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The Best Scooter Racks for RV

Written by Stephen Ryan / Fact checked by William Turner

Nowadays, there has been growing interest in bringing your motorcycles and scooters during long RV trips. And why not? It is a fantastic idea! Sometimes there are trips that can be more thoroughly enjoyed by riding your scooter and feeling the terrain in two wheels. And more to the practical side, when you are looking to go off the grid for a longer duration bringing a scooter for your trip can be greatly beneficial.

best scooter rack for rv

For one it allows for faster and lighter travel, for when you need to get more supplies from the nearest stores. It also provides assistance for when your rig unexpectedly hits a road bump and malfunctions. With another set of wheels available to owners, repair help can be there in no time. That is an emergency option that saves you time to get back on the road!

Whatever the reason you have for bringing your motorcycle during your travels, the good news is that many shops can offer you help with regards to the safe and secure placing of your two-wheels. If you are looking for the best scooter rack for RV, then these are a few of the basic factors to consider when choosing the right rack option for you!

Top 1

Black Widow AMC-400


Material Aluminum
Load Capacity 400 Pounds
Folding No

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Top 2



Material Aluminum
Load Capacity 500 Pounds
Folding Yes

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Top 3

Direct Aftermarket Steel


Material Alloy Steel
Load Capacity 500 Pounds
Folding No

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Table of Contents

9 Best RV Scooter Rack Reviews 2023

1. Black Widow Motorcycle Carrier

If you are looking for a lightweight motorcycle rack for RV, there’s no need to put your search off for months on end. You can get this one from Black Widow.

The Black Widow motorcycle carrier for RV is hitch-mounted, so it is pretty easy to install and maintain. I like that it doesn’t rattle uncontrollably while I’m driving, as I can imagine how annoying that could be, especially on long drives.

The package came with all the necessary parts, but I noticed that the hex bolts are class 4.8, and I felt they wouldn’t be strong enough to withstand regular use. I got some affordable class 8.8 hex bolts and replaced them just for my peace of mind.

I wish they had put in a better set of hex bolts in the set. The make and material of the rack itself are good: had they put in a little more effort into this minor detail, it would have been great. I mean, they’ve put in a lot of thought into the design and construction of the bike carrier, but they seem to have overlooked this simple yet structurally important detail – what’s up with that?

Other than that, I have no other issues with this motorcycle carrier for RV hitch from Black Widow – especially since it is much lighter than its steel counterparts.

  • Suitable for Class IV or III hitch receivers
  • Roll-on, roll-off ramp
  • Anti-wobble attachment
  • 400-pound capacity
  • Durable aluminum hitch-mounted carrier
  • Anti-wobble looked flimsy
  • Could use stronger hex bolts
I feel like I missed out on a lot of adventures because I didn’t have this motorcycle carrier before, as I now know how convenient it is to have one. Thankfully I realized it sooner rather than later, so now I get to enjoy my bike anywhere I go.

2. MaxxHaul 70275 Aluminum Cargo Carrier

MaxxHaul is one of the trusted names in RV carriage systems. Its 70275 Aluminum Cargo Carrier also happens to be one of the best scooter racks for RV, offering RV owners a secure and stable platform for motorcycles and mopeds without undermining their motorhomes’ integrity.

This motorhome scooter rack is perfect for RVs with a 2-inch Class III and IV hitch system. It connects to the tow hitch hardware at no extra cost while guaranteeing optimum vehicle stability and functionality, whether one has a motorhome, van, truck, camper, or SUV.

I love the RV scooter carrier’s aluminum construction. At only 72 pounds, this RV scooter hauler will never add much to the motorhome’s gross weight. Although lightweight, this platform can handle up to 500 pounds. I’d be able to put two 247-pound Suzuki RM-Z450 dirt bikes on it if the rack were wide enough.

Loading a scooter is also a cinch because of the 60-inch access ramp. It has small-spaced grates, multiple anchor points, and the sidings feature a railing system. People can load their other stuff on this platform to free space in the motorhome cabin. I also appreciate the reflectors on the tail section, improving the RV scooter rack’s visibility at night.

