Best RV Water Hose 2019 – A Necessity in your Next RV Trip

Owning a recreational vehicle can give you the freedom to hit and enjoy the open road anytime you want. However, before going on a trip, it is crucial to invest in the best RV water hose and ensure that you have it on board.

The best drinking water hose for RV is actually constructed out of materials approved by the government to be safe for use on drinking water. That said, you can’t expect your green garden hose to be helpful in this case as there is a chance that it is loaded with toxic and harmful chemicals.

Best RV Water Hose

It is advisable to invest in the right RV hose as it actually plays a major role in your daily activities on the road. You can’t expect life on the road to be totally comfortable even with all the facilities that you have onboard if you do not have the most suitable water hose for your needs.

With a good RV freshwater hose, you can use something to fill your vehicle with clean water. The problem is that water hoses for recreational vehicles now come in various types. This might cause you to find it really tricky to choose the right one, especially if you are still unsure what you should look for.

To help simplify the whole selection process for you, I compiled some of the best water hoses ideal for recreational vehicles. You can pick one based on what you think is capable of giving you the best value for your money.

10 Best RV Water Hose Reviews 2019

1. Camco Premium Drinking Water Hose

If you wish to invest in a Camco drinking water hose then the 50-feet Camco premium water hose will never cause any disappointment. One benefit of this water hose is that it is built to be extra tough. It also works well for your RV needs, and for camping, watering livestock, washing vehicle, gardening, and other applications.

I think that Camco also prioritizes the user’s safety when manufacturing this drinking water hose as it is free of harmful substances, including phthalate, BPA, and lead-free. I like the overall durability of this hose, too. It is because it is around 20 percent thicker when you compare it to other standard hoses used for drinking.

Such thickness allows it to resist pinholes and leaks. It also has reinforcement designed to maximize it kink-resistant ability. When used for drinking water, I am sure that you will also be happy with the fact that it does not cause any strong plastic taste.

Another impressive benefit of this drinking water hose is that it has an added durability brought on by the machined fittings at the end constructed out of nickel-plated brass. Such material is known for its ability to resist corrosion while also offering relief against the strain.

The fact that this water hose is UV-stabilized also guarantees that it has a longer life than the others. I noticed that the water hose is quite stiff during first uses, though but after some time, you can break it in.
  • Built to be extra tough
  • Ideal for a number of uses and applications, including RV usage and camping
  • Less prone to leaks and pinholes because of its thickness
  • Kink and corrosion-resistant
  • UV-resistant, boosting its durability
  • Quite stiff to use at first

2. Camco TastePURE Drinking Water Hose

Another high-quality drinking water hose offered by Camco is the 25-feet TastePURE. I love the flexibility of this 25-feet hose as it is fully functional in a number of applications and uses, not just for your RV and for camping. It is also designed to be useful when it comes to watering livestock, cleaning up your vehicle, and gardening.

Constructed out of the highly durable PVC material, I am satisfied with the high level of safety and security this drinking water hose offers. The material is free of the harmful phthalate and BPA while also ensuring that the water that comes out of it does not have the unwanted garden hose taste.

There is also a hundred percent guarantee regarding the safety of this water hose considering the fact that it complies with all the state and federal standards and laws in terms of using low lead in this product. Another great advantage is that it is highly reinforced, thereby maximizing its durability and kink-resistance.

It is also stabilized to handle UV rays well, which gives its users a guarantee that it is long-lasting. The length of this water hose is also considered to be just enough for the majority of RV users.

One flaw to take note of, though, is that it generates a lower water pressure than 5/8-inch garden hoses because its width is not the same as the latter.
  • Ideal for use on a wide range of applications, particularly for RVs and camping
  • Highly durable PVC construction
  • Free of phthalate and BPA, making it truly safe
  • Maximum kink-resistance guaranteed
  • UV-stabilized, allowing the water hose to last long
  • Generates a lower water pressure than other garden hoses

3. Teknor Apex NeverKink, 8612-50 Drinking Water Hose

Another of the potable water hoses designed for recreational vehicle use is the Teknor Apex NeverKink 8612-50. I am greatly satisfied with this product as it is known to be safe to use on all drinking water applications. It is mainly because it is lead-free while also complying with the safety standards in this industry.

I also find it really suitable for recreational use, including marine and RV applications. It is greatly beneficial to users because it makes use of a patented reflex mesh technology. This technology takes advantage of a reinforced mesh network, thereby preventing tangles, kinks, and twists as much as possible.

