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The Best Smart TVs for RV

Written by Stephen Ryan / Fact checked by William Turner

Are you looking to buy the best smart TV for RV usage? This article will provide every piece of information needed to make the right choice. It’ll act as a guide through this entire process to make sure you don’t get overwhelmed by the vast number of options.

This guidance will consist of discussions about determining buying factors, care/maintenance procedures, top-tier brands, and the best place to buy. In other words, everything that you need to know will be covered in this article.

best smart tv for rv

I’ll even offer eight reviews of my favorite options to provide a starting point. Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if this process ends with you picking one of them. These eight smart TVs are everything a person could want in one.

But if these eight aren’t a good fit, these discussions should still provide a fair amount of context about what a top-tier smart TV offers and features. They’ll be useful resources to ensure you can separate subpar options from high-quality ones.

Let’s not waste any more time and get this process started. I promise these following discussions will ensure you end up with an outstanding RV smart TV.

Top 1

Insignia Class F20


Screen Size 31.5 Inches
Resolution 720p
Connectivity Technology Wi-Fi, Ethernet

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Top 2

TCL Class 4-Series 4K


Screen Size 50 Inches
Resolution 4K
Connectivity Technology WiFi, Bluetooth

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Top 3

Samsung M5


Screen Size 24 Inches
Resolution 1080p
Connectivity Technology USB, HDMI

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Table of Contents

11 Best RV Smart TV Reviews 2023

This section will contain those eight reviews mentioned earlier. Each of these discussions should put a buyer at ease regarding what features need to be in their chosen model. It’ll also help you with the more complex topics that we’ll talk about in later sections.

1. Insignia Class F20 Series Fire TV Smart HD TV

The Insignia Class F20 Series is a smart 32 inch TV for RV that puts the power of Amazon’s Fire TV in the hands of camper owners. It is a decent internet-enabled TV, allowing RV families to enjoy streaming content at campgrounds, RV parks, and anywhere there is an internet connection.

I like this smart TV 32 inch unit because of its Amazon Fire TV integration. Knowing Amazon, my family will enjoy more than a million streaming TV episodes and movies across thousands of apps and channels. Families will never get bored in their weekend adventures. Kids can watch their favorite cartoon shows, while moms will stay updated on their beloved soaps.

RV families will love its built-in Alexa Voice Assistant, empowering them to manage their TVs effortlessly. The other good news is people can use the technology to link the TV to other smart devices. I am excited about the interconnectivity of this TV, allowing me to enjoy a more pleasant RVing experience.

I appreciate the multiple input ports available, such as HDMI, USB, Ethernet, and other third-party device inlets. There are no issues processing streaming information and other data because this TV features the latest quad-core processor. Although some TVs have eight-core processors, I find this TV’s setup surprisingly efficient.

I wish its native resolution were higher than 720p. After all, most TVs today have 1080p as an entry-level screen resolution. It would make viewing more pleasant as colors pop out and the details become more discernible. At 32 inches, this TV might not be ideal for campers with cramped cabin space.

  • Features the Amazon Fire TV service for more extensive streaming
  • With Alexa voice remote capabilities for effortless operation
  • Links to other devices
  • Multiple input ports for versatility
  • Quad-core processor for more efficient operatio
  • Only 720p resolution
  • Not for small campers
Regardless, I am happy with this smart TV because my family can watch their favorite streaming shows while I drive them to our next RV adventure.

2. TCL Class 4-Series 4K UHD HDR Smart Android TV

TCL might not be a well-known manufacturer of RV televisions, but it is one of the recognized consumer electronics brands worldwide. The Chinese brand makes exciting home appliances that can go head-to-head with more established TV makers.

The TCL Class 4-Series Smart TV generates a buzz among homeowners and small businesses, making it a suitable replacement for an old RV TV.

With a 50-inch screen, this TV can deliver a cinematic experience right in the RV. It has a 4K resolution, allowing images to burst in color and vibrancy. The picture details are impressive, with remarkable contrast.

Streaming movies is like being in the actual setting because of the impeccable image rendering. Compare that with the Insignia F20’s 720p resolution, and this is a game-changer.

This Android-powered smart TV connects to the internet and utilizes Google’s incredible platform. There is Google Assistant to compete with the Insignia F20’s Alexa, giving RV families access to Google’s millions of apps. Although its streaming content is less than Fire TV, 700 thousand titles are still impressive.

I also love the built-in Chromecast, which is perfect for casting apps, videos, pictures, and other content from our tablets and smartphones. The volume is also louder than other TVs.

My only concern about this smart TV is its remote controller. It is limited in functionality, but people can always swap the remote for a handier generic unit. It is also worth noting this is not a small TV for RV. Although ultra-thin, its 50-inch screen can cover a section of a camper wall.

