Best RV Toilet Paper 2019 – Finding One which is Right for Your Family

Owning a recreational vehicle or motorhome also requires you to invest in toilet papers that are specifically marketed and designed for RV use. The best RV toilet paper is a necessity in the sense that it is guaranteed to be safe for use on your RV’s septic tank.

It will never clog the line nor accumulate within the tank, which will most likely happen if you are using a traditional toilet paper. The good thing about RV toilet papers that are safe for use in your vehicle’s septic tank is that they come in different varieties. In addition, they are smooth and soft on your skin.

It can also make you feel more confident when you are driving and camping on the open road. With a high-quality RV toilet paper, you can make your RV more functional. Just make sure that when you are buying, you consider performing a quick toilet paper shake test as it can help you determine if it dissolves fast and if it is absorbent and soft.

The quick-dissolving feature of a toilet paper matters a lot as it ensures that it will be safe for the tank and will not cause clogging. It also needs to be soft and absorbent so you will find it comfortable and safe to use on your skin.

Here is a list of RV safe toilet paper options with a short overview of what each one can do. With the short RV toilet paper reviews here, you will surely be guided in your decision.

Fastest Dissolving Toilet Paper

When you are in search of the best toilet paper for RV 2017, one of the first things that you will probably check is whether it dissolves fast. Of course, you would want to invest in the fastest dissolving toilet paper as it ensures that it will not clog the tank.

best rv toilet paper

The fact that it dissolves fast means that you will no longer have to deal with problems associated with clogging because of the toilet papers. Here are just some of your options if what you are looking for is one, which dissolves fast.

1. Freedom Living Septic Tank Safe Toilet Tissue

One endearing quality of the Freedom Living Septic Tank Safe RV Toilet Tissue Paper is the fact that it completely dissolves within just a few minutes – that is possible without compromising the gentleness and the durability of the paper. This means that it is still gentle on the skin while also ensuring that it does not tear nor rip unexpectedly.

It is also specifically designed for RVs with attached septic tanks. It is also versatile in the sense that you can use it in hiking, camping, marine purposes, and eco-retreats, too. One more reason to consider buying this product is that it is affordable. Each pack also has 4 rolls composed of soft and gentle 2-ply tissue paper.

The tissue paper is soft considering the fact that it is gently textured without causing discomfort or abrasiveness. It lets you enjoy a great time outdoors or bond with your family or friends while you are on the road since you no longer have to think about how to handle filthy septic tanks or unblock toilets with a foul smell.

It is guaranteed to be septic-tank safe, which means that you no longer have to deal with nasty and nauseating chemicals and cleaning solutions when using this product.

2. Scott 4PK Rapid-Dissolving RV Bath Tissue, Toilet Paper

If you are looking for a Scott RV toilet paper, then this rapid-dissolving product from the brand is definitely one of your perfect options. It can be considered as a rapid-dissolving tissue in the sense that it breaks up four times faster when compared to other brands.

The fact that it dissolves quickly also eliminates your worries and fear when flushing. It is septic and sewer safe, which means that it is perfectly flushable. Since it dissolves rapidly while also being completely flushable, you know that clogs will no longer be a problem for you.

It is safe for use on the skin, too, as it underwent clinical testing while also being approved by many related agencies and clinics. It is soft and gentle, so rest assured that you will not feel any discomfort when using it on your skin. The highly absorbent nature of this product also increases its ability to offer comfort.

This toilet paper is highly versatile, too. You can use it not only in your RV but also in boats, buses, and any other possible applications that require the use of a high-quality toilet paper. It is still durable while still being soft, so rest assured that it does not tear.

3. Caboo Tree Free Bamboo Toilet Paper

Another of the toilet papers guaranteed to be quick-dissolving is the Caboo Tree Free Bamboo Toilet Paper. It dissolves rapidly, which makes it safe for septic and other disposal systems. It also works well for several applications, like RVs, boats, campers, as well as for traveling, backpacking, and camping.

Despite having the ability to be quick to dissolve, you still have an assurance of the strength of the paper. It has the strength of bamboo, which means that it can last long and is highly durable. Even with such strength, its softness is still uncompromised considering the fact that it makes use of the soft fiber of sugarcane.

With that, you know that it has the perfect balance between strength and softness. One more advantage of this toilet paper is that it is known to be eco-friendly. It is primarily because it is made of 100% organic bamboo and sugarcane materials.

It is safe for the skin, too, as it is hypoallergenic plus free of BPA, paraben, fragrance, and other chemicals. The fact that this toilet paper has a total of 4,000 sheets also means that you will be able to use it for a long time.