I am also happy with the overall flexibility of this hose. It is designed to be completely flexible, making it much easier to maneuver and handle. It also promotes ease when you attach it to the faucet because of its Thum Thing and ergonomic leak-proof coupling.

One more advantage associated with this water hose is that it can protect itself from mildew and mold. It is mainly because of the MicroShield antimicrobial protection used in the product. Kinks can also be prevented at the faucet with the aid of its rigid sleeve.

However, note that it is quite thinner when compared to other RV water hoses, making it prone to collapse when used around a tight corner.
  • Safe to use on all drinking water applications
  • Suitable for marine and RV applications
  • Prevents tangles, kinks, and twists
  • Highly flexible, promoting ease in handling and maneuvering
  • Easy to attach to the faucet
  • Can protect itself from mildew and mold
  • Thinner than other water hoses

4. Valterra W01-5048 Utility Hose

If you feel like a shorter hose will already suffice for your recreational needs then I highly recommend the Valterra W01-5048 Utility Hose. At 4 feet, it is definitely not as long as the other RV water hoses already reviewed earlier. Still, I find it more convenient to use because its shorter size also means that it is less bulky and more lightweight.

With such length, I can easily carry it around and use it when I am camping or enjoying an RV trip. It is also fully suitable and safe when used for drinking water. It is non-toxic, which means that you will never have to worry about your drinking water getting contaminated with toxic substances.

Another great advantage of this water hose is that it delivers a 160 psi working pressure, which is decent enough for most recreational applications. It also comes equipped with a user-friendly hose gripper, which makes the entire hose even more convenient to use. You will even find it convenient to use in filling your drinking water containers.

The overall construction of this faucet is also flexible yet sturdy and firm. One major drawback, though, is that it makes use of plastic material for the faucet’s connector so it is vulnerable to leaking after some time of use.
  • Convenient to use because of its shorter length and lighter weight
  • Safe for use on drinking water
  • Non-toxic
  • Delivers a decent 160 psi working pressure
  • Flexible yet sturdy and firm construction
  • Features a user-friendly hose gripper
  • Prone to leaking over time because of its plastic connector

5. Teknor Apex 8602-75 RV and Marine Hose

If you wish to invest in an RV and marine hose, which is less prone to kinking, then I think that the Teknor Apex 8602-75 water hose is perfect for you. One thing I really appreciate about this RV and marine hose is that it is lead-free while strictly complying with the standards in terms of lead content.

With that in mind, I am sure that all users will feel safer and more secure when using the water hose as there is a guarantee that it is safe for drinking water. It is even constructed out of FDA sanctioned materials, further improving its safety when used on drinking water.

Another positive benefit of this RV and marine hose is that it is constructed using the patented NTS reflex mesh technology. With this technology, you have a hundred percent guarantee that the hose will remain free of tangles, twists, and kinks. It also promotes a leak-free and easy attachment to your faucet because of its Grip-Tite coupling.

Furthermore, I noticed that it is easy to drain. Coiling it back neatly in its storage area is also very convenient. I also highly recommend it because of its overall durability. It is even possible for it to last for years without diminishing its level of performance.

One drawback, though, is that it makes use of subpar plastic material for the connector to the outside spigot or faucet. It would have been better if this is constructed out of metal.
  • Guaranteed to be non-toxic and lead-free
  • FDA-sanctioned materials used
  • Less prone to tangles, twists, and kinks
  • Promotes ease and leak-free attachment to the faucet
  • Easy to drain
  • The subpar plastic material used for its faucet connector.

6. Valterra W01-5120 White Drinking Water Hose

Another drinking water hose that continues to leave a good impression on me is the Valterra W01-5120. It is one of the most commonly mentioned products in several legitimate drinking water hose and heated RV water hose reviews because of its overall quality and efficiency.

I am impressed with the FDA-approved and high-quality materials used in this water hose from Valterra because these materials just showcase how good and safe this product is. With its safe materials, I am one hundred percent sure that it is non-toxic and guarantees the continuous supply of safe drinking water.

I am also glad that this water hose is made with high water pressure. It can supply up to 160 PSI working pressure. At 0.5-inch, this product is also capable of delivering a high burst pressure strength of up to 340 lbs. It also looks well-made and comes with just the right length that you can easily connect it to the water source.

