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The Best RV Washes and Waxes for Various Materials

Written by Stephen Ryan / Fact checked by William Turner

Owning a recreational vehicle can instantly make you realize that taking good care of it actually takes a lot of time, energy, and effort. Note that several elements, like the summer sun and the harsh weather, can expose your motorhome or RV, especially its tires and finish to potential damage.

To prevent such damage, you should consider hunting for the best RV wash and wax today. This product is always part of the preventative maintenance of your vehicle. You can use it to wash and wax your recreational vehicle every 6 months. You also have the chance of using it if you are no longer traveling.

best rv wash

Through a reliable RV wash and wax, you can finally say goodbye to the old black streaks, road film, dirt, bird droppings, bugs, and much more that might hamper the look of your RV. The most reliable product in this category is also known to be safe for the gel coat of your RV as well as its decals and finish.

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Advantages of Using RV Wash and Wax

You may ask yourself whether a wash and wax specifically designed for recreational vehicles is still necessary when you can also use water and soap. Note that while it is true that water and soap also have cleaning powers, they are not specially designed to be compatible with the materials of your recreational vehicles.

In this case, you need a more reliable and dedicated RV wash soap. You have to use RV wash and wax because aside from working perfectly with recreational vehicles, it is also environmentally friendly. The majority of the best products in this category do not contain any harsh chemicals that are harmful to the environment and your vehicle.

best rv wash and wax

Most of them also make use of a biodegradable and powerful formula. Another advantage of using RV wash and wax is that it is effective for cleaning painted surfaces. Note that chemical-based soaps and cleaners are too harsh on the paint of vehicles, causing them to wear down and produce certain problems.

With a wash and wax designed for recreational vehicles, you will have peace of mind knowing that you can clean your vehicle’s painted surfaces without worrying about them getting damaged. Most of these products also have a nice scent. Using one to clean your RV can give it a fresh scent.

It is also helpful in maintaining the clean and protected look of your vehicle for a long time. With the many benefits of this gentle cleaning solution, it is just right for you to start your search for the most suitable one for your vehicle. Among your best options with a short overview of each product are the following:

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Aero Cosmetics Wax Kit


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Gel-Gloss RV Wax


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Camco 40493


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8 Best Wash and Wax for RV Reviews 2023

1. Aero Cosmetics Car Wash Wax Kit

You will also find the wet or waterless car wash wax kit from Aero Cosmetics reliable when it comes to ensuring that your vehicle keeps up its clean and brand-new look for quite a long time. It is a great performer in the industry considering the fact that the wax from the kit has an aircraft quality, making it good to use in boats, RVs, and cars.

You will also instantly consider it as the high quality RV wash and wax since it works gently in cleaning and protecting your vehicle. It does its cleaning and protective functions while still ensuring that all surfaces of your vehicle obtain a UV-protective coating, which is guaranteed to be non-stick.

You will also realize how easy it is to use this product once you notice that it just involves spraying it on the surface then wiping it dry. This product does not contain ammonia and alcohol. It is, in fact, a plant-based formula, which is biodegradable, eco-friendly and guaranteed safe to use on all surfaces whether in the interiors or exteriors.

Aero Cosmetics also gives you the option of using this car wash kit as a waterless wash or as a spray by spraying it on right after washing it. There is also no need to think about whether it works only on dry or wet surfaces as it is actually effective on both applications.

The wax included in the kit can also help improve and protect the shine your RV already displays. You can use it on all kinds of surfaces, including gel coat, paint, plastic, aluminum, rubber, chrome, glass, vinyl, and leather.

2. Gel-Gloss RV Wash and Wax

Your search for a highly effective RV wash and wax is surely going to be easy if you include the Gel-Gloss RV Wash and Wax on your list of options. According to many legitimate Gel-Gloss RV wash and wax reviews, it is a kind of product, which delivers exactly what it promises.

It is known for being a highly concentrated wash manufactured using bar soap. With its bar soap component, you are assured of its biodegradable nature and its environmental-friendliness. It is free of phosphate that might harm some parts of your vehicle, too. One of its prominent advantages is that it works as a 3-dimensional product.

It does so by performing three functions effectively – cleaning, protecting, and giving your RV its needed shine. Through this product, your RV’s exterior surface will finally be free of water spotting and streaking. Many Gel-Gloss RV cleaner and wax reviews also show how economical this product is.

