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The Best RV Toilet Papers to Prevent Toilet from Clogging

Written by Stephen Ryan / Fact checked by William Turner

Owning a recreational vehicle or motorhome also requires you to invest in toilet papers that are specifically marketed and designed for RV use. The best RV toilet paper is a necessity in the sense that it is guaranteed to be safe for use on your RV’s septic tank.

It will never clog the line nor accumulate within the tank, which will most likely happen if you are using a traditional toilet paper. The good thing about RV toilet papers that are safe for use in your vehicle’s septic tank is that they come in different varieties. In addition, they are smooth and soft on your skin.

It can also make you feel more confident when you are driving and camping on the open road. With a high-quality RV toilet paper, you can make your RV more functional. Just make sure that when you are buying, you consider performing a quick toilet paper shake test as it can help you determine if it dissolves fast and if it is absorbent and soft.

The quick-dissolving feature of a toilet paper matters a lot as it ensures that it will be safe for the tank and will not cause clogging. It also needs to be soft and absorbent so you will find it comfortable and safe to use on your skin.

Here is a list of RV safe toilet paper options with a short overview of what each one can do. With the short RV toilet paper reviews here, you will surely be guided in your decision.

Top 1

Freedom Living Septic Tank Safe Toilet


Sheet Count 500
Ply Rating 2-Ply

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Top 2

Scott Rapid-Dissolving Toilet Paper


Sheet Count 924
Ply Rating 2ply,1ply

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Top 3

Caboo Tree Free Bamboo Toilet Paper


Sheet Count 4000
Ply Rating 2-Ply

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Table of Contents

10 Best Toilet Paper for RV Reviews 2023

Fastest Dissolving Toilet Paper

When you are in search of the top-rated toilet paper for RV, one of the first things that you will probably check is whether it dissolves fast. Of course, you would want to invest in the fastest dissolving toilet paper as it ensures that it will not clog the tank.

best rv toilet paper

The fact that it dissolves fast means that you will no longer have to deal with problems associated with clogging because of the toilet papers. Here are just some of your options if what you are looking for is one, which dissolves fast.

1. Freedom Living Septic Tank Safe Toilet Tissue

One endearing quality of the Freedom Living Septic Tank Safe RV Toilet Tissue Paper is the fact that it completely dissolves within just a few minutes – that is possible without compromising the gentleness and the durability of the paper. This means that it is still gentle on the skin while also ensuring that it does not tear nor rip unexpectedly.

It is also specifically designed for RVs with attached septic tanks. It is also versatile in the sense that you can use it in hiking, camping, marine purposes, and eco-retreats, too. One more reason to consider buying this product is that it is affordable. Each pack also has 4 rolls composed of soft and gentle 2-ply tissue paper.

The tissue paper is soft considering the fact that it is gently textured without causing discomfort or abrasiveness. It lets you enjoy a great time outdoors or bond with your family or friends while you are on the road since you no longer have to think about how to handle filthy septic tanks or unblock toilets with a foul smell.

It is guaranteed to be septic-tank safe, which means that you no longer have to deal with nasty and nauseating chemicals and cleaning solutions when using this product.

2. Scott 4PK Rapid-Dissolving RV Bath Tissue, Toilet Paper

If you are looking for a Scott RV toilet paper, then this rapid-dissolving product from the brand is definitely one of your perfect options. It can be considered as a rapid-dissolving tissue in the sense that it breaks up four times faster when compared to other brands.

The fact that it dissolves quickly also eliminates your worries and fear when flushing. It is septic and sewer safe, which means that it is perfectly flushable. Since it dissolves rapidly while also being completely flushable, you know that clogs will no longer be a problem for you.

It is safe for use on the skin, too, as it underwent clinical testing while also being approved by many related agencies and clinics. It is soft and gentle, so rest assured that you will not feel any discomfort when using it on your skin. The highly absorbent nature of this product also increases its ability to offer comfort.

This toilet paper is highly versatile, too. You can use it not only in your RV but also in boats, buses, and any other possible applications that require the use of a high-quality toilet paper. It is still durable while still being soft, so rest assured that it does not tear.

