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The Best RV Toilet Paper Holders for Small Bathroom

Written by Stephen Ryan / Fact checked by William Turner

best rv toilet paper holder

Some RV owners, especially newbies, do not realize that the best RV toilet paper holder is one of the most significant necessities for the motorhome bathroom. It might have a simple design and a straightforward function, but these attributes combine to deliver convenience when one is conducting “business” on the toilet bowl.

A travel toilet paper holder for RV bathrooms is not that different from units found in residential homes, offices, commercial establishments, and other places with restrooms. After all, they both help people clean their “behinds” once done with their “business.”

Our search for the best products revealed that many RVers consider at least six factors when buying an RV toilet paper holder. The top three are as follows.

  • Type: Most people consider their RV bathroom size and other unique needs when deciding what toilet paper holder type they must buy. For example, many RVers choose wall-mounted products to save space, while others pick a freestanding option if they prefer the added mobility.
  • Materials: The majority of RV owners choose ceramic toilet paper holders because of their chemical and water resistance. Metal might cost more, but it looks more modern and stylish. Wood is always an eco-friendly option, but is susceptible to water damage. Budget-conscious RVers pick plastic or acrylic toilet paper holders.
  • Size and Shape: RV bathrooms are not as spacious as restrooms in other places like the home or office. Hence, RV owners must pick a compact toilet paper holder with an ultra-slim design without undermining its ability to accommodate a paper roll.

Buyers must recognize other factors that can come into play when deciding on an RV toilet paper holder. We will highlight these in the following product reviews and buying guide.

Top 1

YIGII Self Adhesive


Dimensions 2.75 x 3.54 x 5.31 inches
Weight 8.4 ounces
Material Stainless Steel

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Top 2

Nolimas Paper Holder


Dimensions 6.5 x 3.15 x 1.85 inches
Weight 7 ounces
Material Stainless Steel

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Top 3

SunnyPoint Paper Roll Holder


Dimensions 7.7 x 7.1 x 23.6 inches
Weight 3.1 pounds
Material Metal

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Table of Contents

Top 7 Toilet Paper Holder for RV Reviews

1. YIGII Self Adhesive Toilet Paper Holder

The YIGII Self Adhesive TP Holder promises convenience in unrolling toilet papers in motorhome bathrooms. It is a decent product with a minimalistic design and sturdy construction that should see this stick on toilet paper holder serving the RV family for many years.

Capable of holding standard-sized TP rolls, this product has a compact and inconspicuous design. I find it suitable for campers and caravans with cramped bathrooms, allowing restroom users to access their butt wipes in a breeze. The extension arm from the baseplate only measures 2.75 inches, saving space in the RV.

My favorite is this product’s dual orientation. People can mount it on the wall vertically or horizontally. Setting it up is as easy as choosing the ideal spot, peeling the adhesive backing, and pressing the baseplate on the wall. No screw required. Unfortunately, it is a 24-hour waiting game for the TP holder to stick to the wall.

Regardless of how one installs this gadget, toilet paper rolls seamlessly from the holder rod. The 304 stainless steel is also effortless to clean, and its rust resistance is impressive.

Sadly, this toilet paper holder only adheres to unpainted and super-smooth surfaces. I find it a shame because some RVers will not be able to install this in their bathrooms.

  • Dual-orientation wall-mounted toilet paper holder
  • Hassle-free installation with adhesive
  • Easy-to-clean, rustproof stainless steel construction
  • Space-saving design with 2.75 inches extension
  • Minimalist and stylish look
  • Will last for years
  • 24-hours waiting period for adhesive to settle
  • Does not hold onto painted and “rough” surfaces
Still, this toilet paper holder remains strong on the radar of RVers. It is stylish, effortless to install, and a space-saver.

2. Nolimas Brushed Nickel Toilet Paper Holder

The YIGII’s incompatibility with painted surfaces is the Nolimax Toilet Paper Holder’s gain. This toilet paper holder for RV is almost identical to the YIGII and other wall-mounted TP bases. However, it offers a few advantages that other brands neglected to incorporate into their designs.

I find its construction more impressive than the YIGII. It is the same 304 stainless steel but improved with four extra protective layers, giving this TP holder better resilience against rust, corrosion, hard water stains, acidic water, and salty substances.

This product juts out from the RV bathroom wall by only 3-1/8 inches, minimizing its impact on space. So, this space saving toilet paper holder should sit nicely in cramped RV bathrooms.

The brushed nickel color has a classic and minimalist look that I find appealing. Like the YIGII, I can position this TP holder right, left, or upright. Its main rod is also long at 6.5 inches, allowing me to use it as a towel holder in the kitchen and other RV spaces.

