Choosing the Best RV Water Filter 2019

Are you searching for the best RV water filter? If your answer is yes then you’re visiting the exact right place as you’ll be on your way towards getting a clearer idea about 10 of the most reliable water filters for your recreational vehicle.

Best RV Water Filter

A short buying guide and FAQ section will also follow, making it much easier for you to figure out which water filter for RV hose can provide you with several benefits.

10 Best RV Water Filter Reviews 2019

1. Camco 40043 TastePURE Water Filter

One water filter that I will always recommend for anyone who is in search of a high-quality water filter designed for RV use is the Camco 40043 TastePURE. What I initially like about this filter is its large capacity. In fact, it has a larger capacity, allowing it to last the whole season.

It’s actually a 20-micron, high-flow sediment, and carbon filter, which works in significantly reducing the growth of bacteria in the water it treats. It is designed with a wide body, which supports its high flow rate and capacity.

The built-in granulated activated carbon is also beneficial at it can offer you safe drinking water regardless of the source of potable water. It works in reducing bad odor, taste, sediment, and chlorine in drinking water.

In addition, it’s also great for use in any campsite. What’s even better about this Camco water filter is that it is capable of preventing mold, bacteria, and fungus from growing in the filter in case you don’t use it.

I also like the water filter’s in-line design as I find it really effective in streamlining the flow of water. It’s equipped with a flexible hose protector, too, which works in minimizing the risk of kinking.
  • Large capacity and high flow rate
  • Offers safe drinking water all the time
  • Reduces bacteria, mold, and fungus growth
  • In-line design, promoting a more streamlined water flow
  • Minimizes kinking with its flexible hose protector
  • Does not come with a case to maintain its cleanliness and protect it

2. Camco EVO 40631 Premium RV/Marine Water Filter

I would also like to suggest checking out this Camco EVO premium water filter. I find it really impressive as it works as an effective self-contained filtration system, which you can easily attach to the supply line of your RV, resulting in the delivery of fresh-tasting and clean water regardless of the water source in a campground.

I noticed that it works by combining physical filtration with an activated charcoal as a means of getting rid of microorganisms, particulates, bacteria, and chemicals, such as chlorine. With that, there’s an assurance that you will constantly have access to safe and healthy water, which tastes fresh and great.

Another reason why it continues to leave a good impression is that it is designed for RVs and campers. You can readily use it as the product already comes with a 12-inch extension hose. You can also make use of its one polypropylene filter cartridge.

Furthermore, I am sure that you will also love the extra filtration as well as bacteria control that it offers considering the fact that it also boasts of a granular-activated carbon bed. It’s quick and easy to install while also promoting a streamlined water flow with its in-line design.
  • Effectively gets rid of unwanted particles and chemicals from water
  • Ideal for RV and camper use
  • Ready to use with its extension hose and cartridge
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Guarantees a more streamlined water flow
  • A bit prone to leaking

3. Camco 40013 TastePURE Water Filter

If you are planning to compare Camco 40013 vs. 40043 then I’m pretty sure that you’ll find this section helpful as it talks about the Camco 40013 water filter. I like the fact that this water filter has a wide range of uses considering the fact that it can offer protection against many things.

It can protect your water from aluminum, cadmium, bacteria, bad taste, fungus, iron, hydrogen sulfide, chlorine, heavy metal, lead, odor, sediment, and iron, among many others. With that extensive protection, you are assured of the ability of the water filter to make your drinking water not only safe but refreshing, too.

I also think that you’ll be impressed with the durability and premium design of the filter. It features a 100-micron fiber barrier, which works in improving the filtration process. In addition, it has a wide body, which guarantees that it also has a large capacity, giving it the chance to last the entire season.

What’s more? It is equipped with a highly flexible hose as well as an in-line design, which you can use for kink-free and high water flow.
  • Can offer protection from a wide range of unwanted elements
  • Guarantees the delivery of safe and refreshing drinking water
  • Highly durable
  • Improved filtration process provided by the 100-micron fiber barrier
  • In-line design and flexible hose for a kink-free performance
  • A bit heavier than other filters

4. Culligan RV-800 Exterior Pre-Tank RV Water Filter

I also highly recommend checking out a Culligan RV water filter. In this case, I’d like to introduce the Culligan RV-800 RV water filter. I am impressed with this water filter as I noticed how easy it is to connect it not only to RVs but also to boats, motorhomes, campers, and trailers.

