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The Best RV Toilet Brushes

Written by Stephen Ryan / Fact checked by William Turner

Are you having trouble finding the best RV toilet brush? It happens to be a common issue among rig owners because of the various options available. This amount of choices makes choosing the perfect one quite tricky.

But I’ll make this process much easier by walking you through it. This guide will discuss numerous topics relevant to these products. Some of the topics will include determining buying factors, pros/cons of silicone toilet brushes, and much more.

best rv toilet brush

I’ll even provide eight reviews of my favorite options to give you some idea about what a top-tier toilet brush offers. Given this information, I expect finding one suitable for your rig’s bathroom won’t be much of an issue.

Your perfect option could even be one of our chosen eight. Even if it isn’t, the following information should be useful during your search. Let’s not waste any more time and get this show on the road.

Top 1

mDesign Compact


Length 16 Inches
Weight 10.4 ounces
Material Plastic

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Top 2

Asobeage Toilet Brush


Length 8.11 Inches
Weight 11.3 ounces
Material Silicone, Rubber, Plastic

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Top 3

Lefree Silicone Toilet Brush


Length 15.5 Inches
Weight 12.3 ounces
Material Tpr,Silicone, Rubber

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Table of Contents

8 Best Toilet Brush for RV Reviews 2023

This section will contain those eight reviews mentioned earlier. Each of them will provide a better idea of what you should expect from a top-tier toilet brush. They should also help you understand the more detailed discussions that’ll take place in later sections.

1. mDesign Plastic RV Toilet Bowl Brush and Holder

mDesign’s Plastic RV Toilet Bowl Brush and Holder is a perfect small toilet brush for RV usage. Its compact design promotes an ability to save space within smaller areas, such as an RV bathroom. For instance, this product wouldn’t have any issues being tucked away into an RV bathroom’s interior decor.

It also helps that this product comes with an individual holder. This aspect only increases its ability to be stored away discreetly. You can expect this holder to stop any leakage from finding its way onto the bathroom floor, as well.

This option goes above and beyond when it comes to color choices, too, with a total of 14. I can’t imagine any rig owner wouldn’t find one capable of meshing with their bathroom. Each of them is quite stylish and looks much better than you’d expect from most toilet brushes.

The brush’s design contains sturdy bristles capable of cleaning any RV toilet with ease. Its overall cleaning process is made even easier with the product’s comfortable handle. It ensures a much more convenient and attractive overall product.

This impressive handle comes with a round disc, which shields the user’s hands from splashes. It’s another way mDesign managed to make their product much more user-friendly. Honestly, there’s nothing worse than getting splashed with toilet water when cleaning.

Its shatter-resistant plastic design isn’t shabby, either. You can expect this construction to hold up well dealing with whatever problem that presents itself. Maintaining this brush is relatively easy, too, considering it only takes some mild soap and water.

But this product is another one that has a few customers complaining about shipping issues. It seems some buyers received their brush and holder in damaged packaging.

  • Compact, stylish design with 14 color choices
  • Comes with a leak-free holder for storage
  • Shatter-resistant plastic construction
  • Equipped with sturdy bristles for easy cleaning
  • Comfortable handle with a round disc to stop splashes from occurring
  • Wash with soap and water for maintenance
  • Shipping issues (damaged package)
These shipping issues are mildly concerning, but aren’t a deal-breaker by any means. Honestly, the product’s overall quality and features are more than worth this one risk. It also helps that the customer service seems top-notch and deals with these problems swiftly.

2. Asobeage Silicone RV Toilet Brush

Asobeage’s Silicone RV Toilet Brush has one of the more well-designed constructions among any available toilet brush. For instance, it comes with a long handle capable of making those hidden areas a breeze to reach.

Even the toilet’s groove inside won’t cause you many problems. The flexible brush head helps in this regard, as well. It’ll bend easily around any rough areas and ensure easy but thorough cleaning.

I was also impressed with its TPE design material, which makes maintaining this brush much easier. This aspect will ensure the brush is durable and capable of lasting years, even with extensive usage.

As with our previous options, you can trust this silicone brush won’t leave behind scratches on a toilet’s surface. Its soft brush fibers ensure a gentle but strong scrubbing to promote effective, damage-free cleaning.

Buyers will find themselves loving the brush holder’s design, as well. It comes with a stable base, which promotes a faster drying process. You can attribute this benefit to the base being well-ventilated. It ensures repeat uses can happen promptly.

