Best RV Water Pressure Regulator Reviews 2019

The best RV water pressure regulator is the ultimate solution if your goal is to keep the plumbing system of your recreational vehicle fully protected from uncontrollably high water pressures. Most RV owners are already aware of how high the water pressure in the campground can reach sometimes.

The problem is that this high water pressure, when transmitted to your RV, might cause damage to its plumbing system. In this case, you can use the water pressure regulator primarily made for recreational vehicles.

It is only a small device but you will find it extremely useful in maintaining a safe level of psi as far as the water that enters your vehicle is concerned. Note that while newer vehicles are capable of handling up to 100 psi of water pressure, it is still recommended for newer models to stick to around 60 psi.

For older recreational vehicles, however, it is beneficial to stick to 50 psi. Also, take note that there are campgrounds with a source of water that already regulates pressure. In that case, the regulator is unnecessary.

Do You Need a Regulator?

To find out whether it is necessary to invest in this device, you can use a water pressure gauge as a means of checking the campground’s psi and whether or not it meets the recommended water pressure for RV. If you find out that you are really in need of the device, then you should know exactly how to use RV water pressure regulator.

Best RV Water Pressure Regulator

The proper use of the device involves attaching it to the water supply of the campground first. Do not attach it to your vehicle as doing so might only result in the bursting of the connection hose in case of really high pressure.

12 Best RV Water Pressure Regulators in 2019

Adjustable Water Pressure Regulator for RVs

It would be ideal for you to use an adjustable water pressure regulator for RVs if you want various water pressure for various applications or if you’re dealing with inconsistent pressure at the campground. Since it’s adjustable, you’ll have full control on the water pressure and flow.

This type of regulator is also easy to use. Some models only require the use of a screwdriver as a means of adjusting the flow and pressure. Some of the ideal options for water pressure regulators under the adjustable category are the following:

1. Renator M11-0660R Lead-free and Adjustable Water Pressure Regulator

One option for the best RV adjustable water pressure regulator is Renator M11-0660R. This lead-free device is equipped with a sturdier pressure gauge. The gauge has oil, which is the key to minimizing friction that might happen on the interior components. It also works in extending the lifespan of the device.

It is an adjustable regulator, which means that you can make adjustments to it up to 160 psi. You won’t have problems installing it as the product already comes with an easy to follow installation guide. It is well-built. The brass material’s finish and the seals are even carefully thought out.

Since it is lead-free, it is safe for those who use it, too. As for the gauge, you can expect it to work for a long time while staying crystal clear without any sign of rust even if you expose it to all kinds of weather frequently.

It is also constructed in a way that it will be compatible with all sources of water, including the NH threads as well as the garden tube threads. In addition, it is equipped with an inlet screened filter.

2. Valterra A01-1117VP Lead-Free Brass Adjustable Water Regulator

This product is also one of the offerings under the Valterra water regulator category. Just like the previous product, it is safe with its lead-free and brass construction. It works well in keeping your plumbing system from uncontrolled water pressure.

Note that while it comes with a preset psi of 45, it is still adjustable to reach a max water flow. One thing that leaves a good impression on users is its full flow design. It is a pleasure to use because aside from being user-friendly, mounting it and hooking it up is also easy.

Many also say that it is a must-have for all RVs and campers that connect to the water supply of campgrounds. It makes a lot of difference in terms of regulating water pressure as well as providing an impressive flow and volume.

It is well-built, works accurately, and is easy to adjust. While it is a bit costlier than other water pressure regulators, you will get your money’s worth right away with its effectiveness in fulfilling what it intends to do.

3. Trumeters Adjustable Water Pressure Regulator

You can also end your search for the best RV water pressure regulator once you come across this device from Trumeters. It is an adjustable regulator, giving you full control as far as regulating/controlling the water pressure in your recreational vehicle is concerned.

When adjusting pressure, though, ensure that you turn off all the water in your vehicle first. Doing such will produce better regulation of water pressure. You can adjust it up to 160 psi. It is a lead-free device, which also boasts of its nice brass construction.

Using this regulator is the key to offering protection to your hose, filter, and plumbing system. The regulator is also equipped with glycerin, which you can find within its gauge. It also features a bubble, which makes it even more shock-absorbent.

One more advantage of this regulator is that it has a gauge, which is clear enough that you won’t encounter problems reading it. It is also equipped with a screen filter on its inlet, which is helpful in protecting the interior components while extending their life.

4. Camco 40058 Adjustable Water Pressure Regulator

You can also pick Camco 40058 if what you are looking for is an adjustable and high flow RV water pressure regulator. This adjustable brass regulator from Camco can prevent damage to your hoses and RV’s plumbing system that the high-pressure water might cause.

It has a 45 psi factory preset pressure. However, rest assured that you can adjust it based on your preferred pressure with the aid of an adjustment screw in cap. In this case, you can lessen the pressure to a more consistent and safer 40-50 psi. It takes pride in its sturdy brass construction, which makes it safe for use on drinking water.