Such ease in connection is made possible with its 12-inch flexible hose. It also takes pride in its slim design, making it really ideal for use in recreational vehicles. I’m assured of its ability to minimize the odor and taste of chlorine as well as bacteria and sediments in water because of its quick fill design and high flow rate.

It also has a long cartridge life that can last for a max of 2,000 gallons. One more thing that’s impressive in this Culligan water filter for recreational vehicles is that it is compatible with all standard hose fittings.

Another noticeable feature in the product is the bacteriostatic filter media, which is effective in limiting the growth of bacteria. I also noticed that it’s designed in such a way that anyone can install it easily and quickly.
  • Easy to connect to RVs, boats, motorhomes, and trailers
  • Slim design with a 12-inch flexible hose, promoting ease in connection
  • Minimal odor and taste guaranteed due to its high flow rate
  • Long lifespan of the filter’s cartridge
  • Limits bacterial growth, thanks to the bacteriostatic filter media
  • The hose is prone to kink.

5. Culligan 1019084 RV Drinking Water Filter

I think another water filter from Culligan that is worthwhile for you to check out is the Culligan 1019084. I like it specifically because it boasts of its solid and sturdy design, which makes it suitable for exterior water filtration in a recreational vehicle. This high-quality filter is constructed in such a way that it provides better-tasting water.

It also guarantees a cleaner water storage tank. I find it perfect for use in recreational vehicles because it comes with a convenient hose fitting kit as well as a slim design. With that, I know that you will find it easy to install and store.

It comes with a filter cartridge, too, which is efficient in removing sediments, bad taste and odor, as well as chlorine taste, and odor in water. I also noticed that it comes complete with most of the things that you need to make the water filter work, including the hose connection kit, filter housing, filter change reminder sticker, and replacement cartridge.

It even comes with instructions on how to install and operate it, offering more convenience on the part of the user.
  • Solid and sturdy design
  • Provides better-tasting water free of any unwanted contaminants
  • Easy to install and store with its slim and compact design
  • Installation and operation instructions included
  • Removes sediments and chlorine with its filter cartridge
  • Prone to leaking, especially if not screwed correctly

6. Watts POE12DSA1KDF Water Filter

You can also go for a Watts RV water filter in the form of the brand’s POE12DSA1KDF dual-exterior model. I noticed that this water filter from Watts Water Technologies performs a really efficient and remarkable job in filtering water in your RV.

I am sure that it will constantly provide you with safe and clean drinking water because of its ability to reduce a lot of contaminants found in the water. Installing the water filter in your RV, therefore, can give you peace of mind.

One noteworthy fact about this water filter is that it utilizes a sediment filter. Such filter is also equipped with a multi-ply filter media, which, I think, is really beneficial because it provides a great holding capacity. In addition, it lengthens the life of the filter.

It also comes with a GAC/KDF filter, which does a good job in getting rid of inorganic contaminants prior to reaching the carbon bed. This results in a high level of protection from bacteria buildup and fouling. It also comes complete with a cartridge, hose fittings, bracket, and wrench.
  • Gets rid of contaminants in water, keeping it as safe and clean as possible
  • Easy to install
  • Great holding capacity provided by the multi-ply filter media
  • Offers full protection from bacteria buildup
  • Boasts of a long lifespan
  • The plastic output fitting is prone to leaking

7. Camco 52700 Hydro Life Inline Water Filter

I can also say that the Camco 52700 Hydro Inline Water Filter is one of the most reliable products in the water filtration industry. One specific feature I like about it is the catalytic carbon filtration that it uses, which is helpful in constantly produces clean and safe water from any source of potable water.

The catalytic carbon is also used together with KDF 85 as a means of reducing heavy metals and chloramines found in potable water. With the help of the KDF 85, heavy metals will be trapped, which is a major help in preventing the growth of bacteria, especially if you are no longer using the filter.

I can also offer an assurance that this can extend the lifespan of the filter. The durability of this in-line water filter is also unquestionable. It boasts of its wide body, which is helpful in providing high water flow. It also boasts of its large 8,000-gallon capacity.