  • 50-inch wide screen for the best in-RV viewing entertainment
  • Stunning 4K resolution with 700,000 titles for exceptional viewing experience
  • Android OS with integrated Google Assistant for effortless operation
  • Built-in Chromecast for seamless streaming from mobile devices
  • Louder audio than other brands
  • Mediocre remote
  • Too big for some RVs
The viewing experience this smart TV delivers is something RV owners do not want to miss. It is a behemoth, but its performance can make RVing adventures more meaningful.

3. Samsung M5 Series FHD Smart Monitor & Streaming TV

The TCL Class 4-Series and Insignia F20 are admirable smart TVs. However, they might not be as effective as the Samsung M5 Series small TV for camper in turning the RV into a mobile home office.

I like the Korean electronics giant’s all-in-one offering, giving digital nomads the capabilities to work in their respective motorhomes wherever the adventure takes them. It is the perfect solution for the ongoing work-from-home setup, an arrangement I believe will only grow stronger in the next few years.

This smart TV already has Microsoft Office 365, empowering remote workers to increase productivity while enjoying exceptional work-life balance. I commend the addition of the Wireless DeX technology, equipping this TV with the functionalities of a standard personal computer.

Mac users should also not fret because this small smart TV for camper features built-in AirPlay 2 technology. People can use this TV as a secondary monitor for a dual setup with their MacBooks. The connectivity also facilitates seamless connection with iPads, iPhones, and other Apple devices.

Besides the usual I/O ports, this TV has a Bluetooth feature. I can pair it with a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse to make my office work more efficient. Bluetooth headphones and other devices can also link with this TV, ensuring a more profound entertainment experience.

If this smart TV can help digital nomads do their office work, streaming content should not be an issue. Although it only has 1080p resolution, it is still better than Insignia F20’s 720p screen. Moreover, knowing Samsung, the color rendition is spot-on.

  • A smart TV that doubles as an all-in-one computer
  • Ingenious DeX technology and Office 365 for enhanced computer operation
  • Integrated AirPlay 2 for seamless Apple connectivity
  • Multiple connectivity ports, including Bluetooth
  • Standard 1080p resolution with spot-on color rendition
  • The volume should be a bit higher
Unfortunately, the volume of this device is not as high as I expected. Nevertheless, this product is worth having in a modern RV. It might have an unimpressive look, but its computer-like attitude is thumbs up.

4. VIZIO D24f-G1 RV Smart TV

If you’re looking for an affordable small smart TV for RV, VIZIO’s D24f-G1 D-Series RV Smart TV would be an excellent pick. It comes with a long list of features that could make it an exciting choice for rig owners.

One of these aspects would have to be its numerous inputs and outputs. This particular model comes with two HDMI, one USB, one ethernet port, one component, and one digital audio port. You shouldn’t find any issues connecting whatever device into this TV.

I was also impressed with this product’s compact 24-inch 1080p HD screen. This screen will provide a rig owner with a crisp, beautiful viewing experience. It will ensure you can enjoy a favorite movie or show in the quality you’re used to when back home.

You get the added benefit of its small 24-inch size, not taking up much room inside your rig. As a result, you don’t have to worry about it making your rig overly cramped. This issue tends to be a hassle most people overlook when choosing their new RV smart TV.

I found myself enjoying this product’s ability to be controlled by a smartphone, as well. This benefit is made possible by the VIZIO SmartCast mobile app. It’ll allow you to use your phone as a remote control and make using the TV much more user-friendly.

But setting it up was a bit more complicated than I initially expected. The main issue came from its manual being slightly difficult to follow. This issue wasn’t only a problem for me, either, as it’s mentioned more than once in other reviews.

  • A affordable Smart RV TV
  • Multiple connection ports (HDMI, USB, ethernet, component, digital audio)
  • Compact, 24-inch screen
  • 1080p HD screen resolution
  • VIZIO SmartCast Mobile app for easy usage
  • Setup process can be a bit tricky
Once the problematic setup was done, this TV functioned without issues. This one issue is well-worth dealing with because of its favorable price and overall quality. Bargain buyers shouldn’t think twice before placing this beauty on their consideration lists.

5. TCL 32S325 RV Smart LED TV

The TCL 32S325 720p RV Smart LED TV would offer rig owners a quality picture with its spectacular screen resolution. You have two buying options when it comes to this factor, with a choice between 720p HD or 1080p HD.

Both choices have received rave reviews among customers who have been lucky enough to buy this excellent option. Honestly, this product’s main appeal surrounds a potential customer’s vast number of feature options.