I also find it totally flexible while being convenient to roll up. It comes with long and useful black ties that you can use to easily coil it up conveniently in its storage area. It is capable of connecting to the water source well and carries safe drinking water without any unwanted taste.

However, keep in mind that this product is not completely kink-proof, which is one of its drawbacks.
  • Non-toxic and safe to use on drinking water
  • Delivers a high water pressure
  • Supplies a high burst pressure strength
  • Comes at just the right length for a more convenient attachment to the water source
  • Easy to coil up in the storage area
  • Not fully kink-proof

7. Camco TASTEPure Heated Drinking Water Hose

I can also say that the Camco TASTEPure heated drinking water hose is worthy of anyone’s attention. It is one of the products from the brand that showcases a high level of durability and quality. This Camco heated RV water hose actually comes at just the right length, around 25 feet.

I also noticed how suitable it is to use in case you want to receive a high level of water line freeze protection. It even comes with an energy-saving thermostat, which allows it to deliver such protection with ease. The material used in manufacturing the hose is also devoid of any lead, phthalate, BPA, and toxic substances.

With that, I can assure you that the water it supplies will not have any unwanted or harmful chemicals in it. It does not also leave a plastic and unwanted taste to the water. I am also impressed with its versatility as it is perfect for use on a wide range of applications, including RVs, kennels, agriculture, livestock, and commercial, residential, and industrial purposes.

You will also find its sturdy exterior jacket truly beneficial as it has the ability to protect the electrical components and water hose from exposure to harsh elements and any possible damage.

In addition, it has heavy-duty fittings plated to maximize its corrosion-resistant ability, making it as long-lasting as possible. The problem with this Camco water hose, though, is that it is that it is slightly bulky and stiff.
  • Comes at a convenient 25-feet length
  • Provides a decent level of protection against freezing
  • BPA, lead, and phthalate-free
  • Highly versatile as it suits various uses and applications
  • Corrosion-resistant, thanks to its heavy-duty fittings
  • Slightly bulky and stiff

8. Plastair SpringHose PUW650B9-M-3-AMZ Drinking Water Hose

Another product worthwhile for your attention is the Plastair SpringHose PUW650B9-M-3-AMZ drinking water hose. One thing I am really impressed with as far as this product is concerned is the fact that it is constructed out of a virgin-grade polyurethane material.

Such polyurethane construction is actually a big help in making the hose capable of delivering safe drinking water. It is also sturdy enough, making it capable of resisting the possible harsh damages caused by the sun’s UV rays. The material is also tough while also having an abrasion-resistant ability.

Another benefit I noticed in this water hose is that it has the ability to protect itself against the damages that might possibly be caused by kinking and overstretching. It has a coiled design, which I also find unique. It has a recoil memory in the sense that it is capable of extending and retracting based on its natural compact form.

I also find the lightweight nature and the flexibility of this hose among its most favorable benefits. It ensures that you will not experience fatigue and too much stress using it. Furthermore, there is a guarantee of its ability to deliver a superior flow of water with the aid of its max-flow fittings, which also has anti-salt fittings.

Note that it is a bit prone to leaking over time, though, because of the soft rubber material used in its O-ring.
  • Constructed of sturdy and UV-resistant polyurethane
  • Prevents damages from kinks and overstretching
  • Features a unique and coiled design
  • Highly flexible and lightweight
  • Guarantees a superior flow of water
  • A bit prone to leaking after using for a long time

9. Element Marine and RV Water Hose

If you are looking for a really long water hose then the Element Marine and RV water hose will never cause any disappointment. It is long enough, up to 50 feet in length, so I am sure that it is capable of reaching the source of water in the campground no matter how far it is from your recreational vehicle.

I am impressed with its high level of burst strength and flexibility as I find both these qualities helpful when it comes to camping and boating. With its ability to resist kinking, I am also sure that this marine water hose works well whether you are on a boat, inside your RV, or in a campground.

As mentioned earlier, it has a high and powerful burst strength. In fact, it is at 400 PSI. With such burst strength, I have an assurance that it can handle even bigger tasks when you are in your recreational vehicle or boat.

What is even better about the burst strength of this water hose is that it also makes use of a patented hose armor technology, which makes it even more effective in preventing kinks from developing at the spigot. You can safely use it in a supply line for potable water as it is lead-free and phthalate-free.

