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The Best RV Wash Brushes for Easy Cleaning

Written by Stephen Ryan / Fact checked by William Turner

An RV looks good, whether it’s clean or dirty. But if your missus won’t stop bothering you about cleaning it up or you really have to clean your camper up else the exterior would rust, may even cause wear and tear, then it’s about time you do. You shouldn’t use anything less than the best RV wash brush for this task.

best rv wash brush

You wouldn’t want to do it over and over again, do you? You also wouldn’t want scratches on your vehicle because you didn’t use the correct tool, right? Of course not. For your beloved RV, you shouldn’t settle for anything subpar. So without further ado, here are my most recommended RV wash mop choices that you should look into.

Top 1

Camco RV Flow-Through


Dimensions 39 x 8 x 5 inches
Weight 2.13 Pounds

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Top 2



Dimensions 2 x 2 x 78 inches
Weight 3.39 pounds

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Top 3

Unger Professional


Dimensions 3.5 x 10.5 x 2.88 inches
Weight 0.8 pounds

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Table of Contents

10 Best Wash Brush for RV Reviews 2023

1. Camco RV Flow-Through Wash Brush

This heaven-sent cleaning brush is the solution to all my cleaning woes: it saves me time and effort each time I use it to clean my RV. I like to go on trips on the RV with the family, but I always dreaded the cleanup – not anymore.

This Camco RV wash brush with adjustable handle cut down my cleaning time in half and my arms and back do not hurt anymore after every cleaning. Our RV gets used a lot in the summer and it gets dusty and grimy pretty fast – which also meant I had to clean it more often than usual. I thought of investing in this RV cleaning brush and I am so glad I did – I guess I looked happy when I was cleaning the RV while using this for the first time that my 7-year-old son offered to help and join in on the fun! (Don’t worry; I still did most of the work)

I’d say I’m about average height and build, but I still appreciate the adjustable length (43 to 71 inches) because it is very convenient in cleaning those hard-to-reach places and I don’t have to throw my back out cleaning the RV. I really liked the integrated on/off button because I don’t have to keep going back and forth to turn the garden faucet off and on to save water – I can control it as I go along.

I think the only downside is that the wide cleaning head is only 11 inches if it’s at all possible to have a wider cleaning head, I think it’d be perfect.

This Camco wash brush has a well-thought-out design: the locking brush head prevents unnecessary movement and gives me better control, while the rubber corners prevent scratches on edges. The soft bristle brush head plus the built-in squeegee ensure a thorough cleaning every time.

  • Adjustable length
  • Integrated on/off button saves water
  • The head is locked in and overall sturdy construction
  • Soft bristle brush and squeegee in one
  • Rubber corners for safety
  • Could be a bit wider
With all the time, water, and effort that this cleaning brush saved me, I would count it as one of the best purchases I’ve made in my life.

2. EVERSPROUT 7-to-19 Foot Scrub Brush

I have been trying to find a good RV brush that does its job and at the same time does not burn a hole in my pocket – and I’m happy I found this reliable Eversprout Scrub Brush!

It’s such a versatile brush that I use it not just for cleaning outside of RV but for every part of my house as well. I repainted our living room recently and I needed to clean and prep the walls and ceiling, and its adjustable handle (6.5 to 18 feet) made my task a whole lot easier.

I like that the brush is soft and does not scratch surfaces because this way I only need one brush when I work around the house and clean the RV, even though my front deck and my windshield are made of different materials.

This RV brush is available in three sizes, but I opted for the 18’ one as I felt it is just the right length for me – the 12’ one is a bit short (I have short arms, I know) and the 24’ one is a little too much; but I guess some people would prefer the other sizes.

I wish they packed the item properly, though, because as soon as I opened the package it came in, it looked broken – it seemed that the head and the handle were haphazardly placed in the box. I get that the brush can be detached for the pole, but the state it came in gave me a minor panic attack (I don’t like having to call customer service for such a simple item). Fortunately, it wasn’t damaged at all, but I would appreciate it if it had been handled better.

