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The Best Tow Dollies to Pull Your Vehicle Safely and Smoothly

Written by Stephen Ryan / Fact checked by William Turner

A regular RV already has enough storage space. However, this is not enough for those campers who wish to bring larger items that an RV cannot accommodate inside. In addition to extra storage, other campers may want to bring their car to serve as an auxiliary vehicle. To address this concern, you can decide to tow a bigger storage space using a tow dolly. ISo if you are looking for the best tow dolly for your RV or storage needs, I have listed some of the best brands for you!

best tow dolly

Searching for a good tow dolly can be extra challenging, particularly to those who are doing it for the first time. You can be overwhelmed by different brands offering different features. This review will swiftly guide you about the existing tow dolly products and their features. This way, you will have an easy time choosing the right one for your needs.

Top 1

Dethmers KK460SS 


Dimensions 100 x 38.5 x 16 inches
Weight 675 pounds

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Top 2

Demco 9713093


Dimensions 35.5 x 16 x 16 inches
Weight ‎780 Pounds

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Top 3

Demco TI210SB


Dimensions 100.98 x 40 x 19.02 inches
Weight ‎780 pounds

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Table of Contents

6 Most Trusted Tow Dolly Reviews 2023

1. Dethmers Manufacturing Company KK460SS Space Saver Kar Kaddy

The Dethmers KK460SS Space Saver Kar Kaddy is a commendable two-wheeled car carriage system for the modern vehicle owner.

It offers a reliable platform for towing even the heaviest passenger cars, pickup trucks, and SUVs, making this tow dolly one of the best.

This tow dolly’s impressive load-bearing capacity works well for my RV. Capable of accommodating a 4,800-pound vehicle, this product dwarfs the Stehl tow dolly ST80TD’s 2,459-pound payload capacity.

I cannot help comparing this product to the ST80TD because both systems feature hydraulic surge brakes for excellent stopping performance on the road.

This car dolly’s payload capacity makes it the ideal platform for towing sedans, SUVs, vans, and pickup trucks. People looking for a tow dolly for Prius, Kona, Q4 e-Tron, i-Pace, or other electric vehicles should consider this product.

With its great load-bearing characteristics, one can tow a GMC Acadia or a Nissan Pathfinder without any issues.

Turning in tight corners or small RV parks is also never a problem. This tow dolly can initiate an incredible 15-degree turn, whereas other brands can only perform a 30 to 45-degree maneuver.

Securing the vehicle on the platform is also reassuring. It has two heavy-duty chains that fasten the towed vehicle’s wheels, giving car owners peace of mind when they haul their cars over short distances.

  • Higher vehicle weight capacity (4,800 pounds) than other brands
  • Integrated hydraulic brake system for improved safety
  • Modest tongue weight (100 pounds) for better handling
  • 15-degree turning radius, tighter than other brands
  • Dual heavy-duty safety chains
  • A bit hefty at 675 pounds
At 675 pounds, manually installing this tow dolly can be challenging. Still, its impressive payload capacity, integrated brakes, and tight turning radius make this tow dolly an excellent buy for anyone.

2. Demco 9713093 KarKaddy X

I love Demco products, and I still have my used Demco tow dolly at home for occasional use. The 9713093 KarKaddy X continues this legacy of excellent craftsmanship and superior performance, made more exciting by a thoughtful design for modern car owners.

Although this product reminds me of the American tow dolly, it has a more impressive spec sheet. Like the Dethmers Kar Kaddy SS, it can accommodate almost any vehicle with a maximum gross weight of 4,800 pounds. That includes many sedans, some pickup trucks, and several SUVs.

What separates this tow dolly from the Kar Kaddy SS is its four-degree lower load angle, making it the most suitable tow dolly for low profile cars. I can imagine loading a Lamborghini or a Ferrari on this platform, never worrying about scraping the bottom.

I also appreciate the hydraulic surge brakes, which have become the standard for high-quality tow dollies. Stopping the vehicle should be instantaneous without causing jitters as one tries to steer the car from hitting a road bump.

I like this tow dolly’s swivel design, allowing me to effortlessly and comfortably turn my towed vehicle. It is one of the reasons why I love this brand and why I still have one in my shed. Connecting it to my tow vehicle is also a cinch because of the EZLatch’s straightforward and super-convenient design.

Although it bears a close resemblance to the Kar Kaddy SS, this tow dolly is heftier by 105 pounds. If maneuvering the Kar Kaddy SS is challenging, this is a test of endurance and strength.