It can also guarantee long years of excellent and heavy-duty performance with the help of its sturdy couplings that are crush-resistant. One noticeable flaw in this water hose is that it seems to produce a chemical smell at first use.
  • Comes at a 50-feet length
  • Guarantees a high and powerful burst strength
  • Capable of resisting kinks, especially at the spigot
  • Devoid of the harmful phthalate and lead
  • Comes with sturdy and crush-resistant couplings
  • Tends to produce a chemical first during the first use

10. ClearFlow Garden Water Hose

The last product that I am sure will leave a remarkable impression on anyone is the ClearFlow Garden Water Hose, which is also made in such a way that it is safe for potable and drinking water. The materials used in it, including the polyurethane nylon, gained the approval of the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF).

Such offers a guarantee that it is capable of supplying fresh water without lead, toxins, or the harmful rubber elements. I also like the clear material used in it as it lets UV rays to pass through it, a big help when it comes to getting rid of bacteria and preventing the growth of algae.

The crush-proof nylon fittings used in this water hose are also among the things that leave a good impression on me as I noticed that aside from being lead-free, they can also resist the risk of freezing. The fact that the water hose is lightweight also makes it more convenient to use in various settings, including indoors, marine, camping, and at home.

Even with its decent 50-feet length, this hose is still known for its compactness. It is compact in the sense that you will have an easier time coiling and storing it. It also boasts of its high 90 psi water pressure.

It has a drawback, though, and that is its vulnerability to yellowing after using it for a long time, especially if it gets exposed to the sun too often.
  • Safe for use on potable or drinking water
  • Capable of preventing algae growth and eliminating bacteria
  • Comes with lead-free, anti-freeze, and crush-proof nylon fittings
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Uses NSF-approved materials
  • A bit prone to yellowing after long-term use

What to Look for When Buying an RV Water Hose

Since buying an RV water hose requires you to examine and assess all your options critically, here is a short buying guide with some of the factors and key features that should be present in your ultimate choice.

Do not forget to read reliable RV drinking water hose reviews, too, as such can provide you with details on making the soundest buying decision.

The specific type of RV water hose you need – Note that RV hoses come in different types with each one performing a specific function. You have to figure out the specific hose you need since you can’t choose the wrong hose for a different purpose.

The most common types of RV hose are the potable or drinking water hose, heated water hose, no-tangle or kink-free water hose, and the freeze protection water hose. In terms of the drinking RV water hose, you can’t decide to use your regular garden hose because it is not designed for drinking water.

Note that the water you get from a garden hose is not the kind of water from your kitchen sink’s tap. It is primarily because standard hoses for the garden are usually constructed out of vinyl and rubber. In most cases, toxic substances and heavy metals are used to line them.

To find the ideal hose for drinking water, go for one lined with polyurethane material. It is the safest material for the hose. Another option is the freeze-protected or the heated water hose, which you should choose, especially if you often go on a trip to places with below freezing temperatures.

With such hose, you have an assurance that water will not freeze. The tangle-free RV water hose should be created out of reinforced rubber instead of vinyl. Note that hoses made of vinyl are prone to kinking so you need to choose one based on a reinforced rubber to ensure that it is kink-free.

The length of the hose – Before buying, it is also advisable to decide on the specific length of the hose that you need. Note that the most common ones are around 6, 12, 25, and 50 feet long. If possible, choose to buy water hoses that have various lengths.

Such offers convenience, especially if you are still unsure about how far the source of water is from your vehicle. Also, ensure that the length is just enough to let you connect to the water source without straining the hose.

Safety – Another crucial factor and quality you need to take into valuable consideration is the level of safety provided by the hose. This safety factor is all the more important, especially if you are planning to use the hose for drinking water.

If possible, go for white hoses constructed out of materials approved by the FDA. What is good about these drinking water hoses is that they are completely lead-free and comply with the safety standards. Just make sure that once you purchase a white water hose, you do not hook it up to the grey or black water tank.

Ability to avoid knots, tangles, and kinks – The most reliable water hose for your RV is also that which is less prone to kinking, tangling, and knotting. Remember that low-quality hoses are at risk of getting tangled, especially if you store them in a garage for a long time.

With that in mind, find a hose, which is kink-free or tangle-free so it will not lie in knots. Aside from being kink-free, make sure that it also comes with a tight coupling. Such can help ensure that it will connect to the faucet without the risk of leaks, thereby preventing you from wasting water when turning on the tap.