Unfortunately, the platform does not fold onto the motorhome’s rear when not in use.

  • Premium-quality aluminum for a lightweight and sturdy platform
  • Ideal for Class III and IV hitches with two-inch receivers
  • With a 60-inch access ramp and small-spaced grates
  • 500-pound maximum load capacity
  • High side rails, multiple anchor points, and reflectors for safet
  • Not foldable against the RV rea
I still advise RV and scooter owners to get this RV scooter rack. It is sturdy yet lightweight and offers enough security features to make scooter carriage worthwhile.

3. Direct Aftermarket Steel Motorcycle Carrier

I like off-road cycling, so I often take my bike with me whenever I go on a trip to a new place just in case an opportunity to ride comes up. It used to be very frustrating for me, as it takes up a lot of space and it gives me the risk of damaging my car’s interior. I decided to put an end to that by installing this Direct Aftermarket bike mount.

I am thankful that it has an anti-wobble locking device since it secures my bike in place and it ensures that I have a worry-free trip even with my bike attached to the back of the car. The loading ramp is also very useful as I simply push the bike up the rack, tie it down, and I’m good to go. Although, I noticed that the ramp is a bit short so at first it was tricky to get used to pushing the bike to the exact position.

I also like how easy it is to install in my car, as it fits a standard 2-in hitch receiver. However, compared to an aluminum rack, it is a bit hefty – but at least I know it won’t bend or break because of the weight of my bike.

  • Strong, steel frame
  • Assembly is a breeze
  • Comes with a loading ramp
  • Anti-tilt function
  • Suitable for 2-inch hitch receiver
  • Epoxy power-coated
  • Ramp length not enough
  • Heavier than aluminum racks
I am glad to have found this scooter carrier for RV from Direct Aftermarket as it made moving/carrying my bike around super convenient and I can enjoy riding wherever I go.

4. TMS Heavy Duty Motorcycle Rack

I moved to Texas two years ago and found a community of dirt bike aficionados like me, so apart from the Internet, I get most of my information from them. However, when I and a few other fellow camper van owners started asking around about how the others haul their dirt bikes, most of them couldn’t seem to agree on one make/model – so I took it upon myself to find a solution for us motorhome owners: and that’s when I found this TMS rack.

I was pretty excited to install it and test it out, so I was a bit confused when I got it and didn’t find any instruction manual in the package. I guess that’s alright as I could find them online anyway, but I feel like it would have been more convenient had it come with a set of instructions on paper. Maybe they’re trying to be more eco-friendly? I don’t know, but it’s still easy to mount and attach onto the hitch, so no major harm was done. The anti-wobble attachment works well, but it could be a bit inconvenient for some since you have to attach and re-attach it every time you mount or dismount your bike.

I would say that it is more heavy-duty than what you would expect for something in this price range, though, so I am glad I got this for my camper. The specifications are pretty standard, but I was surprised when I tried it on a long-haul drive and it didn’t budge at all – no rattling noises during the whole trip.

  • 500lb capacity
  • Strong steel frame
  • Protects bikes from damage
  • Hitch Class III/IV/V
  • Locking device to prevent rattling
  • Anti-wobble device not fixed
  • Instructions not included
All in all, I am still pleased with this TMS rack and would definitely recommend to friends: I’m sure they’d appreciate that I tried it out so they wouldn’t have to, and I’m confident that they would also be pleased with its quality.

5. MotoGroup Dirt Bike Hauler Ramp

I think this MotoGroup bike carrier is among the best there is for RVs, camper vans, pick-ups, and SUVs as it is strong enough to carry standard-sized bikes, but also light enough to not add more load on the vehicle.

I’m a big fan of the anti-wobble device on this bike carrier, because most of the other models only have two-point support, whereas this one has three locking screws. Since I don’t have a 400cc bike, I don’t really need that much support for the rack, I need just enough to carry my KX100 (at 170 lb curb weight).

The carrier is made from durable aircraft aluminum, so it wouldn’t rust like other steel bike carriers in the same price range. One look and you would know that it was built well.