After all, you don’t only have a choice when it comes to screen resolution, but screen size, as well. Buyers can choose between a 32-inch (720P), 32-inch (1080P), 40-inch (1080P), 43-inch (1080P), and 49-inch (1080P).

The more extensive options (43-inch and 49-inch) are a bit too massive for my blood. But the 40-inch model would look nice inside my rig. I’d also benefit from its three HDMI 2.0 inputs, one USB port, a headphone jack, and other available ports.

I could easily find a place to plug in my various devices, such as Playstation 4 and Xbox One, into this TV. The USB port was particularly impressive because of its vast number of compatible file formats for music and video: MKV, MP4, MP3, MOV, AAC, FLAC, and many others.

You’d be surprised by how many people were impressed with its smart functionality. In fact, many customers were more than pleased with its easy setup process and usability. Customers would have a hard time finding another model capable of matching its user-friendliness.

I was a little disappointed to find out that the TV’s legs weren’t as solid as expected. They felt a somewhat flimsy and don’t think they’re sturdy enough to handle an RV usage. This product should be considered as a mountable option rather than one capable of standing on its own.

  • An assortment of connection ports (HDMI 2.0, USB, headphone jack, etc.)
  • Numerous screen size and resolution options (32/40/43/49 inch, 720p/1080p)
  • USB port compatible with various file formats
  • Excellent smart functionality
  • TV legs are not as solid as expected
Overall, it’s a solid choice that should receive consideration for any rig owner needing a simple, no-nonsense, mountable option.

6. Samsung QN32Q50RAFXZA 4K RV Smart TV

The Samsung QN32Q50RAFXZA 4K RV Smart TV is our first 4K option on this entire list. What does 4K mean? It means it has a more significant amount of pixels than you’d see on any standard HD TV.

This aspect ensures a much more in-depth picture quality, making for a viewing experience that’s unlike anything else. You can attribute this feature to the device’s powerful 4K UHD processor, optimizing the TV’s overall performance.

Aside from the outstanding picture quality, there are many other features worth loving within this 4K smart TV. Its all-in-one remote would be one at the top of my list. This aspect ensures you can control all connected content and devices using one controller.

It’s such an essential addition because those nightmares of having four controllers to control four separate are over. As someone who’s continuously misplacing remotes, it also ensures I only have to keep track of one, which is a massive positive trait.

The product’s universal guide was another hit feature among customers. It’s a simple on-screen guide that makes finding live TV shows and streaming content much more manageable. Some smart TVs tend to make both these actions tricker than needed.

If you have an Alexa device, this model is another one capable of being controlled through it. This capability adds voice control for people who aren’t keen on keeping track of a remote. It’s just a simple addition that ensures Samsung’s model can appeal to almost every potential customer.

But there’s a price to be paid for having all these impressive features. In this particular case, it’s one of the more expensive 32-inch models available. Anyone looking to purchase it will have to fork over a small fortune.

  • Compatible with Alexa devices
  • Features a simple, smart TV universal guide
  • 32-inch screen
  • 4K screen resolution that gives outstanding picture quality
  • Accompanied by an all-in-one remote
  • A high-priced smart TV
If money isn’t an issue, getting a 4K TV is always a smart move. This marketplace and TV-related producers are moving toward producing more 4K content. As a result, it never hurts to be ahead of an incoming trend and planning for the future.

7. Hisense H4 Series LED RV Smart TV

Buyers who are comfortable with using Roku streaming devices should look into buying Hisense’s H4 Series LED RV Smart TV. This model will offer a sense of familiarity as it utilizes a smart Roku TV platform.

However, its Roku-esque process isn’t the only thing worth mentioning about this device. I was also impressed with its built-in Wi-Fi, which makes connecting it to your rig’s Wi-Fi much easier. It should ensure a smooth and flawless setting up process.

The product’s easy-to-use accompanying Roku TV remote app was another massive selling point. You can utilize this app to make your smartphone or other android/IOS devices a remote control. As a result, using your new smart TV has never been easier.

You shouldn’t have much trouble with the mounting process, either. This device has a lightweight, compact design that only weighs 8 pounds. Due to this, moving it around your rig shouldn’t be much of an issue when mounting it.

I was thrilled to see this smart TV came with several buying options, regarding its screen size. You can choose between a 32-inch, 40-inch, and 43-inch. It seems Hisense did an excellent job ensuring this option is more than capable of meeting many different situations.

You should also know that each of them will have an impressive 720p HD resolution and multiple HDMI ports. As you’ve learned from previous reviews, these features ensure top-tier picture quality and overall convenience.

I was a little disappointed by this model not coming with an included mount. The company including one would have removed the hassle of buying one separately. It’s more of preference rather than a serious issue.