The constant use of this regulator can offer protection to your equipment, thereby extending its life. It can also minimize the risk of hose failure. It is known for providing solid value for your money with its reliable design and cutting-edge innovation.

It is also sturdy that it can serve its function for several years. Aside from regulating water pressure, it also helps ensure that there will always be adequate water flow to your vehicle.

5. RVAQUA M11-45PSI Adjustable Water Pressure Regulator

With its lead-free and brass construction, I am pretty sure that RVAQUA M11-45PSI serves as a safer and healthier option when it comes to regulating water pressure in your RV. The fact that it is lead-free is actually beneficial and safe as it can inhibit the growth of bacteria.

This device is equipped with a gauge constructed out of stainless steel material. It also boasts of its explosion-proof plug, which lowers the risk of the water spraying out once the water pressure goes beyond what it can handle. The material used in the gauge is also known for resisting water leaks, as well as dust, and shock.

In addition, the gauge has a built-in oil, which prevents possible damage to it caused by immediate changes in pressure. It has a universal fit, meaning it is compatible with all possible sources of water. It also boasts of its inlet screened filter known for its dual layer.

Such aids in filtering particles, thereby preventing impurities and damage on the regulator. You’ll also be pleased to know that adjusting the setting of the water pressure from 0-160 psi is easy with just the help of a screwdriver. It is compact, too, making it much easier to use.

6. U.S. Solid Lead-free Brass Adjustable RV Water Pressure Regulator

Another adjustable water pressure regulator that you can use for your recreational vehicle is this product from U.S. Solid. It is primarily designed to keep the water pressure in campsites under control. It is effortless to use when it comes to keeping the water pressure of this regulator at an even and safe level.

Adjusting the water pressure setting is also a simple process. You can make the adjustment from 0 psi to 160 psi by just using a screwdriver. You just have to pick your preferred water pressure. With the controlled water pressure, the filters, tanks, and water pipes will be fully protected.

The whole installation process is also easy. With the ¾-inch hose thread of this device, there is an assurance that it will fit all potential sources of water. The thread design is noticeably thick, too. Such promotes a good seal, which is the key to preventing water leaks.

Being lead-free, you will also obtain peace of mind since you know that it is safe and healthy to use. It is because bacterial growth will always be prevented when there is no lead. Lastly, there is what we call the inlet screened filter, which prevents the valve’s body from getting damaged or blocked since it filters debris, gravel, and other large particles.

7. Woodlev Lead-free Brass Adjustable Water Pressure Reducer

It is also possible for you to use this adjustable water pressure reducer from Woodlev in your recreational vehicle. It is a safe and user-friendly device with its lead-free and sturdy brass construction. What’s good about the device is that it was manufactured in a way that a highly advanced technology is used to purge lead.

You will not experience problems connecting it to the water supply in the campsite as the whole connection process is easy. Once connected, it can immediately reduce water pressure, which is the key to protecting the plumbing system in your vehicle from possible damage.

With this device, you can adjust the water pressure up to 160 psi. Do the adjustment once you make sure that all water sources and supply inside your recreational vehicle are turned off. Turning them off is necessary for doing the regulation and adjustment in a proper and more effective manner.

You will also have more reasons to invest in this water pressure reducer once you notice that it has an easy to read and clear gauge. It is well-designed while also taking pride in its hassle-free installation process. It is also sturdy with its heavy-duty brass construction. In addition, it works without leaking.

8. Valterra A01-1124VP Lead-Free Water Regulator

Another Valterra high-flow water regulator that you can choose is the A01-1124VP Lead-free model. With this device, there is a sort of guarantee that the plumbing system of your recreational vehicle will obtain full protection from high and uncontrollable water pressure.

It works by regulating any incoming water pressure. It does so by adjusting it to around 40-50 psi. It is lead-free, which is one of the reasons why many find it safe and healthy to use. Once installed, you will obtain peace of mind knowing that there is a very low risk for high water pressure to blow out or burst your water lines.

It is one of the well-built lead-free water regulators from Valterra, too. Since it is well-built, it is highly possible for it to constantly deliver an excellent performance, as far as regulating water pressure, is concerned for quite a long time. It has a solid construction, which also has a lower risk of leaking.

With the aid of this device, you will surely gain the confidence that your RV’s plumbing system will receive constant protection. It is equipped with a user-friendly hose gripper and a gauge, which is clear and easy to understand, too.

Fixed RV Water Pressure Regulator

It should be noted that your options for an RV water pressure regulator are not only limited to the adjustable types. It is no longer a secret that the adjustable models are pricier than the fixed types.

That said, you can go for the fixed water pressure regulator if you have a limited budget and are not yet ready to shell out a huge amount for this device. Ensure, however, that the fixed regulator is already enough to handle the entire process of regulating the water pressure.