I would say, though, that they could have included better nuts and bolts, as they don’t look durable enough to last long on the rack (but that’s just me eyeballing the entire thing the first time I set it up). Personally, I think the nuts and bolts that came with this unit are fine, but I didn’t want to worry about it every time I take my bike out, so I opted to replace them.

  • Has 3-piece locking screws
  • Does not rust easily
  • Loading ramp re-configurable
  • Good for Classes II~V hitch
  • Weighs lightly
  • Around 250lb maximum load
  • Nuts and bolts need replacement
If you have a smaller vehicle that you use for moving your bike around, and if your bike is not over 250 pounds, then this carrier would be perfect for your needs.

6. Best Choice Products Carrier Rack

I have always wanted to get a dirt bike but since I live in a mobile home, I didn’t think it would be very convenient nor necessary to have one. I was “window shopping” online and came across this Best Choice Products carrier rack, and it answered all my problems.

I didn’t realize this when I purchased this travel trailer motorcycle carrier rack, but apparently, my hitch receiver is a Class IV type, and I almost had a mini panic attack because I forgot to check if the Best Choice Products dirt bike rack is compatible for this type. Thankfully, there was nothing to worry about as it can fit up to a Class V.

I like that it has a tilt locking function, so there was very minimal shaking and rattling.

Installation was pretty simple, although I noticed that they didn’t include in the directions to add the reinforcement plate. Fortunately, I looked at the photos as well and I realized that the two plates should go on both sides of the rack before I put in the four bolts on each side.

  • Made of heavy-duty steel
  • Fits most standard motorbike sizes
  • Classes II to V hitch receiver-compatible
  • Anti-wobble lock
  • Loading ramp included
  • Small tie-down holes
  • The ramp for loading and unloading can be a bit wobbly
As much as I like to move my RV home around every so often, I still like to have the option of having my dirt bike to ride wherever I go, and this solves that dilemma for me. I am glad to have found this reliable and cheap solution so I could have fun with my dirt bike while still enjoying the benefits of having my RV.

7. Rage Powersports Motorcycle Carrier

My brother got a new motorbike and gave me his 1-year-old Yamaha SR400 (384lb net weight) last year, but I haven’t really had the chance to ride it as much as I wanted to because I couldn’t bring it with my RV home to use it outside the city. Even if I drive to his place and pick it up, I can’t store it inside the RV because it’ll just take too much space. Fortunately, the Black Widow carrier solved this issue for me.

I liked how the width of the tracks can be adjusted to fit different wheel sizes, and that it comes with a self-storing ramp. The overall design seems to have been made with durability and functionality in mind, specifically for motorbikes and scooters. It’s not too big nor too small, and it can carry up to 600 pounds.

I don’t know if it was just me (because I suck at assembling stuff), but the pin and hole on the ramp seem to be misaligned when I first tried to install it. I asked a friend to help me out and he figured it out, but I don’t know how he did it and what adjustment he made to make it work. Misalignment aside, I’m still happy with how this motor scooter carrier for motorhome serves its purpose. It took me about an hour to install it properly, but that’s a short enough time.

  • Carries up to 600 lbs
  • Has adjustable tracks
  • Hitch-mounted
  • Self-storing ramp included
  • Anti-rattle included
  • Good length-to-weight ratio
  • Has a slight misalignment of pin and hole
One quick drive up to my brother’s place with this RV scooter carrier, and I could go wherever I want and still get to enjoy my bike. Now that I got it in my RV home, I can ride my bike anywhere I go, any time I want, without having to worry about storage.

8. GudCraft ALEKO Hitch-Mounted Motorcycle Ramp

The GudCraft ALEKO motorcycle carrier is durable and can withstand a load of up to 600 pounds. Even though my bike is barely 400 lb, I opted for this ramp because I prefer to have that weight allowance to ensure that it wouldn’t wear easily.

Assembly is pretty straightforward, and it looks really good with its powder-coated finish – and the fact that the paint won’t chip away easily is a plus. I also liked that its coating is resistant to gas and oil, so it is pretty easy to clean and it doesn’t stain easily.

