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The Best TVs for RV Use: Enjoy Your TV Shows on The Road

Written by Stephen Ryan / Fact checked by William Turner

Nowadays, you can already take a break from your daily routine, spend time with your love ones, see a lot of new places, and enjoy new things just by taking a trip in your RV. However, you don’t necessarily have to cut yourself from the rest of the world. Bring best TV for RV use, so you can still watch the news and your favorite TV shows.

Best TV for RV Use

You might think that it’s okay to use just any old household TV for your RV. However, that is not the case. A TV can only be used on an RV if it can withstand all the bumping and jostling of a moving car. Otherwise, it will break easily.

If you really consider buying the right TV for travel trailers, then here are 13 of the most favorite products in the market.

Top 1

LG 22-Inch Full HD


Screen Size 22 Inches
Resolution 1080p
Refresh Rate 75 Hz

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Top 2

TCL 43S325


Screen Size 43 inches
Resolution 1080p
Refresh Rate 60 Hz

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Top 3

SuperSonic 1080p


Screen Size 22 Inches
Resolution 1080p
Refresh Rate 120 Hz

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Table of Contents

Top-Rated TV for RV Use Reviews 2020

1. LG 22-Inch Full HD LED TV

Just because one has a small camper van with limited space does not mean he can no longer enjoy an excellent TV viewing experience. People only need the LG Full HD LED TV to make their RVing adventures worthwhile.

I like the TVs of this Korean brand, known worldwide for their engineering excellence in producing video equipment with exceptional image quality. This RV television features in-plane switching (IPS) display technology, similar to Apple’s vaunted screens. The system has outstanding color consistency and accuracy, ensuring maximum viewing angles and eliminating color/contrast shifts.

The Triple XD Engine aids the IPS technology in delivering crystal-clear images in vivid colors. Despite being only 1080p, the color expression is nothing less than outstanding. I also love the deep contrast the TV produces, giving an image that is more lifelike than artificial.

I also appreciate this TV’s 60Hz refresh rate, giving my boy a seamless FPS gaming experience with his console. The action is so real that I noticed my kid getting rattled every time an enemy scores a hit. My partner also loves it, especially when watching her favorite soap opera.

Getting channels to this TV is effortless. People can connect a regular TV antenna or a cable wire, allowing them to enjoy TV shows on the road. Its 20×12.5-inch dimension makes this TV excellent for small campers and similar RVs.

Unfortunately, it does not have smart functionality. It is not an absolute downer because I can always plug a Chromecast or Roku stick into the HDMI port.

I recommend this TV for anyone who wants incredible pictures with lifelike realism in their motorhome entertainment. It might not be a 32-inch unit, but this TV packs a punch.
  • Advanced IPS display for better viewing
  • Triple XD Engine for improved image quality
  • Compatible with cable and TV antenna connections
  • 60Hz refresh rate for lag-free images
  • Measures 20×12.5-inch, ideal for small RVs
  • No smart TV functionality

2. TCL 43S325 43-Inch 1080p Smart LED Roku TV

The TCL 435325 1080p Smart LED TV offers a more exciting way to enjoy world-class home entertainment right inside one’s motorhome. This appliance revolutionizes on-the-road enjoyment, allowing RV families to relish the latest streaming content and favorite TV shows in vivid color.

I deem this TV for RV campers practical because of its 43-inch color LED display. Although it does not have a 4K resolution, its 1080p screen still produces crisp and vivid colors with exceptional brightness and contrast controls. Its 60Hz refresh rate is also noteworthy, allowing my family to stream their favorite content without lags or blurry images.

I am surprised to learn this smart TV comes with a Roku digital media platform, giving people access to more than half a million films and TV shows across 5,000 digital content channels. We can live in our motorhome for the whole year, and we will never run out of beautiful content to watch from this camper TV.

My favorite is its compatibility with leading digital voice assistants. It can connect with Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Google Assistant. Too bad it does not recognize Apple’s Siri. Nevertheless, I find its voice control spot-on, allowing me to expand my motorhome’s internet-of-things.