3. Caboo Tree Free Bamboo Toilet Paper

Another of the toilet papers guaranteed to be quick-dissolving is the Caboo Tree Free Bamboo Toilet Paper. It dissolves rapidly, which makes it safe for septic and other disposal systems. It also works well for several applications, like RVs, boats, campers, as well as for traveling, backpacking, and camping.

Despite having the ability to be quick to dissolve, you still have an assurance of the strength of the paper. It has the strength of bamboo, which means that it can last long and is highly durable. Even with such strength, its softness is still uncompromised considering the fact that it makes use of the soft fiber of sugarcane.

With that, you know that it has the perfect balance between strength and softness. One more advantage of this toilet paper is that it is known to be eco-friendly. It is primarily because it is made of 100% organic bamboo and sugarcane materials.

It is safe for the skin, too, as it is hypoallergenic plus free of BPA, paraben, fragrance, and other chemicals. The fact that this toilet paper has a total of 4,000 sheets also means that you will be able to use it for a long time.

4. Camco 40275 RV Toilet Tissue

One of the reasons behind the popularity of Camco 40275 RV toilet tissue paper is the fact that it is also fast-dissolving. In fact, it is what its package instantly claims. With its quick-dissolving feature, you will never have to think or worry too much about it causing clogs in your tank, which is actually a bit hard to deal with when you are on the road.

Another nice trait of this toilet tissue is the fact that it is 100% biodegradable. Such quality ensures that it quickly breaks down in your tank. The biodegradability of the tissue paper also means that it is possible for you to use it even when you are in the wild.

It is also a good tissue paper to buy for your recreational vehicle as it is actually mainly designed for use on the sanitation systems of RVs and other marine applications. Using it will not also trigger any discomfort or pain as it is soft and gentle while also being hypoallergenic.

This means it is safe and gentle not only on the tank but also on your skin. It further offers an even higher level of safety as it is free of dyes and perfumes.

5. Better Boat Marine and RV Toilet Paper

Better Boat’s Marine and RV Toilet Paper has become known for being one of the fastest dissolving toilet paper for RVs available. This benefit comes from its design, specifically for breaking down quickly in uncommon plumbing systems.

As a result, it has become a rather versatile option. This toilet paper has shown to be effective in porta potty toilets, marine holding tanks, and RV holding tanks. You shouldn’t have issues finding multiple uses for this toilet paper regardless of your situation.

This tissue paper’s ultra-soft texture makes for a comfortable user experience, as well. It doesn’t have that rough construction that you find in most great value RV toilet paper options. But this softness doesn’t affect its overall integrity, either.

You can instead expect this toilet paper to avoid crumbling when in use. It’ll stay firm and provide an optimal user experience that any RV owner will appreciate. Plus, Better Boat did an excellent job making sure this product was biodegradable.

It’s an essential aspect because it makes the toilet paper eco-friendly, which is always a nice touch. You never want to use a product that has the potential to harm our planet. It also makes dumping waste much easier than non-biodegradable material does.

You shouldn’t overlook the deal offered by this pick, either. It’s an affordable 12-pack of high-quality RV toilet paper. Buyers won’t have to spend additional money on rolls of toilet paper for a long, long time.

Overall, Better Boat did a top-tier job creating an excellent RV toilet paper product. There isn’t a single thing about this product that an RV owner won’t find useful. It’s strong, yet soft design makes it an almost unbeatable option within this marketplace.

6. Grentay RV Toilet Paper

The Grentay’s RV Toilet Paper is a product no RV owner would hate to see in their RV toilet paper holder. It offers everything an RVer could want in these products, especially considering its absorption and dissolve rates.

Honestly, finding another RV toilet paper capable of matching this one in these areas would be difficult. This product was designed to absorb as much as possible without leaving any residue within your rig’s toilet.

These abilities should keep your marine, RV, and camper septic tank systems healthy and free of clogging issues. You’ll never find yourself having to use your rig’s plunger because of using some low-quality toilet paper.

Buyers will also benefit from this toilet paper being free of several harsh chemicals. Its formula doesn’t include dyes, bleach, perfume, or chlorine. Therefore, the toilet paper becomes a lot less likely to cause any skin issues.