  • Smart TV Roku platform
  • Multiple screen size choices (32-inch, 40-inch, and 43-inch)
  • Roku TV remote app (makes your phone a remote)
  • Lightweight, compact 8-pound design
  • 720p HD resolution and multiple HDMI ports
  • Mount sold separately
All in all, a mount not being included shouldn’t be a deal-breaker. This model should be a consideration for anyone looking to get a smart TV that mimics their Roku streaming devices. It’s a convenient way to lessen the number of devices in your life.

8. LG Electronics 24LM530S-PU RV Smart TV

Bargain buyers should be thrilled with LG Electronics’ 24LM530S-PU HD RV Smart TV. This model features an affordable price and several exciting aspects. It’s actually one of the best deals on the entire market for a smart TV.

One of its main attractions would be its 720p HD 24-inch screen. This aspect has more than a few fans among its buyers, as the customer reviews are full of people praising its picture quality. It was almost impossible to find one without some positivity surrounding this TV’s vivid and accurate images.

The product’s webOS platform is another intriguing aspect because it makes streaming from this smart TV simple. You can navigate it without much hassle and gain complete access to all your favorite streaming services: Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, etc.

It comes with an always important HDMI input, which will allow you to connect video game consoles, Blu-ray players, and many other devices. It would be wise to avoid smart TVs that don’t have at least one of these inputs.

Mounting this smart TV isn’t much of an issue, either. It comes with the necessary screw holes fitted with a typical 75×75 VESA pattern. This aspect will ensure almost universal compatibility with every available TV mount.

But again, the product’s price tag is its primary selling point. You don’t often come across smart TVs available for this much money unless they’re subpar quality. This model doesn’t fit into that description as it has proven to be top-tier with these fantastic features.

This TV’s speakers are a bit underwhelming, though, which was a common complaint in its customer reviews. It could represent an issue for anyone with hearing problems.

  • Low price tag
  • 720p HD 24-inch screen
  • Easy-to-use webOS platform
  • Comes with an HDMI input
  • 75×75 VESA pattern makes for easy mounting
  • Built-in speakers could be a bit better
If you have hearing issues and don’t have external speakers, this model wouldn’t fit well. Otherwise, I can’t imagine a single other situation where this smart TV wouldn’t be a solid choice.

9. Insignia NS-24DF311SE21 RV Smart TV

Insignia’s NS-24DF311SE21 RV Smart HD TV is an easy contender to earn the title of the best smart TV for travel trailers. A massive reason for the device to be such a popular commodity is it being voice remote-controlled by Alexa.

This feature allows users to use their voice as a remote control. Due to this, you can watch live TV, search for titles, launch apps, switch inputs, and various other operations using your voice. It’s a lot more convenient than a regular remote, which often gets lost in the couch cushions.

You’ll also find the products full HD 720p picture more than adequate for your needs. It’s capable of offering crisp, lifelike detail when watching your favorite shows. You aren’t going to find many other TVs capable of providing this picture quality.

It’s worth knowing this product is powered by a quad-core CPU/multi-core GPU, as well. This addition matters because it ensures the device’s smart functionality responds fluidly. In other words, searching for or launching apps won’t be a slow nightmare like you might experience from subpar models.

This product’s smart capabilities will only improve over time, too, which is another winning trait. It provides this capability because of its Alexa compatibility and automatic software updates. Therefore, it shouldn’t have issues providing top-tier performance for more than a couple of years.

Some other notable features include built-in dual-band Wi-Fi, multiple output/input options, and three HDMI inputs. Each of their inclusions should make your life much easier when using this fantastic option for Insignia.

However, a few customers did report some shipping issues with this product. It seems this device on rare occasions arrived in beat-up packing or later than expected.

  • Voice-controlled via Alexa
  • Full 720p HD picture
  • Powered by a quad-core CPU/multi-core GPU for smart fluid capabilities
  • Alexa compatibility and automatic software updates
  • Built-in Wi-Fi and numerous input/output options for easy connection
  • There can be some shipping issues
These shipping issues shouldn’t be much of a concern. Honestly, they were only present in a few reviews and could be isolated incidents. There’s no reason to believe buying this product wouldn’t be anything but a positive experience.

10. Skyworth E20300 RV Smart TV

If you’re looking for an option with an easy mounting process, Skyworth’s E20300 LED A53 Quad-CORE RV Smart TV would be an excellent choice. This model makes the task simple thanks to its 200×100 VESA pattern.

The device coming with this pattern means it’s compatible with most RV TV mounts available. As a result, finding an accompanying mount won’t be a difficult job. But it’s convenient mounting ability shouldn’t be the only thing catching your attention.