A surprising positive aspect to come across was this brand’s excellent customer service. It’s not often you see multiple reviews praising this particular aspect. But when it does happen, you’d be smart to pay attention.

Of course, these fantastic features do come with one predictable downside. This model is a bit pricier than you’d typically want to spend on an RV or marine toilet brush. You’ll need to decide whether the convenience and performance offered by this model are worth its increased price.

  • Equipped with a long handle and flexible brush head
  • Made with durable TPE material
  • Non-scratch bristles that clean effectively
  • Well designed holder with stable base and good ventilation
  • Excellent customer service
  • A bit pricer than other options
I wouldn’t have any problems paying a bit extra for this outstanding toilet brush. Its flexible features and durable design make for a cost-effective purchase. After all, I doubt you’ll have to replace this product anytime soon.

3. LeFree Silicone RV Toilet Brush and Holder

The Lefree Silicone RV Toilet Brush and Holder tends to outpaces most rivals with its advanced construction. It has various design features that would appeal to any rig owner.

One of these features is the product’s bristles, which are made from soft and resilient TPR. This aspect ensures the brush excels in being easy to use. Many buyers backed up this claim in their respective customer reviews.

I was also intrigued by this product’s innovative base that’s well-ventilated. It’s vital because this ventilation allows liquid to drain, which protects the brush’s bristles. Plus, it ensures dirt buildups don’t occur on the brush.

Rig owners will find themselves loving the holder’s assembly process, as well. It’s a task that can be done in two different ways to ensure user-friendliness. You can either set the holder on a wall with an accompanying sticker or place it on the floor.

The brush’s silicone rubber head is another appealing trait worth mentioning. It’ll make sure scrubbing any hard to reach places isn’t any trouble. Once the brush contacts them, it will proceed to ensure they’re entirely spotless.

It doesn’t hurt that buyers have a choice regarding the brush’s color, either. You get a choice between white with black or white with grey. I’m always going to choose the white with black option, but both are rather stylish.

Some customers did report shipping issues with pieces not being included. These problems were only mentioned in a few reviews, but still worth considering when making a final decision.

  • Soft, resilient TPR bristles
  • Well-ventilated base
  • Two color choices: white with black and white with grey
  • Silicone rubber head makes cleaning effective
  • Holder’s easy to assemble
  • Shipping issues (missing pieces)
It’s never a good idea to put too much weight into shipping issues. In most cases, they’re the result of something weird happening with your mailman/woman rather than the manufacturers themselves. There’s no reason to believe this product will be anything but an excellent toilet cleaning brush.

4. Thetford StorMate RV Soft Swab Toilet Brush

Thetford’s StorMate RV Soft Swab Toilet Brush is one of the more versatile toilet brushes available. It has proven effective when cleaning toilets in RVs, campers, boats, and homes without any problems.

You can attribute its versatile ability to its compact design and soft fibers. These two design features allow the brush to clean plastic or porcelain bowls without causing damage. You’d be surprised how many other options fail to live up to this simple standard.

I was also intrigued by the product’s design being relatively lightweight. This aspect makes using much more convenience. After all, it ensures your arm won’t get tired when scrubbing away those nasty stains and buildups.

The product’s plastic cone is another attractive design trait. It’s an important addition because it removes any excess water and covers the brush before you store it. As a result, it ensures none of that dirty water ends up in the storage area.

Buyers will also love this product’s exceptional durability. One of the main reasons for this impressive longevity is its chemical resistant fibers. These fibers shouldn’t break or wear down even when coming into contact with the most potent cleaners.

Its 15-inch length is about perfect for RV bathroom settings, as well. It shouldn’t cause much trouble and remains long enough to reach those hidden areas. Thetford did an excellent job making sure this product was more than ready to meet a rig owner’s needs.

However, they didn’t include a holder with this purchase, as many other brands do. It makes finding a place to store the product more complicated than needed. You’ll likely have to buy a holder separately, which is an unwanted hassle.

  • Versatile (can be used in RVs, campers, boats, and homes)
  • Compact, lightweight design
  • Includes a protective cone
  • Chemical resistant fibers to promote long-lasting use
  • 15-inch length perfect for RV bathroom settings
  • Doesn’t come with a holder
Aside from the holder issue, this product offers top-tier performance qualities and features. It more than makes spending some extra time looking for a holder worth it. I don’t know what else a rig owner could want when it comes to performance. This Thetford toilet brush offers everything required to ensure a toilet becomes spotless.

