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10 Best Wheel Bearing Greases for Travel Trailers

Written by Stephen Ryan / Fact checked by William Turner

Wheel bearings help a vehicles’ car to spin as fast as it could with minimal friction. However, if you haven’t been using your vehicle as regularly as it should be used, chances are you won’t notice the wheel bearings rusting up. Since RVs are used only seasonally by many camper owners, the bearings tend to rust, causing friction which leads to a squeaking noise, poor performance, or worse, failure.

best wheel bearing grease for travel trailers

To prevent this from happening, you need to get yourself the best wheel bearing grease for travel trailers. As this is not something you buy regularly, you might be feeling overwhelmed at the choices available to you. Don’t worry; I’ve got you covered. Here are the top grease brands I would recommend based on personal experience.

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STAR BRITE Trailer Wheel Bearings


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Valvoline SynPower Synthetic


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Royal Purple ROY01312


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Table of Contents

10 Most Trusted Wheel Bearing Grease for Travel Trailers Reviews 2023

1. STAR BRITE Trailer Wheel Bearing Marine Grease

The STAR BRITE Marine Grease is a dependable grease for utility trailer bearings. Its multi-purpose formulation gives families a reliable lubricating agent for different vehicles, equipment, tools, and machines.

It is not easy to evaluate a wheel bearing grease because almost every product on the market looks and feels the same. However, a closer examination of this lube gives me confidence in its multiple applications.

This lube has a peanut butter-like consistency that is a joy to apply on wheel bearings, pumps, winches, boat hatches, and other objects that require high-performance lubrication.

Some friends use this for 5th wheel lubrication, while others apply it on their boats. Its versatility is impressive, which is a good indicator of the grease’s exceptional formulation.

I like its marine-grade formulation, making it a suitable solution for safeguarding critical components against water effects. RV owners do not have to fret about washout, wear, corrosion, and rust on their wheel bearings because this grease performs surprisingly well.

I appreciate the company’s compliance with the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) D4950 GC-LB requirements. It is another reason why many travel trailer owners love this product.

It is stable between 0 and 325 degrees Fahrenheit, making this grease suitable for high-friction, high-tension applications.

Unfortunately, this temperature range is not the widest, considering the Royal Purple has a flash point of 221 degrees Celsius or almost 430 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Multipurpose formulation (boats, pumps, RVs, etc.)
  • Stable up to 325 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Offers excellent protection against washout, rust, and corrosion
  • Effortless to apply
  • Meets ASTM requirement
  • Some brands have higher temperature ratings
I do not think its lower temperature rating is a significant drawback. I would not see this many positive reviews if it were. Moreover, its marine-grade formulation makes this wheel bearing grease suitable for boat trailers, marine vessels, and other equipment that comes into regular contact with water. Few brands can be as reassuring as this lube.

2. Valvoline SynPower Synthetic Automotive Grease

Choosing a trustworthy grease is a difficult task, considering the number of existing automotive grease products in the market these days. If you want to keep your RV in top condition, you need to invest in a trustworthy grease like Valvoline SynPower Synthetic Automotive Grease.

What I like about this particular grease is the variety of applications. I can use it not only on my wheel bearings, slide-out mechanism, and RV door hinges. For me, this is perfect for applying grease on tight spots. All I have to do is to squeeze it nicely on the parts where I want to grease. It’s so easy to use I didn’t need

Another positive feature of this is its excellent performance even on high and low temperatures. This is the ideal grease to use especially during the winter season. The consistency of the grease is not affected by an increase or drop of temperature. This means that I can rely on this product no matter the season and wherever I decide to go.

My only problem with this particular lubricant is it separates after long storage. It is true that we are not using grease and other lubricants all the time. With this minor concern, I have to reapply the grease to maintain that part’s optimal performance.

  • Works properly on high and low temperature
  • Convenient in various automotive applications
  • Molybdenum added for superior strength
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Separates after long storage
After considering all of the important features, I can say that Valvoline SynPower Automotive Grease is an extraordinary product. It is affordable, easy to use, and works properly at high or low temperatures. If you are looking for NLGI #2 grease lubricant, this brand is the one that you should purchase.

3. Royal Purple ROY01312 High Performance Multi-Purpose Synthetic Grease

RV owners who want a high temp trailer wheel bearing grease can rely on the Royal Purple ROY01312 High-Performance Multi-Purpose Synthetic Grease. It has a similar consistency to the Star Brite Marine Grease but offers better protection for high-friction, high-temperature bearing systems.

