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The Best TV Mounts for RV (Design For Up To 60-inch TV)

Written by Stephen Ryan / Fact checked by William Turner

Finding the best TV mount for RV owners isn’t as easy as one might expect. You’d think something simple like buying a television mount wouldn’t cause people this much trouble. But the number of options available and determining factors can make the search difficult.

I intend to make the entire search much easier by walking you through the buying process. This walkthrough will consist of going over several relevant topics about RV TV mounts. Some of these topics will be their types, benefits, determining buying factors, and top-tier brands.

best tv mounts for rv

Each of these discussions will help outline what you should be looking for when purchasing one. I’ll even offer 10 product reviews of my favorite options available. These ten choices will be an excellent starting point to ensure you know what top-tier models provide.

As a result, picking out what makes up a high-quality option should become simple. You can then start utilizing this perfect mount to ensure you get a best TV viewing. It’ll soon mimic the watching experience from your typical setup back home.

Let’s not waste any more time and get this process started. In fact, your RVing experience is about to get a whole lot better after picking out your perfect RV TV mount.

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Movement Type Swivel, Articulating, Tilt

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Material Alloy Steel
Mounting Type Wall Mount
Movement Type Swivel

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Material Alloy Steel
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Table of Contents

12 Best RV TV Mount Reviews 2023

This section will contain those ten reviews mentioned earlier. Each of these discussions should help break down what a top-tier RV TV mount should include and offer a rig owner. It’ll also help you gain a basis for the more detailed discussions later on in our article.

1. WALI 1342LM TV Wall Mount Bracket

Some RV owners might find the VideoSecu’s design too bland for their TVs and motorhomes. The WALI 1342LM TV wall mount for camper units is an excellent alternative. This product has a more modern arm construction than the VideoSecu without undermining its mounting capabilities.

Like many RV TV brackets, this design accommodates VESA base configurations, including the 200×200, 200×100, 100×100, and 75×75 formats. Moreover, this TV wall mount is commendable because it can handle a 44-pound TV without dropping it or damaging the RV walls.

I love its all-metal construction and matte-black finish, giving it a more refined aesthetic than the VideoSecu. RV owners will never have problems with this product breaking apart because of its reliable composition.

It is worth noting that this product’s single-arm design impacts its range of motion. For example, it can only tilt about eight degrees upwards and swivel 180 degrees. At the same time, it can lower itself by 12 degrees.

Regardless, these attributes are understandable because this TV wall mount does not intend to carry a 60-inch TV set like VideoSecu. It is handy for 13- to 42-inch units, making this mount ideal for small campers.

Sadly, despite its limited range of movement, this model is still in the pricier range.

  • Single-stud modern TV mount design for up to 42-inch units
  • Recommended for small RVs with 42-inch TVs maximum
  • Compatible with VESA mounting patterns (200×200, 100×100, etc)
  • 44-pound weight capacity
  • All-metal construction for durability and strength
  • Somewhat pricier than other TV mount brands
  • Limited range of movement
Overall, this TV wall mount is an excellent choice for RV owners with smaller TVs and motorhomes. It also looks more elegant than conventional brackets without reneging on its TV-carrying capability.

2. Perlesmith RV TV Wall Mount

One of the more flexible travel trailer TV mounts would be Perlesmith RV Lockable Articulating TV Wall Mount. This product gains its flexibility from its articulating design, which gives an incredible range of motion.

Users can expect this model to tilt up five or down 15 degrees, swivel 90 degrees down/up, rotate it 3 degrees down/up, extend 15.7″, or retract back 2.4″. In other words, finding the ideal viewing angle isn’t tough with this model.

You can also benefit from its unique versatility. This model has a reputation for working with most flat-panel TVs between 23 and 43 inches. As you might expect, this covers plenty of rig owners who are looking for these devices.

I was pleased to see it could work with four VESA patterns: 75×75, 100×100, 200×100, and 200×200. This aspect only further confirms its rather impressive versatility. It should make a large number of rig owners more than happy.

With its lockable design, the swivel arm becomes and remains locked when traveling. It’s a precaution to ensure the device doesn’t end up receiving damage caused by vibrations.

I must warn you some buyers felt a little uneasy about the product’s installation process. It was the only common complaint I came across during my product research. I even found myself struggling with it when I was attempting to set up this device.

  • Fits most 23″ -43″ flat-panel TVs
  • Swivel arm remains locked when traveling
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Easy locking mechanism and process
  • Compatible with four VESA patterns: 75×75, 100×100, 200×100, 200×200 mm
  • Fantastic flexibility
  • Tough installation process
Aside from the installation issues, there’s nothing not to love about this product. Experienced users of these devices and RV TV mounting brackets should have no problems with this model.