You should also love its top-tier LED panel and A53 quad-core processors. These aspects make sure this TV can provide exceptional graphics and power. They’ll ensure every video game or movie is displayed with a detailed, attractive picture.

The product’s thin design frame made from durable alloy is another trait worth mentioning. It’ll ensure the device is capable of lasting a long time and doesn’t weigh too much. Due to this, it’s perfect for handling the wear and tear of RVing.

As with some of our previous options, this model offers a choice regarding screen size and resolution: the 32-inch (720p) or 40-inch (1080p). Honestly, there’s no lousy pick as both configurations have many fans within their customer reviews.

This device’s built-in Chromecast shouldn’t be overlooked, either. It allows you to cast photos, videos, music, and videos from your phone onto it. It’s just another way Skyworth wants to ensure its product’s as convenient as possible.

However, people who aren’t looking to mount this TV might need to do something about its stand. A few customers reported it being slightly delicate and requiring some reinforcement. It’s worth noting that most people seemed perfectly fine with it.

  • Top-tier graphics and power (LED panel and A53 quad-core processors)
  • 200×100 VESA pattern for easy mounting
  • Built-in Chromecast to ensure compatibility with various handheld devices
  • Durable, lightweight design
  • Two screen size and resolution options (32-inch (720p) or 40-inch (1080p))
  • A few customers mentioned its stand being delicate
Anyone who isn’t looking to mount a smart TV inside their rig might look elsewhere. The stand issues give me a little pause, even though it was only mentioned in a few reviews. But if you’re looking for a mountable option, I don’t see why you wouldn’t buy this TV immediately.

11. Sony KDL32W600D RV Smart LED TV

Our last option on our list is Sony’s KDL32W600D RV Smart LED TV. Its position on this list isn’t an indictment on its performance when compared to these other devices. In fact, it has no problem competing with or outpacing them in many key areas.

For instance, I found myself very intrigued by this model’s built-in Wi-Fi, which makes it easy to connect with your rig’s network. It also ensures setting up the device inside your rig doesn’t come with any connection based hassles.

The product’s usage of Motionflow XR 240 refresh technology is another massive highlight. It’s a vital component because it ensures fast-paced sequences are projected clearly. Blurriness will never be a problem during your TV viewing experience ever again.

You should also enjoy its 720p HD resolution for any device connected to the TV. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a Blu-Ray player or video game console; it’ll project whatever’s playing in crisp HD picture quality.

As for its sound quality, this option comes with the choice of adding a soundbar to your purchase. It costs a relatively significant amount of money, but it could be a viable addition for anyone with hearing problems.

But it’s worth noting the regular built-in speakers aren’t too shabby. These speakers were built with enhanced audio technology capable of reproducing any audio frequency smoothly. I have no doubt most people would find themselves more than happy with their capabilities.

The included manual is not easy and detailed enough to follow, though, which was a bummer. It made the initial setup process a little more challenging than I initially expected.

  • High-quality 720p HD resolution
  • Built-in Wi-Fi for easy connection
  • Uses Motionflow XR 240 refresh rate technology for image clarity
  • Soundbar available as an add-on feature
  • Built-in speakers offer enhanced audio quality
  • The included manual is not easy and detailed enough to follow
The lousy manual does make its initial usage rather challenging. But once you get the hang of it, this TV’s a great device to have in your rig. It’ll make sure your favorite movies, games, and TV shows are displayed in high-quality 720p HD.

What to Look for When Buying a Smart TV for RV


Buying the perfect RV smart TV will require having a handle on certain necessary features embedded in these devices. In other words, every buyer will need to have an in-depth knowledge of certain aspects of these devices before making a decision.

This section will offer this knowledge by taking you through several of these features. It should make you an RV smart TV expert. You can then use everything you’ve learned to make an intelligent, responsible choice during this buying process.

Screen Resolution

One of the first things to consider would be each model’s screen resolution. This feature is essential because it conveys the number of pixels, which will develop your TV’s picture. Therefore, a higher pixel number would provide a better and sharper image.

But these higher resolution smart TVs, such as 4K and 8K models, aren’t always an ideal choice. These devices might be an excellent choice to have in your rig, but not much content is being made in 4k resolutions outside of Disney productions.

I didn’t even mention 8k, which is almost impossible to find. But if you’re planning to have this TV for a long time, buying a model with higher resolutions could be a cost-effective move. At some point, most video entertainment will end up being in these resolutions.

Full HD TVs aren’t a bad option and are common among rig owners. These devices will have resolutions of 1920 x 1080. But again, the world is moving toward 4k and 8k entertainment. You’ll have to decide whether you’re moving along with them or fine with an HD model.