This product’s principal advantage over the Star Brite is its impressive flash point rating of 429.8 degrees Fahrenheit. I would not be surprised if users apply this grease to industrial machinery.

This grease features advanced Synerlec additives with a synthetic oil base. It is an ultra-performance grease that offers better protection than the Star Brite. It reduces vibrations and safeguards mechanical components against friction and excessive wear, making me feel more confident applying this lube to my trailer wheel bearings. It should also be an excellent product for snowmobile trailer units.

Like the Star Brite Marine Grease, this product also features an aluminum complex grease formulation. Its water resistance, washout prevention capability, and oxidation resistance are impressive. Plus, I noticed this product has excellent pumpability characteristics.

I love this wheel bearing grease’s deep-purplish color, although some users say it is black. I find this attribute advantageous in applying the lube to dark-colored components. It is easier to determine the trailer wheel bearings’ lubrication status. I can always add and spread more if necessary.

Application is never a problem, either. Its peanut butter consistency makes it easy to spread by hand or with a grease gun.

I cannot fault this wheel bearing grease because there are not many issues that relate to the product itself. The only concern I learned from users is its packaging. In some cases, the grease leaked outside the tube.

  • Advanced aluminum complex grease formulation resists water and oxidation
  • Proprietary Synerlec additive technology with synthetic oil
  • Reduces vibrations, wear and washout
  • Impressive 429.8-degree Fahrenheit flash point
  • Purplish color for more precise application with hand or gun
  • Hassle-free application with excellent pumpability
  • Packaging sometimes leaks grease
I would not blame RV owners for choosing this grease over the Star Brite. Its real-world performance more than speaks for its quality.

4. Timken Premium Wheel Bearing Grease

Bearings should always be protected against natural elements such as water and dust to prevent it from corroding. If your bearings and drums need an anti-corrosive and anti-wear grease, this one from Allstar will make sure it is protected at all times.

What I like about this automotive grease are its anti-wear properties. It reduces the chances of wear and tear of the bearings every time I drive the RV on off-road tracks. With this feature, I can ensure the longevity of the bearings of my RV.

I also like the fact that this grease can withstand high temperatures, ranging from -49 degrees Fahrenheit up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. This is a reliable grease to use during summer because the bearings can be really hot during these times.

Another that I like is the consistency of the grease. This product is under the category of NLGI #2, meaning the grease is soft to touch. Because of the texture and consistency, the grease is easy to apply.

Because this grease is highly adhesive, it gets a little harder to clean. This is really time-consuming because I have to clean out the old grease before applying a new one. Aside from this, I have no other concerns or problems regarding this product.

  • Anti-wear
  • Anti-corrosive
  • Prevents water damage
  • Efficient for disc and drum
  • Easy to use
  • Difficult to clean

In a nutshell, the Timken Premium Red Type Wheel Bearing Grease is an excellent product. It is easy to use, has anti-wear and anti-corrosive properties, water-resistant, and most of all highly efficient for disc and drums. If you want your RV tires to perform well on off-road tracks, this is the product that you should use for your bearings.

6. Lucas Oil 10005 Red ‘N’ Tacky Grease

Keeping the bearings in good condition is one of the RV owner’s responsibility. To address this issue, you need a good automotive grease. However, one may get lost and confused due to the many brands available in the market these days. If you are still looking for a dependable grease, this one from Lucas Oil will help you keep your bearings functional.

What I like about this product is its water-resistant quality. It can really repel water and prevent it from reaching the surface of any metallic object where it was applied to. I am confident that after applying this grease product on my bearings, none of them will malfunction while I’m driving my RV to one of my camping destinations.

Another magnificent feature of this cool grease is its anti-corrosion quality. With this feature, the bearings will remain in top shape no matter where I go. This grease also offers protection against rust, so I know that no amount of rust will affect the performance of my bearings.

My only problem with this particular grease is it is very hard to find. I’ve tried going to Home Depot and other hardware stores near my camping area but there are no stocks available. I had to shop online to get this brand and use it in my RV.

  • Prevents corrosion
  • Prevents rust
  • Prevents extreme pressure
  • Has a water resistance feature
  • Can be used as a sterling friction reducer
  • Hard to find
All things considered, I can say that 10005 Red ‘N’ Tacky Grease from Lucas Oil is a reliable product. It is water-resistant, has anti-corrosion and anti-rust properties. If you want to keep your bearings in top condition, this product is definitely worth including in your shopping list.