It was another nice touch to see Grentay designed these rolls to fit into standard RV toilet paper holders. Thanks to this, the product becomes a lot more adaptable and suitable for various situations onboard rigs, campers, or boats.

This toilet paper has a reputation for being effortless to use, as well. It doesn’t require much effort to tear it off and shouldn’t clump up without coming into contact with excessive water amounts. Users won’t have any complaints about its overall usability.

If these features weren’t enough to convince you, the affordable price and 12-roll quantity should be further incentives. Bulk buyers shouldn’t hesitate to put this option right into their shopping carts. It should meet their long-term storage needs without any trouble.

7. Caboo Tree Free 300 Sheet Per Roll Bamboo RV Toilet Paper

It is made from sugar cane and bamboo, making it 100% biodegradable and septic tank safe.

Some people might assume this construction makes it less absorbent or stiff, but these assumptions couldn’t be more wrong. This toilet paper’s 2-ply won’t have any issues meeting your expectations for one of these products.

The sugarcane’s inclusion offers another significant benefit for RV owners lucky enough to have this option in their lives. It provides a soft texture that evokes a top-tier amount of comfort and shouldn’t cause any skin irritations.

A few buyers were even shocked by how soft this product was in their reviews. Bamboo-based toilet papers tend to have a rougher texture than usual. However, Caboo managed to fix this issue with this ultra-soft marvel.

More importantly, this toilet paper is considered hypoallergenic to further stop any skin problems from arising. Users can utilize these rolls without having any worries about some unwanted side effects occurring from their usage.

Caboo offering two buying sizes was a great thing to see. Buyers will have a choice between a 12-roll pack or a 24-roll pack. Thus, it should meet the quantity needs of many more rig owners who come across this option.

It’s hard to see any reason why an RV owner would pass up on this deal. This toilet paper’s biodegradable, strong, and versatile design makes it a no-brainer. If you’re traveling on-the-road, do yourself a favor and seriously consider this Caboo product.

Softest RV Toilet Tissue

Aside from being quick to dissolve, you also have to make sure that your chosen tissue paper is soft and gentle on your skin. It should pass the RV toilet paper test in terms of softness. You would not want to use a rough and textured toilet paper, especially when you are on the road as it can only cause inconvenience.

Fortunately, we have also compiled some of RV toilet paper options in terms of softness. Some of them are the following:

8. Thetford Aqua Soft Toilet Tissue 03300

One thing that you will instantly notice about this toilet tissue paper from Thetford is its softness and luxurious look. It has a snowy yet luxuriously white color, making it great to use. In addition, it is soft and absorbent on your skin while also being 100% biodegradable.

The fact that it is highly absorbent means that it is also economical since you have an assurance that you will only be using less. It is a great choice for RVs as it performs greatly in terms of mobile sanitation. It is mainly because this is a Thetford quick-dissolve RV toilet paper.

This means that it is quick to dissolve while also being easy to flush. With that, you have an assurance that you can stay away from messy clogs. The versatility of this toilet paper is also noticeable as it also works in classic toilets, portable ones, and those in marine applications.

There is also a guarantee that it is safe to use on your trailer or septic tank. It will never cause harm to your vehicle. It also delivers an excellent performance as far as durability is concerned, making it a really great product to buy.

9. Thetford 20804 RV/Marine Toilet Paper

If you are after softness, then rest assured that this product of Thetford will never disappoint. This toilet paper is known for providing users with a soothing feeling as the paper is genuinely soft when it touches on your skin. You can enjoy such softness without spending too much because the toilet paper can fit anyone’s budget.

This product from Thetford is also constructed out of biodegradable paper, which means that it dissolves more rapidly when you compare it to other brands. With that quality, it is possible for you to prevent the risk of clogs while also ensuring that your septic tank remains clear.

It also performs excellently considering the fact that it is mainly constructed to be compatible with the waste systems used in marine applications and RVs. It flushes the paper easily, which is also the key to preventing clogs. It is an economical and versatile option, as you can also use it in all home, portable, and permanent toilets.