TV Screen Size

Finding the perfect TV screen size is an essential part of this process. It’s a decision that will be dependent on several factors within your rig. Buyers should first think about how many people live inside their rig and want to watch the TV at once.

As you might expect, a person traveling with a large family would be better suited with larger screen size. You should also measure the area where this TV will be located before choosing a perfect model.

Rig owners will need to ensure their new TV’s screen size can fit comfortably in this area. After all, TVs tend to take up a lot of room inside a rig. This decision will need to be made based on how close you and your family intend on sitting to the TV, as well.

An excellent rule of thumb is that people who can see a TV’s pixels sit much too close. In fact, a full HD TV should be three times its height in length away from the viewer. People with those 4K models are fine with only 1.5 times its height away.

For instance, a 4K TV with a height of 2 feet will need to sit at least 3 feet away from the viewer. Long-term usage without adhering to this rule could hurt eyesight. Please keep this potential issue in mind when selecting your new smart TV for motorhome.

Smart TV’s Refresh Rate

A smart TV’s refresh rate concerns how many times an image will be refreshed on its screen. In a standard TV’s case, you can expect this rate to be around 60Hz. This rate isn’t ideal as it can cause fast-moving images, such as action sequences, to become blurry: it makes the clarity reduce by a significant margin.

Manufacturers noticed this design flaw, which caused them to start designing models with higher refresh rates. You can now commonly find models with 120Hz or even 240Hz rates in the top-tier options. As a result, a rig owner would benefit from a much clearer image with this refresh rate level.

You’ll also find some TVs with high frame rate support. What does this mean? Well, it gives your TV’s picture a much higher refresh rate and improves the overall display for better sharpness/resolution. Anyone rig owner who wants to do some gaming on their smart TV would benefit from one with this particular aspect.


One aspect people overlook when buying a smart TV for camper usage is each model’s durability. But you must consider this factor to ensure your new TV can handle the RVing lifestyle without breaking apart.

I’d suggest looking for models made from heavy-duty materials to ensure these TVs can withstand the daily bumps and vibrations. It’d be wise to read the product description, as it should tell whether it’s capable of dealing with these situations.

Another excellent resource is other customers’ experiences. You can access these by reading through various customer reviews. These discussions should highlight whether each model can be a durable piece of equipment on your rig.

Honestly, these reviews can be somewhat negative when the products don’t work as expected. These awful experiences should be viewed as useful pieces of information that can help form your final decision. It’s the only way to ensure you don’t become the person writing these angry reviews.

Input, Output, and HDMI Ports

An issue with most TVs is with their various connection ports, which make setting them up a massive hassle. In recent years, TV brands have dealt with this problem by creating models with reduced output and input ports.

This aspect would be a wise thing to keep track of when you’re searching for a top-tier RV smart TV. I’d suggest ensuring your chosen model has as many HDMI ports as humanly possible. As you know, these ports are a godsend and necessary when connecting various devices to a TV.

For instance, people use HDMI ports to connect their smart TVs to soundbars, video game consoles, cable boxes, Roku streaming devices, and much more. It’s become a necessity for anyone looking to enjoy quality entertainment onboard their rig.

People looking to buy 4K TVs should ensure the model’s compatible with HDMI 2.0. This aspect will make sure the TV’s capable of supporting future UHD sources. It’s just another way to make sure you aren’t looking for an upgrade anytime soon.


You should take note of a feature called high dynamic range, HDR, as well. This aspect is new within 4K UHD TVs, consisting of richer colors than you’ve ever seen. It’s the latest technology in this marketplace that causes higher contrast variations and brightness.

It should create a better picture of whatever you’re watching. It’ll allow you to enjoy your favorite shows and movies inside your rig with never-before-seen quality. But this new tech is a bit more modern and could be hard to come across without spending a lot of money.

Certain manufacturers like Dolby Vision are only starting to invest money into it. But it could become the new overwhelmingly fad in the TV world in the coming years. Investing in a TV with it now could represent a cost-effective move.


Smart TVs differ by a significant margin when it comes to price. This difference makes having a budget an essential resource during the entire buying process. But it’s vital to make this budget based on what features you deem necessary.

For instance, people looking for 4K options will need to have higher budgetary ranges than rig owners buying HD options. These higher ranges will make sure your budget remains a practical and usable resource.

You can then use this realistic budget to lessen the number of options down to a more manageable level. Due to this, you’ll end up only picking from smart TVs capable of meeting your financial and performance expectations.

Ease of Use

Buyers need to look into each model’s using process. It’s a key component of ensuring a user ends up happy with their final decision. As a result, you’ll need to read every smart TV description and manual before choosing an option.