It is mainly because one quart of it is already capable of creating up to sixteen gallons of the cleaning solution. Rest assured that it will work well if you apply it periodically when it comes to maintaining the new look and condition of your vehicle.

You will also notice its versatility as it works on various materials, including rubber, wood, metal, fiberglass and poly finishes. This wash and wax can also perform its cleaning and waxing function using just one step. It is protective, too, with its carnauba wax content.

3. Camco 40493 Pro-Strength Wash and Wax

Based on many Camco RV wash and wax reviews, Camco 40493 is one of the most reputable and effective wash and wax products from the brand. What is so remarkable about this product is its ability to showcase its shining finish, water-resistance, and cleaning power through an effective cleaning solution for recreational vehicles.

One great advantage of it is that it is formulated in a way that it can save a lot of your effort and time. It is because applying and using it only involves simple steps and processes. You just have to dilute it simply, then apply, rinse, and dry it. Such simple steps can already result in a hand-buffed output without worrying about spending too much time or having sore hands afterward.

It uses a formula which combines waxes and natural emulsifiers that all work together in producing an attractively clean finish designed to provide protection to your vehicle. It also uses 100% carnauba wax guaranteed to help in giving your vehicle lasting protection and brilliant shine.

You are also assured of its capability of providing a deep clean through the non-ionic and anionic surfactants used in it. It can provide the same water-resistant or waterproof output provided by hand-polish. The only difference is that it no longer requires buffing.

You will also be pleased to know that it can deliver an excellent cleaning result on all types of finishes. It would be best to apply this product in shade to deliver its best effects.

4. Star Brite RV Wash and Wax

Another great RV wash and wax product that’s worthwhile to consider is the one offered by Star Brite. This one utilizes a concentrated formula guaranteed to be tough on dirt while still being economical when used. In fact, you only need a few capfuls of this cleaning solution to clean up your entire recreational vehicle.

Using it to clean and enhance your RV’s shine also involves just one simple and easy step. It contains PTEF polymers, too, that are effective in enhancing shine while also preventing the risk of fading with their ability to add UV protection. What is even more impressive is that it works safely on all exterior surfaces of your RV.

It is proven to be biodegradable without any toxic substances. Also, it has a special formulation, which is effective in eliminating mud, dust, bug debris, and road grime among many others. The UV inhibitors present in this product also offer protection from possible fading.

It can develop a protective coating, too, which prevents mildew, dust, and road grime from forming on your RV’s exterior surfaces in the future. It also functions differently from caustic cleaners and dishwashing detergents that might only strip wax or polish from your recreational vehicle.

What this RV wash and wax from Star Brite does, instead, is that it makes use of the advanced power and technology designed to get rid and loosen tough dirt without the risk of damaging your vehicle’s wax coatings. With that, you are aware that it is indeed capable of extending the look and life of your vehicle.

5. Meguiar’s M4965 Fiberglass Restoration System

You might also want to consider buying the M4965 fiberglass restoration system from Meguiar, which is primarily designed for marine applications and for recreational vehicles. The company manufactured this product in a way that it will use a specialized system composed of three simple steps.

Following the three steps can help in effectively restoring the fiberglass gel coats in marine or recreational vehicles. The first step involves the use of the oxidation remover, which works wonders in the removal of not only stains but also scratches and oxidation. Such remover also works as a heavy-duty cleaner, thereby promoting deep cleaning.

It can eliminate cloudy and chalky signs associated with oxidation while also ensuring that the gel coating will be able to restore its vibrant color. It also lets the water spots and stubborn stains disappear, leaving a shiny and smooth fiberglass.

The second step involves the use of the polish, which aims to restore the finish’s attractive gloss. It makes use of safe oils as a means of enhancing or bringing back its luster. What’s good about the high-gloss polish used in this product is that it is non-abrasive.

Finally, the last step requires you to use the brand’s pure wax, which is known to offer a sturdy protection to the surface being restored for a long time. Such wax uses a rich carnauba blend, which works in deepening and retaining the gloss produced by the second step. With that, you know that it can protect your RV or boat and maintain its nice look.

6. 3M Marine Restorer and Wax

Our next option is advertised as marine wash and wax, but it’s also one of the best RV exterior cleaning products available. 3M’s Marine Restorer and Wax contains an impressive formula that makes it capable of working for both situations.