Also, it’s a slight nuisance, but aligning the thread of the brush head to the pole requires focus (once it’s aligned well, though, turning and locking it in place is a breeze)

  • Available in different maximum lengths (12, 18, or 24 feet)
  • Have 3-stage adjustable handles
  • Soft bristles with rubber bumpers and built-in squeegee
  • Aluminum pole so it’s lightweight and doesn’t rust
  • Aligning the brush head is a bit troublesome
Even so, I would say that this is a good buy and I might even get one for my dad for Christmas so he wouldn’t have to use a ladder to scrub and clean hard-to-reach areas.

3. Unger Professional HydroPower Wash Brush Head

I love the MOFEEZ Pro because of its ingenious cleaning brush design. However, some RV owners might find its price somewhat prohibitive, making the Unger Professional HydroPower Wash Brush Head a better choice. This product has a few elements similar to the MOFEEZ Pro, but affordability is its principal advantage.

Although the company says this camper washing brush has soft bristles, most RV owners find them on the slightly stiff side. It is not a drawback, especially if one wants to rid surfaces of stubborn stains, dirt, grime, oils, and other contaminants. A soft-bristled brush will be less effective in removing these particles.

Its stiffer-than-usual bristles make this cleaning brush perfect for rough and non-finished surfaces. It should be a breeze to clean boat and RV undersides, plus motorhome roofs. This brush should also be effective for driveways, garages, and other areas in the house.

I also appreciate the built-in water channels in the brush head. Unfortunately, I could not find credible information about the number of water ports. Regardless, cleaning RV surfaces should still be hassle-free because of this feature. Users can free one hand from holding a garden hose because it already connects to a compatible brush handle.

The brush head measures nine inches long, an inch shorter than the MOFEEZ Pro. Attaching a pole or handle is a breeze because this cleaning brush accepts any device with a universal thread.

Unfortunately, the unidirectional bristles make this cleaning brush less effective than the MOFEEZ Pro in removing dirt and particles in corners. Moreover, the stiff bristles can also be an issue on glass and other surfaces with a delicate finish.

  • Ideal for non-painted, rough surfaces
  • For RVs, garages, and other areas in homes
  • Water channels for easier cleaning
  • Nine-inch cleaning head
  • More affordable than other RV cleaning brushes
  • Fits brush handles with a universal thread
  • Not suitable for corner cleaning
  • Not as soft as other products
This RV cleaning brush is not perfect, but it does an excellent job removing stubborn dirt and stains that most soft-bristled brushes cannot. Moreover, it is affordable.

4. MOFEEZ Pro Car RV Marine Household Soft Detailing Brush

The MOFEEZ Pro Car RV Marine Household Soft Detailing Brush stakes its claim as one of the best cleaning brushes for multipurpose applications. Although this product looks like any other cleaning brush, its performance speaks volumes about its outstanding design.

I like this cleaning brush better than the Unger HydroPower because of its unusual design. The HydroPower has a standard single-orientation form that removes dirt and debris only on surfaces parallel to the brush head. On the other hand, this cleaning brush has the bristles facing laterally and vertically, allowing RV owners to clean almost any surface in their motorhomes.

For example, the side-oriented or lateral-facing bristles are perfect for removing dirt in corners. The bristles are also softer than other brands. Each strand has a rounded tip that does not leave nasty scratch marks and streaks on surfaces.

I love this cleaning brush for motorhome units because its brush head is dense. Every square inch of the cleaning tool has 400 soft-tipped bristles nudging dirt, grime, and other particles off motorhome surfaces. Its ten-inch long and 3.5-inch wide brush head is more substantial than the HydroPower, quickening the cleaning process.

Adding to this cleaning brush’s thoughtful design are six water channels. RV owners can connect their garden hose into the brush handle and convey water through the ports. Cleaning has never been this hassle-free with this brush’s ingenious design.

Sadly, this RV cleaning brush does not come with a pole or handle, so buyers may have to make another purchase.

  • Scratch-free soft bristle design
  • 400 bristle fibers per square inch
  • Integrated water channels for hassle-free cleaning
  • 10-inch by 3.5-inch cleaning surface
  • Side-oriented and vertical bristles for cleaning
  • Can be connected to a handle
  • No handle
Still, I will choose this RV cleaning brush over the Unger HydroPower anytime. Its unique design features are sufficient to offset its lack of handle.

5. Shurhold 1960 Marine Mate Soft Brush

I got this Shurhold Marine Mate brush for cleaning my boat, but when I first got it, I thought I’d try it out first on my RV as it needed to be cleaned – and I didn’t expect that it would work as well as it did.