I appreciate the remote control, but I prefer using my smartphone to control the TV’s various functions and settings. One can also connect it to a tablet with TCL’s mobile app.

Unfortunately, its 38.2 x 24.5-inch rectangular frame might be challenging to fit in small RVs.

Nevertheless, this smart TV is perfect for RV owners who want exceptional internet, movie, and TV entertainment on the road and wherever their adventures take them.
  • Large and bright, 43-inch LED display for more immersive entertainment
  • Smart TV with access to thousands of Roku-powered streaming channels
  • 60Hz refresh rate for seamless images
  • Compatible with leading digital voice assistants for effortless control
  • Connects with tablet or smartphone for improved convenienc
  • Not for small RVs

3. SuperSonic 1080p LED Widescreen HDTV

Another RV TV that I would recommend is this SuperSonic LED Widescreen HDTV. I am quite pleased with the quality of the TV and it is also attractive and fits in nicely because of its size. The quality of the images is excellent while I found the sound just adequate but still bearable.

As I stumbled upon the reviews of this product, I noticed that what they are saying about the declining quality of the picture while moving away from the center of the screen is true. However, it was just as to be expected from a LED TV with this size and price. From normal viewing angles in front of this TV, the pictures are still clear.

The sound is actually good, as expected from a little HDTV. While it is true that the speakers of this TV are small, the quality of sound is still good if you are sitting on a reasonable distance from the screen. If you wanted to achieve a greater sound, you can use any speakers and attach it on the TV.

What’s great about this HDTV is that it takes up a little space when you take it out on a camp and it also makes a good RV TV’s electronics. It is also as light as a feather and can actually make a good stand. I also notice that there are various features packed into the package like the remote. The remote works great and it also has a lot of options for control and adjustments.
  • Excellent picture quality for a small TV
  • Lightweight and work great to give a better angled and closer view
  • Good for close quarters viewing
  • Headphone jack to control volume
  • Instructions to assemble base is unclear

4. Tyler 14-Inch Portable 1080p LCD TV

The Tyler 14-Inch LCD TV might be a small TV for RV, but it can go where no other televisions can. This TV does not let its compact size undermine its ability to deliver lifelike images wherever the viewer might be. Therefore, it is an exceptional choice for highly mobile people.

I am glad this peewee TV has a built-in ATSC tuner, complementing its NTSC platform for better TV signal coverage. People can enjoy TV shows operating on a digital-analog signal without needing a separate device. Of course, they can always tune in to the old analog TV system still in use in the countryside.

The 14-inch display is just right for everywhere viewing, similar to a standard-sized laptop screen. The best part is this TV still churns out commendable images with lifelike realism. Its 1080p resolution might not be as crisp and vivid as a 4K screen, but it is better than a 720p device. The contrast and brightness controls are spot-on, and the color rendition is exemplary for its size.

I also love its compatibility with digital media players. People can plug an Apple TV, Amazon Firestick, Roku, Slingbox, or Chromecast into the HDMI port, transforming this compact TV into an internet streaming device. I can also insert an SD card and watch my favorite downloaded films in various file formats. There will never be a dull moment with this TV by my side.

Sadly, I find its four-hour built-in battery runtime too short for making any significant difference when bringing this TV outdoors.

It remains a delightful option for RV owners who want a TV they can bring to their picnics and hikes. It delivers exceptional images in a compact form.
  • 14-inch portable color TV with dual NTSC and ATSC tuners
  • Illuminated TV functions for status monitoring
  • Multiple media inputs for added entertainment
  • 1080p resolution for better-quality images
  • Compatible with digital media players
  • Four-hour battery runtime

5. Sceptre E246BD-SMQK 24.0″ 720p TV DVD Combination

If you are one of those people who are searching for a decent size TV and DVD player for a cheaper price, then this Sceptre TV DVD Combination should be listed as part of your choices. I am actually skeptical about considering this RV TV DVD combo as one of the televisions for RV’s after seeing some of the previous reviews, but there’s something about this product that makes it a great investment.

