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How Wide Is an RV With Slide Outs? Important Things to Know

Written by Stephen Ryan / Fact checked by William Turner

how wide is an rv with slide outs

While some RVs don’t have much space in spite of their enormous outlook, installing slide outs is a wise choice for RVers who want to extend the width of class A motorhome. A travel trailer with slide out open will make you feel at home without staying in cramped corners.

Aside from class A camper van, a 5th wheel with slides out is an example of travel trailers using slides out. Still, in both vehicles, RV slide out dimensions might add in about 3 feet of extra space for the RV, making it more comfortable to stay inside your motorhome.

If you’re wondering: “How wide is an RV with slide outs?” this article is perfect! In this post, we’ll provide all information about slide outs, from their function to key specifications like RV slide out depth or RV slide out length.

Tips on handling slide outs and other suggestions will be delivered in all parts, so make sure you pay serious attention!

But first, let’s find out more about RV slide outs!

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What Are RV Slides Out?


Slide outs were created in the 1990s. RV manufacturers included one slide out for each unit, and as their reputation grew, they expanded the manufacturing and increased the slide out’s overall width and length.

Slides out are just parts of your camper van that extends outward to provide you with extra living space. That additional space might make a difference between an enjoyable trip and a stressful journey of dealing with a limited sleeping area.

Slide outs are classified into two sorts. One is hydraulically propelled, while the other is electrically operated. Both methods have their drawbacks, and you must be extra cautious when you own a pair of these accessories in your RV.

There are two most important factors you should consider when purchasing an RV with slide outs. First, they must be in highly functional status when you purchase the motorhome. Secondly, you should have enough space to utilize them at RV parks or campsites you visit.

How Far Do RV Slide Outs Extend in a Class a Motorhome?


How much width is a motorhome with slide outs? This might be an essential question that many RVers want to know before buying a travel trailer or purchasing extra slide outs.

RV width with slide out installed may vary depending on the RV original size. However, in this post, we’ll only provide an average number of the above specifications.

The normal width of a camper van is 8 feet wide, including the slide-out in place; each slide contributes roughly 1 1/2 inch of the area when open, which adds up 3 feet in total of extra space that enables seats to be converted into beds for sleeping.

The extra room eliminates the need to lie down on mattresses in tents or hammocks, even though they provided the ideal camping experience before the creation of RV slides out.

A typical Class A RV is 40 feet long. This is similar to carrying a conventional family house with bedrooms, restrooms, kitchens, tables, sitting areas, and washrooms, all of which spring to life as you pull out the slide outs.

A regular class A motorhome weighs around 34,000 pounds on average. Since this is a lot of weight to carry, it’s best to stick to paved roads to maintain truck stability.

Because of the enormous size, especially when slide outs are opened, parking an RV might be a trouble to you. Your class A camper van will occupy up to more than two parking slots in a standard parking area (lengthwise). When it exceeds two parking spots in length, you will park your RV across parking spaces instead.

How Many Widths Are Slides Out in a Fifth Wheel Travel Trailer?


The main difference between a class A camper van and a fifth wheel travel trailer is that it is impossible to carry a fifth wheel without having a vehicle. such as a pickup truck to tow it to the destination.

If you plan to drive a short distance, we suggest using a class A motorhome. Otherwise, traveling in a fifth wheel trailer will be ideal, thanks to its maneuverability and, most important, the higher number of slides out.

The majority of ordinary fifth wheel RVs are 8 to 8.5 feet wide. The industry norm is 8 feet. However, some of the bigger versions require more. Still, the width slides out in a fifth wheel is similar to those in a class A motorhome, which is 3 feet wide maximumly.

While a class A RV usually has one to two slides out, a fifth wheel can own up to five slides. For instance, the Riverstone 37MRE is an enormous fifth wheel with four separate slide-outs of varying widths and an 18-inch awning.

Another example is Sabre 32DPT. There are three slide-outs on this fifth wheel. Two of them are diametrically opposed and cover half of the back length of the trailer. One is broader than the other, and yet both fold inward while traveling, resulting in a smooth exterior.

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Having a Slide Out?


In spite of their obvious benefits, some people argue that having slides out in RVs may cause certain drawbacks. Hence, before making a purchase decision, it is necessary for you to consider the following advantages and disadvantages of slides out!

1. Advantages

You’ve undoubtedly figured out that the nicest part of having RV slides out is the additional space. Commuting or staying in a travel trailer may be uncomfortable. However, slides provide significantly more space.

Another advantage is that the slide expands your RV width. This implies that you may choose a smaller rig, which should be much easier to manage. In addition, most slides out these days are either electrical or hydraulic systems, so it won’t take too much effort to control them.

Greater layout possibilities come with more room. Once the slides are removed, furniture and buildings may be assembled in a variety of ways. As a result, you may personalize the inside of your RV by adding new furnishings, etc. You may customize your RV interior and feel just like home.

2. Disadvantages

Even though installing slide outs is convenient, they do have some downsides. More things may go wrong when there are more moving pieces.

Slides are hefty, and the added weight can have a significant influence on your gas consumption. Because RVs are infamous for having poor fuel mileage, adding slides out may worsen the situation.

Also, RV slides out are also inadequately insulated. Unless you go camping in warm weather, you may notice that the floor & walls of slides are much colder. Based on the condition of the sliding seal, you might sense a draft.

On the other hand, your motorhome slides out aren’t built to support a huge amount of weight. You need to continuously be aware of the positions where you place items so that you do not overweight your slides. Furthermore, in order to broaden your slides, the campervan must be fairly level so that you do not go off-kilter.


How wide is an RV with slide outs? After reading this article, you might have your own answer to that question. If having 3 feet width of extra space is worth the cost, installing slides out will surely bring you certain benefits. But we still suggest carefully assessing elements like design, length, and depth, etc.

We hope that this post was helpful! Did you enjoy the article? Do you want to add anything else? Please let us know and leave a comment below.

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