This formula combines a rubbing compound and wax to give your rig’s exterior its shine back. It’ll add a layer of protection against several issues, as well. It’ll stop UV rays, rust, and oxidation from ever being a problem.

Both these abilities were a constant source of praise in this cleaner’s reviews. This wash-and-wax seems to have the upper hand on most of its competition concerning its performance. You don’t often find a rig owner saying a bad thing about its quality or results.

Moreover, it has picked up a reputation for being very effective on fiberglass with heavy oxidation. Most RV cleaners and waxes tend to struggle with these types of issues, but this one has shown excellent results time and time again.

Using this product isn’t overly complicated, either. It’s a two-in-one formula that doesn’t require any extra steps or unnecessary instructions. Applying this travel trailer wash and wax couldn’t be any easier for whatever rig owner buys it.

The cleaner’s overall versatility is another impressive trait. It won’t have any issues working on fiberglass, gel-coat, or painted surfaces. Honestly, the only disappointment is that this product couldn’t be used as an RV wash and wax for aluminum siding.

3M was smart enough to include two quantity choices with this option, as well. You can either choose from a 16oz or 32oz bottle, which should be enough for most rig owners’ needs. In fact, buyers find themselves shocked by how long these bottles last regularly.

7. Karcher RV Wash & Wax

Karcher’s RV Wash & Wax is one of the most convenient camper cleaner options available for rig owners. Its highly concentrated formula allows users to make 20 gallons of usable cleaner for RV exterior surfaces per gallon.

As a result, these 20 gallons of wash and wax will cover various cleaning sessions. It’s not only usable on your RV’s exterior but can also restore the fabulous shine of other vehicles, such as cars, trucks, campers, and motorcycles.

RV owners won’t have any issues finding multiple uses for this product with its stunning versatility. Its performance results are another impressive benefit as this cleaner has shown to be highly effective against dirt, grime, rust, and oxidation.

More importantly, getting these results isn’t overly burdensome. Users will only have to combine the wash and wax with their pressure washers. From there, it shouldn’t take much effort or time before you start seeing your rig’s shine return.

It’s also essential to note there won’t be any harmful side effects from its usage. This formula is biodegradable and meets the strict regulations of US product manufacturing. You can use this cleaner without fearing any damage coming to our planet or your rig.

This wash and wax’s price tag is more affordable than most other options, as well. Honestly, bulk and bargain buyers should take a long look at this choice. You’ll have a hard time finding another deal out there capable of beating this one from Karcher.

Overall, Karcher did an excellent job creating an affordable but effective product that most rig owners would consider perfect for their needs. If this RV wash and wax suits your preferences, there’s no reason for any hesitation. It should already be in your shopping cart.

8. Meguiar’s M5001 One-step Cleaner Wax

Checking out M5001 one-step cleaner wax designed for RV and marine applications from Meguiar is also a wise move as this product is known for its effectiveness in performing what it is intended to do. This product leaves a good impression as it is based on a non-abrasive formula, which performs its cleaning, polishing, and protection functions in a speedy manner.

It can perform all the mentioned functions in just one easy and simple step. It works in cleansing, polishing, and protecting all RV or marine surfaces with fiberglass coat. There is also a guarantee of its safety and effectiveness in the removal of swirls, hazes, light oxidation, and minor scratches present in your vehicle.

Another function that this cleaner wax can efficiently do is to offer a long-lasting and sturdy protection against various harsh elements, like UV rays from the sun, corrosion, as well as salt air. You will never regret investing in this cleaning solution, especially once you notice that it also works in restoring the gloss, brilliance, and color to surfaces with fiberglass gel coating.

Furthermore, it is manufactured in a way that it works effectively whether you use it by machine or hand. It is also known for being easy to apply and take off while leaving a really nice shine and effective protection.

Mothers 91532 Marine Wash and Wax (Outdated)

Available in a 32-oz. bottle, you will also surely get your money’s worth from the Mother’s 91532 Marine Wash and Wax considering its excellent performance when fulfilling its function. It acts as a concentrated, environmentally-friendly, and biodegradable solution for all the surfaces in your RV or boat.

It also utilizes a special formulation, which promotes ease and speed when it comes to the removal of scum, grime, salt spray, and dirt from all your vehicle’s surfaces. Also, it promotes a hassle-free rinsing, resulting in a really nice gloss while still ensuring that all finishes are fully protected.