I am glad to have found this brush because it now serves as an all-around brush for me – I don’t have to purchase a new one for all my cleaning needs. It works well with all the cleaning products I use, and it lathers soap nicely with its split-ended fibers. When I used it on my camper, I thought it would chip away the paint, but its bristles are soft enough not to damage the paint, yet still works effectively in scrubbing off the moss and other stains.

I like that the brush is flared in a way that it gets into the edges and crevices that are difficult to reach, and the brush head doesn’t get in the way. The flared brush also covers more surface area when scrubbing, so it cuts down my cleaning time – something I appreciate a lot because I really don’t like to clean.

If I had the option, though, I would prefer the wooden handle to have a better coat, maybe an anti-slip coat so it will be easier to grip even with wet hands. It’s not that it gets very slippery, but I have sweaty hands and I have to hold on to it tighter sometimes (my problem, not the brush’s, but it would still be nice if the brush handle could be improved). I can work with it well when I’m wearing my cleaning gloves, so I guess that’s still alright.

  • Pole length and grip size are just right
  • Angled pole for easier scrubbing
  • Easy to store
  • Flared bristles for edges and crevices
  • Lathers soap and water well
  • The wooden handle becomes a bit slippery with wet (or generally sweaty) hands
Even so, I would still recommend this to anyone who is having a difficult time finding a good brush that is just the right size for all your general cleaning activities.

6. Carrand 93062 Deluxe Car Wash Brush

I have a pickup, an RV, and a sedan, and this scrub brush works well on all of them. I was particularly impressed that it worked well with my RV because I thought that the soft brush will only be good enough for my sedan and pickup, so I was pleasantly surprised.

I wasn’t particularly looking for an all-around brush, but I am glad that I found this one. The pole itself has a good foam handle so it won’t slip even if it gets wet, and since its pole length is adjustable, it can be used on vehicles of all sizes.

The slightly flared ends of the brush and the rubber bumper on the brush head prevent accidental scratching, especially when I’m cleaning my windshield. Its 10-inch-wide brush head makes it suitable for dipping and scrubbing and it can be easily stored when the handle is detached and retracted to its shortest length (36 inches).

However, I realized that this could be a better brush if its bristles are a little more flared, so that it would cover more surface area while I’m cleaning. I noticed that I had to hold the brush at a certain angle to get into the edges of the windows, so I thought maybe if the brush is flared a bit more, then it would make my job a little easier.

In spite of that, I think this scrub brush is a good buy because I can use it to clean all my vehicles – and even other parts of my house. I tried it on my wooden deck, and it didn’t damage the stain finishing at all. It goes without saying that it also works well on my cars and doesn’t ruin the paint finish.

  • Adjustable length extends to up to 65”
  • Foam on the handle provides for better grip
  • Could be used on any type of vehicle
  • Rubber bumpers prevent damage
  • Bristles could be a bit more flared
  • Soft bristles are not designed for heavy-duty cleaning
Overall, as an RV scrub brush, this Carrand Deluxe Car Wash brush does a pretty good job – and it is well worth its price.

7. AutoSpa 93303 with Long Chenille Microfiber Wash Mop

If you’re looking for a washing brush that completely “hugs” the edges of your vehicle so as to remove the dirt even on curves, then this cleaning mop by Autospa is a great choice.

The brush head is actually made of long Chenille Microfiber, which is great for cleaning vehicles while greatly avoiding scratching your baby. The head is hollow and made of plastic, which works well for cleaning folds and edges. It appropriately reaches inside tough corners, allowing me to clean my RV studiously.

However, since the inside of the mop head is hollow and the rings are only supporting the outer portion, it’s a bit hard to really scrub some areas with solidified dirt on it. If you put more pressure, you might break the mop head’s holder. I have come to the conclusion that this mop isn’t for hard scrubbing. My solution was to hose down hard-to-remove dirt before cleaning the entire vehicle.

I also love that you can extend the pole for up to 48 inches, which reduces the need for stepping stairs to reach the roof. The locking mechanism works well to prevent the extended pole from sliding back in, even when the pole is wet and slippery. This telescoping RV brush also has rubber grips to prevent it from slipping from your wet hands.