3. Mount-It! Small RV TV Mount

Mount-It! ‘s Small RV TV Monitor Wall Mount is a perfect option for anyone looking to buy a small, straightforward option. This model has one of the most accessible installation processes among any camper TV mount available.

Its quick-release function is the main reason behind this benefit. It ensures this RV TV mount removable mounting bracket can be disconnected from its wall TV plate in a matter of seconds. The feature left me shocked when I was first trying out the device.

This RV TV mount quick release installation was made easy with all the necessary pieces and tools. I was even impressed by the product’s manual, which guided me through the process. It was done in a matter of minutes.

The product’s versatility for a smaller option was quite impressive, as well. It can handle working with most TVs between 13″ and 32″ that weigh less than 30 pounds. I’d imagine many people reading this article are looking for these exact qualities.

You don’t have to worry about this model being an eyesore, either. It has a slim and low-profile design to ensure it doesn’t stick out within your RV’s interior. These features make hiding it when it’s not in use much easier than with other options.

However, this RV television mount isn’t a perfect product. Some other customers reported encountering shipping issues with the device. It seems like it came with missing pieces or in damaging packing.

  • Fits most TVs between 13″ and 32″
  • Compatible with two VESA patterns: 75X75 and 100X100
  • Slim and low-profile design
  • A sizable tilt range
  • Easy installation with provided tools and manuals
  • At an affordable price
  • Shipping issues arise sometimes
Shipping issues shouldn’t be a reason to disregard a product unless there’s an established pattern. These issues seemed more like isolated incidents than anything serious. Most of them went on to say the customer service was more than helpful with the refund. If it fits your needs, you should have no qualms with choosing this product.

4. VideoSecu ML531BE2 TV Wall Mount Kit

The VideoSecu ML531BE2 is a great-value TV mount for travel trailer units, motorhomes, campers, fifth wheels, and other RVs. It does not matter if one has a standard-size 32-inch TV or a massive 60-inch screen because this single-stud TV wall mount can accommodate most modern viewing entertainment devices today.

I love this mount’s VESA-compatible design, allowing RV owners to secure different TVs on the platform. It is worth noting that the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) consists of more than 300 consumer electronics brands, guaranteeing bracket compatibility with almost any product on the market.

RV owners will never worry about space limitations because this wall mount only requires one stud. I am also glad the package includes a magnetic stud finder, making it effortless to determine a stud’s precise location for a more secure and stable installation.

Surprisingly, the kit also comes with a six-foot HDMI cable for connecting the TV to other media devices.

I am impressed by this TV mount for flat screens because of its multiple articulations. I can tilt it down by 15 degrees and upwards by five degrees. The main arm swivels 180 degrees to either side, while the secondary horizontal bar has a 360-degree range of motion.

I also appreciate the pivot section that mates to the VESA frame, allowing me to rotate my TV 360 degrees.

This option has a solid, heavy-gauge steel construction, capable of accommodating an 88-pound TV. Owners of large Class A motorhomes will love having this wall mount supporting their widescreen TVs.

Although I do not question this model’s construction, I cannot say the same about its hardware. Some users complained of fragile screws that they had to buy separately.

  • Single-stud VESA design for maximum RV compatibility
  • Multiple articulations for TV viewing (180-degree arm, 360-degree bar, etc)
  • Heavy-duty, heavy-gauge steel construction
  • 88-pound weight rating for up to 60-inch TVs
  • With HDMI cable and magnetic stud finde
  • Poor-quality screws
This TV wall mount remains an exceptional choice because of its sturdiness and robust construction. It is also versatile enough to accommodate most TVs.

5. Mounting Dream MD2462 RV TV Wall Mount

If you’re looking for a motorhome TV mount with top-tier durability, Mounting Dream MD2462 Full Motion RV TV Wall Mount needs to be on your list. This option was built with heavy-duty construction that ensures it can handle almost any situation.

Due to this, there’s no reason to believe this product won’t be in your life for many years. But its performance isn’t anything to overlook, either. This product offers a wide range of motion consisting of 15-degree tilt range up/down, swiveling left or right, extracting up to 14″, and retracting 2.7″.

As a result, finding the perfect viewing point to avoid glares shouldn’t be much trouble. Its adaptability is also impressive, considering it can work with TVs ranging from 17″ to 39″ and a maximum of 33 pounds.

I was pleased with all the necessary installation hardware that comes along with this product, as well. These inclusions ensured installing the device isn’t much trouble. As a person who tends to struggle with these tasks, helpful additions like these are godsends.