4. Camco 40275 RV Toilet Tissue

One of the reasons behind the popularity of Camco 40275 RV toilet tissue paper is the fact that it is also fast-dissolving. In fact, it is what its package instantly claims. With its quick-dissolving feature, you will never have to think or worry too much about it causing clogs in your tank, which is actually a bit hard to deal with when you are on the road.

Another nice trait of this toilet tissue is the fact that it is 100% biodegradable. Such quality ensures that it quickly breaks down in your tank. The biodegradability of the tissue paper also means that it is possible for you to use it even when you are in the wild.

It is also a good tissue paper to buy for your recreational vehicle as it is actually mainly designed for use on the sanitation systems of RVs and other marine applications. Using it will not also trigger any discomfort or pain as it is soft and gentle while also being hypoallergenic.

This means it is safe and gentle not only on the tank but also on your skin. It further offers an even higher level of safety as it is free of dyes and perfumes.

5. Valterra Q23638 Toilet Tissue

Valterra is also popular for RV use as it is known to be friendly for marine and RV tanks. Just like the previously mentioned products, this toilet tissue from Valterra does not also disappoint as far as being quick to dissolve is concerned. Since it dissolves fast, your tank will be free of unwanted clogs.

You will also get real value for your money if you spend it on this tissue paper as each package has 4 rolls with each one containing 400 sheets. That would be more than enough to meet yours and your family’s needs while you are out on the road, camping, hiking, or doing some outdoor adventures.

It is also a good choice with its guaranteed softness. You will instantly feel its gentleness and softness on your skin once you start using it. Also, you will notice that the sheets are embossed, which is actually a good quality as it also leads to its softness. The softness of this toilet paper, however, does not mean that it will tear or shred easily.

It is because of its solid texture. You will also feel glad to know that it works safely in almost all types of septic systems, as well as various other applications.

6. Scott 27 Rolls, 1000 Sheets per Roll Toilet Paper

One thing that makes this toilet paper from Scott so impressive is the fact that it is constructed in such a way that it is septic-safe and sewer-safe. The toilet paper is totally flushable while also being popular for its fast-dissolving nature. With such quality, you will no longer have to fear and worry about flushing.

The fast-dissolving quality of this product can also be proven by the fact that it tends to break 4 times faster when compared to average bath tissues once you dispose of it. Such capability makes it suitable and safe for use on various applications including recreational vehicles and boats.

Buying this specific product from Scott also offers good value for the amount you spent. It is mainly because each pack of this Scott toilet paper for RVs has 27 rolls. Each roll also comes with a thousand sheets that are all safe for septic systems. With that, you know that it will last long even if you are not the only one who is using it.

You will also feel glad to buy this product from the brand as Scott is famous for releasing green products. This offers some sort of a guarantee that its toilet paper is also environmentally friendly.

Softest RV Toilet Tissue

Aside from being quick to dissolve, you also have to make sure that your chosen tissue paper is soft and gentle on your skin. It should pass the RV toilet paper test in terms of softness. You would not want to use a rough and textured toilet paper, especially when you are on the road as it can only cause inconvenience.

Fortunately, we have also compiled some of the best RV toilet paper options in terms of softness. Some of them are the following:

7. Thetford Aqua Soft Toilet Tissue 03300

One thing that you will instantly notice about this toilet tissue paper from Thetford is its softness and luxurious look. It has a snowy yet luxuriously white color, making it great to use. In addition, it is soft and absorbent on your skin while also being 100% biodegradable.

The fact that it is highly absorbent means that it is also economical since you have an assurance that you will only be using less. It is a great choice for RVs as it performs greatly in terms of mobile sanitation. It is mainly because this is a Thetford quick-dissolve RV toilet paper.

This means that it is quick to dissolve while also being easy to flush. With that, you have an assurance that you can stay away from messy clogs. The versatility of this toilet paper is also noticeable as it also works in classic toilets, portable ones, and those in marine applications.

There is also a guarantee that it is safe to use on your trailer or septic tank. It will never cause harm to your vehicle. It also delivers an excellent performance as far as durability is concerned, making it a really great product to buy.

8. Thetford 20804 RV/Marine Toilet Paper

If you are after softness, then rest assured that this product of Thetford will never disappoint. This toilet paper is known for providing users with a soothing feeling as the paper is genuinely soft when it touches on your skin. You can enjoy such softness without spending too much because the toilet paper can fit anyone’s budget.

This product from Thetford is also constructed out of biodegradable paper, which means that it dissolves more rapidly when you compare it to other brands. With that quality, it is possible for you to prevent the risk of clogs while also ensuring that your septic tank remains clear.