  • Mop has Long Chenille Microfiber
  • Extendable for up to 48 inches
  • Has non-slip grips
  • Can clean sharp corners and hard to reach curves
  • Can’t clean sticky and solidified dirt
All in all, if you are very concerned about your paint and polish, the Autospa mop is a great choice for you as it will never scratch your trailer. The downside is that you have to hose down dirt that you can’t scrub off.

8. DocaPole 5-12 Foot Soft Bristle Scrub Brush Extension Pole

If you need a wash brush with a really, really long handle, then there is nothing better than Docapole’s five-foot soft bristle scrub that can be extended for up to a whopping 12 feet! You won’t need any more extensions than that.

The wash head is a bristle brush but worry not. It is made of soft bristles, so it won’t scratch your paint. I have tried it myself and I must say that I like the results. I was able to remove hardened dirt without having to scrub viciously. Because it is angled, I was able to reach even the corners and between grills.

Extending the pole is hassle-free as it uses a lever to lock the extension to place. The lock is very effective as I don’t experience any pole collapsing inside. The pole is also lightweight enough for one person to hold and use it, even when fully extended.

The downside to this wash brush is that the brush head is a bit small for my liking. The size is perfect for balancing the pole and brush, though. Still, I had to dunk the brush over and over again as it can only hold a bit of water and scrubbing surface area is small, which means more work.

What I love most about Docapole is that they offer a 100% guarantee that their product will work as intended. If there’s any failure with the extension and locking levers, you can contact customer service for a replacement. Not that I’ve ever needed this before though, I have always been satisfied by their products’ performance.

  • Can extend up to 12 feet
  • Lever locking mechanism for the pole extension
  • Well balanced
  • The brush is angled for better cleaning
  • Has a 100% product guarantee
  • The brush head is too small
Even with its small brush head, I really like this washing brush by Docapole. You can even use it for other aspects of the home, such as windows, gutters, high ceilings and more.

9. Carrand 93053 Deluxe Jet Dip Brush

Although very basic in its design, this jet dip brush by Carrand can definitely get the job done.

This is the best choice for a wash brush if you are looking for a sturdy cleaning tool that will last a very long while. Even if the handle is fully metal, it is lightweight and doesn’t corrode easily. The brush is small enough to fit any bucket, so I was able to easily dip the brush in soapy water. The bristles are soft enough not to cause any damage to your camper’s paint job, but it’s stiff enough to remove hardened debris.

However, I think the brush is too small for brushing a big vehicle such as an RV. The brush is just eight inches, as compared to other brushes that are up to 12 inches.

Nevertheless, it is a great basic wash brush that won’t strain your back when cleaning your vehicle. Its four feet handle is enough to let you reach the roof, as well as the lower parts of your trailer without having to bend down.

Plus it’s fairly cheap! If the price is your concern, you will love the quality of this brush for such a low price.

  • Affordable
  • Basic but great
  • Sturdy full metal handle
  • Has a plastic grip that prevents slippage
  • Bristles are soft and won’t scratch your paint
  • The brush is too small
  • The handle is a bit short
Carrand 93053 may be the most basic of all the RV wash brushes I have featured here, but it is nothing short of great. For its price, you will definitely love it as much as I did.

CARCAREZ Flow Thru Dip Car Wash Brush (Outdated)

If you’re looking for the softest brush available in the market, the CarCarez Flow Thru Dip Car Wash Brush is definitely the one. It is so soft it almost feels like a sponge.

While there may be a problem with other brushes scratching the paint off of RV campers, you won’t experience that with this brush. Even with its softness, it is still able to clean my vehicle properly. Removing dirt and bird poop isn’t as tough since it can be attached to a hose, so I can simply water down some dirt. It has an on and off switch for the water too, which is fairly useful.

With the sponge-like design of the brush, it’s able to hold soap and water rather well. I don’t have to dip it over and over in the bucket just to keep it soaped up. The fibers of the brush head are able to fit through the grills and narrow slits, allowing me to really get rid of all the dirt, whether on smooth surfaces or through narrow crevices. It also has two non-slip grips to make cleaning easier even if the pole gets wet (not that I experienced the handle getting wet).