5. MR. SIGA Soft Bristle RV Toilet Brush with Holder

If you’re looking for a stylish toilet brush, MR. SIGA’s Soft Bristle RV Toilet Brush with Holder has got you covered. This product offers two color choices between white/blue and gray/black, which look amazing compared to other toilet brushes.

You can expect this toilet brush not to be a hideous eyesore with your rig’s bathroom like most others available. But its looks aren’t the only positive aspect of this product. Buyers should also find themselves loving its soft bristle design.

Its usage of soft bristles will ensure the product doesn’t scratch your toilet bowl during cleaning. This issue tends to haunt subpar options, but it isn’t a problem for this travel toilet brush. MR.SIGA did a fantastic job finding a balance of ensuring it’s strong enough to clean a towel bowl without causing surface damage.

These soft bristles will ensure the product remains usable for a long time, as well. It’s actually one of the more durable brushes available. I can’t find a single reason not to believe that this brush won’t be in your life for a long time.

As its name states, buyers won’t also have to shop separately for an accompanying holder. This option comes with one included to offer even more convenience. It’s an effective way to ensure you always have somewhere to store your brush when it’s not being used.

I was thrilled with this product’s maintenance process, as well. It has gained a reputation for being easy to maintain because it’s easily rinsable. It’ll ensure you can remove any buildups of dirt or bacteria from the product without much hassle.

The brush does require a bit more effort when cleaning, though. Users will have to put a little more strength behind their scrubbing to get the job done.

  • Two stylish color options: white/blue and gray/black
  • Soft bristles to ensure against scratching
  • Has a durable design
  • Comes with a holder for easy storage
  • Easy to maintain (rinsable)
  • Using it requires a bit more effort than other brushes
It might require a bit more elbow grease than other models, but the product remains just as effective. You also gain the benefit of its stylish design and long-lasting performance. These aspects make the extra effort more than worth it.

6. MEKEET RV Toilet Brush and Holder

If you want a top-tier silicone option, MEKEET’s RV Toilet Brush and Holder more than fit the bill. This model has several intriguing features that any rig owner would go crazy over. I mean, it doesn’t get much better than this brush when discussing available features.

One example would have to be its 360-degree rubber brush head. This brush head is made of soft TPR bristles that can provide effective cleaning without any scratch damage. In fact, these silicon bristles are known for cleaning areas where other options struggle, such as under the toilet seat.

You’ll also find that these bristles don’t pick up dirt during their cleaning process. It ensures no buildups or other issues will cause wear and tear on your toilet brush. Due to this, buyers can expect this brush to last for more than a few years.

The brush’s anti-slip, non-rust handle was another highlight feature to catch my attention. It’s made from durable PP, which provides a comfortable grip for easy usage. You’ll never find yourself in discomfort when scrubbing away stains with this option.

It comes with an impressive holder, which contains a thickened base. This aspect will ensure the product doesn’t tip over easily and stays upright without issue. As with some previous options, this holder’s well-ventilated to ensure water accumulation isn’t a problem.

The holder’s low profile design is another notable positive trait. Its compact size will make the brush and holder go unnoticed within your rig’s bathroom. You can even hide them behind a bathroom sink or the toilet.

But its silicone-based design makes sure this product isn’t a disposable RV toilet brush. This issue makes it a rather hard sell for environmentally conscious people.

  • 360-degree rubber brush head
  • Soft, TPR bristles for gentle, effective cleaning
  • Durable bristles that don’t pick up dirt
  • Anti-slip, non-rust handle provides comfortable grip
  • Well-ventilated holder contains a thickened base to prevent tipping
  • Low profile design (fits behind a sink or toilet)
  • A non-disposable RV toilet brush
The disposable issue isn’t such a big deal when you consider this model has a longer lifespan. It should have no problem being a useful toilet brush for a long, long time. Therefore, its one flaw isn’t something you’ll have to worry about anytime soon.

7. Masirs RV Toilet Brush and Holder

Buyers looking for a simple option would be smart to consider Masirs RV Toilet Brush and Holder. This product has a reputation for providing top-tier results without any complicated features or hassles.

However, this simplicity doesn’t mean it has zero notable aspects. I was thrilled to see this model came with a tapered brush head containing stiff bristles. These bristles should offer deep cleaning and make the entire process a breeze.