The product is also convenient as each pack comes with 4 rolls with each roll having 350 sheets. With that, there is a lower risk that you will be running out of tissue paper while you are out on the road.

10. Cottonelle Ultra ComfortCare Toilet Paper

The ultimate solution to softness is what you can also expect from the Cottonelle Ultra ComfortCare Toilet paper. It is soft enough that it is guaranteed to deliver a high level of comfort. Despite being soft and comfortable, it is still thick so it does not easily break or tear, which is what usually happens in low-quality tissue papers.

It is also highly absorbent – thanks to the extra-absorbent and raised ripples integrated into this tissue paper. Another nice thing about the tissue paper is that it has a clean ripple texture, which guarantees you that each sheet is cleaner in comparison to other brands.

Furthermore, it is three times thicker and stronger, which means that it is strong and thick enough that it can give you a more confident cleaning experience. With that, you do not have to worry about your health and that of your family even if you not at home since the thickness and strength of this toilet paper also make it suitable for RVs.

It is also very convenient to use considering the fact that it is compatible with all standard holders of toilet paper without requiring you to use any attachments. The materials used in creating it are eco-friendly, too.

Seventh Generation Toilet Paper (Outdated)

You can also consider the Seventh Generation toilet paper as one of the best RV toilet paper options on the market today. It is mainly because this 2-ply tissue is primarily designed to be strong and soft. As one of the softest toilet papers today, rest assured that it won’t cause any discomfort when you are using it.

It is also safe for septic tank use. It works well on low-flow toilets, such as the ones often used in campers and recreational vehicles. You will also feel glad to know that it is based on a hundred percent recycled paper, making it economical and friendly to the environment.

What’s more? It is safe and all-natural as it is free of any added inks, fragrances, or dyes. While this toilet paper primarily promotes its softness, you will still feel glad to know that it does not skimp on quality, strength, and durability.

Rest assured that its softness does not compromise its strength as it does not tear easily. It is ideal for use on those who have sensitive skin, too, because of its hypoallergenic nature.

Valterra Q23638 Toilet Tissue (Outdated)

Valterra is also popular for RV use as it is known to be friendly for marine and RV tanks. Just like the previously mentioned products, this toilet tissue from Valterra does not also disappoint as far as being quick to dissolve is concerned. Since it dissolves fast, your tank will be free of unwanted clogs.

You will also get real value for your money if you spend it on this tissue paper as each package has 4 rolls with each one containing 400 sheets. That would be more than enough to meet yours and your family’s needs while you are out on the road, camping, hiking, or doing some outdoor adventures.

It is also a good choice with its guaranteed softness. You will instantly feel its gentleness and softness on your skin once you start using it. Also, you will notice that the sheets are embossed, which is actually a good quality as it also leads to its softness. The softness of this toilet paper, however, does not mean that it will tear or shred easily.

It is because of its solid texture. You will also feel glad to know that it works safely in almost all types of septic systems, as well as various other applications.

Scott 27 Rolls, 1000 Sheets per Roll Toilet Paper (Outdated)

One thing that makes this toilet paper from Scott so impressive is the fact that it is constructed in such a way that it is septic-safe and sewer-safe. The toilet paper is totally flushable while also being popular for its fast-dissolving nature. With such quality, you will no longer have to fear and worry about flushing.

The fast-dissolving quality of this product can also be proven by the fact that it tends to break 4 times faster when compared to average bath tissues once you dispose of it. Such capability makes it suitable and safe for use on various applications including recreational vehicles and boats.

Buying this specific product from Scott also offers good value for the amount you spent. It is mainly because each pack of this Scott toilet paper for RVs has 27 rolls. Each roll also comes with a thousand sheets that are all safe for septic systems. With that, you know that it will last long even if you are not the only one who is using it.

You will also feel glad to buy this product from the brand as Scott is famous for releasing green products. This offers some sort of a guarantee that its toilet paper is also environmentally friendly.