This would make the high quality TV for RV use because of its very good TV reception that can get a lot of channels even if you are in the middle of nowhere. What I also like about this product is that the DVD player works great. It works just fine, the pictures are sharp and the TV screen is very clear.

While reading about this TV DVD combo reviews, I saw a few comments about being unable to assemble the base piece of the product. What you are probably missing is the neck piece to be connected at the base and the TV body, which is actually placed beneath the styrofoam packing. You have to look carefully for the neck piece of the stand before you throw away the foam.

This product also comes with RV TV accessories such as a small screw driver which can be use to assemble the base and a screw mount on the back which can be use to attach into a wall mount.

The only drawback with this product is that the sound is rather poor, but can still be fixed. Overall, I am pleased with the performance of this TV DVD Combination.
  • Built in DVD Player that is easy to use
  • Accessible voice function for TV function and information guide
  • Easy to install with the simple wall mount and lightweight
  • Poor sound quality but can be fixed by attaching speakers

6. AXESS TVD1805-24 24-Inch LED HDTV

Another 12 volt TV for RV that I can recommend is the AXESS LED HDTV. After setting it up and attaching a digital antenna, I immediately notice that the picture is very clear and is actually visible from any corner of the room. Regarding the sound, I notice that whenever the signal strength is strong, it goes louder than expected.

There are many adjustments to make the quality of sound and picture better and it also has an auto channel scan, input sources and clock adjustments. It also has a good TV reception as I manage to pull in 33 free channels to choose from.

I consider the sound as great for a small camper use. While figuring out with the menu controls for sound, I easily found the volume that I am satisfied with. For a regular TV viewing, I find the sound loud enough with a pretty decent pitch.

Regarding the DVD, I find it actually great and the playback is flawless. However, you must be careful when loading a disc in. Despite what the instruction says about loading the disc, you have to make sure that the shiny side of the disc facing you—otherwise the DVD player will keep spitting it back.

This is a very useful 12 volt smart TV accompanied with a USB and micro SD slots. It also supported all of the present media except Blue Ray. It is perfect to use for any vacation spots, cabins or vehicles and prove to be one of the recommended travel trailer TV’s.
  • Uses minimal power consumption that is perfect for travelling
  • Makes a remarkable multimedia input device
  • Very good TV reception and receives digital broadcasts
  • Micro SD card works for video and trail picture viewing
  • SD card is supported but can only play a few video formats

7. SuperSonic 1080p LED Widescreen HDTV

You can also choose this LED Widescreen HDTV offered by SuperSonic. What I like about this product is that for its price, you can actually view an amazing picture, has a built-in DVD player and its perfect for camper trailer or an RV. This one probably fits in with the best TV size for RV since it was small enough for the RV but big enough to be viewed from both ends.

I also like the fact that there are no viewing problems encountered as it is installed in the RV. It is also lightweight and the instructions about the setup were also set in a clear manner, therefore making the installations easy.

It also offers a good TV reception since I got more channels from my RV antenna than what I had expected. I also like that this product has a built-in card reader and USB that I find very useful whenever I tried testing burned DVD. It is also perfect for an RV since it draws very little power to work.

What I dislike about it is that the quality of sound is not the great, but I think it is normal given its size. It can still be fixed if you tried to connect a set of speakers to get the sound you will be satisfied with. You will also have to find the best angle for a perfect viewing.
  • Perfect for a small space hence perfect for an RV
  • Comes in a built in card reader, DVD player and USB2
  • Accompanied with HDMI, VGA, RCA jacks, and component for AV hookups
  • Energy-efficient and lightweight
  • Great AC/DC portable HDTV
  • Because it’s LED, you might have to consider the angle for viewing matters

8. Jensen JTV19DC HD Ready 19″ LED TV

Some of the Jensen TV reviews also recommends this fifth recommendation I have, which is a Jensen RV TV. This included a wire that is 12V which you can immediately connect to a power source—either a battery or a fuse panel. It can be use to listen or view an over the air broadcasts while you are travelling. The tuner that is built-in within the product is also easy to setup there are no problems regarding this so far.