The two color choices are another feature to pique my interest. Both of them look rather stylish, but I must admit the black colored option really caught my eye. It would fit perfectly into my bathroom’s interior.

I found myself enjoying this brush’s easy-to-grip handle, as well. This aspect ensured the entire cleaning process was much more comfortable than with other models. I never felt myself straining or feeling uncomfortable even when cleaning those hard to reach places.

Rig owners should also find this product’s included holder impressive. Its ability to open and close its door automatically is a nice addition. In fact, this holder’s capable of realizing when the brush’s inside or outside it.

Aside from these notable features, it has several familiar ones mentioned in our previous reviews. Some of them include a ventilated holder bottom, affordable price tag, compact design, and lightweight construction. Each of them should make your life much easier when using this particular toilet brush.

I did see some complaints about the handle, though. It comes in two pieces, and sometimes they come apart while cleaning. So this is something you might have to consider before buying the brush.

  • Tapered brush head with stiff bristles for effective cleaning
  • Easy-to-grip handle
  • Well-ventilated holder capable of opening and closing automatically
  • Affordable price tag
  • Lightweight, compact design available in 2 colors
  • Handle comes in two pieces
The design of the handle shouldn’t stop anyone from considering this option. Its various other useful features vastly outweigh this small potential nuisance. If this brush fits your needs, don’t hesitate to put it into your shopping cart.

8. Oceanair Marine/RV Brush & Stow

Buyers who want an excellent travel toilet brush should consider Oceanair’s Marine/RV Brush & Stow. This model functions well in traveling situations due to its design being created for a marine bathroom environment. In other words, it has no issue working in a small room.

These aspects alone make it perfect for rig bathrooms, which are much smaller than traditional residential ones. I was also blown away by this product’s wall-mounted construction. This feature makes storing it within a bathroom much more manageable.

You won’t have to worry about it moving during travel, either. This product was designed to remain still and stuck onto the wall, even on bumpy roads. It’s no wonder why rig owners continue to swear by this toilet brush’s convenience level.

The product’s replaceable head is another aspect that caught my eye. It ensures you can easily replace a brush head when it becomes damaged. Therefore, you don’t have to buy an entirely new brush every time yours becomes unusable.

Rig owners will love this product’s lock-in lid, as well. This aspect ensures shower water doesn’t leak into the brush and keeps the brush’s odors from stinking up your bathroom. It’s a feature that makes for a much more pleasant-smelling bathroom area.

Its removable cup makes for easy cleaning and maintenance. You can remove the brush from the cup and rinse it off with a soap/water mixture. This action alone should keep dirt and grime build-ups from becoming an issue.

However, it ends up being the most expensive option on our list by a wide margin. You’ll have to spend a small fortune compared to what other models end up costing.

  • Made for marine environments
  • Wall-mounted design for stability
  • Replaceable brush head
  • Features lock-in lid to keep odors contained and shower water out
  • Easy to clean and maintain with removable cup
  • Most expensive option on our list
The product’s price tag is a bit more than any rig owner would like to see. But I can’t sit here and say this increased cost isn’t worth it considering these features. I mean, this toilet brush is an easy contender for the best model available.

What to Look for When Buying an RV Toilet Cleaning Brush


Choosing the best RV toilet brush isn’t as simple as picking the first one available on Amazon. Several important decisions need to be made before choosing a perfect option for your rig’s toilet.

It might sound a little ridiculous, considering we’re talking about a toilet brush. But the following factors play a massive role in determining a top-tier model and what isn’t one. I’m going to discuss each of them in detail to ensure you can make this distinction easily.


One of the first things to take note of is a toilet brush’s construction. Brushes are often made very differently when it comes to their bristles’ softness or stiffness. I’d suggest buying models that have bristles made with a stiff material.

You should also make sure it’s dense and capable of reaching curved/hidden areas within your toilet bowl. Reading customer reviews should provide some insight into the convenience of each brushes’ construction.

These resources will make it clear whether a specific brush is easy to clean with. You can then use their positive or negative experiences to your advantage. It’s the only way to ensure you aren’t writing an angry review in the near future.

Brush Handle Length

Rig owners will need to find a toilet brush with an appropriate handle length for their particular situation. In other words, you’re going to want an option which isn’t too short or long. Shorter handles will hinder a user’s ability to reach interior parts of the toilet bowl.

As you can imagine, this issue makes the entire cleaning process much more difficult. It could also become rather gross because water will often splash on your feet or hands when using these shorter brushes.