Its principal advantage over the YIGII is its compatibility with many surfaces. RVers can install it on drywall, wood panels, metal strips, and other surfaces. I can use this product immediately after installation.

Unfortunately, I found some user complaints about the main rod not staying level. The product features an anti-rotate mechanism, which should prevent the TP holder bar from tipping. I guess there is a fault in some units.

  • Stainless steel construction with four layers of protection
  • Dual orientation design that doesn’t protrude much
  • Works on surfaces like drywall and wood
  • Brushed nickel color for nice minimalist look
  • Versatile use (in kitchens and other rooms, not just bathrooms)
  • TP holder bar does not stay level
Regardless, I agree with many RVers about this TP holder’s functionality, styling, and durability. These attributes give this product excellent value.

3. SunnyPoint Bathroom Toilet Paper Roll Holder Stand

Some RV families want a toilet paper holder that can accommodate more than a single roll. In that case, the SunnyPoint Bathroom Holder Stand stakes its claim as one of the best freestanding units on the market.

This multiple toilet paper roll holder can accommodate up to two TP rolls in its base compartment, plus another on the horizontal bar. The arrangement lets RVers stack several tissue units in the restroom, freeing their cabinet spaces from these soft yet bulky items.

I like this TP holder, especially for motorhomes with larger bathrooms than usual. Users can place this furniture on the floor, and its roller’s height should make the toilet paper accessible to whoever sits on the toilet bowl.

Suitable for mega rolls, this paper holder features raised feet that protect the tissue from getting wet or dirty from touching the floor. The heavy-duty chrome forming the frame looks solid and has a shiny finish to complement an RV bathroom’s aesthetics.

I am also impressed with this TP holder’s three-pound weight, giving it sturdiness and stability.

The product’s also available in bronze coloring as well, so buyers have two options for styling their RV restroom.

However, the included screws are so tiny that it’s hard to work with them. I actually dropped these fasteners on the ground and struggled to find them.

  • Recommended for RVs with moderately spacious bathrooms
  • Can hold up to three toilet rolls
  • Weighted design for stability
  • Available in bronze coloring as well
  • Raised feet for toilet paper hygiene
  • Heavy-duty chrome finish that complements bathroom aesthetics
  • Very tiny screws
Despite this concern, many RVers still love this TP holder. It doubles as a storage unit and looks elegant, too.

4. HASKO Accessories Vacuum Suction Cup Toilet Paper Holder

My pet peeve about conventional wall-mounted TP holders is their permanency. Sure, I can remove a tissue holder from the wall, but it will leave holes or self-adhesive tape residues on the surface. That is why people who use these products must plan the mounting location very well.

The HASKO Accessories Suction Cup Toilet Paper Holder addresses such issues. I can place this on any surface in my RV bathroom without worrying about nasty sticker residues or unsightly screw holes. As long as the placement area is non-porous, I can stick this TP holder on it and ensure access to my paper when doing my “business.”

This product is compatible with other porous surfaces because it comes with a super-strong 3M double-sided adhesive tape. People can apply the tape and install a base for the TP holder.

Its impressive detachable design makes this item suitable for dormers, travelers, office workers, and RVers. They can mount it anywhere and remove it when they go. The product’s chrome-plated steel design also adds a hint of luxury to the bathroom without rust or corrosion ruining the TP holder’s integrity.

Like the YIGII and Nolimas, this product is also perfect for tight spaces because of its ultra-thin profile. I also love the rubber suction cup because it does not slide or slip off from its attachment.

On the downside, some effort is necessary to get a large toilet roll onto the securing rod. Once it’s in place, however, usage is straightforward.

  • Detachable design that doesn’t require screwing
  • Doesn’t require a sticker on non-porous surfaces, has adhesive for porous ones
  • Corrosion-resistant chrome-plated stainless steel
  • Superior-suction rubber material
  • Ultra-thin space-saving design
  • Hard to get big toilet rolls onto the rod
I admire this RV TP holder because of its removability. It looks elegant, too.

5. YOMESTE Wall Mounted Waterproof Paper Holder

The YOMESTE Wall Mounted Waterproof Toilet Paper Holder is the perfect choice for RVers who prefer bathing in their bathrooms. This product has a decent enclosure, protecting the toilet paper from water splashes and ensuring its integrity for the next user.

Like the VAEHOLD TP Holder, this product has two mounting options – double-sided adhesive tape and screws. Most RVers prefer sticking the TP holder with Velcro-like materials, allowing them to snap it off the wall effortlessly. However, people who need a permanent bathroom fixture can secure this product with screws.

Most holders have an open design, exposing the toilet paper to moisture and dust. It could be uncomfortable wiping the butt hole with such tissue. And if there are cats in the motorhome, the toilet paper can be an easy target for scratching and ripping.