  • 4,800-pound maximum payload capacity
  • 4-degree lower load angle for low profile vehicles
  • Integrated surge brakes for maximum stopping power
  • Advanced swivel mechanism for hassle-free turning
  • The EZLatch coupler has a straightforward design
  • A tad heavier than similar products, at 105 pounds
Regardless, I am a fan of Demco products, and this tow dolly is no exception. Its thoughtful design and impressive payload capacity make it a wise choice.

3. Demco Tow-It 2 Tow Dolly

As I all know, not all tow dollies are allowed to be used or shipped in every state in the U.S. If you need a tow dolly that can be brought to almost anywhere in the United States, you certainly need to get a reliable tow dolly from Demco. The best part of this particular tow dolly is its surge brakes.

What I like about this particular tow dolly are its multiple safety features. First and foremost, it has its own taillights. This is important because it allows me to be seen by vehicles at the back especially when I’m driving at night. Because of this very important feature, I haven’t had any accidents on the road so far.

Another impressive feature of this RV car dolly is the fact that it has its own brakes. This added security feature puts my mind at ease because I know that my tow will stop with my vehicle at the same time. In addition to the brakes, its ramps are truly tough. It doesn’t easily bend or give in, therefore smoothly paving a way for vehicles to be towed easily.

I really have nothing to comment on in terms of the design. The fenders are truly magnificent! They are rust-proof so I don’t need to worry about natural elements such as water slowly ruining it over time.

What I don’t appreciate about this tow dolly is its price range. This is definitely a very expensive piece of equipment. I am a little bit worried that not all campers will be able to afford this product.

  • Has its own tail lights
  • Includes surge brakes
  • Rust-proof fenders
  • Super durable ramps
  • Easy to use
  • Expensive
After considering all of the important features above, I can say that Demco Tow-It 2 Tow Dolly is a reliable product. It has superb safety features such as brakes, tail lights, durable ramps, and rust-proof fenders. If you want a quality tow dolly and have the budget to spend, it is highly recommended that you choose Demco 9713047 Tow Dolly.

4. Roadmaster Inc. Universal Tow Dolly

If you love camping and you wish to bring an additional vehicle with you, the right way to bring it is to use a tow dolly. However, not all tow dollies were created the same. Some dollies can only provide enough features such as tail lights and adjustable ramps. With Roadmaster Tow Dolly, however, your vehicle is secured through its integrated electric brake feature.

What I like about this particular tow dolly is its strength. I like that it can carry up to 4,000 pounds plus a little more. Given my propensity to go camping, I am confident that it can easily tow my car anywhere in the United States.

Another feature that I like with this tow dolly is its adjustable ramps. Its tightest position is 93 ½ inches while its widest position is 101 ½ inches. Furthermore, the ramps can accommodate wheels up to 16 inches wide. Both the ramp and the cradle have raised treads for extra traction. With this, I am confident that my car will have an easy time mounting the dolly.

I am also happy that the wheels are protected by tough steel fenders. Both wheels have mud flaps, therefore providing extra protection against natural elements such as dirt and water.

My only disappointment with this product is the amount of time it takes to set it up. It takes me 30 minutes to completely set this tow dolly up. The safety features such as safety chains and wheel nets may ensure the overall safety of the towed vehicle, but it is a hassle to do it. I just hope that there is a simpler way to keep the vehicle safe while being mounted on the tow dolly instead of this pure hassle and equally tiresome method.

  • Can tow up to 4,380 lbs.
  • Tire-to-tire width: 76 inches
  • Has a stabilizer
  • Has electric brakes
  • Easy to use
  • Takes too long to set-up
Once all of the facts has been discussed, I can say that Roadmaster Universal Tow Dolly which includes Electric Brakes is the top-rated car tow dolly. It is reliable, durable, has a stabilizer, and most of all – has an electric brake. If you need to tow your vehicle, you certainly need to use this tow dolly with brakes to ensure your safety on the road.

5. Demco Kar Kaddy SS Tow Dolly

Looking for a trustworthy tow dolly to pull your vehicle or cargo safely and smoothly can be quite demanding. You have to look for so many qualities that you need and not offered with other competing brands. If you have exhausted both your time and energy, this one from Dethmers Manufacturing Company will surely keep you satisfied.