When I first tried to put my bike on it, it wobbled a little bit and I thought it would fall off the rack. I checked all the bolts and connectors, and it turns out I didn’t tighten them enough. Even so, I thought the edges were not high enough and I was still worried it might slip off the rack, so I thought of modifying it a bit by spot-welding some steel plates on the sides. With the steel plates and the tie-down loops, my motorcycle fit snuggly and didn’t rattle at all during a long drive.

Compared with other steel motorbike carriers I found online, it’s more expensive by a few bucks, but for its quality, I’d say it is worth it.

  • Made of heavy-duty steel
  • Gas and oil resistant due to the powder finish
  • 79in-long track
  • 2-in, class III~V hitch mount
  • Has a maximum capacity of 600 pounds
  • Modifications might be necessary
  • Slightly more expensive
Although it wasn’t perfect, I’d still rate this motorcycle rack well since it is very easy to assemble (if you know what you’re doing, unlike me during my first time) and it has a nice powder finish.

9. SPECSTAR Heavy-Duty Steel Motorcycle Carrier

I wanted a heavy-duty motorbike carrier with anti-tilt that is under $200, so I am pretty happy with the SPECSTAR steel rack. While the price is the main factor for me, I also find its overall design quite impressive.

I liked that I could adjust the belt length based on the shape/size of my motorbike – it offers a more secure attachment than typical stretchy straps. The brackets are also the right size for most small- to medium-sized wheels, and the grooves prevent the wheels from slipping off the rack.

I’m also left-handed, so the option to change the configuration of the SPECSTAR carrier to load/unload on either side is good for me.

The large screws on the side of the bracket are also a plus for me, as that’s how I know it wouldn’t bend or break easily. However, since I’m naturally bad at these things, it took me more than two hours to set it up. I basically screwed up (pun intended) the first time as I forgot to put the washers in when I attached the bolts, so I had to do it over. I figured if I had better skills, it would take much shorter time than that. But then again, I got it installed the way I want it, so it’s all good.

  • Can be mounted and unmounted on either side
  • Supports 400 lbs
  • Has adjustable belts
  • Install with ease
  • Premium aluminum parts
  • Lighter than steel carriers
  • Some assembly skills required
Because of this camper motorcycle carrier’s design, it is safe and easy to use – which for me is still a win even though I was clueless when I began installing it. Price-wise and design-wise, it’s a good carrier to have as a motorbike enthusiast. It can’t carry really heavy loads, though, so you can check the previous ones I mentioned for 600-pound weighing motorbikes.

What to Look for When Buying Scooter Rack for Your RV


Scooter carriers for RVs are an expensive purchase. It would, therefore, be prudent to know what to look for before buying one. Here are my tips:

Consider Your Rig

Among the first factors to examine are the details of your rig. Most of the time, owners make the mistake of buying a rig prior to inspecting certain key elements of the vehicle where the rack is supposed to be placed. Granted that there are standard rack options out there that can fit perfectly to almost every rig, there are however rigs out there that are not ‘standard’ per se.

For example, there are rigs out there that have curved bumpers. This particular type of rig bumper requires a different rack set-up since it has a more rounded edge, while a standard RV scooter rack caters to the square bumper. This is because most racks are supported by a couple of crossbars, and the scooters are situated in between them for relative ease and support.

Aside from this, you would also have to consider the strength and durability of your rig. Mainly, you would have to consider your rig’s ‘tongue weight’. But what is the tongue weight? Basically, this is the maximum weight that your rig can support if you decide to install a hitch or an RV scooter rack. Bear in mind this limitation, because aside from the weight of your two-wheels, you also need to consider the weight of the rack itself. Try and calculate if it is something that could be carried by your vehicle through long drives, keeping in mind the differences in the terrain you are to face.

When considering your rig, this is the time to examine and repair the parts of your vehicle, especially in the spots that will carry the weight.

Consider the Material

After checking your rig thoroughly, then it is time to choose an RV scooter rack. As you stroll around the shop, browsing all the quality products available, one of the first considerations to be made is with the product’s material. Nowadays, there are two main options that owners both new and seasoned go for as they take their rack picks.