The product’s affordable price was another aspect worth mentioning. After all, it’s quite impressive that you get all these positive features without spending top dollar. Mounting Dream did a lot of rig owners a favor by making such a useful low-cost option.

But I was annoyed to see some customers had issues with using the included screws. In these cases, the pieces came rusted or were the wrong size. It’s not an ideal look for a company with such a stellar reputation as Mounting Dream.

  • Fits most TVs between 17″ and 39″
  • A wide range of motion
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Compatible with 200×200 VESA pattern
  • Easy installation process
  • The price is reasonable
  • Customers reported issues with screws
This product’s only issue isn’t a deal-breaker by any means. It’s just a small inconvenience, making the initial install a little more stressful than expected. Otherwise, this product should have no problem meeting a rig owner’s needs.

6. GOFORWILD Full Motion RV TV Mount

Are you looking for a locking RV TV mount to secure a smaller TV? GOFORWILD’s Full Motion RV TV Mount should be under serious consideration given its many useful features. One of these would be its lockable design, which prevents vibration damage during travel.

You can utilize this aspect by pulling the accompanying strap. It’s a simple exercise that ends up keeping your TV and mount from moving during transit. This aspect alone makes it an ideal fit for onboard usage within rigs and similar vehicles.

In fact, it might be the best RV TV mount for smaller TVs between 10″ and 26″. It gains consideration for this title due to its heavy-duty construction. This aspect ensures the device is capable of lasting a long time barring any unforeseen complications.

The product offers two installation methods to make sure it’s as user-friendly as possible. I managed to try both processes with successful results. Therefore, I do not doubt that anyone reading this article can get the job done.

You should then have no issues making sure your flat-screen TV mounts safely and capable of being put in an optimal viewing position. You can attribute this aspect to its articulating design, which ensures a significant range of motion.

I was a little surprised by its price tag, considering it was meant for smaller TVs. It’s one of the most expensive models I’ve come across for this purpose.

  • Fits most TVs between 10″ and 26″
  • Compatible with two VESA patterns: 75×75 and 100×100
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Lockable design to prevent vibration damage
  • Two installation options
  • Easy to adjust
  • Expensive
Overall, buyers looking for the best small locking RV TV mount would be wise to buy this model. Its performance and longevity are more than worth the extra dollars. I can’t see a single reason why this model wouldn’t be inside your rig for years to come.

7. Mounting Dream MD2210 Lockable RV TV Mount

Mounting Dream’s MD2210 Lockable RV TV Mount is a suitable option for a rig owner who wants a device capable of supporting medium/large TVs. Its durable design was made to withstand any issues and fit most televisions between 17″ and 43″.

You can also rest easy knowing this model wasn’t only made with RVing in mind. It’s capable of working well in even worse conditions, such as on a boat. If an RV swivel TV mount can handle a boat’s rocking, I have no reservations about using it on my rig.

Its ability to work with four different VESA patterns was appealing, as well. It’s capable of being compatible with 75×75, 100×100, 200×100, and 200×200. This aspect alone should showcase its impressive versatility to any reading its product description.

The product’s usage of robot welding technology is another aspect to catch my eye. It should ensure the device remains reliable and safe without any issues. Other customers back this belief up as everyone I came across was more than happy with how it held together.

It has several other features that have been mentioned in our previous reviews. These include an easy installation process, a clear instruction manual, a lockable design, and a significant range of motion capabilities. Each of these features is vital in ensuring a customer ends up happy with their buying choice.

But I did notice it produced an annoying rattling sound in its locked position during travel, which wasn’t ideal. It ended up giving me quite the headache.

  • Fits most TVs between 17″ and 43″
  • Compatible with four VESA patterns: 75×75, 100×100, 200×100, and 200×200
  • Lockable design
  • Uses robot welding technology
  • Durable construction
  • A wide range of motion
  • Produces a rattling sound during travel
In the end, its rattling sound might be annoying, but it doesn’t overshadow the results provided by this excellent RV TV mount locking device. You’d be hard-pressed to find a more equipped option than this one.

8. Mount-It! Under Cabinet Mount for RV

Rig owners looking to mount TVs under a cabinet or on their ceiling should buy Mount-It! ‘s Under Cabinet Mount for RV. This model will have no issues providing an excellent viewing experience with its impressive range of motion.

For instance, this fold down TV mount for RV can fold/tilt down and up a total of 90 degrees. It can also swivel right or left a total of 45 degrees. You can even adjust its height a maximum of 5.125″ to avoid any screen disruptors, such as glares.