One more advantage of this marine wash and wax is that it tends to foam fast so there is no need to use too much of this cleaning solution – that’s a good thing, especially for those who do not want to consume too much and conserve it for future uses. It smells good and can keep your RV or boat looking really good, too.

Many also find this product favorable for its ability to leave a nice finish and good shine to their vehicle’s surfaces. In addition, it is capable of keeping the suds for a longer period, adding more convenience when it comes to using it. What’s more? It does not cause spots to be left on the glass after cleaning, so you do not have to worry about that after each cleaning session.

Meguiar’s M14332 Rinse-free Wash and Wax (Outdated)

Meguiar does not seem to run out of cleaning solutions for RVs and other marine applications as it also offers its M14332 Rinse-free Wash and Wax product to the public. One of the major highlights of this product is that it actually works efficiently as a spray & wipe and high lubricity solutions to all grimy and dirty RV and boat surfaces.

You will be glad to know that this wash and wax can be conveniently used on all kinds of surfaces whether dry or wet. It is useful in cleaning and shining various materials, too, including gel coat, plastic, glass, fiberglass, and clear coat surfaces. Aside from its effectiveness in eliminating grime and dirt, it also works in leaving a high-gloss wax coating.

Each application of this product, therefore, aids in making your RV or boat look glossier and cleaner. Apart from boats and RVs, it is also effective and safe when used on personal watercrafts (PWC’s) and pontoons. It is also known for giving out a glossy finish while also promoting a water beading durability.

In comparison to traditional washing and cleaning solutions that require you to use a bucket and hose, this product from Meguiar consumes less time when cleaning your RV and giving it its much-needed shine. It also does a pretty good job of removing all types of stains as well as bird droppings.

It is best to apply this product on a surface, which is cool to your touch but rest assured that it also performs well when you use it on warm surfaces.

Mothers 05674 California Gold Wash and Wax (Outdated)

The last but surely not the least among the right RV wash and wax options that we will recommend is the Mothers 05674 California Gold. Taking a hold of this product gives you the chance to use a user-friendly and quick solution to cleaning and shining RV surfaces while also keeping the paint fully protected.

It dissolves easily and pretty fast, allowing it to work quickly in the removal of stubborn dirt and road grimes. It does such function while enhancing the present wax used on the cleaned surface. The result, therefore, is a shiny and glossy finish, which is free of any unwanted spots and stains.

It is a powerful cleaning solution, which also offers a guarantee of safety considering the fact that it is pH-balanced, toxin-free, and biodegradable. You also have the option of using it in between regular waxing. If you do so, then the carnauba wax incorporated in the product also improves the existing wax of your vehicle.

You will also like the quick-rinse formula used in this product as it promotes utmost convenience each time you use it. There is also a guarantee that it has most of the things that a wash and wax needs, thereby ensuring that it is indeed one of the best solutions for those looking to give their vehicles a clean and well-maintained finish.

Thetford Premium RV Wash and Wax (Outdated)

One impressive quality about Thetford RV wash and wax that you will immediately notice is its versatile nature. You will notice its impressive versatility right away once you realize that it is compatible with plenty of applications. Rest assured that it will work on recreational vehicles, ATVs, boats, snowmobiles, and motorcycles, among many others.

It serves as a powerful cleaning solution, which also protects all surfaces of all the mentioned applications. It uses a 2-in-1 formula when it comes to getting rid of road film, dirt, bird droppings, bugs, and many more. This RV wash and wax from Thetford can also coat the RV surface using a protective shine.

No one can also doubt the functionality and overall performance of this product. It is an excellent performer in the industry as it continues to receive good feedback when it comes to cleaning dried bugs, black streaks, and many others. It also leaves a coating on surfaces using an anti-static, water-resistant, and non-oil coat, which also offers protection from the damaging UV light.

Available in a 64-oz. container, it can work as an effective RV wash mop in terms of giving all surfaces of your RV a good cleanse. Since it uses a non-abrasive and biodegradable formula, you are also a hundred percent sure that it won’t be harmful to expensive coats, paints, decals, and clear coatings.

Walbernize One Step RV Wash and Wax (Outdated)

The Walbernize One Step RV Wash and Wax offers an easy, effective way to keep your rig’s exterior clean and protected. It shouldn’t have trouble getting the same results from any place that pops up when searching “RV wash and wax service near me.”