There are many things that I appreciate with this particular tow dolly. First of which is its hydraulic surge brakes. With this important feature, I know that my vehicle is safe on the road. Also, this RV tow dolly with surge brakes will ensure the safety of my family inside the RV.

Another excellent feature of this tow dolly is its foldable and adjustable treads. The foldable treads allow me to conveniently store the tow dolly in a safe location with limited space. In addition, since the treads are completely adjustable, this allows me to carry my car with me whenever I’m camping. It can accommodate a wheel-to-wheel width of 42 inches up to 76 inches.

My only disappointment with this tow dolly is the lack of stabilizer. It wobbles a little bit every time I’m driving on the freeway. It also happened once when I drove on an off-road track. I hope that there is a simple solution to end this worrisome problem.

  • With hydraulic surge brakes
  • Durable
  • Can tow up to 4,800 lbs.
  • Can be folded
  • Easy and safe loading and unloading
  • No stabilizer
In a nutshell, I can say that the Demco Tow Dolly by Dethmers Manufacturing Company is a splendid product. It is easy to use, durable and can be folded for storage concerns. Most of all, this product has hydraulic surge brakes which protect the towed vehicle from sudden impact brought by the main brakes. If you need a more reliable car dolly with brakes to use on your camping trips, this is the right product for you.

6. Tow Max Heavy Duty Tow Dolly

If you need a tow dolly but you are on a strict budget, there are other brands that can offer almost the same kind of performance that you are looking for. Presenting Tow Max Heavy Duty Tow Dolly – the right kind of dolly that you’ll ever need without breaking the bank.

Seeing the performance of this tow dolly, I can say that it is really fantastic. It can carry up to 3,000 lbs. of weight without showing any signs of trouble along the road. Moreover, I can easily mount and unmount my car through its tough ramps.

On the other hand, it has a heavy-duty set of tires that do not get damaged easily. I can rely on these tires to bring my car even on rough road conditions.

Another praiseworthy feature of this tow dolly is its weatherproofing. It is very important to have a weatherproof dolly because you never know what our tires pick up on the road when you are traveling. Natural elements such as water, dust, and heat can contribute to the early degradation of our dollies. But with this level of weatherproofing, I am confident that it will never collect rust or damage due to ultraviolet rays.

While damage is inevitable, I like to point out that this product has a warranty on parts. This is good because I can replace the damaged parts with an original one. This won’t compromise the quality of the performance of the dolly in the long run.

While I can attest to this particular tow dolly’s performance, my only concern is the lack of extra safety features such as hydraulic surge brakes or electric brakes. This is definitely bad news especially if you want to avoid accidents in the future.

  • Can carry up to 3,000 lbs. of weight
  • Has 14 inches heavy-duty wheels
  • Comes with a 2-inch coupler
  • Made from weatherproof steel
  • Has a warranty for parts
  • Fenders hit the tow’s doors on tight turns
  • Has no electric or hydraulic surge brakes
After taking everything into account, I can honestly say that the Tow Max Heavy Duty Car Tow Dolly is a nice product. It can carry up to 3,000 pounds of weight, and most of all easy to use, durable and most of all – weatherproof.

What to Look for When Buying a Tow Dolly


Bringing your second vehicle with you on your camping trips is a difficult task to accomplish if you have no way to tow it. This means that you need a trustworthy tow dolly to pull your second vehicle using your motorhome. However, choosing the right tow dolly can be pretty exhausting, especially if you don’t know what to look for in the first place. You might get confused with the surge of new information offered by the companies manufacturing and selling it.

If you want to get the best tow dolly for your motorhome, here are some things that you need to know before you decide to pay for it:

  • Do you want your dolly to pivot or not? This is a question that you need to spend a lot of time on before making a decision. This is because if the dolly’s ability to pivot is impeded, it could seriously affect the motorhome’s performance not to mention the damage on the towed vehicle it may cause.Before the invention of the power steering, most cars automatically lock the steering wheel when the key was off. Because of this, the dolly has a hard time making a turn, especially on tight corners. This challenge causes the car to come into contact with the fenders and scrape the paint job.Today, an articulating turntable is strategically placed on the tow dolly. This facilitates smooth turning while preventing any damage to the vehicle being towed.

A pivoting tow dolly would certainly make your driving easier and safer. However, not all manufacturing companies integrate this feature on their tow dollies. Because of this, you will be left with no choice but to leave the steering wheel unlocked by inserting the key in the ignition. To prevent battery loss, you have to disconnect the battery temporarily.

