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How to Remove RV Slide Out in 7 Simple Steps

Written by Stephen Ryan / Fact checked by William Turner

How to Remove RV Slide Out Easily

Are you contemplating on permanently removing your RV slide-out? Slide-outs can increase the space in your RV, but it can also be a trap for further problems. Slide-outs can cause the RV to weigh more and are a lot more expensive to repair when damaged.

One of the reasons why people would opt to remove them permanently is the leaking that it causes. While some RVs have complex mechanisms that require professional help, there are some that would only need some hard work and the right tools.

Know how to remove RV slide-out easily to have a more functional and mobile home. This will keep you away from further damages and misalignments that might come at a bad time.

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What You Will Need to Remove Your RV Slide Out


Removing your slide out will require a few tools. It is best to prepare these tools beforehand so you don’t have to move around and get these tools while you are in the process of removing the slide out.

Upon having these tools, you should already have a picture of how your RV would look without the slide out, and have the design to support its removed space.

  • Wrench

The basic wrench is needed to remove the internal molding of the slide out. Be sure to have the wrench that fits, and is appropriate for the mechanism that works on the slide-out. Some would have one or two differently sized wrenches to be sure, and to have alternative options while removing the slide out.

  • Blocks

Wooden blocks or unused wood pieces are needed to support the slide-out that is taken out. These are usually used upon fully extending the slide out. Make sure not to use car jacks or axel stands in lieu of the wooden blocks.

  • Shims

Use shims of any size, to support the underside of the slide out once it is fully extended. This will also help balance out the removed slide-out.

  • Beams

Your RV will be unbalanced once the slide-out is taken away. Use beams that are perfectly built to your convenience and design of your RV. These beams will be additional strength to your RV once the slide-out is completely removed.

Step By Step Removal of RV Slide Out


Step 1: Remove everything in the slide out

If you are planning to permanently remove the slide out, it is best to remove everything in that area for a lighter and more convenient removal of the entire slide out. Take away the day bed, curtain, or anything that weighs it down. This way, it will be easier once you are outside and ready to remove the slide out.

Step 2: Know and locate your slide-out mechanism

RV owners usually just tinker the mechanism of their mobile home once they encounter a threat. It is best to know the mechanism of the slide out, so it will be easier to remove. Locate this mechanism so you will be able to know what parts to dismantle first. Most slide-out mechanisms are motorized and are located under the slide-out itself.

Step 3: Remove the internal molding

The internal molding is also known as the horseshoe fitting of the RV. It is the actual mechanism in which the slide-out moves on.

Use the wrench and let the slide out extend to its maximum point. You will know that it reaches that point when it drops inside the recess. The recess is usually sturdy enough to equalize the main floor and the slide-out floor levels.

Step 4: Provide slide-out support

Use the wooden blocks and shims to provide support of the extended slide out. Place the blocks and the shims at the underside. Use enough of these blocks to fully support the weight of the slide out.

Step 5: Release the slide out

Once the slide out is maximally extended and fully supported, release the slide out from the fasteners. Hold on to the ram. The fasteners are pin-like features at the rams, and you don’t need to worry about its mechanism. Manually release and retract your RV slide out with the help of this video.

Step 6: Move the slide out away

With many assistants as possible, move the slide out away from the RV’s main body. Move the slide out an inch at a time, until it can be placed for storage in your space. Perform this step with extreme care by working all the edges and ends of the slide out.

Step 7: Re-engineer your RV

Once the slide-out is removed, re-engineer your RV by placing the support beams. These beams should be welded out properly where support is greatly needed to balance out the taken space. RVs with slide-outs are usually engineered to have a balanced weight all over even when the slide-outs are not used. Make sure to redesign your RV with the right support. Repair the flooring if needed and you may be creative in putting up the support. Take inspiration on RV slide-out removal and repair in this link.

If all of these steps are tedious, and if you don’t have enough assistants to help you remove the slide-out, you may choose slide-out removal services with specialized equipment for an easy and hassle-free removal of the slide-out like.


Did you enjoy the easy steps of RV slide-out removal? Remember that you need to be committed if you want to permanently remove your slide out. Having the right amount of support in removing the slide-out will go a long way, because it will help you ease out in making sure the slide-out is properly removed.

What do you think about this tutorial on how to remove RV slide-out easily? Share this helpful tutorial to your friends and family who will find these tips helpful. RV slide-out removal is easy if you have this guide with you.

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