The product’s quality was another winning trait, which caught my eye. It’s an aspect that reflects Mount-It! has a reasonable amount of faith in their product to last long.

You can also count on this product being durable as it can hold up to 44 pounds without issue. Therefore, it’s no surprise its compatibility versatility is impressive, considering it can work with screens between 17″ and 37″.

This product along with all the necessary installation hardware wasn’t too shabby, either. It’s just another way this brand continues to ensure their device is as user-friendly as possible. In most cases, they seem to succeed in this regard.

One area where they failed was making the product’s installation process easy. If I told you I didn’t yell a few choice words during it, I’d be lying.

  • Fits most TVs between 17″ and 37″
  • Compatible with four VESA patterns: 75×75, 100×100, 200×100, and 200×200
  • Comes with all required installation hardware
  • Placeable under cabinets or on ceilings
  • Holds screens up to 44 pounds
  • Tough installation process
The challenging installation does make this product a bit of a harder sell than most on this list. But I imagine most people won’t have the same trouble I did. In any case, this under cabinet TV mount for RV should more than meet the needs of someone looking for one.

9. PAW International Camper TV Bracket

If you’re looking for a Forest River RV TV mount, PAW International’s Camper TV Bracket would be a great purchase. This model consists of UV-protected, high-density, glass polymer to ensure peak levels of durability.

Its ultra-durable design is also exceptional at protecting itself from rust, which makes it almost indestructible. I have a hard time believing anyone will find themselves thinking they didn’t get the best bang for their buck with this bracket.

Anyone looking to install an RV exterior TV mount or RV outdoor TV mount would be wise to buy this option, as well. The earlier mentioned UV coating makes it an ideal fit for this purpose and should have no issues thriving.

The product’s design offers enough room to feed wires through it, making the installation process much easier. It can provide ¾ inch of space, considering that’s how far it can push a TV away from their attached wall.

These features make this model a contender for the best TV wall mount bracket for RV purposes available. The price wasn’t too shabby, either, as it could be considered a bargain buy for the right buyer.

These TV mounting brackets for RVs do have one downside worth mentioning. I wasn’t a fan of them only being compatible with Paw International mounts, limiting the number of uses inside an RV considerably.

  • Made from UV glass polymer coating
  • Perfect for mounting an exterior RV TV
  • Easy installation process
  • Affordable price
  • Comes as a two-piece set
  • Rust-resistant and highly durable design
  • Only compatible with Paw International mounts
Its lack of versatility does concern me a bit, but it provides excellent results in situations where it’s usable. If you fit into these situations like installing an exterior TV mount, you’d benefit greatly from buying it.

10. Mount-It! Full Motion TV Wall Mount Bracket

The Mount-It! ‘s Full Motion TV Wall Mount Bracket excels past most of its rivals in one significant way. It’s among the best options for extending out, as it has an 18-inch range in this capacity. As a result, you’ll have various viewing angles that these other options can’t provide.

I was also pleased with this product’s tilt (15 degrees up or down) and rotating (360 degrees) motion ranges. These features ensure whoever buys this product will figure out more RV TV mount ideas and positions than ever expected.

However, its ability to create unique angles isn’t the only thing worth mentioning. Buyers will find themselves loving the product’s 3.4″ retracting ability, as well. This aspect should provide more storage space than similar models.

Rig owners tend to love this aspect because it means they can store their TV away when doing mundane things around the rig: cleaning, chores, or sleeping. As a result, there’s less of a chance that something gets in the way and damages it.

If something did happen to it, there’s a high probability its high-grade steel construction would hold up well. Many customers made a point to note the product’s overall sturdiness and reliability when discussing this model.

But the product’s cables were quite a hassle to connect and disconnect. This aspect makes setting it up much more complicated than with other products.

  • Fits most TVs between 13″ and 42″
  • Compatible with VESA patterns: 75×75, 100×100, 200×100, 200×200
  • Usable outdoors
  • A significant range of motion
  • High-grade steel construction
  • Available at a fair price
  • Difficult installation process
Passing over this product because of its tricky install process would be a mistake. It has way too many positive features to let one negative take it out of consideration. If it ends up being too tricky, you could always call a professional.

11. Master Mounts 2311L Lockable Full Motion TV Wall Mount

Master Mounts’s 2311L Lockable Full Motion TV Wall Mount makes other RV locking TV wall mounts look second-rate with its impressive features. An excellent example would be its outstanding locking and releasing mechanism.