  • Does it have a trustworthy braking system? A tow dolly must have its own independent braking system. This is to prevent the vehicle from being towed from colliding at the rear part of the motorhome.Basically, you can choose between these types of braking system:
  • Hydraulic surge brakes. Hydraulic surge brakes work when the brake is applied to the main vehicle. The hydraulic brakes which are located on the wheels of the tow dolly compress using the towed vehicle’s own momentum.Compared to electric brakes, you don’t need to regularly adjust or recalibrate it because it only uses the towed vehicle’s momentum to operate. If you are to drive without a tow, the hydraulic brake won’t activate at all.
  • Electric brakes. Electric brakes are a reliable accessory to ensure that the tow dolly stops in a synchronized way with your motorhome.However, while this is an effective way to make sure that the dolly stops with the motorhome at the same time, you also need to take time to adjust and readjust it. This task is important especially if you are going to drive without a tow but the dolly is still connected to the motorhome. The electric brakes need to be readjusted or offset to facilitate a smooth driving experience.
  • How was the frame built? The frame of the tow dolly is another serious issue that you need to consider before deciding to purchase a tow dolly. Some tow dollies are pieced together using bolts and nuts, while some are built by welding.While bolted tow dollies venture well on a paved road, it rattles significantly on off-road tracks. If a bolt gets dislodged, you need to retighten it immediately to prevent compromising the performance of the whole dolly.On the other hand, a welded dolly provides a more stable performance. It works well with paved and even roads or uneven road conditions.

Once you get to know all of these simple guides, you will be able to choose the right tow dolly for your RV or motorhome. These quick guides will improve your standard, thus allowing you to select the right tow dolly which can optimize your movement on the road.

Other Important Factors to Consider


What is an RV tow dolly?

Imagine driving a motorhome or an RV from your chosen campsite just to do a supply run to a nearby convenience store. You’d certainly need a vehicle to accomplish it. You would certainly find this mission very tiresome not to mention very impractically. You will definitely find it difficult to maneuver your RV on tight corners and small streets. For this task, you definitely need to use a second vehicle and let the motorhome stay where you parked it.

This is what a tow dolly aims to achieve: help you bring a second vehicle safely and efficiently wherever you decide to camp.

By definition, an RV tow dolly is a mechanical contraption that allows you to bring a second vehicle in your camping trips. This is achieved by latching the dolly on the rear end of the motorhome or an RV. Once the front end of the tow dolly has been successfully latched, you can now mount the vehicle that you want to bring with you.

If you have a tow dolly, you can also use it to bring extra storage space in your preferred campsite. Your car can certainly carry a few boxes or crates in the trunk or inside the car itself.

Another benefit of using a tow dolly is that you can respond to a friend in need. If they run their tires flat or if they experienced some engine trouble along the way, you can easily bring their vehicle for repairs. You certainly won’t have to worry about calling a towing company to do the job, right?

How does it work?

Many people are still wondering about the use of a tow dolly. This is maybe because they cannot imagine themselves towing another car and bringing it to their camping destination. However, if you have a second vehicle and you want to fully take advantage of your camping trip, you will certainly find tow dollies extremely useful for these kinds of situations.

An RV tow dolly works by installing it on the rear end of the motorhome or an RV. From then on, the second vehicle that you wish to tow will be mounted on the dolly by placing the front wheels through the ramps. Once the two front wheels are located on the cradles and the necessary safety features such as safety chains and straps are in place, you can now begin to tow your second vehicle.

While it is true that not all tow dollies have a braking system, some of them have it. There are two braking systems that you can choose. These are:

  • Hydraulic surge brakes. Hydraulic surge brakes offer a kind of safety that is entirely independent of the main braking system of the motorhome that you are driving. It activates by using the momentum from the towed vehicle. Once the motorhome decelerates, the hydraulic pistons slow down the wheels of the tow dolly. This way, the momentum won’t damage the backside of your motorhome.
  • Electric brakes. Electric brakes are installed on the tow dolly by connecting them to the main braking system of the motorhome. It activates by stepping on the brakes of the motorhome, causing the wheels of the dolly to slow down at the same time.However, the downside of using electric brakes is the fact that you need to constantly adjust it. You have to know that it works differently when there is a vehicle-mounted on it compared to when there is no vehicle on it. If there is no vehicle on it, you have to readjust the brakes in order to work properly.