I’ve read about this brush’s issue with other handles. Many broomsticks and mop handles are said to not fit this brush head. So in order for me to avoid this problem, I just purchased the entire set of brush with handle. No sense trying to save a few bucks just to end up getting stuck with a brush head that you can’t use with anything. Once I received the package, I quickly tested the head with other handles, and sure enough, it was hard to find a match. Out of half a dozen I tested, only one was able to fit. I patted myself on the back for purchasing the whole set.

Make sure to clean the brush thoroughly after use. Some dirt may get stuck between the bristles and may scratch your RV’s coating in the future, so make sure it’s clean as new before you store it away.

  • Bristles are soft and sponge-like
  • Able to clean a camper properly
  • Can hold a lot of soap and water
  • Has an on/off water hose function
  • Has two non-slip foam grips
  • Not a lot of handles can match the brush head
This is surely one of the best RV wash brushes I have ever tried. You can use for up to a dozen washes before it shows any sign of wear, which is a good enough level of usage. Just skip yourself the agony and get the set with the handle.

What to Look for When Buying an RV Wash Brush

rv cleaning brush

Back in the days of old, the saying must be true that the dog is man’s best friend. Gone were those days now, for today the dog has been replaced: nowadays, a man’s best friend is his vehicle. And the RV is probably one of the world’s most cherished rides.

The RV (which stands for recreational vehicle) is one of the most popular vehicles in the world, and for good reason. It is more than just a mere ride that gets you from Point A to Point B, the RV is a home away from your home. As a man who loves collecting different cars and vehicles, I must admit that RV is probably one of my most beloved rides.

It is a behemoth on wheels, a ride that is designed to have the optimum design for accommodation! It is also a monster under the hood, being able to cross great distances of beaten paths and forgotten roads, all the while carrying your loved ones (and yes, even your pets!) with you! Isn’t that just amazing?

However, as any RV owner is supposed to know, driving the RV and maintaining the RV are two very different things. With the RV, driving is only half the battle, as the other half is knowing your RV. For instance, what kind of wash brush are you using to clean your beloved RV? What makes a good RV wash brush? What are the things to look for when buying one for yourself?

As a seasoned owner, I am going to impart bits of knowledge and wisdom I have amassed through years of traveling with my RV. Here are some of the factors to look for when buying your next RV wash brush.

The Right Size

When buying an RV wash brush, most owners would say ‘the bigger, the better’. However, that is not always the case, as there are instances when ‘bigger’ brushes just won’t do it for you. There are multiple factors with regards to this; however, the topmost of that list is the user’s height. Owners of the average stature can sure use the boost when cleaning the RV roof, as reach is always an advantage. However, I have met some owners that have difficulty with this since they are tall, which makes maneuvering of the brush harder. The right size does not always mean ‘bigger’, the right size depends on the owner.

However, when talking about the standard in the community, the general consensus is that your brush should at least be at least five feet. This is to assure the owner that the brush can reach even the farthest parts to clean, like the roof for example. With a long brush you can use average stools or chairs to stand on, instead of opting for the bigger and heavier ladders.

One solution that some companies have opted for is adding extending poles or telescopic cleaning poles. Such handles can be extended or shortened, depending on the user’s needs.

The Right Features

Because the RV is such a popular vehicle not just here but also abroad, it does not surprise me that there are a lot of brands out there that cater to our RV needs. Each company and brand has its own features and advantages that they employ to attract more owners. There are a number of features to consider when looking for your next RV wash brush.

  • Brush Types

Even after years of collecting vehicles and cars, I am quite surprised to learn that a small number of grizzled veterans and newcomers miss the fact that there are a number of brush variations. Namely, they are the standard bristle brush which we see commonly, then there is the mop fiber brush, and lastly the drill-attachment brush. Take a look at all three and weigh your choices.

  • Grip

There are two main kinds of grips. First, there is the standard rubber grip which ensures a no-slip advantage as you use it for cleaning. It provides better maneuverability for the brush and while helping your actual grip. The second one is the foam grip, which gives comfort for your hands while working on the cleaning.

Sides and Bumpers – It is recommendable to opt for RV wash brushes that have rubber sides and bumpers. This helps ensure that no additional damages are done to the RV while cleaning it.

  • Handles

There are wash brush handles out there that are fixed, and at the same time, there are the telescopic handles. With the fixed brush handles, you cannot adjust the brush to however long you want it (which differs as you clean different areas), but it gives you a somewhat sturdier feel. Telescopic handles are wonderful if you want to change the brush length depending on what you are doing, just make sure to get one that has a great length lock.