This aspect doesn’t require users to use gears, ties, knobs, or even straps. Rig owners can instead use the provided pull chain, which can lock or release your TV. It’s an easy and effective way to ensure your TV doesn’t get damaged on those long hauls.

Another notable aspect was its highly durable aluminum design, which ensures it can support 33 pounds of weight. It’s a feature that has gained many fans within the RVing community due to how well it held up even in the worst conditions.

I was thrilled to see this model doesn’t require the usage of brackets during installation. This model will instead mount directly to the wall. Therefore, it makes this entire process much simpler than you’d even see with several other locking mounts on our list.

The articulating arm capable of extending 14.5 inches was another excellent addition. It can also tilt up 8 and down 12 degrees to ensure practical viewing positions. In any case, I’d imagine finding a suitable watching angle won’t be too tricky with this feature in its design.

However, the price ends up being a hard pill to swallow. This product is well outside my budget range and one of the most expensive on our entire list.

  • Fits most TVs up to 42″
  • Compatible with VESA patterns: 75×75 and 100×100
  • High-quality locking and releasing mechanism
  • No need for extra mounting brackets
  • Simple installation process
  • Durable construction can support up to 33 pounds of weight
  • Expensive
If money isn’t a factor for your buying decision, I don’t see any reason to pass on this fantastic product. It has everything a person could ever want in an RV TV mount.

12. Mounting Dream MD2209 Lockable TV RV Mount

Our final product happens to be another designed for people with smaller TVs. Mounting Dream’s MD2209 Lockable TV RV Mount was built to fit flat-screen TVs ranging from 10’’ to 26” and supports about 22 pounds of weight.

You can also expect this product to offer a rather extensive amount of versatility. It has been known to work in various vehicles and situations: RVs, campers, motorhomes, boats, marines, and several other similar applications.

In these situations, you’ll benefit from its easy one-step locking mechanism. This process will keep the mount and TV in perfect condition during travel, whether at sea or on a congested highway.

You couldn’t ask for much more when it comes to convenience with what this model offers. For instance, buyers will also find themselves loving its easy installation process. It even comes with a professional install add-on for only a few extra dollars.

Other impressive features include a 15-degree down-tilt range, a 5-degree up tilt range, 90 degrees of swivel. As you can imagine, each of these features could end up being massively helpful when using this product.

It also didn’t have a single flaw worth mentioning; besides, most people wish it could support large TVs. But this isn’t even a design issue as the entire purpose of making the product was keeping smaller TVs safe.

  • Fits most TVs between 10” and 26”
  • Compatible with two VESA patterns: 75×75 and 100×100
  • A wide range of motion
  • Professional installation add-on
  • One-step locking mechanism
  • Durable construction
  • None worth mentioning
Small TV owners shouldn’t hesitate for a single second to buy this fantastic mount. You aren’t going to find other RV flat screen TV mounts more capable of keeping your television secure than this one. If it meets your needs, put this mount into your shopping cart right now.

What to Look for When Buying a TV Mount for RV


Buyers will have to account for various vital considerations when choosing a TV mount for their rigs. I’ll discuss several of them below to ensure deciding what one fits your needs becomes much more manageable.

Room’s Dimensions

Choosing the right RV TV mount isn’t only about these products. You must also consider factors like the dimensions of where you intend to put it. After all, some of these mounts won’t be as versatile or flexible enough for your needs.

A mount with limited flexibility will reduce your TV’s mobility by a large margin. This factor ends up affecting the viewing angle. Therefore, it could be challenging to obtain the ideal TV experience.

The room’s furniture will play a pivotal role in this decision, as well. You might require a mount that is capable of swiveling to get your ideal viewing experience. It’d then be necessary to spend a little more than expected on an articulating or full-motion RV TV mount.


RV TV mounts aren’t a product that buyers will want to mess around with when you’re concerned about how they’re secured. I mean, these devices will be holding up precious cargo. An improperly secured mount could result in an expensive accident.

In other words, you end up spending a large sum of money on a new TV and mount. This situation can be avoided by paying close attention to the compatibility between your TV and mount.

The compatibility comes from TV fitting brackets and mounts via screw system patterns. You can expect these screw patterns to reflect the mechanism’s precise shape. In most cases, it will be something called a VESA system.

Mounts with a VESA system screw pattern are usually capable of working with the popular TV brands. But it’d be wise to read your TV’s manual and each mount’s product description to determine their compatibility.


It might come as a surprise, but installing an RV TV mount isn’t that difficult. Many options out there contain a simple, non-stressful install process. Of course, finding full-motion or articulating mounts with them might be a little more complicated.

But the main point is to buy an option with a process you’re comfortable doing. You can determine this relatively quickly by reading through the directions and customer reviews before purchase.