I am also impressed with the inclusion of a flexible hose protector into this unit. It is because I find the hose effective in minimizing the strain taken by the spigot or faucet from the water filter’s weight.
  • Reduces heavy metals and chloramines present in potable water
  • Lowers risk of bacteria growth in water
  • Highly durable in-line design
  • High water flow guaranteed by its wide body
  • Minimal strain, thanks to the flexible hose protector
  • Slightly leaks

8. Hydro Life 52141 HL-200 External Water Filter Kit

Another RV water filter that you can use is the Hydro Life 52141 HL-200. One thing I noticed right away is that it’s primarily designed for RVs, boats, and trailers provided they come with an external water hook-up. Expect it to work in filtering water prior to entering the freshwater tank.

One positive quality of this product is that it is adaptable, which allows it to be installed permanently. I also like the fact that it works as a high-volume water filter as it instantly means that it is capable of getting rid of almost all lead and chlorine present in water.

It also constantly leaves a positive impression because it makes use of a patented KDF media along with GAC (granulated activated carbon), which promotes a high level of protection and filtering when dealing with contaminants. Safe, clean, and good-tasting water can also be expected as it’s free of foul odor and bad taste.

I am also sure that you’ll be impressed with the garden hose connector included in the kit as you can use it in replacing cartridge effortlessly even without tools. It’s also compatible with a garden house connection.
  • Good for RVs, boats, and trailers equipped with an external water hook-up
  • Adaptable, allowing permanent installation
  • High-volume, making it effective in removing lead and chlorine
  • Provides safe, clean, and good-tasting water
  • Replaces cartridges with ease
  • High cost for its replacement filters

9. Fette Filter 2-pack RV and Marine Inline Water Filter

Another RV and marine water filtration system that you can check out is this one offered by Fette Filter. What’s so remarkable about it is that it features two RV and marine inline filters as well as one flexible hose protector.

I also like the wide body integrated into this filter as it results in a high flow rate and capacity. With such high flow and capacity, I am a hundred percent sure that it is capable of lasting for the whole camping season. One more thing present in it is an activated carbon, which promotes the constant supply of safe drinking water.

It’s also possible for the activated carbon to give you a high-quality water, which can improve your nails, hair, and skin condition. I find the sediment filter that it uses perfect for campsites, too, as it significantly lessens chlorine, sediments, foul odor, and bad taste in your drinking water.

The filter also boasts of a decent lifespan as it can last for around three months. Note that its life will also be dependent on the quality of water.
  • Comes with two inline filters designed for RVs and marine use
  • Guarantees high flow rate and capacity
  • Equipped with a flexible hose protector
  • Supplies safe drinking water constantly
  • Ideal for use on campsites
  • Requires replacement every camping season

10. CLEARSOURCE Premium RV Water Filter

Lastly, I want to recommend the premium RV water filter offered by CLEARSOURCE. What I love about this water filter is that it has a premium design. In fact, it is designed sturdily to deal with the rugged lifestyle of any RV owner.

It boasts of its rugged and sturdy metal chassis with a powder coating. It is beneficial as it promotes ease of setup or installation between your RV’s freshwater connection and the water source.

I am also impressed with its 5-micron sediment filter, which performs really well when it comes to getting rid of sediments. There is also a 0.5-micron 2nd stage carbon filter, which is effective in removing a lot of contaminants and chemicals from water, including cysts, volatile and organic compounds, giardia, and chlorine.

Another thing that I really like about this premium water filter is that it is made to stand up years of abuse with its really sturdy and solid construction. I am impressed with its highly durable fittings and hardware constructed out of stainless steel, too. It is also very convenient to use with its built-in stand.
  • Premium and sturdy design
  • Powder-coated metal chassis known for its ruggedness
  • Easy to set up or install
  • Highly durable stainless steel fittings
  • Equipped with a stand for more convenience
  • Fixed hose fittings, causing the need for twisting the hoses

What to Look for When Buying an RV Water Filter

To figure out which among the products introduced to you is the best RV water filter based on your unique needs, it’s advisable to make your choice taking into consideration these crucial factors:

Type – One factor you have to consider when searching for the ideal RV water filter for your needs is its different types. One of your options is actually the in-line filter, which you can use at your RV’s entry point. It’s a good choice if you’re planning to do basic sediment filtration and get rid of bad odor and taste in water.

You may also choose the compact canister. Similar to the one, which is mainly used for a whole house system, this filter still has its own distinction in the sense that it is more compact. This results in the filter fitting in your RV. You can also customize it based on your specific needs.

Another type that you can choose is the reverse osmosis. It’s a good choice if you want to purify water. Other options that you have are the sediment and carbon filters.