Charmin Ultra Soft Toilet Paper (Outdated)

You should not also fail to consider buying this Charmin Ultra Soft for RV tissue paper as it is guaranteed to satisfy you with its high level of softness. It never disappoints as far as softness, gentleness, and comfort are concerned. It even boasts of its distinctive comfort cushions that are designed to offer a comforting softness.

Another nice feature of this toilet paper from Charmin is that it is twice more absorbent when you compare it to other RV friendly toilet paper brands. The fact that it is absorbent means that you will only be using less of it, making it economical while also providing you real value for your money.

This toilet paper from Charmin is also popular among users since it does not need to be bunched or folded just to make it feel softer while also adding more cushion. You can also expect it to dissolve quickly, which makes it both septic-safe and clog-safe. In fact, several residential plumbers favor it over the other brands.

This 2-ply paper also comes with around 154 sheets every roll. With that, it is possible for it to last long or at least for the whole duration of your trip.

Angel Soft Toilet Paper (Outdated)

The Angel Soft RV toilet paper is also one of the softest toilet papers designed for use in recreational vehicles. It is made in such a way that it can offer one’s desired level of softness without compromising its strength and durability. It is also available in a bulk pack composed of a dozen double rolls containing 264 sheets every roll.

With that, you will really get the best return for its price while also enjoying the softness, comfort, and convenience that it can certainly offer. The numerous sheets that you can get from the bulk pack also mean that it is a budget-friendly option as this results in fewer changes of toilet papers.

It is also natural and safe for your family to use since it does not contain any additives. In addition, you have an assurance of its eco-friendliness as it is constructed from pulp fiber. It is versatile, too, in the sense that you have the option of using it on all plumbing systems.

It is RV-friendly since it is easy to flush while being capable of dissolving quickly. Furthermore, you will like the highly absorbent nature of this toilet paper. It also promotes convenience as it does not appear to be overly bulky in the sense that it will clog your tanks and pipes.

What to Look for when Buying an RV Toilet Paper


Camping in your RV is an activity that you and your entire family can enjoy but you have to make sure that the entire adventure and trip is also hassle-free. The top-tier toilet paper for RVs can make that possible as it offers convenience and comfort to everyone who is in your recreational vehicle.

However, you can’t just pick any toilet paper on the market. Note that it is a vital part of your RV or motorhome, so you need one guaranteed to keep your septic tank safe. One of the things that you have to look for in an RV toilet is its ability to prevent the risk of clogging the line.

It should not also accumulate within the tank, which usually happens when you are using a traditional toilet paper. You should also look for the following:

Safe for septic tank use – One thing that you have to look for in a toilet paper for a recreational vehicle is its safety when used in a septic tank. You will know that it is safe for use in your septic if it feels smooth and soft on your skin. If that is the case then you have an assurance that it will be really safe for your septic system.

Ideal for outdoor use – You also have to make sure that the toilet paper is designed for use outdoors. You have an assurance that it is safe for outdoor use if it dissolves quickly. It should not also leave a lot of dirt as well as pollution. The cotton surface should be gentle on your skin, too.

Free from harsh chemicals – The toilet paper should not also have any harsh chemicals that might be damaging to your septic and tank. Some of the harsh chemicals that you have to look for are perfumes, bleach, dyes, and chlorine.

The toilet paper should not have any of these chemicals to guarantee its safety. Choose pure white and gentle toilet papers as much as possible.

Safe for the environment – It is also advisable to pick an environmentally friendly toilet paper. In that case, choose those constructed out of recycled materials. You can go green, which is beneficial for your septic tank.

Choose a toilet paper, which has a biodegradable and eco-friendly mark. The fact that you choose a toilet paper constructed out of recycled material is also a good thing because this also means that it dissolves quickly.

Other Important Factors to Consider


What is an RV Toilet Paper?

An RV toilet paper, as its name suggests, is a special kind of toilet paper that is specific for RV use. It makes use of a special kind of paper, which is not brand specific as a means of ensuring that it will dissolve in the RV’s black tank quickly.

The toilet paper specifically made for RV use is actually created in such a way that it will dissolve or break down rapidly and easily. It should be noted that when looking for an RV toilet paper, you need to search for two different messages indicated on their packages. Both messages will signify their compatibility for RV use.