In fact, it’s probably the best RV cleaner for Airstreams as they endorse it. Its customer review section is full of rig owners praising its performance. This wash-and-wax seems to restore shine onto Airstream campers with relative ease.

You can rely on this cleaner to refrain from leaving water spots behind, as well. Other wash and waxes tend to have problems with this issue when they’re being used. But Walbernize has found a way to make their product effective without producing any leftover surface residue.

Its effectiveness against grime, dirt, bird droppings, and road film isn’t anything to overlook, either. This cleaner’s ingredients pack enough punch to wash them away without much effort. You’ll never have to travel around with a beat-up looking exterior ever again.

This product will also leave behind a protective layer to ensure the rig’s shine remains for a long time. Other RV owners will end up being quite jealous of how much better your rig’s exterior looks than theirs.

Users can get these results on several different vehicle surfaces, as well. Walbernize made sure to make their cleaner effective on all finishes. It should be more than effective working as a car, truck, motorcycle, or ATV wash and wax.

The product’s one-step using process makes it relatively easy to use regularly. Thanks to this, keeping your rig’s exterior shiny long-term won’t be much of a problem. Rig owners who buy this product will be making a decision that they won’t regret.

TriNova Waterless Car Wash & Wax Kit (Outdated)

If you are planning to invest in an easy to use car wash & wax kit, then you can also pick the waterless product featured by the TriNova brand. It is a convenient and user-friendly product as only a single, rapid application is already enough to cleanse then protect the paint of your RV, boat, SUV, truck, or any other vehicle.

It also serves as an effective bug remover. This wash and wax product is also based on a highly effective concentrated formula, which is guaranteed to leave your vehicle clean and shining after cleaning it up. It is capable of cleaning up your entire vehicle with 40 washes through its user-friendly spray.

Since it uses a concentrated formula, you’re guaranteed of its usefulness in the removal of grime, grit, and dirt in all parts of your vehicle. It is also equipped with UV protection, leaving your vehicle with it to keep it safe from the dangers of the sun’s rays. One more advantage is that there is a microfiber cloth available, which you can use to prevent scratches when cleaning.

You will also be impressed about its portability as a concentrate. It only requires less storage space, too. It offers convenience to users as there is no need to use buckets and hoses. You do not need to worry about it creating a mess, too. All it takes is to spray it on then wipe it off.

Camco 40922 Wash and Wax (Outdated)

Camco 40922 wash and wax, which is available in a 32-oz. container can also be considered as the ultimate solution in cleaning up, protecting, and bringing back the shine of your RV’s exterior surfaces. This product is capable of fulfilling those specific functions in just one easy and simple step.

One impressive fact about this wash and wax product is it does not contain any toxic substances. It is biodegradable and acts well as a premium-grade cleaning solution for painted surfaces, metal, and fiberglass. This product is not also harsh on your vehicle. In fact, it has a lower risk of stripping off a quality wax and coat.

In fact, it can increase its lifespan. It works well for both recreational vehicles and boats. When used in both applications, you can expect its effects to be spotless. It also prevents dirt from sticking unlike other low-quality wash and wax products. The real carnauba wax used in it also aids in replenishing the wax when washing.

With that, you can bank on its ability to keep the sparkling shine last longer in between washings. You are then assured of its cost-effectiveness as it lessens the number of times you need to perform waxing. It also does a pretty good job of cleaning without the risk of leaving streaks. Many also find the fact that it is easy to apply and use a bonus.

What to Look for When Buying an RV Wash and Wax

Maintaining the proper condition of your recreational vehicle is probably one of your priorities, especially if you want your RV to serve its main purpose for a long time. In this case, you need the best RV wash and wax, which is a big help in keeping your RV as well-maintained and clean as possible.


To find the perfect RV wash and wax for your needs, here are the most important things that you should look for:

Versatility – You need a truly versatile RV wash and wax, one that is not only compatible with your recreational vehicle but also for your other means of transportation. Note that you will be able to save significantly if you use a versatile wash and wax.

It is because you can use it not only for RVs, but also for motorcycles, cars, and trucks. This means that you no longer have to buy another one for the mentioned means of transportation if you also have them at home.

Ability to offer safety – Another important thing that you have to check in an RV wash and wash is its ability to work while keeping your RV safe. In this case, ensure that you spend time checking the major components of the product. It should never contain any abrasive materials as these might only add scratches to the RV’s surface.