The first option is the Aluminum RV scooter rack. It is a growing trend nowadays to opt for the aluminum option for multiple reasons. For one, the material is quite durable for something that weighs quite lightly. It does the job well in carrying lightweight scooters, and aside from that it also does not provide much weight for the rig to carry.

They are also generally cheaper, and more widely available in most shops. Another great characteristic of the aluminum RV scooter rack is that it is resistant to corrosion. As you face numerous changes in temperature and terrain in your travels, aluminum RV scooter racks do not need extra coating or protection to weather such challenges. If you only need it for light usage and you are looking for an affordable option, this is the choice for you!

The other main option is the Powdered Steel RV scooter rack. What makes this material different is that it is made of different high-grade metals, in finely ground powder form, and then compressed. The result is highly-durable steel material, with enough strength to carry heavy set scooters across long distances.

It also has enough rigidity to weather damages from different elements, whether it is dust, rocks, snow, rain, and even the blistering heat of the noonday sun itself. It might be pricier than the aluminum option, but if you are looking for an option for heavy usage then this is the way to go!

When considering the material of the RV scooter rack, owners should consider the kinds of activities they have in mind, the frequency of the usage, the duration of the usage, and more importantly, how much weight it can carry across distances.

Consider the Weight of your Motorcycle

Different carriers also have different capacities. If you go over the prescribed maximum weight, then the carrier will break while carrying your scooter. Some can carry up to 250 pounds, while others can carry up to a whopping 600 pounds.

You can easily check the manufacturer’s manual to see the weight of your scooter. But of course, if you added anything to your scooter, you should add that up to the weight.

Consider the Price

At the end of it all, it boils down eventually to the price, especially how much budget you have allotted for the RV scooter rack. Considering the material, the kind of usage you want, and the dimensions, is it worth it? When choosing the best scooter rack for RV, it is important to note that you are essentially buying into the security of your two-wheels, while also investing long term in the quality of your drives.

An RV motorcycle carrier is more expensive if they include a warranty, so make sure you check that during your purchase.

Other Important Factors to Consider


What is an RV scooter rack?

Nowadays, there seems to be a rise in the trend of bringing scooters to long RV drives. More and more owners are starting to bring along their two-wheels for more reasons than one. For one, it is an equally thrilling experience to ride around in your scooter as you take up camp somewhere on the road. With the ease of scooters, you can survey the surrounding areas for firewood, fruits, and even go wildlife hunting for a while. At the same time, it is also great back-up transportation for when your RV breaks down or encounters a malfunction. With a scooter on board, you can get repair help faster, and so you can get back to driving quicker than when you have to wait (or walk) and hitchhike to the nearest shop.

There are three main types of 5th wheel motorcycle carriers that owners go after these days. Each has its own pros and cons, and ultimately owners will choose one depending on the situation.

  • Bumper Mounted Racks – Bumper mounted racks are the choice for those who are cautious drivers. The reason for this is that these types of racks would not block any portion of your rig’s windshield, allowing for full vision during your long drives. Bumper mounted RV scooter racks are utilized mostly by heavy-set rigs that can support its weight, as well as the scooter’s weight. When it comes to storage, it presents relative ease as you would not need your RV ladder or hitch for it. And with a more stable foundation, bumper-mounted RV racks give owners peace of mind knowing that your lightweight scooters are secure where they are and you would not need to stop from time to time to check on them, saving you precious time on the road.
  • Ladder Mounted Racks – Ladder mounted RV scooter racks are the choice for those whose rig bumper cannot support the additional weight. And as any driver worth their salt would tell you, peace of mind is a key aspect in good old RV driving. That being said, a handful of owners might find a hard time mounting and dismounting the rack and the lightweight scooter when they need to use the ladder. This is aside from the fact that it is harder to come by, and has limited weight support. But all in all, it will get the job done for you.
  • Hitch-Mounted Racks – As the name suggests, this kind of RV scooter racks utilize the strength of the RV’s installed hitch. A great factor about these kinds of racks is that since RVs usually come pre-installed with hitches, the process of an installment does not take up much of your time. They are secure enough to trust with your scooters for long drives, and at the same time owners swear by the ease of mounting and dismounting the scooters before and after using it.