  • Bristle Design

The bristle design is probably the most examined part of the wash brush. There are two main options when it comes to this: the regular bristle brush, and the flow-through bristle brush. The regular bristle brush is straightforward in cleaning strength as it is able to remove dirt even in the toughest spots; however, there is a chance for scratching. The flow-through brush is often the choice for owners, as it is gentle with the surface but is still able to perform its function.

  • Additional Features

Aside from the basics, there are also brand items out there that have additional features. For example, there are RV wash brushes that can be assembled and disassembled. This makes it easier for storage, as well as replacing parts. There are also RV wash brushes that can be connected directly to a garden hose, which cuts the cleaning time significantly with its simultaneous function.

The Right Price

After taking a look at the various factors that are to be considered, you are now to look at its price. We have different experiences with different brands, and it sometimes boils down to the materials used for the wash brush. Cheaper brushes are often made with average materials, which speak of lesser durability but at a more affordable price. The higher-end brands tend to be slightly pricier, but its make usually speaks of great quality.

Other Important Factors to Consider


What Is An RV Wash Brush?

Since its inception, the RV has become a global favorite and has since become synonymous with the idea of ‘travel’ and ‘road trip’. With its hulking size, it promises a grand space meant for comfort and accommodation. It is able to store your everyday household stuff and needs while making sure that your family and friends are able to rest and hang out with ease. Its great size is enough to have a bathroom, a kitchen, a receiving area, all this on top of your sleeping quarters. Indeed it is a home away from home.

Aside from being a behemoth in size, its strength under the hood is awesome too! To be able to travel between great distances, from the beaten path to a beaten path, from a forgotten road to another is a sure feat for the RV! All these mileage even as the sun is out and blistering, even when the rain is pouring down a cloudy sky, the RV is sure to get you from here to there!

With all these capabilities and potential, it is understandable then that the RV has an enemy unlike any other: the dirt. As you travel countless miles on unpredictable weather and terrain, your RV is sure to get dirty. Although it is made to withstand that, as a responsible owner, it is your job, in turn, to not make the RV’s job harder. But cleaning the RV with a normal brush just would not cut it, which is why companies and brands have made wash brushes that are specifically RV-standard.

The RV wash brush has a delicate balance, it is not hard enough to scratch off your RV’s gel and paint, but it is also not soft enough to just go by a dirty spot. This is why regular cleaning tools would not work for the RV; it is simply a different vehicle than your average car. It has an extendable reach and a brush with three or more sides (oftentimes with rubber bumpers and sides too, for extra protection!) for a cleaning edge.

Regular washing and cleaning tools would not do so much for the kind of dirt the RV gathers, that is where the RV wash brush comes in.

How Does It Work?

The RV wash brush works just like any other cleaning brushes, with the only difference being the make and the added functions. There are multiple variations for the RV wash brush that can help owners create a smoother cleaning experience.

The most common of this variation in cleaning technology is the telescopic handle. As its name suggests, the telescopic handle is an adjustable handle that shortens or extends depending upon usage, utilizing a mechanism similar to that of the telescope.

Using a precision or length lock in order to help the mechanism stay in place, this is a pretty handy advantage considering the enormous size of the RV. With this, you can adjust the wash brush and make it more suitable for you by giving smoother maneuverability.

Another notable product variation of the RV wash brush is the drill-attachment brush. Coming in both bristle brush and mop fiber brush types, the drill-attachment brush (as its name suggests) is a wash brush that can be attached to your average drill and clean with better power and precision.

This can be utilized in many situations, like when you have a dirty spot that could not be cleaned using your ordinary brushes. Aside from these two, there are also RV wash brushes available in the market that could be directly connected to your garden hose.

As a seasoned RV owner, I can wholeheartedly admit that sometimes doing it traditional with a standard RV wash brush and a bucket just takes so much time and energy, both of which could be spent in another area. By connecting the hose directly to the wash brush, you are able to wash, rinse, and repeat the process with a faster timeframe, while also making sure that thorough cleaning was applied.

What Are The Different Types Of RV Wash Brushes?