These resources should provide insight into whether you feel comfortable using the device. Some features to look out for would voice control and all-in-one remotes. Both of them help make the smart TV a lot more convenient and usable.

For instance, voice control allows you to use the smart TV with the sound of your voice. This aspect ensures you never have to worry about losing the remote in your couch cushions. An easy way to make sure you remove a common hassle from your life.

The all-in-one remote offers similar convenience by removing any need for multiple remotes. It should create a more user-friendly experience to ensure you’re happy with your final purchase. Honestly, I would advise against buying a smart TV without either of these aspects.

Reading other people’s reviews will help with this factor, as well. These discussions will provide insight into any issues with the device. As with durability, you should use these negative or positive experiences to make an informed decision.

The Mounting Process

If you plan on mounting your new smart TV, it’d be wise to look into each option’s mounting process. You’re going to want a model capable of being mounted in several different ways.

Mounting flexibility will ensure the entire process becomes much easier. After all, it’ll make sure the smart TV can adapt to different situations without much hassle. You don’t want to buy an option that isn’t capable of fitting into your rig.

I’d also suggest getting a model, which comes with the mounting hardware and mount. These two features being included will remove the need for buying them separately. It eliminates an unneeded problem for your life.

Another thing to look out for is the product’s manual. In some cases, these resources are unreadable and nonsensical. Their subpar quality can make your life much harder than it needs to be when mounting a smart TV.

Due to this, it’d be smart to read through it beforehand. You can then figure out whether the mounting process is something that’s done efficiently. Other peoples’ reviews can help determine this factor, as well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Our FAQ section will cover any questions or topics left unanswered by the previous buying guide and reviews. These discussions should help form a better understanding of what a rig owner needs to consider when buying an RV smart TV.

What are good smart tv for RV brands?

Top-tier RV smart TV brands will accomplish two things, offering a high-quality model and excellent customer service. Both of these aspects are pivotal in any manufacturer worth buying from as a consumer.

I’ve provided several examples of trusted manufacturers in the product review section. Each of these companies has proven time and time again to excel in both areas. However, a few of these brands stand out a bit more than their rivals: Samsung and Insignia.

Both these companies have been at the top of this marketplace for a long time. I thought it’d be helpful to look into what makes them special. Basically, I’m going to provide a little context into what makes them different from their peers.

  • Samsung

Samsung has been a constant force in the technological world since its inception in 1938. Their continued willingness to push boundaries has made their products have a certain edge and quality that rivals can’t match.

As you might expect, this strive for high-quality lends itself useful in the TV marketplace. Samsung has always been on top of the innovations regarding these products. It’s not surprising their TVs end up at the top of the most commonly bought list year after year.

  • Insignia

Insignia builds its products based on three principles: dependability, affordability, and simplicity. In other words, they’re constantly trying to make the most user-friendly products that still have reasonable prices.

This mindset has made them a favorite among rig owners. After all, who doesn’t want a top-tier product capable of ensuring you get quality entertainment at an affordable price? It sounds like a no-brainer to me.

Overall, these two companies might be a step ahead, but it doesn’t mean the other six brands mentioned in this article are subpar. Any of these manufacturers should have no problem meeting your needs as a consumer.

Can you use a smart TV in an RV?

The simple answer to this question is a resounding yes. After all, I wouldn’t have written this article about the best smart TV for RV without it being possible. It just wouldn’t make any sense as a content producer.

But it’s worth noting that it’s perfectly acceptable to use any brand TV inside your camper or RV. The one consideration to monitor is whether you can wire it for 12V usage or it needs to use 120V power. This factor will have an impact on how you will utilize your new TV.

You should also make sure your TV’s mount is stable and sturdy before setting anything up inside your rig. RV trips will be bumpy and cause many vibrations. TVs not secured properly could come away with damaged screens and other issues.

As for temperature conditions, it shouldn’t matter unless your RV becomes hot or cold in a quick manner. You should turn the TV on before it catches up to the new temperature when this occurs. It’ll ensure the device doesn’t become damaged.

How do you mount and use RV smart tv?

As any rig owner knows, the available space on an RV or motorhome isn’t vast. This issue makes it essential to opt for an RV smart TV that offers several mounting options. It’ll make it much easier to find the perfect arrangement for your particular needs.

Most rig owners find the easiest method to be mounting it onto a wall. This configuration allows a person to save as much space as possible by keeping it out of the way. The only issues with this situation come from any back wiring being difficult to access.

If you think this issue will become a huge hassle, opting for a TV stand might be a better option. I’d only advise ensuring this stand is durable and made from heavy-duty materials. These aspects should make sure your TV remains secure and doesn’t become damaged.