You have to be a hundred percent sure that you do not need the adjustable type. The fixed water pressure regulator is a good buy if you are not dealing with an inconsistent water pressure. Also, note that it won’t be suitable if you plan to use varying pressures of water for a wide range of applications.

Provided the fixed RV water pressure regulator will suffice for your needs, you can expect it to work in providing an excellent water flow. While it is not adjustable, it also performs well and is always an economical option if you are not willing to spend money on expensive units.

Here are some products that you can check out if you plan to choose the best water pressure regulator for RV:

9. Camco 40064 Water Pressure Regulator

Camco also made a pretty good job when it manufactured the 40064 water pressure regulator with a brass construction. With its effectiveness in giving you full control over water pressure, you will gain peace of mind since you are one hundred percent sure that the plumbing system of your RV, as well as the water hoses, are protected from high water pressure.

This device is drinking water safe. Such high level of safety can be attributed to the low lead content of this device. Since lead is low, there is also a lower risk for bacteria to grow and develop. It is a fixed unit with a factory preset pressure of 40-50 psi. It is guaranteed safe for use outdoors, too.

One more feature in this water pressure regulator from Camco is the gauge, which you will surely love since it is readable and understandable. It indicates a green color to show that the regulated water pressure is between the preset 40-50 psi.

It is also a nice product to invest in as it promotes ease of attaching it to garden hose threads that are around ¾ inches. It is a solid water pressure regulator, which is easy to install and is proven to last for a long time. In addition, the brass material used in the device is less prone to corrosion.

10. Valterra A01-1122VP Lead-Free Water Pressure Regulator

Another fixed regulator designed for your recreational vehicle is the Valterra A01-1122VP. Your decision to install this lead-free regulator can definitely help a lot in ensuring that the plumbing system in your vehicle is fully protected from high water pressure.

It is primarily because of its ability to control any water pressure that is incoming by around 50-55 psi. It has a lead-free brass construction, which adheres specifically to the laws linked to lead content for devices and fixtures that might come in contact with drinking water. Such provides an assurance regarding its safety.

Another reason to love this water pressure regulator is the fact that it can provide more water flow (up to 15-20%) when compared to standard regulators. If you have a gas water heater then note that it is also possible for you to install it to its inlet part. Such is helpful in preventing the fluctuation of pressure within the tank that might cause cracks or failure in terms of function.

The fact that it regulates water pressure, keeping it as low as possible is also helpful in saving money. It is mainly because you will be consuming less energy when heating water with low or regulated pressure. It also works well for newer RVs, campers, and trailers.

11. Camco 4055 RV Inline Water Pressure Regulator

One of the most noticeable qualities of the Camco 4055 RV Inline Water Pressure Regulator is its sturdy brass construction. It is sturdy enough that it can serve its purpose for several years. Aside from being sturdy, the overall brass construction is also lead-free, making it drinking water safe.

It also performs its main function of preventing possible damage to water lines, pumps, hoses, and the overall plumbing system of your RV that might be caused by inconsistent and high water pressure often present in campgrounds. It can, therefore, prolong your plumbing’s life while also preventing the failure of water hoses.

In terms of regulating or reducing pressure, it can do so at a consistent and safe level of around 40 to 50 psi. That would be safe enough for most of the water fixtures and facilities present within your RV. It is also designed to work outdoors, which means that it can also withstand different weather conditions, even the harsh ones.

Using and installing it is also effortless and hassle-free. In fact, you will have an easier time threading it to the hose and trailer. In addition, it works well in preventing too much water pressure from blowing out the water pipes. It also holds tightly and does not leak while also being easy to attach to the hose and faucet without twisting the hose or causing some pain to your fingers.

12. Camco 40143 Watts RV Water Pressure Regulator

Mainly constructed from ABS plastic material, this RV water pressure regulator from Camco is also sturdy enough while also doing a great job in offering protection to your equipment while also preventing your hose from failing to perform its function. It works well in stopping possible damage to the internal lines, pump or hose.

Note that such damage might result from the high or inconsistent water pressure that’s often affecting campgrounds. With this device from Camco installed, you can regulate such high pressure and reduce it to a more consistent and safer level of around 40-50 psi.

Another reason to love this product from Camco is that it comes at a reasonable price. It is a good choice for people with a limited budget who think that a plastic regulator will already work for their needs. You will also instantly notice that it is hassle-free to set or hook it up.

This regulator is also lightweight. With such quality, you can easily move the hose even if you already attached the water pressure regulator. It is made with quality and functionality in mind without being offered at a hefty price.


Most of your RV water pressure regulator questions are most likely answered with the aid of this article considering the many reliable products that we recommended. While the best RV water pressure regulator is only a small device, you will find it to be an amazing investment for a more enjoyable and fun camping experience.

It minimizes the risk of damage to the inner workings of your recreational vehicle, thereby saving money for future repairs. In addition, it can contribute to the longevity of your RV as well as the level of comfort you will experience when you are traveling on the road. It can also make you relax with the adequate water flow it can provide.

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