Why do you need a tow dolly?

Driving an RV is definitely tiresome. From your home to your camping destination, it would surely take most of your energy maneuvering on the freeway down to off-road tracks. Once you get there, your initial mindset is to relax, right? But what if you need to replenish your food and other medical supplies. Would you drive your RV to a nearby store? Certainly not. This is where a second vehicle would come in handy.

Here are some of the benefits that you can derive from using a tow dolly:

  • Having a standby vehicle for emergency purposes. If you have a second vehicle like a car, you can use it to run some errands or bring your family to a nearby tourist spot where your RV or motorhome is parked. Bringing a second vehicle with you on one of your RV camping trips is not an easy task. You need a tough towing device that can help you pull your second vehicle efficiently and safely.
  • You can bring extra storage for your motorhome. A car has sufficient space that can be used for storage. If your RV or motorhome is running out of storage space, having a tow dolly can adequately address that issue. Just bring your car along and store your other needs inside. After you have reached the campsite, you can use the extra vehicle for other leisurely pursuits. Sounds simple, right?
  • Being able to tow a friend’s car anytime. If you have a friend who is experiencing car troubles on the road, you can respond to them by towing their vehicle. This can certainly alleviate their suffering especially if they don’t have a budget for a professional towing service.

This is exactly the reason why you need a tow dolly. A tow dolly provides an efficient means of transporting your second vehicle by latching it on the rear end of your RV or motorhome. With a tow dolly, you won’t need to spend fuel and effort on driving the second vehicle. The motorhome will pull it wherever you choose to bring it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What are good RV tow dolly brands?

There are currently very limited tow dolly manufacturers in the market today. However, not all of them offer the kind of flexibility and durability that other brands apparently lack. If you don’t have experience in this particular area, you will surely get confused by the surge of information about these products.

Here are some of the trustworthy American car dolly brands that you can choose from:

  • Roadmaster Universal Tow Dolly
  • Demco
  • Dethmers Manufacturing Company
  • Tow Max

These brands of two wheel car dollies can stand up to the challenge of heavy-duty towing. In addition, these brands have received positive reviews from satisfied customers across the United States. If you want to get the best RV car tow dolly, these brands are definitely a good place to start.

Can you reverse with a tow dolly?

Driving with a tow dolly is surely a great challenge. You can even ask the most experienced RV or motorhome drivers. While some drivers may be able to reverse with a tow dolly, they do not recommend a first-timer to do this.

Here are some of the reasons why you should not do this casually:

  • The towed vehicle adds more weight than your typical setup. You must always remember that you are towing a minimum of 3,800 pounds. One simple miscalculation on your reverse maneuver may result in crushing the backside of the RV and the front side of the towed vehicle.
  • The tow dolly includes a pivot, which is very important in making a turn. Reversing on a straight road may be an easy task. You may be able to accomplish it without a guide. But if you are going to make a turn, you will be hard-pressed to complete it because you will be immediately blindsided.
  • The backside of the towed vehicle is almost impossible to see. The back of the towed vehicle is considered as a blindspot. Even if you install a camera, there are still some spots that won’t come to your attention such as the underside of the tow dolly.

If reversing is completely unavoidable, you should have at least three persons to guide to through. This way, you can prevent incurring any kind of damages to your towed car, your RV, and your RV’s immediate surroundings.

Do I need brakes on my tow dolly?

Any kind of wheeled vehicle needs a brake to completely stop whenever needed. This also applies to tow dollies.

If you are shopping for a tow dolly, you need to know if there is a good braking system or not. A good braking system can ensure your safety on the road, as well as the vehicle that you are going to tow.

Here are some of the braking systems that you can consider:

  • Hydraulic surge brakes. Hydraulic brakes use the towed vehicle’s momentum in order to activate. There is no need to connect it to the main vehicle’s braking system because it is already on the wheels of the tow dolly.
  • Electric brakes. Electric brakes are installed and connected to the main braking system of the motorhome or RV that you are going to use. Once it is installed, you need to regularly check if it works in concert with the main braking system.

These two types of braking systems are your safety net on the road. Without it, towing a vehicle would certainly be challenging, not to mention dangerous.

Are tow dollies safe? Is it good for long distance?

The tow dollies are safe. However, it would be best to check the tow dolly’s specifications, safety features, and quality construction before hooking up a car.

For example, one cannot expect cheap tow dollies to be as safe as high-end products with advanced security features and robust build.

