of your tire’s sidewalls cracking prematurely. Note that these premature cracks might result in on-road blowouts. Fortunately, ADCO RV tire covers designed for recreational vehicles is now around to offer protection from such incident.

8. TCP Global Waterproof Vinyl RV Wheel and Tire Covers (Set of 2)

This set of 2 wheel and tire covers for RVs offered by TCP Global is also known for delivering well as far as functionality and protection are concerned. It is constructed from high-quality vinyl, which is not only heavy-duty but also weatherproof and waterproof.

Such material also comes with a flannel backing and an elastic interior edge. In addition, there is a nylon strap buckle, which works in securing the cover in all types of weather. The good thing about this tire cover is that it is compatible with various applications, including RVs, campers, trucks, motorhomes, cars, and trailers.

Just make sure that its tire size is correct. It fits tire diameters of around 26.75 inches to 29 inches. With the waterproof and weatherproof nature of this tire cover, it works well when you are storing your vehicle during the summer or winter as it aids in preventing snow, rain, and sun from causing damage to the tires.

It has a snug fit too while also being easy to clean, install, and remove. In addition, you will be able to get real value for your money from this because you can reuse it repeatedly.

9. Classic Accessories 80-108-041001-00 Wheel Cover (OverDrive RV Dual Axle)

This specific wheel cover from Classic Accessories is known for being easy and quick to slip on without compromising fit. With its wipe-clean and waterproof vinyl construction, you have an assurance that it won’t disappoint in terms of protection.

The vinyl material is even heavy-duty, which makes it really effective in preventing sun damage to your tires. The non-scratch backing that the vinyl material is equipped with also adds further protection to your resting tires. It can resist UV rays as well as mildew, which further enhances its protective nature.

It is also equipped with two eyelets at the rear. Such eyelets promote a neater and cleaner look when you are covering your tires as they work in securing the bottom flaps. In addition, there is an elasticized back panel integrated into the cover, which further improves its flexibility while also promoting ease when it comes to installing it.

The vinyl material was also stitched well, making it really durable. There is also an assurance of durability with the thick and soft interior liner integrated into the material. Furthermore, it fits well while also looking attractively and elegantly with its gray color.

10. Camco 45346 Spare Tire Cover (Vinyl)

What’s so good about this spare tire cover made of vinyl from Camco is that it fits spare tires of different sizes. It can fit 27-inch diameter tires. You can also find versions of RV tire covers for 22.5 tires as well as other diameters and sizes from this product considering that it offers multiple sizes.

It is a good thing that it makes use of a vinyl material in this cover as such is known for its strength and durability. Add to that the heavy-duty nylon thread used on the cover, and you have a sturdier cover, which also boasts of strong seams that are weatherproof. Your spare tire will also be fully protected from the sun, heavy rains, and dirt through this.

Provided you pick the right size, you have an assurance that this spare tire cover from Camco fits well. It also boasts of its good quality and thick construction offered at a good price. It can last for several seasons without any noticeable cracks and wear and tear.

It also looks nicely and attractively. In addition, it comes with an opening, which you can find at the bottom. It is designed for drainage, making it more convenient to use.

11. Tsofu Spare Tire Cover

This multifunctional spare tire cover from Tsofu is also worthwhile to include in this list. It is because it works well as a waterproof and sturdy spare tire cover, which protects your spare tires and wheels from the UV rays, mildew, rain, mud, sun, and other harsh elements.

It is also constructed from a top-notch quality material, mainly PVC leather. It is a thick material, which is also equipped with a non-scratch soft backing. The material is also durable, breathable, and elasticized while also being capable of retaining its shape regardless of the weather and temperature it is exposed to.

One more advantage of this spare tire cover is that it does not require tools during the installation process as it is actually easy to put on and take off. It even features an elasticized back hem, which also has quick-to-connect clips, thereby promoting an adjustable and quick fit.

Furthermore, it fits various sizes and diameters of wheels and tires. That said, it fits different car models and makes. It works not only in RVs, but also on trucks, campers, as well as on specific brands and models, like Jeep Wrangler, and Honda CRV, making it a really versatile and flexible cover.

12. ADCO 1757 Vinyl Tire Cover (Polar White)

One thing that makes this specific vinyl tire cover worthy to buy is that it is offered by ADCO, which is known for constantly offering the public with highly durable and sturdy covers for tires and wheels.

With that, it can guarantee that it is capable of offering protection to your tires against damage that might be triggered by bird droppings and UV rays. It perfectly fits tires, especially those that are around 27 inches in diameter. The heavy-duty vinyl material used in its construction features a hollow bead welt cord.

You will also notice that it features an elasticized back, which promotes ease of installation. The elasticized back and hem also means that the cover will be neatly secured in place, which is also beneficial when it comes to removing it. It is because the removal process will be easy.

What is even better about this vinyl tire cover is that it offers a high level of protection against almost all kinds of climate. Rest assured that it can secure your RV tires and wheels as it prevents damages that might be caused by the harsh weather, as well as road grime and UV rays.


As an RV owner, you should prioritize the maintenance of the good condition of your tires. It is because such tires contribute a lot to enjoying your life on the road. Fortunately, you can now easily spot the best RV tire covers guaranteed to help make living in your home on wheels safer and more enjoyable.

We would like to thank you for reading this article. Find out more about how to choose the best RV covers with our reviews and ratings, to buy the right one for your RV covers.

Best RV Tire Covers 2018 – Keeping your RV Tires Fully Protected
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