Since the RV is a popular vehicle among travelers all over the globe, it comes with no surprise that a number of companies have given us numerous options when it comes to choosing its tools, like the RV wash brushes. Both seasoned owners and newcomers, at one point, were confused about the different types of RV wash brushes out there.

When it comes to actual brush types, we have three main variations of the RV wash brush.

First, there is the bristle brush. The bristle brush is probably the most common among the three, and it is the traditional standard. The bristle brush is a dependable cleaning tool for the RV, with strong bristles to wash away dirt, be it heavy or light.

The second variation is the mop fiber brush. Similar to the appearance of the standard mop, the mop fiber brush is great at removing moisture from surfaces, while also chipping away at those stubborn dirty spots in different areas.

The third variation of the RV wash brush would be the drill-attachment brush. The drill-attachment brush is equipped to a standard drill, and that is where it does its miracles. With concentrated power, precision, and speed brought about by the drill, the drill-attachment brush is able to turn any corner or surface squeaky clean in no time.

When looking for an RV wash brush, it is also important to take note of its bristle design. Different bristle designs serve different functions. Mainly they are categorized as flow-through brushes and regular brushes. With the flow-through brushes, you are guaranteed to have a brush that is kinder to your RV’s surface, while also being able to gather dirt. Strength is key with the regular brush, however, when used without care it can damage the RV’s gel coating or paint.

Why Do You Need A Brush For RV?

RV wash brushes are important in the maintenance of RVs. They are designed to have enough strength to wash away the dirt from all your rugged travels, while at the same time delicate enough to not damage the RV’s paint job.

As compared to the typical wash brush, an RV cleaning brush is a specialty one, with the following benefits:

  • Longer poles – whether telescopic or non-extendable, an RV wash brush has longer poles that allow users to clean the highest points of the RV, such as the roof. Typical brushes are too short for this task.
  • Soft but sturdy bristles – these bristles are made to clean campers thoroughly, without causing any damage to the paint.
  • Grip handles – because users will likely use the brush in a raised manner, there is a high chance that water will drip down the handle and slip from the user’s hands. As such, many RV brushes come with grip handles.
  • Water pump compatible – many an RV washing brush can be attached to water hoses. The water flow can usually be controlled with an on and off switch on the pole’s handle.

The material is usually better for specialized RV brushes compared to regular brushes, too.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are good RV wash brush brands?

If you want to maintain the cleanliness of your camper, you should use a really good wash brush from brands you can be confident of. Some brushes are so bad, you had to do the cleaning all over again. To avoid that, get RV washing tools from these brands:

  • Camco
  • Eversprout
  • Shurhold
  • Carrand
  • CarCareZ
  • AutoSpa
  • DocaPole

Can I use RV wash brushes on truck/SUV/car?

It actually depends on the type of product, but in general, you can use RV wash brushes on other vehicles; whether it be for your SUV, your sedan or your truck. You can even use this inside your home for cleaning fans, windows and more. Some brushes can even be used in boats!

What can I use to clean the outside of my RV?

RV owners do not need many tools and materials to clean their motorhome’s exterior. They only require plenty of clean water and elbow grease. RV families can also use an RV wash kit or any motorhome-specific cleaning product or agent.

For example, fiberglass surfaces require a soft-bristled brush to remove bugs, oxidation streaks, and other particles before cleaning with a sponge dipped in a warm water-liquid laundry detergent solution.

If there are oils and grease, we need methyl ethyl ketone (MEK) and a fiberglass wax to restore the motorhome’s shine.

Cleaning the motorhome roof requires applying a mild laundry detergent and scrubbing it with a long handle car wash brush.

A roof conditioner might also be necessary to prevent EPDM and TPO rubber RV roofs from drying and cracking. We must not use petroleum solvents, citric acid-based cleaners, and harsh abrasives in cleaning the RV roof.

Soft mitts, non-abrasive cleaners, soft-bristled cleaning brushes, and surface-appropriate waxes are necessary for cleaning stainless steel and aluminum RV sides. Meanwhile, wash-and-wax products are perfect for fiberglass panels.

Silicone-based cleaners are ideal for rubber seals, while tire and wheel-appropriate cleaning agents are essential for these RV components.

Can I use Dawn to wash my RV?

There is confusion in the RV community regarding Dawn’s suitability as a cleaner for motorhomes. Some use Dawn to wash their RVs, while others do not.