It also performs excellently considering the fact that it is mainly constructed to be compatible with the waste systems used in marine applications and RVs. It flushes the paper easily, which is also the key to preventing clogs. It is an economical and versatile option, as you can also use it in all home, portable, and permanent toilets.

The product is also convenient as each pack comes with 4 rolls with each roll having 350 sheets. With that, there is a lower risk that you will be running out of tissue paper while you are out on the road.

9. Charmin Ultra Soft Toilet Paper

You should not also fail to consider buying this Charmin Ultra Soft for RV tissue paper as it is guaranteed to satisfy you with its high level of softness. It never disappoints as far as softness, gentleness, and comfort are concerned. It even boasts of its distinctive comfort cushions that are designed to offer a comforting softness.

Another nice feature of this toilet paper from Charmin is that it is twice more absorbent when you compare it to other RV friendly toilet paper brands. The fact that it is absorbent means that you will only be using less of it, making it economical while also providing you real value for your money.

This toilet paper from Charmin is also popular among users since it does not need to be bunched or folded just to make it feel softer while also adding more cushion. You can also expect it to dissolve quickly, which makes it both septic-safe and clog-safe. In fact, several residential plumbers favor it over the other brands.

This 2-ply paper also comes with around 154 sheets every roll. With that, it is possible for it to last long or at least for the whole duration of your trip.

10. Cottonelle Ultra ComfortCare Toilet Paper

The ultimate solution to softness is what you can also expect from the Cottonelle Ultra ComfortCare Toilet paper. It is soft enough that it is guaranteed to deliver a high level of comfort. Despite being soft and comfortable, it is still thick so it does not easily break or tear, which is what usually happens in low-quality tissue papers.

It is also highly absorbent – thanks to the extra-absorbent and raised ripples integrated into this tissue paper. Another nice thing about the tissue paper is that it has a clean ripple texture, which guarantees you that each sheet is cleaner in comparison to other brands.

Furthermore, it is three times thicker and stronger, which means that it is strong and thick enough that it can give you a more confident cleaning experience. With that, you do not have to worry about your health and that of your family even if you not at home since the thickness and strength of this toilet paper also make it suitable for RVs.

It is also very convenient to use considering the fact that it is compatible with all standard holders of toilet paper without requiring you to use any attachments. The materials used in creating it are eco-friendly, too.

11. Angel Soft Toilet Paper

The Angel Soft RV toilet paper is also one of the softest toilet papers designed for use in recreational vehicles. It is made in such a way that it can offer one’s desired level of softness without compromising its strength and durability. It is also available in a bulk pack composed of a dozen double rolls containing 264 sheets every roll.

With that, you will really get the best return for its price while also enjoying the softness, comfort, and convenience that it can certainly offer. The numerous sheets that you can get from the bulk pack also mean that it is a budget-friendly option as this results in fewer changes of toilet papers.

It is also natural and safe for your family to use since it does not contain any additives. In addition, you have an assurance of its eco-friendliness as it is constructed from pulp fiber. It is versatile, too, in the sense that you have the option of using it on all plumbing systems.

It is RV-friendly since it is easy to flush while being capable of dissolving quickly. Furthermore, you will like the highly absorbent nature of this toilet paper. It also promotes convenience as it does not appear to be overly bulky in the sense that it will clog your tanks and pipes.

12. Seventh Generation Toilet Paper

You can also consider the Seventh Generation toilet paper as one of the best RV toilet paper options on the market today. It is mainly because this 2-ply tissue is primarily designed to be strong and soft. As one of the softest toilet papers today, rest assured that it won’t cause any discomfort when you are using it.

It is also safe for septic tank use. It works well on low-flow toilets, such as the ones often used in campers and recreational vehicles. You will also feel glad to know that it is based on a hundred percent recycled paper, making it economical and friendly to the environment.

What’s more? It is safe and all-natural as it is free of any added inks, fragrances, or dyes. While this toilet paper primarily promotes its softness, you will still feel glad to know that it does not skimp on quality, strength, and durability.

Rest assured that its softness does not compromise its strength as it does not tear easily. It is ideal for use on those who have sensitive skin, too, because of its hypoallergenic nature.


Finding the best RV toilet paper is a must for all your camping and RV trips. Fortunately, it is not that hard to choose considering the fact that you can now find several high-quality options in this category. If you want to save money, then consider buying RV toilet paper in bulk so you can make the most out of it.

We would like to thank you for reading this article. Find out more about how to choose the best RV macerator pumpsbest RV holding tank treatments and best RV toilets with our reviews and ratings. Furthermore, please take a look at the best RV sewer hoses and best RV portable waste tanks to choose the best one for your RV waste water and sanitation.

Best RV Toilet Paper 2019 – Finding One which is Right for Your Family
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