A good-quality tow dolly for RV offers exceptional vehicle security, such as tire straps, integrated disc brakes, and reinforced safety chains.

The construction and design also minimize wear and tear on the towed vehicle’s rear wheels.

Unfortunately, experts do not recommend tow dollies for long distances.

Only the car’s rear tires contact the ground, accelerating their wear and tear with each mile covered. Fuel consumption can also take a hit, making it impractical for most people.

Should car be in neutral on tow dolly?

A car with a manual transmission should always be in “Neutral” on a tow dolly for motorhome.

On the other hand, vehicles with automatic transmissions should always be in “Park” when towed with a tow dolly. This gear positioning is necessary to protect the transmission’s integrity.

Moreover, front-wheel-drive vehicles must always have their front wheels on the tow dolly. On the other hand, it is crucial to disconnect the drive shaft of a front-engine, rear-wheel-drive car before towing on a dolly to prevent damaging the transmission.

How fast can you drive with a tow dolly?

People can drive with a car dolly for RV as fast and comfortably as legal limits allow.

For example, one can take their truck and vehicle-in-tow for up to 50 miles per hour on a 50-MPH road but cannot drive as fast on a 40-MPH neighborhood.

Experts recommend a speed of ten miles below the legal speed limit when driving with a tow dolly. For example, one can drive 40 MPH on a 50 MPH highway. However, it would be best to adjust the speed when navigating hills or sharp inclines.

It would be best to drive with a car dolly not exceeding 55 miles per hour for your safety and your two vehicles.

Can you back up with a car on a tow dolly?

Yes, one can back up with a car on a dolly system. However, experts advise vehicle owners against backing up their towed automobiles on a tow dolly because it is unsafe. Not only do people risk damaging the vehicle-in-tow. They can also damage the tow vehicle, requiring costly repairs.

The safest way to back up a car on a tow dolly is by detaching one car from the other and reversing them individually. It is a tedious process but worth it.

What vehicles can be dolly towed?

The main purpose of a dolly tow is to pull an extra vehicle using the main vehicle. However, not all vehicles can be mounted on this portable pulling device. This is because you have to consider the weight limit of the vehicle that you are going to tow.

Here are some of the vehicles that can be dolly towed:

  • Cars
  • SUVs
  • 4×4 trucks

Before towing one of these vehicles, however, you must check your user’s manual to make sure that your tow dolly can accommodate it. This way, you will be able to ensure that your tow dolly won’t malfunction in the middle of your journey.

What is the best vehicle to tow behind a Class C motorhome?

As we all know, not all motorhomes are created equal. If you have a Class C motorhome and you need to bring an extra vehicle with you, you need to know if your tow dolly can pull it safely and efficiently.

A motorhome tow dolly can pull 3,000 up to 5,000 lbs. of weight. If you are still confused, it is the size of a regular car. While it is true that you can bring any car that you want in one of your camping trips, it is best if you think about the limitations of your RV or motorhome. This is to optimize its capability without bringing it to its limits.

How to use and care?

Caring for your tow dolly is just like caring for your car. In order to prolong its life, you need to clean it regularly. Even the top-rated rv car dolly needs to be maintained properly.

Here’s how you can prolong your tow dolly’s life:

  • Wash it regularly. If you have a pressure washer, you can use it to remove any standing dirt or mud that is stuck on the mud flaps. Also, wipe off any water on the surface of your dolly. This will prevent rust from forming.
  • Keep it greased regularly. Just like any vehicle, the wheels on your tow dolly need regular greasing. This is to ensure that the bearings are working perfectly.

Keep in mind that simple washing and greasing may not be enough to keep your dolly from malfunctioning. If there are any problems that you can’t understand, do not hesitate to call for professional help. This way, you will be able to address the issue early and prevent any pressing concerns along the way.


Choosing the best tow dolly for your motorhome is not as easy as setting up a camp. You need to learn so many things about the product first before making an important decision. If you were able to learn a great deal about the tow dolly’s physical appearance, towing capacity, extra safety features, ease of use, only then you can go ahead and analyze the next product. This way, you will be able to prevent any issues while driving on the road.

By reading the tow dolly reviews above, you can certainly pick up a thing or two about the specific tow dolly brand that you are eyeing. This is important because you will have a glimpse of how it performs in certain conditions. If you liked what you have read, then it will help you rate the product and compare it to other brands. Only then that you can proceed with the purchase.

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