This wet bath toilet paper holder prevents these issues by covering the TP like a clam shell. The lid fits perfectly to the base, forming a 360-degree protective capsule for the tissue.

Although it is plastic, there are a few advantages. First, it is lightweight, allowing me to mount this on the RV bathroom wall effortlessly. Second, cleaning is a breeze because I only need to wipe it with a cloth or rag. This toilet paper holder also looks cool in blue, adding a youthful vibe to an old RV bathroom.

Sadly, its clamshell design demands more space compared to the YIGII, Nolimas, and HASKO.

  • 360-degree toilet paper protection
  • High-quality plastic construction (lightweight and easy to clean)
  • Dual mounting options (screws and tape)
  • Cool design with blue coloring
  • Not as space-saving as other TP holders
Though far from perfect, this TP holder remains a good choice. It keeps the toilet paper from getting ripped or wet and adds a touch of color to the RV bathroom.

6. mDesign Hyde Collection Metal Free-Standing Toilet Paper Holder

The mDesign Hyde Collection Freestanding Toilet Paper Holder is a no-nonsense gadget for organizing and storing three toilet paper rolls. It is a stand-type device that saves space while giving RVers easy access to fresh TP.

I appreciate this product’s simple styling, looking more like an oversized office paper peg but without a pointed end. It has a five-inch-diameter circular base and a 16.25-inch long rod that looks like a miniaturized flag pole. The design makes this holder a space-saving item, ideal for small-sized RV bathrooms.

This unit’s freestanding construction gives it portability, like the SunnyPoint. I can place it behind the RV toilet or in one bathroom corner and never worry about cramming my motorhome cabinet with paper rolls again.

RVers can also bring it to the kitchen and place it on the countertop or a desk in the motorhome living area. The TP holder has a soft, non-scratching, and non-scuffing bottom, so it won’t mar our floor.

I like its alloy steel construction with thick metal, giving me confidence that the item will last long. In fact, the rust-resistant finish seems to work as intended, as the humidity in my bathroom has not affected it so far.

Unfortunately, the design looks bland. When I place three TP rolls in this holder, there are no indications that it is a TP holder. All I see is a paper stack.

  • Freestanding, portable design
  • Small footprint with 5-inch base
  • Wide base with anti-scuff padding
  • Alloy steel construction with rust resistance
  • A bland design
Nevertheless, this portable toilet paper holder is a good buy for RVers with limited space in their motorhome bathrooms. Its zero-installation requirement is a plus.

7. VAEHOLD Self Adhesive Toilet Paper Holder with Phone Shelf

The VAEHOLD is not only a stylish toilet paper holder but also one of the most functional I have seen. It combines form and purpose in a design that will leave RV toilet users in awe.

I love using my phone while doing my “business” in the toilet, often to the detriment of spending more than ten minutes on my “ceramic throne.”

This gadget has a top shelf with a curved front edge for accommodating a smartphone. RVers can place their mobile phone on the platform and pull several sheets of toilet paper from the roller. It could also serve as a tray for small items.

Although it has a top shelf, I am surprised this toilet paper holder retains its space-saving design. Its depth is only 2.87 inches, which is still smaller than Nolimas’ 3.125-inch depth (from the mounting plate to the tissue roller).

The stainless steel construction is also impressive, freeing me from worrying about rust and corrosion.

Mounting this product is also a breeze. People can use the accompanying double-sided adhesive tape and turn this into a 3M self adhesive toilet paper holder. RV families who cannot wait 24 hours before using this gadget should consider fastening it to the wall with screws.

Its dual mounting options also translate to multi-surface compatibility. The adhesive tape is perfect for smooth and even surfaces, while screws are ideal for other materials.

  • Wall-mounted TP holder with space-saving design
  • Integrated multipurpose shelf for holding phones or other small items
  • Premium-quality, corrosion-resistant stainless steel construction
  • Dual mounting options (screws and adhesive)
  • Compatible with different materials
  • Not for limestone or painted walls
That said, this holder won’t sit well on limestone or painted walls. Still, the top shelf is a nice addition to this product’s toilet paper holding capabilities. I would not mind having this in my home, too.

What to Look for When Buying an RV Toilet Paper Holder


Buying a recreational vehicle toilet paper holder is not different from choosing a TP holder for the home or office bathroom. After all, they have a similar function.

However, several things are more important considerations for an RV restroom product than a residential or commercial equivalent. So, what should buyers look for?

  • Type

Most RVers pick wall-mounted TP holders because they are more space-efficient, occupying only a three-square-inch area on the RV bathroom wall. These products jut out two to three inches from the installation surface, leaving enough room for toilet users to move about.