You know that it is safe if you can use it without harming the RV’s decals and graphics, too. Aside from that, it should be capable of offering protection from various harmful elements. These include the UV rays, rain, and snow.

UV protection – Your chosen RV wash and wax also needs to have some sort of UV protection. Remember that the sun’s UV rays are damaging to the exteriors of your vehicle.

Constantly exposing your RV to the heat of the sun without some sort of protection might also trigger its discoloration. With that in mind, you need an RV wash and wax, which has UV protection. This can help retain the original look and natural color of your RV.

Biodegradability – It is also vital to pick an RV wash and wax, which is both earth-friendly and biodegradable. You will instantly know that it meets such requirement if it does not have any filler, extender, or other harmful ingredients.

Durability – It is also advisable to check how durable a specific RV wash and wax product is before buying it. It should be high-quality and high-grade in the sense that its effects will last for quite a long time. To determine how durable a particular RV wash and wax is, spend time reading and understanding its label and descriptions.

If its label has no information regarding recommendations and tips then it is possible that its manufacturer tries to conceal that specific amount of time that it will last. You will instantly know whether a product is durable if its label indicates the specific length of time it will last.

This is usually provided based on the number of years. Reading reviews is also a major help in figuring out whether the product you wish to buy is indeed authentic and durable. It will give you an idea of whether it can deliver what it promises.

Ability to offer protection to your RV’s custom graphics – It is also necessary to figure out whether or not an RV wash and wax can protect the customized graphics in your recreational vehicle. Keep in mind that some recreational vehicles, particularly those with fiberglass exteriors, have customized colors and graphics.

These items need a high level of protection. In line with that, you need to find a wash and wax, which is compatible with the customized graphics of your vehicle, if there are any. Stay away from generic ones in that case. Look for a product, which can effectively protect and handle the custom graphics.

Ensure that it also performs two important functions – being a cleaner and protectant. You will know right away that you have the right product if it can retain the natural luster and color of the custom graphics in your vehicle. That should be the case even if the area is constantly exposed to the UV rays.

Abrasiveness – Another important thing to look for when shopping for a reliable RV wash and wax its level of abrasiveness. It is mainly because a product, which is too abrasive might cause fine scratches to form into the finish of your RV.

Prior to investing your money in a product, spend time checking whether it scores decently in a hazing or scratching test. Ensure that the score is not too low because a low one indicates the extreme abrasiveness of the product.

If it is too abrasive, then it might cause cloudiness or haziness, particularly in vehicles that have clear-coated surfaces. Aside from checking the abrasiveness of the product, you also have to determine whether you can safely use it for vehicles that have clear-coated finishes.

Other Important Factors to Consider


What is an RV Wash and Wax?

An RV wash and wax refers to a product, which is specifically formulated and designed to clean and add shine to the interiors and exteriors of your recreational vehicle. Most of these products can perform such a function with just a single step. In fact, it does not require you to use a hose and several buckets of water in order to work.

The high-quality RV wash and wax also makes use of a special formula, which helps get rid of road grime, dust, mud, bug deposits, and grease from the exteriors of your recreational vehicle. Aside from that, it adds a deep shine. Some of the top RV wash and wax in the market also have UV inhibitors.

These ingredients are designed to offer protection from fading. One great thing about RV wash and wax is that it does not strip the wax or polish from your vehicle, which often happens if you are using dishwashing detergents.

The best ones can remove and loosen tough dirt without harming or removing your RV’s protective coatings. Some can even prolong your RV’s polish or wax.

How Does it Work?

In most cases, an RV wash and wax works with the help of a sponge, cloth, or soft brush. You need one so you can apply the product into your RV roof and give it a deeper clean. It works by not only cleaning the RV roof’s surface but also waxes it in such a way that it will receive a glossier finish.

Aside from that, it has been found effective in getting rid of the majority of surface problems. These include bug deposits, bird droppings, road film, dust, and grime, among many others. Another major function of an RV wash and wax is that it offers protection from the harmful sun’s rays.

With its ability to protect your vehicle from the damaging UV rays of the sun, you will gain peace of mind since it will not fade that easily. This will prevent the need to repaint your RV’s roof frequently.