I also like how the quality of the picture is sharp and fantastic, like what you expect from a LED TV or an LCD. However, whenever no picture appears on the screen, for instance whenever a movie ends, a significant light bleed can be seen from the edges and corners of the screen. Still, this can also be used as a second monitor of a laptop

When it comes to sound, I can say that it comes out pretty good but a certain distance must be considered in order to hear properly. Like most of the RV TV, I think the sound can be fixed by using speakers. For RVers, this makes a pretty good RV TV since it can pick up greater than 30 free digital channels to choose from.

The digital tuner also works well when the RV is parked as it has a great receiver and tuner. What I don’t like about this is that the sound is pretty hard to hear and appears tinny while underway.
  • Built-in tuner is easy to setup and easy to use
  • Have a great receiver and tuner
  • Pictures are pretty clear, and the sound is okay
  • The features of the product is just as advertised
  • It has no base included for the RV flat screen TV mounts

9. Proscan PLEDV2488A-E 24-Inch 720p 60Hz LED TV-DVD Combo

You can also opt for this Proscan LED TV with a built-in DVD Player. What I am so please with this product is that it has an easy to hook up system that you didn’t even need to open the instruction guidebook. I find the quality of picture excellent and the size is even perfect for an RV use.

All seem to work fine with this product, the TV worked perfectly and the DVD Player also work without making any unnecessary noise. I really enjoyed having this item but I also found a few quirks about it.

It doesn’t automatically switch into DVD mode even though a disc is already inserted, unlike what I expect from a TV-DVD combo type. You have to switch first from TV to DVD using the options. This means that it is rather complicated than any other TV-DVD Combo models.

I find the remote as something easy-to use and very responsive. The HDMI connection also worked up perfectly with the Roku Box. As for the installation, the stand did not attach according to the instruction per se, but still it is done easily.

The sound also came out pretty good but if you want a better quality sound, you might want to opt for a speaker to attach with the TV. The packaging was even great, and it is also shipping-wise because it was shipped faster than expected.
  • The HDMI is working with a Roku Box
  • It is easy to install, and the setup is so simple that you can do it right away without a guide
  • Antenna receives broadcast station
  • TV and DVD work perfectly even if there are a few quirks
  • There is only one port for HDMI present

10. Sceptre 24″ 1080P LED HDTV DVD Combo

The Sceptre HDTV DVD Combo is also a great pick for the right TV for RV use. The TV and the cable can be easily programmed without encountering any problems at all and I find the setup also easy to configure.

The quality of the picture came out as impressive while the quality is just okay for its size. The quality of the picture is also nice on a Roku streaming stick and it was very clear on DVD’s. It was also very light, making it easy to mount on the RV and saving you from the worries of pulling the screws out.

As for the sound, I’ve read a few reviews saying that it came out as rather tinny, bad or of a poor quality. While others have no issues about the quality of the sound, it can actually still be fixed by configuring and adjusting the sound options in the menu. Although still far from considering as great quality, you might find that the quality of sound has improved after adjusting the sound options.

What I also like about this product is that there is a memory for the DVD Player where you can actually resume watching after turning off the TV or either stopping the DVD. The viewing panels are actually not that great but if you are located on the right spot, you will find that the picture is good and the colors are bright and sharp.

I would consider the remote control as just fine, neither good nor bad, because the only thing that makes it odd is the placement of the button controls that is different from other remote. However, it is still manageable.
  • Program TV and cable without having any problem
  • Easy setup
  • DVD Player memory that helps you resume where you stop watching
  • Impressive picture and color quality
  • Poor sound quality but can still be fixed

11. AXESS TV1701-24 24-Inch 1080p LED HDTV

I also highly recommend this LED HDTV from AXESS. What I like about this is that you can turn in to the local channels wherever you might be, so it keeps you updated about the weather and the local news no matter what. I am also please that I am able to watch movies using the built-in DVD player in places without coverage so it keeps me entertained.