Some RVers pick a free standing TP holder for more effortless use. These products require no installation and can be exceptionally portable. However, users must consider the TP holder’s footprint because some gadgets can occupy more than five square inches of floor space.

Although rare in RV bathrooms, recessed TP holders are perfect for motorhomes with sufficient bathroom wall thickness. For example, a three-inch deep TP holder should nest inside a four-inch RV wall.

  • Materials

Many RV toilet paper holders feature stainless steel construction or some other metal or alloy, giving bathrooms a more modern look. Some manufacturers coat their metal TP holders with anti-corrosion and rust-protection treatments, ensuring longevity.

Ceramic toilet paper holders are a classic and ideal for RV bathrooms with porcelain tiles. Chemical effects and water stains are never an issue with these products because of their exceptional resistance. However, installation can be tricky. Although ceramic is a hard material, it can be fragile and break into pieces if accidentally dropped.

Wood is not a good choice, especially without a waterproof treatment. Moisture can seep into the wood grain and weaken it. However, wooden toilet paper holders are more elegant, stylish, and eco-friendly than other types.

Budget-conscious RV owners might want to pick a plastic or acrylic TP holder. These are easy to clean, lightweight, and effortless to install. Sadly, these products will not increase the bathroom’s aesthetic qualities.

  • Size and Shape

RV bathrooms are not as spacious as those in houses, offices, and other establishments. Motorhome owners must pick a toilet paper holder with a small footprint that does not extend too far that moving around in the bathroom is a challenge.

The TP holder’s arm should also be long enough to accommodate the toilet paper tube’s length (at least five inches). A J-shaped or L-shaped TP holder should also make it easy to retrieve the used TP roll and refill it with a fresh tube.

  • Style and Aesthetics

Stainless steel and chrome TP holders have an unmistakable appeal, turning an ordinary-looking RV bathroom into an elegant space. Buyers must consider their RV bathroom’s interior design and choose a matching or complementary TP holder.

  • Installation Ease

RVers can install wall-mounted TP holders in at least two ways.

Most products have self-adhesive tape that people can peel off and stick to the wall. Although these products require no drilling, they need at least 24 hours of “curing” before one can use the TP holder. Some products have holes for fastening screws. Unfortunately, these TP holders demand drilling in the RV bathroom wall.

One of the most ingenious ideas for installing wall-mounted TP holders involves using suction cups. The problem with this approach is that the mechanism does not create a vacuum on porous surfaces.

Tank-mounted and freestanding TP holders are effortless to install. RVers can clip a tank-mounted TP holder on the water tank’s sidewall. It is perfect for RVers with issues reaching for toilet paper on the wall. Free-standing TP holders can sit on any flat surface.

On the other hand, recessed types require more prep work.



Where do you put the toilet paper holders in the RV bathroom?

The correct placement of a travel trailer paper holder depends on your RV bathroom’s size. Most RVers install the device on the bathroom wall, about eight to twelve inches from the motorhome’s toilet bowl and 24 to 26 inches from the bathroom floor.

However, you might also want to consider each RV family member’s arm length. Children have a shorter reach than adults, so the distance between the toilet bowl and the toilet paper holder should be 9 inches at most.

Some RVers also recommend using a freestanding unit, which you can place on the floor. A few products have hooks you can attach to the side of the RV toilet tank.

Can you mount a toilet paper holder vertically?

Yes, you can mount toilet roll holders vertically. However, some RV owners prefer the more traditional landscape or horizontal orientation to facilitate easier unrolling of the toilet paper.

Toilet paper in an upright paper holder has one of its edges on a metal or plastic rod, causing friction and efficient unrolling.

How do you install a toilet paper holder?

Installing a camper toilet paper holder can be effortless or tricky, depending on the type of toilet paper holder you have.

For example, freestanding toilet paper holders do not require any installation. You can set them on the RV bathroom floor and do your business.

Some products have adhesive tapes on their mounting plates, ensuring an effortless installation. You only have to peel off the adhesive backing, push the gadget onto your preferred location, and have a fully functioning toilet paper holder.

Other products have suction cups for hassle-free installation. These products have the added advantage of mobility – you can reposition them anywhere, anytime.

On the other hand, some toilet paper holders require fastening into the RV bathroom wall with screws. You must drill holes through the panel, position the toilet paper holder, and secure it with the correct fasteners.

A recessed toilet paper holder is trickier to install because you must create a cutout through the bathroom wall to accommodate the item.


The best RV toilet paper holder is an RV bathroom space-saver while offering motorhome owners a more convenient and comfortable way to access their paper rolls.

This product can add a touch of elegance to the shower or bathing area if buyers choose well. If none of the products reviewed and presented in this article appeal to RV families, they can always refer to our buying guide.

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