The fact that it has zero abrasive ingredients or materials also means that it works in washing and shining various types of vehicle without causing damages to their surface. It has a low sudsing quality, which makes it work more effectively than typical RV wash soaps. It also effectively gets rid of mold and mildew that might damage your RV’s structure.

Types of RV Wash and Wax

One thing that you have to remember about RV wash and wax is that its types differ based on its manufacturer. Among the common varieties of this product that you will find in the market today are those that have carnauba wax, emulsifier, and polymer. You can expect these varieties to be made out of cleaning agents.

The types of RV wash and wax also differ in terms of the specific items used in applying them. You can find those that you can apply with the help of a cloth, sponge, or soft brush. Most types of this product cannot also just clean and wash your RV. They also work with the help of UV inhibitors that can block the harmful UV rays.

Generally, though, you will see their differences based on their manufacturers/makers. The majority of them have eco-friendly and biodegradable ingredients, though, making them work without causing harm to the environment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What are good RV wash and wax brands?

Several brands of RV wash and wax are actually available in the market, which ensures that you will never have a difficult time choosing one that suits the make and model of your RV.

One great brand that caught the attention of many RV owners is Gel-Gloss. The RV wash and wax of this brand is actually highly concentrated while also boasting of its bar soap element. It is an excellent choice for those searching for a biodegradable and environmentally friendly product.

It does not contain any ingredients that will put your vehicle in danger. You can also go for the Aero Cosmetics brand. Being a waterless kit, you have a guarantee that it is not that difficult to use. Many agree that this brand’s product will maintain the cleanliness and new look of your vehicle for a long time.

Camco is also another brand that gained an excellent reputation in the RV wash and wax industry. It is remarkable with its strong cleaning power, as well as its water-resistant feature.

Aside from being able to clean up your vehicle, it also provides the surface with a shining finish. Other prominent brands to check out are Meguiar, Star Brite, Thetford, Mothers, and TriNova.

What to wash your RV with?

Washing your RV with the help of RV wash and wax is possible with a cloth, sponge, or soft brush around. You may also need water to rinse it with after the application. In terms of drying the washed and rinsed area, you need a blower, a chamois, or a towel.

By completely drying the area, you can reveal its natural and great shine. You might also need an RV polish, which is helpful in providing a protective coating into the area.

How to clean the outside of a camper/trailer/RV?

Cleaning up the exteriors of your camper or trailer with the aid of top rated RV wash and wax is not that hard. The first thing that you ought to do is to park it in a place, which is far from direct sunlight. Remove dust by spraying some water over it.

With the help of some clean water, as well as a sponge or mitt, wash the exteriors of your vehicle from its topmost part down to the bottom. Make sure to apply the right amount of RV wash and wax or a mild soap. Rinse it well and use a soft cloth to wipe the area dry.

When it comes to cleaning up your RV, remember that the use of extreme pressure and hot water might be damaging to it. With that in mind, you should exercise extreme caution in terms of cleaning it up. In this case, ensure that a pressure sprayer nozzle is kept around at least sixteen inches from your vehicle.

In addition, you need to be extra careful when using a pressure sprayer in an area surrounding all your RV’s attachments, including appliance vents, doors, and windows, among others. In case you wash in an area surrounding glass using a pressure sprayer, ensure that you are holding the nozzle at correct angles.

If you intend to clean the roof then you should climb up with the aid of a ladder. You have to do that so you can scrub it well. Get on top of your roof so you can easily clean it. Be extra careful when climbing on top. Ensure that you bring the supplies you need for cleaning.

Use your non-abrasive RV wash and wax in cleaning up your recreational vehicle if it is constructed out of metal. Note that metal recreational vehicles need to be washed with caution. Make sure that you do not use wrong cleaning products as this might only lead to damages or rust.

If you want to gain the best results then apply the RV wash and wax first in order to remove most dirt and grime. Apply it on your entire RV then scrub it with the aid of a soft-bristled brush. When dealing with residual grime and dirt, the best thing that you can do is to wipe it away.

What is good about an RV wash and wax is that you can use it in cleaning both your RV’s body and roof. The best thing that you can do is to check the instructions in the package of your chosen product. That way, you can use it correctly in getting rid of road grime, insect residues, and black streaks.

When it comes to waxing, you should apply a bit of it into a soft cloth the use it to rub the exteriors gently. Avoid washing and waxing in direct sunlight to prevent the area from quickly drying out. Stay away from those products with high-abrasive compounds as these are harmful to the surface’s luster because they might scrape the coating.