5. Lubrimatic Trailer Bearing Grease

If you are an RV or a boat owner, you need a reliable grease to keep your bearings in top shape. If you don’t know which brands to trust, you can always rely on Lubrimatic Trailer Bearing Grease.

While this particular trailer bearing grease is mainly used in vehicles regularly exposed to water (such as near the beach, or in swampy areas), I like the fact that it can also be used in maintaining RV wheel bearings. Aside from RVs, it can also be used in other vehicles and equipment such as tractors and farming machines. This is ideal for me because I don’t have to purchase separate grease products just to keep my bearings in good condition.

Another thing that I like about this product is its wide-range application. It can also be used in disk brake bearings, pins, anchor chain wheels, swivel hinges, and wheel bearings and other spots where oxidation typically takes place. With this product, I’m not worried that my RV will experience corrosion any time soon.

My only disappointment with this particular grease product is the fact that it doesn’t fit on regular grease guns. I had to find a suitable gun for this one in order to use it. This is truly a hassle moment that I didn’t anticipate.

  • High temperature-resistant
  • Salt water-resistant
  • Prevents corrosion
  • Prevents wear and tear
  • Easy to use
  • Doesn’t fit in most grease guns
Now that all of the important facts about this product have been considered, I can say that the Lubrimatic Trailer Bearing Grease is a satisfactory brand. It is easy to use, prevents corrosion, salt water-resistant, and prevents wear and tear. With this product, you can be sure that your RV will remain in great condition for a long time.

7. Plews & Edelmann LMX ‘Red’ High-Performance Grease

If you want to prolong the life of your bearings, you certainly need a reliable automotive grease. But with all the available products in the market, it is easy to get confused and overwhelmed. If you are looking for the top-rated RV wheel bearing greaser, this high-performance grease from Plews & Edelmann will help you.

What I like about this product is the convenience. It is easy to use. I can easily apply the grease on the axle bearing and wheel bearing.

Another feature that I like is the consistency of the grease. It is soft enough to be applied to the bearings. It does not drip easily, thus remaining on the spot where it was applied. In addition, this grease has an anti-corrosion property which prevents gradual damage to my bearings. This is advantageous because I won’t have to think about getting a replacement soon.

This grease for RV trailer bearings is also an ideal one for vehicles frequently used in wet locations. This is because of its water-insoluble properties. There are times that my RV wheels are wet due to road conditions during rainy and winter seasons. With this, I’m confident that the bearings are always well-lubricated.

My only concern about this product is the way it is unfit for heavy duty applications. While this is a highly reliable and very protective grease, I would rather use other products for heavy-duty lubricating purposes.

  • Insoluble
  • NLGI #2
  • Prevents corrosion
  • Protects bearings from severe weather conditions
  • Easy to use
  • Not for heavy-duty applications
After reviewing all of the important details, I conclude that the Plews & Edelmann LMX ‘Red’ Grease (11390 variant) is a phenomenal product. It is easy to use, insoluble in water and has an anti-corrosive property. If you want your bearings to last a long time, this is the right automotive grease for you.

8. Triax Atlas 600 Full Synthetic Wheel Bearing Grease

Having a reliable synthetic grease in your RV toolbox is very reassuring. This is because you know that your bearings will perform at its best because they are well-lubricated. If you want to have peace of mind, you need to get a good automotive grease like Triax Atlas Synthetic Wheel Bearing Grease.

I like that this grease does not wash easily. This means that that grease won’t fall off or get washed away during the rainy season. Also, the grease won’t be easily removed when I pass through a puddle of mud in off-road tracks.

Its anti-corrosion quality is what I really like the most. This feature will keep my bearings from degrading over time. Furthermore, this grease does not wash off easily. It has superior adhesion which keeps the grease on the bearing at all times.

Another positive feature of this particular brand of grease is its capacity to provide mechanical stability. In addition, the bearings do not overheat because it can operate even in high temperature settings. In my observation, this quality is something that other brands lack. I am confident that my RV engine will stay in top condition all the time.

My only concern about this product is its too slippery quality. Even though I have 15 years of using automotive grease products, I feel that this one is too slippery. First-time users will certainly get confused with this one.