One label in the package that shows that the toilet paper is for RV is anything similar to “safe for RV use”. The other message is “safe for septic tanks”. This means that if your chosen toilet paper can be safely used in the septic systems in households then you will not also have a hard time using it in recreational vehicles.

What is good about toilet papers for RVs is that they are abundant in various RV dealers, retail stores, and camping supply stores. You will notice that its package promotes the paper specifically for recreational vehicle use.

One thing to note regarding this toilet paper, though, is its higher cost compared to standard or regular toilet paper. Even if it has a higher price, it is still best to use it if you intend to bring a toilet paper for your next RV travel or adventure.

How does It Work?

The RV toilet paper can be expected to work based on its overall construction. The fact that it is made for RV and marine use means that it will break down faster in comparison to the regular toilet paper used in your household. It also works without being abrasive or causing discomfort.

It does not get lodged in your hose, which leads to your RV’s septic system. With that in mind, you have a hundred percent guarantee that it will not trigger a backup. It does not also cause issues when it comes to moving the wastes into the septic system.

With the way RV toilet papers are designed, you no longer have to worry about them causing a clogged black tank or an awful smell. If you are still unsure whether a specific toilet paper is suitable for RV use, then you can perform a test. What you have to do is to fill half of a clear water glass with water (around 10 ounces).

Put some pieces of the toilet paper in the glass containing the water. Put one of your hands on top of the water glass as a means of sealing it. Your other hand should be at the bottom. The next step is to shake the glass for a couple of times vigorously. Once done, put it down.

Check the toilet paper and find out if it has been disintegrated or dissolved. If it is then you have an assurance that you can safely use it in your RV. However, if the pieces of toilet paper are still intact and in large pieces, then avoid using it.

Types of RV Toilet Papers

Considering the numerous manufacturers of toilet papers today, it is not that hard for you to find several types of them designed for recreational vehicle use. You have plenty of choices. In fact, you can pick a type of RV toilet paper based on its size, softness, color, style, and cost.

Basically, there are two categories that will help you figure out which toilet paper is the most suitable one for your needs:

Manufactured using trees – One common type of toilet paper is that made using trees. Most of the RV toilet papers introduced in the market today are usually made using a paper that comes from trees. However, you can also find those made out of a hemp plant.

In case the hemp plant is used, expect the paper to be taken out of its pulp and fiber. Another thing that you have to take note of about this toilet paper is that its manufacturers do not utilize all kinds of trees as a means of producing the paper.

In most cases, they use a combination of hardwood and softwood trees to form the virgin paper. The combination is usually 30 percent softwood and 70 percent hardwood. Those who manufacture toilet papers using tree often look for the best compromise between a fine writing surface and durability.

Manufacturers of this product also make use of chemicals, bleaches, and water to finalize the output.

Made from recycled paper – Another kind of RV toilet paper is that manufactured using recycled paper. What is good about it is that it is cheaper than the ones made from trees. It is also beneficial because it means that you can help save thousands of trees from being made into paper.

Generally, toilet papers made from recycled material undergo a process, which involves the creation of the paper pulp first. This pulp is taken from recycled materials. Recycled toilet paper also often contains white and colored stocks with staples.

Manufacturing this product also often needs other materials, like bleaches, chemicals, and water. The amount of water required will be dependent on the specific product manufactured.

Aside from being manufactured from either tree or recycled paper, you can also categorize the types of toilet papers based on their textures and decorations. You can also find those that are perfumed and moistened.

Technical factors, like water absorption, chemical residues, and roughness, also have a say on the type of toilet paper in the market. To minimize roughness, most manufacturers actually make use of a light coating of wax, lotion, and aloe. Also, the type of RV toilet papers can be determined based on the number of plies.

One-ply toilet paper only comes with one sheet and is available for those on a budget. You can also choose the two-ply version, which often comes with 1-4 layers of thin paper. These layers are bonded together. The two-ply paper is costlier than the one-ply variety.

RV toilet papers can also be determined based on their style. The style, in this case, actually determines the specific manner through which you will wind it to the roll, as well as the actual size of the roll. If the style is the basis, your options include the standard, jumbo junior, and jumbo.