These actions should make it clear whether installing the mount will be a stress-free experience for you. I’d also suggest buying an option that comes with everything needed for tasks, such as fixtures and fittings. Staying away from models for which additional tools are necessary for installation would be wise, as well.


The best TV mounts for RV will have safe and well-thought-out designs. In fact, every brand and product mentioned within our product review section meets all safety regulations. If you pick one of them, you can rest easy knowing no harmful issue will occur with their usage.

I’d also suggest paying close attention to product reviews with this factor. These discussions should alert any potential buyer to problematic issues. Buying models with extended warranties might come in handy, too, considering that accidents happen from time to time.

Mount Strength

It might seem like a no-brainer, but please make sure the mount can support your TV’s weight before buying. You can’t imagine how many people fail to read product descriptions and buy a model incapable of meeting their needs.

As a result, don’t assume these mounts are suitable without checking out its strength capabilities beforehand. People who don’t take this factor into account often end up with a busted TV and searching for a new one on Amazon. Do yourself a favor and consider this vital aspect to stop an avoidable future hassle from occurring.


As with any product, these mounts’ price tags will be different from model to model. It makes setting up a budget based on your specific needs necessary for this process. In fact, it’s a vital piece to ensuring this becomes a rewarding buying experience.

I’d recommend building this budget around your chosen essential features and type of mount (we’ll discuss types in more detail within our next section). For instance, a person looking to buy a full-motion mount will need a higher budget than most other customers.

Building your budget around these differences will ensure you have a realistic one. You can then use this budget to lessen the number of options. It’s an effective way to ensure this process becomes a lot less stressful.

In addition, we also have a list of the RV TV antenna for your reference. Furthermore, please check our guide for the RV stereos if you like.

Other Important Factors to Consider


But these above factors aren’t the only things worth considering when getting an RV TV mount. There’s a wealth of background knowledge required to make a smart buying section. This section will ensure you become an expert on everything needed to know about these products.

What is an RV TV mount?

There’s nothing about an RV TV mount’s purpose, which differs from a regular one. Each of these products was made to attach TVs onto cabinets or walls. Honestly, the only difference between these devices is located with their designs.

TV mounts made for rigs will have some aspects of them to ensure they can handle the RVing lifestyle. These products will have built-in precautions for issues capable of causing damage during travel, such as a bumpy road or vibrations.

Regular TV mounts don’t have these features and could cause damage when used on a rig. As a result, it’s not a wise move to try and use your household mount when RVing. It could be cheaper initially, but it might be more costly in the future.

These differences are what makes buying an RV one such an essential purchase for rig owners. Otherwise, you might not be able to enjoy your TV safely when traveling around the country.

How do TV mounts for RV work?

TV mounts built for RVs work like any household one would function. You attach them onto your TV using brackets and screws. These products will then hold up TVs to ensure a much better viewing angle for everyone with your rig.

What are the different types of RV TV mounts?

Most people get confused about choosing RV TV mounts because of the various types available. It makes picking an ideal option for your specific TV a colossal hassle. But I’ll discuss each of the six common types below to ensure you know what kind fits your needs.

  • Flat Wall Mounts

Rig owners looking for easy-to-install options need to consider buying a flat TV wall mount. These models will mount your RV on a wall as you’d see with a picture. It’s the most standard and commonplace way to get what you’re looking for in one of these products.

One of the main benefits coming from a flat wall option would be its space-saving ability. These models keep your TV near placed onto a wall or cabinet. Therefore, this offers an RV owner additional storage space they wouldn’t have in other setups.

But these flat wall types do come with a disadvantage concerning their flexibility. These models simply don’t offer the extensive range of motion that other types provide. In other words, you can’t rotate or tilt them once installed.

This issue can be a hassle, but their easy installation process makes these troubles worth it. One other problem worth mentioning is their wiring setup. The mount’s placement near walls makes accessing cables on your TV’s backside difficult.

  • Under Cabinet Mounts

Smaller TV owners often find themselves opting to buy under-cabinet mounts. These products have a reputation for working perfectly with any TV between 10″ and 25″. But their designs do require being installed within a room with a cabinet.

These devices will make sure your flat-panel TV remains tucked safely underneath the cabinet where it’s mounted. You can expect them to come in two variations: folded up or stationary permanent designs.

Each of these types will ensure you can enjoy your smaller TVs in the kitchen and other similar rooms without taking up much space. As you might expect, this advantage comes from the device placing your TV under a cabinets’ overhang. This position makes sure a rig owner still has enough room to move around the counter.

