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How to Remove RV Window Glass? – Find Out All Easy Steps

Written by Stephen Ryan / Fact checked by William Turner

how to remove rv window glass

Do you have a shattered or cracked RV window because of a mishap on one of your road trips? I know how frustrating it can be. Cracks on your windows can detract from your motorhome’s beauty. If you know how to remove RV window glass, you are one step closer to fixing your problem.

This tutorial will show you how easy it is to remove and replace RV window glass. All you need are a few materials and a basic understanding of your motorhome’s window glass, and you are all set.

Table of Contents

Things You Need to Remove Your RV’s Window Glass


You only need one thing to remove your RV’s window glass – a screwdriver. This hand tool is essential in prying out the rubber gasket and unfastening the window frame screws. A putty knife can also be handy, but it cannot remove the screws.

If you intend to replace your RV window glass, the only other thing you need is the correct replacement glass. You can check your RV owner’s manual for the dimensions of each window in your vehicle.

If you cannot find this information, you will have to measure the dimensions manually. Note the sidewall thickness, the window opening dimensions, and your window’s corner radius. The more accurate your measurements are, the better are your chances of getting the correct replacement window.

Steps on How to Remove RV Window Glass


Step 1. Remove the window gaskets.

Look at your RV window’s perimeter and check the rubber gasket. Follow the rubber’s entire length until you see a split in the gasket’s continuity.

Insert a flat-tip screwdriver into the split and wiggle it around to loosen the gasket’s adhesion. Try prying a few inches of the rubber until you can safely pull it all out with your hands.

SteeleRubberProducts offers an excellent video about installing a sliding glass window seal. It has a section (0:25) that shows how you can remove the window gasket.

Pro Tip: Use a putty knife instead of a screwdriver to make gasket removal easier.

Step 2. Remove the mounting screws.

After the first step, you should be able to see the mounting screws. Use your screwdriver to unfasten the screws. I recommend having someone hold the RV window glass to protect it against accidental falls.

Removing the screws frees the window frame from its position. If you are not careful, your window glass can fall to the ground.

Pro Tip: Remove screws at opposite sides to counterbalance the glass’ weight. Make sure your assistant has a firm hold on the glass.

Step 3. Remove the RV window glass.

Grab the RV window glass by its bottom and side. I recommend wearing gloves to improve your grip and to avoid any unnecessary cuts.

Carefully lower the RV window glass to the ground, ensuring you have a firm hold of the entire length.

Pro Tip: Always look at a two-piece sliding RV window as a single unit. A secondary frame holds the two window panes. Hence, it would be best to secure both panes.

Steps to Replace a Shattered RV Window Glass

Step 1. Remove the old window glass.

Follow the steps we outlined above, starting with the window seal removal and the unfastening of the screws. If your RV also has mounting screws inside the vehicle, you might want to perform the same procedure.

Always make it a point to lower the glass to the ground carefully. As pointed out, having an assistant can be handy.

Step 2. Get the correct replacement glass window.

The fastest way to get the correct RV window glass replacement is by measuring your old window’s dimensions, especially its thickness.

If it is unsafe to measure the shattered glass window or the glass is no longer whole, you can ask an RV glass replacement company for a suitable replacement. You might want to be ready with your window’s dimensions and your vehicle’s VIN, year, model, and make.

Pro Tip: It may take a while for your order to arrive. As such, you might want to install a temporary window made of Plexiglass worth a few tens of dollars from your favorite hardware store.

Step 3. Prepare the temporary window.

I recommend preparing a cutout of your window, serving as a stencil or pattern for the Plexiglass. Cut the Plexiglass, ensuring the correct window dimensions.

If you are unfamiliar with cutting Plexiglass, I found a helpful video from ePlastics on how you can do so. Pay attention to your window’s rounded corners.

Pro Tip: If the RV window replacement you ordered takes only a few days to arrive, I suggest skipping this step and wait for your glass to arrive. Installing a temporary window glass is suitable for those who want to delay their glass replacement because of budgetary or some other constraints.

Step 4. Prepare the window.

Get your putty knife and scrape the sides of the window to remove any adhesive and rubber residue. You will want the surface as free from any dust or particle as possible because these can affect the fit of your RV window.

Try running your fingers on the surface, ensuring smoothness along the window’s entire length.

Step 5. Assemble the RV glass and window frame.

You can use your RV’s old window frame or order a replacement if you wish. I recommend installing a new one to complete your DIY project.

Lay the window frame flat on the ground or an even surface. Place the RV glass replacement within the frame, ensuring proper fit.

You might want to secure both surfaces by taping across the meeting points, forming a bridge. This step helps safeguard the RV window when placing it in your vehicle.

Step 6. Fix the window frame.

Ask your assistant to help you prop the window glass and frame into your vehicle. Position the edging to ensure its mounting holes align with the holes in the window.

Fix the window frame by fastening the screws you removed in Step 1. Try opening and closing the window. If you have sliding windows, the panes should glide smoothly on their tracks. If not, there is a chance you positioned the frame unevenly.

Pro Tip: Use new screws to fasten the window frame to ensure better stability and security.

Step 7. Insert the gaskets.

Use a new RV window rubber gasket to form a tight seal around your window. While your old rubber may still look fine, I still suggest replacing it with a new one.

Grab the gasket’s thick section and insert its thin portion under the frame. Start in a small area and use your screwdriver or putty knife to push the rest of the gasket.

Here is an exciting video from RV Education 101, showing you how to replace and reseal RV windows.


Shattered, cracked, or damaged RV windows should not bother or worry you. While a replacement glass can cost you, it is still possible to lower your expenses by learning how to remove RV window glass and replace it.

So, was this tutorial helpful? Did we miss anything? I would love to hear your comments about this how-to guide. And if you found it invaluable, you might want to share it with your friends, too.

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