Garmin RV 785 vs 890: Which Is Better for Your RV?

garmin rv 785 vs 890

Are you confused about which between Garmin RV 785 vs 890 you should install in your motorhome or travel trailer? Navigating your way through the country’s hidden gems and natural wonders is easier and more convenient if you have a reliable system showing you the way. The Garmin RV 785 & Traffic and Garmin RV …

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6 Volt vs 12 Volt RV Batteries: Which is a Better for Your RV?

6 volt vs 12 volt rv batteries

Are you confused about picking 6 volt vs 12 volt RV batteries for motorhomes and travel trailers? While the traditional RV battery setup calls for a 12-volt power cell, owners of more contemporary RVs use a 6-volt battery system. Both systems deliver electricity for boondocking, camping, RVing, and other off-grid adventures. A 6V battery is …

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How to Install RV Slide Out Awning? – Step by Step Guide

how to install rv slide out awning

Do you not wish there was a way you could protect your motorhome’s slide out room from the sun, rain, dust, dirt, and other elements? Learning how to install RV slide out awning addresses this concern. Although some motorhome owners think you do not need a slide out awning, most RVers believe you should. It …

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TPO vs EPDM RV Roof: Which One Is Better?

tpo vs epdm rv roof

Contrary to popular belief, tin or aluminum isn’t the most preferred roofing of a recreational vehicle. It’s a toss between TPO and EPDM. While tin or aluminum had been used in the early days, RVers have realized many of their disadvantages, such as lack of durability, thermal bridging effect which leads to excessive condensation, and …

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