An under-cabinet RV TV mount will have those vital motion capabilities. Due to this, finding the perfect viewing angle becomes much more straightforward. I’m betting larger TV owners are reading wishing they could use this type for their situation.

However, it’s important to note these mounts aren’t great concerning wiring design. This aspect tends to be the one complaint people have about these mounts after buying them.

  • Tilt Mounts

People who found flat mounts appealing, but need tilting capabilities in their mounts should consider a tilt mount. Honestly, these types are the same as flat options except for this one key difference.

This difference does make using your TV much more convenient, though. It ensures a rig owner can find the optimal viewing angle and control the entire viewing experience. For instance, a sun’s glare no longer has to be annoying when watching your favorite TV show.

You can instead utilize its tilting abilities and position the TV away from the glare. It can make a huge difference in ensuring you get the best watching experience possible. However, it shouldn’t be too shocking that this feature makes these models more expensive than your standard flat option.

  • Articulating Mounts

A common choice among rig owners would be buying articulating RV TV mounts. Their popularity comes from them offering an excessive range of motion. Users can expect some of these devices to extend outward 30 inches.

These mounts will have no issues with tilting left or right, either. Finding the optimal viewing angle shouldn’t be much of a problem with an articulating option. I imagine it would end up being an absolute breeze.

But the extra motion does have an obvious downfall, a higher price. It’s more expensive than all three of our previous types by a wide margin. However, I’d suggest it’s worth the price, considering how much these devices can benefit your watching experience.

I should also mention these devices come with an arm capable of folding back to ensure the RV stays near the wall when not in use. But in most cases, people end up buying this type because it can be set up basically anywhere inside your rig. It requires very little room to secure itself on either a wall or cabinet.

However, these models don’t allow you to set the TV as close to your wall as others. It also isn’t ideal that you need to secure them during travel or that they can’t tilt downwards. These downsides can make them a bad buy for certain situations among rig owners.

  • Full Motion Mounts

If you want a more flexible mount, full-motion RV TV mounts would be a suitable choice. These options offer the most flexibility among any of these types. They can move your television right, left, 360 degrees, and tilt it.

You can imagine these abilities ensure a user can watch TV from numerous areas within their rigs. In fact, it makes watching from different rooms besides your entertainment room much easier than any other type.

Full motion RV TV mounts don’t limit your choices regarding mounting locations for your television, either. These models provide a motion range that other types can’t seem to top, making them a desirable option.

However, their price tag ends up being much higher than even articulating options due to these outstanding features. It’s also annoying that users have to secure these types during travel. They aren’t great when it comes to saving space, either.

  • Pull Down Motion Mounts

Pull down motion mounts are the most advanced options available. These devices earn this title by mounting your TV overhead and offering more choices than with any other type. It’s easily the most versatile kind of mount.

For instance, these products can place a television above a user’s eye line or pull it down 20 inches toward an ideal viewpoint. These models will also return to their cubby without much trouble when not in use.

Buyers who want the best RV TV watching experience need to consider these mounts. Honestly, it’s the mount most capable of finding the perfect angle in any situation. But these products aren’t flawless by any means.

It shouldn’t be shocking to learn these options are the most costly type. This higher price point comes from them using gas springs for their working process. Plus, their constructions consist of top-end materials to ensure it can support your suspended television.

Why do you need a tv mount for RV? 

Buying an RV TV mount is a good purchase for a variety of reasons. But this section will discuss the top reasons it’s a must for rig owners. Therefore, it’ll become clear whether buying one is the right move for your situation.

  • Doesn’t Take Up Much Space

Onboard space isn’t an easy thing to come by on RVs. It’s something every RVer has to deal with whether they have a monster Class A motorhome or campervan. A TV mount helps a little bit by ensuring your TV remains on a fixed place like a cabinet or wall.

This fixed place ends up saving a bit of room onboard an RV. Rig owners can then utilize this space for other purposes, such as storing knickknacks. As a hoarder myself, any slither of the room goes a long way when searching for suitable storing places.

  • Keeps Your TV Secure and Safe

Traveling isn’t always an easy thing for TVs onboard an RV. Vibrations and bumps are a common occurrence, which can cause them damage. Mounts make these issues moot as they ensure your TV remains securely in place during travel.

You can sit back and relax without having to worry about your brand new TV getting damaged. Due to this, these mounts end up being a significant money saver. It’s just another worry that doesn’t affect your mood during the blissful experience of RVing.