Once you fully understand how to operate the DVD player, you will never encounter any problems associated with it. However, do not expect a fast DVD operation as getting the DVD started is normally slow. It will only get quicker when you tune the channels using the digital antenna. It perfectly works with both the AC and DC plug in.

I also like how this product has a lot of input sources which includes USB, 2 HDMI input, VGA for the computer and as I stated, a built-in DVD player. It also works great providing an impressive picture quality and the sound is just adequate for an RV. The quality of sound can still be improved by using external speakers, which makes the product more desirable.

It is also lighter and appears thinner than I thought which makes it good and portable for RV use. So far, there are no issues about the power consumption, especially the DC power plug.

The only thing that I don’t like about this is its remote. It has to be placed directly at the front of the TV in order to work.  Using it a little farther with too much of an angle doesn’t seem to make it work.
  • Can access local channels wherever you are
  • Works perfectly with both AC and DC plugin
  • Various input sources
  • Lightweight and thin
  • Problems with the remote but can still be managed

12. Free Signal TV Transit LED Flat Panel HD Television

Another of the best TV for RV use is this LED flat panel HDTV made by Transit. What I like about this product is that it is a 12 volt RV TV perfect for RV, Camper and any mobile vehicle use. It is also very lightweight that can easily be mounted on a moving vehicle.

I also like the quality of both the picture and the sound as both were excellent. It also works with goal zero 400 and it would only draw 10% of the battery if you played a one and a half hour movie. The power consumption of this product is what makes it a great choice RV TV.

Like any other RV TV, if you are not satisfied with the quality of the sound, you can use an external speaker to boost the volume.
  • Lightweight thus can easily be mounted
  • Quality of picture and sound were both excellent
  • Makes a great RV TV because of lesser power consumption
  • Sound quality can be improved

13. Mounting Dream MD2210 Lockable RV TV Wall Mount

For a better mounting of RV TV, I recommend using this lockable RV TV Wall Mount by Mounting Dream. What I like about this product is that is fit the bill nicely and it came with a comprehensive and understandable instructions.

The pile of hardware is also well-organized and packaged nicely. All of the hardware is labelled with letters which is also shown in the manual for an easy setup. A small level is also included which is quite handy in the RV confines.

I am actually very impressed to see that the mount is well-built even though it is not installed yet. Due to the latch on it, this product is perfect for RV use. It is also heavy duty that makes it able to withstand the jostling within a Camper and an RV.
  • Heavy duty product perfect for Camper and RV
  • Hardware is organized and labelled neatly for easy installation
  • Comes with a small level for the confines of an RV
  • All the materials needed are included in the product
  • Mount allows a little bit of movement

What to Look for When Buying a TV for RV?


To enjoy the benefits given by the top rated TV for RV use, you will need to have an RV antenna in order to pick up signals and keep your RV TV working. Here are things you should know when buying an antenna for your RV TV:

Pick a TV antenna if you want to view local channels.

A TV antenna is a nice choice if you want to pick up the HD signals that are usually put out by major networks like NBC, CBS, etc. This antenna has both indoor and outdoor RV models available. An outdoor RV TV antenna will be attached to the roof, so you need to lower it before taking off on your journey. It is made out of plastic and aluminium—materials that usually snap easily—so if you forgot to lower it down, you will need to find a replacement sooner than expected. However, because this antenna is located outside, it can pick up a lot of channel signals.

On the other hand, an indoor antenna doesn’t have the same range as the outdoor one, but it is easier to control and position.

If you pick an outdoor antenna, you must ensure that it is an HD one.

If you want to receive high definition channels, then it is reasonable that you must pick an HD outdoor RV antenna for you TV. Stations put out an HD signal, and with HD antenna, you can pick it all up.

Consider purchasing a booster for your TV antenna.

If you find yourself in need to boost the signal, you can opt buying a TV Antenna Booster. In order to use it, you just have to simply snap it with your outdoor TV antenna to enjoy picking up more free channels.