  • Provides mechanical stability
  • Does not wash easily
  • Operates in a wide temperature range
  • Has anti-corrosion quality
  • All-around performance
  • Might feel very slippery to some users
Once all of the important features have been discussed, I can say that the Triax Atlas 600 Wheel Bearing Grease is an excellent product. This grease has an all-around performance: it lubricates, prevents corrosion, operates in wide temperature settings, and provides mechanical stability. If you need an all-around grease for your RV, this is the one that you should try.

9. Mag 1 720 Red High-Temp Wheel Bearing Grease

If you want to ensure your disc brake and wheel bearing’s longevity, you need a reliable grease to keep them in top condition. Presently, there are many grease products that promise to do the same but only deliver disappointing results. If you are tired of trying and testing greases for your bearings, this one from Mag 1 will surely satisfy you.

What I like about this product, aside from its performance, is its physical characteristics. Unlike other automotive greases in the market which smells like a petroleum product, this one actually smells nice. With this, I do not need to cover my nose to prevent myself from inhaling the chemicals.

I am also impressed with this product’s dropping point. It can withstand up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. According to my research, it can perform well in any kind of temperature. Even through hot summer days, I won’t need to worry about the grease melting off the highway while I’m driving my RV.

My only complaint about this impressive grease product is the container. It is very hard to reseal the container after using it. I just wish that the manufacturing company recalibrate the sealing mechanism so that the remaining grease won’t be exposed to elements.

  • Works well on high temperatures
  • Long shelf life
  • Flexible
  • Nice smell
  • Easy to use
  • Container difficult to reseal
All things considered, I think that the Mag 1 720 Red Disc Brake and Wheel Bearing Grease is an excellent product. It is easy to use, has a long shelf life, works well in high temperature settings, and is very flexible. Also, it has a nice smell so you don’t need to tolerate the bad smell coming from your greases anymore. If your disc brakes and wheel bearings need good lubrication, this is the brand that you should purchase.

10. Sta-Lube Marine Grease for Trailer Wheel Bearings

Finding an all-around automotive grease is a challenging task. These days, there are numerous brands in the market that offer protection on your wheel bearings and other important automotive parts. If you need a good grease for your RV or boat, this one form Sta-Lube will ensure your bearing’s optimum performance.

I like the way this product fits perfectly on a grease gun. This grease comes in a 14-oz cartridge so I didn’t have any problems fitting it. It is also very easy to use. Just one simple squeeze of the trigger and the grease will come out easily.

In terms of performance, I’m glad to report that this grease is water-resistant. This means that even if it is raining hard or the wheels got soaked in a puddle in an off-road track, the bearings will remain well-lubricated. In addition, this product has a high dropping point. I am confident that even during hot summer days, the grease won’t fall off and compromise the performance of my wheel bearings.

What I don’t like about this particular brand of grease is the lack of anti-corrosion features. I was shocked to learn that this doesn’t protect the bearings against corrosion and rust. Only after purchasing this product that I have come across this important information.

  • Water-resistant
  • High dropping point
  • Works with saltwater
  • Easy to use
  • Wide variety of applications
  • Does not protect against corrosion
Taking every feature of this brand into account, I can say that the Sta-Lube Marine Grease is a remarkable product. It is easy to use, water-resistant, has a wide variety of uses, and has a high dropping point. If you need a great automotive grease, you certainly need to try this one now!

What to Look for When Buying Wheel Bearing Greases for Travel Trailers


The problem when looking for the best wheel bearing grease for travel trailers is that you rarely do look for one, which means it’s hard to be an expert in this area. So let me help you out by providing tips on what you should look for when checking out such products. And here they are:

  1. Check for the Consistency Number – this is what the National Lubricating Grease Institute has assigned. This ranges from 000 to 6, with the lowest count being the runniest, and the highest count (6) being the most solid. The NLGI rating you should choose is one that says #2, which is like peanut butter in consistency. If you can’t find the number, just look for NLGI approval.
  2. Moisture Resistance – as we all know, water is the main culprit when it comes to the rusting of bearings. If the bearings are exposed to saltwater, even more so. Search for wheel bearing grease that has rust or corrosion inhibitors. If it is resistant to seawater, even better! Such greases are usually called Marine Wheel Bearing Grease.
  3. High-Temperature Retention – being able to maintain is consistency even when exposed to high temperatures is an important factor. You don’t want your grease melting and then dripping away while on the road, would you? This is especially true if you travel through the desert or during long travel periods (as the wheel bearings can sometimes heat up during use).
  4. High-Pressure Retention – similar to being exposed to high temperatures, wheel bearings can be subject to extreme pressure, especially when the load is high. If your camper is pretty heavy, the wheel bearings will also experience higher pressure, and in turn, the pressure is applied to the grease. The grease must be able to maintain consistency even under these forces. Look for a grease that states it contains additives specifically for extreme pressures.
  5. Compatible with previous grease used – it’s important that you know what type of grease you used before, so that you can use one of the same type, or at least the same base or thickener (though it would still be best to match the type). Mixing of different types of grease may cause more harm than good.
  6. Biodegradable – this is not really a requirement, but if you want to help save the environment, being biodegradable can also be a plus. The downside to using grease that is biobased is that it can be hard to find, and the choices are pretty few. Plus, you can expect these to be really expensive.