You can also make your choice based on its colors, which often comes in either white or natural. White or blanched toilet papers are actually those that undergo a process involving the bleaching of the pump material. As for the natural toilet paper, expect it to appear in brown.

You can also find printed toilet papers. If you want a more luxurious version of your RV toilet paper then rest assured that you can find the luxury variety. Those that fall in the luxury toilet paper category are often colored, quilted, treated with aloe, and perfumed. There are also those that are medicated using antibacterial chemicals.

Other types of toilet paper are low-grade, mid-grade, and premium. The low-grade variety often has a single ply. It is also usually coarse. If you want a more textured version, which is designed to provide more softness, then go for the mid-grade version. This is more durable than the low-grade one.

If you are willing to invest more in a toilet paper, then go for the premium type. In most cases, it is manufactured using the best-pulped paper. It also features around 2-4 plies. Also, it may or may not come with a wax and lotion.

Benefits of RV Toilet Papers

Investing in a toilet paper, which is specifically suitable for use in recreational vehicles is beneficial for anyone who constantly travels on the road with their RV. This product is already a necessity, especially if you love camping or going on an adventure with your recreational vehicle or motorhome.

Here are just some of the positive advantages of having an RV toilet paper on your travels:

Suits your RV and septic system – What is good about RV toilet papers is that they are guaranteed to be constructed specifically for your RV and septic system. With that in mind, y0u do not need to worry about this product causing harm or problems to your septic system.

You have an assurance that it is safe for the septic tank. Such can also ensure that the toilet paper will not clog your line nor build up within the tank.

Breaks up faster than standard toilet papers – Another strong advantage of toilet paper is that it has the ability to break up faster than standard toilet papers. It is possible for it to break up or dissolve up to four times faster compared to the leading bathroom tissue brands.

Expect the paper to get dissolved completely within just a few minutes of flushing it. Such can also prevent the buildup of clogs within the tank.

Thick yet soft – Another benefit of most RV toilet papers today is that they have a high level of thickness without compromising their softness. In fact, they are thick enough that aggressive wiping will never cause them to get shredded. The fact that the toilet papers are soft also means that you will have a nicer experience using them.

Easy to store – You will also feel glad to know that RV toilet papers are easy to store considering the fact that they feature individual wrapping. Because of their individually wrapped nature, storing each roll in your RV so you can use them on your trips will be made easier. This makes it ideal for anyone who wishes to stay clean and sanitary.

Extremely absorbent – Another of the major benefits of having an RV toilet paper around is that each sheet is known for its extremely absorbent nature. It absorbs water and moisture from anywhere you decide to use the paper.

This makes it suitable for use even in the wild, as well as in camping and hiking. The fact that it is often a biodegradable paper is also a strong advantage as it means that it will not break down that fast and damage the environment. With that, you can enjoy the freedom and comfort of staying in the bathroom or using your restroom.

Hypoallergenic – You will also find an RV toilet paper beneficial because of its hypoallergenic nature. If you choose a hypoallergenic product then you have a hundred percent assurance that you can use it freely and without any concerns even if you are prone to allergies. It is because it will never cause allergic reactions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Is an RV toilet paper really necessary?

If you want to be safe while on the road then the answer to the question is a big yes. A special toilet paper designed for RVs is a sound investment for those who wish to prioritize their comfort and safety during their RV travels and adventures.

One reason why this product is essential is that it is known for being able to disintegrate quickly. With that, you have a guarantee that it can prevent some problems often encountered by RV owners, including clogs in their black tanks.

The fact that the paper quickly disintegrates also means that it will not cause your sensors to send inaccurate readings. However, remember that since this is a special kind of toilet paper, it also costs more. Despite that, you will instantly notice a great return on the money you spent because it keeps you safe and comfortable.

Just make sure that you constantly remind yourself of the sole purpose of the product, which is to quickly dissolve. It should also be biodegradable. To ensure that it can perform such function, check its packaging and find out if there are statements, like safe for RV use or safe for septic systems or marine/RV toilet tissue. Any toilet paper, which is safe for use on your septic tank is also safe for your vehicle.