Overall, the mounting process is more a preference issue rather than something we can talk about generally. It’s something to think about when choosing your device. Make sure your chosen model can adapt to the desired mounting process.

Using an RV smart TV falls much under the same jurisdiction. In other words, these devices tend to have various controls and operating processes.

I’d suggest reading the instruction manual and product descriptions before making a final decision. These resources should offer a better handle on whether you’ll be able to use the device comfortably.

Can you watch TV while an RV is moving?

No, drivers of motorhomes or other RVs should not watch TV while the vehicle is moving to prevent accidents due to distracted driving.

Studies show that using personal electronic devices while driving can increase the risk of crashes more than four times. Even the faint flicker of a small RV TV image can distract drivers, causing them to lose focus on the road.

Although drivers cannot watch TV or use personal electronic devices while driving, passengers can. However, there are a few rules RV families must observe when watching TV while the RV is moving.

  • The TV must not be in the view of the motorhome driver. It is crucial to prevent flickers from distracting the driver’s concentration.
  • The TV audio must not be too loud to distract the driver.
  • There should be no materials reflecting the TV images to the driver’s peripheral vision.

Can I watch Netflix in my RV?

Yes, people can watch Netflix in their RVs in three ways.

  1. Download your favorite Netflix shows and store the content on a smartphone, tablet, or laptop computer. People can watch the Netflix shows by playing these devices in their RVs.
  2. Use an internet-connected mobile device to stream Netflix content. RV owners can link to a WiFi service or 4G LTE network to watch Netflix and other streaming platforms.
  3. Watch Netflix shows from a 12 volt smart TV for RV with internet connectivity. It is like having a large-sized smartphone delivering streaming content for everyone in the motorhome.

RV families who do not have smart TVs can still enjoy streaming services by plugging a portable streaming device into their ordinary TV. They can use Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, or Apple TV.

Can I use an ordinary TV in my RV?

Yes, RV owners can use ordinary household TVs in their motorhomes or campers. However, residential television sets have a different power requirement than what people see in RVs. These TVs need 110 to 120 volts to operate, while RV TVs need 12 volts to run.

RV owners must buy a generator or inverter to power the 110/120-volt AC outlet in the motorhome when it’s unplugged from shore power. It would be impossible to operate an ordinary 32” TV without the inverter.

Unsurprisingly, a 12V TV for RV remains the best choice when picking a TV for motorhomes. It addresses power issues and guarantees suitability for different road conditions.

It is worth noting that RV TVs have a more robust construction than residential units because they must absorb road vibrations and shocks without damaging their sensitive circuitry.

How to care and clean?

Watching your favorite show or movie on a smudged, dusted covered TV is a terrible experience. It ruins the entertainment quality by a significant margin and ensures that everyone doesn’t get the enjoyment they deserve.

But this experience will occur when a TV isn’t cleaned regularly. Dusty fingerprint smudges have a habit of building up and covering significant portions of TV screens. As a result, it’s essential to know how to clean one of these devices properly.

The first thing to understand is you should never use soap, window cleaner, scouring powder, or any cleanser containing solvents: benzene, ammonia, paint thinner, or alcohol. It’d be wise to avoid abrasive pads and paper towels, as well. Using them could result in stripping the anti-glare coating or scratching the screen.

It’s also essential to never spray anything onto the screen directly. These screens are fragile and can get damaged by being pressed too hard. You should instead gently wipe them down with a microfiber cleaning cloth and water.

But please, make sure the TV’s off before doing so and refrain from spraying the water directly onto the screen. It’d be better to apply a small amount onto the cloth’s corner and then use it. The results should be apparent when you turn on the TV after a few minutes.

Where to buy?

Finding a suitable place to buy an RV smart TV is another essential part of this process. The best place to purchase one would be through Amazon. Their selection and prices are much better than what anywhere else has to offer.

If you don’t want to use Amazon, Best Buy, or Wal-Mart would be your next best bet. I’d recommend using their online sites rather than going to the actual stores. The prices online will always be less expensive.

People who stick with these stores should have no problem finding an RV smart TV suitable for their needs. Each of them has a rather impressive reputation among rig owners for offering top-tier quality, prices, and customer service.


Choosing the best smart TV for RV usage shouldn’t be much of an issue anymore. Everything laid out inside this article should make sure you choose the right one. You can then enjoy all the benefits that come with having a top-tier smart TV on your rig.

In fact, I imagine your TV watching experience will almost mimic what occurs in your regular home. It’ll be an essential cog in ensuring your RV feels like a home on wheels. But if you run into any more questions or concerns, please let me know in our comment section.

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