The last part is purely optional, though. Also, there are several grease brands that have high zinc content. While it is not bad for the wheel bearings (it’s actually helpful), it’s harmful to humans. Zinc toxicity causes the human body to stop absorbing copper and iron, which are essential minerals. Make sure you handle grease with high zinc content properly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Why do you need greases for trailer bearings?

There are two main reasons why you need to use wheel bearing grease, for any automotive, most especially for travel trailers. These are:

  1. To prevent corrosion – wheel bearings are made of metal, which means they are susceptible to rusting. When metals rust, they tend to corrode, making the once smooth balls into rough ones. When the balls become rough, they will not roll as well as they used to. Even worse, when the metal balls get extremely corroded, they can totally break apart and become split into a thousand pieces. You will notice your wheel bearings breaking down when you hear squeaking or grinding.
  2. To support the weight – travel trailers are known to be heavy. For the wheels to be able to carry the load and still function properly, the wheel bearings must also be able to handle the weight. The grease helps the bearings move freely and smoothly, even when subject to immense pressure.

It also helps distribute the weight evenly, since you can’t really ensure that the balls will be evenly located when turning. The grease moves quickly from one point to another when they are being squeezed, which means the area that doesn’t have anything will be filled with grease.

When wheel bearings degrade, the wheel will still function, but not as well as it used to. For instance, you will notice some changes when speeding up or slowing down. Even if you don’t notice the performance degradation, when the wheel bearings deteriorate, it may seize to function. When this happens, the axle will also be locked, which in turn will totally freeze your RV wheel so you can’t go anywhere. This means you’ll be spending more on repairs and replacement, plus you might even end up getting your rig towed!

Another bad scenario is if the wheel bearing fails to the point that it shoots off the wheel during use. This can lead to accidents.

So in essence, RV wheel bearing grease will not only give you a smoother ride but also prevents the breakdown of your camper while in the middle of your vacation, and prevents you from getting into accidents caused by wheel bearing breakdown.

How often should you grease wheel bearings on your travel trailer?

While others would recommend greasing twice a year, some would recommend once every season, but it all really depends on how often you use your camper.

The best way to know when to grease travel trailer wheel bearings if by checking the mileage. Once you have reached 10,000 miles, it’s time to add or replace the grease.

Also, if you need to get new bearings, it would be advisable to add grease to make it useful for 1.5 times to several times longer than expected. If you don’t grease them, they will burn up easily and malfunction sooner than intended.

How to use wheel bearing greases for travel trailers?

There are two ways to place grease on the bearings, and these are as follows:

  • By Hand

First off, use gloves when applying grease, especially if you’re using one that contains zinc. Then put some grease on the palm of your hand. You can also put it in a flat plate, but having it in your palm would allow you to squeeze it further inside the bearings.

Next, hold the bearing on your other hand and press it against the grease on your palm. Repeat it until the grease has completely squeezed through all available spaces inside the wheel bearing. If you press the grease against the bearing and some of the product gets squeezed out at the top (or at the opposite side), then that means there’s enough grease inside.

  • Using a handy bearing packer

If you don’t like the mess and you don’t want to touch the grease (even if you wear gloves), then using a bearing packer would suit you.

The bearing handy packer is simple enough to use. Just place grease inside the container, put the plunger in, and finally, push it down. Once you will that the grease has been squeezed evenly inside, you can unscrew the handle on the plunger and place the bearing. Put the handle back to where the bearing is already placed, and push it down. You would have to put a lot of weight on it, though. This will force the grease at the bottom to squeeze through the bearing’s vacant spaces.

Once there’s enough grease squeezing out at the top, you can then pull the handle out and remove the bearing.