Longer brushes mean the user has to use more effort when cleaning, making the cleaning process strenuous. You’ll end up putting a lot more effort into the task without gaining your desired results.

In any case, I’d suggest going with a brush with a minimum of 14.5-inch in length. This measurement should be perfect for most rig circumstances. You can determine whether your situation will need any additional inches by measuring your toilet bowl.


A high-quality toilet bowl brush will always be durable enough to last a long time. It shouldn’t have any issues standing firm against a humid toilet environment. In other words, the product won’t rust or stain after extensive usage.

You should also take into account both the bristles and handle when examining a model’s durability. Both these aspects need to be sturdy and capable of handling a humid environment.

I’d recommend looking at options made from stronger materials, such as plastic, silicone, or chemically resistant fibers. These materials won’t have any trouble offering long-lasting and impressive performance.

Replaceable Head

Choosing an RV toilet brush with a replaceable head might seem like you’re planning for the worst. But it’s a cost-effective move that could end up saving you money. After all, models with non-replaceable heads will require buying a whole new one when broken.

Replaceable head models allow users to change bristles, as well. It’ll ensure you can keep the brush working effectively when its bristles loosen or wear down after long-term usage.


An RV toilet brush’s flexibility will have a massive impact on its overall convenience. This factor mostly focuses on the product’s handle, which shouldn’t be too rigid or soft. A too-soft handle would require a lot more water and you’ll end up with a poor cleaning job.

On the other hand, a too rigid brush can often flick or splash water at users. Finding a handle with an average amount of flexibility would be ideal. This aspect is another one where customer reviews will end up being massively helpful.


Your chosen brush and its accessories shouldn’t take up much bathroom space. It’s essential for rig owners because our bathrooms tend to be much smaller than residential ones. You’d be making a smart move by picking an RV toilet brush capable of being tucked away easily.

Honestly, this cleaning product isn’t what you want to see when walking into your bathroom. It’s something that needs to be unnoticeable until it’s required for cleaning the toilet. Therefore, I’d suggest getting a compact option capable of being stored in a drawer or on a wall.

Odor Control

Cleaning a toilet with any toilet brush will always result in bacteria getting onto the brush. It’ll still happen when using heavy-duty chemicals. It’s just a nasty and gross part of keeping your rig’s toilet clean.

The bacteria will then feast on your brush’s bristles and release a pungent smell. It’ll be a noticeable one, which isn’t a delightful thing to have inside your rig’s bathroom. This issue alone is why buying an option that’s been given antimicrobial treatments is such a smart move. It’s the only way to ensure smelly bacteria don’t form on it.


Buying from a trusted brand is a must when choosing an RV toilet brush. You need to find a manufacturer capable of offering a high-quality product and top-tier customer service. But it can be a challenge to find a company that can provide both of these traits.

However, I provided a good starting point by introducing a few in this article’s product review section. These brands have gained a positive reputation among rig owners for being trustworthy builders of toilet brushes.

If you come across a Toto toilet brush, this brand has a similar reputation. Several of their products almost made it onto our list.

Are Silicone Toilet Brushes Better


One of the more recent toilet brush developments is silicone options. Most of these are advertised as being better than their plastic counterparts. But do these more advanced options really live up to the hype?

Well, it comes down to what buyers are looking for in their toilet brush. I’ll discuss both the pros and cons of silicone toilet brushes below to ensure you know whether they’re a good fit.

Silicone Toilet Brush Advantages

  • Attracts Fewer Germs

Experts have concluded that silicone brushes have proven to attract fewer microorganisms than your standard plastic options. This benefit comes from silicone being non-porous and capable of resisting organic matter buildup from a toilet.

As you know, motorhome toilets have this terrible ability to attract germs at fast rates. This issue alone makes a silicone brush a more convenient option than a plastic model. After all, there’s a reason silicone has become more frequently used in medical applications.

Its ability to attract fewer germs offers another advantage, as well. Silicone toilet brushes tend to dry much faster than plastic because it’s less susceptible to microbe buildups. As a result, they become a much more useful piece of cleaning equipment.

  • Easier to clean

Silicone toilet brushes are more easily cleaned than plastic options. This advantage results in a much more sanitary bathroom setting for obvious reasons. For instance, most silicone brushes can be placed in the dishwasher for optimal cleaning.