  • Stylish

RV TV mounts often have stylish designs, which ensure they don’t become an eyesore inside your rig. It shouldn’t be tricky to find one capable of meshing within your RV’s interior. In some cases, their inclusion could even bring your interior to a whole new level.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Our FAQ section will attempt to cover any topics or questions left unanswered in these previous discussions. It’ll serve as your final resource needed to know everything required for picking out a top-tier TV mount.

What are good RV TV wall mount brands?

The high-quality RV TV wall mount brands should be capable of providing excellent products and customer service. Each company mentioned within our product review section has proven again and again to provide both without issues. If you stick with them, I have no doubt your new RV TV mount will more than meet your needs.

As for brands not on our list, Morryde TV mounts are always a good bet. Their products are made from high-grade materials and offer peak performance. Their price does get a little excessive from time to time.

Do you need a special TV mount for RV?

The type of TV mount needed for a rig will differ based on your needs. For instance, people looking for a space-saving option would benefit from a pull-down mount. On the other hand, buyers who want an option with superior mobility would be best getting a full-motion or articulating model.

It ends up being all about what you’re looking for when it comes to the mount’s overall capabilities and features. Once you grasp those qualities, finding the perfect model for your situation shouldn’t be much trouble.

Can I screw the mount into my RV wall?

Yes, RV owners can screw TV mounts for motorhome units into RV walls. RV walls are not as thick as residential or commercial panels. However, although one can insert a screw through the RV wall, using it to mount a heavy TV might not be a good idea.

RV owners who want to mount a TV bracket on their RV walls should insert screws only in wall studs. Unlike residential wall studs, motorhome studs have irregular spacing.

Hence, RV owners must determine the studs’ locations behind the wall and mark these for mounting a TV bracket.

A stud finder can help in this task. If one does not have this device, tapping on the RV wall left to right will create a change in sound from dull or booming to flat. The change in sound indicates a solid structure behind the RV wall.

Alternatively, RV owners can press the RV wall, feeling for a solid surface behind. Motorhome wall sections are thin, allowing them to bend slightly with pressure.

Camper owners can also check the motorhome’s framing diagram to determine the wall studs’ location.

An infrared thermometer can also display cool stud sections relative to warm walls.

Should I get a single-stud or a multiple-stud mount for my RV?

Deciding between a single-stud or multiple-stud TV mount depends on the camper size, mount weight rating, and TV size.

Whether an interior or exterior RV TV mount, most RV owners use a single-stud platform for mounting their televisions. A 19-inch to 40-inch TV set should be light enough for the mount to accommodate without damaging the RV wall or the TV.

However, larger televisions in Class A RVs and other large motorhomes make it more suitable to use multiple-stud mounts.

Many RV TV mounting ideas center on stability, safeguarding the TV from falling, and keeping the RV’s wall integrity intact.

A bracket mounted to at least two studs distributes weight across the studs, limiting the stress on the RV’s structure while improving TV safety and security.

Can I install a standard residential TV mount in my RV?

Yes, RV owners can install a standard residential TV mount in their motorhomes. After all, these products have designs and functions similar to TV mounts for RVs.

People can use an advanced home TV bracket as an RV quick connect TV mount for effortless installation and viewing.

However, RV owners must ensure the TV mount’s base is compatible with the camper’s wall stud. Most RV TV mounts work with a single stud.

Hence, the residential TV mount must also have a single-stud installation.

Can you use a regular TV mount in an RV?

You can use a regular TV mount in an RV. However, there’s a higher risk of damage, which conveys its possible but not an overly smart move. It would be best to stick with a mount made with the RVing environment in mind.

How do you attach a TV mount to an RV wall?

The mounting TVs process will differ from product to product based on your mount’s design. As a result, it makes talking about it with a general perspective rather challenging. But top-tier options will come with detailed manuals straightforwardly describing the process.

I’d recommend reading these manuals carefully before starting the install process. These directions should make sure the entire installation proceeds without any issues.

Where to buy?

The ideal place to buy one of these products would be Amazon.com. Amazon’s selection and prices blow their competition out of the water.

Other suitable buying places would be Camping World, Wal-Mart, Target, Home Depot, and similar department stores. I’d recommend sticking with using their online sites because the prices are much lower across the board.


After reading our article, finding the best TV mount for RV purposes shouldn’t be much trouble. It’s a simple exercise of utilizing what you’ve learned here and applying it during your search. This new wealth of knowledge should make picking out the right option a breeze.

You can then begin to benefit from the incredible benefits a top-tier TV mount can offer. But if trouble does arise, don’t hesitate to let me know in our comment section. I’ll make sure to answer each post with as much detail as possible. It’s the least I can do considering you took the time to read my article!

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