Choose a special antenna if you want a DirecTV in your RV.

If you prefer having a satellite TV, you need to purchase a Dome Antenna. These kinds of antenna are designed to pick up the signals from a satellite. It will probably cost you much and would need a monthly payment for subscription, but if you enjoy watching from a satellite TV, then the cost will be worth it.

However, this antenna will keep you addicted to watching and will probably take away your probable camping experience. Therefore, you need to think carefully if you really have the need to purchase this. You must know that most campsites provides a free cable services to their guest, so it would be completely unnecessary to want a Dome Antenna and all the expenses that might cost you after purchasing it.

For music listening, you might want an RV FM antenna.

A lot of RVers still prefer listening to a local radio despite all the music listening options that is currently have in store. A local radio offers a somewhat regional feeling and it is usually a good source of information. Using an RV FM antenna can boost the reception of radio for your RV. However, installing this kind of antenna requires drilling a few holes to put the necessary wires for the installation.

Other Important Factors to Consider

What is an RV TV

Why should you buy an RV TV when you already have one at home and can just bring it with you? First of all, RV TVs are televisions that are designed not only to withstand the jostling and vibration of a moving car but also to work through the changes in humidity and temperature. Compared to other television models, RV TVs are usually lightweight, making them convenient and suitable for smaller motorhomes.

An RV TV is usually made with anti-glare screens, which makes it easier to watch shows outdoors in daylight. So, if you want to make a stopover to watch your favorite show, you can do so even during daytime.

Some of 12 volt TV DVD combo reviews with the best RV TV antenna can show different channels even if you are in the middle of nowhere. There are also RV TVs with a built-in DVD player if you prefer watching movies than TV shows.


In choosing a 12 volt RV TV DVD combo, there are things that you must keep in mind. These include the following:

  • TV Size: The largest RV TV is around 19” while the smallest is around 7”. Pick one that can fit inside your RV, living enough space for you to move around.
  • TV Power: Many TVs designed for an RV are 12-volt. They may use standard AC or DC power. Check whether the type of power in which the TV runs is compatible with the RV power source.
  • TV Functions: Different RV TVs come with different features. These features are a bonus, but if there’s one that you specifically like, then you can check the product description before buying the TV.
  • TV Mounting Option: Secure brackets that can keep the RV TV against the wall. Aside from brackets, you can also use straps or stands.

Benefits of TV for RV

Is it necessary to buy travel trailer TVs? If you are going on a long trip and to a place where there’s minimal contact to the outside world, it is better if you have your own RV TV. Having a TV on your RV has a lot of benefits.


  • Be updated with the latest news. With a TV on your RV, you can be updated about anything happening around the world while travelling with your family or friends. A TV is also important when travelling somewhere far because you need to be updated about the state of the weather and the condition of the place where you are going to.
  • Entertain yourself while on a trip. RV TVs will also keep you entertained while you are out on a trip. You can use it to play your favourite music or view your photos. Some model has built-in DVD that can keep you entertained by playing your favourite movie. With an RV TV-DVD combo, you wouldn’t encounter any problem with the service, satellite, cable and even the reception.
  • Play any video that you like. If you want to watch a video as a group, a laptop or a tablet wouldn’t make a great viewing option. However, if you put the video file on a flash drive, you can use it to play the video on your RV TV. Using this means will make sure that everyone can view the video and everyone will be entertained without leaving one behind.
  • Enjoy integrated services that come with the RV TV. If you have a smart TV for your RV, then you’ve got to enjoy more benefits. There are voice integration services that you can access for your comfort like ordering food. Because these RV smart TV have a different processor than the regular model, you can also games. Although these games are not as enthralling as the games from a PlayStation console, it can also be addictive.

Overall, a TV on your RV can be a great way to keep you informed and entertained during boring days in a trip. If you don’t have anything planned out for the day, you can simply stay inside the RV and watch TV. You can also bring the TV outdoors, if you like. In any case, it’s a great addition to your RV.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Will an RV TV has smart features?