Many RV owners cite Dawn’s branding as one of the market’s mildest yet most effective detergents. It is tough on stubborn stains yet gentle enough for a baby’s skin.

They believe adding Dawn to their cleaning brush system with soap dispenser will make RV cleaning more hassle-free. They can remove dirt and stains in one go with a flip of a switch.

On the other hand, some RV owners say using Dawn can strip the motorhome of its top coat, leaving a soapy film on the surface. Experts recommend testing Dawn on an object with a similar composition to the RV. If everything works out fine, it should be safe to use Dawn as an RV cleaner.

Interestingly, most RV owners agree that Dawn is safe on RV roofs. This mild detergent should also be beneficial in cleaning unpainted RV surfaces and components. After all, there is no top layer finish to strip.

Can I replace the RV wash brush head?

Most RV cleaning products come in sets, so sometimes the brush heads can’t be removed. Some, however, can be replaced, especially if it is a screw-on type. It all depends on the type of RV wash brush you are purchasing. Some brush heads can be purchased individually, and you can simply use your paintbrush rods or broomstick for the handles.

Will an RV wash brush scratch the paint?

No, an RV cleaning brush won’t scratch your trailer’s paint, as long as you use the right brush. There are many brushes out there, and not all are made for cleaning vehicles. Some brushes have bristles that are too hard that they will scratch the paint, others are too soft that they won’t be able to remove dirt. RV wash brushes are made at the right softness to enable cleaning without the paint peeling concern.

Also, after using your wash brush, make sure to clean it properly to get rid of debris. Either sundry it or use a dryer to completely dry it off before storing it.

What cleaning products should I use with an RV wash brush?

You can’t clean your RV with just a brush. You need other items for this task. Aside from water, here are other products that would complete your cleaning routine (this is the number one list when it comes to RV cleaning tips):

  • RV wash and wax, soap or shampoo – this will help soften and break down dirt that has solidified.
  • Wash bucket – this is where you mix water and shampoo. It must have a wide enough mouth to accommodate the wash brush head.
  • Drying cloth – this could either be a microfiber cloth or a synthetic chamois. Whichever the item, this cloth helps you properly dry your vehicle for the application of the polish.
  • Vehicle Polish – if you want your vehicle looking shiny and new, you should use an RV or car polish ready. It would be better if the polish you have needs no buffing to make the vehicle shine.

How to set-up and use?

Setting up is pretty easy. Most of the washes brushes are ready to use anyway. However, for those that still need assembly, you just need to follow the instructions. Most are screw-on, especially the extendable RV wash brush types.

When cleaning your RV, you just need to dip the brush head or the mop into a pail that contains soap and water, and you’re good to go. If your wash brush can be attached to the water hose, then good for you! Cleaning up will be easier when you can easily control the water flow using the wash brush itself.

How to care and store?

If your wash brush can be assembled and disassembled easily, without the need for using tools, storing would simply be by disassembling and placing in a box. If not, keep it as is in your shed. Before storing it away though, make sure the mop or the brush head is perfectly dry. You can do this by wringing the mop carefully and then keeping it out to dry in the sun. If the sun’s not out, just leave it to air dry. Moist mops can harbor bacteria, which would render your brush unusable for future washes.

Where to buy?

A wash brush is easy to find. You can buy one from Walmart, Home Depot and Lowes. If there’s an RV specialty store in your area, there’s a high chance they’ll have the product you are looking for.

If you don’t have the time to go to the local home improvement stores, you can always search for a truck wash brush online, through Amazon.com, for example. Most of the time, the items are discounted online. Plus you’ll have an added bonus of having the product delivered at your door. If you’re within the area, you might even get your order within the same day.


Cleaning your beloved camper doesn’t have to be complicated at all. If there is a lot of grime that’s stuck in the crevices, get a brush that’s flared and have strong bristles; that’ll get to the hard to reach areas easily, effectively removing stuck dirt. It also allows you to have access to hard to reach areas. RV wash brushes are specialty brushes — they don’t cause scratches on your camper’s paint. Just make sure there are no pebbles or tough dirt stuck between the bristles.

Remember, if you are armed with the right cleaning tools — the car soap or shampoo, the wax, the microfiber cloth, and of course, the best RV wash brush — then you’re all set! These will make your camper looking good and like new.

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