How often do you need to wash your RV with an RV wash and wax?

To ensure that your recreational vehicle continues to look good for a long time, you need to wash it with an RV wash and wax regularly. If possible, do it twice or thrice each year. It is advisable to clean your RV as frequently as possible and do it thoroughly to ensure that it continues to look new and shiny.

Keep in mind that if you let residue and dirt to continue sitting on your RV’s exterior for a long time, it might lead to extreme damages to the area. Among the elements that can greatly damage the exterior if you do not wash it often are road tar and salt, tree sap, UV exposure, acid rain, bird droppings, and bugs.

Note that these elements, when they stay for too long, can lead to chemical spotting, staining, and corrosion. You can get rid of all that with the aid of the right RV wash and wax product. Ensure that you wash it based on what is recommended on the product’s package, specifically at least two or three times annually.

What is good about washing it up as frequently as possible is that it does not only keep your RV clean and functional but also ensures that it is fully protected, especially because it is waxed regularly.

What are some other tips for washing your RV exteriors?

Aside from using a good RV wash and wax product, there are also some other tips that can ensure that your recreational vehicle will stay as good as when it is still new. One tip to keep in mind is to focus on hand washing. Note that it is the best cleaning method for your recreational vehicle.

Avoid using a power washer as much as possible because this is actually too strong, causing extreme damage to your RV’s finish. Also, ensure that you are using only those cleaning agents and waxes that are approved by the RV industry. Stay away from strong automotive cleaners as these are also damaging to your RV’s finish.

Also, before using your chosen RV wash and wax, ensure that you test it out first. You can do that by applying it into a small part of your vehicle that is not too visible. With that, you will know instantly whether your chosen product can be used without causing a lot of damage to its finish.

It is also advisable to scrub your RV’s exterior with the aid of a soft automotive brush. If possible, choose a brush that has an extending handle. This promotes ease in reaching all parts of your vehicle, even those that are difficult to reach. Another important tip is to do the washing and waxing of your vehicle regularly.

In case you find the task too huge to do all at once, you can choose to do one manageable portion every week. You can also make use of a power polisher but ensure that you do not apply it too aggressively. When it comes to waxing, extreme care is necessary, especially in areas with RV graphics.

That is especially true for those graphics that are applied to the surface with the aid of a tape. If you do the mentioned tips then it will be easier for you to maintain the great look and excellent condition of your RV’s exterior, which allows you to enjoy the pride of owning a great-looking and fully functional vehicle.

Can you use car wash and wax on an RV?

RV owners can use car wash and wax products on painted rigs. But these options aren’t a great RV cleaner for fiberglass or gel-coated motorhomes. In these situations, users should stick with choices explicitly made for camper usage.

If you don’t, these car washes and waxes could cause surface damage. It’s not uncommon to see streaks or oxidation acclimation occur when using the wrong product. You might even notice that your fiberglass motorhome starts to look a little dull or chalky.

But we’d still recommend choosing a motorhome wash and wax unless you don’t have another choice. If you’re stuck picking a car wash and wax, check its label to see whether it’s designed to repel water and has a UV protectant.

Where to buy gel-gloss RV wash and wax?

Gel-gloss RV wash and wax should be available on various online stores, such as Home Depot, Walmart, Camping World, and Amazon. But the best place to purchase would be Amazon, as they’ll likely have it for a lower price than the rest.

Buyers can always expect Amazon to have lower RV wash and wax price tags than their competition. Plus, their shipping policies and customer service are known for being high-quality to ensure you feel comfortable buying from them.

If you’re looking to find a store selling this Gel-gloss “RV wash and wax near me,” Walmart or Home Depot stores should have them in stock. But online shopping ends up being more convenient when it comes to selection and lower prices.


With the many uses of the best RV wash and wax, it is safe to say that one of the most helpful RV cleaning tips is to invest in a safe and reliable product in this category. You will never regret once you finally take a hold of a reliable RV wash and wax as it has the power and efficiency of the best RV wash brush and cleaning solution you can find in the market.

We would like to thank you for reading this article. Find out more about how to choose the RV wax and RV caulks with our reviews and ratings. Furthermore, please take a look at the RV roof coatings and sealants, RV roof cleaners and RV awning cleaners to choose the right one for your RV cleaning, storage and maintenance.

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