In some cases, these products can even be boiled to remove any sort of bacteria. But it’s pivotal to check the handle’s and other parts’ cleaning instructions before attempting. Either way, a dishwasher or boiling cleaning process would reduce the number of microorganisms by a significant margin.

This increased bacteria reduction ends up being something plastic brushes can’t match. It’s a side effect of plastics being more sensitive to physical stress and chemicals. As a result, they can only be cleaned by traditional means such as soap and water.

  • More Durable

Rig owners can expect silicone brushes to be more durable, as well. This benefit comes from being more resistant to physical stress, such as chemical cleaners and UV light. As a result, buyers could use a stronger rv toilet bowl cleaner with a silicone brush.

These stronger cleaners have a higher probability of killing harmful bacteria which land on your brush. You can also expect their longevity to increase because of these various tougher characteristics. It’s not uncommon for a silicone toilet brush to last years without needing any replacement.

Silicone Toilet Brush Disadvantages

  • Less Environmentally-friendly

One massive downside of silicone brushes is that they’re considered less environmentally-friendly than plastic options. This issue comes from them having slow breakdown rates, which can cause problems in dumpsites.

In fact, most recycling programs won’t accept silicone-based products. You’d have to take the brush to a landfill or find a specialized recycling facility on your own. It’s a rather big hassle that plastic models don’t give rig owners. But a silicone brush’s impressive durability means that it shouldn’t be an issue any time soon.

  • More expensive

As you might expect, a silicone brush’s many appealing traits come with a higher price tag. These brushes tend to be more expensive than what you’d see with a plastic brush. It’s one of the reasons plastic-based options remain popular on today’s market.

You’ll need to decide whether the increased performance and convenience is worth paying a little extra. I’d recommend sinking some more funds into buying a silicone option because these models do offer much better results.

How does an RV toilet brush work?

An RV toilet bowl brush works like any other cleaning material with bristles. The bristles create friction against surfaces, lifting dirt and stains and rendering the exterior as spotless as possible.

It is similar to brushing the teeth, where vigorous and purposeful brush movements remove food particles and soft mineral deposits.

However, RV owners must understand that they cannot use an ordinary cleaning brush as a camper toilet brush. Regular brushes often feature a plastic construction. A heavy duty, stiff-bristled one can scratch the toilet bowl’s surfaces.

Scratches and pits create crevices and cracks, allowing organic waste to lodge and accumulate. The toilet bowl will then be more challenging to clean and sanitize.

Seasoned RVers recommend using a silicone toilet brush or any brush with soft fibers to remove stains and dirt without scratching the surface. People can also choose an RV toilet brush with an extension to clean under the toilet bowl rim. A sponge attachment is also handy.

How do you clean a toilet brush?

RV owners must clean their toilet brushes after every cleaning session or at least once a week. This tool can harbor disease-causing germs from the toilet, regardless of how much antimicrobial treatment you add to the toilet bowl. Brushes also sit inside a holder, making it favorable for mold and mildew to grow.

Cleaning the toilet brush and holder starts by filling the brush holder with scalding hot, soapy water to kill microorganisms and facilitate organic matter breakdown.

Swishing the brush in the holder helps remove debris and other particles that may be present in the bristles. Then, empty the brush holder’s content into the toilet and flush it.

Fill the brush holder with cold, soapy water and add a few drops of ordinary household bleach to kill any remaining germs. Soak the toilet brush in the solution for at least ten minutes before rinsing and flushing it with clean water.

Finally, dump the solution, rinse the toilet brush holder, and apply a disinfectant spray.

RV owners who dislike periodic toilet brush cleaning can buy a disposable toilet brush instead.

How often should you replace your toilet brush?

RVers can replace a toilet brush for cleaning every six months. However, some RVers can extend the replacement period by two to three months by adhering to a weekly toilet brush cleaning regimen.

Families should clean toilet brush for motorhome weekly or after every use by filling the brush holder with a solution of hot water and dishwashing liquid. Bleach is also a good agent to sanitize the bristles.


Choosing the best RV toilet brush shouldn’t be much trouble with this information at your disposal. It’s just a simple act of using what you’ve learned during the search. Once you do, the right choice should become obvious. The perfect RV toilet brush will then ensure your toilet remains sparkly and smell-free.

But sometimes, these searches do bring up a few questions that aren’t answered in this article. If this does happen, feel free to use our comment section. I’ll make sure to answer each post with a detailed response to quell any potential concerns. Thanks for reading!

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