What are good RV toilet paper brands?

There are numerous RV toilet paper brands that continue to vie the attention of RV owners nowadays. Fortunately, you will not find it difficult to look for a truly reputable brand. One brand that you should check out is Charmin. One great thing about this brand is that it provides strong toilet papers that can hold up really well.

It is strong and durable enough that it will not peel. In fact, it is possible for each of the brand’s rolls to last for a long time especially because you no longer need to use that much.

The strength and durability of this toilet paper while still remaining soft and comfortable to the skin can ensure that you will only be using at most 3 or 4 squares from it.

Cottonelle is also an excellent brand of toilet paper for recreational vehicles. The thickness and quality of this brand of toilet paper are topnotch. In fact, it ensures that it will not get shredded easily if you wipe using it aggressively. It is also soft to the touch.

You can also go for the Scotts brand. What is great about this brand is that it is not only cheap and durable but also extremely economical. This specifically holds true since you no longer need too many of them.

In addition, it does not clog while cleaning up the part where you are applying it to. Another benefit of choosing Scotts is that it has plenty of choices, from single trolls to multi-thousand packaging. Other popular brands of toilet papers for RVs that you ought to check out are Camco, Valterra, and Thetford.

Can you use a regular toilet paper in RV?

Yes, you can use a regular toilet paper in your RV but you have to make sure first whether your chosen product is safe when used in household septic systems. If there is an indication that it is safe in the mentioned system then it is greatly possible that it is also safe for recreational vehicle use.

You need a special toilet paper for your RV as this one can break down quicker than the regular one. With such ability, you are assured of its usefulness in preventing messy clogs from building up in your sewer hose and waste tank.

While special RV toilet papers cost higher than regular ones, they are still worth it because the extra dollars used in buying them can help you say goodbye to potential headaches brought on by clogs and expensive damages. Also, remember that a regular toilet paper tends to build up, causing the tank sensor to read as full all the time.

If you wish to determine if a conventional or regular toilet paper can be used for RVs, though, you can perform a test. This test involves filling one jar with water then putting some sheets in there. Close it with the lid then shake.

If you noticed that the toilet paper dissolves within just a few seconds then using it for your recreational vehicle is safe. However, if you still prefer those brands and products that can specifically meet the demands of RV owners then rest assured that you can find the special RV toilet paper in retail stores, RV dealers, and camping supply stores.

Are Charmin/ Costco toilet papers RV safe?

There’s a reason both Costco and Charmin make RV specialized toilet papers. It’d be best to stick with those options from these brands rather than using the regular stuff. After all, the standard options won’t break down as quickly and could clog up your RV plumbing system.

It’s a situation that no RV owners will want to experience when traveling on the road. Do yourself a favor and stick with toilet papers branded motorhome-safe, such as Charmin RV toilet paper or Costco RV toilet paper. It might cost a little extra, but it could save you from many hassles regarding clogs and other issues.

Can you use regular Scott toilet paper in an RV?

You could use regular Scott toilet paper, but it’s probably not a smart decision. It’d be a better idea to stick with the RV safe options from this brand. For instance, the choice within our product review section would be perfect for motorhome usage.

RV owners who stick with these options shouldn’t have any clogging or any plumbing problems. You can instead travel from place to place without a single worry about potential toilet paper issues. It’s just another burden lifted from your mind.

Where can I buy RV toilet paper?

The best place to buy RV toilet paper would be from Amazon. Buyers who use this site will encounter a much more extensive selection and lower prices. It shouldn’t be too surprising as most rig owners do their shopping through Amazon these days.

But we’d recommend checking out Walmart RV toilet paper choices, as well. You never know when they might have a sale that makes the prices a little lower than usual. It’s not uncommon to see high-quality options, such as one of our options or Freedom Living RV toilet paper, at discount rates on their site or within their stores.


Finding the best RV toilet paper is a must for all your camping and RV trips. Fortunately, it is not that hard to choose considering the fact that you can now find several high-quality options in this category. If you want to save money, then consider buying RV toilet paper in bulk so you can make the most out of it.

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