How much water you plan to filter – It’s also advisable to make a decision based on the amount of water you plan to filter. In this case, ask yourself first whether you want to filter all water or just some of your sources of water. That way, you can decide on the specific type of filter that works for you.

In case you are exposed to dirty water with sediment, then you may want to invest in an RV water filter capable of filtering all water in your RV. In this case, you can go for sediment filters that are known to be common in RVs.

Ease of use/installation – Make it a point to choose a filter, which is never that hard to use or install. Remember that you will be replacing it after some time – after around 3-12 months. Make sure that you won’t deal with a lot of hassle once it’s time to change the filter.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does an RV water filter last? How often should I change it?

RV water filters last for around 3-12 months depending on the brand and the quality of the product. That said, it’s advisable to replace it every 3 to 6 months. As mentioned, there are also certain models that can last for up to 12 months. Such products should be changed at around 9-12 months.

Make it a point to observe the output after the filtering process, too as this will also give you an indication whether it’s already time to change it. In most cases, changing or replacing the RV water filter is already necessary if the water flow tends to slow down or if the color of the water gets darker.

Can I use it for hot water?

The answer is no. It is because hot water can’t be filtered adequately when you run it in the RV water filter. In fact, it might reverse the process of absorbing chemicals, causing the release of contaminants back to the water. That said, only use the filter on cool or cold water.

In case of accidentally running hot water through your chosen filter, you can fix that by running cold water to it for around two minutes. That would be enough time to flush the hot water out.

Does it leak?

Yes, the RV water filter might also leak, especially if you have already been using it for quite a while. If you notice leaks, then it would be best to remove the water filter first. Check it thoroughly for damages or cracks. If there are indeed damages or cracks then you may need to change or replace it with a new one.

Another possible reason for the leak is the incorrect installation of O-rings. Examine the O-rings and ensure that they are still in the right places. In case of missing or damaged O-rings, a replacement of the filter may also be necessary.

How to install an RV inline water filter?

To install your chosen RV water filter, you have to install the rubber hose seals on the canister’s two sides first as well as the shut-off valve of the garden hose. Use plumber’s tape to wrap all fittings. You should then let the canisters line up using the correct flow pattern.

After that, install the PVC pipe fittings as well as the hose adapters on the two sides of the canister. The next thing that you have to install is the canister O-ring. You should also set the white filter cartridge next into your canister. Tighten it to its head. Do the same for the carbon filter then shut off your RV’s water supply.

The next step is connecting the water line from the source of water to the canister’s head. Connect a 3-feet water hose approved for RV hose to the head then next to the inlet. Turn on the water supply in your RV. This is the time when you should check for leaks so you can tighten the fittings again if necessary.

After that, decide on where you plan to mount the filter. Once you have made the decision, you can mount it using the provided brackets.

Where is it made?

An RV filter is usually made of a kind of filter media, which works in mechanically trapping pollutants. In most cases, this filter media comes in the form of an ultrafine sieve or web, which acts similarly to a tea strainer when it comes to trapping unwanted particles in the water.

Other water filters are constructed based on the process known as absorption. It works by retaining the contaminants in a medium or adhesion’s microscopic pores where they are attracted just like a magnet to the media’s molecules.


Finding the best RV water filter is a must, especially if you plan to travel on the road frequently. With the aid of this filter, you have an assurance that you will always have an access to safe and clean water.

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Choosing the Best RV Water Filter 2019
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  1. I have used the blue Camco 100 micron filter.
    It no way compares to the green Clear2o 1 micron RV filter for removing odors and taste for drinking water. I believe you should rerun yours tests.

  2. The Clear2O RV Inline Water Filter surpasses performance on all the filters mention on this article. It filters water at the one micron level. It uses a solid carbon block instead of granular carbon. Big difference. The ones mentioned above filter at the 100 micron. This is a big difference.

  3. Thank you for your reviews. Please add GPM when reviewing them next time. Some filters may work well (or not), but you need to compare micron filtration and GPM to figure out if that filter will work for you. I used to love the Hydro Life filters. Now they are not worth their price.

  4. Most of our travels are areas where the water is very “hard”. I am as much concerned about filtering the water to maximize the life of our water heater and plumbing fixtures. Which filter does the best job in doing that?

    • I highly recommend you to try Camco 40043 TastePURE Water Filter (best of the best) & Beech Lane External RV Dual Water Filter System (new release)

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