What are the most popular wheel bearing grease for travel trailer brands?

Timken is the most popular camper wheel bearing grease brand. It is a US company with a global presence in 42 countries. Henry Timken established the brand in 1898, making it one of the world’s oldest manufacturers of bearings, power transmission technologies, and related products.

The brand’s GR224C Wheel Bearing Grease is one of the most sought-after wheel bearing greases for travel trailers.

Other wheel bearing grease brands popular among RV and travel trailer owners include Lucas Oil and Valvoline.

Lucas Oil produces some of the world’s best line of additives and lubricants as well as supplies a heavy-duty line of products for agricultural and industrial markets.

Valvoline, on the other hand, is known for producing specialized automotive, industrial, commercial, and racing solutions as well as lubricants.

Regardless of popularity, RV owners must choose the right kind of grease for wheel bearings. The wheel bearing grease must have excellent shock resistance, temperature stability, performance, and high-pressure resistance.

Other wheel bearing greases worth mentioning include Triax, Sta-Lube, Plews & Edelmann, Green Grease, and Tarantula Tools.

How much grease to put in a trailer wheel bearing?

Ideally, the grease should ooze out from the bearings and cover them. It’s best to apply the product with your hand and not with a grease gun for trailer bearings. This way, you can get a feel for how much you’re putting in.

It is always best to consider the travel trailer manufacturer’s recommendations for application. For example, Timken recommends putting a golf ball amount of grease onto one palm and using the other hand to get the grease onto the bearing.

RV owners can apply smaller amounts of grease into the wheel bearings if they do not have the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Turn the wheel bearing slowly. This will help you figure out how much grease is in the bearing. Keep slowly rotating the bearing and applying little grease. Do it until you notice grease coming out of the openings.

What are the different types of grease for trailer bearings?

You might notice that when looking for grease for your trailer bearings, there aren’t just multiple brands, there are multiple types! Let us check the difference:

  • Lithium Grease – there are multiple lithium greases available, and they can be red lithium grease, grey lithium grease, or the most popular one, white lithium grease. The advantage of using the last type is that even though it’s colored white is that most of the time, it turns to yellow when it’s time to replace it.

White lithium grease is also compatible with other parts of your trailer, such as the chassis. In essence, this is multi-function, but this is not like the multi-purpose grease used for slide-outs and windows since those are too runny to properly maintain wheel bearings.

Other lithium complex greases (red and grey) are also multi-purpose but are best used for metals that are subject to high temperature and pressure, else it would be a waste. You can also use these on construction equipment and farm equipment.

  • Disc or Drum Brake and Wheel Bearing Grease – This one is made to be used for brakes as well as wheel bearings. You can use this whether you have disc brakes or drum brakes. The advantage of using this type of grease is that aside from functioning perfectly well in high ambient heat, it also functions well even with high transfer heat caused by the spinning of the wheel bearings or the brakes.
  • Marine Wheel Bearing Grease – if your camper is frequently exposed to wet environments, such as swampy areas, moist forests, lakes, or the ocean. Some go even further by being saltwater resistant, which is necessary if you frequent the beach with your travel trailer tire. If you want to travel to rainy regions and are wondering what type of grease for trailer wheel bearings you should look for, this is it.

How to care for your wheel bearings grease?

So you know that caring for wheel bearings means using the right grease. But now, how do you actually care for the grease itself? Well, grease is pretty simple. First, make sure that you store them in their original packaging.

Even after using some grease to fill up the bearings and you have some excess, it would be safe to put them back. The original packaging usually has proper sealants to prevent the product from being contaminated. Keep in mind that if you don’t seal it properly, grease can go bad. You will know if your grease has gone bad if the oil and the base have separated.

Also, although these are high-performance grease, you shouldn’t leave them out in hot sheds. Store it in a cool, dry place.


If you overlook the maintenance of your wheel bearings, at the very least you will end up ruining your vacation. Let’s not even think about the possibilities when the bearings breakdown during travel. This means finding the best wheel bearing grease for travel trailers is crucial to having a camper. After all, safety should always be your top priority.

These choices above are the creme of the crop when it comes to grease for bearings. Come rain, snow, or summer, these greases will work nicely. These will also not melt and leak out when subject to high temperatures. If you’re worried about not placing enough grease inside the bearings, you can always ask for the assistance of a professional for the first time. You can then watch and learn how it can be done so you can do it yourself in the future.

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