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How to Replace the RV Air Conditioner Gasket Properly?

Written by Stephen Ryan / Fact checked by William Turner

how to replace the rv air conditioner gasket

Are you having sleepless nights because your RV air conditioner is leaking, dripping water onto your face? Learning how to replace the RV air conditioner gasket can help you manage the leaks permanently.

Gaskets can become brittle over time, reducing their ability to form a tight seal around your air conditioner. Worn or damaged gaskets allow moisture to creep inside your RV and ruin your day.

Do not fret because this tutorial will show you how to get a brand new gasket in your RV air conditioner.

Table of Contents

Things You Will Need to Replace the RV Air Conditioner Gasket


You do not need that much to replace the gasket in your RV’s air conditioner. You only need the means to get on your motorhome’s rooftop and several other things.

Knowledge of RV ACUs

It is always best to get acquainted with your RV’s air conditioner by reading the owner’s manual. You will want to learn the location of the mounting hardware, including the type of fasteners you need to work with and the procedures for removing the ACU’s components.

Always pay attention to manufacturer recommendations, including the specific type and make of gasket you need to buy for your motorhome.

Materials and Tools

You will need the following materials when replacing the old gasket in your RV air conditioning unit.

  • Ladder or any other tool for getting onto the RV’s rooftop
  • Old towels or blankets
  • Screwdrivers or wrenches, depending on the type of mounting hardware present in the RV AC
  • Wire-cutter if your RV does not have harness-type electrical connections
  • Putty or utility knife or any straight-edge tool
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Heat gun or hair dryer
  • Soft cloth
  • New gasket

Steps on How to Replace the RV Air Conditioner Gasket


We’re going to show you how to replace the RV’s AC gasket. Check it out and learn how to do it correctly.

Step 1. Protect Your Motorhome’s Rooftop

The first step in RV air conditioner seal replacement procedures is protecting your motorhome’s rooftop. Campers have ACUs mounted on the vehicle’s roof, requiring you to go up.

Although it’s out of other people’s sight, you will still want to retain the RV rooftop’s pristine condition. That is why you will want to place towels or blankets around the RV air conditioning unit to prevent scratching or damaging the roof top’s paint.

The towels also give you a more secure footing, protecting you against slipping. You can secure the blanket or towel with masking tape.

Step 2. Remove the AC Shroud

The RV AC has a shroud or cover that protects it against flying objects, debris, and other particles. This cover typically has several screws or bolts that secure it to the RV’s rooftop.

Use the correct hand tool to remove the shroud fasteners and keep them in a container. You will not want to lose these pieces of mounting hardware.

Pull the AC shroud off from the ACU and set it aside.

Step 3. Remove the RV Air Conditioner

Check the placement of the RV air conditioner seal. You should see it at the bottom of your air conditioning unit between the ACU and your RV’s rooftop. Unfasten the bolts or screws securing the air conditioner to the gasket and the RV rooftop.

Follow your air conditioner’s electrical connection and unsnap it if it features a harness-type connector. If your RV does not have this electrical connection, you may have to cut the wires. Ensure to switch off your RV’s main power switch before cutting any wire.

Carefully slide the ACU to the side, allowing you unrestricted access to the gasket. Place the ACU on your prepared blankets.

Step 4. Remove the Gasket

Pull out the old RV AC gasket from its location. Take a putty knife to scrape off any residue. You will want a smooth surface for the new gasket to form a perfect seal.

If you have caked on rubber residues, you can use a heat gun or a hairdryer to soften the loose gasket bits. You can then scrape them off with a utility knife.

Clean the surface with a piece of cloth dampened with rubbing alcohol.

Step 5. Place and Secure a New Gasket

Once you clean the surface, you can already install an RV air conditioner gasket. Ensure the gasket’s correct placement to guarantee a perfect seal between the RV rooftop and the air conditioner.

Pro Tip: Ensure you replace the old gasket with a product specific to your RV’s air conditioner model. It will also help if you pick a high-quality gasket to extend its service life.

Step 6. Place the Air Conditioner

Carefully reposition the RV air conditioner over the gasket, ensuring the correct alignment on the rooftop panel. Fasten the ACU with the hardware you removed in Step 3.

Reconnect the ACU’s electrical wirings. If your RV came with harness-type connectors, you could easily snap the two ends together. However, if you cut the wires, you will have to connect the ends manually.

Replace the air conditioner shroud and fasten the mounting screws or bolts.

Step 7. Finish Up

Pick up the blankets or towels, climb down your RV, and turn on your motorhome’s power unit. Switch on your AC and check if you still have leaks.

Here is an excellent video from Our Gold Road, teaching novice motorhome owners how to replace an RV air conditioner gasket.


Learning how to replace the RV air conditioner gasket can save your RV’s interior against water damage and contribute to a more comfortable sleep.

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