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How to Replace an RV Shower Faucet: Follow 6 Step Solution

Written by Stephen Ryan / Fact checked by William Turner

how to replace an rv shower faucet

Does your RV shower faucet have a dingy off-white color that makes the fixture stand out like a sore thumb? Did you know you can improve your RV bathroom aesthetics if you know how to replace an RV shower faucet?

Even if your shower faucet looks fine, it may already be leaking somewhere. Not only are you wasting precious water, but the water drops on the bathroom floor can distract you when driving. The good news is that an RV shower faucet replacement is a straightforward task.

All you need is an understanding of your RV’s shower system, a few tools as listed below, and a new shower faucet. Then I will show you six easy steps to replace your RV shower faucet.

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Things You Need for This Tutorial


Replacing a dirty, worn out, or broken RV shower faucet is not that difficult. Although, motorhomes can have different shower designs and layouts. You will need the following if you want to be successful in replacing your motorhome’s shower faucet.

Knowledge of RV Shower Systems

Motorhomes have different shower designs, styles, and layouts, depending on the RV’s brand, model, series, and other classifications.

Some RVs have a straightforward shower faucet design, concealing the plumbing behind a removable panel adjacent to the shower faucet mounting plate.

Other motorhomes may not have such an access panel. Some manufacturers may run the plumbing through the vehicle’s basement storage space.

The shower faucet’s plumbing is crucial to successful replacement. It also hastens the process, allowing you to complete the project within minutes.

The owner’s manual should provide you adequate information about your motorhome’s shower layout, including the hardware fastening the shower and mounting plate. The data will help you determine which hand tools to prepare for the project.

Shower Faucet Replacement Tools and Materials

You have many options for a replacement RV shower faucet. Most products come in premium-quality acrylic, while others feature brushed satin nickel or chrome finish.

Your choice depends on your aesthetic tastes. However, it would be best to match the new shower faucet to the other RV shower elements.

I recommend the Dura Faucet DF-SA100S-WT for motorhomes, RVs, and trailers. It has an elegant styling and robust construction that should last many years.

You will also need hand tools for loosening and tightening plumbing and fixture hardware. Most shower faucets have screws, requiring a screwdriver. An adjustable or pipe wrench will also be necessary for loosening and tightening the water lines.

A silicone rubber sealant and Teflon tape are essential in ensuring a leak-free system.

Steps for Replacing an RV Shower Faucet

Step 1. Understand your RV’s shower faucet.

The first thing you must do when is examining your motorhome’s system. It would be best to check the owner’s manual because it contains detailed information about your RV’s shower faucet.

Recreational vehicles can have various access points, including mounting options. Your motorhome’s shower faucet may have a different installation design from what I am presenting here.

Some motorhomes have the shower faucet’s access point behind false walls, while others require you to slide a partition. Other systems may have a compartment for instant access.

Pro Tip: Check your RV manufacturer for guidance on locating the access points of your shower faucet. They should have the resources to help you.

Step 2. Empty the water from your shower.

Any RV shower faucet repair requires you to turn off the motorhome’s main water supply. You will not want to flood your bathroom while replacing the fixture. It is also a good idea to switch off the water pump.

Dump the water from your RV shower system by opening all the taps – both the hot and the cold water. Flushing the toilet several times until it does not fill with water anymore also helps.

Understand that there might still be trickles of water when you remove the shower faucet and disconnect the plumbing lines. At least, you will not flood your RV’s bathroom.

Step 3. Remove the old shower faucet.

Check the shower faucet mounting for screws or other types of fastener. Use the correct hand tool to remove the mounting hardware from your shower faucet.

You should be able to pry the mounting plate off the wall once you remove the fasteners and get ready for the next step in the RV shower faucet repair process.

Pro Tip: Remember how you removed the old shower faucet’s components, including the tubing and other fixtures. Some DIYers find it helpful to take a picture of the old faucet before removal to facilitate easier installation of the new shower faucet.

Step 4. Disconnect the shower water lines.

Most RVs have a removable panel behind the shower that conceals the plumbing. Open this panel as part of the RV shower faucet upgrade process.

Check the two water pipes running from the shower and through the wall. These fixtures often have a fastener that secures them in their place. Loosen the hardware using a wrench and disconnect the hot and cold water lines.

If your RV does not have an access panel, you might want to check the RV’s basement storage area. You should be able to access the water lines from there.

Pro Tip: Wrap masking tape over the water pipe’s tip and mark it as a cold or a hot water line. It will make reinstallation easier.

Step 5. Install the new shower faucet.

Get your new shower faucet and check the location of the hot and cold water connections. Grab the loose water pipes and connect them to their respective taps using a wrench. You might want to apply Teflon tape over the threads to create a watertight seal.

Position the shower faucet and mounting plate on the wall and secure them with the accompanying hardware. You can apply a silicone sealant between the shower wall and the mounting plate before securing the screws. Doing so will prevent leakages.

You can also apply silicone over the joints to ensure a more watertight connection.

Pro Tip: Flip the shower faucet so that its hose runs down from the base. The conventional shower faucet placement calls for an upward orientation.

Unfortunately, positioning your shower this way can reduce water pressure. Inverting the hose downward will improve water pressure, leading to more enjoyable showers.

Step 6. Check for leaks.

Turn on your shower’s water supply and open the shower faucet. Make sure there are no leaks. If you see the RV shower faucet leaking, you might want to check the connections.

Close the water supply again and loosen the fasteners. Apply Teflon tape over the threads and apply rubber silicone sealant on seams or joints.

Check again by opening the water supply line and the shower.

Mountain Modern Life has a video about replacing an RV shower faucet. I am confident you will find the video not only entertaining but informative as well.

Pro Tip: You can also use these steps to undertake an RV shower valve replacement.


The process of how to replace an RV shower faucet is as straightforward as fixing a broken kitchen tap. You can have a good-looking water fixture in your RV shower within minutes. All you need is an understanding of your RV’s shower system, a few tools, and a new shower faucet.

I hope you find this tutorial beneficial in giving you the confidence to repair a broken RV shower faucet or replace a dirty-looking water fixture. If you have friends who might also want to learn the process, would you share this article with them? I will be happy to hear your thoughts about this article, too!

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