Flexibility – It is also necessary to scrutinize and assess the hose flexibility. Note that there are instances when it will have to pass through various corners and curves. In this case, you will find a flexible hose really useful as it lets you still have a good flow of water.

Proper storage area – Before buying, it is also advisable to ask yourself first if you have enough and proper storage area for the RV water hose. You need to store the hose properly to increase its chances of serving its purpose for a long time. If possible, invest in a hose bag or reel, which you can use in storing the coiled hose securely and neatly.

The proper storage area for the water hose is also that which protects it from the elements. This will ensure that the quality and life of the hose will be sustained for a long time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between a drinking water hose and a garden hose?

A drinking water hose and a garden hose are two different products. That said, you can never use a garden hose as a replacement for a drinking water hose. The difference between the two can usually be seen on the materials used in them.

A garden hose is often constructed out of materials containing lead or any other elements that are unsafe for consumption. The hose specifically designed for drinking water, on the other hand, does not contain the mentioned elements so you will see it is rated as safe for use on drinking or potable water.

A garden hose is also usually not strictly regulated while the one designed for drinking water needs to follow strict regulations before it can be introduced to the market.

Can I use a drinking water hose as a garden hose?

Yes, you can use a drinking water hose as a garden hose provided it comes at the length that makes it very convenient for you to use it in your garden. However, if you have a garden hose then you can’t use it as a hose for your drinking water unless there are really legitimate certification and proof that it is indeed safe for that purpose.

It is mainly because standard garden hoses usually have toxic chemicals in their materials, like phthalates, BPA, and lead that are unsafe for humans and animals.

Can you use a drinking water hose with hot water?

The answer is actually dependent on the brand and the model of the hose. Note that standard drinking water hoses are capable of withstanding maximum temperatures of 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you think that the water temperature that your hose will get exposed to is hotter than that then make it a point to look for a hose specially designed to handle hot water. However, take note that the majority of hot water hoses are designed for commercial purposes so they are either suitable or unsuitable for drinking water applications.

Can I use the drinking water hose to drain my water heater?

When planning to drain your water heater, the most suitable type of hose is the garden hose instead of the one used for drinking water. If you own a water heater then you are probably aware of how important it is to drain it at least annually to extend its life. It is because draining works in removing the buildup of sediments inside.

You can’t use a drinking water hose for this purpose, though as you have to avoid letting your drinking water come into contact with the mentioned sediments. In this case, you can make use of a garden hose for the draining purpose.

What is the water pressure (PSI) rating of an RV water hose?

This is again dependent on the brand and manufacturer of your chosen RV water hose. In most cases, though, the normal water pressure (PSI) rating often used for this water hose is around 40 to 70 psi. That would be more than enough pressure for your drinking water.

Is the water hose lead or BPA-free?

Yes, most of the water hoses designed for recreational vehicle use are free of lead, BPA, phthalates, and any other harmful and toxic substances. Such feature especially holds true if you are planning to invest in a drinking water hose as this product needs to adhere to the specific safety standards set by the government.

What is the RV water hose made of?

The safest RV water hose for you is that constructed out of FDA-sanctioned materials. The hose should be lead-free, which complies with the standards set by the government in terms of safety.

In most cases, the safest materials used for the water hose is the international-listed polymer and polyurethane as both are known to not be leached with toxic and harmful substances.

Is the RV water hose made in the USA?

Most high-quality RV water hoses are actually made in the USA. Such hoses also make use of materials approved by the FDA to ensure that they are free of lead and other toxic substances. Water hoses made in the US are also known for complying with the federal and state laws regarding lead levels, thereby guaranteeing their safety.


Undeniably, you have numerous options when it comes to searching for the best RV water hose – that is why you really have to spend time observing your options and gathering information about each one. Note that the quality and features of each hose can have a great impact on ease of use and lifespan.

If possible, choose one, which is long-lasting. It should serve its purpose for around 5-10 years. In addition, it should be less prone to rotting, cracking, and leaking. Look for a more cost-effective option by carefully scrutinizing its quality before buying.

We would like to thank you for reading this article. Find out more about how to choose the best RV water pumps, best RV water softenersbest RV tankless water heaters and best RV water pressure regulators with our reviews and ratings. Furthermore, please take a look at the best RV water filters and best RV shower heads, to choose the best one for your RV freshwater systems.

Best RV Water Hose 2019 – A Necessity in your Next RV Trip
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