Everything depends on the type of TV one has in the motorhome. For example, a 12 volt smart TV for RV will have smart features, such as streaming online content from online services like Netflix and Hulu. These television sets also allow users to browse the internet, engage with others on social media, and perform other activities people usually do with an internet-enabled device.

Unfortunately, a smart TV does not always guarantee seamless streaming and other web-based activities. These technologies require a stable internet connection to operate smoothly. Hence, motorhomes with these internet-connected devices must also have a device that can connect to the World Wide Web. Otherwise, it will only be an ordinary TV.

One does not need a smart TV to enjoy streaming and online content. People can turn their conventional television sets into an internet-enabled device by plugging a digital media player, such as Roku, Amazon Fire, and Chromecast. These plug-and-play gadgets transform a regular TV into a smart one.

What size TV for travel trailer?

A 32” TV for RV is suitable for travel trailers, motorhomes, and Class A RVs. However, it would be best to consult the RV manufacturer’s recommendations. Each motorhome has TV installation requirements specific to the RV’s design. One can check the backer plate for the ideal TV size, including the mounting hardware the motorhome’s side panels can accommodate.

People can also measure the built-in RV TV compartment and use the measurement to pick the right size TV for the RV. For example, one can choose a 43-inch TV if the section measures 39 inches wide and 25 inches high.

How to choose the right size and mounting options?

In order to choose the right size and mounting options for your RV TV, you must be mindful of the following considerations:

  • Check the specifications of the TV
  • Decide whether you want your wall mount to remain in place or swivel a bit.
  • Decide if you want an mount with arm
  • Consider the expenses

What is the difference between the RV TV vs. regular TV?

An RV TV is specifically designed to keep up with the movement and vibrations inside a moving car. It is usually lightweight and can fit the smallest trailer. Thus, they’re more convenient to bring than a regular TV. Lastly, rv tvs electronics match the available AC and DC plugins in the RV.

A regular TV, on the other hand, is usually heavier than an RV TV since it is usually designed to stay stationary.

How do I get TV channels in my RV?

Getting TV channels in a TV for camper is as straightforward as using the remote controller’s SCAN function to search for available channels.

One can read the TV’s instruction manual and follow the recommended steps.

Many modern RVs have smart TVs, allowing people to connect to their favorite TV channels fuss-free. It is ideal to choose a satellite TV provider to enjoy more TV channels. Most motorhomes also feature a platform for accommodating a satellite service. If not, one can always buy satellite TV equipment.

Next, one can pick an appropriate antenna. Some RV owners prefer local TV antennas, while others like cable TV hookups. Regardless of the setup, getting TV channels in one’s RV involves the following steps.

  • Connect the antenna cable to the television.
  • Power on the TV and use the remote controller to cycle through the menu settings.
  • Look for a ‘TV’ option and press the SCAN button.
  • Wait for the television to connect to available TV channels in the area.

Who makes Jensen TV?

Jensen is an electronics brand in 1915 which has started when Peter L. Jensen invented the first loudspeaker. As time goes by, the brand has grown out and has many product lines including the Jensen home electronics.

How to get satellite TV for RV?

If you consider having a satellite TV for your RV, you have to purchase a Dome Antenna. This antenna is designed to pick up the signals coming from the satellite.


Not all TV can be use for an RV as there are things that only RV TV can do that a regular one cannot.  However, having an RV TV also doesn’t mean that you can use it to watch anything you wanted without pulling off a bit of an effort. While it is actually easy to arrange the setup for your road entertainment, the best TV for RV use is probably the thing that will keep anyone informed and/or entertained throughout the journey.

We would like to thank you for reading this article. Find out more about how to choose the top-rated wifi boosters for RV, RV GPS and RV tire pressure monitoring systems  with our reviews and ratings. Furthermore, please take a look at the most trusted cell phone boosters for RV, RV backup cameras and TV antenna for RV to choose the right one for your RV electronics.

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