How does it work?

Like you average vehicle racks, RV scooter racks help secure your two-wheels as you bring them along on your adventures off the grid. They can be installed in RV bumpers, RV ladders and in the RV hitches in order to find a sturdy foundation. That is why before any purchases are made, owners are advised to check in on their rig to find certain weak spots and imperfections, especially in the areas where the racks are to be placed. It is also worth considering the number of scooters you have with you.

Since the RV traverses different roads and beaten paths during long drives, RV scooter racks are made to withstand constant motion and vibration. They are more compact and made more airtight than your average racks. Owners need only mount the scooters to the racks, locked and secured, and they are off to driving again, hassle-free!

Why do you need an RV scooter rack?

As most RV veterans would likely tell you, the secret in great RV driving lies in using RV-specific equipment and tools. RV-specific equipment is made different from your run-on-the-mill equipment since they are expected to weather sudden changes in temperature, terrain, and environment all the while getting from Point A to Point B. And so, RV scooter racks have become an integral part in the modern-day RV driving.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How to carry your RV scooter rack?

There are numerous variations when it comes to choosing RV scooter racks. This is because each rack type serves a different kind of purpose and advantage to specific owners.

If you have an RV that comes pre-installed with a hitch, then the hitch mount RV scooter rack will be the most beneficial for you. Hitch mounts are popular to owners because it is the most widely available of all the options out there. It relies mostly on the strength of your hitch so owners have fewer rig parts to safety-check. With relatively easy installation, you just need a few steps to attach the rack platform and voila! You have a working rack for your two-wheels on the road!

For heavyset rigs and vehicles, the RV bumper mount is the main choice. Although it has a more intricate installation process, it is there to make sure that your scooter is secured all the way through. And since it is placed in a bumper, it almost feels like it is not there! Meaning that they are not a distraction in any way, and you need only adjust a couple of inches when parking.

These racks are fairly straightforward when it comes to assembling and disassembling, and will not prove to be a problem when placed in storage for when not in use.

What are good RV scooter rack brands?

Carrying a scooter on an RV is now more convenient than ever because many companies offer different products designed specifically for modern motorhomes. People no longer must depend on trailers to bring a couple of scooters to the trail. They can buy a double scooter rack for RV and have the best adventures at the park.

MaxxHaul and Black Widow make excellent RV scooter racks, using lightweight but super-strong materials to accommodate scooters without exceeding the motorhome’s gross weight limits.

Other noteworthy brands include Range Powersports, Ecotric, GoPlus, 7Blacksmiths, TMS R-NS, Apex, GudCraft, and Ego Bike. These brands provide well-crafted RV scooter racks for everyone.

Although these are good RV scooter rack brands, it would still be best to examine each product to determine the best carrier for motorcycles or scooters. Reading customer reviews should give RV owners insight into a brand and product’s real-world performance.

Are hitch mounted scooter rack safe?

Yes, a hitch-mounted scooter rack is safe for carrying scooter on back of motorhome. However, not all RV scooter carriers are similar. Some feature high-quality materials in a robust design and construction, while others use mediocre-quality resources with questionable production quality control.

Hence, it would be best to buy a camper motorcycle rack only from a reputable brand.

RV owners must determine their motorhome’s weight limits to understand what type of scooter rack to get. This helps ensure safety for the RV, safeguarding it against unusual wear and tear. People will never worry about damaging their RVs because the loaded scooter rack does not significantly add to the motorhome’s weight.

Some RV scooter racks block the RV’s tail lights. It would be best to get a motor scooter carrier for RV with an integrated light system to make traveling safer. People can connect the rack lights to the motorhome’s electrical system.

Other products have reflectors to eliminate the need for electrical connections. Most RV scooter racks also have multiple tie-down points for maximum security.

Can I make my own RV scooter rack?

Yes, people can make a DIY rack to carry a scooter on an RV. However, experts do not recommend self-built RV scooter racks because one design mistake can undermine the rig’s integrity and increase the risk of damaging the RV and the scooter.

DIYers must address several issues when making an RV scooter rack. They must ensure the carrier can accommodate the scooter’s weight without detracting too much from the RV’s gross weight vehicle rating. Moreover, DIYers must decide whether to install the rack onto the hitch or make a separate platform for adding to the vehicle’s chassis.

Another issue is the height of the scooter carrier. It would be best to have a vertical clearance sufficient to not scrap humps, hills, curbs, and other angled surfaces.

The DIY Class A, B, or Class C RV scooter carrier must also allow easy disassembly and storage without sacrificing its structural and functional integrity.

Ideally, the scooter rack must not interfere with tow hitch access, allowing the RV owner to haul other loads. There must also be adequate tie-down points and a secure platform.

How to load a scooter or motorcycle on an RV?

There are many ways people can load a motorcycle or scooter on an RV. Some carry it on a trailer, while others prefer loading it on a motorbike or moped rack. Regardless of the method, the procedure is almost similar.

  1. Park the motorhome on a level and firm surface.
  2. Loosen any tie-downs and other security and stability mechanisms or locks on the RV scooter rack.
  3. Secure one end of the ramp on the carrier and the opposite end on the ground.
  4. Have someone get on the carrier’s secure platform, if any, to guide the scooter.
  5. Grab the scooter or motorcycle’s handlebar and move it up the ramp while the other person guides the wheels into the locks.
  6. Position the motorcycle on the carrier. You can ask the assistant to hold the motorbike steady.
  7. Secure the scooter for RVing using the different tie-down mechanisms.
  8. Unfasten the ramp and put it in its original place.

What warranty comes with an RV Scooter?

When it comes to warranty, brand loyalty plays a huge part (more than some owners realize). Warranties are there to make sure that buyers feel secure when buying a product, however, warranties change from brand to brand, product to product. An important point to consider here is that owners should not be afraid to look at other brands.

Some products are cheaper than others, however, most of the time they do not have a warranty. But because they are cheaper, you can easily replace said RV rack instantly if they fall apart. This is also a fair deal for those who are just looking to use it for a few times, and not frequently.

If you are looking at buying an RV scooter rack for long term investment, then it will prove better for you to buy one with a product warranty. Warranties show owners that companies have confidence in their product’s durability most of the time. Although they might be pricier, you would not have to worry about it much during your travels.

How do you care for and clean motorcycle carriers?

Doing the maintenance work for RV scooter mounts differ most of the time depending on the variation. For example, the aluminum RV scooter rack does not require coating or protective painting since it is resistant to corrosion. RV scooter racks made in powdered steel, although sturdier, might need a paint job from time to time but only if you are wary of minor scratches accumulated on the road.

Like most equipment and tools, the most effective way to clean RV scooter racks is to dismount it, disassemble, and to clean each individual part thoroughly. Although a much easier version of cleaning could be done while the RV scooter rack is mounted, it is advisable to take apart once in a while to check on all its parts. The screws, the nuts, the bolts, and frames are the ones responsible for carrying your scooter, and so if one of them is not up to standard you would be putting your possessions in jeopardy, especially when you have a vehicle that travels across long distances and observes constant vibration.

You would be glad to know that caring and cleaning for your RV scooter racks does not bear heavy on your pocket, just your standard soap and wipe would do a fine job!


RV scooter racks have become an important part of RV driving in the modern-day because of practical and fun reasons. And because it is no secret that scooters do not come cheap (most of the time), it is equally important to have an RV scooter rack that you can trust. When buying an RV scooter rack, you are not only buying a carrier for your two-wheels but also a certain sense of serenity for your mind, freeing owners from the hassles of worrying about the scooters while driving.

Each variation comes with different pros and cons. Some of these factors can be mechanical, mainly about placing consideration. Would the RV be able to handle the weight of the rack, as well as the weight of the scooter? Will it affect your vision, or distract your driving in any way?

In the end, when you are choosing the best scooter rack for RV, you are to consider who uses the scooter (and how they would dismount it), what material that rack is made out of, how often you will use it, and overall how much it costs.

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